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  • giorgis 11:49 pm on May 21, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Miniatures pt85 – Wraiths (2) 

    To expand my wraiths miniatures, here are 8 Wraiths from the Hordes of Things range by Alternative Armies.

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    Miniatures pt84 – Adventurers (2) 

    Here’s some adventurers from the tabletop fantasy Asgard range by Alternative Armies. I really like these sculpts and how they’re armed to the teeth and carrying all their gear. I went with a bit different paints and basing than my standard fantasy, to make it feel like they’re in the dungeon (and gave the bases a grey instead of green rim).

    Halfling swordsman
    Halfling archer
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    Miniatures pt83 – Orc Horde 

    Got me some Alternative Armies orcs from the Hordes of Things range to try out. These are a bit smaller and less chunky than my Demonworld orcs, almost like goblins. So I went with a very pale green skin using a white base and the Army Painter Military Shader wash which gives a green tone. I went with a red tones (Karmin, Vermillion, Burnt Sienna) for their clothing and even used lots of bronze for metal parts as they have an Ancient Greece/Rome feel.

    • Bob 4:09 pm on May 15, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Your blog and mini painting have got me investing in 15mm scale miniatures. Do you know of any particular vendor that has decent 15mm soldiers in plate mail? Something that could pass for a knight or paladin? Struggling to find, especially in US. Thanks

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      • giorgis 5:16 pm on May 15, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        I think your best best would be Khurasan miniatures, particularly their Historicals range at 13th-15th century. Just take care to read any information regarding the scale as it’s common for historicals to be “true 15mm” and there’s only a few historical ranges on the Khurasan website that are towards “heroic 15mm aka 1:100 or 18mm”.

        For heroic 15mm these spring to mind:

        You could also take a look at old glory 15s/20s but I haven’t tried these so I can’t say.
        At true 15mm you could take a look at splintered light miniatures player character sets.


    • Bob 10:59 pm on May 15, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you

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  • giorgis 10:01 am on May 13, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Miniatures pt82 – Dwarf Extras (2) 

    A few more of my Battle Valor miniatures. There was a mix up of my order it seems since I had ordered two different Dwarf women warriors, but I got one of them and a mystic. But this didn’t bother me since the mystic figure is beautiful. I’ve also added three Dwarian War Hounds without their handler since it’s not much usable in skirmish (have it haven’t painted it).

    Dwarian Assassin
    Dwarian Seer
    Dwarian War Hound
    Dwarian War Hound
    Dwarian War Hound
  • giorgis 8:32 am on May 12, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Miniatures pt81 – Skeleton Characters 

    Here are a few undead minis from Battle Valor. A Decian Seer, a Decian Captain and a Decian Foot Captain. I chose the first two because they looked really cool as figures and the last because I needed a third skeleton archer (both for Five Leagues max archer number in skeletons and for KPS ‘3s’) units. They can work as skeleton leaders or Liches/Wraiths/Wights.

    Skeleton Archer
  • giorgis 1:25 pm on May 2, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    In the Aristrax Marches – Ep06 

    Previously in the Aristrax Marches, the Ravens rescued Bertio, the Black Ferret’s nephew from deep inside a ratmen camp. Bolga and Omac were wounded, and had their gear damaged. The Ravens, now under Lady Liana’s leadership headed to the market village Broduncer to rest and recover.

    Turn 7

    Since Broduncer is a Market village, according to the rules, the first time I visit it, I gain 1 Adventure Point, coming to a whooping total of 9 Adventure Points. I really need to see how I’ll spend these.
    Rolling on the Town Events I got Offerings of Food and Shelter which means I won’t have to pay Upkeep this turn.

    1 Recovery Turn is chugged off for Omac and Bolga, and we proceed to the Campaign Activities. Bolga’s Cleaver (Bastard Sword) is off to the Blacksmith for repairs for 2 Gold Marks, and Liana makes a Study attempt, but fails.

    For Trading, we proceed to Sell a Camp Gear set, and Animal Pelts both worth 4 Gold Marks, and we buy a set of Light Armor for Temir and a Fencing Sword for Boots, costing 8 Gold Marks.

