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    A Call to Glory S01 – Hârnmaster 

    Okay so for my next challenge, I will go at a more solo boardgaming approach than solo roleplaying.
    I will choose the Level 1 dungeon A Call to Glory from TSR’s Dragon Quest, introductory adventure game and play it with a series of different RPG systems.
    I will not be converting much, rather I will be freely translating to the nearest acceptable option. For example, if there aren’t kobolds in the RPG system under test, then I’ll choose another monster rather than try to create kobolds.
    I won’t be warping the adventure at all, rather I’ll be using it as is.

    I’ll be using a diverse party of 3 characters. I’ll try to include as many different demihuman races and professions as possible to have a party that can deal with most tasks.
    If I can find pregens that can fit a slot in the party, I’ll use them.

    So for the first attempt I will be using Hârnmaster 3ed. I expect combat to be deadly and slow. I’m eager to see how it will turn out.

    The Party

    I’ll be using pregens from

    • Eitri Terrika, a Khuzdul Clansman
    • Melas Renier, a Sindarin Ranger
    • Rybryn of Dara (aka Shadow), an Unguilded Thief

    The Adventure

    The heroes have been called before Gustovan, the Burgomaster of Torlynn. Torlynn is a small village set in a quiet, hilly area near the mountains. The heroes have lived here for many years and think of Torlynn as home. Gustovan is known as a wise and kind mayor.
    He asks of the heroes to go explore the old, abandoned, dwarven, iron mine, because strange lights and sounds come from within. They’re to find out if there is something wrong there or if the reports are false.

    The heroes enter the dungeon. It’s entrance is a rough cavern, cut from the stone long ago by dwarves. They check their weapons and start down into the mine, with the wind blowing in their backs.

    Note: again I have to warn the reader that there are huge mechanics text blocks. Hârnmaster combat is very detailed, so I'm giving the reader an opportunity to read this as an example, or just skip it and jump to the narrative sections.

    Some abbreviations:
    CS/CF/MS/MF: Marginal/Critical, Success/Failure
    EI: Effective Impact, essentially the damage points done after factoring in weapon and armor types.
    DTA: Defender Tactical Advantage, an extra free move the defender gets, max 1 per round
    WQ: Weapon Quality

    A. Tunnel

    Wandering monster check: Hobgoblin

    I’ll be using the Black Orc stats for the Hobgoblin (Hgo).

    Round 1

    Eitri vs Hgo: 64/44: MS/MS: Block
    Hgo Handaxe WQ: 10/11: Survives, WQ -1
    Eitri Hammeraxe WQ: 9/15: Survives, WQ -1

    Hgo vs Eitri: 84/93: MF/MS: DTA
    DTA: Eitri vs Hgo: 84/70: MS/CF: A*2: Thorax: EI (Effective Impact): 1: M1: Minor Bruise: Shock Roll: 6/10: Not Shocked
    Hgo: 1 IL (Injury Level)

    Round 2

    Eitri vs Hgo: 59/62: MS/MS: Block
    Hgo Handaxe WQ: 8/10: Survives, WQ -1
    Eitri Hammeraxe WQ: 14/14: Survives, WQ -1

    Hgo vs Eitri: 19/11: MS/MS: Block
    Hgo Handaxe WQ: 8/9: Survives, WQ -1
    Eitri RoundShield WQ: 13/17: Survives, WQ -1

    Round 3

    Eitri vs Hgo: 63/94: MS/MF: A*1: Abdomen: EI: 1: M1: Minor Bruise: Shock Roll: 4/10: Not Shocked
    Hgo: 2 IL

    Hgo vs Eitri: 38/85: MS/CS: DTA
    DTA: Eitri vs Hgo: 55/41: CS/MS: A*1: Thorax: EI: 0: No Injury

    Round 4

    Eitri vs Hgo: 28/98: MS/MF: A*1: Right Shoulder: EI: 0: No Injury

    Hgo vs Eitri: 61/92: MF/MS: DTA
    DTA: Eitri vs Hgo: 40/42: CS/MS: A*1: Abdomen: EI: 1: M1: Minor Bruise: Shock Roll: 16/10: Hgo is down
    Hgo: 3 IL

    The wind fades away as the heroes move into the mine. A long tunnel leads onward, and suddenly from the other end, a cruel humanoid creature arrives. It’s roar is countered by Eitri’s dwarven war cry. The whole party is in a single file, so it’s a one-to-one fight.
    Eitri attacks the hobgoblin with his hammeraxe, and his enemy blocks the attack with his handaxe. He slashes at the dwarf who blocks his strike with his roundshield and finds an opening to counterattack. The hammeraxe finds the hobgoblin at the torso, bruising him.
    His wind lost, the dwarf attacks him again, but the hobgoblin blocks yet another strike. The hobgoblin gathers his strength and attacks only to be blocked by the shield, in the narrow tunnel.
    Eitri hammers down on the hobgoblin who fails to block, and bruises his abdomen.
    Bruised, the hobgoblin tries to hit his challenger, and is blocked again by the shield. Eitri pushes aside the handaxe and with the opening he manages a weak hit on the thorax of the humanoid.
    He follows with another hit on the hobgoblin’s weapon shoulder, too weak to make a difference.
    In vain the hobgoblin attacks again his masterful opponent, is blocked once more, and with the advantage, the dwarf hits him again in the belly. The consecutive strikes are too much for the creature, who falls, beaten.

    B. The First Lair

    I’ll be using the Small Orc stats for both creatures

    Round 1

    Eitri vs Gob: 51/43: MS/MS: Block
    Gob Spear WQ: 14/11: Broken

    Gob Grope Dagger

    Kob vs Rybryn: 65/33: CS/MS: A*1: Thorax: EI: 10: S3: Serious Stab: Shock Roll: 7/13: Not Shocked
    Rybrun: 3 IL

    Round 2

    Melas vs Kob: 84/39: MS/MS: Block
    Kob Spear WQ: 11/11: Survives, WQ -1
    Melas LongKnife WQ: 18: Survives, WQ -1

    Rybryn vs Kob: 46/13: MS/MS: Block
    Kob Spear WQ: 5/10: Survives, WQ -1
    Rybryn ShortSword WQ: 15/16: Survives, WQ -1

    Eitri vs Gob: 46/30: MS/CS: DTA
    DTA: Gob vs Eitri: 96/7: MF/MS: DTA
    DTA: Eitri vs Gob: 58/30: MS/CS: DTA: –

    Gob vs Eitri: 65/68: CS/MS: A*1: Left Shoulder: EI: 0: No Injury

    Kob vs Rybryn: 8/91: A*1: Thorax: EI: 11: S3: Serious Stab: Shock Roll: 23/13: Rybryn is down
    Rybryn: 6 IL

    Round 3

    Melas vs Kob: 48/51: MS/MS: Block
    Kob Spear WQ: 5/9: Survives, WQ -1
    Melas LongKnife WQ: 10/17: Survives, WQ -1

    Eitri vs Gob: 85/84: CS/MF: A*2: Thorax: EI: 8: S2: Serious Fracture
    Gob: 2 IL

    Gob vs Eitri: 42/32: MS/MS: Block
    Gob Dagger WQ: 7/11: Survives, WQ -1
    Eitri Roundshield WQ: 7/16: Survives, WQ -1

    Kob vs Melas: 19/39: MS/MS: Miss

    Round 4

    Melas vs Kob: 34/6: MS/MS: Block
    Kob Spear WQ: 7/8: Survives, WQ -1
    Melas LongKnife WQ: 14/16: Survives, WQ -1

    Eitri vs Gob: 31/45: MS/CS: DTA
    DTA: Gob vs Eitri: 42/42: Block
    Gob Dagger WQ: 17/10: Broken

    Gob: Morale: MF: Pass/No action

    Kob vs Melas: 79/65: MS/CS: DTA
    DTA: Melas vs Kob: 1/37: Block
    Kob Spear WQ: 9/7: Broken

