Miniatures pt72 – Assorted Fantasy (3) 

Here’s several random fantasy miniatures I’ve painted to complement my collection. I chose a few command packs from Battle Valor as they would be nice samplers. I didn’t use the banner bearers -except for the Amazonian below which I could turn into a spearwoman- and didn’t do the musicians either. They could find some use in KPS, but I don’t feel the need to do it right now.

I also mixed and matched the shields provided according to what I felt fit my desires better. So I used the Stygian shields on the Barbarians and the Amazonian shields on the Legians.

I went with a similar green colour scheme on the Stygian and Barbarians so that they look like they’re a unit, and a Hellenistic look on the Legians and Amazonians, for a similar purpose if required.

In addition to those there are a couple free samplers, one is a Falconian that I intend to use as a bird man in the coming 5L3e. I didn’t glue the wings on him as I didn’t feel like it would fit the theme I had in mind. The other is a Rhinocerian.

I painted also a ballista captain from a Museum Miniatures set. The dude is really big, like towering, but won’t feel off scale.

Then, there’s a couple of travelling Monks from Battle Valor. Big dudes as well for 15mm, but Battle Valor is known to have big miniatures. I’m not entirely with my paint scheme, for two reasons. The Naples Yellow Red colour that I used to paint their tunics is very close to the colour I used for their skin. Also after using the Army Painter Strong Tone and Soft Tone, I feel like my homemade washes give results that I like more.

Finally, I painted a couple of monster Slayers from Blue Moon Horror range. I chose a couple that are armed with crossbows and would fit the medieval fantasy theme despite their tight clothes.

Stygian Captain

Stygian warrior

Barbarian warrior

Barbarian captain

Amazonian banner bearer

Amazonian warrior

Amazonian captain

Legian Warrior

Legian Captain



Ballista captain

Travelling Monk

Travelling Monk

Slayer with crossbow

Slayer with crossbow