    On the Research step, we may take the offer of a contract. Rolling further, the source is an Individual and the task is to Retrieve an Item in an Unexplored Location in the Wilderness. I decide that I won’t follow up, since my warband is at 2/3 strength, and decide on the adventure step that we will Rest Up.

    Closing up the turn, on the News Travels we found out that the Duke’s forces have raided the enemy. I choose that the threat of the Gnawling Horde is reduced to 5.

    Turn 7 – Map

    The Ravens of Gadun enter Broduncer. It is small village that periodically is the central point of sales as people from the region gather to sell their goods.
    Word of the Ravens obliterating the rat-kin outside the village has reached the people already and they cheer for them. An old lady greets them. “You won’t spend your night in the inn. My husband was adamant that we’ll take care of you.” She says as she smiles. Lady Liana of Trenne receives the gift heartfully, and the Butcher and the Beard are taken care of at Mrs. Hame’s home. She’s Bertio’s aunt, so she must be a distant relative of the Black Ferret, but any attempts to glean any information about the elusive man, fall on deaf ears, as she pretends to not listen.
    Lady Liana spends some time in the local church to see if there are any manuscripts worth reading, but finds nothing of importance.
    Caldas takes Bolga’s Cleaver to the blacksmith, who eyes him carefully, considering that the blade is as large as the halfling himself. Caldas enjoys pulling jokes like that. Then he proceeds to go to the market, and starts selling what they don’t need. He’s made quite a good deal for the pelts he skinned and some camping gear they don’t need, so he decided to reward himself with a nice fencing sword. He also bought a set of leather armour for Temir, so that he doesn’t appear completely selfish.

    With two of their strongest out of action, Lady Liana decides that they won’t go adventuring, but rather keep on to their strength. Thankfully, their deeds didn’t go unnoticed at the highest levels of society. Duke Gauwill sent a detachment of troops and hunted down several rat-kin that were hiding in the immediate vicinity. It’s going to be a little bit safer for the people of the Aristrax Marches for now.

    Turn 8

    Staying at Broduncer, the Town Events rolled is Something for the road. We’re grateful for a pack of Rations.

    Upkeep is rolled to be 2 Gold Marks, and 1 more Recovery Turn is removed from Omac and Bolga.

    For Campaign Activities we will Help the Town Guard and Study. Study was a failure one more.

    In the Trade step we sold a bag of Foreign Coins worth 3 Gold Marks.

    In the Research step we had no result.

    For Adventuring I will risk travelling to Newhorn which is the only Town in the region so that I can repair Omac’s Full Armor which is damaged. The Travel roll gave a result of Uneventful Travels and we reach the Manor Town of Newhorn without any issues.

    The News Travels roll resulted in Travelers having seen something odd in the forest and hills, and I’m to add an Unexplored Location to the Wilderness. These are the Barakzir Crags.

    Turn 8 – Travel Map

    Mrs. Hames wants to keep sheltering the Ravens of Gadun, but Lady Liana can’t take that for much longer. She needs a proper hot bath, and is willing to pay the extra silver to the Cracked Cask. Of course she can’t insult Mrs. Hames, so she just says that she insists that they can’t stay in their feet for much longer ‘8 warriors who eat like 15’. Mrs. Hames finally gives in, but only if they agree to take a pack of rations with them. She also warns them to not take Bertio with them and to tell the ‘man’ as she refers to the Black Ferret for the first time, that Bertio will stay with her in Broduncer and help with work that needs doing.

    Staying at the Cracked Cask costs more than Lady Liana anticipated, so she ‘asked’ -not so nicely of Temir and Myrick to help the Broduncer guard with whatever they need, in exchange for some easy coin. She’s one of the few people who are privileged enough to read and write, but again her efforts to find something worth reading in the church, fall to the void. In the meantime Boots goes to the market and fetches a good price for the bag of Rahyrstian coins.

    After a short while, she realizes that they can’t stay in Broduncer for yet another week. She gathers round the group, and announces to them that the next day, they’ll be packing for Newhorn.

