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    The Wardens of Gahyrst. Ep10. 

    Campaign Turn

    Village Event: Herbs are blooming.
    Pay Upkeep: -1 Gold
    Restock Ammunition: Since I fielded 3 Ranged Weapons, -1 Gold.
    Healing Up: Rudiger RT, reduced to 0.
    Carry Out Activities:
    Forage for Herbs: (Roving Wanderer): No herbs found. Just the one from Herbs are blooming. 1 Medicine Herb.
    Track: Managed to locate signs of the enemy.
    Study (Evie): Dodge Skill.
    Where are we going?: Go Adventuring
    Sell Unwanted Gear: Selling all damaged items for 4 Gold total.
    Trade: War Spear (Bought, Bruno), Rare Item: Fine Full Armor (not bought).
    Outfit for Adventure: Ready
    Recruit Some Villagers: None

    Go Adventuring: Combat Encounter: Outlaws: Desperate Mob: Encounter While Travelling: 7 Mobsters: Enemy Leadership: No Leadership Presence: Personality: Heretic
    Deploying Figures: 17″, 3 groups, 6″ apart
    Seize the Initiative: Seized
    Fight It Out.
    Table Theme: Near a Farm House
    Battle Objective: Scout
    Oddities: Gloom (Still Seized Initiative)

    The Wardens, 9 strong, are celebrating the return of Rudiger in action. The hardened veteran is ready to get back to combat. As they empty another flagon of ale, Evie feels a tug to her cloak.
    She turns around and sees a young child, fear in her eyes. “Dear lady, we need your help. Some evil men came to our farm. They wanted our belongings. My mother kicked them out, but they returned, more of them. One of them looks crazy. Screaming some unknown rites. My mother is barred inside, can you help us. Please?”
    The child needn’t say more. Evie stood up. “Wardens we have work to do. The sun is setting, but these people need our help.”
    She heads out, and the rest of the warband follows without hesitation.

    The Fight

    Swiftly, Evie guides them through the woods, behind the hills, outside of the line of sight of the enemy. They advance quickly. She sees three groups of ragged people coming towards the farm. She splits the warband in three groups as well. Frans and Alida head towards the orchard and the farm house to see if the girl’s mother is still inside.
    Evie, Ardus and the Roving Wanderer take the hill towards the pond where one mob is approaching, while Bruno, Rudiger, Wigmar and Gustav head to the side to meet with the other mob.

    Set up

    Under the gloom, the enemy is taken by surprise. Despite the lack of visibility, Evie’s arrows find their target and the first mobster falls.
    “There they are! Sacrifice them! Kill them! Smear their blood on you and we shall ascend!” One man shouts as he holds up a severed head. Taking the opportunity, the Roving Wanderer, shoots at the man. The arrow finds him between the eyes, and he drops dead. To the Warden’s surprise the enemy doesn’t disperse at the death of their leader, but instead they push on with renewed vigor!
    Joing in melee combat Ardus kicks back one mobster, while Rudiger does the same in the other side of the farm house.
    The push back isn’t enough, and soon Ardus is surrounded. One hit after the other, he parries as many blows as he can, but finally, he is overcome, and a blow brings him down.
    Alida checks the orchard, it’s empty. Frans checks the farm house, and the door is still locked. Most likely the mob hasn’t managed to get inside yet.


    Alida moves further to the fence, to get an opportunity to shoot his crossbow to the enemy, but as he does, he is attacked by a crazy mobster. He manages to push him back, and they both stand behind the orchard fence looking at each other from a small distance.
    Rudiger bashes at the mobster with his shield, pushing him back, while Bruno extends his spear, and the enemy holds off. The war spear allows him to take advantage of the situation, and as a second mobster comes for him, Bruno thrusts him, the spearhead coming from the other side. Another mobster is dead.
    Alida aims and shoots the mobster looking at him from the other side of the fence, but the crossbow bolt, doesn’t eliminate his enemy, despite finding it’s target.
    Evie and the Roving Wanderer shoot a hail of arrows at the gang that surrounded Ardus, and kill the lot of them.
    The mobsters behind the farm house try another charge at Rudiger and Bruno, but they’re no match for their skill, and soon the enemy perishes.
    The last mobster, wounded by the crossbow bolt, lets off a war cry and jumps over the fence. Alida stuns him with the butt of his crossbow and rebounds with a dagger thrust between the ribs, ending the fight.