    Round 5

    Melas vs Kob: 34/49: MS/MS: Miss

    Eitri vs Gob: 47/33: MS/MS: Miss

    Gob: Morale: MF: Pass/No action

    Kob: Grope Dagger

    Round 6

    Melas vs Kob: 13/81: MS/MF: A*1: Abdomen: EI: 9: S3: Serious Stab: Shock Roll: 11/10: Kob is down
    Kob: 3 IL

    Eitri vs Gob: 89/27: MS/MS: Miss

    Gob: Morale: MF: Pass/No action

    Round 7

    Melas vs Gob: 71/72: MS/MF: A*1: Abdomen: EI: 9: S3: Serious Stab: Shock Roll: 15/10: Gob is down

    As the heroes enter the room, they notice a couple of beds. Probably used to be the miners’, but now they have new occupants. A kobold and a goblin get up, pick their spears and attack.
    Eitri charges at the kobold, who tries to block his attack, breaking his spear in the process. The kobold draws a dagger quickly.
    The elf ranger and the thief engage in combat with the goblin who stabs Rybryn in the chest. She cries out in pain, but stands fighting.
    The heroes try to find an opening, but the goblin takes advantage of the spear’s long reach, and blocks both their attempts. The goblin follows up with another stab at Rybryn. Her belly pierced, the thief falls.
    The dwarf and the kobold exchange several strikes, with the kobold gaining the upper hand and hitting the dwarf in the shoulder. The dagger fails to pierce the mail, and the fight continues.
    The goblin blocks the sindarin ranger’s long knife and strikes back, but the elf dodges out of harm’s way. Eitri hits with his hammeraxe the kobold right in the thorax, fracturing a few ribs. Shaken, the kobold tries to retaliate, but only hits the roundshield.
    Melas slashes at the goblin who blocks the long knife, and tries to stab the elf, but the ranger does a quick side step and hacks the spear shaft in two.
    Eitri attacks the kobold, who ducks. Finding an opening to the dwarf’s side, he jabs, but Eitri brings his roundshield back to bear quickly, snapping the dagger blade. Unarmed, the kobold cowers in the corner, not knowing what to do.
    The heroes miss their enemies, hitting empty air instead and the goblin finds the opportunity to draw a dagger. It doesn’t do him much good as the elf ranger stabs him right in the belly, and he falls to the floor.
    The dwarf tries to finish off the kobold, who jumps around, evading the sweeps.
    All his attention to the dwarf, he misses the elf, who flanks him and stabs his abdomen, sending him to death.
    The heroes gather around their fallen companion and tend to her wounds. Once they’re certain that she’s stable, they look around the room for anything important and press on. They find a long sword and a belt among the rubble.

    C. Jagged Cavern

    I’m not going to run a wandering monsters check as the party is down to two.

    Nothing of interest in this narrow cut cavern in the stone. Only the occasional splashing of water driping from the ceiling.

    D. Orc Lair

    Round 1

    Melas vs Orc: Aim High: 50/33: CS/MS: A*1: Skull: EI: 2: Minor Stab: Shock Roll: 2/10: Not Shocked
    Orc: 1 IL

    Eitri vs Orc: 64/84: MS/MF: A*1: Left Thigh: EI: 8: S2: Serious Fracture: Shock Roll: 8/10: Not Shocked
    Orc: 3 IL

    Orc vs Eitri: 57/85: MF/CS: DTA
    DTA: Eitri vs Orc: 97/79: MS/MF: A*1: Left Knee: EI: 3: M1: Minor Bruise: Shock Roll: 14/10: Orc is down
    Orc: 4 IL

    As soon as the heroes enter this small room, the stench of rotten meat fills their nostrils. With their infravision they make out an the figure as they close in to engage.
    Melas quickly stabs the orc in the skull, while Eitri follows with a heavy bash at it’s thigh, breaking it. It groans and tries to retaliate, but wounded, the dwarf takes advantage and hits it’s left knee. It loses equilibrium and falls to the floor, moaning.
    The dwarf notices a loose stone slab on the floor. Pushing it aside he finds a bag of gold, probably spoils belonging to the defeated orc.

    E. Trapped Room

    Eitri: Awareness: 70: CF
    Greek Fire Trap: 48: MS: A*1: Skull: EI: 2: M1: Minor Burn: Shock Roll: 6/15: Not Shocked.
    Eitri: 1 IL

    A small empty room, with a funny smell. Black ash and soot cover the floors and walls. A steel door with an iron handle sits in the middle of the floor.
    As the dwarf tries to open the door he hears a clicking noise. He’s a bit late, and a jet of greek fire, lets of to his head. The helmet protects him, but without avoiding a slight burn. What’s even worse is that the whole door was a trap as behind it is only rock.

    F. Gnoll Lair

    Round 1

    Melas vs Gno: 42/27: MS/MS: –

    Eitri vs Gno: 25/79: A*2: Right Forearm: EI: 9: S2: Serious Fracture: Shock Roll: 7/10: Not Shocked: Fumble Roll: 14/11: Fail: Drops Mangar in next hex
    Gno: 2 IL

    Gno: Disengage to Mangar hex

    Round 2

    Melas vs Gno: 37/94: MS/MF: A*1: Right Shoulder: EI: 3: M1: Minor Stab: Shock Roll: 12/10: Gno is down
    Gno: 3 IL

    The heroes enter a room and a dozen of small insects buzz past them. Biting flies are everywhere. A large furred gnoll is sharpening his Mangar, and as he sees them attacks.
    The elf tries to hit him, but he steps aside, right into the trajectory of Eitri’s hammeraxe. He hits him in the forearm, seriously hurting him, and causing him to drop his Mangar which clatters to the ground a few feet away. The gnoll jumps back to catch the weapon, and the quick elf stabs his shoulder. The gnoll screams in pain and passes out.
    Searching the creature, they find an invigorating honey-like potion. Melas recognizes it for a potion of healing. Kur’s Drink. They decide to get it back to Rybryn.

    C. Jagged Cavern

    Wandering Monster Check: No monster

    B. The First Lair

    Wandering Monster Check: Monster: Bugbear

    Round 1

    Melas vs Bgb: 83/60: MS/CF: A*2: Skull: EI: 12: S3: Serious Stab: Shock Roll: 14/14: Not Shocked
    Bgb: 3 IL

    Eitri vs Bgb: 89/84: MS/MF: A*1: Right Thigh: EI: 6: Serious Fracture: Stumble Roll: 9/12: Not Stumbled: Shock Roll: 16/14: Bgb is down
    Bgb: 5 IL

    I decide Kur’s drink will heal 2d4 IL and allow for a new SR to see if the character is still in shock. It has enough for 3 drinks.
    Rybryn: Heal: 6 IL. Rybryn is back to full health.

    As the heroes get back to where Rybryn is resting they see a bugbear burst in the room. The bugbear sees the two dead humanoids, and then the woman resting on the bed and lets of a loud growl.
    Swiftly Melas attacks, stabbing the creature on the head. It screams in pain. Eitri hits lower at the same time, fracturing it’s thigh. Without having time to react, the creature falls to the ground, motionless.
    Melas gives the healing potion to Rybryn, and by magic, her stab wounds close completely, and she’s back on her feet.

    C. Jagged Cavern

    Wandering Monster Check: No monster

    G. Empty Room

    Wandering Monster Check: No monster

    I decide no to search the pile of dirt in the room.

    The heroes go through a rough room like a cave, a small pile of dirt is at one corner of the room. The party moves onward.

    H. Broken Room

    Melas: 73: MS
    Eitri: 70: CS
    Rybryn: 8: MS

    As the party goes through this large chamber cut from the stone, they notice the walls and ceiling are cracked, and huge chunks of stone have fallen on the floor. Their vibrations cause some more to fall as they pass through, but they avoid it without harm.