    Their trip to Newhorn is uneventful. They reach the seat of the Aristrax Marches, where Duke Gauwill’s winter home is. Noone seems to have heard of them here, and the welcome isn’t near as close as the welcome to Broduncer. As they pass through the main gates, they overhear travelers speaking of the Barakzir Crags, and how dangerous it was to travel through there.

    At least Liana knows that here, they’ll find a blacksmith that can perform repairs to advanced items, such as Omac’s articulated plate armour.

    Turn 9

    First time in Newhorn – I recall that we have a task to take a letter from the Innkeep’s family. We’ll pick this up and deliver it back to Langecliff when we are in the village.

    Town Events resulted that an elder tells us a tale that stands out. We gain 1 Adventure Point.

    Upkeep is 2 Gold Marks and Omac and Bolga will finish up their recovery by the end of this turn.

    The Campaign Activities I choose is to Help the Town Guard (of course, we can’t afford to lose any hard earned Gold) and to go to the Blacksmith and repair Omac’s armour for 3 Gold Marks.

    In Trade we sell the last of our valuables, a Sack of Grain worth 1 Gold Mark.

    For the Adventuring step, it’s time to Travel back to the Chasm and get the information we need to continue the Quest. The Travel roll is again Uneventful Travels which is good considering Omac and Bolga still need this turn to complete recovery.

    So, for the next Quest Step the Quest Location will be at another Unexplored Location in the Wilderness. This is the so-called Forest of Ghostwood. I will need to explore this before progressing with the Quest Task which will be to Locate an artifact.

    To finish this turn, I’ve rolled at News Travels that a friend needs my help. Since we have no friends this means generating a contract, but I choose not to.

    Turn 9 – Travel Map

    The Weasel’s Cellar is the biggest inn Lady Liana has set her eyes on in the Aristrax Marches. It is located in a residential quarter, south of a tree-lined stream. Its neighbors include a large bathhouse and a modest traveler’s shrine. The inn is a two-storey building of timber and brick walls, with a smooth stone floor. Accomodations consist of several small rooms with wooden cots. The innkeeper is an old female halfling named Mina. She was once an adventurer, but claims that she was maimed by a dragon. It is actually an old halfling patron of the inn, who recites the tale for anyone willing to listen.

    The Ravens sit by the fire and listen to the hour long story of how Mina ducked under a rock while the dragon’s breath blasted everything to charcoal above her head, and how her foot was burned by her lead sling bullets melting through the pouch and dripping on her boot.

    After settling themselves in the inn, Boots quickly makes connections with Mina, who hands him over the letter for the Weary Knave. Messages between the inns are quite common as a means of communication in the Aristrax Marches, but hiring adventurers is the least effective way to perform it. On the other hand, hiring a dedicated messenger would cost a lot more.

    Lady Liana assigns tasks for Myrick and Temir to work for the Town Guard, while she goes to the blacksmith to have Omac’s armour repaired. A master armourer is needed, and a heavy pouch of coins worth 3 Golden Marks, half upfront, to get the work done, but in the end it’s as good as new.

    Caldas, having taken the role of the warband haggler, sells a sack of grain to the local baker, to make some coin for warband expenses.

    After having rested for a while, she can tell the time has come. She calls for the Ravens to gather and they head off to travel back to the Black Ferret. The man has some answers to give.

    A couple days later, they’re face to face with the Black Ferret.
    “Word has reached me. You’ve saved Bertio.” He sais. “I’m grateful. You might be the ones who can save us from this evil.”
    “Stop speaking with riddles. What is this about?” Lady Liana’s patience is nearing its end.
    “I know not where it ends. But I know this. The Parchments of Ugmal have resurfaced. They were thought burned, but word in not-so-valorous circles is that they are to be found in Ghostwood Forest. The ruins there are their last known location. And if Froinain never destroyed them, as legends say, then if they fall in the wrong hands, the Marches are in peril.” The Black Fereret explains.
    “What do these parchments contain?” Liana asks.
    “Noone knows exactly, because the keepers of this knowledge never shared it. But they’re thought to hold the key to power that could unravel the very fabric of balance. Needless to say, you must recover them, and judge for yourself if they must be destroyed or used to stop something worse.” He responds.
    Lady Liana nods. She turns to the Ravens. “We camp. We leave at first light.”

