One beginning, multiple endings 

My take on the collaborative exercise by /u/ClassicToy

It was only thanks to your close friend’s warning that you could avoid the first wave of the assault on the base where you are stationed. The creatures are decimating the garrison but you haven’t been noticed yet, thanks to your duty on the far patrol route. Your objective: reach the command headquarters before dawn, to inform high command.

BOLD thread: leeching otherworldly overcome by fate

Game System: Savage Worlds
Oracle: Recluse
Interventions: MUNE
Notes: Simplenote

Protagonist Agility Smarts Spirit Strength Vigor
Corporal Ruce Gramoor img d8 d6 d6 d4 d6
Skills Driving d4 Fighting d6 Shooting d10 Stealth d6 Healing d4 Notice d6 Repair d6 Survival d4
Charisma – Pace 6 Parry 5 Toughness 5 Heroic, Loyal Alertness, Quick
Bayonet Str+d4 Steel Pot H&K G3 2d8, RoF 3, Ammo 20 3 Clips Camouflage Fatigues

Only the protagonist will be a Wild Card. Any supporting characters will be Extras.

I need to define the when: The year is 1980. I roll d12: 9, the month is September. I roll d30: 11. It’s Thursday.
I will not define the where.

Q: Am I alone in the patrol? (Unlikely)
A: No, it’s a two man patrol. PFC Stine Milley is with me.
Notice (d6+2): 7: Success
Q: Are any shots heard?
A: No

There’s rustling in the bushes next to our route. Immediately I hip aim my rifle in the general direction of the noise. “Halt! Who goes there?” I shout.
“Ruce! Ruce!” I hear my name.
“Identify yourself!” I persist.
“It’s me Billie.” I hear the familiar voice of Billie Hughy.
“5” I tell him the passcode.
“Fuck the codes Ruce! This is serious!” He says.
I exchange looks with Stine. Stine shines his flashlight on Billie, and as we see him clearly, we lower our weapons.
“They’re dead man! Everyone’s dead!”
“Who’s dead Billie? Calm the fuck down.” I tell him.
“I only heard their screams.” Billie pauses. “Then I saw blood spattered all over the weapons rack and Rone’s remains on the keeper’s desk.” He falls to his knees and covers his face with his hands.
“Who killed him? What are you talking about?” I ask. He doesn’t seem to be joking though.

Q: Does he know who did it?
A: False Presupposition
It’s not a who, it’s a what.

First roll on tables: Partially Colorful, Excitement Liberty.

“It, it was unreal. As I found him I saw a streak of blood dripping from thin air trailing quickly out of the room. It was letting off a shriek and I froze. Didn’t make a sound. Then I heard the screams. Oh my god the screams.” He stops for a moment. “I ran. As fast as I could. I left them Ruce, I left them to die!!!” He covers his face in shame.
“If this is some sick joke, I’ll have you reported to the Captain.” I tell him, but Stine interrupts me. “I don’t think he’s joking Corporal. He’s trembling.”
I nod. “If someone has offed the entire barracks we should sound the alarm and find a way to contact the division command. Remove the duds. We’ll need live ammo. That’s an order.” I take off the three blank bullets from the clip and arm it. Stine does the same and gives Billie his bayonet. “Get a grip man. We need you.”

Billie: Spirit (d6): 7: Success, he’s no longer shaken.

Billie nods and takes the blade.
No matter how much we try to be silent, the boots are heavy, and our footsteps thud in the dark.

So, I have established that the Barracks are the furthest. I need to do some mapping, and assign order of distance for the following locations. I will roll dice to define them. Highest number is furthest away.

Location Distance
Vehicle Depot 6
Fuel Depot 5
Armory 4
Warehouse 3
Comm Center 2
Base Command 1

The squad heads towards base command. I will roll notice and stealth for them and then consult the Oracle as necessary.

Notice (d6): 5: Success
Stealth (d6): 5: Success

Q: Is there any movement?
A: No
Q: Are they ambushed by anything? (Unlikely)
A: Yes, And they don’t expect it.
I roll on the rules’ chart and I get:
Very feminine, lie business

As our squad treads carefully towards the command center, we come across a blond woman. She’s naked and trying to keep warm in the chill.
“Halt! Identify yourself” I call out to her as I point my rifle, and she looks at me questioningly.

