A Call to Glory S05 – MERP

Continuing at the same challenge in the Level 1 dungeon A Call to Glory from TSR’s Dragon Quest, introductory adventure game, I could not leave Middle Earth Roleplaying Game out of the testing. Despite having extensively played MERP recently in my In the trollshaws adventure, and despite wanting to try out its modern retroclone Against the Darkmaster (aka VsD), I decided to go again with MERP, mainly for ease of use, having the books in print and everything.
With this playthrough, I’ll have almost completed the d100 fantasy games in my collection.
Middle Earth Roleplaying is a light Rolemaster sibling, using Tolkien’s setting. Iron Crown Enterprises held the IP license for several years and developed many supplements on the setting.

I’ll be using a diverse party of 4 characters. I’ll try to include as many different demihuman races and careers as possible to have a party that can deal with most tasks.

Scrolling through the core rulebook, I found 4 pregenerated characters for the sample adventure, that I’ll be using for this game.

The Party


  • Bali Redhelm, a Dwarf Warrior
  • Boffo Northtook, a Hobbit Scout
  • Galadhil, a Dunadan Ranger
  • Lamalas, a Silvan Elf Mage

The Adventure

The heroes have been called before Gustovan, the Burgomaster of Torlynn. Torlynn is a small village set in a quiet, hilly area near the mountains. The heroes have lived here for many years and think of Torlynn as home. Gustovan is known as a wise and kind mayor.
He asks of the heroes to go explore the old, abandoned, dwarven, iron mine, because strange lights and sounds come from within. They’re to find out if there is something wrong there or if the reports are false.

The heroes enter the dungeon. It’s entrance is a rough cavern, cut from the stone long ago by dwarves. They check their weapons and start down into the mine, with the wind blowing in their backs.

A. Tunnel

Wandering monster check: None
Wandering monster check: None
Wandering monster check: None
Wandering monster check: None

The wind fades away as the heroes move into the mine. A long tunnel leads onward, to the next room.

B. The First Lair

I’ll be using the weak orc stats for the kobold and goblin.

Round 1

Boffo move to attack WOrc1: MM: 67+50=117: 110
Lamalas move to the side of the room
WOrc1 move to attack Lamalas: MM: 39: 60
Worc2 move to attack Bali: MM: 49: 70
Bali move to attack Worc2: MM: 7+5-5=7: 50
Galadhil move to attack Worc2: MM: 88-5=83: 100
Boffo attacks WOrc1: 49+5-14-15+10-25=10: –
WOrc1 attacks Lamalas: 56+35-10-5+60-100=36: –
Worc2 atacks Bali: 32+35-10+70-100=27: –
Bali attacks Worc2: 22+33+15-5-5-25+50-100=-15: –
Galadhil attacks Worc2: 08+15+47-25+100-100=45: –

Round 2

Lamalas prepares Sleep spell
Boffo attacks WOrc1: 60+5-14-15+10-25=21: –
WOrc1 attacks Lamalas: 27+35-10-5=47: –
Worc2 atacks Bali: 76+35-10=101:10A: 43-20=23: Blow to upper leg. +5 hits. Wears leg armor.
Bali attacks Worc2: 05: Fumble: 97: Stumble over an unseen, imaginary, deceased turtle. You are very confused. Stunned 3 rounds.
Galadhil attacks Worc2: 33+15+47-25=70: –

Round 3

Lamalas prepares Sleep spell
Boffo attacks WOrc1: 96+39+5-14-15-15-25=86: 10A: 55-20=35: Thigh strike. +3 hits. If no leg armor: 3 hits per round.
WOrc1 attacks Lamalas: 28+35-10-5=48: –
Worc2 atacks Bali: 35+35-10-19=41: –
Bali stunned
Galadhil attacks Worc2: 39+15+47-25=76: 7 hits

Round 4

Lamalas casts Sleep spell at the Orcs: 59+2=61: -15 RRB
WOrc1 resistance: 60-15=45/50: Failure. WOrc1 sleeps
Worc2 resistance: 81-15=66/50: Success. Worc2 resists
Boffo attacks & moves to WOrc2: 54+5-14-15-25+25=30: –
Worc2 atacks Bali: 18+35-10-19=24: –
Bali stunned
Galadhil attacks Worc2: 47+15+47-25=84: 9A: 49-20=29: Blow to upper leg. +5 hits. If no leg armor: +3 hits & 2 hits/ rnd.