    Frans: Healing Ardus: Failure
    Ardus: Luck: Lose 1 Luck Point: Dead: Medicine Herbs: Serious: 6 RT
    Unusual Finds: 33: Prisoner: Friendly Craftsman
    Adjust Threat: Outlaws: 0
    Rudiger Level Up: +1 Will
    Wigmar Level Up: +1 Luck
    Roving Wanderer: No improvement
    Alida Level Up: +1 Agility
    Frans Level Up: +1 Combat Skill ***
    2 Loot Rolls: Consumables: Medical Herbs, Armor: Light Armor+Helmet

    The Wardens close in on their fallen friend. Frans tries his healing touch, but he can’t save Ardus. His luck seems to have run out. The warrior would be dead if it wasn’t for Evie. She brings out her medical herbs from her bag, and quickly stops the bleeding. Ardus is saved. The wound is serious and he will need to stay a long time in the village to recover.
    Alida checks the farm house. “Madam? Will you come out please? The threat is no more. Your daughter sent us to save you.”
    The door is unbarred, and the woman comes out. “I can’t thank you enough. If there’s ever anything I can do, let me know. I owe you.”
    “Thank your daughter. We just did our duty.” Alida says with a smile.
    The Wardens gather whatever they can find from the enemy, and return back to Eerfeld.
    Everything seems quieter now.

    Session Summary

    This fight ended quickly. I think that my warband is at such strength that only a strong enemy can be dangerous. I’m on a good roll to clean up the village of Eerfeld.
    Writing out these blog reports starts to become repetitive, and I’m afraid that I might become burned out. I really enjoy the game, but writing out every single movement and capturing every single event in a photo is no longer that fun. I will switch to a more high level style of blog posts, and maybe gather them all in a Journal style format. I’ll try doing that, maybe retrospectively, for the previous sessions to see how it works out.

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    The Wardens of Gahyrst. Ep9. 

    So, going further into The Sunken Temple Scenario, I can’t write an actual play report without spoiling everything, so I decided instead to do a review and a summary of the entire thing, rather than ruining the experience for future players.

    It’s laid out in 7 Chapters, and you can progress without reading the next part, keeping the surprise levels interesting. There aren’t any punitive choices during the scenario (e.g. if you did X in Chapter 2, suffer Y in Chapter 5), rather going with the flow of the rolled events.
    It has variety in it’s encounters and variety in addressing the situations at hand. It is meant for a new warband, so there are times where my battle hardened Wardens had it too easy. After the first Chapter, it was mostly a walk in the park. The associated loot also is quite nice. For balance reasons (and due to having it too easy – the dice helped as well) I decided to nerf one item I found.

    In the end, with the associated experience and a new party member, I ended up with 8 well armed heroes, and just one follower. I feel like my warband can tackle almost anything, let’s hope that once I burst the scenario bubble I’ll be able to continue the same.

    Overall, I really enjoyed the scenario. Fun, and shows you what else you can do in 5L.

    If you’re interested, the rosters at the end of the Sunken Temple scenario are here. I have two, since, one doesn’t fit the entire warband.
    Wardens roster – Part 1
    Wardens roster – Part 2

    Note: The Five Leagues from the Borderlands core game has been updated to a new version, with several added features and some rule changes. A very important rule change has to do with Wounds.
    So far, it was that Wounds accumulated, and if someone is Wounded, they would roll at the end of their activation and there was a chance per Wound, that they would perish. You could chose to not act at all, and save yourself from one Wound. The new rule update is more streamlined. Wounds do not accumulate. If a figure is Wounded, then, they’re more likely to become a casualty if Harmed in combat.
    I like the streamlining, and will start following this rule, but I also liked how the previous rule made one think twice before running amok in the battlefield. Expect some homebrew rule in the future.

    Returning from the Sunken Temple, the Warband spends a turn in Eerfeld.