    I. Narrow Tunnel

    Round 1

    Eitri vs Orc: 100/24: CF/MS: D*2: Left Thigh: EI: 13: G4: Grevious Cut: Automatic Stumble: Shock Roll: 17/15: Eitri is Down
    Eitri: 5 IL

    Orc vs Melas: 24/43: MS/MS: –

    Round 2

    Melas vs Orc: 21/95: MS/CF: A*2: Left Hip: EI: 13: G4: Grevious Stab: Automatic Stumble: Shock Roll: 11/10: Orc is Down
    Orc: 4 IL

    Eitri: Kur’s Drink: Heals 3 IL: Shock Roll: 5/15: Eitri is back on his feet.

    The heroes find another narrow tunnel. They go through in a single file, the dwarf in front, the elf in the middle, and the thief in the rear. Suddenly the door at the end of the hall swings open, and a foul orc, lifts its gleaming black axe and marches towards them.
    Eitri engages in combat, but he misses the orc, who counterstrikes, without trying to avoid the dwarf. His counterstrike hits the dwarf with full strength on his thigh. Blood spurts out from the wound. Eitri falls under the weight of his own body.
    The orc steps over his fallen foe and tries to hack at the elf ranger, who avoids the strike with agility.
    Melas now jabs at the orc, his long knife hitting the orc’s hip piercing it through and through. The creature lets off a scream, and faints through pain, dropping down in shock.
    Without wasting any more time, the elf administers a dose of Kur’s drink to the dwarf, whose wound starts closing, but not completely. Yet, the dwarf recovers, and can fight once more.

    J. The Story Room

    I’m not rolling a wandering monsters check since the next room has a major fight.

    The heroes enter a large chamber that has been polished smooth. Ancient dwarvish runes are carved into the walls. Eitri reads them out aloud. They tell of the story of the digging of the mine and the work that the dwarves did there. Near the end, it mentions that the dwarves found a vein of glowing iron unlike anything they had seen before. They mined this strange ore, which they called eisenmond and found they could make weapons of great magic with it.
    As they mined for more eisenmond they discovered some dark and evil secret about the mountain, without saying anything more than that they packed up and left overnight.
    The story ends by saying that they left behind a large nugget of eisenmond which glowed brighter than the rest, in the care of someone called the Stone King.
    The heroes realize that this is the key to the secret of the mountain, and what Gustovan sent them there to find.

    K. The Iron Mine

    Round 1

    Melas vs Orc: 8/13: MS/MS: Block
    Orc: Handaxe WQ: 12/11: Broken

    Rybryn vs Orc: 94/24: MF/MS: Dodge: –

    Eitri vs Gob: 25/36: CS/MS: A*1: Thorax: EI: 0: No impact

    Gob vs Eitri: 42/49: MS/MS: Block
    Gob: Handaxe WQ: 17/11: Broken

    Kob vs Eitri: 58/90: MS/CF: A*2: Face: Eye: EI: 13: G4: Grievous Stab: Shock Roll: 18/15: Eitri is down
    Eitri: 6 IL

    Gno vs Melas: 72/43: MF/MS: Dodge: –

    Orc: Gropple dagger

    Round 2

    Melas vs Gno: 36/54: MS/MS: Dodge: –

    Rybryn vs Orc: 64/3: MS/MS: Dodge: –

    Gob: Gropple dagger

    Kob vs Melas: 86/3: MF/MS: DTA
    DTA Melas vs Kob: 15/67: CS/MF: A*2: Abdomen: EI: 10: S3: Serious Stab: Shock Roll: 13/10: Kob is down

    Gno vs Melas: 34/18: MS/MS: Dodge: –

    Orc vs Rybryn: 29/43: MS/MS: Dodge: –

    Round 3

    Melas vs Gno: High: 53/93: MS/MF: A*1: Skull: EI: 3: M1: Minor Stab: Shock Roll: 6/10: Not Shocked
    Gno: 1 IL

    Rybryn vs Orc: 2/25: MS/CS: DTA
    DTA: Orc vs Rybryn: 25/49: CS/MS: A*1: Left Upper Arm: EI: 9: S2: Serious Stab: Fumble Roll: 11/18: No Fumble: Shock Roll: 7/13: Not Shocked
    Rybryn: 2 IL

    Gob vs Melas: 75/84: MF/CS: DTA
    DTA Melas vs Gob: 6/79: MS/MF: A*1: Thorax: EI: 5: S2: Shock Roll: 2/10: Not Shocked
    Gob: 2 IL

    Gno vs Melas: 78/54: MF/MS: DTA: –

    Orc vs Rybryn: 16/15: MS/CS: DTA
    DTA Rybryn vs Orc: 94/56: MF/MS: Dodge: –

    Round 4

    Melas vs Gob: 73/19: MS/MS: Dodge: –

    Rybryn vs Orc: 64/98: MS/MF: A*1: Neck: EI: 1: M1: Minor Cut: Shock Roll: 2/10: Not Shocked
    Orc: 1 IL

    Gob vs Melas: 33/59: MS/MS: Block
    Gob: Dagger WQ: 8/11: Survives, WQ -1
    Melas LongKnife WQ: 9/15: Survives, WQ -1

    Gno vs Melas: 66/25: DTA
    DTA Melas vs Gno: 8/27: Block
    Gno Mang WQ: 11/11: Survives, WQ -1
    Melas LongKnife WQ: 8/14: Survives, WQ -1

    Orc vs Rybryn: 87/26: MF/MS: DTA
    DTA Rybryn vs Orc: 30/36: CS/MS: A*1: Right Upper Arm: EI: 4: M1: Minor Cut: Fumble Roll: 16/11: Drop weapon, current hex: Shock Roll: 6/10: Not Shocked
    Orc: 2 IL

    Round 5

    Melas vs Gob: 6/17: MS/MS: (Counterstrike): B1
    1: Neck: EI: 8: S2: Serious Stab: Shock Roll: 14/10: Gob is down
    D*1: Skull: EI: 6: S2: Serious Stab: Shock Roll: 10/14: Not Shocked
    Gob: 4 IL
    Melas: 2 IL

    Rybryn vs Orc: 40/52: CS/MS: A*1: Abdomen: EI: 1: M1: Minor Cut: Shock Roll: 9/10: Not Shocked
    Orc: 3 IL

    Gno vs Melas: 51/01: MF/MS: DTA
    DTA: Melas vs Gno: 11/06: MS/MS: CS: B1:
    1: Right Thigh: EI: 7: S2: Serious Stab: Shock Roll: 11/10: Gno is down
    D*1: Right Hand: EI: 8: 0: No Impact
    Gno: 3 IL

    Orc: Gropple dagger

    Round 6

    Melas vs Orc: 3/98: MS/MF: (CounterStrike): A*1: Face: Mouth: EI: 8: S2: Serious Stab: Shock Roll: 14/10: Orc is down
    Orc: 5 IL

