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    A scout mission gone awry 

    Reflections on my first solo play adventure

    When I first heard about solo playing I was very skeptical. I decided to try it out nevertheless and my first two attempts were a disaster.

    In my first try, I tried to play without the use of an Oracle, but by being the GM and emulating the character. Didn’t work out, and my character was slaughtered by a critical hit that severed his knee in the first round of combat in the first scene.

    Second try, I used BOLD to set up a story, and started using an Oracle to set up the scene, but quickly I got lost in questions that made no sense and abandoned it.

    Both of these were set in an agnostic fantasy setting, and herein lies the first two problems I had to solve. I needed to have some meta knowledge of the setting my character lived in, and also knowledge of the game mechanics so that I won’t be losing a lot of time.

    So I chose Star Wars D6. I know the setting. I’ve watched the movies and several of the animated series episodes. It’s also a huge universe, so I could mix canon stuff with things I made on the fly through the Oracle. Secondly I have the physical books in my collection from my TTRPG days. No more going back and forth in pdf files trying to browse to the page I want.

    In retrospect, those two were excellent choices that helped drive my play forward.

    I created a scout character. I chose a scout because he is prone to solo adventuring, and I wouldn’t have to think a lot about an adventure hook. So without a second thought I used a name generator until I got something I liked and off we go.

    Here I made a mistake. I didn’t spend some time to create some proper background for Roy. Yes, he wants to explore and he wants to make a name of himself. That’s very shallow. It caused me a few headaches down the road where I wasn’t sure how Roy would react. So he acted how I would act.

    I tried to fix it later by using BOLD for a backstory, but still I have a gap there. For the future I intend to use some random roll based on Septimus and OpenD6 chargen which has several traits that will have both roleplaying and game mechanics impact. Lesson learned.

    First play session in, and I have a very bad roll in astrogation. Which destroyed Roy’s ship and has him evacuate in a hurry to survive.

    That was great! At the moment I couldn’t see it, but a story module could have been designed that way and it happened in game!

    The cinematic nature of WEG Star Wars D6 payed out. Roy’s adventure turned oh so different because of this starting event.

    Third or fourth session in, I realize that Roy won’t get far all alone. He needs assistance. I managed to bring that to him through the Oracle and UNE and bring out Luca, who would become a secondary PC-NPC later on. Balancing is important.

    Here’s how I started mixing up Oracle rolls and game mechanics. Whenever there is a game mechanic rule about something, it takes precedence. Otherwise I ask The Oracle. Pretty much how the GM would arbitrate. So Roy managed to persuade Luca to help him. Why? I assume that in the end it was Lucas nature rather than the promise of a vague unknown reward.

    A topic that came along many times was the combat maps. Theater of the mind vs grid map. I tried both, but since I don’t have a dedicated board or something similar, I went with theater of the mind. It also resolved faster. When soloing theater of the mind also has no misunderstandings. In the future I want to bring out my legos and try such a visualization.

    Now a long journey begins. With the duo jumping back and forth between systems trying to get the information on those data cores. At some point I got frustrated. I think it’s one of those moments where a GM railroads the players back into the adventure.

    I couldn’t see the big picture of how interesting this was. Thankfully the fellow lone wolves who read on my story pointed it out, and I stuck with it, and a couple sessions later, the data cores are unlocked, and the duo, accompanied by Kuna heads off to the mysterious coordinates.

    Looking back, I see that all this struggle gave the adventure depth. It has a prologue, main theme, and we’re heading to the revelation and epilogue. Another lesson learned. Never abandon the story, there are always hooks.

    Somewhere around here I decided to play around a bit with the game system. No matter how cinematic, for reasons I explained elsewhere, the addition and target numbers slowed down the pace when playing. I switched to a homebrew D6 Legends with pips success resolution mechanic and never looked back. It’s easy, fast has narrative determination if desired and success levels so that I can tell how well the character did.

    Now heading to the end one of the hardest things I had to tackle was metagaming. I haven’t solved the issue yet, but I have identified several cases where it happened, and I intend to write down some rules on how to avoid it.

    In several of my sessions I knew things my character didn’t. I fixed those cases but still, it either stole some of the surprise elements or made me feel like I was cheating, when I disregarded them to go with the story and Oracle flow.

    I also made a couple mistakes and had to trace back and delete a paragraph or two and catch the story again from there. So another rule I follow is that unless it’s written down in the cleaned up form (e.g posted here) if I made a serious mistake I can scratch it and restart from there.

    There were a couple sessions where I noticed my errors afterwards, and the consequences were dire, with the team wounded and losing their starship, but in fairness I stuck with it.

    In one of my sessions, just when I thought the team would be handed over to the Imperials, I had a player moment. I thought of something my character would do based on what he knows, which was a solution to the problem! This was very important to me as it gave me the thrill of playing the game instead of narrating or making rolls to see how well I did.

    20 sessions in, and when the dramatic outcome of saving the Amalsi didn’t occur, I knew I had to wrap things up.

    At first, I took focus away and just wrote a short epilogue on how they went to Aros and lay low.

    It just didn’t feel right. So I split it up and step by step, I played the epilogue, which gave me the closure I wanted, and some extra plot hooks.

    It feels much more fair and complete now.

    Another thing I learned was how to focus in and out. That’s another advantage of the D6 system. The skills can be for a quick action (sneaking past a guard) or a long term series of actions (sneaking through the wilderness). It assisted me when doing the repairs on the Dragonfly and in the epilogue when I wanted to wrap things up. I could have scenes with Luca meeting up the black market contacts and the data forgers, but that could have sidelined to new adventures and I didn’t want that at the time.