    Turn 10

    The Camp Events result is that This life is wearing on you.

    Upkeep is 2 Gold Marks again.

    For Campaign Activities I choose to Live off the Land so that Upkeep is negated, and Bolga will Forage for Herbs, resulting in a successful finding of Springwind berries (1).

    For Adventuring we go to the Unexplored Location for the Quest which is an Old Ruin. I resolve a Traveler Encounter. It’s a Priest, Sociable with Profound life advice which gives us 1 Story Point. To progress further we’ll need to clear at least 1 level of the Old Ruin delve so that we can continue with the Quest Task to Locate the artifact.

    Turn 10 – Travel Map

    Another day, another sleep in a bed roll on the countryside. Omac’s back is really hurting. He’s getting older and older. Sometimes he just turns his thoughts back to his old life. His cozy bed and linen sheets. But that’s all in the past now. He steels through, and gets back to the task.

    “Ravens!” He yells. His strength all back together. He’s recovered.
    “We leave at once for Ghostwood Forest. You ain’t scared of ghost stories are you?” He asks jokingly. “There won’t be any time for lingering around. We hunt and forage on the go. While travelling.”

    The warband is glad he’s back on his feet, even though that means some extra work for them. Under Lady Liana’s leadership, things were… different.

    A good two days later, they happen upon a priest doing his pilgrimage.

    “Greetings friends.” The bald man says. “Nellaser may guide your steps.” He sents a blessing of the Lady of Wanderers.
    “Well received, friend.” Omac responds.
    “Never forget, when you don’t know where you are going, you’re not truly lost. Because any road, will take you, where you want to be.” The man sends his advice and keeps on his way, while Omac, stands there pondering his words.

    By the end of a day, they make out some overgrown ruins. A huge, damp, rotten gate creaks loudly as Bolga pushes it open. Without speaking another word, they enter the darkness. Caldas, leads the way, his senses heightened to pick up the sound of any danger.

    Caldas the halfling, as always, scouts ahead first. The first move dictates that there’s A passage through, so I get to add yet another Unexplored Location to the same Map Area.

    The old ruin in the forest of Ghostwood
    on hindsight I should have used a battlemat underneath the dungeon tiles, as it would have made them stand out a lot better.

    Rolling for the enemies in the Lurking Foes table, my first result is Giant Rats (which I don’t have), so I re-rolled this time (instead of going down the entries as I did previously) and the result was Delve Crawlers, which immediately made me reconsider my options. I need to buy some Giant Rats miniatures.
    They are 8 in number and thankfully have no Leadership. For the Delve Crawlers I used my Vanguard miniatures not-Genestealers.

    Infestation with Delve Crawlers. Who knows who lived there before.

    There isn’t the sound of a single critter as Boots walks silently forward. This place hasn’t been inhabbited by it’s original owners in a long time now. Huge drapes of sticky webbing cover the walls and furniture. Caldas puts his hand on his sword. He can’t forget the last time he saw webs in a dungeon. Giant spiders were onto them within minutes. Who knows what creature has called this place its home.

    As he walks further in, he sees a passage leading outside. From the scattered sun rays, and the little openings he can make out a murder of crows circling above. He makes a mental note that there might be something of interest there, and continues inside.

    The Combat

    ROUND 1

    Boots moves deeper in the ruins, and as he explores, he sees a big pile of loot. But what catches his attention is the trio of huge insect-like monsters that turn and see him as soon as he steps inside the room. One of them jumps at him, but the quick footed halfling steps aside, and strikes back. The chitinous carapace is pierced, but Caldas only manages to scratch the creature.

    ROUND 1
    From the start it seems that the first explored marker to the north gave a result of a Guarded Stash. This means that there's a 3! Loot rolls worth of treasure there, but there's also 3 more Delve Crawlers, which brings their total number up to 11...
    ROUND 2

    The sound of battle and screeches of the creature, raises the alarm, and they all crawl towards the main room.
    The Beard makes an incantation to hold a trio of creatures approaching from the west corridor as both Temir and Caldas shoot at their enemies. But neither missile pierces the thick chitinous carapace.
    The crawler next to Caldas jumps back again on him. Caldas fends it off, but a scratch on his arm is more than it looks. The halfling feels a poison running through his veins, and quickly drops.
    Another crawler charges at Omac arriving from the east corridor, but the Beard pushes it back.
    Bolga steps on top of the big table and cleaves a crawler in two, while at the same time Myrick shoots an arrow at another crawler from the north corridor, wounding it.