    Kur’s Drink on Eitri: 5 IL Healed, 1 IL remaining. Shock Roll:2/15: Revived

    The heroes enter a vast chamber that is roughly carved and still being worked. Small veins of iron ore still line the walls. Four monsters work the mine, and as they see the party they howl and attack.
    Melas closes in on the orc, who tries to block his jab. The orcish handaxe is too crude for the fine elven longknife, and the axehead shatters. The orc draws a dagger as Rybryn flanks him, and dodges the attack.
    Eitri locks himself in combat with the goblin and hits the humanoid in the torso, but the strike is too weak to hurt the creature, who attacks back. The goblin’s handaxe finds the tough dwarven roundshield and the hilt breaks in two. With his attention to the goblin, Eitri, fails to notice the kobold who jumps right in front of him, and stabs him with a dagger right in the eye socket, bypassing the helmet. The dwarf lets off a scream that echoes in the chamber, and holding his head, he falls to the ground.
    The gnoll comes in to support the orc who fights alone against the two heroes, but his attack against Melas fails and they dance around fighting, not scoring any hits. The kobold leaves the downed dwarf and sneaks to flank Melas as well, but the elf skewers him, and it drops.
    Rybryn and the orc keep fighting each other, and after a couple unsuccessful exchanges, the orc gain the advantage and stabs the thief’s left arm. She cries out at the wound, but holds on to the fight.
    Melas is fighting alone against both the gnoll and the goblin who has drawn a dagger. He manages to wound each, while dodging their blows. A few more hits end in clashes, the weapons blocking each other.
    Rybryn slashes at the orc, neck height, spilling some blood, the orc lunges back, only to fall into a feint, and she hacks at his arm, disarming him, the dagger clattering at the floor.
    Melas charges at the goblin, who decides it’s all or nothing, and forfeits any defence in favor of scoring a hit. They stab at each other, the long knife pierces through the goblin’s neck, finishing him, while the elf is hurt at the side of his head. The wound is serious, but he stands. The gnoll attacks Melas right away, hoping to hit the disoriented elf, but he’s mastered by his opponent. Melas stabs the gnoll at the thigh. The wound is too much for the gnoll and it falls. He barely hits Melas’ weapon hand as he delivers the hit, but the armor absorbs it.
    Rybryn gets past the orc’s defense, as it reaches down to get back his dagger. The thief’s shortsword hacks at his belly. The thief is assisted by his friend, and the elf dispatches the orc, with a through and through hit at his mouth.
    Weary and hurt, quickly the heroes pour the last contents of Kur’s drink into Eitri’s mouth. He barely manages to gulp it, but soon the healing properties of this potent potion take effect. While he’s not entirely healthy again, he’s been saved from certain death, and his vision is partially restored. If they make it out of the mine alive, he’ll need a healer.
    Searching through their opponents belongings, they find a cool silver ring, and a coil of rope. The thief takes them both.

    L. Tunnel of Death

    Rybryn: Awareness: 29: MS
    Rybryn: Lockcraft: 63: MS

    The heroes enter a smooth and straight tunnel. The floor is marked with the dark stains of dried blood. As they reach the door to the other side, Rybryn gestures the group to stop. She has noticed a mechanism that would release piles of rocks from the ceiling to fall upon them. After a short while she disarms it, and the party enters the next room.

    M. Mysterious Fountain

    In the center of the room is a stone fountain, carved in the image of a large dragon that coils around itself and sprays water out of its mouth. The water lands in a polished stone pool that has been cut into the floor around the statue. The air is sweet with the smell of fresh water. The heroes drink from the water to quench their thirst, and in a magical way, all their wounds and fatigue disappear.
    They look around the room and see that there are no more doors, and it appears to be the end of the mine. But knowing that they haven’t found either the Stone Kind or the large lump of eisenmond, they start searching for a secret door.

    Wandering Monster check: No monster

    Rybryn: Awareness: 37: MS

    They find the secret door.

    N. Sloping Passage

    The tunnel has been cut downards at a sharp angle. Walking down is very dangerous, but with the rope, the heroes descend it with great care.

    O. The Eisenmond Mine

    The heroes finally enter a rough stone chamber, with flakes of a mysterious glowing ore flickering in the walls, floor and ceiling, making the dark walls shimmer like a starry night.
    In the center, sitting on a small stone pedestal, is a short statue carved from a single granite block. It depicts a dwarf with a pick and other mining gear, missing it’s head which is tossed in the corner. The head sports a rusty crown, fashioned from iron, The statue’s hands are open and held out as if it was holding something.

    Okay, so here’s a puzzle concerning players and not characters, but it can be resolved with Int checks, which I will test.

    Eitri: Awareness: 27: MS: He finds a secret compartment with two nuggets of eisenmond, that fit perfectly on the eye sockets of the statue’s head.

    Eitri: Intelligence: 9/13: Success: He considers placing the head back on the statue.

    Searching around for secret doors, Eitri finds a small compartment in the pedestal that contains two nuggets of eisenmond. His keen senses tell him that they fit perfectly to the head, and he proceeds to place them there.
    The party looks at the head. Then Eitri decides to pay homage to his ancestors, and re-assemble the statue.
    As soon as the statue is assembled, a strange light fills the room. The stone body of the statue glows and the mouth moves slowly. In a voice deep and old as the mountain around, the statue speaks.
    It says about how the mine belongs to the dwarves, and how good it is that the heroes have arrived because a great evil has tainted the spirit of the place. The priceless magical stone called the Eisenkern was stolen, and along with it, the power to trap the beast that lives at the heart of the mountain. If the Eisenkern is not returned, that terrible beast will be freed, and a horrible evil will come upon all who dwell in these lands.

    Ending the Adventure

    The heroes return and report their story to Gustovan, who seems troubled by it. He rewards them and takes thought of the matter.

    The System

    Okay, this turned out more or less how I expected it to.
    Hârnmaster combat needed a lot of bookkeeping, and was deadly, but to be honest it was the most interesting set of fantasy combat rules I’ve played so far. I’m certain I’ve done several mistakes, especially near the EML (Effective Mastery Level – essentially the skill level after modifiers), and considering the deadliness of the system, the outcome could have been different. Nevertheless, it is what it is, and I’m not one to nitpick a solo crunchy game.
    So Hârnmaster has a very smart way to run combat. The attacker chooses a zone of attack (low, mid, high. defaults to mid) and weapon attack type (bludgeon, edge, piercing, defaults to highest impact) while the defender chooses their defense (block, counterstrike, dodge, ignore), and depending on their choices, there’s a large array of possible results (as you may have derived from the session). This all makes things interesting. You may have noticed that there were only a few results in combat where nothing happened.
    Usually it had to do with the dodge defense, which is what I’d call the safest defense approach, followed by block, and finally counterstrike where you forfeit defending, and something is bound to happen. There’s a caveat though with dodge, – it’s a separate skill.
    The results of combat include strikes, blocks, fumbles, stumbles, nothing (dodge), and defender tactical advantage. Now the defender tactical advantage is what I’d call an opening, The defender gets a free action. This is very effective in getting more dense action in a round, and higher chance for something happening. Also blocks have a chance to break your weapon, and also reduce your weapon’s quality. For how long can you keep blocking the enemy strikes before you end up unarmed? That’s an extra reason to carry a secondary weapon.
    Now, for wounds, the strike locations have a wide array of body parts that you may hit. I went with the detailed option and not the merged ones that are available in the Dead Weight w/Quickstart adventure.
    There you roll and calculate your effective impact, and get the resulting injury. The injury may cause a stumble or fumble, which will shift the battle one way or another, and of course there’s a good chance for a wound that will drop your character. Don’t go into battle unarmored!
    What I really liked was how Shock Rolls include every injury, so the combatant may either fall due to accumulation of minor wounds, a new serious wound, or a mix of both.
    Of course being wounded reduces your ability to fight properly and to do other physical tasks.
    Another clever mechanic of Hârnmaster was spreading the Critical results among the entire range. Criticals happen whenever a _0 or _5 is rolled on the d100. Which means that the better you are, you have a higher chance to roll a critical success, but also if you’re not so good, you have a higher chance to roll a critical failure.
    Injuries healing mechanics are equally crunchy (there’s a whole process to it, I won’t go into detail now), and may take weeks for full recovery.

    What about the Dungeon Crawl?

