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  • giorgis 12:36 pm on September 14, 2019 Permalink
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    A scout mission gone awry 

    Reflections on my first solo play adventure

    When I first heard about solo playing I was very skeptical. I decided to try it out nevertheless and my first two attempts were a disaster.

    In my first try, I tried to play without the use of an Oracle, but by being the GM and emulating the character. Didn’t work out, and my character was slaughtered by a critical hit that severed his knee in the first round of combat in the first scene.

    Second try, I used BOLD to set up a story, and started using an Oracle to set up the scene, but quickly I got lost in questions that made no sense and abandoned it.

    Both of these were set in an agnostic fantasy setting, and herein lies the first two problems I had to solve. I needed to have some meta knowledge of the setting my character lived in, and also knowledge of the game mechanics so that I won’t be losing a lot of time.

    So I chose Star Wars D6. I know the setting. I’ve watched the movies and several of the animated series episodes. It’s also a huge universe, so I could mix canon stuff with things I made on the fly through the Oracle. Secondly I have the physical books in my collection from my TTRPG days. No more going back and forth in pdf files trying to browse to the page I want.

    In retrospect, those two were excellent choices that helped drive my play forward.

    I created a scout character. I chose a scout because he is prone to solo adventuring, and I wouldn’t have to think a lot about an adventure hook. So without a second thought I used a name generator until I got something I liked and off we go.

    Here I made a mistake. I didn’t spend some time to create some proper background for Roy. Yes, he wants to explore and he wants to make a name of himself. That’s very shallow. It caused me a few headaches down the road where I wasn’t sure how Roy would react. So he acted how I would act.

    I tried to fix it later by using BOLD for a backstory, but still I have a gap there. For the future I intend to use some random roll based on Septimus and OpenD6 chargen which has several traits that will have both roleplaying and game mechanics impact. Lesson learned.

    First play session in, and I have a very bad roll in astrogation. Which destroyed Roy’s ship and has him evacuate in a hurry to survive.

    That was great! At the moment I couldn’t see it, but a story module could have been designed that way and it happened in game!

    The cinematic nature of WEG Star Wars D6 payed out. Roy’s adventure turned oh so different because of this starting event.

    Third or fourth session in, I realize that Roy won’t get far all alone. He needs assistance. I managed to bring that to him through the Oracle and UNE and bring out Luca, who would become a secondary PC-NPC later on. Balancing is important.

    Here’s how I started mixing up Oracle rolls and game mechanics. Whenever there is a game mechanic rule about something, it takes precedence. Otherwise I ask The Oracle. Pretty much how the GM would arbitrate. So Roy managed to persuade Luca to help him. Why? I assume that in the end it was Lucas nature rather than the promise of a vague unknown reward.

    A topic that came along many times was the combat maps. Theater of the mind vs grid map. I tried both, but since I don’t have a dedicated board or something similar, I went with theater of the mind. It also resolved faster. When soloing theater of the mind also has no misunderstandings. In the future I want to bring out my legos and try such a visualization.

    Now a long journey begins. With the duo jumping back and forth between systems trying to get the information on those data cores. At some point I got frustrated. I think it’s one of those moments where a GM railroads the players back into the adventure.

    I couldn’t see the big picture of how interesting this was. Thankfully the fellow lone wolves who read on my story pointed it out, and I stuck with it, and a couple sessions later, the data cores are unlocked, and the duo, accompanied by Kuna heads off to the mysterious coordinates.

    Looking back, I see that all this struggle gave the adventure depth. It has a prologue, main theme, and we’re heading to the revelation and epilogue. Another lesson learned. Never abandon the story, there are always hooks.

    Somewhere around here I decided to play around a bit with the game system. No matter how cinematic, for reasons I explained elsewhere, the addition and target numbers slowed down the pace when playing. I switched to a homebrew D6 Legends with pips success resolution mechanic and never looked back. It’s easy, fast has narrative determination if desired and success levels so that I can tell how well the character did.

    Now heading to the end one of the hardest things I had to tackle was metagaming. I haven’t solved the issue yet, but I have identified several cases where it happened, and I intend to write down some rules on how to avoid it.

    In several of my sessions I knew things my character didn’t. I fixed those cases but still, it either stole some of the surprise elements or made me feel like I was cheating, when I disregarded them to go with the story and Oracle flow.

    I also made a couple mistakes and had to trace back and delete a paragraph or two and catch the story again from there. So another rule I follow is that unless it’s written down in the cleaned up form (e.g posted here) if I made a serious mistake I can scratch it and restart from there.

    There were a couple sessions where I noticed my errors afterwards, and the consequences were dire, with the team wounded and losing their starship, but in fairness I stuck with it.

    In one of my sessions, just when I thought the team would be handed over to the Imperials, I had a player moment. I thought of something my character would do based on what he knows, which was a solution to the problem! This was very important to me as it gave me the thrill of playing the game instead of narrating or making rolls to see how well I did.

    20 sessions in, and when the dramatic outcome of saving the Amalsi didn’t occur, I knew I had to wrap things up.

    At first, I took focus away and just wrote a short epilogue on how they went to Aros and lay low.

    It just didn’t feel right. So I split it up and step by step, I played the epilogue, which gave me the closure I wanted, and some extra plot hooks.

    It feels much more fair and complete now.

    Another thing I learned was how to focus in and out. That’s another advantage of the D6 system. The skills can be for a quick action (sneaking past a guard) or a long term series of actions (sneaking through the wilderness). It assisted me when doing the repairs on the Dragonfly and in the epilogue when I wanted to wrap things up. I could have scenes with Luca meeting up the black market contacts and the data forgers, but that could have sidelined to new adventures and I didn’t want that at the time.

    Another challenge is bookkeeping. I am not great at organizing notes. I have printed the base character sheets but I don’t update them regularly. So I use a combination of paper copy and electronic notes.

    The most serious issue here is keeping track of credits and resources. In game I resorted to asking The Oracle if my character had a desired item. Much as a player would ask his GM. I am underway to using something similar to OpenD6 Funds attribute. Will see how it plays out in the future.

    I closed the adventure at a point with several plot hooks. We have Kuna with major cybernetic enhancements and a Sith artifact. Deng, a pirate captain scouring through the system, the fleet footed Kimby running away from Lligon Tuk and the Empire bringing it’s wrath down to the Amal moon. When I catch up I intend to use BOLD waylays to see what happened in the downtime.

    All in all, it was a very fun experience. I will be keeping the D6 Legends homebrew for my next games, unless I want to try something else explicitly.

    I have some new solo styles I want to try out so I am hitting pause on Roy and Luca, to catch up on them again later.

    Brief summary of story

    Our protagonist, Roy was assigned a Scout mission from his corporate employer. He set off with his ship to explore, but a disaster happened in hyperspace and he was stranded in unknown hostile territory.

    There he met with Luca, an old smuggler who agreed to help him in return of a share of the reward on whatever they find. Luca flies the Red Rancor, an Ghtroc light freighter.

    They recover the Nav data cores but they’re locked and encrypted and they set off trying to find a hacker.

    They meet with Kimby, one of Luca’s contacts, but she disappears at the first hint of trouble as she is being hunted down.

    Then they find another hacker, named Kuna, but they can’t afford to pay him, so they do a cargo run to gather the necessary credits.

    When they return, the station where the hacker resides is under pirate blockade, and they have to mediate between the pirates and the station command to get to their objective.

    They succeed, joined by Kuna who cracks the security of the Nav data cores and jump to their destination.

    There they find a frozen moon, and their first contact is with Imperial forces. Despite their small strength, probably due to the fact that this was an Imperial scout force, in the second skirmish with the protagonists, they ambush them, and the Red Rancor is destroyed.

    The team is captured by the locals, the Amalsi who intend to exchange them to the Empire in return for some of their own.

    They manage to escape and reach the frozen cavern of the abandoned ruins of an ancient Amalsi city under the glacier.

    There they learn the story of the moon, how an evil wizard who landed there terraformed the planet in his attempts to mine out some crystals.

    They fight off some beasts and manage to find the wizards starship. They bring it back to operation and fly out of the city.

    The team then assaults the Imperial outpost and obliterates it. The Amalsi join in the attack, but when they meet with our protagonists later, there is an incident with Kuna and the team had to escape with their hides intact.

    Finally they reach back civilized space and Kuna goes his own way, taking one of the wizards artifacts that he found as his share.

    Review of tools and systems

    WEG Star Wars D6:

    The core rulebook and setting I played the adventure. I will definitely be returning to it.

    Pros: Low amount of crunch, Skill and in-game mechanics descriptions for most situations, NPC stats easy to eye-ball, Easy Wounds system with quick resolution.

    Cons: Target numbers hard to choose fairly, Adding up dice pools can slow down solo play, Combat can become stale shootouts, Rules can be missing at places.

    Additional books used: Galaxy Guide to Scouts, Pirates and Privateers, Tales of the Jedi Companion.

    D6 Legends Homebrew

    Homebrew rules to solve some issues I face. I will be keeping it and evolving it as I play more.

    Pros: Can be used with D6 systems without conversions, Fast success result resolution.

    Cons: Can’t be used in 100% of the cases, resulting in regression to the original D6 system


    Light, few page oracle with fast resolution and low bookkeeping.

    Pros: Easy, Fast, Intuitive

    Cons: The ‘buts’ can be difficult to narrate all times, regressing to simple Yes/No


    Universal NPC emulator. Worked great for the cases I turned to it.

    Pros: NPC on the fly, NPC backstory

    Cons: The result may not fit the NPC.


    Book of Legends and deeds. What I loved about it is how easily it helped unleash a story when I was still learning my first baby steps in soloing.

    Pros: Produces great backstories. Can fill in in-between mission gaps.

    Cons: Can be difficult to combine the different story parts.

    GMA from beta Alone release bundle

    Had to print it out to use it, but it was worth the effort. It has great potential and is a quick assist at hand without having to search my online bookmarks for tools.

    Pros: No need for dice, no need for online portents, tailor-made for rpgs, solves multiple issues with one card.

    Cons: I don’t have the entire deck 😀


    This site has a ton of resources from fantasy to cyberpunk to scifi. It’s my go to resource when I want something generated. I only head elsewhere if I don’t find what I need.

    Pros: Generators for almost every need

    Cons: Some generators enhance metagaming (System generators)


    A cross platform note taking app that I use as an intermediary from paper to publishing.

    Pros: Cross platform (web, windows, Linux, iOS, Android), Note sharing, Markdown, publishing, export function.

    Cons: There are no folders so browsing can be a hard.

    Many thanks to the wonderful solo rpg community for all the knowledge sharing and support. It’s what inspired me to get on this endeavor.

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    Solo StarWarsD6 pt20: Insult 

    System: Star Wars D6 by West End Games.

    Setting: Star Wars Era of the Rebellion.

    Character: Royxand Handscul ‘Roy’, Corporate scout

    Luca Delste, Smuggler

    Kuna Desyk, Hacker

    Solo Tools: MUNE, donjon, GameMaster’s Apprentice deck of cards from beta Alone release bundle

    Books: Star Wars The Roleplaying Game Second Edition (West End Games), Galaxy Guide 8: Scouts, Tales of the Jedi Companion, Pirates and Privateers.

    Homebrew Rules: D6Legends

    In this session, I’m using a homebrew rules system to streamline the difficulty rolls. I explain everything in detail in my blog here.

    You can view all my previous and the current posts in this subreddit and in my blog Solo, Pen, Paper and Dice.

    So I left off, when I couldn’t make something work with the intervention. The MUNE author wrote that when something like that happens, you can ignore MUNE. So that’s what I did, and moved on. I intend to roll again for an intervention in the next Oracle 6.

    Kuna joins his companions. “What’s the plan, defenders of the innocent?” he asks sarcastically.

    Roy doesn’t take the bait. “Find the imperial outpost based on our intel, bomb it before they have a chance to respond, land, and talk it out with the Amalsi on new terms.” He responds.

    “I also hear Prine station is short handed at miners, and the pirate crew of the Gauntlet of Ulan could use some reinforcements.”

    “I want to see you sell this to the Amalsi.” Kuna says and leaves.

    Q: Do they encounter any other starship?

    A: No

    Luca searches for the Imperial outpost, by scanning for different lifeforms than the main inhabitants (Amalsi) in the region that the captive snowtrooper had told them they were located.

    Luca: Sensors: 4/3: Success

    “Found them! Setting course for the imperial outpost, northern approach.” Luca says over the comms.

    The Dragonfly pierces through the atmosphere, and Luca brings her as low as possible to avoid easy detection from the outpost. There’s a good chance they’re expecting them. He just hopes they don’t have any anti-aircraft batteries.

    Q: Does the Imperial outpost have anti-aircraft batteries?