Round 5

Lamalas waits
Boffo attacks WOrc1: 63+5-14-15-25+25=39: –
Worc2 atacks Bali: 75+35-10-19=81: 6 hits
Bali stunned
Galadhil attacks Worc2: 93+15+47-25=130: 23E: 85+20=105: Major abdominal wound. +10 hits. 8 hits per round. -10 to activity. Stunned for 4 rounds.

Bali switches to warhammer and shield.
They find a short sword & a leather armor.

As the heroes enter the room, they notice a couple of beds. Probably used to be the miners’, but now they have new occupants. A couple of goblinoids get up, pick their curved swords and attack.
They face off each other in combat, Bali and Galadhil against one orc, and Boffo and Lamalas against another. The orc hits Bali on the leg, only his armor saving him from bleeding. He’s disoriented and stumbles on flat ground, stunned. Boffo jabs at the other orc in the thigh, while Lamalas prepares a spell, concentrating.
Galadhil delivers a scratching wound to the orc, as the elf mage finally casts his spell. The orc in front of him falls in a deep slumber, but the one fighting off the dwarf still stands.
It growls, shaking off the magic, but receives a sharp cutting strike to the upper leg, by Galadhil’s broadsword. It disregards the profound bleeding wound and hits the stunned dwarf once more, but the chain armor withstands most of the blow. Only for a moment as Galadhil follows up with another slash at the belly. The innards of the orc spill out, and it falls to the floor, dying out, incapacitated.
The heroes dispatch the other spellstruck orc, and search for anything of value. They find a nice set of leather armor, dwarf or hobbit sized, and a sharp short sword.

C. Jagged Cavern

Wandering Monster check: No wandering monster

Nothing of interest in this narrow cut cavern in the stone. Only the occasional splashing of water driping from the ceiling.

D. Orc Lair

I’ll going to be using the medium orc stats for this opponent.
Only Bali and Galadil have entered the room

Round 1

Orc attacks Bali: 44+60-10-25-5=64: 2 hits
Bali attacks Orc: 05+5+58-30=38: –
Galadhil attacks Orc: 56+15+47-30=88: 7A: 89-20=69: Medium thigh wound. +6 hits. 1 hit per round. -10 to activity. Stunned 2 rounds.

Round 2

Orc -1 hit. Orc stunned.
Bali attacks Orc: 66+5+58-30-25=74: 3 hits
Galadhil attacks Orc: 96+82+15+47-30-25=185: 22E: 36+20=56: Minor forearm wound. +4 hits. 2 hits per round. Stunned 1 round.

Round 3

Orc -3 hits. Orc stunned.
Bali attacks Orc: 97+75+5+58-30-25=180: 20E: 56+20=76: Blow breaks bone in leg. +12 hits. -40 to activity. Stunned 2 rounds. Orc is down.

As soon as the heroes enter this small room, the stench of rotten meat fills their nostrils. With their infravision they make out an orc figure as they close in to engage. The orc wears leather armor and carries sword and shield. It attacks Bali, but the dwarf’s heavy armor withstands most of the blow.
The orc parries Bali’s attack, but Galadhil’s blade cut deep in the orc’s thigh. The monster screams in pain, and grabs the bleeding thigh.
Bali hits the stunned orc, but his strike is weak. Galadhil hits the orc to the forearm, causing another bleeding wound. The orc hasn’t had time to react as the two adventurers deliver strike after strike. Finally, the dwarf aims at the orcs leg. The blow breaks its bone. It falls down, incapacitated, unable to react as it bleeds out.
The dwarf notices a loose stone slab on the floor. Pushing it aside he finds a bag of gold, probably spoils belonging to the defeated orc.

E. Trapped Room

Boffo: Perception: 03-37+28= Absolute Failure
Boffo: MM: 43+50=93: 70: Failure: 86-30: 56: Clothing catches on fire. Takes 2 rnds to extinguish. +12 hits. 8 hits per rnd afire. Stunned 1 rnd.

A small empty room, with a funny smell. Black ash and soot cover the floors and walls. A steel door with an iron handle sits in the middle of the floor.
Boffo looks around for traps, but finds none. As the halfling tries to open the door he hears a clicking noise. He’s not fast enough to avoid a jet of greek fire, that hits him and sets him on fire. It takes him awhile to put the flames out, and he escapes with a few burns. At last he opens the trapdoor, but it was just a trap as behind it is only rock.