    All this results in a gritty low fantasy game. So I had to give my characters a chance to survive a dungeon crawl which otherwise would not be possible. I considered the healing potion as written in Dragon Quest, and saw it heals 2d4 hit points. So I decided that it will heal 2d4 Injury Levels, instantly. The last part is essentially important, as anything longer than that means, the wounded party member is not functional. I did include a new Shock Roll to give a chance that they won’t recover, but thankfully it did not happen.
    The pregenerated characters were a tad bit strong (they were rolled by their authors), which is also in line with the Draqon Quest adventure where the heroes are full hit die. Also I did not want to spend time generating characters (even using points) because it wasn’t the aim of my experiment.
    Following the Hârnmaster combat to the letter, made using a bow in a dungeon redundant. It’s scaled to a more realistic range, so there’s no reason the elf ranger would try to shoot a monster within melee range, and he used the long knife instead. I could have given him the option to shoot above the dwarf, when standing behind him in the narrow corridors. Maybe I should have, it would have made things more interesting and given me the opportunity to also see how missile combat works. Maybe next time.
    Also the thief, in regular D&D/Dragon Quest, they should be able to hide out of sight. I did not try to do this at all. It felt wrong to me for them to vanish in plain sight. But again maybe I should try it, since the chaos of the combat and the crammed and dark dungeon conditions would allow this. I’ll consider it for next time.
    I did follow the advice given in the adventure book on when to roll wandering monsters, and it all turned out quite ok.
    Overall with the modifications I did, I find it was a balanced experience, and my party was at constant risk of failure. They were stronger than the individual monsters, but the constant fights did wear them down, as a proper dungeon crawl should.
    As to the story, I must confess that without warping the adventure I got quite bored at about the start. There was no suspense at all, and it felt like an arena fight. I’m pondering at my next attempt to change things a bit.


    Hârnmaster is still on the list of my favorite RPG systems. It’s more detailed than Mythras/Runequest. Compared to MERP/Rolemaster, it feels like in Hârnmaster you run the equation, while in MERP you lookup the result. I did enjoy this dungeon crawl, albeit I will need to make it feel less like a board game, and more like an RPG by introducing some Solo Oracle/GME elements.

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      Hi Giorgis. Am a keen solo’er myself and have just stumbled across your blog due to your Secret Clocks system. HAve subscribed. I’ll enjoy seeing what you employ and when. Thanks for blogging.

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      • giorgis 9:41 pm on September 19, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks for the subscription and kind feedback!
        Hope you enjoy.


    • Gatou 1:10 am on January 8, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Hello Giorgis – first of all, amazing blog. I started on reddit with your SWd6 Solo Adeventure and moved here when you shared the link, oh boy was I glad to see all this content ! Super interesting, and definitely convincing me to try again at solo RPing. I had tried Ironsworn, then moved to Star Wars with the Starforged engine, their official scifi hack, but as I was digging into my d6 material you showed me that with a couple of twist on the d6 engine it can surely be a lot of fun.

      As I’ve started a Harn campaign, using the Burning Wheel as the system, I was wondering if you had tried this one on solo mode.

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      • giorgis 10:56 am on January 8, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        Thank you!
        Unfortunately I haven’t tried the Burning Wheel system. Heard good things about it though.
        I love Hârnmaster and it’s on my to do list for a more complete adventure.


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    Bianka the Ratter Hârn-hammer Session 1 


    • Flee Westemhofen
    • Exact Revenge

    So now Bianka has gathered her belongings and is at full health (finally!) and she can start on her path to revenge.
    The first thread is closed and we have the second thread as main thread.
    She wants to exact revenge in a more brutal way, as the corruption of chaos is slowly seeping in her psyche.
    I need to ask a few questions to gather the necessary information about this ratter that she’s so bent on destroying.

    Donjon: Mare. Male Dwarf Craftsman, Neutral. Mare is overweight, with brown hair and light amber eyes. He wears worn clothing and a wide-brimmed hat.
    Okay, so it’s a dwarf ratter!

    What was the town where they met?
    Donjon: Lenebruck. Population: 330, mostly human, some dwarf. The village sits in the shadows of a ruined castle. It is governed by the priests of the village temple.

    So why would such a small village have a rat problem? maybe something else is stirring the rats? Maybe there’s something in the ruined castle? I don’t know if I’ll find out, since Bianka is bent on revenge.

    Now, I think that mapping the distances arbitrarily would be too biased. So I’m going to use In the heart of the unknown for mapping and weather. I’m going to use its encounters generator and complement it with Hârn.
    I will be rolling on the engine for every league travelled, which is approximately one watch walking distance.

    I also need a resource mechanic. I really liked the downgrading die, but I already have one random factor (the random map generator), so I won’t introduce another one. I’ll declare Bianka has gathered one week’s worth of food, and if necessary she will forage.

    Finally, since I’m going too focused in on Bianka, I will use the Background Surprise Events Oracle. If I find that the whole session is too heavy, at the end of the one week I will not use the background events.

    Day 1, 3rd Watch.
    Encounter Engine: 6: X. Reroll: 5: Nudged 1 HF towards the Destination: River.
    Terrain Engine: 10: Nudged 1 HF towards the mountains. Plains.
    Weather Engine: 7: X: Reroll: 8: Slight rain.
    Hârn Encounters: (Highway): 10/17: No encounter.

    Day 1, 4th Watch.
    Encounter Engine: 8: Nudged 1 HF towards the Destination: Wandering Monster: 12: Goblins.
    Terrain Engine: 4: Plains.
    Weather Engine: 4: Sunny.
    Hârn Encounters: (Highway): 19/17: Encounter: Cleric/etc: Temple Priest: Seeking Victims for Rituals/etc. Friendliness: 88.

    I was thinking the cleric could have been a goblin shaman, but since the Cleric’s friendliness is 88 I deem that they are instead hunting the goblins. The goblins most likely are strugglers from the disbanded horde.

    Donjon: Hancho: Male Dwarf Cleric, Evil. Hancho has a long face, with long gray hair and gray eyes. He wears splint mail and wields a hammer.

    Some metagaming here: Hancho is a dwarf cleric of Ulric who hunts down goblins to kill them and sacrifice them to his patron deity.

    There are 1d3+2 = 4 goblins.
    I’ll equip them based on the respective Treasure tables of Hârn. Whatever doesn’t make sense, I’ll modify or reroll.
    G1: Leather Vest, Club, Handaxe, Dagger, Roundshield.
    G2: Spear, Roundshield, Dagger
    G3: Shortbow, 5 Arrows, Club
    G4: Spear, Scimitar

    Some Awareness rolls to see who notices whom.

    Bianka: Awareness (52): 34: MS
    Goblin1: Awareness (52): 92: MF
    Goblin2: Awareness (52): 58: MF
    Goblin3: Awareness (52): 69: MF
    Goblin4: Awareness (52): 65: CF
    Hancho: Awareness (49): 95: CF

    After a few hours of walking, past a bridge over the river, Bianka comes upon the sounds of struggle.
    Closing, she hears the war cry of an armored short stout dwarf, locked in combat with four goblins. Three of them are armed with hand weapons while the fourth sports a short bow and tries to get a clear shot.
    Bianka considers the situation. She cannot get past them to continue on her journey, and it’s most likely that the dwarf will lose against so many odds. Better to face them now, that the numbers may be better. She arms her hatchet and joins the combat.
    She tries to make a stealthy approach.

    Bianka: Stealth (35): 43: MF

    Bianka steps on a branch, trying to close in on the greenskins, but the goblins are too focused on their fight to mind her. She manages to get in engagement range without being detected.

    So I need to calculate a few more things before combat is joined.
    Endurance: 13
    Dodge: 70
    Weight: 20,2 ~ 24
    Encumbrance Penalty: 2
    AML/DML: 37

    I’m running this in theater of the mind.
    So I tried to find a few generators or to create a dwarf NPC on the fly. Huh that was tough. Therefore I found an already created dwarf NPC in an aide in lythia and used their stats instead.

    Round 1.

    Hancho attacks first.
    Hancho attacks G1: (102): 94: MS
    G1 blocks: (55): 64: MF
    He performs an A1 strike.
    Hit Location: Left Knee
    Damage: 9-4: 5: S2 (Fractured Knee).
    G1: Shock Roll: 2d6: 9/10: Unaffected.
    G1: Stumble Roll: 3d6+2: 15/11: He falls down.

    G1 has two Injury levels. Initiative reduced 2 steps. Will attack after Bianka.

    G2 attacks Hancho: Spear (60): 42: MS
    Hancho blocks: (72): 20: CS: Defender Tactical Advantage (DTA)
    Hancho attacks G1: (122): 57: MS
    G1 blocks (45): 73: MF
    He performs an A1 strike.
    Hit Location: Left Thigh.
    Damage: 9-4: 5: S2 (Fractured Thigh).
    G1: Shock Roll: 4d6: 12/10: Shocked.