    A: No, but the have portable surface-to-air missile launchers (Apex Incisor Missiles).

    So I check the stats. The Apex Incisor has a max range of 1 km, but needs one round to lock prior to launch. At full speed that the Dragonfly is right now, they can cover this distance in one round, which will get the outpost within the short range for the 2 Concussion Sphere Launchers. I will roll initiative because if the Imperials survive the first bombing run, they may shoot before the Dragonfly returns.

    The outpost only has a few openings to the moon’s glacier surface.

    As the sound of the Dragonfly bursts through the atmosphere, a handful of snowtroopers emerge and start setting up a missile launch device. The targeting system starts to lock on the ancient starship.

    Roy sees the figures on his targeting magnification visors, but doesn’t care. His aim is right below them. If he makes the shot properly, the blast will take out the entire outpost.

    He’s glad they haven’t set up a garisson to the moon yet. Seems its only the initial scout force, and their transport must have gone to base to return with the brunt of the expeditionary force.

    He casts his thoughts away as he aims. It’s vital to shoot when the Dragonfly is as close as possible.


    Team: 16

    Imperials: 9

    Luca: Space Transports Piloting to fly fullspeed above the glacier and get Roy at short shooting distance above the outpost: 7/4

    Roy: Shoots Concussion sphere: 4/2: Hit: 7/3: Destroyed, Concussion sphere: 3/2: Hit: 6/1: Destroyed.

    Luca maneuvers the Dragonfly in and out of the glacier canyons, and emerges above the outpost at less than 40 meters, when Roy pulls the trigger. Two concussion spheres are launched, pierce through the glacier below the snow rocket troopers and explode with violent force as soon as they enter the outpost.

    Both hit their target right on. Ice, snow and metal is launched everywhere as the Dragonfly flies past. The blast creates an avalance that brings down the snowtrooper force on the top, and the rumble reverberates under the glacier.

    Luca brings the Dragonfly to hover above the site of destruction.

    Q: Do any Imperials survive?

    A: Yes, but they are barely standing, routed and disoriented.

    Q: Do the Amalsi grab the chance to revolt?

    A: Yes, and they immediately rally and overpower their oppressors.

    Intervention: So this is the call for the intervention, and it fits perfectly for what I had rolled before that I couldn’t fit in. Therefore I won’t roll for a new intervention, but use that one.

    From the exposed opening, Luca can clearly see the aftermath of their attack. Some Imperial officers and snowtroopers try to wade through the snow and debris, but scores of Amalsi warriors armed with spears and javelins charge at them with all their fury, and the display is gruesome.

    As the smoke dies down, the fight ends. The Amalsi leave no survivors.

    Luca lands the Dragonfly in an opening above the glacier nearby.

    Amalsi start gathering in a circle, surrounding the Dragonfly, but they keep their distance.

    As Roy watches them he wonders if it’s fear or hatred about their ship that keeps them from approaching further.

    “I’ll keep the engine running.” Luca tells Roy and Kuna, as they disembark.

    Roy waits for a while near the Dragonfly, while Kuna stands a few meters behind.

    Suddenly, the Amalsi lines open, and their high chief, Vurrha Zatoq steps forward, accompanied by his strongest warriors. These Amalsi are taller and more well built than the rest.

    I will use the GMA to get a reaction from the Amalsi. I get a 6, which is quite average.

    “Meet again. Royxand of the Handskul clan.” Vurrha speaks. “You ride terrifying ancient enemy beast and help free Amalsi from Empire. You get pardon.”

    Roy accepts the greeting. ” Vurrha Zhatoq of the Amalsi. We accept your pardon. Hear me! The Empire will come again these were only scouts. You must leave Amal. Go to the stars. The Amalsi aren’t safe!”

    I will roll a persuasion, opposed.

    Roy: Persuasion: 2/3: Fail

    “Our home is Amal. Here we live, here we die.” Vurrha says with passion, loudly. “Hu-ha!” the Amalsi cry out in unison.

    With that, Kuna grabs the opportunity. He puts his hand on Roy’s shoulder. “You heard them. Let’s get out of here. They don’t want to be saved.”

    Roy doesn’t have a chance to answer, as he hears an Amalsi scream and start shouting something in their tongue.

    Roy will try to understand what it is about.

    Roy: Perception: 1-/2: Failure

    Roy and Kuna can’t understand what the fuss is about.

    Then, without warning, one of the Amalsi guards jumps forward, a javelin at his hand. He aims, and shoots it right towards Kuna.


    Team: 6

    Amalsi: 14

    The Amalsi act first.

    I roll for the distance, and get short.

    Amalsi guard: Throw Javelin to Kuna: 2/2: Hit: 5/3: Left arm: Incapacitated

    Before Roy or Kuna have a chance to react, the javelin flies through the air, and pierces through Kuna’s left shoulder. Kuna drops down in pain.

    The surrounding Amalsi are already readying arrows into their bows. Roy realizes he has no chance, so he stands motionless.

    Then, the Amalsi guard, runs to Kuna, leans over him and snatches from his neck the talisman that he had found in the Dragonfly’s cabin.

    “You carry death here?” He shouts at Roy.

    The Intervention played out. It had to do with Join Locals, Sacreligious, and it’s an Entity Negative Event.

    “Leave.” Vurrha grunts slowly though his teeth.

    Roy wastes no moment. He grabs Kuna from his good shoulder, and they board the ship. As they enter the Dragonfly, he notices another Amalsi guard, bring a maul down to the talisman, shattering it in pieces.

    “The what happened??” asks Luca as Roy puts Kuna in the medbay.

    “It was going well, until they saw that weird talisman on Kuna’s neck, and went berserk. I think they only spared us because we eliminated the imperial outpost. This place is no longer hospitable, Luca, we must get away.” Roy answers.

    Luca runs back to the cockpit, and lifts the Dragonfly above the ground, heading to the stratosphere.

    Roy uses the medpaks to stabilize Kuna.

    Roy: First Aid: 2-/3: Failure, Complication. I decide for the complication that the wound is particularly serious, and can’t be healed with First Aid. Medicine skill or Natural Healing only, can heal Kuna.

    Despite Roy’s attempts, he barely manages to stabilize the bleeding. He notices severe damage to the bone and ligaments and has no idea on how to treat it better.

    As is common between smugglers, Luca has Nav coordinates of some favorite spots stored in his personal data console.

    Q: Does Luca have astrogation data for Prine?

    A: No, but, he has for another system in the same sector.

    I will roll 1D-1 Days and 1D hours: 4 hours base hyperspace trip duration.

    Since the ships of that time period had no Nav Computer, but relied on Nav Beacons to jump, the difficulty will increase by +6.

    I decide to mitigate it by spending 30 additional hours plotting the hyperjump by hand, and have Luca spend 1 CPs to ensure success.

    Astrogation: 5/3: Success: Trip duration 98 hours (~ 4 days).

    The closest destination is Aros. Unfortunately he can’t plug it in the Nav Computer because the Dragonfly doesn’t have one. The calculations at that time period were being performed with Nav Beacons, none of which exist anymore.

    So Luca used a manual astrogator to try to plot a course to Aros. It’s a daunting task, so he took one day to ensure every last bit of the calculations was correct, before initiating the backup hyperdrive. He also took the longer route, avoiding any potential obstacles, even if that increased the duration of the trip by 30 while hours.

    4 days later, the ancient Dragonfly emerges from hyperspace in Aros system, after the planet with the same name.

    Roy: Planetary Systems: 4/3: Success.

    Q: Is there imperial presence in the system? (Unlikely).

    A: No, but, they still have contacts here.

    The planet is a small terrestrial mass with a small continent in a huge sea.

    Aros is not at all interesting to the Empire, so they can lay here low for a while.

    Luca: Sensors Scan: 5 Success.

    Q: Are there other ships nearby?

    A: No, there is no traffic.

    Donjon showed a standard starport.

    Q: Do they grant landing request for the Dragonfly?

    A: No, but, there are landing spots that are not part of the starport.

    Luca runs a scan of the system. No starship traffic at all. He contacts the starport.

    “Aros starport, this is Luca Delste of the Dragonfly, requesting permission to land.” He says over the comms.

    “We hear you Dragonfly. Transmit TransVere.” The starport operator replies.

    “The transponder code was damaged during our travels. We will register for a new one.” says Luca.

    “Negative Dragonfly. No TransVere, no landing. We can arrange for an official to come with a shuttle, but that will cost.” The operator says firmly.

    Luca looks over at Roy. “Let’s find us a landing spot and get someone to register the ship while we’re planetside eh boy?.”

    Roy nods. Luca runs sensors.

    Luca: Sensors Scan: 7+/3: Success

    He finds a nice flat spot with settlements nearby, but far from the starport, where they won’t be detected.

    Luca runs the Dragonfly silent, and slowly descends on the planet.

    Starport: Sensors Scan: 3/5: Failure.

    Luca opens the comms in a new frequency. “Hey Dua! This is Luca. You still have that condo available?” Roy looks at him wondering what is Luca talking about.

    “Certainly, comes a mousey voice.” ‘Sullustan’, Roy thinks. “Is it you and your Red lady?” Dua asks.

    “No, we parted ways, I am with someone older now, more mature.” Luca says.

    “Alright, just hope she’s younger than 100. The room might not fit her otherwise.” Dua keeps the conversation going.

    “Yeah, coming at you old friend.”

    The Dragonfly is guided by Luca’s steady hand in one of the settlements, where, a rooftop opens up, and a small docking bay is revealed. As they land, the rooftop closes up again. Inside, a small, grey skinned sullustan awaits them.

    Luca and Dua greet amicably and exchange their news. He tells Dua that they will stick around a couple weeks at least, while he refreshes his contacts. He needs a data forger for the appropriate documents for the Dragonfly, and a fence to sell the treasures they found.

    Luca: Value: 3/3: Success

    Q: How much is the market value for the 3 golden amulets?

    A: (1D+9 Credits/gram=15 credits per gram) the gold amulets cost around 13500 credits in total.

    Q: How many Coruscant Standard Carats is the diamond ring?

    A: (1D (1/2 – 5 CSC): 5 CSC!

    Q: What is the market value for the diamons?

    A: 2000 credits, the diamond will cost around 10000 credits.

    Luca: Streetwise: Data forger: 4/4: Success

    Data forger cost: 1D+5 thousand credits: 6000

    Luca uses his connections to find a data forger team. They will forge the documents, and then hack the BoSS to submit them to the system. The entire attempt will cost 6000 credits.

    Luca pays for it from their initial credit stash from the Prine-Keena cargo run.

    Now seeing they are low in cash, he will try to sell the three golden amulets and the diamond ring. He evaluates then at about 900 grams good quality gold that will sell at about 15 credits per gram. The diamond ring has a huge stone that Luca estimates must be at 5 Coruscant Standard Carats and nicely cut.

    Luca: Streetwise: Fence: 5 (2+3 bonus)/3: Success

    Using his contacts, Luca manages to sell the jewelry for market value, and returns with 23500 credits.

    Now, Roy’s and his, share amounts to something less than 16000, so they can install a proper hyperdrive and a Nav Computer.

    The Hyperdrive is a Correlian Avatar-10 hyperdrive that will cost them 10000, plus 2000 for the Nav Computer. Installation costs will amount to 25%, for a total of 15000 credits, and it will take one week to install them in Dua’s docking bay.

    In the meantime, Roy, tries to find a proper hospital for Kuna.

    Q: Is there a hospital on Aros?

    A: Yes, but, it doesn’t have a bacta tank.

    Kuna tries to improve through natural healing: Roll: 5: Worsens to Mortally Wounded.

    Roy brings Kuna at the hospital, but the bacta tank is not working, and has been sent out for repairs. They give him the best possible treatment, but the wound is infected with an unknown bacteria, and Kuna actually worsens.

    The doctors give him an option to amputate his shoulder and replace the damaged part with cybernetics.

    Q: How much will it cost?

    A: 1D: 2000 credits.

    Roy and Luca take the credits from Kuna’s share and they pay for the procedure.

    Medical Droid: Medicine (Cybernetic surgery): 6/6: Success

    The surgery is successful, and Kuna finishes the recovery in the hospital. The medical droid did an excellent job.

    Now, the three companions, sit in the hall of the Dragonfly, with the remaining artifact lying on the desk in the front. It’s a small cube with weird markings all over it.

    “I’ll give you my remaining share, and I’ll get to keep it.” Kuna says.

    Luca: Value: 0-/3: Failure

    “It’s a deal. Take that alien trinket, and we keep the 6k.” Luca agrees.

    Roy isn’t sure if that’s the best deal, but seeing how Luca agreed so quickly he dares not interfere. Kuna wanted the darn thing in the first place, so maybe it’s for the best, he thinks.