    Another challenge is bookkeeping. I am not great at organizing notes. I have printed the base character sheets but I don’t update them regularly. So I use a combination of paper copy and electronic notes.

    The most serious issue here is keeping track of credits and resources. In game I resorted to asking The Oracle if my character had a desired item. Much as a player would ask his GM. I am underway to using something similar to OpenD6 Funds attribute. Will see how it plays out in the future.

    I closed the adventure at a point with several plot hooks. We have Kuna with major cybernetic enhancements and a Sith artifact. Deng, a pirate captain scouring through the system, the fleet footed Kimby running away from Lligon Tuk and the Empire bringing it’s wrath down to the Amal moon. When I catch up I intend to use BOLD waylays to see what happened in the downtime.

    All in all, it was a very fun experience. I will be keeping the D6 Legends homebrew for my next games, unless I want to try something else explicitly.

    I have some new solo styles I want to try out so I am hitting pause on Roy and Luca, to catch up on them again later.

    Brief summary of story

    Our protagonist, Roy was assigned a Scout mission from his corporate employer. He set off with his ship to explore, but a disaster happened in hyperspace and he was stranded in unknown hostile territory.

    There he met with Luca, an old smuggler who agreed to help him in return of a share of the reward on whatever they find. Luca flies the Red Rancor, an Ghtroc light freighter.

    They recover the Nav data cores but they’re locked and encrypted and they set off trying to find a hacker.

    They meet with Kimby, one of Luca’s contacts, but she disappears at the first hint of trouble as she is being hunted down.

    Then they find another hacker, named Kuna, but they can’t afford to pay him, so they do a cargo run to gather the necessary credits.

    When they return, the station where the hacker resides is under pirate blockade, and they have to mediate between the pirates and the station command to get to their objective.

    They succeed, joined by Kuna who cracks the security of the Nav data cores and jump to their destination.

    There they find a frozen moon, and their first contact is with Imperial forces. Despite their small strength, probably due to the fact that this was an Imperial scout force, in the second skirmish with the protagonists, they ambush them, and the Red Rancor is destroyed.

    The team is captured by the locals, the Amalsi who intend to exchange them to the Empire in return for some of their own.

    They manage to escape and reach the frozen cavern of the abandoned ruins of an ancient Amalsi city under the glacier.

    There they learn the story of the moon, how an evil wizard who landed there terraformed the planet in his attempts to mine out some crystals.

    They fight off some beasts and manage to find the wizards starship. They bring it back to operation and fly out of the city.

    The team then assaults the Imperial outpost and obliterates it. The Amalsi join in the attack, but when they meet with our protagonists later, there is an incident with Kuna and the team had to escape with their hides intact.

    Finally they reach back civilized space and Kuna goes his own way, taking one of the wizards artifacts that he found as his share.

    Review of tools and systems

    WEG Star Wars D6:

    The core rulebook and setting I played the adventure. I will definitely be returning to it.

    Pros: Low amount of crunch, Skill and in-game mechanics descriptions for most situations, NPC stats easy to eye-ball, Easy Wounds system with quick resolution.

    Cons: Target numbers hard to choose fairly, Adding up dice pools can slow down solo play, Combat can become stale shootouts, Rules can be missing at places.

    Additional books used: Galaxy Guide to Scouts, Pirates and Privateers, Tales of the Jedi Companion.

    D6 Legends Homebrew

    Homebrew rules to solve some issues I face. I will be keeping it and evolving it as I play more.

    Pros: Can be used with D6 systems without conversions, Fast success result resolution.

    Cons: Can’t be used in 100% of the cases, resulting in regression to the original D6 system


    Light, few page oracle with fast resolution and low bookkeeping.

    Pros: Easy, Fast, Intuitive

    Cons: The ‘buts’ can be difficult to narrate all times, regressing to simple Yes/No


    Universal NPC emulator. Worked great for the cases I turned to it.

    Pros: NPC on the fly, NPC backstory

    Cons: The result may not fit the NPC.


    Book of Legends and deeds. What I loved about it is how easily it helped unleash a story when I was still learning my first baby steps in soloing.

    Pros: Produces great backstories. Can fill in in-between mission gaps.

    Cons: Can be difficult to combine the different story parts.

    GMA from beta Alone release bundle

    Had to print it out to use it, but it was worth the effort. It has great potential and is a quick assist at hand without having to search my online bookmarks for tools.

    Pros: No need for dice, no need for online portents, tailor-made for rpgs, solves multiple issues with one card.

    Cons: I don’t have the entire deck 😀


    This site has a ton of resources from fantasy to cyberpunk to scifi. It’s my go to resource when I want something generated. I only head elsewhere if I don’t find what I need.

    Pros: Generators for almost every need

    Cons: Some generators enhance metagaming (System generators)


    A cross platform note taking app that I use as an intermediary from paper to publishing.

    Pros: Cross platform (web, windows, Linux, iOS, Android), Note sharing, Markdown, publishing, export function.

    Cons: There are no folders so browsing can be a hard.

    Many thanks to the wonderful solo rpg community for all the knowledge sharing and support. It’s what inspired me to get on this endeavor.