    Since I got further acquainted with the gameplay, I decide, to add the Optional rule of Village Events in the game.

    Village Event: Field work needs doing.
    Pay Upkeep: -1 Gold
    New Rule Restock Ammunition: Since I fielded 3 Ranged Weapons, -1 Gold.
    Healing Up: Rudiger RT, reduced to 1
    Carry Out Activities:
    Forage for Herbs: (Roving Wanderer): No herbs found
    Labor: +3 gold
    Armorer: (Warhammer): The item is beyond repair, and must be removed from the roster.
    Where are we going?: Go Adventuring
    Sell Unwanted Gear: Nothing to be sold
    Trade: Helmet (Bought, Bruno), Rare Item: Set of Traps (Bought). -8 Gold
    Outfit for Adventure: Ready
    Recruit Some Villagers: None

    Ladden with gold, the Wardens return back to Eerfeld. Nothing seems to have changed since the last time they were there. They take Rudiger to rest to the inn. “No reason to pay up the healing lady. I’ll get by on my own!” the stubborn veteran doesn’t want any help.
    Ardus takes up the task of buying rations and restocking ammunition. Their numbers have grown and the cost is obvious.
    The Roving Wanderer heads outside the town to forage for herbs, but despite his skills, he returns empty handed.
    Gustav heads to the blacksmith, bringing him the damaged warhammer. The bald, muscular man looks at the crack right in the middle of the hammer’s head. He shakes his head. “I’ll give it a shot, but don’t expect any miracles”. He puts it back in the forge, takes, a couple strikes at it, and it cracks in two. He brings it to Gustav once it’s cooled down. “See this?” he points at the inside of the crack. “It’s no good, irrepairable.” Gustav sighs in dissapointment and leaves.
    Bruno heads over to the merchant. He buys himself a helmet, and a set of traps. “These will prove helpful” he thinks.
    The rest of the Wardens go out to the fields to help with any work the villagers might need. Some are paid in coin, some in goods, that they barter back in the town square.
    Once everyone is back, Evie gathers the Wardens. “Where’s Rudiger?” she asks Gustav. Gustav raises a brow. “Seems he needs more time to heal up.” She scoffs. “Stubborn bastard…” she lets her phrase trail off. “Alright Wardens, you know the drill, let’s head out, clean this land from evil.” The warband cheers, and they head off.

    Go Adventuring: Combat Encounter: Outlaws: Renegades: Attacked By Enemy: (Pathfinding: Encounter While Travelling): 6 Renegades (1 Archer): Enemy Leadership: +1 Captain
    Deploying Figures: 11″, 3 groups, 6″ apart
    Seize the Initiative: Not Seized
    Fight It Out.
    Table Theme: Edge of the Woods
    Battle Objective: Hunt: Captain
    Oddities: Marsh

    Note: I’m also using the new Optional Rule for Battle Objectives, which seems a very nice way to try different things at battle, rather than just Hold the Field. Also I’m using the old Optional Rule for Oddities.

    As the Wardens march on the country road, suddenly Wigmar stops them. “No, no we must head back. This is a common spot for bandits to ambush travellers. We should take this small path to the side.” He points out to a narrow trail.
    Mosquitoes and flies buzz around them. “Where did you get us into, Wigmar!” Evie exclaims, seeing the marshland. But as she does, she notices across the marsh, 7 outlaws, weapons drawn, coming out of the edge of the woods. The woods that are next to the road.
    “You saved our skins.” She adds. “We would have been sitting ducks against them.”
    “Isn’t that…Crogar the Fell?” Ardus says pointing at the outlaw who seems to be the leader of the group.
    “He is!” Evie nods. “Don’t let him leave this field alive. Wardens! let’s show them!”