    Kuna lets of a smile, picks the artifact, puts it in his pocket, and gets off the Dragonfly, his steps on metal echoing in the docking bay.

    As Kuna leaves, Luca puts his hand on Roy’s shoulder. “Smile boy, that’s one less weight on our shoulders. There was something evil about that box, that I don’t want to find out.”

    He then opens his arms, showing the Dragonfly. “We have a new toy and as many credits as we had before we went to that forsaken moon. Where would you like to go next? We’re free to go anywhere.”

    “Let’s go to the canteen.” Roy replies. “I heard that’s the place to go if you’re looking for an adventure!”.

    They share a laugh, and then head of for the so much deserved R&R.

    Rewards: Roy: 1 CP, Luca: 3 CP.

    Session Background: This adventure came to an end. I had more ideas in mind on how the Amalsi story would play out, but the Oracle and bad social skill rolls, gave it this short spin.

    The player side of the story wanted to survive, so when the Amalsi side didn’t seem to be a safe bet no more, I headed to safety.

    In the end I have excellent plot hooks for the next adventures of Roy and Luca, and a very interesting new ancient starship.

    Next, I intend to write down a summary on the entire adventure and how it played out.

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    Solo StarWarsD6 pt19: Dragonfly 

    System: Star Wars D6 by West End Games.
    Setting: Star Wars Era of the Rebellion.
    Character: Royxand Handscul ‘Roy’, Corporate scout
    Luca Delste, Smuggler
    Kuna Desyk, Hacker
    Solo Tools: MUNE, donjon, GameMaster’s Apprentice deck of cards from beta Alone release bundle
    Books: Star Wars The Roleplaying Game Second Edition (West End Games), Galaxy Guide 8: Scouts, Tales of the Jedi Companion.
    Homebrew Rules: D6Legends

    In this session, I’m using a homebrew rules system to streamline the difficulty rolls. I explain everything in detail in my blog here.

    Q: Does Luca find anything worthwhile in the engine room?
    A: No
    Q: Does Roy/Kuna find anything worthwhile going in the cockpit?
    A: No

    Luca reaches the engine room and tries to start up the drive.

    Luca: Space Transports: 2/2: Success

    Luca, somehow feels a familiarity with the ship design, and manages to get the power running in the engine room.

    Q: Does anything unexpected happen?
    A: No

    Roy and Kuna have reached the cockpit room. As Luca powers up the engine, they see some lights turn on in the control panel. The emergency life support lights are now on, as well. Roy checks the ship’s controls.

    Q: Is there any layer of security?
    A: No

    Roy has full access to the ship’s controls. First he powers up life support. Then, he runs diagnostics, to see the state of the starship.

    Here I decided to roll 2D for each of the following systems. A roll of 7 is considered average (worn) condition. A roll of 2 is inoperational and a roll of 12 means the system is as good as new. I chose the 2D, to have that slight increased chance to get an average result, and not be a completely random result. Any result below 7 means that the system is in need of repairs.
    Life Support: 5
    Power: 4
    Engines: 4
    Thrusters: 4
    Lasers: 8
    Torpedoes: 12
    Pulse Cannon: 7
    Missiles: 8
    Hyperdrive: 4
    Hyperdrive Backup: 8
    Sensors: 5
    Comms: 7
    Shields: 2
    Supplies: 8
    Now I consult the rulebook for starship repairs, and I choose based on the results the following:
    The power/engines/thrusters system as a whole will need 6 repair successes.
    The hyperdrive system will need 3 successes.
    The sensors system will need 2 successes.
    The shields are completely unoperational and will need 12 successes.

    As the ship diagnostic chart pulls up in the screen full of red sections, Roy turns to Kuna. “This ship is in sorry state. We will need to conduct repairs if we are to fly out of here. At least-” he pauses as he removes the breath mask. “We can breathe, and there is enough fuel for at least 2 weeks.”

    Luca enters the cockpit smiling. “Least she’s in one piece, right?” He looks at the diagnostics report. “We can, and we will make her fly. I estimate a few hours for engines, hyperdrive and sensors. The shields are completely blown and will need at least a couple of days in the least. I don’t know if it’s worth it.”
    “We’ll need that time to forage for food and water. I doubt there is anything here that isn’t spoiled.” Roy raises his point.
    “Alright. I will perform the repairs, Kuna, will you get to searching the ship?” Kuna nods. “And you boy, get us something edible. Be careful out there, you’ll be on your own. We start tomorrow. Rest now.”

    The trio gets in the passenger living quarters. The ship is made for housing 6 passengers in addition to the crew, so they are quite comfortable, and feel safe for the first time in a long while.

    Every night I will be rolling to check if anything unexpected happens in the next 24 hours. If not, I will proceed to checking the day actions, splitting it in 3 sections.

    Q: Does anything unexpected happen?
    A: No

    Luca: Space Transports Repair: 1 success.

    Luca has found the ship’s repair toolkit and starts working on repairs.

    Kuna connects to the ship computer to see if he can uncover any information.
    Kuna: Computers: 5+

    Connecting to the computer with his datapad, Kuna uncovers the following information:
    The ship’s name is the Dragonfly
    The owner’s name was Khan Cyore
    Manifest shows dry packs, medpacs, exploration gear.
    Last time ship was operation according to log, was 4000 years ago.

    Roy foraging.
    I will run the foraging, in the following manner: A successful Easy sneak roll means Roy is undetected. Otherwise, I will ask the Oracle if there is an encounter.
    For each search success I will be drawing an item from a GMA card. If the result is plausible or useful to the character, he will keep it, otherwise, the chance is lost.
    Each success in survival, rations for 1 day for one person will be found.
    Sneak: 0-/2
    Search: 2: Amulet, torch
    Survival: 3
    Q: Is Roy ambushed?
    A: Yes, but he will have a chance to escape, there is only one foe
    Q: Is it a Hssiss?
    A: Yes, and it’s a big one (+1D Strength)

    On his scout run, Roy searches through the Amalsi buildings. Edible fungi and insects are everywhere, and he starts gathering them, having noticed the Amalsi diet.
    As he is in a house, leaning over a chest where he found a torch and a silver amulet, he notices a big reptile behind him.

    Roy: 14
    Hssiss: 5
    Q: Does Roy have his blaster pistol at hand? (Likely)
    A: Yes
    Q: Distance (point blank/short)
    A: Short

    Round 1:
    Roy shoots the Hssiss twice
    Roy: Shoot: 2+/2: Hit: 4+/5+: No damage, 2+/2: Hit: 1/0: Wounded
    Hssiss: Brawling: 5++/1: Hit: 2/3: No damage

    Round 2:
    Roy shoots the Hssiss twice
    Roy: Shoot: 2/1: Hit: 2/2: Stunned, 1-/1: Hit: 1/2: No damage
    Hssiss: Brawling: 1-/1: Hit, Complication!: 2+/3: No damage
    I decide that the complication is that it got its foot stuck in the chest and needs a Moderate Strength roll to remove it or suffer -1D in actions.

    Round 3:
    Roy shoots the Hssiss twice
    Roy: Shoot: 2/1: Hit: 4/2+: Incapacitated

    The creature is larger than the rest of his kind that the team had met. Roy, blaster in hand blasts off the beast and wounds it. It slashes wildly and only barely scratches Roy’s armor. Roy shoots again, dazing it, and it misses him as it lashes back, getting its paw stuck in the wooden chest Roy had opened. With the beast unbalanced, Roy manages to wound it once more, and it falls to the floor. Roy finishes it off and breathes a sigh of relief.

    Luca: Repairs: 2 Successes. Sensors are fixed. Work on the drives begins.

    Kuna: Searches the ship to see if he will find anything of interest.
    Kuna: Search: 2 Successes: He finds the items described in the manifest in the cargo hold, and the captain’s room, which is locked.

    Roy foraging.
    Sneak: 3/2: Success
    Search: 4+: Prybar
    Survival: 2

    Luca: Repairs: 2 Successes
    Kuna: assists in Repairs: 3 Successes: The engines are fixed!

    Roy foraging.
    Sneak: 3/2: Success
    Search: 4: Bow and arrows.
    Survival: 3

    The day comes to an end, and Roy returns to the Dragonfly. He has brought back a silver amulet, a prybar, a torch, a bow and arrows, and 8 days worth of rations.
    Luca and Kuna have fixed the sensors and power drives, and searched the ship. The captain’s quarters are locked.
    They exchange news and decided that the next day, while Roy continues foraging and Luca conducts repairs, Kuna will attempt to break in the captain’s cabin.

    Q: Does anything unexpected happen?
    A: No

    Luca: Repairs: 2 Successes: Hyperdrive almost fixed.

    In the morning, Luca continues with repairs.

    Kuna attempts to hack open the door: 1-: Fail, Complication!.
    I decided that the door is trapped.
    Trap: Damage: 3/2: Wounded (-1D)

    Kuna goes to open the captain’s cabin, but as he tries to hack the door open, a surge of electricity passes through. The door is trapped!

    Roy foraging.
    Sneak: 3/2: Success
    Search: 4: Amulet, Rope and spikes.
    Survival: 3

    Luca: Repairs: 0 Successes

    Kuna heads to the medbay to perform first aid.
    Kuna: First Aid: 4/2: Healed.

    With Luca otherwise occupied on performing repairs, Kuna goes on his own to the medbay, to heal the electricty burns. Thankfully, their medpacs along with bandages stored in the ship, help alleviate the damage done.

    Roy foraging.
    Sneak: 2/2
    Search: 4++: Diamond jewelry, torch.
    Survival: 2

    Luca: Repairs: 1 Success, Complication!
    I decide that the main hyperdrive is irrepairable, but the backup one is working.

    Kuna will attempt to disarm the trap.
    Kuna: Disarm: 3/3: Success
    Kuna: Security on door: 2/3: Failure

    Roy foraging.
    Sneak: 2/2
    Search: 4+: Leather gloves, sword
    Survival: 4

    At the end of the second day, they again meet to share what happened through the day. Roy has brought an amulet, a diamond ring, another torch, some rope and spikes, leather gloves, a sword, and 9 days worth of rations.
    Kuna has disarmed the security measures that trapped the captain cabin’s door, but hasn’t managed to open it yet.
    Luca saw, that the hyperdrive after all wasn’t repairable and one day was lost trying to make it work.

    Q: Does anything unexpected happen?
    A: No

    Luca: Repairs: 2 Successes
    Kuna: Security on door: 1-/3: Failure

    Roy foraging.
    Sneak: 4+/2
    Search: 5+: Golden amulet
    Survival: 0-. Complication!: The breath mask filters are destroyed. He must return to the ship for the next period or suffer -1D to all actions due to the unbearable atmosphere.

    While Roy is scouting, he notices that the air he breathes feels irritating. Checking the mask filters, he notices a big hole. Some insect that he gathered for food opened it. He has to be more careful next time.

    Luca: Repairs: 6++++ Successes

    Kuna: Security on door: 3+/3: Unlocked!
    Inside he finds some personal items.
    Q: Are there any Sith holocrons?
    A: Yes, but only one.
    Q: Are there any other Sith artifacts?
    A: Yes, and it’s a shield shield (2D).

    After many failed attempts, Kuna manages to get the door to the captain’s cabin open. Dark colors are the choice everywhere. On a desk, he finds a weird talisman, and a strange artifact with some unknown markings. He picks them up to show to his teammates.

    Roy returns to the Dragonfly to change breath mask filters.

    Luca: Repairs: 3 Successes. Shields are almost entirely fixed.
    Kuna: Tries to gain some knowledge about the artifacts: 2/4: Failure

    Roy Foraging.
    Sneak: 1
    Search: 2: Silver amulet, Club.
    Survival: 4
    Here, I failed to ask if Roy has had any encounters.

    At the end of the third day, Luca has managed to get the shields operating at full potential, Kuna found two interesting items in the captain’s quarters, but he can’t figure out anything about them, and Roy recovered two amulets, a club, and 4 days worth of rations for a total of 21 rations.

    Q: Does anything unexpected happen?
    A: No

    In the morning, they decide that it’s high time they left. Luca mans the cockpit, while Roy sits in the gunner’s spot.
    The Dragonfly’s engines power up, the shields are activated, and the remaining ice on top of the hull pops away as if it was a bubble. She starts hovering, the retractable wings are extended and then flies upward.
    “Boy, launch a concussion sphere to the icy rooftop. I will have the shields ready. Brace for impact!” Says Luca, not hiding his joy for being in the pilot’s seat again.

    Q: What is the strength of the ice ceiling?
    A: Moderate
    Roy: Shoot Concussion Sphere: 4/1: Hit: 7/3: Destroyed.

    The concussion sphere pierces through the frozen ceiling, creating an opening.