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    Solo StarWarsD6 pt12: With others on the trail 

    System: Star Wars D6 by West End Games.
    Setting: Star Wars Era of the Rebellion.
    Character: Royxand Handscul ‘Roy’, Corporate scout
    Luca Delste, Smuggler
    Kuna Desyk, Hacker
    Solo Tools: MUNE, UNE, BOLD, donjon
    Books: Star Wars The Roleplaying Game Second Edition (West End Games), Galaxy Guide 8: Scouts, Pirates and Privateers
    Homebrew Rules: MythicD6, Advantages/Disadvantages

    Luca and Roy are escorted back to the Red Rancor by two Prine station security officers. As they arrive, they notice two more officers emerging from the light freighter, having finished their search.
    The duo, looks around at the landing bay for their hacker ‘friend’ but he is nowhere to be found.
    Luca turns to one of the officers, a young fella with blond hair and a thick moustache. “Did the man we send the message to arrive? Is he around?”. The officer looks frustrated. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. All I know is that you need to get back on board that ship and notify the pirates that we’re aligned, before they blast us all into space!”
    Roy intervenes. “At least let me go look for him. Both of us aren’t needed. Luca can deliver the message to the pirate admiral alone.”

    Roy: Persuasion: 9/8: Success

    The guard thinks about it for a moment, before finally receding. “You may go.”

    Before Luca vanishes back in the Red Rancor, he turns to Roy. “I’ll come back for you boy. If I’m not, then the pirates didn’t keep their word.”

    Roy leaves quickly, heading to Kuna’s workshop. Prine station houses around two thousand souls. With the recent space combat outside it, there is high commotion. People are swarming towards the hangar to try to find berth on a ship that leaves, others are discussing the pirate terms about miners joining the pirate crew, and a select few try to take advantage of the situation and use it for their personal gain. selling common goods at high cost.

    Q: Does Roy reach the workshop safely?
    A: Yes, but it takes him a bit longer than what it should.

    As Roy passes through the craftsmen sector, he notices a brawl erupting in the distance. Some folks are running towards the conflict, while others away from it. As he takes a few steps further, some officers with stun batons and riot gear run past him. He chooses to avoid the main path, even if the deviation will get him to the workshop a quarter of an hour longer.
    At last he arrives outside the workshop.

    Q: Is everything as expected?
    A: Yes, and Kuna Desyk is at the workshop

    Roy looks at the now familiar comm device and rings it to notify Kuna he has arrived. The robotic eye extends from the metal door and as soon as Roy is scanned, the door rolls open.

    “You took your sweet time.” Kuna says with irony. “Next time try to message me with someone else than Eilana Dene. I’m trying to keep out of her radar is possible.” He is sitting behind his desk like the last time, but this time he is not working on any project. “I’ve packed”. He add, nodding towards a backpack and a blaster rifle at the corner.

    Q: Do they return safely to the landing bay?
    A: No
    Q: Is it a random event?
    A: No
    Q: Is it someone after Kuna?
    A: No
    Q: Is it bounty hunters? (likely)
    A: No (didn’t see that coming)

    Here I would like to note, that I was really tired in my previous session, and even though I answered the question, I did not take it under consideration, and run with a portent. Reading it again, on the next session with a fresh eye, I realized my mistake, and now, with renewed creativity I doubled back on that event, and re-played the rest of the session with a different story, fit to the Oracle answers.

    Q: Is it someone after the data cores?
    A: Yes, and, they are not the only ones
    I don’t know yet, but they could be Viltro, Karflo, or someone else…

    Roy and Luca avoid the crowded parts of Prine station, to get to the Red Rancor as fast as possible. On one turn, they reach a less busy part of the station. It is a long corridor, with windows to the outside, and a couple of crates in the distance, where used station spare parts have been stored. Since it’s not a busy area, they have been left out there until someone picks them up.

    Homebrew Rule: Advantages/Disadvantages. Due to the crunch involved in searching through the different advantage/disadvantage modifiers in the Star Wars 2nd Edition rulebook, I've decided to implement a simple rule. When there is an advantage, Roll n+1 dice and keep the sum of the n higher individual results. When there is a disadvantage Roll n=1 dice and keep the sum of the n lower individual results. This cannot change a critical success or critical failure.

    I decide that it’s going to be an ambush, so Roy is entitled to a Perception opposed roll.
    Roy: Perception: 12/2: Success

    Roy catches a glimpse of some movement in the distance, near some part of the corridor which is not so well lit. He gestures Kuna to stop and cautiously points in the distance.
    In silence, Kuna scans with his cybernetic eye, while at the same time he gives Roy a blaster pistol, running it behind his back. He whips out his blaster rifle and shows to Roy ‘2’ with his fingers.

    “Actually it’s 3. Says a man behind them.

    As Kuna and the man point their guns at each other, the stranger continues. “Hand over the data cores and we’ll let you live.”
    Something in the way the stranger talked, gave Roy the assumption that he was lying out of his teeth. “Like hell we will.” Roy snaps and shoots.

    I will make a Knowledge check to see if Roy recognizes anything about them?
    Roy: Knowledge: 4/13: Failure

    Roy: 10
    Thugs: 8

    Homebrew Rule: MythicD6 System As discussed with /u/soypunk in another thread, I've decided to try out a 1-1 conversion of the MythicD6 successes/failures system for my Solo play. I will play out the combat with it, to see how it goes.

    Round 1:
    Q: Distance of thug (#3) that appeared behind them: 1D meters: 3 meters
    Roy shoots at Thug3: 3 Successes (need 2): Hit
    Damage: 1 Success against 1 Success: Thug3 is stunned.

    Kuna shoots at Thug3 twice (-1D)
    Kuna shoots at Thug3: 1 Success (need 2): Miss
    Kuna shoots at Thug3: 2 Successes (need 2): Hit! and a Complication!
    Portent: Steam chance
    Kuna’s blaster clip will lose all its ammo after the shot.
    Damage: 2 Successes against 0 Success: Thug3 is incapacitated.