F. Gnoll Lair

Using strong orc stats.

Round 1

Orc attacks Bali: 44+75-10-25-5=64: 5 hits
Bali attacks Orc: 96+94+5+58-30=223: 22E: 23+20=43: Blow to forearm. +5 hits. If no arm armor, stunned 1 round.
Galadhil attacks Orc: 20+15+47-30=52: 1 hit

Round 2

Orc stunned.
Bali attacks Orc: 01: Fumble: 03-20=-17: Lose your grip. No further activity this round.
Galadhil attacks Orc: 43+15+47-30-38=37: –

Round 3

Orc attacks Bali: 100+31+75-10-25-5=166: 18E: 46+20=66: Medium thigh wound. +6 hits. 1 hit per round. -10 to activity. Stunned 2 rounds.
Bali stunned.
Galadhil attacks Orc: 68+15+47-30=100: 9 hits

Round 4

Orc attacks Galadhil: 80+75-10-25+5=125: 16C: 07: Minor calf wound. 1 hit per round.
Bali stunned.
Galadhil attacks Orc: 68+15+47-30=100: 9 hits

Round 5

Lamalas prepares Sleep spell
Boffo moves to the side of the corridor
Bali disengages
Orc attacks Galadhil: 34+75-10-25+5=79: 5 hits
Galadhil attacks Orc: 04+15+47-30=36: –

Round 6

Lamalas prepares Sleep spell
Boffo waits
Bali bandages himself
Orc attacks Galadhil: 11+75-10-25+5=56: –
Galadhil attacks Orc: 89+15+47-30=121: 13C: 82: Slash weapon arm. +10 hits. 1 hit per round. If no arm armor: muscle and tendon damage, arm useless.

Round 7

Lamalas prepares Sleep spell
Boffo waits
Bali waits
Orc drops shield and takes the scimitar with the left arm
Galadhil attacks Orc: 56+15+47-5=113: 12B: 38-10=28: Blow to upper leg. +5 hits. If no leg armor: +3 hits & 3 hits/ rnd.

Round 8

Orc drops from blood loss.
Lamalas doesn’t cast spell.
Galadhil bandages himself.

They find Kur’s drink.

Bali: 25 hits healed
Galadhil: 25 hits healed
Bali: 30 hits healed

Boffo equips short sword & leather armor.

The heroes enter a room and a dozen of small insects buzz past them. Biting flies are everywhere. A large furred orc is sharpening his scimitar, and as he sees them attacks.
He hits Bali, who strikes back with his warhammer, hitting hard the orc’s forearm, stunning him. Galadhil follows up with a strike, but only the end of the blade hits, barely scratching the wicked beast.
Bali is anxious to get a hit while his opponent is stunned, but he fumbles, losing his grip and has to grip his warhammer again. The orc finds time to recover and counters back with a strong hit, wounding Bali at the thigh. The dwarf can’t do much than grin in pain try to parry his opponent’s blows. Galadhil hits the orc, but only blunt impact hurts the orc, as the chain hauberk dissipates the blow.
With Bali stunned, the orc turns its attention to Galadhil, hitting the ranger’s calf in a low sweeping slashing strike, causing bleeding. Galadhil delivers another hit that can’t get through the chain hauberk.
The dwarf warrior is wounded so the supporting heroes prepare for the worse. They want to try to draw the big orc out. Boffo steps to the side ready to ambush him, while Lamalas prepares another spell, concentrating, as Bali steps outside.
The orc tries to hit Galadhil who parries with his shield, and strikes back, slashing the orc’s weapon arm, rendering it useless and causing profound bleeding.
Despite its predicament, the orc stands strong, and drops its shield and starts fighting with it’s off hand.
Not for long. Galadhil sinks his blade into the orc’s foot, and the creature perishes from blood loss.
Searching the creature, they find an invigorating honey-like potion. Lamalas recognizes it for a potion of healing. Kur’s Drink. Bali takes two strong gulps, and Galadhil another one. Their wounds quickly heal, and they can continue again the quest.
Seeing the dangers they face, Boffo decides to equip himself with the short sword and the leather armor.

G. Empty Room

The heroes go through a rough room like a cave, a small pile of dirt is at one corner of the room. The party moves onward.