    Q: Does the ceiling collapse entirely?
    A: No, but there is a big hole large enough for the Dragonfly to pass through, and there is a chunk of ice falling towards the Dragonfly.
    Luca: Space Transports Piloting: 5/3: Success

    As the hole opens, a huge chunk of ice falls towards the Dragonfly, Luca, having expected it, carefully avoids it, and brings her out of the cave and into the atmosphere.

    They run a sensors scan.
    Luca: Sensors: 4 Successes
    Q: Are there other ships in the area?
    A: Yes
    Q: Is the Imperial Lone Scout A?
    A: Yes
    Q: Is it actively scanning?
    A: Yes, but not towards the Dragonfly, their focus is elsewhere.
    Nevertheless, I will roll some passive scanning to see if they detect the Dragonfly by chance.
    Imperial Scout: Sensors: 3/3: Success: They detect a ship (not identify).

    “There’s an Imperial Lone Scout A. He’s scanning us!” Luca says over the comms.
    “Blast the bastard!” Roy eagerly replies.

    I roll 6D for the range, with wild die: 22 units.
    Dragonfly: 10
    Lone Scout: 21

    Round 1:
    The Imperials will need to scan first to evaluate the threat. Just in case, they also raise front shields.
    Shield: 2/2: Success
    Sensors: 2/3: Fail

    Luca: 1 Move toward the Lone Scout, raise front Shields: 0/2: Fail
    Roy: Shoots the Laser Cannons: 2/3: Miss

    As the Imperial Lone Scout scans the Dragonfly, Roy shoots the three fire-linked laser cannons, but misses by a little.

    Round 2:
    Seeing that they are fired upon, they realize the hostile intentions, the Imperial pilot responds in kind and shoots again.
    Imperial: Shoots Laser Cannon: 2/3: Miss, Complication! Lasers are overheated due to a power surge failure, the must cool down for 1D=5 rounds.
    Imperial: Scan: 3/3: Success, Complication! The overheated laser sends a power surge to the comm & sensors system, disabling them as well for 1D=6 rounds. They identify the ship though and realize the danger.

    Luca: 2 Moves toward the Lone Scout, Range is now 10
    Roy: Shoots the Laser Cannon and the Pulse Cannon
    Pulse Cannon: 5/4: Hit: 2/3: No Damage
    Laser Cannon: 1/3: Miss

    The Dragonfly closes in. Roy hits the Imperial Lone Scout with the Pulse-wave Cannon, but the shields deflect the hit. He misses again with the Laser Cannon.

    Round 3:
    Realizing the danger, the Imperial Lone Scout will perform a full dodge
    Luca: 1 Move toward the Lone Scout, Range: 6
    Roy: Shoots the Laser Cannons: 4/7: Miss

    The Imperial Lone Scout, is now so close to the Dragonfly that it can’t escape, and begins full evasive maneuvers. Despite the advance fire-controls for such an ancient ship, Roy can’t get a clear shot.

    Round 4:
    Lone Scout: Full dodge
    Luca: 1 Move toward the Lone Scout, Range: 2
    Roy: Shoots the Laser Cannon and the Pulse Cannon
    Pulse Cannon: 3/5: Miss
    Laser Cannon: 3/5: Miss

    Round 5:
    Lone Scout: Full dodge
    Luca: Keeps the Lone Scout in the front arc
    Roy will spend 2 CPs on the Pulse cannon, and shoot the laser as well.
    Pulse Cannon: 4/5: Miss
    Laser Cannon: 2/5: Miss

    Round 6:
    Q: Now that the lasers are back online does the scout attack?
    A: No, he does a full dodge
    Luca: Keeps the Lone Scout in the front arc
    Roy: Shoots the Laser Cannon and the Pulse Cannon
    Pulse Cannon: 4/5: Miss
    Laser Cannon: 3/5: Miss

    Round 7:
    Q: Now that the scout has comms online, does he try to contact for assistance?
    A: No, he performs another full dodge
    Luca: Keeps the Lone Scout in the front arc
    Roy: Shoots the Laser Cannon and the Pulse Cannon
    Pulse Cannon: 5/6: Miss
    Laser Cannon: 3/6: Miss

    Round 8:
    Q: Seeing that there is no escape, does he try to contact for assistance?
    A: Yes, he will switch to comms
    Lone Scout: Communications: 3/3: Success.
    Roy notices that they have stopped dodging and shoots.
    Roy: Shoots the Laser Cannon and the Pulse Cannon
    Pulse Cannon: 3/2: Hit:2-/1: Lightly Damaged, -1 Move.
    Laser Cannon: 1-/2: Miss.

    For about half a minute, Roy shoots repeatedly with all the Dragonfly’s energy weapons, but the Imperial Lone Scout pilot, makes his efforts fail.
    Suddenly, something seems to distract the Imperial pilot, and Roy gets a shot with the Pulse-wave Cannon, hitting the engines.

    Round 9:
    Q: Does the Lone Scout attack?
    A: Yes.
    Lone Scout: 1/2 Move & Shoot: 1/2: Miss.
    Roy: Shoots the Laser Cannon and the Pulse Cannon
    Pulse Cannon: 1/2: Miss
    Laser Cannon: 3/2: Hit: 6/4: Heavily Damaged, -2 Moves.

    In a quick change of plans, the Lone Scout turns, and shoots at the Dragonfly, but misses. Roy shoots back, and the Three fire-linked Laser Cannons hit the engines, almost disabling them.

    Round 10:
    Since I am having trouble figuring out if the scout will try to escape, dodge, or attack, I will use the GMA to get a reaction. I get a 9! Almost fanatical hatred. They will fight to the end.
    Lone Scout: Shoot Laser Cannon: 1/2: Miss.
    Roy: Shoots the Laser Cannon and the Pulse Cannon
    Pulse Cannon: 3+/2: Hit: 2/5: No Damage.
    Laser Cannon: 2/2: Hit: 5/2: Destroyed.

    They say stupidity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. The Imperial Lone Scout pilot shoots again, misses, and now he’s at the crosshairs of the Dragonfly’s full weaponry.
    Roy sees the targeting reticule light up, and shoots. The Pulse-wave can’t get past the shields, but the fire-linked laser trio blasts through the scout ship, obliterating it. It goes up in a huge ball of flame.

    Kuna joins them and the trio looks at each other.
    “What do we do now?” Roy asks.
    “We get the hell out of here!” Kuna replies. “I’m certain they notified the base, and who knows what will come our way. We better jump system before it starts crawling with Imperial Navy forces.”
    “Did we get what we came for?” Luca questions.
    “I have some codes to crack.” Kuna replies referring to the unknown items that were found in the captain’s cabin. “Plus some jewelry that Roy gathered, that I’m sure will catch a hefty price in the black market. You have a ship. She’s not the Red Rancor, but she may be better with some modern upgrades…”
    “What about the Amalsi?” Roy asks. “Will we leave them to their fate? If the Empire digs that moon any further they may all die.”
    “They would have sold our hides to the Empire!” Kuna objects. “Or did you forget?”
    “Yes, but I can’t but feel responsible. If I had completed my mission in time, it would be Karflo here, and not the Empire. Plus, they did save our lives from the remains of the Red Rancor.” Roy counters.

    Q: Does Luca agree with Roy? (Likely, since he has a sense of honour)
    A: Yes,and he will side with him even if Kuna won’t follow through.
    This also results in an Intervention which I will call for after the dialogue finishes.

    “The boy has his heart in the right place Kuna.” Luca sides with Roy. “What do you say? are you in to keep going?”

    Roy: Persuasion: 1/2: Failure

    Kuna shakes his head. “I don’t agree. I’ll tag along, but as soon as we return to civilized space, we split our share and I’ll head my own way.”

    Roy and Luca nod in an uneasy silence.

    Intervention: Entity Negative
    Q: Is it the Amalsi?
    A: No
    Q: Is it the Imperials?
    A: No
    Q: Is it Kuna?
    A: No
    GMA Portent: Join Locals, Sacreligious
    I have no clue. I decide to pause here to clear my head and grant CPs before proceeding with fresh inspiration.
    Roy: 5 CPs, Luca: 2 CPs, Kuna: 2 CPs.

    Session Background: The group is back at full strength but their objectives are not aligned. Also it begs the question how will they help the Amalsi? Even if they defeat the Empire in Amal, how will they prevent them from coming back? How will the Amalsi greet the characters?
    Just as I was ready to create a character sheet with background for Kuna, he will split from the party.
    What I Liked: The progressive actions (repairs) with the successes mechanic. It worked flawlessly.
    What Needs Changing: Again, the combat needs some refreshing. It’s I hit, you hit, and with Full Dodge hitting is almost impossible. I will think it over.

    • Gatou 6:11 pm on January 13, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      After having thouroughly read your 20-part SW solo play, i’ve pointed that you struggled a couple of times with combat being too much of “I shoot, he hides / he shoots, I hide”. Do you have any recommendation regarding that part ? Some sort of hack you would have come up with ? Thanks a lot 😀

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      • giorgis 6:58 pm on January 13, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        Thank you for following through!
        That’s in part due to the ruleset and in part due to solo play.

        For Fantasy, I found that crunchy rulesets really help, as they deliver a range of interesting results that can completely change the course of combat, and thus break the cycle you mentioned. Alas I haven’t found anything similar for sci-fi that wouldn’t go against the cinematic nature of the theme.

        Therefore for sci-fi I need to take a look at the solo aspect and use tools to assist me.

        The most important question is “what does the enemy do?”
        I know there are plenty of behaviour generators/tables where you roll and get a result that the enemy attacks or surrenders or whatever. I’m not fond of these for two reasons: they can get wild and they can slow down the game.
        Instead I love how the solo skirmish game Five Parsecs from Home handles enemy AI: they move and attack depending on their behaviour type, without any random rolls. So, an aggressive enemy would move as close as possible to get in melee, disregarding cover if needed. This makes sense and helps the game flow.

        Another interesting tool is the Terrain Randomizer. This tool which requires some getting used to, can generate interesting terrain for the combat and maybe something that the player or enemy can use to their advantage.

        In any case overall I found that solo combat in RPGs can be difficult when playing both sides. I’ve read an attempt of a solo player a while back of using solo oriented skirmish games (Five Core Pulp) as the combat framework to their RPG instead of the other way around.

        Hope this helps somewhat.


        • Gatou 7:14 pm on January 13, 2022 Permalink

          It does help yes. Those are, in an other range, similar problems that I have at my table when playing. It tends to disappear when using more narrative rules but looking into your references might solve this. Thanks a lot Giorgis !

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    Solo StarWarsD6 pt18: There Are Dragons 

    System: Star Wars D6 by West End Games.
    Setting: Star Wars Era of the Rebellion.
    Character: Royxand Handscul ‘Roy’, Corporate scout
    Luca Delste, Smuggler
    Kuna Desyk, Hacker
    Solo Tools: MUNE, donjon, GameMaster’s Apprentice deck of cards from beta Alone release bundle
    Books: Star Wars The Roleplaying Game Second Edition (West End Games), Galaxy Guide 8: Scouts, Tales of the Jedi Companion.
    Homebrew Rules: D6Legends

    In this session, I’m using a homebrew rules system to streamline the difficulty rolls. I explain everything in detail in my blog here.
    You can view all my previous and the current posts in this subreddit and in my blog Solo, Pen, Paper and Dice.

    Team: 4.
    Hssiss: 11.

    Round 1:
    The Hssiss on top of the bookcase jumps on top of Luca and attacks.
    H1: Brawling: 0/1: Miss
    The Hssiss that blocks the doorway snaps at Luca as well.
    H2: Brawling: 3+/1: Hit: 0/2: No Damage

    Startled, Luca draws (-1D) his DL-44 and shoots at the second Hssiss.
    Luca: Shoot H2: 2/1: Hit: 4/2: Incapacitated
    Roy pulls his DL-18 and shoots at the remaining Hssiss.
    Roy: Shoot H1: 3+/1: Hit: 3/2: Wounded
    Kuna pulls his DL-18 and shoots at it as well.
    Kuna: Shoot H1: 1/1: Hit: 3/0: Mortally Wounded.

    The reptile on top of the bookcase leaps down, aiming for Luca, but it fails to find him and lands next to him instead. In a coordinated pack tactic action, the other beast snaps at Luca and catches his leg with its forearm, only cutting through the pants , failing to find any flesh.
    Luca quickly pulls his heavy blaster pistol and shoots it point-blank, hitting it and incapacitating the beast. Roy and Kuna draw their guns as well and kill the other reptile.

    “What are those beasts?!” Luca shouts.
    “Probably the dragons that we read about!” Answers Roy.
    “They seem hungry” Kuna fills in. “You mentioned something about a starship of sorts? Sounds like our way out here.”
    “We’ll have to search for it. Let’s hope we won’t become lunch.” Roy agrees.