    Thug1 is at 1Dx10: 10 meters
    Thug2 is at 1Dx10: 20 meters
    Thug1 shoots at Kuna: 2 Successes (need 2): Hit
    Damage: 3 Successes vs 3 Successes: Stunned
    Thug2 shoots at Kuna: 2 Successes (need 3): Miss

    Shots are fired in the blink of an eye. Roy’s blast hits with the man them. He seems a bit disoriented, but nothing serious. Then Kuna follows up with two shots from his blaster rifle. The first one misses, but the second get the man straight in the torso, knocking him out on the ground. As the second shot is fired, a steam fizzles out of the blaster rifle’s clip. In an instant, the clip has been emptied. “Luckily it didn’t explode” Kuna thinks while looking at it.
    The other two thugs who were hiding, shoot back, and a blast hits Kuna on the arm, but he wasn’t seriously hurt.

    Round 2:
    Roy shoots at Thug1: 0 Success: Miss

    Kuna reloads a fresh clip in his blaster rifle

    Thug1 stands where he is and shoots at Kuna: 2 Successes (needs 2): Hit
    Damage: 3 Successes vs 2 Successes: Wounded
    Thug2 shoots again at Kuna: 1 Success (needs 3): Miss

    Roy turns to shoot in the other direction, but fails to find his target. Kuna quickly removes the defective blaster clip, and puts a new one in the blaster rifle. The thugs keep shooting at Kuna, with the first one wounding Kuna on the leg.

    Round 3:
    Q: Is there any cover near Kuna?
    A: Yes, but it is 10 meters to the front, near their attackers

    Roy shoots at Thug1: 3 Successes (needs 2): Hit
    Damage: 3 Successes vs 2 Successes: Wounded

    Kuna shoots at Thug2: 2 Successes (needs 1): Hit
    Damage: 0 Successes vs 0 Successes: Stunned

    Thugs: Willpower check or Flee: 0 Successes: They flee.

    Roy makes a shot that connects to the thug closer to them, who is hurt to his weapon arm. Kuna shoots the other one, who is dazed, as the shot scratched him barely. Seeing their leader down, and under suppressing fire, the two thugs look at each other and flee away.

    Session Background: So MythicD6 seems to be working fine so far. I may keep this ruleset.
    I am wondering to see what will happen next. Will our duo go after their attackers, and engage in a chase, or will they try to get any clues from the downed enemy?

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    Solo StarWarsD6 pt11: An Offer You Can’t Refuse 

    System: Star Wars D6 by West End Games.
    Setting: Star Wars Era of the Rebellion.
    Character: Royxand Handscul ‘Roy’, Corporate scout
    Luca Delste, Smuggler
    Solo Tools: MUNE, UNE, BOLD, donjon
    Books: Star Wars The Roleplaying Game Second Edition (West End Games), Galaxy Guide 8: Scouts, Pirates and Privateers

    The pirates lead them through the corvette’s tight corridors. In every other corner, there is an operating station, manned by a spacer who has turned to piracy for a living.

    Q: Is there any conflict with the crew (unlikely)
    A: No

    The hardship and their pride is evident in the looks that they give Roy and Luca as they pass them by. They are not bothered by the newcomers, and quickly return to their task at hand. Roy can’t tell if it’s due to fear of their escort, or their captain.

    Finally, a blast door opens, and they are brought to what seems to be the bridge of the Gauntlet of Ulan. Their gaze is drawn to the main window, where they can easily see the Red Rancor in the Gauntlet’s grasp.
    Looking around, Luca can see several officer station on the bridge, coordinating the crew running the ship’s systems.
    In the middle of the window panel, in a big throne like chair, sits the man who most likely is the captain.
    He is middle aged, with a scar running from the left eyebrow down to the cheek. He has black, greying hair and is wearing flashy clothing.

    I use UNE for the NPC motivations: Guarded, Inquisitive, Questions about allies

    “I’ve brought them, captain.” The Teltior says.
    “Yes, Kodo. Stay with us while we have a chat.” The captain replies and continues, to Roy and Luca. “My name is Deng Carrick. I am the captain of the Gauntlet of Ulan and elected admiral of our little armada.” He points outside to the other spaceships. “Who are you?”
    “I am Luca Delste, and this is my copilot, Roy.” Luca says in a steady voice.
    “What are you transporting?” He asks.
    “Our hold is empty. We were in Keena, but we couldn’t find a reasonable delivery.”
    “And you came all this way without any profit? Surely you must have good reason.”
    “Ratau mineral fuel can make you rich if you sell it to the right place. This is the place to profit.” Luca says, worried by the string of questions.
    “You make it sound really profitable. Whatever. What is your relationship to Elaina Dene? Do make special runs for her?” Deng pushes on.
    “We only run from customers what pays good credits.” Luca says adamant.
    “So you want me to believe that you came here empty, without credits and without connections?” Deng looks at Luca inquisitively.

    Luca: Con against Deng (3D/4D): 16/15: Success!

    “Alright. You may be telling the truth. Let’s see if my crew verifies your statements.” Finally Deng seems satisfied.

    Q: Does Deng require anything further from them?
    A: Yes, but basic trust has been established.

    Pirate crew: Search Red Rancor: 1: Failure

    The captain receives a message on his datapad. He turns to Roy and Luca. “Seems you are a man of your word, Luca. Your ship is indeed empty. Let me make you a proposition then, and you might get to keep her.”