Q: Does Stine try to help her?
A: Yes, but he can be persuaded otherwise
Q: Does Billie react to her?
A: Yes, but he can be calmed down

“The fuck, Ruce?” Stine cuts me off. “She needs our help. Can’t you see she’s vulnerable?”
“Don’t go to her! Shoot her! Shoot her!” Billie shouts.
“Shut up the both of you! I don’t care if she’s an orphan who run away! She shouldn’t be here and I’d like to know how she got in, the first place! Arrest her. This is not a discussion, it’s an order!” I put them in line.

Persuasion (d4): 3: Failure.

“Fuck you Ruce. She’s a scared girl.” He puts his rifle aside, and removes his jacket and proceeds to cover her nudity.

Q: Is there an attack?
A: Yes, but I can see it coming.
Q: Does the girl attack Stine?
A: False presupposition
Billie, crazed out jumps Stine.
I’ll roll and opposed fighting roll to see who wins.
Billie (d6)/Stine (d6): 2/5.

As Stine starts to walk towards the girl, Billie lets of a cry and jumps at him. But the cry has warned Stine, who turns and hits Billie swiftly with the rifle’s butt right on his jaw.
The hit brings him down and he spits blood. “Idiot.” Stine turns and puts his jacket on the girls shoulders.

Q: Does she talk?
A: False Presupposition. She runs off.
Entity negative. {d4: Me, Billie, Stine, Girl}
I roll on the tables. Dangerously Cold.

Before Stine manages to get her warmed up, she cries out and runs off. Billie attacks her with the bayonet.

Since everyone is doing different things, I draw one card for each.
Me K♥️, B 10♠️, S Q♣️, G 9♥️
I hold.
Stine holds.
Billie: (Fighting d6): 5: Hit: 5: Shaken.
Q: Is she human? (Unlikely)
A: No and she transforms and attacks immediately Billie.

He hits her leg, and she lets off a scream that is not human.
Her jaw rips out open and three series of serrated teeth appear, surrounding a throat without tongue of any kind. Each of her hands burst out tentacles which rip out and grip Billie.

Girl: Fighting (d10): 6: Hit: 12: Success with raise, Billie is out.
Ruce: Fear: Spirit (d6): 4: Success
Stine: Fear: Spirit (d6): 7: Success
I shoot at her at Full Auto.
Ruce: Shooting(d10-2,ROF 3): 7, 0, 4, 1: 2 Hits: 8, 7: Shaken, Shaken: Wounded. She’s down.

I contemplate reality for a second, as I see Billie on the ground, writhing, but I return to my senses.
I switch to full automatic fire and let off half a clip at her. I feel the recoil at my shoulder. The AP 7.62 bullets rip her apart at this close range.
“What the fuck? What is that thing?” Stine asks unable to believe his eyes.

Q: Does it still move? (Likely)
A: Yes, and small tendrils writhe all around the place trying to move away.

The soldiers look at the thing.
Tendrils shoot away and detach from the body heading away.
Stine, creeped out, shoots out half his clip on the corpse, but the worms keep moving out.

Notice (d6): 11: Success with a raise!
Billie: Vigor (d6): 4: Success. Incapacitated.
Billie: Vigor (d6): 2: Failure. Can’t move.

I look at Billie who is down, trembling. The wounds he suffered are bad and he can’t move at all. I take a closer look and there are worm like tendrils shooting out from where the thing grabbed him.
“I’mmmm cccollldddd.” Billie said trembling.
I turn to Stine. “We have to help him, but he seems infectious.”

Q: Is Stine willing to try to help Billie? (Unlikely)
A: False Presupposition. Billie can’t be helped at all. He’s a lost cause.

In a few seconds, Billie pukes. He vomits a mixture of blood and worms that run off in all directions.
“Screw this. Let’s go!” I grab Stine and we run off towards the Base Command.

Since there is a chance that the shots were heard, I want to check if someone will come.
Q: Is there an encounter before they reach the Base Command?
A: Yes
I roll on the NPCs table.
Cunning Highwayman.

Notice (d6): 7: Success.

As we head to the base command, I distinguish the sound of a motorized vehicle. The headlights of a Jeep reach us. I gesture Stine to take position along the road.
The Jeep stops near us. Engine still running.
“Halt. Identify yourself and shut the engine!” I yell at the driver.
“Still following protocol Ruce?” Sergeant Jose Grogan asks sarcastically.

Q: Does Sgt. Grogan know what has happened so far?
A: No, and he’s completely unaware.