    Turn 1:


    Evie shoots at the Crogar with her Longbow: Hits: Armor didn’t save: Harm: Casualty
    Alida shoots at the enemy Archer with his Crossbow: Hits: Armor doesn’t save because of the crossbow penetration: Harm: Casualty
    Wigmar advances near the marsh edges

    Wigmar advance

    The enemy closes in as well avoiding the marshland

    Enemy advance

    The roving Wanderer closes in 2″ and shoots his self bow at the Renegade in the open: Hits: Armor doesn’t save: Harm: No harm
    Ardus faces off against two renegades

    Ardus alone against two

    Ardus: Telling blow: Armor doesn’t save: Harm: Stunned. The renegade wins the next exchange and becomes the attacker: Ardus wins a critical but loses the next exchange: Armor: doesn’t save: Harm: Casualty. Ardus is down.

    The rest of the warband advances on the south side
    Morale: One enemy flees.

    End of Turn 1

    Evie aims her longbow at Crogar. She takes a deep breath. Crogar removes his helmet and yells at her. Her arrow flies true, hitting him right in the throat. He falls, gurgling blood.
    Alida has his crossbow cocked and ready. He aims and his crossbow bolt hits the outlaw archer as he reached for his quiver. Straight in the chest. The breastplate doesn’t protect against the strength of the crossbow bolt and he falls down.
    Wigmar moves faster on his own, he closes in from the north as three renegades approach, avoiding the marshland. Ardus, faster than him, passes him by and clashes blades with two of the outlaws. His first strike is very strong, stunning the renegade with his pommel, but the enemy recovers quickly and gainst the upper hand. Two strikes, and with a slash of his sword, Ardus is down.
    This is not enough to keep the spirits up of the brigands. One of the three, still hears Corgar gurgle blood. “I ain’t dying for this shit!” He screams and runs off back to the edge of the woods.
    On the south front, the two parties close in on each other.

    Turn 2:


    Evie shoots at the renegades: Hits: Armor doesn’t save: Harm: No harm.
    Evie, Will point spent: Evie shoots again: She misses. She’d be out of ammo if it wasn’t for her large quiver.
    Alida shoots his Crossbow: Hits: Armor doesn’t save against the crossbow extra penetration: Harm: Casualty.

    Wigmar goes to take revenge for Ardus, attacking the remaining outlaw.

    Wigmar melee

    Wigmar loses the first exchange. A telling blow by the enemy on the second: Armor doesn’t save: Harm: Casualty: Wigmar is down

    A renegade charges at Bruno

    Bruno melee

    Bruno, assisted by Frans, wins the exchange. Bruno hits the renegade at the next exchange. Armor saves. The renegade wins the next exchange ending melee.

    The other renegade attacks Frans

    Frans melee

    Frans deals a telling blow winning the exchange and stunning the renegade: Another telling blow: Armor doesn’t save: Harm: Casualty

    The Roving Wanderer shoots at the renegade who fell Ardus and Wigmar: Hits: Armor doesn’t save: Harm: Casualty

    Gustav attacks the last renegade

    Gustav melee

    Its a draw. The renegade is pushed back.

    Bruno attacks the renegade

    Bruno melee

    Its a draw. The renegade is pushed back.
    Frans goes around, can’t reach the enemy.
    Morale: no enemy leaves.

    End of Turn 2

    Evie shoots at the outlaws. She misses. Through sheer will and confidence, she finds the time to take another shot. She misses again. For a moment she barely managed to find another arrow. But her hand reached in the quiver and found that there are enough.
    Alida aims and shoots his crossbow again. The breastplate of the outlaw is an easy target. He hits it straight on, and pierces it, dropping another of his enemies.
    Wigmar charges at the renegade who defeated Ardus. His bastard sword is unyieldly, and the renegade takes the upper hand. On the counterattack Wigmar is hit hard. The blade finds him on the head, striking his helmet. Wigmar falls.
    On the south of the marsh, a renegade attacks Bruno, but the thick headed man, with sheer strength overcomes the strike and counters, his strike stopped by the enemy greaves. The outlaw parries successfuly, and the two men disengage.
    The outlaw next to him attacks at Frans. The monk now wears a leather armor underneath his robes, and brandishes a sword. The outlaw didn’t expect to meet such resistance. Frans wins the combat and rebounds with a swift sword strike. “By the might of the gods!” He screams as he sinks his blade in his enemy’s guts.
    The Roving Wanderer takes a shot at the renegade who brought down two of his brothers at arms, and now closes in on the missile armed wardens. His arrow flies straight, killing him.
    Back to the south, Gustav attacks the renegade with his fencing sword, but the outlaw is on the defensive. He parries Gustav and is pushed back. Bruno closes in as well, but doesn’t get a clear hit, pushing the renegade further back. Frans can’t get an opening to close in melee with his brothers. He tries to flank the last renegade, who is intent on fighting. He doesn’t think he can run away with the Wardens so close, and keeps on fighting, despite seeing most of his friends perish or flee.