    So here I have an idea for the story, that the pirate captain might need something from them involving Prine, so that they have a chance to meet with the data hacker if possible.
    Q: Does it involve flying to Prine Station? (likely)
    A: Yes

    “During space combat lots of things can go wrong, and as you may have noticed, the Prine station’s comm array was obliterated. And to make matters even more interesting, the ion charge from the explosion, took out the backup relay as well. The problem now is that, we can’t talk to them, and we have demands to make.
    If we are to board them, they’ll answer in force for certain. I don’t want to risk the lives of my crew for trivialities, and here you came.” A sardonic smile draws on Deng’s face.
    “You are neither their enemy, nor mine, you fill in a very specific niche. You can relay our demands to them.
    I am in a good mood and gave you a nice opportunity. I generally don’t space cooperating prize crews, but if you refuse, the Red Rancor will stay with me, and you will be marooned in some off-world planet. Do you fancy survival in the outer rim?”
    Luca has a question: “What if they disagree to your terms? is our deal null?”
    “They won’t. Even then, consider our deal valid. I just want the message relayed, and your return with the answer.”

    Luca and Roy look at each other. Roy is nodding for Luca to accept.
    “Fine. We agree. Tell us the terms.”

    Q: Are the terms material only?
    A: No, he wants personnel as well

    “It is 1000 metric tons of Ratau mineral fuel to be delivered within 12 hours of message delivery. In addition, the mining shuttles will be sent to dock here, to the Gauntlet of Ulan. Any miner wishing to join our crew may do so freely. They will be eligible to one share each. My terms are non-negotiable. Until term acceptance, we will destroy any ship coming in and out of Prine Station.” Den eyes Luca carefully. “As I said I’m not risking the lives of my men, or giving them any leverage. The two of you will go alone. Try to flee, and I’ll feed you to space slugs.”

    Roy and Luca are escorted back to the Red Rancor.
    Kodo turns to them before closing the airlock behind him. “Do as the Captain said. You will live another day. Cherish the change you were given.”

    The two ships disengage, and Roy and Luca, slowly reach the cold hard realization of what occurred and how close they were to dying. Still they are not in the clear.

    “At least he didn’t sell us into slavery.” Roy says. “Or fed us to space slugs. Let’s deliver the message and hope noone will shoot us.” Luca fills in. He powers the engine, while Roy diverts power to the front shields. Slowly they move towards Prine station.

    Q: Does Prine allow them to land?
    A: Yes, but, they send a squad of troopers in the landing bay.

    The last few minutes of the flight towards Prine station have Roy and Luca on edge, fearing a barrage of lasers towards them, being shot from the remaining station turrets.
    They are monitored, but not shot at, and they fly into the landing bay. As the landing gear is extended, a complete squad of troopers is arranged in battle stations, under cover against the Red Rancor.

    Q: Do they have heavy weaponry?
    A: Yes
    How many?: 4D: 12 Troopers

    Two troopers set up a portable repeating blaster, aimed towards the Red Rancor. A further ten troopers, have their blasters aimed in the same general direction.
    From inside the glass of the cockpit, Roy and Luca raise their hands, to show that they will disembark unarmed and without any harmful intentions. They lower the exit hatch, and step out.

    Q: Are they shot at? (unlikely)
    A: No, and seeing them unarmed and submissive, the sergeant orders his men to lower their guns and arrest them.

    “Don’t shoot!” Roy shouts. “We’re just messengers.”

    Four of the soldiers, cuff them, grab them and carry them away while the rest of the squad enters the Red Rancor for another thorough search. This time from the miners.

    I am considering the possibility that Deng Carrick may have betrayed our characters and used the Red Rancor as a Trojan horse to damage Prine further and get them to surrender.
    Q: Is there a bomb on the Red Rancor?
    A: No
    Seems Deng is a man of his word.

    They will be transferred to the detention area where Eilana Dene will be there with the head of security and one brute.
    Q: Is Eilana human?
    A: No, she’s a near human, a Wroonign

    They are brought to the detention area of the station. It is small, with several bright lights. Officers come and go, all armed heavily, ready for any imminent boarding actions.
    Roy and Luca are seated in front of a metal table, wearing magnetic cuffs to hold them in place.
    In the corner of the room is a woman wearing expensive clothing. She has blue skin and dark blue hair, and is leaning against the wall, looking at the visitors.

    Roy: Alien Species: 7/13: Failure. Roy doesn’t know that species the woman is.

    Standing beside her is a muscular man in a miner officer uniform. He has some insignia patched on his jacket. His arms are crossed in a defensive stance and seems to be waiting for an order.
    Finally, looming behind them, a pig like Gamorrean is grunting heavily.

    Luca: Streetwise: 9/13: Failure. Luca doesn’t recognize Eilana Dene, unless she identifies herself in some way.

    She speaks up. “My men are searching your ship as we speak. You are Luca right?” She looks at Luca. “And Roy, is it?” to the copilot. They both nod.
    “Why did the pirates let you go? Why did they send you here?”
    Roy speaks. “Your comms are down, we have come to deliver their demands!”
    Her eyes squint with anger. “DEMANDS? you dare ask DEMANDS?” She shouts, and in unison, the Gamorrean smashes his fist against their table, leaving a big dent behind.
    “We are but the messengers, we had no choice!” Roy exclaims.

    Roy: Persuasion (opposed roll against Eilana): 13/12: Success (cutting it close!)

    She backs down. “Very well. You are right. My quarrel is not with you.” She takes a breath.
    “What do they want?”

    “1000 metric tons of Ratau mineral fuel and any miner who might wish to join them. They give you 12 hours, and will keep up the blockade.”

    Deng Carrick: Intimidate (opposed roll against Eilana): 21/8: Success

    She pauses and thinks for a moment. “We will oblige. I suppose you are to return with our answer.”
    Roy nods. “May I also ask?” he takes initiative. “We were coming here to get our friend Kuna Desyk. He wanted transportation. Can you tell him Roy and Luca are here for him if possible?”

