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  • giorgis 4:02 pm on July 15, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Miniatures pt50 – Elf and Troll 

    With the summer becomes increasingly more difficult to focus on the hobby, with it’s heat waves and mental burnout after months of lockdown, I managed to get down and paint a couple miniatures. An Elf Thief with crossbow from Alternative Armies Hordes of the Things range and a Minibits (now Pendraken – odd that they don’t redirect the hyperlink) 15mm Troll (Which is actually a big orc compared to my Demonworld miniatures).

    Unfortunately with the new EU customs scheme, I can no longer afford to purchase miniatures from non-EU vendors unless they have applied for the IOSS VAT scheme. To my understanding with this scheme I get to prepay VAT during ordering and the package will pass free through customs.

    Thankfully Eureka miniatures has applied for IOSS and there are a few EU based vendors on 15mm that I can try out. Also I picked up a nice lead pile of shame beforehand, in order to be ready for the changes.

    Elf Thief
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    Miniatures pt49 – Executioners 

    Three executioners from the Fantasy HOT line of Alternative Armies. Simple, older sculpt designs, but fun nonetheless.

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    Miniatures pt48 – Men at arms 

    I wanted to complement my regular medieval troops with more figures, so here come the Dismounted men-at-arms in kettle helms, mixed weapons from the 13th century range of the Khurasan Miniatures historicals.

    I went with an olive green cloth and a simple red and white horizontal stripes on the shield.

    Man at arms with sword
    Man at arms with axe
    Man at arms with mace
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    Miniatures pt47 – The Freakshow 

    Continuing on some eligible for Five Parsecs, either as crewmen or as enemies, here’s some Ral Partha Mercenaries, “The Freakshow” from their Critical Mass Range.

    These were from the first Critical Mass figures I’ve ordered and I reached the wrong conclusion as to their scale. The range is closer to true 15mm rather than 1:100, just some of them are bigger than average and fit well with my Alternative Armies minis. But the Bounty Hunter and the Bug-eyed alien are clearly smaller – and this is the main size of the range.

    I didn’t paint the tailed alien as I have decisions to make as to their basing. Either go with a cavalry base, or do some cutting/bending. So here are four out of five of the mercs.

    Skullface Cyborg
    Squidface McGee
    Bug-eyed Bill
    Bounty Hunter
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    Miniatures pt46 – More Xenos 

    So, I wanted a set of 20 or more xenos for Five Parsecs: Bug Hunt. I decided to go ahead with the Vanguard Miniatures Incisors from the Entomorph range.

    I wanted a very quick paint job, so after sketch prime, I followed with beige drybrush for the carapace, and a purple wash. I think I did another step in between that I might be forgetting right now.

    The Vanguard sculpts are very sharp. I painted all 24 bugs of the set, but since its six variants, I’m presenting those six here.

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    Miniatures pt45 – Gray Alien Thralls 

    Here’s my Gray Alien Thralls from the Hordes of the Future range (HOF) from Alternative Armies.

    Really like the sculpts. Simple and easy to paint. I think they’re gonna fit in my Five Parsecs from Home games perfectly.

    Gray Alien Alien Thrall
    Gray Alien Thrall
    Gray Alien Thrall
    Gray Alien Thrall
    Gray Alien Thrall
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    Miniatures pt44 – Agents 

    Here you can see some Battle Valor miniatures I got from the US. It’s a Frigian Foot Captain, a Frigian Assassin and a Legian Captain.

    Battle Valor is on the bulkier side of 15mm minis, so they won’t fit with true 15mm scale, but they’re okay next to my Demonworld heroic 15mm.

    My wash came a bit stronger and darker, but it gave them a nice look. They just need ample light to show it.

    Foot Captain
    Foot Captain
  • giorgis 9:20 am on April 22, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Miniatures pt43 – Ratmen 

    Finding 15mm ratmen isn’t an easy task. Turning to across the Atlantic, gave me the solution with these Ratmen from Splintered Light miniatures. Now they have a UK vendor as well, so it might make things a bit easier in the future.

    These are the Ratmen Personalities and Ratmen Zealots packs. I chose the zealots because they had the most different poses in the pack. I haven’t painted the entire pack, just one figure of each pose.

    As I said yesterday, Splintered Light are true scale, which sits a little smaller than the rest of my collection. Nevertheless the ratmen fit perfectly. They’re about goblin and halfling sized, smaller than Skaven, but that is not an issue for me. The Rat Ogre is equivalent to my other large creatures.

    I went with gray fur, and a dirty yellow top cloth (mixed yellow ochre acrylic ink with lemon yellow acrylic paint) over leaf green undercloth.

    Rat Ogre
    Ratman Chief
    Ratman Shaman
    Ratman Assassin
    Ratman Zealot
    Ratman Zealot
    Ratman Zealot
    Ratman Zealot
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    Miniatures pt42 – Sir Roderick and a halfling 

    Here’s my first cavalry model that I completed. Sir Roderick (you may remember I painted his retinue some time ago) from Blighthaven line of Ral Partha Europe. Also, to keep this post a bit more complete, I’ve added a Halfling from the Dungeon Delvers by Splintered Light. Unfortunately the Splintered Light miniatures are true 15mm, so their human sized miniatures are smaller than the rest of my collection. Excellent sculpts and poses though. I’ll present my ratmen from them soon.

    Sir Roderick
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    Miniatures pt41 – Assorted Beasts 

    With the pill bases and some larger round bases, I proceeded with the rest of my Demonworld pile. A chaotic polar bear, two bears, a mountain lion and a couple of giant spiders.

    For the polar bear I went with a snow textured base using cotton and pva.

    The mountain lion came out a bit muddled, I’m not very happy with my final result there, but it’s okay for the table.

    Chaotic Polar Bear
    Mountain lion
    Giant Spider
    Giant Spider
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