    Turn 3:


    Evie shoots at the last renegade: Miss
    Evie: Will point spent: She shoots again: Miss
    Alida shoots at the last renegade: Miss
    The Roving Wanderer shoots at the last renegade: Miss

    The last renegade attacks Bruno

    Bruno melee

    Bruno telling blow: Renegade Stunned: Again Bruno telling blow: Armor doesn’t save: Harm: Wounded, Stunned status: Bruno hits: Armor doesn’t save: Harm: Casualty

    We hold the field!

    End of Turn 3

    All the shots are aimed at the last renegade, Evie, Alida and the Roving Wanderer all shoot at him, and they all miss. Feeling assisted by the gods, he charges at the tall brute that Bruno is. Bruno easily parries and kicks him back, stunning him, he hits back with his axe, gashing an open wound, and while still stunned, sinks his axe blade deep in his chest, finishing him off.
    The Wardens of Gahyrst have won the day.


    Frans: Heal: Ardus: Failure

    Injury tables

    Ardus: knocked out
    Wigmar: dead
    Medical Herbs: Wigmar: Knocked out: Equipment damaged: Helmet


    Unusual find: nothing found
    Loot: Saddle Bags, Full Armor+Helmet

    Note: Another rule updated is the fixed threat reduction after the battle is won and the field is held. I will still go by the old rule, where there is a random chance, I have no problem with frustration over dice rolls. It’s still part of the game.

    Threat reduced by 1

    The Wardens close in on their wounded. Frans goes to heal up Ardus, but it seems he had but a scratch. “Nothing to do here.” He scoffs. In the mean time, Wigmar doesn’t seem to recover. They yell at him, splash water at his face, but he seems lost. Frans quickly grabs the medical herbs, but can’t reach the wound without cracking the helmet open. He splits the helmet in two and applies a paste that quickly alleviates the pressure in Wigmar’s head. Slowly the Warden recovers.
    “Once more saved from the brink of death Wigmar.” Evie says. “What are we going to do with you?”. Wigmar just smiles, happy that he hasn’t left for the underworld.
    Going through the enemy’s possessions, the Wardens are happy to have found a full set of armor, with a helmet, as well as a pair of saddle bags.


    Party gains experience. Evie and Bruno level up, while the Roving Wanderer gets a Follower roll.

    Evie: +1 Combat Skill
    Roving Wanderer: Random Skill: Barter
    Bruno: Skill Choice, Parry

    Updated Wardens Roster part 1
    Updated Wardens Roster part 2


    I loved this fight! We won but at what a risk! Two heroes down. And to think we’re adequately armed and experienced as well. Threats has been reduced further, and maybe just maybe we will clear out the surroundings of Eerfeld.
    For the next period, I see that I need to expand on my terrain features. Marshlands, rocky formations, houses. I’m getting the hang of using corrugated cardboard as a primary material, and I intend to build some more things for the board.
    I like the rules improvements. I’ve started reading at the optional material and additional expansions I’ve gotten, and will slowly be introducing them to my next games.
    I will also be doing some hacking and homebrewing, albeit minor. My major change so far (that I used in almost every single game so far) is that I initiate combat at base contact instead of the 1″ distance of RAW. It is just a matter of personal feel. Therefore the ganging up bonuses have been reduced to 1″ against the 2″ described in RAW.
    Considering that I really love hacking games to my desires (as one might have noticed from my solo RPG play reports), the fact that I have done only these minor changes, means that for me, this game fits my skirmish needs as closely as possible.