“With things turning to shit, it’s all we got Sarge.” I tell him.
“Yeah I heard shots were fired, tried to call the duty officer but got no answer.” He answers.
“Grogan, cut the crap. You’ve been sleeping again in the depot.” Stine interrupts. “Something, not human is killing everyone. We put it down, but it got to Billie first. That’s the shots you heard. Now let’s go sound the alarm.”
The sergeant looks at me, not saying a word, as if he expected me to correct Stine. I don’t. “What he said.” I tell him. “Will you give us a lift?”
We ride the Jeep and reach the Base Command.

I roll on the table to get some information regarding the Base Command building. I get playfully bizarre.

Q: Are there lights on?
A: Yes, and the doors are open.

As the Jeep stops outside of the Base Command, we see lights inside, and the doors are open ajar.
Jery, the base’s stray dog, is rolling playfully in front of the wheels. He has a weird twitch to his motion though.

Notice (d6): 10: Success and a Raise.
Q: Is there blood anywhere?
A: False presupposition. There’s no time to check for blood.

As Jose puts his foot down to the ground, Jery rolls around in front of him. I get off the Jeep from behind the driver’s side and Stine leaves from the other side.
Suddenly, Jery lets off a weird ear piercing shriek, and lashes out to Jose.

Dog: 2♥️, Party K♣️
Ruce: Shooting (d10-2, ROF 3): 4, 11, 6, 2: 3 Hits: 13, 8, 4: Wounded, Shaken, No damage: It’s down.
Jose: Spirit (d6): 5: Success.

I don’t waste any time, and as it brushes three series of serrated teeth, ripping apart the dog’s jaw, I empty the rest of my clip on it. The strength of the shots, blasting it apart and sending it back a couple meters.
“What the..!?” Jose yells.
“Ruce, it’s more than one? And not only fair maidens? What’s going on man?” Stine asks worried. “Sarge what should we do?”
I remove the safety pin from my ammo pack, and load another clip on the rifle.

Q: Does Jose want to leave now?
A: False Presupposition
Jose doesn’t take charge of the situation.

“Boys, whatever you got planned, I’m with you. Strength in numbers and everything. Ruce, you saved my life. I owe you one.” Jose says, and he pulls and arms his Colt 1911.
“We stick to it. Sound the alarm. Notify command. Get the hell out.” I tell them, and we enter the building.
Blood is spattered on the floor, on the windows, everywhere. If the duty officer was in here, he’s no longer.

Since the shots again were heard, I ask.
Q: Are they ambushed before finding the alarm?
A: No, and the alarm is operational.

There it is! I remove the safety pin, and bring the switch down. A blaring alarm starts being heard from the sirens along the entire base. For good or for bad, now, everything and everyone is stirred up.
We head back to the Jeep.

Q: Is there an encounter?
A: Yes, and it’s hostile.
How many?: 1d3+1: 2.
Notice (d6): 4: Success

Outside, I see a glimpse of movement in the far away spotlight. I make a signal to Stine and Jose and they arm. Then we see them.
Billie running towards us, completely naked, not a single wound on his body, and Jade Mithy, naked as well.
Jose stands motionless, but me and Stine take aim and shoot.

Things: 8♥️, Me: 4♠️, quick: A♥️
Range (d100): 86.
Ruce: Single shot: (d10-4): 0: Miss
Stine: Aim.
Things: Running: -11 distance.

Since there’s no chance that they reach them yet, I will draw cards only for the Joker chance.

Things: 2♠️, Me: A♠️
Range: 75
Ruce: Single shot (d10-4): 12: Success, Raise: 33! Damage: Dead
Stine: Single shot (d6-2): 2: Miss
Thing: Running: -13 distance.

Things: J♣️, Me: Joker
Range: 62
Ruce: Single shot (d10-2): 13: Success, Raise: 16:
Damage: Dead

I shoot as the things rush at us. My first shot misses. Stine, who isn’t as good at shooting takes his time. My next shot finds the thing that looks like Billie right between the eyes.
The rifling in the bullet leaves no remains as the head pops out. Stine shoots and misses. I shoot again, and hit the other thing right in the chest, and it shrieks and falls.
Jose has entered the Jeep and turned on the engines. “Come, no time to waste. Off to the Comm Center.”

Q: Is there any encounter on the way?
A: False Presupposition. It’s not an encounter. It’s an event! They have a vehicle malfunction. {d3:Flat tire,Radiator Broke,No gas}: No gas.