    Luca looks at Roy amazed at how quickly the boy used his wits, and under pressure.

    Q: Does Eilana Dene grant the request?
    A: Yes

    “That won’t be a bother. I’ll have one of my men message him.”

    Q: Does Kuna go to the Red Rancor? (likely)
    A: No (why? something must have happened, we’ll have to find out).
    In the meantime, the Red Rancor is being searched by the Prine officers
    Search: 10/18: Failure

    Session Background: Seems our group had to mediate between the two sides, and only one is the winner. Will they be able to locate the hacker? They are in the middle of running the message requests, and it will be difficult to find the time.
    Also, I have started using simplenote, and uploaded Roy’s stats. I’ve also used BOLD to create a background for him, that I will upload when I can.

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    Solo StarWarsD6 pt09: Pest Hunting 

    System: Star Wars D6 by West End Games.
    Setting: Star Wars Era of the Rebellion.
    Character: Royxand Handscul ‘Roy’, Corporate scout
    Luca Delste, Smuggler
    Solo Tools: MUNE , UNE, donjon
    Books: Star Wars The Roleplaying Game Second Edition (West End Games), Galaxy Guide 8: Scouts, Galaxy Guide: 11 Criminal Organizations

    Q: Did anything occur while they were gone? (unlikely)
    A: No

    Luca and Roy return to the Red Rancor. Restocking, refueling and cargo loading has completed.
    Luca thanks the landing bay crew and prepares the ship for take off.

    A few minutes later, the Red Rancor is in space, heading for Keena.
    Luca runs the calculations by the Nav computer, and the ship enters hyperspace.

    Luca: Astrogation: 18/4(2D): Success
    24 days later, the ship emerges from hyperspace in Keena star system.
    Roy: Planetary Systems: 17/10: Success

    Keena is the only habitable planet in the system, which has another 6 planets orbiting its yellow sun. It’s a terrestrial planet densely populated with about 3 billion souls. Wetlands make up the majority of the land masses. The capital Benjy houses the Imperial justice administration for the entire sector. Due to the importance of the planet in the Imperial bureaucracy, the Imperial Governor, Tarsi Merol is the utmost authority on the planet.
    Despite the system’s importance, traffic is low and the starport services are limited.

    Luca turns to Roy. “Let’s hope our reputation doesn’t precede us.”

    Roy: Sensors: 13/10: Success
    Q: Are there Imperial patrols in the area?
    A: No

    As the Red Rancor approaches Keena, no Imperial starships appear on the scanners.
    They broadcast TransVere for landing procedures and head for the designated landing pad.

    Q: Is there any issue with the landing process?
    A: No, but it takes longer than usual.
    Q: How much?
    A: 1Dx10 minutes: 50 minutes

    “Red Rancor, your designated landing pad is 2F-55.” Starport control is heard through the comms. “The pad is not ready yet, please stand by.”
    50 minutes later, and wile Roy’s nerves are on the edge, fearing some issue the Imperial authorities, they hear from the starport operator again. “Red Rancor, please proceed with landing in the designated pad. Follow the northern route, low altitude approach.”
    With the thrusters set on atmospheric landing speed, the Red Rancor gently touches the surface of the landing area. The starport field is in the middle of the wetlands. The sun is about to set, giving an eerie feeling to the atmosphere.

    Q: Is anyone at the dock?
    A: No, but an A2 droid is there to receive manifest.

    They disembark from the vessel. Not a living soul is around, but an A2 accounting droid that approaches.
    “Please state the reason for your arrival, cargo and passenger manifest and desired stay duration.” The droid says and extends a datapad for Luca to enter the desired information.
    Once complete, Luca gives the datapad back to the droid. “Will you require something else?” it asks.
    “Yes, send a message to Yrat Arkner that her goods are here. Also arrange restocking for 25 days traver for a crew of two.”
    “As you wish.” The A2 droid responds.

    Q: Does the customer respond?
    A: Yes, but it will be 1D:2 hours before she arrives.

    “The message recipient has responded sire. She will be here in 2 hours to collect the cargo.” Adds the droid.
    “Alright then” Luca waves the droid away.
    “I say we wait until she arrives then we go for some RnR.” Says Roy. “I love the Rancor, but 23 days is a lot of time to be stuck inside.”
    “Yeah, yeah, we can have some fun after.” Luca agrees.

    A couple hours later, a luxury Mobquet Corona arrives. The driver steps out, and from the passenger door exits a middle aged brunette woman wearing formal business clothing. His hair is cut short, enhancing her sharp facial features. She approaches while the driver stays back, watching.
    “Luca?” she asks.
    Luca nods and extends his arm.
    She shakes it. “I am Yrat.” She looks at the ship. “And this would be the Red Rancor?”
    “Stocked with 60 tons of Ratau mineral fuel as ordered.” Luca says and smiles.
    She smiles back. “I’ll have the droids take if off your plate in the next few hours. 83 hundred credits will be transferred to your account as agreed.”
    “You would do me a favor if you paid in cash.”

    Luca: Persuasion: 12/10: Success.

    Yrat smiles again. “You made the trip without a hustle. That’s more than I can say for light freighter captains such as yourself. It wouldn’t be right to leave this unrewarded. I’ll pay everything in cash once it’s unloaded.”
    “It’s a pleasure doing business with you”. Luca says.
    “I would love to work with you again in the future.” She replies.

    Roy can’t help but wonder if there’s some chemistry between them.

    About one hour later, the Red Rancor is 60 tons lighter. The droids have stocked 3 containers, ready to be transported by Cargo Speeders. Luca and Roy, much richer, head to the nearest canteen in the starport.