    The only thing that bugs me so far (which doesn’t have to do with Five Leagues, but miniatures wargaming more or less) is that due to the variable nature of the characters (mainly in gear), there will be some inconsistency. I either will have the same miniature representing a character, over and over (which will be inconsistent if the character changes weapons and armor), or change the miniature to represent the character (which will be inconsistent with the previous looks of the same character). I’m slowly leaning towards the first option, and maybe rename the weapons as required, for Fluff. E.g. Warhammer which gives a +1 to Armor Penetration, could be a Battle Axe for a figure carrying an axe, or an Estoc for a figure carrying a sword. Bastard Sword which gives a +1 to Harm, could be again a Battle Axe for a figure carrying an axe, or a Maul for a figure carrying a hammer. Armor can be more troublesome. I don’t care so much about helmets, but shields can pose an issue, since it’s a major part of the attire. Thankfully regarding the main armor, Five Leagues has more vague descriptions. So a Partial Armor could be a Chain shirt, or a Breastplate, even a Scale suit of armor. Unless the figure I have chosen is a bare breasted barbarian, I won’t have issues there, since sometimes armor is covered under clothing.

    This was my last post for this year, so I wish you all a happy new year! Best wishes!

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    The Wardens of Gahyrst. Ep08. 

    The session continues from the encounter I had rolled last time. The Terrain and Oddity rolls are a bit contrasting, so I try to combine them. I decide that it will be a cave with rocks cutting the battlefield in half, leaving only a few openings available. I try to make do with rocks (real ones, not DIY) and a vinyl playmat.


    Cave Set Up

    Turn 1:
    Agility: 113344555

    Evie: Shoots Smuggler: 5+1: Hit: 2: No wound
    RW: Shoots Smuggler: 4+1: Hit: 1: No wound
    Ardus: Dashes closer to Smugglers

    Smugglers: Dash closer to Wardens
    Evie: (Will): Shoots Smuggler: 1+1: Miss: Doesn’t run out of ammo due to Large Quiver

    Evie and the Roving Wanderer shoot at the group of Smugglers closest to them, but the arrows miss, ricochetting off the rocks. As Evie shoots, for a moment she thinks she’s out of arrows. But the quiver is large, and she grabs another for the next shot.
    The melee combatants close in, and the Wardens notice more Smugglers coming in from behind the rocky face.

    Closing In

    Turn 2:
    Agility: 1122344566

    Evie: Shoots Smuggler: 2+1: Hit: 4: Casualty


    Rudiger: Attack Smuggler: 4+1/5: Draw:-
    Wigmar: Attack Smuggler: 3/4: Defender Exchange, 6/2: Telling Blow: Exchange, 3/43: Draw:-
    Ardus: Attack Smuggler: 4/3: Hit: 2+1: Wounded, Stunned, 5/32: Hit: 5+1: Casualty

    Smuggler: Attack Ardus: 3/5: Hit: 4: Harm: 2: Stunned, 32/3: Hit: 1: Armor Save: 5/5: Draw:-
    Smuggler: Attack Wigmar: 3/5: Hit: 2: Knock Back, Stunned, 62+2/5: Hit: 3: Harm: 3: Stunned, 53+2/4: Exchange:-

    RW: Shoots Smuggler: 4: Miss
    Evie: (Will): Shoots Smuggler: 2+1: Hit: 6: Casualty

    Morale: 235: 1 Smuggler Flees

    Evie aims carefully this time. Her arrow piercing through a Smuggler’s throat. The trio of Wardens charge at the solo Smuggler. He fends off Rudiger, then Wigmar, but Ardus scores a wound. The Warden follows up with a second blow, finishing him off.
    The rest of the Smugglers catch up, and one of them charges at Ardus. His first strike stuns the Warden, but his second is blocked, and Ardus falls back a little.
    Another Smuggler attacks Wigmar. He strikes with fury, hitting the scale armor, and knocking him back a few yards. He follows up on the stunned Warden, but he is fended off.
    The Roving Wanderer shoots at the reinforcements, but he doesn’t manage to hit.
    Evie, drawing on her reserves, lets off another arrow. Another kill is scored.
    Their numbers diminishing by the minute, a Smuggler runs off for his life.