H. Broken Room

Hard MM

Round 1

Boffo: 16: 5%
Lamalas: 41+15=56: 30%
Bali: 21: 10%
Galadhil: 88-5=83: 50%

Round 2

Boffo: 30: 10%+5%= 15%
Lamalas: 93+15=108: 80%+30%= 110%
Bali: 43: 10%+20%= 30%
Galadhil: 38-5=33: 10%+50%= 60%

I. Narrow Tunnel

Round 3

Lamalas: Prepare Sleep spell
Boffo: 05-60=-65:F: 23: You slip. 30% Chance of falling. -20 from maneuvers for 2 rounds: 01: Falls.
Bali: 95: 60%+30%= 90%
Galadhil: 25-5=20: 5%+60%=65%
Orc MM to attack Lamalas: 47: 70%
Orc attack Lamalas: 97+73+60-10-100+70=190: 48E: 01+20: Thigh strike, +3 hits. If no leg armor: 3 hits per round. Lamalas is down.

Round 4

Lamalas: +3 hits
Boffo: stands up.
Bali: MM to move inside & attack Orc: 09: 5%+90%: 95%. Didn’t move inside.
Galadhil: MM to move inside & attack Orc: 96+52-5=100%+65%: Moves inside and fights Orc.
Orc MM to move and attack Galadhil: 64: 80%
Orc attack Galadhil: 86+60-10-25+80-100=91: 12B: 88-10=78: Medium thigh wound. +6 hits. 1 hit per round. -10 to activity. Stunned 2 rounds.
Galadhil Stunned

Round 6

Lamalas: +3 hits
Boffo: 02-01-20=F: 45: You stumble. 45% chance of falling. -30 from maneuvers for 2 rounds. 19: Falls.
Bali: MM for rocks: 66: 40%: Success
Orc attacks Galadhil: 73+60-10-25-21=77: 4A: 17-20=-3: Weak strike yields no extra damage. +0 hits.
Galadhil Stunned.

Round 7

Lamalas: +3 hits
Boffo: stands up
Bali: MM for rocks: 56: 30%: Success
Orc attacks Galadhil: 88+60-10-25=91: 22C(A): 24: Blow to upper leg: +5 hits. If no leg armor: +3 hits & 2 hits/ rnd. Galadhil is down.

Round 8

Lamalas: +3 hits. Lamalas is dead.
Galadhil: +3 hits.
Boffo: 83-30= 53: 20%+15%: 35%
Bali moves 10′ inside.
Orc attacks Bali: 17+60-10-25+10= 52: 0
Bali attacks Orc: 93+58+5-5= 151: 20E: 10+20=30: Blow to side. +4 hits. -40 to activity for 1 round.

Round 9

Galadhil: +3 hits.
Boffo: 28: 10%+35%: 45%
Orc attacks Bali: 100+35+60-10-25+10-40= 130: 26D(B): 98+10=108 & 88: Sever weapon arm. 15 hits per round. Down and unconscious immediately. Shatter knee. +9 hits. -60 to activity. Knocked down and stunned for 3 rounds.

Round 10

Boffo loads sling.
Orc MM to attack Boffo: 26: 10%: 45% remains.

Round 11

Boffo attacks: 06: Fumble: 35: Fumble ammunition. Lose this round. -50 to activity next round. +56
Orc MM to attack Boffo: 26: 10%: 45% remains.

Round 12

Boffo loads sling.
Orc MM to attack Boffo: 83: 50%: reached Boffo.
Orc attacks Boffo: 30+60-40-100+50= 0: –

Round 13

Boffo attacks with short sword: 97+97+80-5+10-14=265: 22E: 16+20=36: Minor chest wound. +3 hits. 1 hit per round. -5 to activity.
Orc attacks Boffo: 39+60-40-5= 54: 0

Round 14

Boffo attacks with short sword: 38-5+10-14=29: –
Orc attacks Boffo: 41+60-40-5= 56: 0

Round 15

Boffo attacks with short sword: 17-5+10-14=8: –
Orc attacks Boffo: 28+60-40-5= 43: 0

Round 16

Boffo attacks with short sword: 98+96+4-5+10-14=189: 22E: 28+20=48: Minor chest wound. +3 hits. 1 hit per round. -5 to activity. Orc is down.

Round 17

Bali is dead

So the adventure book states that if the heroes have a hard time, give them an extra Kur's Drink potion. Right now Bali and Lamalas are dead and Galadhil has lost over 84 hit points (he's at -35, with death at -90). So I suppose healing Boffo won't hurt, but it won't make much of a difference either.

Boffo finds a Kur’s Drink.
Boffo drinks it all: 35 hit points healed.