    G4 attacks Hancho: Spear (70): 70: CS
    Hancho blocks: (72): 11: MS: Hancho receives A1 Strike Impact.
    Hit Location: Left Calf.
    Damage: 10-1: 9: S2 (Stabbed Calf).
    Hancho: Shock Roll: 2d6: 4/15: Unaffected.
    Hancho: Stumble Roll: 9/15: He stands.

    G3 will try to get an opening and shoot the bow into the melee.
    I need to see if Hancho is aware of the attack: Awareness (39): 65: MF
    G3 attacks Hancho: Shortbow (50): 31: Hancho receives an M2 Strike Impact.
    Hit Location: Skull.
    Damage: 14-12: 2: M1: Minor Stab to the skull.
    Hancho: Shock Roll: 3d6: 10/15: Unaffected.

    Bianka attacks G3: Hatchet (37): 68: MF
    G3 is unaware of Bianka’s attack and Ignores it: He receives an A1 Strike Impact.
    Hit Location: Right Shoulder.
    Damage: 5-3: 2: M1: Minor Cut to the right shoulder.
    G3: Fumble Roll: 10/11: No Fumble

    The dwarf moves with skill and swings his hammer with great strength, crushing one goblin’s knee, which stumbles and falls. Another greenskin tries to make a jab with its spear, but it misses and the dwarf rotates around the extended arm, and follows with another strike at the prone goblin’s thigh, crushing it and knocking it out in pain.
    This has left him vulnerable to a spear thrust from another goblin who uses it with both hands and pierces through the dwarfs’s unarmed calf. The goblin bowman rotates around the fight and finally gets an opening shooting straight at the head. At such close range, the missile pierces through the pot helmet, the quil cowl, and scratches the skull underneath.
    Bianka finds the opportunity and attacks the goblin archer from behind, hacking at its shoulder with her hatchet.

    Round 2:

    Hancho attacks G4: (87): 33: MS
    G4 blocks: (60): 50: CS: G4 wins a DTA.
    G4 attacks Hancho: Spear (70): 11: MS
    Hancho blocks: (67): 57: MS: Blocks.

    G2 attacks Hancho: Spear (60): 36: MS
    Hancho blocks: (67): 60: CS: Defender Tactical Advantage (DTA)
    Hancho attacks G4: (87): 81: MS
    G4 blocks (60): 13: MS: Blocks

    G4 attacks Hancho: Spear (70): 48: MS
    Hancho blocks: (67): 95: CF: The goblin performs an A2 strike.
    Hit Location: Thorax
    Damage: 17-10: 7: S2 (Stabbed Chest).
    Hancho: Shock Roll: 5d6: 19/15: He falls down.

    G1: Shock Recovery: 4d6: 11/10: Doesn’t Recover

    G3: Draws club. Grope Action.

    Bianka attacks G3 Hatchet (37): 28: MS
    G3 tries to dodge: (50): 24: MS: Dodged successfully

    After a few exchanges of strikes back and forth between the dwarf and the goblins, a goblin spearman gets a clean thrust with his spear. It pushes with both hands and pierces the Edward’s chest through. The heavy armor isn’t enough and the dwarf falls, still clutching his attacker’s spear.
    Bianka tries unsuccessfully to attack the goblin archer who has switched to a club.

    Round 3:

    Things look dire for Bianka now that Hancho is down.

    G2 attacks Bianka: Spear (60): 81: MF
    Bianka blocks: (37): 80: CF: Defender Fumble (DF)
    Bianka Fumble: 3d6: 6/12: No Fumble

    G3 attacks Bianka: Club (60): 89: MF
    Bianka blocks: (27): 25: CS: DTA
    Bianka attacks G3 Hatchet (37): 60: CF
    G3 blocks: (55): 91: MF: Attacker Fumble (AF)
    Bianka Fumble: 3d6: 16/12: She drops her hatchet!

    G4 attacks Bianka: Spear (70): 69: MS
    Bianka dodges: (50): 87: MF: The goblin performs an A1 strike.
    Hit Location: Abdomen
    Damage: 12-1: 11: S3 (Stabbed Abdomen).
    Bianka: Shock Roll: 3d6: 13/13: She holds firm.

    G1: Shock Recovery: 4d6: 13/10: Doesn’t Recover

    Bianka withdraws and attempts to run away. I can’t find any rules for turning and fleeing so I will just rule that each goblin gains a DTA.

    G2 attacks Bianka: Spear (60): 59: MS
    Bianka dodges: (35): 90: CF: The goblin performs an A2 strike.
    Hit Location: Left Upper Arm
    Damage: 14-1: 13: S3 (Stabbed Left Upper arm).
    Bianka: Shock Roll: 6d6: 28/13: She falls unconscious.

    Now Bianka faces off three goblins alone. She tries to hold them off, but facing three adversaries at the same time is too much for the rather, and she drops her hatchet. The goblin spearman who wounded the dwarf jabs at her abdomen, severely wounding her. She holds on and tries to run away but the other goblin spearman thrusts through her shoulder. The pain is excruciating and Bianka falls quickly. Everything turns black.

    Session Background

    Okay, Hârnmaster isn’t pulp at all.
    But that isn’t the only issue with my utter failure.

    • I miscalculated encounter size. There should be just two goblins. The number of opponents is very important as every single strike could bring you down. Maybe three would be challenging considering the armor and skill of the dwarf, but four were just too much.
    • Bianka was too weak and unarmored. In comparison the pregens of dead weight wore armor and had about double Bianka’s combat skills or more!

    Now a breakdown of the system. Hârnmaster is definitely old school. Not old school renaissance, mind you.
    As I played, to me it felt like a mix of MERP/Rolemaster and Runequest/Mythras, both in terms of character generation and skill and combat resolution.
    What I disliked: The modifiers. This was MERP all over again. A simple example: for attack, I need to factor in the mastery level, the encumbrance penalty, the injury penalty and the weapon’s attack bonus. For defense you have a different weapon bonus, outnumbering modifiers and you need to calculate this as well. As combat progresses these change… oh and some weapons have a 1h mode modifier as well. This is a bookkeeping pain.
    What I liked: The detail in combat. Almost every part of the human body is detailed. You could get a hit in the eye, the ear or the groin. Also the wound levels and shock rules. Combine this with the ebb and flow of the differential combat rules this was like Mythras mixed with the MERP criticals and the wound levels of Savage Worlds/OpenD6. Absolutely stunning.
    What could be better: Character generation. It’s ok for PCs when you want to put detail in your character. But when you need NPCs on the fly… it’s really problematic without resorting to pregenerated characters.
    What I enjoyed: The campaign section. Encounter tables with activities. Detailed treasure tables. Very similar to MERP but better in many regards.
    Minor qualms: I had to go back and forth many times to find where a specific rule was described.
    I also didn’t like how strength and toughness didn’t impact combat damage directly, even to a small degree. It didn’t matter if you were a well trained weakling or a brute, you could deliver the same damage with the same weapon. Also no matter how tough you are if you are unarmored the injury will be the same. Endurance only affects how you react to the injury.
    A luck points mechanic is necessary for gritty games, but as I said, Harnmaster is old-school, not OSR.
    Interesting but untested: Hârnmaster has amounted Combat, Jousting and Psionics! I’d love to see them at work.

    Overall I liked Hàrnmaster, even though Bianka was casualty of the experiment.
    I’ll be returning to it in the future, as I have something in mind.
    Also, I may be homebrewing other systems to use the combat mechanics I found here.
    I’ll be definitely keeping the encounter tables for other low fantasy campaigns.