    ROUND 2
    Omac's spell didn't activate any additional Lurking Foes. They're too many already, and I'm glad (there's a rule for Lurking Foes when you're casting a spell).
    ROUND 3

    Myrick shoots again at the wounded crawler and finishes it off.
    Bolga attacks another of the creatures, but he fails. The creature snaps back, and his dripping poison mandibles hit Bolga’s armour. Bolga hits it back, stunning it momentarily.
    Lady Liana holds the northern attack. The heart seeker slashes at a crawler and cuts it like butter.
    Temir aims his arrows at another of the creatures, and the arrow goes through and through, dropping the creature.
    Omac’s spell keeps the trio of crawlers bound at the west corridor.

    The crawlers jump at Lady Liana and Bolga. They both fend them off, but Lady Liana can’t shake the feeling that fate intervened on her behalf.

    ROUND 3
    I had to spend a Story Point to save Lady Liana's life.
    I also timed Omac's spell carefully. Decided to use Anticipate so that he can act in the Quick Phase next round, for another Bind spell.
    ROUND 4

    Omac begins his spellcasting to keep yet again the crawlers bound under his spell, but he fails his concentration.
    Bolga holds the eastern line on his own, but doesn’t succeed in causing any casualties to the crawlers.

    From the north, Liana is charged upon yet again. The pincers pierce her armour, and she falls.
    Free from the spell, one of the crawlers attacks Temir. The Ox blocks the attacks and hits back, stunning the creature for a fraction of a second, which is enough for him to follow with another attack which wounds it. It staggers back and Temir holds his bow and attacks with an arrow, which is deflected from the creatures carapace. Myrick shoots at the same crawler. His arrow finds a weak spot in the carapace, and the crea(there’s a rule for Lurking Foes when you’re casting a spell)>ture dies.

    ROUND 4
    It seems my Story Point to save Liana was wasted. I should have used Liana's Will point to have her act in the Quick Phase. Maybe it would have been a different outcome, but I totally forgot about it.
    ROUND 5

    Omac concentrates again to cast a Bind spell on two of the crawlers, and puts all his willpower to it to succeed.
    Bolga holds off the eastern corridor, without killing any of the creatures.
    Temir shoots at a crawler. The arrow hits the head and kills it.

    The crawlers try to get past Bolga, but he blocks and wounds the creature, pushing it back.
    Myrick shoots at the wounded creature, but his last arrow hits the stone bricks.

    ROUND 5
    Had to spent a Will point to get the spell cast successfully. Thankfully it didn't activate any additional enemies.
    ROUND 6

    Bolga kills the wounded crawler with a strong hit.
    The last of the crawlers from the east jumps on top of their friend’s remains and attacks Bolga. He’s hit but his armor stops the strike, pushing him back, and the crawler hits again, but merely scratches Bolga, and finally Bolga stops him with a block.
    One of the two spell bound crawlers breaks free and attacks Temir, but each of the two combatants dodges the other’s strikes. Temir builds some distance and goes to shoot his bow, but he has dropped all of his arrows from his quiver during the melee.

    Omac decides to join in the melee. He brings his bastard sword down on a crawler, stunning it, and once more wounding it, before the creature has a chance to react and push him back. The wounded creature turns and flees.
    Myrick drops his bow and attacks in close combat a crawler nearby, but the creature snaps back and its pincers pierce Myrick’s armor, bringing him down.

    ROUND 6
    ROUND 7

    Bolga fights with the crawler in front of him, but it jumps back and hisses at a defensive position and he stops. The crawler pushes back at Bolga, who blocks the attack, but it delivers a spit of venom. Bolga falls under the influence of the poisonous substance.