    Turn 3:
    Agility: 122334556

    RW: Shoots: 2: Miss
    Wigmar: Attack Smuggler: 4/1: Hit: 3+1: Casualty

    Rudiger Charges

    Rudiger: Attack Smuggler: 3+1/1+1: Hit: 3: Wounded, Stunned, 2+1/41+1: Hit: 1: Stunned, 6+1/65+1: Hit: 6: Casualty

    Smuggler Lt: Attacks Rudiger: 5+1/3+1: Exchange, 5+1/2+1: Hit: 6: Casualty


    The battle is over. The field is held.

    The Roving Wanderer keeps shooting, but his shot fails again.
    Wigmar attacks the surrounded Smuggler, and with a swift strike, his blade finds the Smuggler’s guts.
    Rudiger enters melee against the last two Smugglers. One of them seems to be their leaders. He wears a leather armor and looks more intimidating. Rudiger, being a veteran of many battles, decides to start with the easier opposition. In a series of three strikes, he wounds the Smuggler, stuns him, and finishes him.
    As the Smuggler Lieutenant attacks in desperation, his strike is blocked. Rudiger gains the upper hand. He turns the tables, and his fine broadsword is lodged deep in the heart of his enemy.
    The Smugglers are dead or fleeing. The Wardens have won this battle.

    Unusual Find: Evidence: No effect
    +2 XP everyone, Rudiger +3 XP
    Evie (LVLUP): 09: Agility +1
    Rudiger (LVLUP): 06: Agility +1
    Wigmar (LVLUP): 22: Agility +1
    RW: 6: Nothing Gained
    SY: 11: Promotion: 97: +1 Will
    WR: 7: Nothing Gained
    Loot: 2 rolls
    25: Weapons: 95: Crossbow
    65: 13 Gold Marks
    +1 SP

    Looting through the bodies, the Wardens find 13 Gold Marks. A hefty sum. Also they find a Crossbow. A strong, quality weapon. The Wily Rogue arms himself with it.
    Evie calls for the Stout Yeoman. “You have fought valiantly many times by our side. Remind me, what is your name?”
    “Bruno, my lady”. The Stout Yeoman answers.
    “Keep it up Bruno. You are one of us now.” She says, and Bruno fills with pride.

    The next turn, I roll up another encounter in the countryside.

    Encounter Set Up

    81: Roadside AND Combat Encounter
    Roadside Encounter: 02: Priest: 07: Unfriendly: Corruption
    Combat Encounter: 35: Deserters: 31: Travelling: 45+2: 7 Deserters (1 Archer): 2: No Leader: 1: No Personality: 9+4″ Distance: Seize Initiative: 9: Initiative Seized: Terrain: 11: Meadows and Fields: Oddity: 33: Tough Battle: Lose Seize Initiative, +1 Enemy (Archer)

    Further searching, the Wardens come upon a man in black cloak. An eerie feeling overcomes them as he walks by. Occult symbols hanging from his neck. They stop to hail him, but he doesn’t speak. He just mumbles.
    “Let’s move on lady.” Gustav says. “Lest he lays a curse on us.”
    Evie nods and they move aside.
    They come upon some Meadows and Fields. They know they must have lost their way, because that’s nothing like what they look for. Before they have a chance to turn back, from behind some hedgerows, they see movement.
    “What we have here? Get them boys!” A man shouts, and 8 armed men, in uniform draw their weapons. Two of them, draw their bowstring as the Wardens take up positions against them.

    Another encounter! My dice rolls don’t want the Scenario to advance. Deserters can be tough enemies with their Combat Skill and Armor. Also the Oddity made me lose my Seize Initiative and added an extra enemy! At least there is no leader.