As they drive suddenly they hear the engine making a weird sound and the Jeep comes to a halt. A quick look at the fuel gauge, shows that it’s empty.
“Seriously, Jose? You didn’t fill up? You had one job at the depot.” Stine complains, pissed off.

Q: Did Jose fill up?
A: No
Q: Was there enough fuel?
A: No, and it was almost empty
Intervention: Wild! For Portent I use BOLD without solutions, and get corrupt myth.

“I woke up from your shots and took the first Jeep I found. Didn’t check if there was enough fuel. Quit whining you idiot.” Jose counters.
“What do you think is going on? Is this another Black Spear situation?” Stine asks.
“If I hadn’t seen these things, I’d tell you to go hang yourself and your conspiracy theories Stine!” I tell him. “But go on, I’m intrigued.”
Stine takes a deep breath, happy that someone shows finally interest in his stories. “1973, an Airforce base just ceased responding. The 15th Cavalry, situated nearby was sent to investigate. Noone returned. Next thing you know, operation Black Spear is authorized, a surgical airstrike is called to the entire base. They napalmed the whole thing. If it weren’t for the people that stayed behind, no one would have heard a thing.”
“No shit Stine. Think they’re gonna bomb us?” Jose asks.
“I would. How else to contain this?” I tell them and we fall in silence.

That’s the first time that I interpret an intervention as a thread/rumor. But essentially it is an intervention as the GM would have it. Now there’s a clock. If they don’t make it out in time, they may die.

Since I already asked about an encounter on the way, I won’t ask again, even though they are on foot now. I decide that they arrive without any further interruptions.
Q: Are there lights on?
A: Yes, and the spotlights are on as well.
Notice (d6): 12: Success with two raises!
Q: Is there any sign of previous struggle?
A: Yes.
Q: Is there any movement?
A: Yes.
Q: Is it the things? (Likely)
A: Yes.

We walk to the Comm Center. The lights here are on, as well.
I catch a glimpse of movement through the blood stained windows. Tentacles and tendrils lash out at the windows and I signal my squad to be at the ready.

Q: Do the squad mates agree to enter the Comm center despite the apparent danger?
A: Yes.
Stealth (d6): 5: Success.
Q: Was the hostile movement detected in the radio room?
A: No, but it’s at the room next to it. Roll an opposed Notice to listen to the squad.
Notice (d12): 1: Fail! Woohoo
Q: Is the radio operational?
A: No, and the equipment is covered in the remains of the radio operator, covered in blood and small writhing worms.
So we need to check the land lines.
Q: Are the land lines in the room with the things?
A: False presupposition. There are no land lines. It’s a remote base and communications are through radio and satellites.

Slowly and silently we move in. We reach the radio room, but there is obvious damage to the gear. The hood is damaged and cables are cut out. The bloody remains of who used to be the operator are all over the place, and hundreds of tiny worms are swirling all around.
We look at each other. There’s no chance for contact, and none of us is willing to touch the infectious gear. We move silently back out to decide on our next actions.

“The way I see it, we head to the vehicle depot, get some wheels, and get the hell out of here. Let’s just hope that the alarm sent an automated warning back to HQ.” I propose.
“We should arm up if possible.” Jose adds. “I doubt my 9 mil will do much against these fiends.”
“And maybe get a tank of fuel as well in case the vehicle is half empty.” Stine completes.

Notice (d6): 12: Success with two raises!
Stealth (d6): 3: Fail
Q: Is there an encounter before their next stop?
A: No

We reach the warehouse.
“No time to gear up, let’s move on!” I tell my squaddies and we press on.

Notice (d6): 9: Success with a raise
Stealth (d6): 9: Success with a raise
Q: Is there any encounter before their next stop?
A: Yes
Q: Is it the things?
A: False presupposition. It’s not one a ground encounter, it’s the sound of airplanes.

We’ve just reached the armory as we hear the sound of jet airplanes approaching.
“Our time’s running out boys! Double up!” Jose shouts and we start running. “If we’re lucky they will do a recon pass first.”
“Straight for the vehicle depot! We don’t stop anywhere else.” Stine says.

I deem that if they are running and don’t make any stops inside the armory or fuel depot, then they will be able to reach the vehicle depot in time. But, they will have a -4 penalty to notice rolls and no chance of stealth.