As the party goes through this large chamber cut from the stone, they notice the walls and ceiling are cracked, and huge chunks of stone have fallen on the floor. Their vibrations cause some more to fall as they pass through, so they walk carefully to attempt to avoid it without harm.
Lamalas is the first to reach the door to the other side, and by the time he opens it, Galadhil is halfway there with Bali and Boffo way back, as falling rocks impede their movement.
Lamalas opens the door, to find a narrow hallway, and duddenly the door at the end of the hall swings open, and a foul orc, lifts its gleaming black axe and marches towards him.
The elf prepares to cast another sleep spell, and Bali closes in to assist, but they both are too late. The orc brings his battle axe down at the elf’s thigh, swinging it with both hands. The strike is so strong that the elf falls incapacitated due to shock, and lies bleeding.
Before Bali has a chance to enter the hallway, Galadhil gets past him and faces the orc one to one. The orc swings his axe low, and hits the ranger again, and again and again. Galadhil can’t react to the successive strikes, and he drops unable to fight longer.
The orc enters the broken room and challenges Bali. The dwarf parries a blow and hits the orc to the side. The orc counters with a swing top down. The axe cuts off the dwarf’s arm, severing it, in an arc that reaches Bali’s knee shattering it. Bali drops immediately, a pool of blood where his hand lies.
The hobbit draws his sling, and tries to shoot at the orc, but fear overcomes him and he fumbles the ammo, losing precious time. By the time the or is upon him, he has no option but to draw his blade.
The orc doesn’t expect much resistance from such a small sized opponent. Boffo uses this to is advantage and fights close with his short sword, where the orc can’t hit easily with his big two handed axe. Boffo manages to avoid all his enemy’s attacks, and stabs the orc twice in the chest. With the final hit, the orc drops. The hobbit notices a vial of the same kind of potion they found before, hanging from the orc’s belt, and snatches it quickly.
Boffo quickly runs to his companions, but there’s no hope for the elf and the dwarf. He stabilizes Galadhil, gulps down his healing potion, and removes his leather armor to walk silently. He will sneak in the shadows to survive if possible.

J. The Story Room

I’m not rolling a wandering monsters check since the next room has a major fight.

Boffo: Read Rune: 31-25: 6: Failure

Boffo Northtook enters a large chamber that has been polished smooth. Ancient dwarvish runes are carved into the walls. He can’t understand a single word that is being said, and moves on to the next room.

K. The Iron Mine

Boffo will attempt to ambush the first orc miner.

Round 0

Boffo: Stalk/Hide (vs Perception): 43+27-5: (Light MM): 80%: He can move 40′
Boffo: Ambush: 06-14+35+10= 57: –

Round 1

Boffo will attempt to Run away to the next room.
Conflicting action between him and the orc he tried to stab: 79+50 vs 74+10: Boffo wins.
Boffo Run: 41+50=91: 100%
Boffo gets into the next room, and reaches the door to the other side.

L. Tunnel of Death

Boffo Perception: 29+28=57+30:+20=107: Near Success: You gain some information on the topic that required the perception roll, and you are aware that you missed something. You may try again after 3 rounds of contemplation.

So Boffo is quite certain the door is trapped, but he can’t attempt to disarm it. He can only open it and hope for the best as the four orcs enter the hallway.

Round 2

Boffo opens the door to the next room.
Deadfall trap triggered. Everyone must make an MM maneuver of 100% or suffer a C Impact critical.
Boffo: 10+50=60:80%: 69: Blast to shield arm. +10 hits. Shield or arm armor destroyed. If none: arm broken and useless, stunned 3 rounds.
Orc1: 18+10=28: 20%: 57: Strike to leg. Knocked down. +8 hits. If no leg armor: stunned 2 rounds.
Orc2: 37+10=47: 30%: 04: Not even a scratch. +0 hits.
Orc3: 40+10=50: 30%: 98: Strike abdomen. +18 hits. Stunned 12 rounds.
Orc4: 50+10=60: 40%: 29: Staggered by strike to side. +10 hits. Stunned 1 round.