    “The Cracked Cask.” Reads the sign outside the canteen.
    Now its late evening, so as the team enters, they see that the place is teeming with locals. A live band has already started playing to entertain them.
    Roy and Luca sit at a table away from the bar and the fuss of the evening and order a couple of drinks.

    Q: Is the evening uneventful?
    A: No, but nothing seriously dangerous will happen.
    Q: Does it involve another patron?
    A: Yes
    UNE: banal commoner, depress hardship, neutral.

    Suddenly, a drunk man sits at their table. Without invitation to sit or speak he starts talking to them about how hard is driving away Zhorwil pests out of his fruit plantations. His name is Porro.
    “You look like a hardy bunch. Would you care to do some hunting with me? Earn a hard night’s work?”
    Luca’s posture says no, but before he has a chance to open his mouth, Roy jumps in. “Sure would love to.”
    Porro’s eyes widen with joy. “Alright fellas, get your blasters and come with me. I’ll pay you. 10 credits per ‘head’. Never thought I’d find hired help here. See, that was my wife’s idea. She kept saying ‘go to that canteen by the starport, someone will be up to the task.‘
    Come, we got no time to lose. The Zhorwil only come out at night. Drinks are on me.” He leaves the payment with the barkeep and leads the team to his landspeeder, an XP-32-1 Sorosuub model.
    Porro pilots the vehicle recklessly in the marshlands, and about 15 minutes later, they are in a moist area with thick vegetation.

    They disembark, and Porro takes out his sporting blaster. He gives one flashlight to Roy and one to Luca. “These maggots eat my fruit at night. Kill them wherever you see them.”
    ‘Cla-cla-cla’ Roy hears and he sees a meter long cock-crustacean-insect like creature crawl from the marsh and climb a tree in front of him.
    Porro shoots and misses. “Get them!” he screams.
    Luca and Roy may be inebriated but they’re not crazy. They exchange looks. Luca lifts his shoulders in a ‘Who cares’ stance and they pull their blaster pistols. Pest hunting it is.

    Q: Are the Zhorwil hostile to invaders?
    A: Yes

    Initiative: Team: 8, Zhorwil: 10

    Round 1
    Attack Luca: 1: Miss

    Attack Porro: 10: hit
    Damage: 13/11: Stunned -1D

    Attack Luca: 5: Miss

    Attack Porro: 5: Miss

    Attack Luca: 6: Hit
    Damage: 9/16: No damage

    Shoots Zhorwil1: 13/8: Hit
    Damage: 15/4: Incapacitated

    Luca: 2 actions.
    Shoots Zhorwil5: 10/4: Hit
    Damage: 15/3: Incapacitated
    Shoots Zhorwil3: 9/4: Hit
    Damage: 8/6: Stunned -1D

    Shoots Zhorwil2: 10/4
    Damage: 14/1: Mortally wounded

    3 of the buggers surround Luca and start taking bites at him. He manages to evade 2 of them, but the third bites his foot. Thankfully the strong leather boot withstands the small teeth. Luca blasts off twice and kills one of them.
    Roy aims carefully and kills the one that bit Luca with a strong blast to the body.
    In the meantime Porro is on his own against two of the critters. He jumps around and they can’t bite him, but with a quick shot, one Zhorwil lies curling on its back, dead.

    Round 2:
    With 3 Zhorwil dead, I have to ask
    Q: Do the rest of the Zhorwil flee? (likely)
    A: No, but they will dodge fully

    Full Dodge: +8

    Full Dodge: +13

    Shoots Zhorwil3: 10/12: Miss

    Shoots Zhorwil3: 13/16: Miss

    Shoots Zhorwil4: 7/16: Miss

    The two remaining critters crawl around the tree so fast, that the team doesn’t manage to get a clean shot. Clearly they are semi intelligent, for when their brethren died, they turned from hostility to evasion.

    Q: Do the Zhorwil flee?
    A: No, but they dodge fully

    Full Dodge: +13

    Full Dodge: +14

    Shoots Zhorwil3: 16/17: Miss

    Shoots Zhorwil3: Complication: Roy fumbles and his blaster falls in the marsh.

    Shoots Zhorwil4: 6/18: Miss

    In his furry to kill the Zhorwil around Luca’s feet, Roy loses his footing and his blaster pistol falls in the marsh. Hopefully its not lost forever in the darkness or in a wet pit.
    Luca and Porro can’t get a hit on the evading critters.

    Round 4:
    Q: Do the Zhorwil flee?
    A: Yes, but they do it so fast, the team can’t shoot them.

    The two Zhorwil jump in a pit of water in front of them, and they flee so fast, there’s no point in trying to hit them.

    Roy: Search Blaster: 11/8: Success.

    Roy finds his blaster pistol.

    Q: Is it working?
    A: Yes, and it wasn’t damaged at all.

    Roy manages to find his blaster. Thankfully it landed on some tree root, undamaged and dry. He holsters it quickly.
    Porro gathers the dead Zhorwil remains. “Thank you fellas. We killed 3 of them, 2 got away, but they’ll think twice before returning. Nasty little critters.” He hands 10 credits to each, but Luca and Roy sternly refuse.
    “At least let me invite you to my house. My wife will make a nice Zhorwil stew.” He pats his stomach with his hand in a gesture of good eating.
    Before Roy has a chance to accept, Luca intervenes. “Thank you very much Porro. But we should be going back. We would only request a lift from you back to the starport.”
    “Yes, certainly.” Porro says disappointed.
    The group enters the landspeeder, and return to the starport.