    Q: Are there more Hssiss visible?
    A: Yes

    As they gather up, looking around, they see movement dancing in the shadows. ‘More of those creatures.’ Roy thinks. ‘They are biding their time and not closing in.’
    Luca catches Roy staring at the shadows. “I know, boy. They must be smarter than they seem. They ain’t Zhorwil. They don’t attack now that they saw what happened to their brethren, but surely they will when they find us weak or at a disadvantage.”

    Q: Do they have any scanner that would assist in locating the starship?
    A: No, but they have night binoculars that will give a +1D bonus.
    Roy: Search: 3+/3: Success
    Q: Are they ambushed on their way?
    A: Yes, and their path leads to a dead end and they have to fight their way out.

    From the upper floor of the building, they scan through the windows using Roy’s night binoculars. In the distance Roy notices a weird frozen block that doesn’t seem to be a building. It must be the starship he thinks. Then, they go ahead and plot their course, using what they see from the top view as a guide, and head on.
    Not every detail is visible though, and as they pass under a bridge, they see that the road ahead is blocked by a collapsed building. They see no way through and must turn back to choose another way.

    Kuna nudges Roy and shows him what the reptiles were planning all along. A large number has surrounded them and they make that awful sound with their lungs. Hssiss…

    Q: How many are there? (1D:+4)
    A: 10
    I will split them in groups of 1D, starting from short distance.
    Group 1: 1D: 4 Hssiss, 7 meters distance
    Group 2: 1D: 1 Hssiss, 20 meters distance
    Group 3: 1D: 5 Hssiss, 40 meters distance
    To make things a bit balanced, I decide that the 3rd group is atop the bridge and start descending from the rubble, that will take an Easy Climbing roll each round.
    Since its an Ambush, I roll to see if the team is surprised prior to rolling initiative.
    Hssiss: Ambush: 1/3: Failure: The team rolls initiative normally.

    Team: 11
    Hssiss: 10

    Round 1:
    Roy shoots at Group1: 2-/2: Hit (Complication): Damage: 1-/3: No damage. Blaster jammed. Roy can’t shoot again unless he successfully does an Easy Technical repair roll.
    Luca shoots at Group1 twice (-1D): 3/2: Hit: 1-/3+: No damage, 1-/2: Miss.
    Kuna shoots at Group1 twice (-1D): 2/2: Hit: 3/3: Stunned, 2/2: Hit: 3/0-: Mortally Wounded.

    The three remaining Hssiss of Group1 will make a move and attack each of the team members separately.
    1st: Brawling (Roy): 0-/1: Miss (Complication) It charges, fails to meet Roy and falls into a pit of rubble, and must make an Easy Climbing roll to get out.
    2nd: Brawling (Luca): 1/1: Hit: 1/1: Stunned (-1D).
    3rd: Brawling (Kuna): 3/1: Hit: 2/2: Stunned (-1D).
    The Group 2 closes in at 4 meters.
    Group 3 starts climbing down. I won’t go into details. An additional rule I set to describe the failed movement roll results, is that a slight loss of control also means that only half the move was performed, while a serious loss of control means that they didn’t manage to move any closer at all. I will just write down their distances after their rolls.
    1: 36m, 2: 32m, 3: 32m, 4: 32m, 5: 32m.

    This time the team has their blasters at the ready. They were expecting trouble.
    Roy counts the beasts and sees a handful emerging from the rubble around them and another handful atop the bridge, starting to climb down the debris.
    He shoots at the closest ones. Hit it, but it doesn’t break a sweat. In addition the connector to his blaster clip has dislodged. He needs to fix it before he can fire again.
    Luca shoots but misses, but Kuna downs one of the beasts in two repeated shots.
    The beasts snap at them. Luca and Kuna are hit and are stunned a bit by the force of their blows, but they manage to stay standing. The dragon that attacked Roy lunges at him, but fails by far to reach him, landing in a big hole instead.
    The rest of the creatures slowly close in.

    Round 2:
    Roy: Blaster repair: 1/2: Fail
    Luca shoots at Group1: 1-/1: Hit: 4+/3: Wounded
    Kuna shoots at the same Hssiss: 3/1: Hit: 4/1: Mortally Wounded

    The Hssiss that has to climb out: Climbing: 2/2: Success: It gets out
    The other one from Group1 attacks Kuna who spends 1 CP to soak damage: Brawling: 1-/1: Hit: 2/3: No damage
    Group 2 attacks Kuna: Brawling: 1-/1: Hit: 1/2: No damage
    Group 3: 1: 28m, 32m, 28m, 24m, 28m

    Roy starts trying to unjam his blaster pistol, while Luca and Kuna kill another of the reptiles. The beast that missed Roy is back on its feet, and another one attacks Kuna, who quickly puts his boot in the beast’s mouth, preventing it from finding flesh.
    The reptiles at the top continue their slow descent. Several pebbles and gravel falling down, as their step is less than ideal.

    Round 3:
    Roy: Blaster repair: 0/2: Fail
    Luca shoots twice at Group 1: 1-/1: Hit: 3/4: No damage, 3/1: Hit: 5+/0: Dead
    Kuna shoots twice at Group 1: 3+/1: Hit: 3/0: Mortally Wounded
    I decide to allow switching targets after declaration, at a further -1D
    Kuna shoots at Group 2: 1/1: Hit: 5/2: Mortally Wounded
    Group 3: 1: 20m, 2: 32m, 3: 20m, 4: 24m, 5: 24m

    Roy continues trying to fix his pistol, while his companions make short work of the beasts surrounding them. Luca kills one with a blaster shot to the head and Kuna puts two more out of the action.
    Some of the descending reptiles are closer and some others are lagging behind.

    Round 4:
    Roy: Blaster Repair: 2/2: Success
    Luca shoots the nearest Hssiss: 3/3: Hit: 3/3: Stunned.
    Kuna shoots the same Hssiss: 3/3: Hit: 1/0: Wounded.
    Group 3: 1: 16m, 2: 28m, 3: 12m, 4: 20m, 5: 16m.

    Roy finally gets his blaster working, as Luca and Kuna off one more descending reptile with their combined shots.

    Round 5:
    Roy shoots the nearest Hssiss: 2/3: Miss.
    Luca shoots the same: 5/3: Hit: 4/2: Incapacitated.
    Kuna shoots the next nearest Hssiss: 1/3: Miss.
    Group 3: 2: 20m, 12m, 12m, 8m.

    As the beasts have a difficulty getting down the steep slope, the team takes this opportunity to pick them off one by one. Another one falls under blaster fire. Nevertheless, one dragon had managed to descend and is about to charge them.

    Round 6:
    Roy shoots the nearest Hssiss: 4+/2: Hit: 3+/3: Stunned.
    Luca shoots the same: 1/2: Miss.
    Kuna shoots the same: 2/2: Hit: 4+/1: Mortally Wounded.
    Group 3: 2: 12m, 3: 12m, 4: 12m.

    The team concentrates their fire on the beast that is about to charge them, and kill it before it has a chance.
    The three last have trouble descending. They look around to see if they can retreat, but they are stuck between rubble. The hunter has become the prey.

    Round 7:
    Roy shoots: 1/2: Miss.
    Luca shoots: 2/3: Miss.
    Kuna shoots: 1/2: Miss.
    Group 3: 2: 4m, 3: 8m, 4: 8m.

    Despite their efforts, they don’t manage to hit any of the beasts, and with a quick leap, they are finally down to ground level.

    Round 8:
    Roy 1/2 Move & Shoot nearest Hssiss: 4/1: Hit: 3/0: Mortally Wounded.
    Luca 1/2 Move & Shoot Hssiss twice: 3+/2: Hit: 3-/1: Incapacitated. Switch (-1D): 2/3: Miss.
    Kuna: 1/2 Move & Shoot Hssiss twice: 1/2: Miss, 1/2: Miss (Complication): Empty Clip.
    Hssiss Move and attack (Who?=Roy): 3+/1: Hit: 0/1: No damage.

    Roy and Luca pick off two of the beasts, while Kuna ends up with an empty clip. He has to reload.
    One dragon, furious charges at Roy, snaps at his hand, but the scout armor protects Roy from the physical attack.

    Round 9:
    Roy shoots Hssiss twice: 2/1: Hit: 3/2: Wounded, 3/1: Hit: 1/3: No damage.
    Luca shoots Hssiss twice: 2/1: Hit: 1/0: Incapacitated.

    Roy and Luca burst off blasts to the last reptile and it falls under concentrated fire.
    The team pauses to recollect themselves. Some beasts are still breathing. They mercy kill them one by one.

    They climb atop of the bridge and with a clear view through binoculars they plan a new route.

    A while later they reach their objective.
    A starship is evident frozen partially under ice.
    It looks to be an ancient design, but more advanced than the first starships of some backwater worlds.
    They stand a while and look in awe.
    “Let’s find a way in, shall we?” Luca says and they try to find the airlock door.

    Q: Is the door reachable?
    A: No, and it’s covered by ice and will require unlocking.

    Here I will roll for one of three starship designs operated by 1-2 crew from Tales of the Jedi Companion.
    Roll: Vaya-class Scout Ship/Coruscant-class Heavy Courier/Delaya-class Courier Ship
    A: It’s the Coruscant-class Heavy Courier

    They locate the airlock on the top side, but its under a thick layer of ice. They will need to remove it.

    Q: Do they have detonite?
    A: No and no other explosives
    Q: Do they have picks?
    A: Yes, but not the vibro-tool design. They are the manual ones.

    Roy removes three picks from the backpack and hands one over to Luca and one to Kuna. “Let’s get to it.” he says and starts hacking at the ice.

    Q: How long? (1: not much, 6: a lot)
    A: A lot
    Intervention: Entity negative (Who?: Roy)
    I draw two cards from GMA for a portent, and get: Regenerate stockpile.
    I interpret it that something happens to Roy that will make their work undone, and will need to be redone.

    It has taken them a few hours of hard work to get to the airlock door. Roy is on top of the opening, when the unremoved ice block next to him cracks and collapses on top of him, covering him and the door.
    The team must get him out before he suffocates!

    Here I call for some rules. Roy will need to make a increased difficult Stamina roll each round, starting from Easy. Each failure, will give him a wound level, that is not an actual wound (i.e. he will not remain wounded), but if he reaches Dead, he dies!
    In order to remove the ice there will be needed 1D: 3 successful Moderate Strength rolls.

    Round 1:
    Roy: 3+/1: Success
    Luca: 3/3: Success
    Kuna: 2/3: Fail

    Round 2:
    Roy: 1/2: Fail, he passes out and is stunned
    Luca: 3/3: Success
    Kuna: 0/3: Fail

    Round 3:
    Roy: 2/3: Fail, wounded
    Luca: 1/3: Fail
    Kuna: 2/3: Fail

    Round 4:
    Roy: 3/4: Fail, incapacitated
    Luca: 2/3: Fail
    Kuna: 2/3: Fail

    Round 5:
    Roy: 3/5: Fail, mortally wounded
    Luca spends 2 CPs to ensure success: 3/3: Success

    Roy starts losing his breath, but pushing themselves harder, they manage to get him out in time. He was starting to become blue from lack of oxygen.
    He hugs them both. “Thank you, you saved my life.”
    “Don’t mention it boy.” Luca waves away the notion of a favor.

    Q: How much more time is needed to clear the airlock again?
    A: Very short time

    Since the ice that collapsed is in smaller pieces, it’s easy to remove it from the airlock. The door is finally accessible.
    Kuna notices the controls, and brings out his datapad to start hacking.

    Kuna: Computer Programming/Repair: 6/3: Success

    “The ship is really old. It has a security layer on the door, but it’s hacked. We can open it.” Kuna says a few minutes later.
    Roy and Luca look at the door. It’s still closed.
    “There is no power! Do I have to explain that as well? We need to manually pry it open now that its unlocked.” Kuna exclaims. He opens a small panel to the side, and turns a knob connected to a cog wheel. A sound is heard, and the door has fist sized opening.
    Roy and Luca start pulling the door to the side until it’s open ajar.

    There is total darkness inside. Nothing is running. No systems powered. Complete silence.
    A chill runs down their spines, and it’s not because of the frozen Amal moon.
    “All systems are dead.” Luca says, closing the door behind them. “Before we get any power to the cockpit, I will need to power up the generator manually. I will head over to find it, while you head to the cockpit, so that we can get everything running smoothly.
    They each take a glowrod, and spread in the ship.