    Temir on the other side slashes and wounds a crawler, but it blocks his next attack. The two combatants clash once more with no clear winner, but as Temir steps back he feels poison running through his veins. The venom entered through a slight scratch that got through his armour. But Temir isn’t known as “The Ox” for no reason. He grits his teeth and fights on. The crawler attacks back at him but Temir blocks and slashes with his sword, killing the crawler in one strike. Another one jumps at him and meets Temirs blade as well.

    Omac attacks the last crawler and wounds it. Stunned the crawler stumbles back and Omac finishes it off with his bastard sword.

    ROUND 7
    Spent my last Story Point to save Temir's life here, but unfortunately lost Bolga right afterwards. At least Temir paid off the cost by eliminating two of the last three crawlers.

    With danger lurking around every corner, the Beard and the Ox tread carefully to the northside. There they find a good stash of items and put it in their backpack.

    ROUND 8
    I could have rolled the 3 loot rolls here and now, but I rolled it in the end along with the rest, mostly in order to get the combat section complete, since it's getting late.

    The duo continues west to another room of the old ruin. A chest strikes Omac as valuable, and he rushes to open it, but it’s trapped! A bear trap maims his leg. Quickly Temir rushes to his aid and applies bandages dipped in a healing poultice to help him.

    ROUND 15
    In the first Exploration Marker I rolled up that it's a Brutal Treasure Trap. Omac was wounded, but I used up one of the Bandages from the backpack.

    After helping themselves to the contents of the chest, they head southwards. Temir starts coughing. A noxious gas fills his lungs and he drops unconscious. Omac drags him back. Alone, he knows he cannot continue exploring the ruin. One by one, he gathers his wounded companions, and they all step outside this forsaken place.

    ROUND 18
    The third Exploration Marker had an Environmental Hazard which brought down Temir. I won't risk going to the rest of the markers with only Omac alive. I've completed the objective, so I can leave and continue with the part of the Quest in the next Turn.

    Since I have two Misty Water Flowers, and two Poison Casualties, I decide not to risk it further, and use them. Caldas and Bolga recover immediately.
    Rolling for the rest of the Injuries, Lady Liana of Trenne was just Knocked Out, Solas Temir the Ox had his Light Armour Damaged and Myrick the Hood was Seriously Injured for 5 Turns of Recovery. I just realized here and now that I have forgotten to Repair Liana’s Helmet. This could be life saving and I must get to it the next time we get to town.

    The advancement was limited this time. They all gain +1 XP for participating in the battle, and Omac an additional +1 XP for surviving. There were no advancement rolls.

    Now we have 3 Loot Rolls from the Guarded Stash, 1 Loot Roll for the Treasure Trap and 1 Loot Roll for achieving the objective. I’ve rolled up one set of Partial Armor, a Fine Shield, a Fine Longbow, a set of Throwing Knives and a Bag of Coins worth 3 Gold Marks.

    For Holding the Field I roll on the Unusual Finds and get that there is a path that Leads to a location.

    Finally to close up the Turn, I roll on the News Travels that there is a Virulent Disease in Broduncer. Probably has to do with the rat-kin wandering in the region.

    Lady Liana wakes up as Omac pours some wine in her mouth. She’s battered but okay. The two of them take the misty water flowers and deliver a healing broth to Caldas and Bolga. The antidote acts quickly and they get back to their feet. Temir has his leather jacket torn, but it seems to have taken the brunt of the attack, since he’s in a good shape. He turns his attention to Myrick who has serious wounds to his torso. He helps him out, but he’s in no condition to be fighting. It will take him a long while to recover.

    After tending to their own, they set guard shifts in watches and Boots looks to what they rushed out. A set of brigandine armour will be a fine replacement for Temir’s ruined leather armour. Bolga picks up a strong shield, and Temir replaces his self bow with a strong composite long bow. Omac puts a set of trowing knives in his belt, and counts a bag of coins that they found.

    Boots with his keen eye also notices another path that leads outside. He follows it for a short while and in the distance he can see that there is an overgrown and long-forgotten tomb of carved stone. He returns with the information to Omac, but he disregards it.
    “Our task is further inside.” the Beard answers.

    It’s been a while since I had a proper photo of the warband, so here they are, outside of the delve. To help with more information sharing I’ll also display their roster.