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    Bianka the Ratter Hârn-hammer Session 0 


    I recently got the Dead Weight prewritten module and it had the Hârnmaster QuickStart rules.
    While reading through it I was so intrigued I went ahead and got the PDF of the Hârnmaster 3ed Rules.
    What is Hârnmaster? It’s a d100 roll-under gritty rule system coupled with a low-fantasy setting, Hârnworld. Of course it can be run into any low-fantasy setting. There’s tons of setting material for Hârnworld (they’re quite expensive) but there’s a lot of fan content as well!
    In I found high quality fan content, and there was a really cool article about rats and ratters (rat catchers).
    So instead of trying out Hârn from scratch, instead I decided to run Bianka’s adventure from my Warhammer campaign into this system.

    Character sheet

    Below are the converted stats of Bianka:

    Characteristic Description
    Name Bianka Geissler
    Race Human
    Occupation Ratter
    Age 17 yo
    Gender Female
    Height 166cm/65″
    Weight 70kg/154 pounds(6)
    Frame Medium(12)
    Complexion Medium
    Eyes Grey blue, bloodshot
    Hair Dark Brown
    Birthdate 25th of Larane
    Sunsign Wymund the anchorite (Angberelius,Flaming Swords)
    Birthplace Nordland, Poor village
    Sibling Rank 5th/8 Children
    Parents Offspring/Both parents alive & together
    Parent Occupation Farmer (freehold)
    Estrangement Average
    Clanhead Distant relation(Grandfather related to Uncle)
    Key Attribute Score
    Strength 14
    Stamina 16
    Dexterity 12
    Agility 14
    Intelligence 10
    Aura 12
    Will 10
    Secondary Attributes Score
    Comeliness 16(Beautiful)
    Eyesight 12
    Hearing 14
    Smell 10
    Voice 10(Average)
    Morality 8(Corruptible)
    Contact Relationship Loyalty
    Herdsman Friend 55
    Farmer(Freehold) Enemy
    First Cousin,Aunt Uncle Acquaintance 41
    Skills ML
    JUMPING 56
    STEALTH 40
    ORATORY 24
    SINGING 33
    UNARMED 42
    Agriculture 39
    Weatherlore 33
    Ratcraft 55
    Dogcraft 44
    Net 36
    Club 65
    Herblore 22
    Axe 42
    Cookery 33
    Foraging 33
    Sling 14
    Physician 12
    Wound Location Healing Rate
    M1-Minor Cut Left Upper Arm H5
    M1-Minor Tear Right Elbow H5
    S2-Serious Cut Abdomen H3

    Okay, this conversion was hard.
    Bear in mind this is a character that was generated using a Warhammer FRP 2ed online character generator, then converted to my homebrew MiniSix variant for Night of the Blood, then converted to Savage Worlds for the Siege of Ostenhofen and now to Hârnmaster.

    I used a point buy system as described in Hârnmaster.
    I spent the 30 attribute points for the key attributes and tried to be as close as possible to the MiniSix and Savage Worlds charsheet.
    I used the optional 20 attribute points for the non key attributes, but I didn’t use the 1/2 point cost described. It seemed really cheap. I mean I could assign 20 points and get an average of 16 in the 5 attributes where random roll was 3d6. It made no sense. Therefore I used full point cost to have an average of 12.
    I kept the randomly generated appearance characteristics, even though they play a role in Hârnmaster.
    Also Bianka was using hatchets and slings according to Warhammer FRP career. Hârnmaster ratters use clubs and nets (makes more sense). I hate to break narrative so I had to spend valuable Skill Points to buy the Axe and Sling skills.
    Another topic was that of sunsigns/birthsigns. Both Warhammer and Hârnworld have their own signs, and I wouldn’t have bothered, but in Hârnmaster, the sunsign affects Skill Base. Therefore for narrative I’ve kept the Warhammer sign, but for mechanics I’ve kept the sunsign of Hârn… a mess.
    Overall in the end I was wondering if it was the right choice to do all those conversions rather than generate a new character and test the system with them, but now the work is done.

    Character development:
    I went ahead and read Bianka’s skill uses through the two adventures and gave her the respective skill development rolls.

    Bianka was left wounded when the party left her at Westenhofen. In Savage Worlds, she was shaken twice from the skeletons and then suffered a nasty double wound while retreating. I decided that these were two M1 and one S2 wounds. I rolled randomly for their location and liked what I got. A 1″ cut on her left upper arm, a 2″ gash on her right elbow and a 4″ cut on her abdomen.

    Hatchet, sling, bag of rats, rat cage, mouse traps, common clothing, net, leather gloves, boots.

    Character description

    Demeanor: Aggressive
    UNE: reputable recluse, Record the public
    BOLD: common traitor overcome by personal resources
    Corruption: Egotistical, Obsessive, Deceitful

    Bianka is a young woman who has made a reputation as a rat catcher. She’s quite aggressive against the critters and doesn’t like the company of other people, keeping to herself.
    She wants to beat the numbers of rats she catches in comparison to the other rat catchers.
    In the last town she was in, a fellow rat catcher stole her bag of rats and sold it off as his own. She used her wits and skill and managed to catch an even larger number of rats, this fulfilling her contract.
    Bianka just came upon Evie’s company and by happenstance they go in the same direction.
    Bianka survived the night of the blood in the hooded man, but got corrupted by chaos from the demon they fought.
    Considering, the corruption of Tzeentch slowly seeping in, and all she has suffered, there’s a high chance that Bianka might go rogue. I think she is becoming obsessed with the rat catcher that betrayed her, and wants to exact vengeance now in a less peaceful manner. She wasn’t aware that giant rats existed. Maybe this can be part of her plan for vengeance.
    Her company left her behind in Westenhofen lest they be caught by the undead that have risen, but it was a mutual termination of companionship. No hard feelings.


    I’ll be also switching to CRGE for Oracle this time around. It’s approach is more closely related to Mythic rather than MUNE/Recluse that I’m used to, but I want to experience how threads and scenes can work in solo play.

    So I have the following threads:

    • Flee Westenhofen
    • Exact Revenge

    A note on abbreviations:
    For space saving I will be using Hârnmaster abbreviation for test resolutions.
    CF: Critical Failure
    MF: Marginal Failure
    MS: Marginal Success
    CS: Critical Success


    First of all I need to see if the undead will attack Westenhofen before Bianka has a chance to heal her wounds.

    To Knowledge:
    Main Thread: Flee Westenhofen.
    Q: Do the undead attack Westenhofen?
    A: No, and unexpectedly.
    Unexpectedly: 7: Framing.
    A new NPC or object becomes critical to the thread.
    So the undead do not attack Westenhofen, maybe they’re attacking the city. In anyway I won’t be asking this question again for two weeks.
    Since Bianka has been bedridden two weeks now trying to recover, I presume that the new NPC will be the town’s herbalist, who may have a different approach to help heal Bianka.

    Bianka walls slowly around the room. Her bandages were cleaned once more by Mari, the physician’s assistant but she still was in a bad shape.
    “Is this guy any good?” She asks Mari. “It’s been two weeks that I’m bedridden. I can’t stay here anymore. I’m afraid the dead will come anytime soon.”
    “He’s the best outside of Ostenhofen.” Mari answers, but he pauses for a moment and then continues. “There’s another.”

    Donjon: Aldugard: Female Human Alchemist. Neutral. She is exceptionally beautiful with thick silver hair and brown eyes. She wears modest garments and an amulet if luminous crystal. Aldugard is decisive and absent-minded.

    “Do tell.” She says.
    Mari continues. “It’s an alchemist living at the south edge of Westemhofen. She hasn’t been accused of witchcraft, but folks are worried of her. I see you’re set on leaving, so at least see her before departing.”
    Bianka thanks Mari and gathers her stuff. She will go see if this Aldugard can help her where Geri the physician couldn’t.

    Bianka: Awareness (32): 99: MF
    Bianka can’t find the alchemist’s house on her own. She will have to ask the locals for directions.

    Bianka: Intrigue (13): 48: MF
    Bianka can’t learn about the alchemist’s house without it being known by the locals.

    Q: Do the locals help Bianka find Aldugard?
    A: Yes.
    Surge Count 2.