    Session Background: I was concerned at first about those Hssiss. But I read in the rancor pit fora that there are two versions lying around. And the RAW, original that I have is weak. Therefore, a group of should be a challenge. I am glad to see that the team made sort work of them.
    Not much to be told about the session here, only in retrospect I would have made the effort to pull out Roy work in a progressive manner. Instead of 1D moderate rolls, I would have made it like 1D*5 Successes. Luca and Kuna were working on removing Roy from the ice, it makes no sense to make no progress. Just small progress or large progress.
    I am working on a Funds & Resources homebrew rule, but I’m not certain I want to use it yet.
    Combat is the next part that I want tackle, to make it a bit more interesting. I got tired of having to run 13 entities, so I didn’t bother changing AI or interpreting the Wild Die results differently based on the +/- that I noted down. It seems that I will have to write down some homebrew rules *before* running a combat, so that my mind is clear.
    Now we’ll have to see the secrets of the starship, if it’s their way out of there and if they will leave the Amalsi to their Imperial fate…

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    Solo StarWarsD6 pt17: History Revealed 

    System: Star Wars D6 by West End Games.
    Setting: Star Wars Era of the Rebellion.
    Character: Royxand Handscul ‘Roy’, Corporate scout
    Luca Delste, Smuggler
    Kuna Desyk, Hacker
    Solo Tools: MUNE, donjon, GameMaster’s Apprentice deck of cards from beta Alone release bundle
    Books: Star Wars The Roleplaying Game Second Edition (West End Games), Galaxy Guide 8: Scouts, Tales of the Jedi Companion, OpenD6 Fantasy
    Homebrew Rules: D6Legends

    Continuing from the last session, I ask.
    Q: Are there other Amalsi around?
    A: No, and the cell guard is about to leave for cell rounds.
    Roy: Pickpocket (Dexterity,Opposed): 3/2: Target will notice item missing next round.

    Roy will attempt to unlock the door and put back the key before the guard realizes its gone. I decide that’s a moderate Dexterity roll. Roy is wounded and he will spend 2 CPs to ensure success.
    Roy: Dexterity: 3(-)/3: Success

    Roy swiftly picks the keys from the guard, unlocks the door silently and puts the keys back before the Amalsi realizes they’re gone. Unfortunately, as he puts them back, he stumbles and pushes him. The guard turns and looks at him inquisitively.
    “Sorry, water. Thirsty.” Roy says quickly.

    Roy: Con (Opposed): 3/1: Success

    The guard grunts and kicks a bowl of water from under the bars before returning to his post.

    Like clockwork, Roy notices that the guards begin their rounds as they did every night before. A second guard comes and together they leave. Now is Roy’s chance!

    Roy: Sneak: 4(+++)/ Success!
    Wow three 6s in a row on the Wild Die.
    I decide that Roy will move silently like a cat and no one will notice as long as he doesn’t do anything stupid.

    Roy moves silently around the corners, avoiding the guards as he has learned their route by heart. He left behind in his cell a decoy made of blankets, so that no one will notice he is missing. Then he turns his attention to find out where his companions are being held.

    Roy: Search: 4(++)/2: Success
    Another double 6s on the Wild Die!
    He will manage to find his mates and something extra.

    Roy locates the cells of his friends. As he expected they are nearby. He also notices a stash of their belongings. It’s their gear that they had when the Amalsi captured them, and whatever was salvaged from the Red Rancor.

    Q: Is it guarded?
    A: Yes, and it’s two guards who are interested in the items.
    Now I (as a player! and not a GM) had an idea. Roy needs a distraction. He also had noticed their aversion to fire. So I will try to light a fire.
    Q: Is there any flammable material nearby? (Likely since it’s a feudal society)
    A: No, but they have their blankets in the cells.
    Q: Does Roy have a lighter on him? (Likely)
    A: No

    Roy heads over to Lucas cell.
    “Hey.” He whispers.
    “Boy am I happy to see you! Quick, get me out of here.” Luca whispers back.
    “It’s locked. I’ll have to distract them. I’ll need a lighter and your blanket.”

    Q: Does Luca have a lighter? (Likely)
    A: Yes, but, it’s almost empty. It will be good for one use only.

    He takes the blanket and an almost empty lighter and sneaks over to Kuna’s cell.
    “Hey. No time to explain. Lighter and blankets.” He whispers.

    Q: Does Kuna have a lighter? (Likely)
    A: Yes, but, it’s almost empty. It will be good for one use only.

    Kuna gives Roy what he asked, and Roy leaves.
    He sets off to a warehouse-like cavern structure that is out of sight and tries to set the blankets ablaze.

    Roy: Survival: 1/2: Failure.

    The material is damp and cold, and Roy has a hard time setting it on fire. Luca’s lighter empties out in the process, and he tries again with Kuna’s lighter.

    Roy: Survival: 4/2: Success

    His second try, succeful, Roy sets the blankets on fire and hides them in the warehouse. He moves out of sight and waits.
    Not a long while later, the clouds of smoke are visible. The entire contents of the warehouse are on fire and the flames are visible in a distance. Roy heats shouting as the guards notice the flames.

    Q: Do the Amalsi that guard the stash abandon their post? (Likely)
    A: Yes, and they also take the patrolmen with them to fight the fire.

    Roy notices that the Amalsi that guarded the stash with their belongings left in a hurry. He heads over and gathers all he can carry, filling two backpacks.
    He then proceeds to open Luca’s and Kuna’s cells with a trusty blaster pistol shot.

    Q: Do the Amalsi notice the blasts? (Unlikely, since they are distracted firefighting)
    A: Yes

    The shots don’t go unnoticed.
    A guard notices Roy and the team and tries to call for reinforcements.

    Roy turns to Luca. “They hate the fire. I have them something to worry about.”

    Q: Do the Amalsi try to stop the team or the fire?
    A: The fire.

    Despite the guard’s call. No one cares. Eventually he gives up and heads over to assist his kind with the fire.
    The companions leave the Amalsi settlement unopposed and head deeper into a random glacier path.

    Since they are sure to be followed I will roll a Sneak skill attempt.
    Roy: Sneak (Opposed): 3/3(++): Success, but a small group will reach them.

    A while later they hear the sounds of pursuit. The Amalsi must have quenched the fire and sent out search groups.
    Roy heats a ‘swoosh’ sound and a javelin nearly hits him, smashing into the ice next to him. Their pursuers caught up to them!

    1D Amalsi Scouts: 3
    I decide that since the javelin almost hit them, it is at its maximum range 40 meters. I took its stats from OpenD6 Fantasy.

    Team: 15
    Amalsi Scouts: 11

    Round 1:

    I need to know about the environment. I decide that it’s a narrow icy path.
    Q: Is there natural light?
    A: No, but the team has glow rods.
    The glow rods have a range of 50 meters so they should be fine.
    Q: Do they have their blasters at the ready? (Likely Since they are hunted down)
    A: Yes
    Roy shoots at the scout who threw his javelin at him.
    Roy: Shoot Scout 1: 3/4 Miss.
    Luca wants to shoot at their leader to intimidate them.
    So to find out if there is a scout leader, first he must make a successful Moderate Perception roll.
    Luca: Perception: 2/3: Failure
    One of the scouts seems stronger, Luca doesn’t know if he is the leader, but nevertheless he decides to shoot him.
    Luca: Shoot scout 2: 5+/4: Hit (Torso): 4/3: Wounded
    Kuna shoots at the same Amalsi.
    Q: Was his rifle salvaged?
    A: No
    Kuna: Shoot scout 2: 4+/4: Hit (Torso): 3/1: Incapacitated
    The Amalsi must roll a successful willpower roll to stay.
    Amalsi: Willpower: 0
    They retreat.

    Roy shoots at them and misses.
    Luca chooses the strongest looking Amalsi and hits him right on the chest with his DL-44 heavy blaster pistol. That doesn’t bring him down, but Kuna’s follow through shot does.
    Scared the two remaining Amalsi grab their companion and start retreating. They are no match for blasters.

    ”We can’t let them leave! They’ll tell the others!” Kuna says as he starts moving towards the retreating Amalsi.
    Roy stops him. “We’re the intruders here. It will take them a while to drag him back. Listen to me, we need to press on.”

    Roy: Persuasion (Opposed): 1/0: Success

    Kuna nods in agreement and they move on.
    A while later they stop to camp. Kuna attempts to bring Roy back to fighting shape using a Medpac.

    Kuna: First Aid: 2/2: Success

    The medicines and the bandages finally seem to be working. Roy is no longer affected by his wounds.

    Q: Do they find shelter?
    Roy: Survival: 3+/3: Success

    Roy finds a side opening in their path and decide to camp there.
    They feel hopelessly lost. They share some rations and sleep in shifts.

    Q: Does anything occur while they sleep?
    A: No

    They sleep withou any interruptions. Maybe the Amalsi lost their trail.

    Q: Do they have a way of knowing their depth?
    A: Yes, Roy has a barometer/altimeter.
    Roy: Survival: 4/2: Success
    I use GMA scatter to find out if they go up or down, and I get that they are going deeper. Also I want to know where they are heading and get the tags: Skull, Moon, Target. A senses of muffled stealthy footsteps and a location of Colony/Strange city.

    The path they follow heads further below. They notice that it widens a bit and feels walked upon a lot. The ice gives way to rock.
    Then the path finally opens wide. There is a huge cavern. The ceiling is so high that it is not illuminated by the glow rods.
    As they adjust to the new environment they notice that it is a city of sorts. Walls and arches. Roads and buildings. Everything well designed in stone. Very unlike the Amalsi settlement that they were before.
    What makes the trio uneasy is the eerie silence. There is no sign of life at all in this forsaken city.
    They walk through it and their steps echo. Sometimes they think that they hear other footsteps but as soon as they stop to listen, they hear nothing else.
    “What is this place?” Luca asks in a low voice. “It really creeps me out.”
    “Let’s search.” Roy says. “But we need to stick together. I feel as if someone is watching.”

    Roy: Search: 1: 1 Clue.
    Q: Did the Amalsi used to live here?
    A: No, but their ancestors did.

    They enter what seems to big a big building. In the hall there is a huge painting. It doesn’t have the phosphorescent colors that they noticed the Amalsi use.
    It depicts humanoid creatures similar to the Amalsi. They seem taller and stronger, their skin color ranging from tan to dark brown, their fur and manes in vivid dark red colorations, and what seems to be a nose in the middle of their face.
    Around them there is plant life and the sky is colored with the gas giant in the background.
    ‘So the Amal moon wasn’t always frozen? Or did the Amalsi leave their homeworld?’ Roy wonders.

    They decide to search this building further.

    Roy: Search: 7+++: Success!!!
    Wow that’s an insanely good roll. Three 6s on the Wild Die and full success on all dice. I will give Roy the chance to find out what’s going on.
    Now is a good time to set the story, most secrets revealed. As I wrote in previous sessions I have some ideas, and now it is time to ask The Oracle if they are valid.
    Q: Did the Amalsi always live here?
    A: Yes, but the moon wasn’t always frozen.
    Q: Does what happened, have to do with the dark side? (Likely, Since everything points to an evil presence).
    A: Yes, and it has to do with the Sith.
    Intervention! I will roll that after I am done with the 7 questions.
    Q: Is there a Sith starship nearby?
    A: Yes.
    Q: Is there still danger?
    A: Yes, and it’s near the Sith site.
    Q: Is there something valuable? (Likely since there is an imperial presence trying to find it).
    A: Yes, crystals that enhance Force powers.
    Q: Is there danger in the city?
    A: Yes, creatures are stalking them.
    Q: Did the Amalsi stop the Sith?
    A: No, unknown yet how or if they were stopped.

    It seems that the building they are in used to be a library. The books that they find are made from a sodt material that has managed to stand the test of time. They are written in the Amalsi language, but Roy manages to find one that stands out.
    It’s a small document, that is written in both Amalsi and Common, and it even contains an alphabet key between the two languages. It’s labeled “The Annals of The End”.
    Roy reads it, and proceeds to give a summary to his companions.

    “It says how the Amalsi used to live in a lush paradise with abundant flora and fauna and a clean atmosphere.
    One day a metal beast came from the sky, and from its belly descended an evil wizard with his iron minions and his dragons.
    They subsided the Amalsi and had them mine out crystals which were valuable to him.
    The Amalsi that were not sent to the mines were put to constructing a huge metal drill machine.
    Once it was complete, it started boring into the moon.
    That’s when it started. The more it dug down to bring out crystals, the more the air filled with purple dust and poison gasses.
    At first the plants and animals around the mining site withered and died. Many Amalsi followed.
    The bravest tried to rebel and faced off the wizard, but they met their doom at the claws of his dragons.
    The weakest tried to flee away, but they were caught and put to slavery.
    Then the air got so thick that the sunlight couldn’t pass through and an endless winter came. The plants died, the animals too, and cold covered the land.
    The wizard had built a fortress where he lay when he wasn’t in his metal beast.
    The Amalsi that used to live here finally managed to flee the city. Either the wizard didn’t care anymore or something happened to him. But they couldn’t stay here any longer. In addition to the conditions, the wizard’s dragons roamed free and attacked any Amalsi they wanted to eat.
    They organized some hunting groups to kill them, but none returned.