    Session Background: So this time around things went a bit smooth. I asked a few questions to The Oracle just in case the imaginary GM had other plans for the players, but it was about time they got back on some steadier footing.
    A small side adventure occurred regarding helping the local village farmer, and along with Yrat, 2 new contacts are in the groups list.
    Since the story has evolved a lot, I need to spend some time and do some mapping along with contacts and bullet points for each entry, otherwise I might get lost and do some things that don’t agree with the story so far, or fail to see a connection that might help or make our characters’ life harder.
    I’ve created some NPC cards to start writing down stats in an easy manner for future reference.
    Also in some cases I’ve used random difficulty number generation as described in the rulebook. E.g. When Roy searched for his blaster, I assigned a ‘difficult’ difficulty and rolled it, just to be more fair when I can’t be objective.
    Also I’ve used BOLD right when the group landed, and got a ‘Noble death’ waylay with a ‘Fate’ solution, and couldn’t get it to fit in my story. But as /u/thredith suggested in another thread, I could apply this to another character that I know of from my story and the team will learn of it later when the story evolves.

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    Solo StarWarsD6 pt01: A Scout’s Odyssey 

    System: Star Wars D6 by West End Games.
    Setting: Star Wars Era of the Rebellion.
    Character: Royxand Handscul ‘Roy’, Corporate Scout
    Solo Tools: MUNE , BOLD
    Books: Star Wars The Roleplaying Game Second Edition (West End Games), Galaxy Guide 8: Scouts

    Used the BOLD waylays to define the adventure.
    Rolled misunderstanding, unforeseen. Solution favored skill.
    So I decided that a mission that should be given to someone else was given to Roy and it will play out later on. His Scout skills are his best strength so in spite of the mistake he might get away with it

    Day 0:
    Roy had already completed the scouts training in Karflo Corp. several months ago, but still he was performing map data analysis in HQ. Day in, day out he was still waiting for his opening. That mission which would give him a promotion and maybe an increase in salary.

    His datapad blinked. Incoming message. Encrypted! He entered his credentials to decrypt it and read through it with anxiety.

    At last! A Scout mission! “Investigate PG-39X. Outer Rim Unknown regions. Scout transport KF23 will be ready and equipped with standard mission gear in 18 hours. Coordinates have been uploaded to the Nav Computer.”

    The Unknown Regions of the Outer Rim, he thought. That would take several weeks time to arrive. Roy finished his job for the day, went home to prepare, and notified his friends and family about his imminent leave.

    Day 1:
    Roy arrived at the Karflo hangar bay. KF23 was a retrofitted Sienar Ships Lone Scout A with Karflo markings.
    A droid at the airlock handed him the manifest. He perused the contents and signed off on the responsibility of the ship and equipment ownership.
    Among others there were 20 weeks worth of rations, a claim beacon, multi pack, a light scouts armor and a DL-18 blaster pistol.
    A blaster pistol? The return to reality hit him hard as he boarded the ship. The outer rim is dangerous, his life was at stake.

    As he initiated the ships start sequence he went through the Astrogation data. The Nav computer had plotted 3 microjumps to reach PG-39X, but the coordinates of each jump would be unlocked in sequence as he arrived to each destination. Standard Karflo procedure to safeguard confidential corporate information.

    His Lone Scout left orbit, and in a few minutes with the help of the Nav Computer he performed the astrogation calculations and was entering hyperspace.

    He saw the calculated ETA. 10 days. That’s a lot he thought. It was the first time he was so far away from Raiys, his home planet in Tingel Arm sector.

    Q: Was the jump completed OK?
    A: Yes, but a ship is there.
    Q: Is it a combat ship?
    A: Yes
    Q: Is it imperial navy?
    A: No, but it is Imperial Customs

    Day 11:
    The jump from hyperspace was as expected. Roy didn’t get the time to get back to the cockpit and he was already being hailed.

    “This is the Imperial Customs Service. Unknown vessel prepare to be scanned. Maintain speed and course.”

    Imperial Customs here? Roy wondered. “Greetings. I shall comply, you may commence the search” Roy answered over the comms while performing a scan of the so called Imperial ship at the same time. Pirates were more likely to be here.

    His scans identified the ship as an Imperial Customs Frigate, verifying their identity. But still there was no further response on the other end. Where the Imperials satisfied or did they think he was some smuggler?

    He hailed them again “My name is Royxand Handskul, employed as a Scout by Karflo Corp. on official corporate business. Is everything all right?”

    Q: Are the imperials satisfied?
    A: Yes

    “Move on.” The frigate operator responded bluntly. Roy relieved, prepares the Nav Computer for the next jump.

    The coordinates have been unlocked, the course is calculated and KF23 enters hyperspace. ETA 5 days.

    Here the game astrogation mechanics are at work. I failed the astrogation roll by 9 points with a wild mishap die. Then I rolled a 12 on the astrogation mishap table with the following terrible results.

    Day 15:
    A loud noise is heard and the ship rumbles. A collision! Asteroid debris flies away as the ship drops to realspace. The red alarm light of a ruptured hull flashes through the ship.
    Roy needs to move fast the rupture is nearby, and he must get to the survival suit, as his life is in imminent danger!

    Calmly, as if in a training he pulls out the suit from the emergency box. He puts it on, seals it and starts taking a few breaths before deciding what to do next as the oxygen leaves the ship.

    Session Background: I decided to go with the Star Wars D6 system for a few reasons. First of all I have hard copies of the books I am using which is a great help. Secondly the system allows for stories that are revolving around one character be it a Scout, a Smuggler, a Jedi, a Pirate Captain or a Bounty Hunter. If extra support is needed droids can fill in the gaps without requiring serious background information. Finally the space opera feel of the system is great and there is a plethora of information both on Star Wars and on D6.

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