Notice (d6): 0: Failure
Q: Is there an encounter on the way to the next stop?
A: Yes, and since they are running, they come face to face with whatever it is.
Q: Is it the things? (likely)
A: Yes
How many? 1d3: 2
Distance? 1d10: 3meters

As we turn around the corner behind the armory, we come face to face with two of the repulsive creatures. They are in their true form. Gooish tendrils and tentacles and jaws with serrated teeth. A horrid thing from a deranged imagination.

Party: 4♠️, Things: 4♣️
I shoot at them at Full Auto.
Ruce: Shooting(d10-2,ROF 3): 0, 0, 4, 1: 1 Hit: 8: Shaken.
Stine shoots at the same one at Full Auto.
Stine: Shooting (d6-2, ROF 3): 3, 1, 5: 1 Hit: 13: Wounded. It’s down.
Jose double taps at the other creature.
Jose: Shooting (d6+1): 4: 1 Hit: 7: Shaken
Thing: Spirit (d6): 2: Fail

Party: Joker!, Things: 7♣️
I shoot at it Single Fire.
Ruce: Shooting(d10+2): 21: 1 Hit with Raise: 18: Dead.

I fire full auto at the monstrosity, but the recoil pushes me back and I only hurt it by a small margin. Thankfully Stine follows up and he finishes it off with a rain of bullets.
Jose double taps his Colt semi, at the other creature and it’s taken aback.
I take the opportunity and take a single shot right at it’s chest, blasting it to withers.
We don’t waste any time to go in the armory and press on towards the depots.

Notice (d6): 1: Fail
Q: Is there an encounter on the way to the next stop?
A: No

We jog past the fuel depot without stop and head towards the vehicles.

Q: Is there an encounter on the way to the next stop?
A: No
Intervention! Entity Positive: Ruce.

“Hey Ruce.” Jose tells me as we approach the depot. “Just letting you know. If we ever get out of here alive, I’m commending you for a medal. I have some friends in high places, and I’ll make sure they know what you did for us here.”
“Thanks Sarge. Let’s make it out and I’m happy with just a burger.” I tell him.

Q: Are the lights on at the vehicle depot?
A: No
Notice (d6): 12: Success with a raise.
Q: Are there any things inside? (Likely)
A: Yes, but they are not aware of the soldiers.
How many?: 1d3+1: 2.
I roll for the vehicles in the depot.
There are only three Jeeps. The Steyr
and M715s are out of service.
Q: Are the things between us and the vehicles?
A: Yes

As we reach the vehicle depot. I see a couple of the monstrosities crawling between the vehicles.
“We need to reach the Jeeps at the end of the depot. We’ll have to get past the creatures among the trucks.” Jose whispers.
“Alright. Let’s go silent. Weapons at the ready.”

Stealth (d6): 9 vs Notice (d12): 2: Sucess!

Holding our breath, we manage to evade the creatures and reach the jeeps.
“Are they filled?” I ask Jose.
“Can’t tell unless we split and check each.” He tells me.
I look around.

Q: Are there any fuel jugs around?
A: No
Q: Does any of the jeeps have enough fuel (Likely)?
A: Yes, but it’s the one closest to the creatures.

“Sounds like we ain’t got a choice. Once Jose starts up the engine, if you see them coming, fire at will.” I give our order.

Things: Notice (d12): 13: Success with two raises!

The moment the engine start sound is heard, the things let of a horrid shriek and lash towards us. We open fire.

Party: 4♦️, Things: 4♣️
I shoot at them at Full Auto.
Ruce: Shooting(d10-2,ROF 3): 0, 6, 10, 1: 1 Hit, 1 Hit with Raise: 10, 19:
Stine shoots at the other one at Full Auto.
Stine: Shooting (d6-2, ROF 3): 3, 6, 2: 1 Hit: 7: Shaken.
Jose: Rushes off with the Jeep. Speed: 10.
Thing: Spirit (d6): 1: Failure

Party: 10♠️, Things: K♦️
Thing: Spirit (d6): 4: Success. It shakes off and rushes to attack.
It will need to cover a distance of 12 to reach them.
Running: 8+3: 11
It barely misses.
I reload my last clip.
Stine reloads his 2nd clip.
Jose Accelarates to 20.

Q: Do more creatures hear the shooting and come? (Likely)
A: No, and the one hunting us can’t keep up.