    The Ravens of Gadun
    This roster display will have to do until I find a better way to do it. There are some issues with form editing of PDF over Linux.

    Session Summary

    That was one of the longest sessions I’ve run so far. Very interesting. I love how everything tries to connect together in the end, but some player oversight is required as Unexplored Locations can easily get out of hand.
    So far to handle this I decided to disregard Unexplored Locations about actions I explicitly don’t follow (e.g. May take up the offer of a contract), but maybe I need to set a hard limit.
    Also some considerations need to be taken regarding the naming of the locations. I started with names like “Ghostwood Forest”, but I can tell that this is best related to the Map Area rather than the location itself, because you don’t know what the location is until you decide to explore it.
    Therefore I went with descriptions in the last two Unexplored Locations. For example using donjon, I went with “Somewhere amidst a shadowed forest. A murder of ravens circles in the sky overhead.” and “Somewhere in the Darkmoor Fen. An overgrown and long-forgotten tomb of carved stone stands here.” and I’ll go with this style in the future. Because after all the Unexplored Location is just something that evokes interest without becoming clear what it is until you get there – and the relative table from 5L3e will take it from there.
    Also I can leave some Map Areas nameless. A number with a location in the Wilderness is sometimes enough. Don’t need to overload the Map.

    Now I also need to connect other aspects to what makes sense, even if it means downsizing (downsizing is to the player’s benefit). Maybe I can spend a Story Point for this, but I’m not sure it’s worth it. An example that arose (which is quite similar to what had happened before, therefore it’s bound to happen again) is that to proceed with the Quest Task Locate an artifact which is a Site Battle, I must explore the Unexplored Location which happened to be a Delve (aka Site Battle) so I must clear the first Depth. According to RAW, I’d need to clear the First Depth (which I did) and then proceed to a second Delve in the same Map Area. However I’ll consider that the Locate an artifact Site Battle is essentially the second Depth of the initial Delve. This will result in having less things to clear in the Map, and make it all more manageable. I’m afraid that if the number of locations continues at this rate, I’ll get lost.

    Finally I started removing some cleared locations and areas from the map, but I’m keeping their numbering for future reference, just in case.

    On a different note, some more topics I’ve noticed are listed below.

    This time on the Delve I went with measuring distance as per RAW instead of using grids, and I must admit that it’s tons better! The placement of the miniatures, terrain items, and the engagement zones are much more clear.

    Since I rarely had more than 8 Backpack items, and the Stash is an abstract feature that is valid in any settlement, I didn’t pay the required attention to the number of items, and I may have travelled with more han 8 (alas only by a small amount). I now will pay attention to it, and maybe I’ll consider the Stash-per-settlement rule as it will make things a bit more interesting.

    Finally the two topics that I’m considering is that Upkeep and Rest Up have zero to minimal consequences.
    I am undecided as to the Upkeep. The way I see it is that if you have plenty of coin, then you can afford to lose some (by not taking the Help the Town Guard or Live of the Land), and gain that extra Campaign Activity. Maybe that’s enough. But as it is, I can only think of a rare few cases that one might be willing to bite the bullet and pay the extra cost. Maybe wanting to both Repair a necessary weapon and visit the Healer because of a time sensitive activity? a contract? But contracts are mainly important due to the extra cash you get, so it seems counter-intuitive. Maybe there’s something I’m missing right now, I’ll keep monitoring it on the back of my head.
    With regards to Rest Up, it seems that if you do this the only thing occuring is that News Travels. So essentially, coupled with the Upkeep one could stay at a Settlement or Camp until every one in the warband is in a proper fighting shape, and then continue. As if time has paused. This is a little bit on opposite ends with the living world feel that the game has managed to evoke that occurs while adventuring. I am considering hacking this a bit. Maybe give a chance for Threats to increase or a chance for a roll on Enemy Plans.

    Back to the Quest topics that had arisen in my previous sessions, running Quests is a Player Skill to be learned. Using the right abstract parts from donjon’s generators and leaving some things open to interpretation seems to work for now.

    Whatever the case, I’m looking forward to the next session where I delve deeper to find the Parchments of Ugmal.

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