    Intervention: Regress plot
    (Adventure obstacle hindering a plot point).
    Now it’s the time to introduce the obstacle: Hssiss, dark side reptiles taken from The Tales of the Jedi Companion.

    Roy has just finished describing the story of the city to his two mates who are left with mouths agape.
    Then the double doors of their room are opened with a slam!
    ‘Hssiss’ a slithering loud sound is heard and two huge two-meter long reptile beasts charge in. One jumps on top of a bookcase while the other covers the entrance. A double row of spikes extends down their backs from head to tail and four fangs protrude from their jaws.
    These must be the ‘dragons’ the Annals told about.

    Session Background: One of my favorite sessions so far!
    What I Liked: I had my first true player moment, disconnected completely from GM knowledge, when I was trying to figure out the escape plan. I didn’t have to ask The Oracle, I just figured out I needed a distraction, and the fire weakness came to mind! Not a very complex thought I know, but I loved how it played out.
    I also loved how I finally managed to tell the story. I had expected that they would find out what’s going on either from the Imperials or from the living Amalsi, slowly and in separate parts. But the flow changed, and I really liked how there was an abandoned city with lost knowledge.
    I also liked how the Information mechanic I am using worked out (1 Success = 1 question).
    What I want to improve: Resources. I resorted to asking The Oracle if the players had something or not. I want to find a homebrew rule to sort this out. Maybe something similar to the OpenD6 Funds attribute?
    I find it tiresome to have bookkeeping on the inventory, weapons and gear of three characters.

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    Solo StarWarsD6 pt16: Under the Glacier 

    System: Star Wars D6 by West End Games.
    Setting: Star Wars Era of the Rebellion.
    Character: Royxand Handscul ‘Roy’, Corporate scout
    Luca Delste, Smuggler
    Kuna Desyk, Hacker
    Solo Tools: MUNE, donjon, GameMaster’s Apprentice deck of cards
    Books: Star Wars The Roleplaying Game Second Edition (West End Games), Galaxy Guide 8: Scouts
    Homebrew Rules: D6Legends

    Looking back at my last two sessions I realize I made a big mistake. I was using my homebrew MythicD6 rules instead of the D6Legends, which means that the difficulty numbers were off.
    This had a direct effect to the game play, making Moderate rolls hard, and Difficult rolls almost impossible.
    That’s why the long-range combat with the Snowtroopers (Moderate to Difficult) took 16! turns and required Oracle interventions to end, that’s why Roy’s incapacitated status wouldn’t heal (Difficult), and that’s why Luca couldn’t get the Red Rancor powered up in time (Difficult).
    Nevertheless, what’s done is done, the story has been written. That’s what happens when you make changes to your system and get back to it after vacations. 🙂

    Luca manages to get back on his feet. He looks around. The snowtroopers are nowhere to be seen. Clouds of smoke cover the scene. He tries to find his companions.

    Luca: Search: 0(-): Fail

    The explosion has spread them apart, and now he can’t seem to orient himself to their original direction. He hopes they are alright. Luca dares not shout to call them yet, just in case the Imperials are somewhere nearby. He looks around some more. Debris and flames are everywhere. His dear ship is gone. Not that it matters now. He must survive, as he has done in the past. He will get past this obstacle.

    Luca: Search: 2

    He doesn’t find Roy or Kuna, but he positions himself nicely in a clearing around the debris. He is easily visible there. Maybe they will find him.

    Q: Is Kuna With Roy?
    A: Yes, and he managed to protect him from the explosion. Intervention (See below).

    Kuna is lying prone on top of Roy. A piece of steel is protruding from his arm. He rolls away and moans.
    “You owe me one Roy.” This bar was heading for your head.

    Intervention: New entity.
    This makes for a perfect introduction of the locals. They noticed the fight and the flare two days ago, they certainly heard the Red Rancor exploding, and with the smoke lifting to the skies, they could locate them easily.

    Kuna seats Roy next to a large piece of what used to be the cargo hold of the Red Rancor, and then, and only then does he see they’re surrounded.

    Q: Are they human?
    A: No and, they’re alien (Roll on Galaxy Guide to Scouts, Alien generation tables).

    Mammal, Land Omnivore, Feudal Tech level, 13D Attribute dice. Enhanced vision (Infrared), Heat sensitivity.
    1.4 meters tall, Move 10/13
    DEX: 2D+1/4D+1
    KNW: 1D+2/3D+1
    MEC: 1D+2/3D+1
    PER: 1D+2/3D+1
    STR: 2D/4D
    TEC: 1D+2/3D+2

    They’re surrounded by short white skinned humanoids with nostrils – where the nose should be. They have lucid green eyes, and white fur running like a mane in the middle of their face, and thickening to the back of their heads. The fur seems to have several patterns in variations of grey.

    Q: Do they speak common?
    A: Yes, but not all of them.

    Most of them hold spears or some other sort of a polearm, and wear long cloaks with similar patterns.
    “Come, take you.” Says one of them, and quickly groups of five grab each of the companions from their limbs and start carrying them. Kuna tries to resist, but they’ve got him locked down. Roy can’t put up any resistance. Several others start stripping the debris for salvage.
    Where did they come from? Kuna wonders, but quickly the answer reveals itself. They enter some barely visible cracks in the glacier and follow a long path, he wouldn’t dare take. They navigate with ease in the glacier paths.

    Where do they arrive? GMA: Huge Cavern.

    They arrive at a huge cavern. The ceiling is lit by phosphorescent tiny fungi. They emit a thick illuminating gas.

    Q: Do the aliens from the Amal moon (Amalsi) heal them?
    A: No, but they will let them rest.

    Luca is separated from his friends. He is in a small cave. Paintings and markings made with some phosphorescent paint cover up the ceiling and walls. He tries to understand their theme, but his attention is draw to the alien standing in front of him in the center of the cave.
    It seems stronger, and more well built than the other short aliens that carried him there. It is wearing some sort of armour with decorations, and from its belt., hangs a scabbard that is about half its size.

    GMA: Who is he (Tags): Crown, Sword, Target
    So he/she is some chief, general, king, warrior.

    “You are enemies of your kind? We saw the white plated Imperial men try to kill you.” The creature speaks.
    Luca nods. Not knowing if the alien would understand the gesture. “My friends… where are they?”
    “Friends? Friends are taken care of.” The alien replies. Luca can’t tell if it is talking about his friends or if it considers him a friend.
    “Who are you? how do you speak our language?” He asks.
    “Men like you have come time before. Amalsi suffered. Amalsi suffer now again!” The creature lets off a screeching sound in anger.
    “I am Vurrha of Zatoq clan. War chief of the Amalsi. Clans are summoned. When they are here. The trial of you will begin.”

    Q: Are they imprisoned until trial? (likely)
    A: Yes

    Luca, Roy and Kuna are imprisoned. They are well fed, given medicine and contained in small cold cells. Any attempts to talk with their Amalsi captors are met with silence.

    12 days pass.
    Q: Do the medicines increase healing rate-or add a die?
    A: They add a die.
    I roll on the natural healing table:
    Kuna: 10: Fully healed.
    Roy: 8: Improve to wounded.
    During this time Roy takes notes of his alien captors.
    Roy: Alien Species: 2 Successes.

    Roy notices a close communal structure. The Amalsi frost white skin gives them a natural camouflage, and they seem to be acclimated to the extreme cold, wearing clothes only as a sign of status rather than for protection from the elements. They seem to dislike the heat, and don’t utilize it or stay near fires unless absolutely necessary. They don’t seem to need the fire anyway, as they can see very well in the dark, and are not impacted by the cold. They are omnivores, eating insects, fungi and algae. The males seem to have a mane that the females are missing.

    A dozen days have passed, and Roy’s wounds are so much better. Only his shoulder hurts a bit. Kuna has healed completely. Suddenly there is a big commotion. The guards enter their cells, and lead them to a huge room. It’s the first time since their capture that they get to see each other. The communicate with looks. They are worried about what may come next, but relieved that they are all alive and well so far.

    In one end of the room there are situated 5 seats, that look like thrones. Atop each, sits an Amalsi. From their decorations and clothes, they are likely importan figures. In the middle, sits Vurrha.
    Seated around the room, in an amphitheatric manner are at least 30 more Amalsi.
    The room is decorated with phosphorescent paintings in the ceiling, depicting abstract patterns.

    A ceremony begins that lasts about 15 minutes, then they start talking in their native language.
    The talk begins with the 30 Amalsi. Each of them speaks once, until in the end an older-looking Amalsi steps forward and makes, what seems to be a statement to the five.
    Each of the five enthroned Amalsi speak then. Vurrha speaks last.
    He speaks in common.
    “State your names.” Vurrha says sternly.
    They all give their names.
    “Now state your purpose.” He continues.
    Roy steps forward.
    Vurrha looks at him. “Speak, Royxand of the Handskul clan.”
    Roy doesn’t pause on the strange reference. Instead he begins. “We are scouts. – I am, and these are my crewmates. I was given a map to this destination, to find what lies here.” He pauses. “I won’t lie to you. We came for profit. We wanted to find something valuable like minerals precious metals. We had no idea you lived here. Then we met with the Empire who thought we were enemies and hurt us and destroyed our ship. What we really want now is a way to leave.”
    Luca and Kuna look at Roy. They would like to disagree, but the boy is right. They have been defeated. They should cut their losses and get the heck out of there.

    A ruckus is made by the audience as soon as Roy told their initial intentions. What worries Roy, is that at the same time, the blue paintings turned to orange.

    Q: Do they acknowledge that Roy is speaking the truth?
    A: No, but they may be convinced (Moderate).

    The Amalsi from the right throne says something to Vurrha. He turns to Roy.
    “And you want treasure no more? Tell why you and Empire different wants!”
    Roy tries hard to understand the bad grammar. Does the Empire want something else? He recalls that they had a snowtrooper tell them some information, but he was too wounded at the time to pay attention.
    “We expected minerals, metals or art. We are not equipped for anything else.” Roy says trying blindly.

    Roy: Persuasion: 2/3: Fail.

    Vurrha moans in distrust.

    I ask a few questions to the Oracle to see what the Amalsi want to do with the group.
    Q: Do they send them on a mission/work to repay their sentence?
    A: No
    Q: Do they let them free?
    A: No, and they will turn them over to the Imperials to appease them.

    A heated discussion begins in Amalsi language. 20 minutes later it ends. They all fall silent. Vurrha turns to Roy.
    “Decision. Royxand of Handskul clan, Luca of Delste clan, Kuna of Desyk clan. Traded to Empire for 10 Amalsi miners.”
    The trio looks at each other terrified. Before they have a chance to contend the decision, guards pick them up and guide them back to their cells.

    Q: Are they in a common cell now, together?
    A: No
    Q: Is there an opportunity to escape?
    A: Yes, but its not going to be easy.
    Q: Who is going to have the chance?
    A: Roy

    Some time has passed, and after some shouting and efforts to break the bars open, they understand the futility and sit silently in their cells. Then, Roy notices that the guard to his cell is leaning to the cell door, his keys dangling from this keyring on his belt. Maybe he can pick them before the guard realizes they are gone…

    Session Background: A mostly narrative session. Just when I had thought that the aliens would assist the team, they are sending them back to the Imperials! Will they manage to escape or will they try again to convince the Imperials that they are not rebels? Maybe the officers are not as stubborn as the stormtroopers.

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    Solo StarWarsD6 pt15: Cold Assault 

    System: Star Wars D6 by West End Games.
    Setting: Star Wars Era of the Rebellion.
    Character: Royxand Handscul ‘Roy’, Corporate scout
    Luca Delste, Smuggler
    Kuna Desyk, Hacker
    Solo Tools: MUNE, donjon, GameMaster’s Apprentice deck of cards
    Books: Star Wars The Roleplaying Game Second Edition (West End Games), Galaxy Guide 8: Scouts
    Homebrew Rules: D6Legends

    Q: Does the team have medpaks with them? (likely)
    A: Yes
    Q: Do they find cover in the glacier? (likely)
    A: Yes

    Luca carries the wounded Roy to a crevice nearby. The opening slowly widens to a cave. Kuna escorts the snowtrooper along.
    “Look after him.” Kuna mentions the snowtrooper to Luca while he pulls a medpak fom his backpack and kneels over Roy.
    “Don’t even think about it.” Luca threatens the snowtrooper, aiming his blaster rifle at him.