One of them crawls from under a Steyr truck, and I bring it to my sights. I empty the rest of my clip on it ripping it to pieces.
The second one jumps down from the top of the truck, surprising Stine, who fires blindly, barely hitting it, and stopping it as it cries out a shriek.
Sarge doesn’t lose time and presses on the acceleration. The Jeep jerks and drives off.
Me and Stine reload at the same time, and we look at each other anxiously, as the thing, is back on its feet and rushes off after us.
From the back seat I can see its mouth agape, and it’s clawed tendrils lashing out towards us, but it can’t keep up. Jose has sped off and we lose it in the distance.
“To the main gate. Let’s hope it’s open.” I tell Jose.

Q: Does the Jeep sport a .50 cal?
A: Yes, but it needs set up.

“Hey Stine, help me set up the .50 cal. Jose try to keep us steady on the road.” I coordinate the team.

Jose: Driving (d6): 4: Success
Repair (d6): 5: Success

We set up the .50, and I man it up.
“Let’s rock and roll!” I shout, and Jose speeds towards the gate.
The Jeep’s headlights illuminate it as we approach.

Q: Are there any of the creatures near the gate? (Likely)
A: False Presupposition. The gate has been ruined, the exit is no longer usable.

As we see the gate in ruins, we understand we have to double back, to the rear exit of the base. Back to where Billie first found me and Stine.
Jose already has turned the Jeep around and is speeding up.

Q: Are there creatures after them? (Likely)
A: Yes, and the movement of the Jeep has drawn a lot of them.

Then I see them. Naked men, looking like our previous brothers at arms, dogs and goats behaving strangely, and a couple of the monstrosities, moving towards us, trying to cut us off.
With stealth no longer an option, I let loose fire from the .50

How many? 10

Chase, 5 rounds
Jose: Driving (d8+4): 7, 9♠️
Things: Running (d8): 6, 6♥️
Long range. I shoot the .50 at full auto.
Ruce: Shooting (d10-6): 11, 0, 1, 7: 1 Hit with Raise, 1 Hit: 10, 9: Shaken, Shaken: Wounded.

Jose: Driving (d8+4): 11: 6♠️
Things: Agility (d8): 5: 10♥️
Long range, they don’t reach us, we have no advantage over them.

Jose: Driving (d8+4): 7: 4♦️
Things: Agility (d8): 1: –
Long range. I shoot the .50 at full auto.
Ruce: Shooting (d10-6): 2, 0, 0, 0: Miss

Jose: Driving (d8+4): 6: 2♠️
Things: Agility (d8): 6: 2♣️
Out of range. Disaster for the things.
Agility (d8-4): 0: Fail. A creature running drops inside a huge ditch and can’t follow.

Jose: Driving (d8+4): 9: 10♠️
Things: Agility (d8): 1: –
Long range. I shoot the .50 at full auto.
Ruce: Shooting (d10-6): 6, 0, 8, 0: 2 Hits: 10, 18: Shaken, Wounded.

The chase is long through the base as we hear the jets approach again. My fingers are on the trigger of the .50 and I manage to take two of the creatures out, the bullets of the machine gun splitting them in half. Another one drops into a defense ditch and doesn’t come back up.
At last we reach the rear gate and smash through the bars as the jets release their payload.
Huge napalm flames cover everything, but we have made our distance.
“Woohoo! We made it brothers!” Jose sounds exhilarated.
“Yes we did!” I agree, and sit down from the .50 gunner spot.
I clutch my trusty rifle, without it I wouldn’t be alive now.
“Hey Stine. That girl we met? Who do you think she was before she turned?” I ask.
“I heard Jim Mayers had a pretty gal that he sneaked in once or twice. Must have been her.” Stine replies.
Jose presents a flask and takes a sip. “To the ones that were lost today.” He offers it to us and we join in silence.

Adventure Summary: This short campaign was really fun.
Savage Worlds was a very good choice, as I had all the necessary stats for the gear of that period. I need to make up my mind with regards to the SWEX or SWADE rules.
It may have seemed as if there was no challenge for the soldiers, but if they were unlucky enough to come in close contact with the creatures they’d have ended up like Billie. A steel pot helmet isn’t enough to protect them.
The collaboration tables that I had to use were not very suitable for the theme I chose, but they worked out in the end.
Recluse Oracle, again, turned the tables a bit with the false presuppositions! It’s a mechanic that I can’t seem to grow out of.
I’ve had a few interventions occur from MUNE. The toughest to interpret was the entity positive on Ruce in the end! What good could happen to him that wouldn’t affect the entire team? I think I came up with a decent solution regarding the medal.
Overall I really enjoyed it, and may return to this group of soldiers in some weird adventure in the future.