    After asking around Westenhofen, stumbling around, Bianka manages to reach Aldugard’s house.
    She knocks on the door, and an exceptionally beautiful woman with silver hair opens.
    She sees the bandages on Bianka’s limbs, and how she clutches her belly, and invites her inside. “Come in.”
    Bianka enters the small house without any delay.

    Bianka: Awareness (32): 93: MF
    She doesn’t pay attention to the surroundings.

    UNE: NPC conversation mood: Sociable
    NPC bearing & focus: aid retainers
    Again, we have a helpful healer who wants to assist the ‘retainers’ the people who provided a service to the city.

    “You’re not from around here.” She says. Bianka nods.
    “You’re from the group that survived Ostenhofen.” She continues.
    “I am.” Bianka replies.
    “I’ll help you. Geri may have cleaned your wounds but he hasn’t helped at all with your recovery. Come.” She points at the bed in the corner and Bianka goes to sit there.

    So, I’ll roll to decide what healing she will administer.
    Herbs or Potion: Herbs
    Nelbise, Finistrel or Altrubat: Nelbise

    She removes the bandages. “Oh those are nasty” she says looking at the gash in her abdomen. She takes some leaves from a jar and puts them directly on the wound and covers them again with fresh bandages.
    “Come here twice per day. These need refreshing.”

    UNE: NPC power level: Slightly Weaker. She’s a two star craftsman having a Physician skill of (62).

    After five days:
    Did the Nelbise have effects? (90): 89: Yes.

    Wound Location Healing Rate Result
    M1-Minor Cut Left Upper Arm H5 Healed in 8 days
    M1-Minor Tear Right Elbow H5 Healed in 4 days
    S2-Serious Cut Abdomen H3 6 Days reduced to M1. 10 more days for Healed

    Two weeks later, Bianka has only a minor tear on her abdomen that’s is about to close.
    “How can I repay you?” She asks Aldugard.

    Q: Does Aldugard ask for payment?
    A: Yes
    Surge Count: 4

    “You’re almost healed but my healing herbs are dwindling. If you can find me some leaves or blooms in the woodland outside Westenhofen it would be much helpful.” Aldugard replies.

    Bianka will make short excursions to find herbs.

    The common time unit for Hârn is the Watch which is 4 hours.
    It will take Bianka half a watch to get to the woodlands and one watch to search for herbs.
    Bianka: Herblore (17): 99: MF: She finds 17 Bridalkme plants.
    I will roll for random encounters.
    Rural: 18/14: I get a random encounter. It’s a Foreigner, Military, Militiaman. Activity: Training, on maneuvers, etc. Friendliness: 100!

    I’ve just used Hârn’s random encounters tables and I must say it’s great. I was really happy to see they included an activity table, since the most common question is ‘What are they doing there?’ This provides ample food for solo generation!
    Also for attitude, it says just roll 1d100 and the higher, the friendlier.

    Therefore considering the above, it’s a pretty clear encounter.

    Bianka: Awareness (47) vs (50): 82/84: MF/MF. They both locate each other at the same time.

    Bianka has gathered up a few plants when she hears commotion. Carefully she approaches, when she sees some rough men. They have long hair and beards and look taller and tougher than the locals.
    It seems to be a unit of a score of men. One of them is giving orders to the group, trying to form them in shield walls. He notices Bianka.
    “Come here woman! We won’t hurt you!” He shouts.
    Reluctantly Bianka approaches.
    “Is Ostenhofen nearby?” He asks.
    “It is. Why go to that forsaken place?” She asks.

    UNE: NPC focus & bearing: weapons happiness

    “We have been summoned by the Emperor. We Norsemen are always glad to drop our farming tools and bring our weapons when called upon. We were supposed to reach Ostenhofen a couple of weeks ago, but the Orcs were waiting for us. In the battle that followed we got split from the main army and have been trying to reach Ostenhofen since.” The man answers.

    Donjon: Wolfo: Male Human Fighter, Good. Wolfo is tall and thin, with braided gray hair and hazel eyes. He wears banded mail and wields a ~~glaive-guisarme~~ spear. Wolfo compulsively plays with a silver coin.

    “My name is Wolfo, and I’m the captain of this band. Who might you be? Your accent and bearing seems northern.” He asks.
    “I’m Bianka, I’ve left the north years ago and have been working my ass off hunting rats from city to city in the mainland. Recent events got me stranded in Ostenhofen.” She answers.
    “So you come from Ostenhofen? Is the city still holding?” Wolfo asks.

    Q: Have there been any news from Ostenhofen since?
    A: Yes, and they all know about the orcs and the undead threat.
    Surge Count: –

    “I’ve managed to escape the siege about three weeks ago. The orcs were defeated eventually, but … the dead have risen.” She says.
    “Is that where you got these?” Wolfo asks about her wounds.
    Bianka nods in silent agreement.
    “Then you have earned my respect. Will you lead us to Ostenhofen?” he requests.
    “I’ll take you to Westenhofen, but only because you’re my kin. You’ll find your way from there. Ostenhofen has nothing for me. If the rats haven’t fled already there isn’t anyone who cares enough to pay coin.” Bianka reluctantly agrees to take the unit to Westenhofen.

    She spends half a watch to get them back and forth and searches for another watch for herbs.

    Bianka: Herblore (17): 16: MS: She finds 3 leaves of an Olrui plant.
    I will roll for random encounters.
    Rural: 19/14: I get a random encounter. It’s a Guildsman, Ostler, Journeyman. Activity: Other: Hunting criminals/runaways/game. Friendliness: 93.

    Bianka: Awareness (47) vs (50): 1/87: MS/MF. Bianka locates the Ostler first.

    Donjon: Gosbo. Male Human Craftsman, Neutral. Gosbo has messy auburn hair and amber eyes, and prominent ears. He wears plain clothing and riding boots.

    As Bianka has gathered a few leaves of a parasitic plant, she hears footsteps. She sees a young man breathing heavily, trying to walk silently and fast but failing at both.
    She watches for a short while and sees that the man has his eyes on a horse in the distance.
    She sees no weapons and decides to introduce herself.
    “Are you after the horse?” She asks.
    Startled the youth turns to her. “Y, yes. She fled from the stable while I was tending to her. I’ve been hunting her for hours but something has scared her really good. Can you help me? Together we can catch her.”
    “Do you have coach service? I’m looking for passage away from Westenhofen” Bianka asks without answering.

    Bianka’s corruption regarding the Egotistical trait has kicked in.
    Q: Does he say they have coach service?
    A: No
    Surge Count: 2

    “I’m afraid not. This is my master’s horse. Please will you help me? I will be grateful. And maybe my master as well.” The young man tries to convince Bianka.

    Gosbo: Rhetoric (21): 52: MF

    “Sorry. I’m already in a bad shape. Can’t be going after horses. Best of luck.” She tells the ostler and runs off back to Westenhofen.
    She gives the herbs to Aldugard and the next morning she packs her things. It’s going to be a walk to the next city.

    Session background

    The threads remain as is. I like how the story progresses. Bianka wants to leave Westemhofen. Who knows what she will find if she returns.
    I am really enjoying Harnmaster. It’s too early yet to have real thoughts about the system, but I found the Campaign tables very helpful for solo play. Especially the random encounters seem to be very detailed. I also found two blank journal pages where one can log events. Maybe this is something worthwhile for bullet pointing my adventures!
    Regarding the success levels, there’s an optional rule to include substantial successes which seems really good.
    I didn’t find a general rule for difficulties but maybe I didn’t search well enough.
    Also opposed rolls work by comparing success levels and in case of a tie, the lowest number wins. I prefer Mythras’ rule for opposed ties, where the highest number wins, as this gives an additional advantage to the contestant with the highest skill.
    Regarding CRGE. It’s too early to have a complete opinion. I have mixed feelings concerning the lack of likelihoods. The author states that in case of a likely result, don’t roll, just play it out. I’m not certain this fills my cup of tea. But will continue with CRGE to see how it works out.

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