    Kuna: First Aid (Technical) on Roy: 2/3 Failure
    Q: Do they have another medpac?
    A: Yes, but it’s their last. They will have to return to the ship to get more supplies.
    Kuna: First Aid on Roy: 1/4 Failure (increase difficulty by one for each attempt in the same day).

    Kuna turns to Luca. “Both wounds are pretty nasty. We’ll have to get him back to the medbay.”
    “Crap.” Luca swears. “It’s going to take us at least 6 hours to get back. At least let him rest a bit to recover his senses before we depart.”

    Incapacitated says unconscious for 10D minutes, I roll 40 minutes. That would mean at least 30 more minutes since some time has elapsed from the point he was wounded.

    In the meantime, Luca interrogates the snowtrooper.

    I got to printing the 60 free cards from the GameMaster’s apprentice deck that at being given with the Alone game engine, and decided to spice up the game a bit by using them. Whenever I will be using them, I will note GMA for reference purposes. For the snowtrooper, I got the following:
    Vice: Fear
    Virtue: Compassion
    Reaction: 8 (Hate/Dislike)
    I interpret the results. This man shouldn’t have been a stormtrooper, he probably was conscripted or had no other choice. Maybe he wanted to be an officer but didn’t pass the tests. Hence his utmost failure in the preceding combat with our team. Since the reaction is 8, but he doesn’t have the upper hand, I decide that Fear will be his driving characteristic in the interaction.

    Luca puts his rifle to the face of the snowtrooper. “Why are you here? What does the Empire want in this forsaken place?”

    Luca: Intimidation (Opposed): 1/0 Success.

    “My name is Crevil Ghyron. Private of the 125th Snowtrooper Battalion.” The snowtrooper answers the preset declaration as a prisoner, his voice shaking.
    “Answer my question!” Luca repeats in anger, and pulls the snowtroopers helmet.
    Behind the mask is a scared boy, no more than 20, who also starts feeling the cold unhealthy atmosphere of the moon.

    Q: Does he know details?
    A: No, but he overheard rumors.

    “Please, please don’t hurt me. Are you rebels? I didn’t hurt any of the locals even if my superiors applaud this behaviour.” Stutters Crevil.
    “No one cares about what you did. What locals? Quit whimpering and speak up.” Luca presses on.
    “We have them mining. I don’t know details. Rumour has it that this is the claim of a major corporation. When their second scout ship never reached back, they figured the place is hostile and sold the coordinates and claim to the Empire.”

    What does the Empire want?
    GMA words give Hide, Aberrant, Fear.
    What kind of fear? GMA Icon tags give Tower (=Stationary obstacle), Skull (=Death), Target (=Object of search).
    Where? GMA gives Location Dangerous Ground.
    The results are pretty self-interpreting. There is something scary and deadly in a dangerous site on this moon, that the Empire wants for its own interest.

    “What are they mining for?” Luca questions.
    “It’s not what. It’s where. We are trying to reach something beneath the ice of the Amal moon. The locals seem very scared and don’t want to keep mining, so we’re here to coerce them.” Crevil responds.
    “Do you have an outpost? We didn’t spot anything from orbit.” Luca continues.
    “It’s all under the glacier. Near the locals settlement.” Says Crevil.
    “Any ships we should worry about? Reinforcements on their way?” Luca interrogates further.

    Q: Does he know? GMA
    A: No

    “I.. don’t know. Our scout ship may be orbiting the other side of the planet and our transport may have left for reinforcements. That information is need to know only.” Crevil says hoping they will believe him.
    Luca sighs, nods, and leaves him be for now.

    I have to ask a meta-gaming question. I will need to find a way to address those in the future.
    Q: Did the Imperials or the locals reach the flare/combat site first? GMA
    A: Imperials
    They will search to find tracks: (Moonlight, Combat, Difficult): 2/4 Fail.

    6 hours have elapsed from when they left. 10 hours to daybreak.

    Time passes and Roy regains consciousness and some mobility. The group slowly heads back towards the Red Rancor.

    I roll a bunch of skills for their trip back.
    Survival: 1(+)
    Search: 1(-)
    Climbing: 3
    Stamina: 2
    Hide: 1

    They get lost a bit in the glacier and it takes them longer than expected, having to make multiple stops for resting, and doubling back when the path doesn’t go further. Finally, they manage to get to the Red Rancor undetected.

    Q: Has the ship been detected yet? (unlikely) GMA
    A: No

    Luca puts Crevil in the brig as Kuna gets Roy set up in the med bay. He will rest until the next day when, another treatment will follow.
    Luca goes outside to see how well hidden is the Red Rancor.

    Q: Is it well hidden? GMA
    A: YES! Snow has covered their tracks and the Red Rancor’s top.

    Luca is content with their hideout. In addition to the small crater that the Red Rancor is located out of sight, fresh snow has provided natural camouflage. They should be safe for a while.

    I decided to use GMA random event generation, mainly to try it out. At first I couldn’t find where to fit it, but a few Oracle questions down the road, it made sense and fit perfectly.
    So the random event draw was: Trap, Haven, with a significance of 6 (5-6 is average combat encounter significance). Location: Mountains obscured by clouds. Catalyst: Kidnapped!.

    The next evening Kuna tries to heal Roy using the medbay medicines and a few medpacs.

    Kuna: First Aid (+1D Medicines) 2/3. Fail.
    Again: 3/4. Fail.
    Again: 4/5. Fail.

    No matter Kuna’s attempts, Roy doesn’t seem to be getting better. The shoulder hit especially has caused a significant loss of blood, and doesn’t seem to patch easily.

    Here I ask further questions from the Oracle. I did two mistakes which I will explain in the end of the post.
    Q: Is the Red Rancor detected? (Unlikely) GMA
    A: Yes.
    Q: Is it Locals or Imperials?
    A: Imperials.
    Q: From where? Space/Air/Land.
    A: Space.
    Q: Is it an imperial scout ship? (Likely)
    A: Yes.
    Q: Does the Red Rancor have a chance to detect the imperial ship?
    A: Yes, but they have passive sensors.
    Luca: Sensors (Passive): 1. Fail.

    So here everything falls into place. The Imperials recovered their downed troopers (most were incapacitated) and they learned about their skirmish with our team and how the must have captured Crevil. (Kidnapped, catalyst).
    They sent a message to their scout ship to perform a search, and it located the Red Rancor in the crater. (Mountains obscured by clouds, location).
    By morning, they have surrounded the ridge of the crater where our team safely resides. (Trap, Haven).

    Next morning, by first light a loud bang noise shakes the ship.
    Luca and Kuna run to the cockpit.
    They can see the ridge surrounded by Imperial snowtroopers. Two of them have mounted an E-Web repeating blaster and fire warning shots to the Red Rancor’s nose. The comms blink and Luca picks it up.
    “Unknown vessel. You are surrounded by the Imperial army. Release your prisoner and surrender. You have five minutes to comply. Any attempt to escape will be considered failure to comply.”

    Luca and Kuna look at each other. “How much time to power up the Red Rancor?” Kuna asks.
    “A bit too much. We were hiding-passive.” Luca responds.

    Here I am at a loss as to how the group will react. Since they’re both NPCs and my main character is out of the scene, I ask the Oracle.
    Q: Does Luca agree to surrender?
    A: Yes, but he will try to Con their way out.

    “Give them Crevil.” He says to Kuna.
    A couple minutes later, a surprised snowtrooper is out of the brig, and leaving the landing ramp of the Red Rancor. As soon as it closes back, Luca opens the comm channel.

    “Here’s your trooper. Unharmed. -look this all has been a huuuge misunderstanding. We’re Karflo scouts from the second expedition. We just lost our way and just arrived. Our lead scout who was wounded in our fight can explain everything to you if you treat him.” Luca exclaims through the comms.

    Luca: Con: 0(-)/3. Fail. No complication, but zero successes and a 1 on the wild die!

    “Trying to take us for a fool rebel scum?” The commander’s stern voice is heard through the comms, and a blast from the E-web is shot at the ship.

    ‘Crap.’ Luca thinks as he starts powering up the Red Rancor.

    A couple issues here. I don’t know how long it will take to power up an idle starship, so I do what a GM would do. Call it. I decide that once Luca succeeds in a Difficult Space Transports they can start powering up shields, weapons and using the engines.
    Second issue is the scaling rules. I’m using the Second Edition rulebook (Blue Vader) where the scaling rules are a limit to the roll of each separate die. This doesn’t work with my homebrew success count rules, so I used the REUP rules where scaling is done by adding a number of dice based on the scale difference.
    Therefore the E-web (character scale) has a +6D to hit the Red Rancor (starfighter scale) and the Red Rancor has the same bonus to resist the E-web damage.

    Round 1:

    I roll for the E-web distance and I get a Medium range (30-200 meters: 120 meters).
    E-web: 6/3. Hit. 3/6: No damage.

    The first shot of the repeating blaster glances of the Red Rancor.

    Round 2:

    Luca: Space Transports: 2/4.
    E-web: 6/3. Hit. 2/4. No damage.

    Another shot of the E-web barely scratches the freighter surface armor as Luca begins the power up sequence.

    Round 3:

    Luca: Space Transports: 2/4.
    E-web: 4/3: Hit: 5/4: Lightly damage, lose 1D shields.

    The next shot of the blaster takes out the shield energy transmittance as Luca hasn’t managed to get power to the shields yet.

    Round 4:

    Luca: Space Transports: 3/4.
    E-web: 3/3. Hit: 3/3. Controls ionized.

    Another shot from the blaster hits an ion fuse box, sending electricity over the cockpit. Controls are frozen.

    Round 5:

    Luca: Controls Ionized.
    E-web: 6/3. Hit: 0/3. No damage.

    Luca waits for the surge of electricity to die down before attempting to touch the controls again, as another shot glances of the freighter.

    Round 6:

    Luca: Space Transports: 3/4.
    E-web: 4/3. Hit. 8/4: Destroyed!!!
    A really lucky roll from the E-web 8D damage against the Red Rancor’s scaled up 9D+2 defense!
    Now since a GM wouldn’t TPK the team necessarily due to a bad dice roll, I will ask the Oracle if I am to give them a chance.
    Q: Do they have time to abandon ship?
    A: Yes

    With the next shot from the E-web red lights flash all over the cockpit. “What?!” Kuna asks worried.
    “The Core Influx Regulator is unstable! We must jump ship! Get Roy. She’s about to explode!”

    I roll an easy Dexterity roll for each of them, and they pass, to get out in time.

    Luca and Kuna assist in getting Roy down the ramp.

    I don’t want to give them an easy out, so:
    Q: Do they get out of the blast radius in time?
    A: No, and the ship exploded moments after they get off.
    Damage to each: 3D.
    Luca: 1/3. No damage.
    Kuna: 1/0(-). Wounded.
    Roy: 2/2. Stunned.

    The Red Rancor explodes as the Are hurled on the ice of the glacier in front of them. Smoke, flames and debris spread in every direction. Roy momentarily loses his consciousness from the blast wave, and Kuna gets a nasty cut to his forearm.

    Q: Do the snowtroopers perform a close up search?
    A: No, but they will do a search with binoculars to ensure there are no survivors.
    Q: Are the survivors possibly visible through the destruction? (Unlikely)
    A: Yes, but the smoke, snow, fire and debris make it difficult to find them.
    Snowtrooper: Search: 3/4. Fail.

    The snowtroopers perform a long-vision sweep of the area, but they can’t find any survivors. A few minutes later, they depart, while our team is left to pick up their pieces.

    Session Background: Wow, just when I thought it couldn’t go harder for my characters, this happens!!! Something evil is going on in this moon, and now they have no way to leave. Wounded, without a shelter. They will need help if they are to make it. Will they find it with the locals? Will they manage to get there?
    Mistakes I made: The question if the Red Rancor was detected has two flaws. First it instills meta-gaming. It’s unavoidable at times, but I don’t like it. Second, it is at odds with the previous question if the ship was well hidden (even though I turned it to Unlikely). I should have at least made an in game mechanic sensors roll and turned the question to if the Red Rancor was possible to be detected, just like I did with the snowtroopers at the end of the session.
    New tools: GMA cards fit perfectly for my session. They are well suited for portents and adventure events seeds. I think it’s better than totally random word generators found online, since I am not that much creative to explain abstract words. I made the mistake of asking Oracle questions to cards at one time and to MUNE at others. I decided that since I have dice available I will stick to MUNE for the Oracle.
    Character Points: So, I realized I forgot to award character points so far. The rulebook says that you should award CPs at the end of the adventure but no longer than 4-5 sessions when the adventure is a long one. Also it states not to give more than 15 CPs per giveaway.
    So even though it’s not the best time, I will give 1 CP on each character per session that they participated.
    Roy: 14 CP, Luca: 11 CP, Kuna: 3 CP.
    I will try to be more organized in the future.

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