Round 3

Boffo: stunned
Orc1: stunned
Orc2 attacks Boffo: 10+35+20-40=25: –
Orc3: stunned
Orc4: stunned

Round 4

Boffo: stunned
Orc1: stunned
Orc2 attacks Boffo: 53+35+20-40=68: –
Orc3: stunned
Orc4: recovers, and takes position behind Orc2

Round 5

Boffo: stunned
Orc1: recovers and takes position behind Orc4
Orc2 attacks Boffo: 35+35+20-40=50: –
Orc3 stunned
Orc4 waits

Round 6

Boffo attack Orc2: 11+10-14-5=2: –
Orc1 waits
Orc2 attacks Boffo: 53+35-40=48: –
Orc3 stunned
Orc4 waits

Round 7

Boffo attack Orc2: 49+10-14-5=40: –
Orc1 waits
Orc2 attacks Boffo: 60+35-40=55: –
Orc3 stunned
Orc4 waits

Round 8

Boffo attack Orc2: 74+10-14-5=65: –
Orc1 waits
Orc2 attacks Boffo: 62+35-40=57: –
Orc3 stunned
Orc4 waits

Round 9

Boffo attack Orc2: 97+60+10-14-5=148: 30E: 70+20: Disemboweled, dies instantly. 25% your weapon is stuck in opponent for 2 rounds: 56: Not stuck.
Orc1 waits
Orc3 stunned
Orc4 attacks Boffo: 91+75-40=126: 23E: 76+20=96: Knocked out for 6 hours with a strike to side of head. +15 hits. If no helm: dies instantly. Boffo dies.

Silently,Boffo enters a vast chamber that is roughly carved and still being worked. Small veins of iron ore still line the walls. Four orcs work the mine, but the noise of mining covers Boffo’s footsteps, who gains the element of surprise.
He tries to stab an orc from behind with his short sword, but at the last moment, the orc turns around and sees him, foiling his attack, and shouting the alarm.
Boffo escapes at the last moment swiftly and runs forward deeper into the mine into a narrow tunnel, with the four orcs at his trail. It is a smooth and straight tunnel. The floor is marked with the dark stains of dried blood. As Boffo reaches the door to the other side, he tries to do a rushed examination, and although he can’t pinpoint it, he feels like there is a trap mechanism attached. Hearing the shouts of the orcs charging down the hallway, he knows he has no other option but to open the door.
Alas, despite his awareness, a pile of rocks fall upon him and the orcs. His left arm is broken and useless. Some orcs are stunned, but one wasn’t hit by a single stone. He climbs atop the rubble and charges the stunned Boffo who, tries to parry as best as he can.
The two combatants exchange several blows, but neither one is too focused on the fight, still shocked by the noise of the trap. Finally, Boffo finds an opening, his short sword disembowels the orc, killing it instantly, black blood spilling everywhere. But as Boffo is over his downed opponent, the larger orc of the four, brings down his scimitar on his head. The strike to the side of the head is severe even for a Northtook, and the poor hobbit dies.

The System

I’ve played a lot of MERP during my past adventure in the Trollshaws, so I’m quite acquainted with the system. The turn sequence again, leaves a lot to be desired. Every time I need to pause and think who acts first. Also it’s not always intuitive. The best example was the fight with the orc bearing a two handed axe, but because it didn’t wear heavy armor it could attack before most of his opponents. Unless I’m missing something in the rules, which is very possible, since the book suffers similarly to WHFRP1e from layout and rules hidden in several places all over the book.
The enemy’s stats (orcs) could have been better detailed as I was missing several pieces of information that are necessary and I had to make rulings on my own.
Nevertheless combat is interesting and, of course, deadly.

What about the Dungeon Crawl?

MERP is very deadly for dungeon crawling. Without any meta currency to aid the player, a group of 4 diverse classes will soon meet it’s end in a dungeon, unless they head back, recover and enter the dungeon again. A single strike can end a hero, and there’s no easy reviving. It’s truly old-school, and even with high-fantasy healing involved (Kur’s Drink) success is not going to be easy.
A fair bit of luck is going to be needed, and maybe, if we go the old-school way, a few men-at-arms.


This is a crunchy system with a fair bit of bookkeeping. I love the details, the information and the results. But considering the other d100 systems I’ve played these past days, it comes short. With regards to soloing crunchy d100 systems, Harnmaster was the obvious winner of the family, with Mythras next and the other two old-school games coming up last, but not least. I enjoyed every single one of them, as the narrative feedback was enough to give a detailed combat, and the deadliness made me try to consider different approaches. Maybe I’ll get to try VsD or WHFRP4e in the future, to see how their modern reiterations have tackled some issues, but first I’ll go along with the rest of the (non-d100) games on my list.