    Set Up

    Turn 1:
    Agility: 122334466

    WR: Shoots Deserter Archer: 2: Miss
    Evie: Shoots Deserter Archer: 5+1: Hit: 1: Armor Save

    First Blood

    Evie: (Will): Shoot Deserter Archer: 6+1: Hit: 6: Harm: 4: Casualty

    South Flank

    Wigmar, Ardus, Rudiger: Move, Dash

    Deserter Archer: Shoots Evie: 6: Hit: 2: Harm: 3: No wound

    Climbed Hedgerow

    Deserters: Climbed Fence, Advanced

    RW: Shoots Deserter: 2+1: Miss

    North Flank

    Bruno, NPC, Gustav: Move, Dash

    Morale: 1: 1 Deserter Flees

    Evie and the Wily Rogue shoot at the enemy. But the long distance, and cover make their shots miss.
    Evie takes another shot, as the Archer takes a peek behind the hedge. The arrowhead lodges in the enemy, bringing him down.
    The trio of Wardens flank the Deserters from the south, but the enemy doesn’t fall prey to the Wardens plan, and climb through the hedgerows, stealing the distance.
    The Deserter Archer shoots at Evie, but the arrow doesn’t manage to get through her clothing.
    The Roving Wanderer shoots at them, but his shot comes short.
    From the north, the rest of the Wardens circle around the pond, trying to flank the archers.
    The Deserters, aren’t the most steady troops. One of them flees at the sight of his fallen brother.

    Turn 2:
    Agility: 111223456

    RW: Shoots Deserter: 6+1: Hit: 6: Harm: 3: Wounded
    WR: Shoots Deserter: 6: Hit: 6+1: Harm: 4: Casualty
    Evie: Shoots: 4+1: Hit: 4: Harm: 4: Casualty

    Deserter Archer: Shoots Bruno: 2+1: Miss
    Deserter: Move
    Deserter Wounded: Activation End: 1: Wound Casualty

    Deserter: Attacks Ardus: 2+2/3+1: Draw:-
    Deserter: Attacks Rudiger: 4+3/6+2: Telling Blow: 3: Knocked Back, 64+3/1+2: Exchange, 4+3/2+2: Hit Deserter: 6: Harm: 2+1: Wounded: Activation End: 1: Casualty

    NPC: Moves
    Bruno: Moves

    Morale: 123: 2 Deserters Flee

    A hail of bolts and arrows is launched from the Wardens and two Deserters die, while a third one is wounded.
    The Deserter Archer shoots at Bruno who comes from around the pond, but the stress of battle causes him to miss the shot.
    Another Deserter dashes towards the missile troops, but his wound overcomes him, and he drops as he finishes his stride.
    To the South, swords clash as the Wardens fight the Deserters. Ardus fends them off, while Rudiger gets the best of them. He wounds his opponent, who, holding his guts, falls down from blood loss.
    With so many dead, two more Deserters flee. Oy one Archer remains to fight the Wardens, still hiding behind the hedgerow.

    Turn 3:
    Agility: 12333556

    RW: 4+1: Miss
    Evie: 6+1: Hit: 3: Harm: 2: No wound
    Wigmar, Ardus, Rudiger: Move, Dash

    Deserter Archer: Shoots Bruno: 5+1: Hit: 5: Harm: 1: No Wound

    WR: Shoots Deserter Archer: 5: Miss

    Gustav melee

    Gustav: Attacks Deserter Archer: 6+1/4+1: Telling Blow: 5: Harm: 5: Casualty.


    The battle is won. The field is held.

    Evie and the Roving Wanderer shoot at the Archer, but their shots find the hedges. The Wardens close in to the enemy. He shoots at them, but misses, and Gustav is upon him.
    The Archer is still clutching his bow, when Gustav’s sword cuts it in half, and finds his neck, killing him instantly.
    No more Deserters are left to fight. The Wardens shout out in victory.

    Unusual Find: 65: Sacks of Valuables: 43: Armor: 66: Full Armor
    All gain +2 XP
    Gustav: (LVLUP): 80: +1 Luck
    NPC: (LVLUP): 06: +1 Agility
    RW: 6: Nothing Gained
    WR: 7: Nothing Gained
    Loot: 2 Rolls
    82: Consumables: Bottle of Red Duck
    35: Weapons: 01: Quick Light Weapon
    +1 SP

    Searching through their enemies belongings, the Wardens find a suit of heavy mail armor, a stiletto and a bottle of Red Duck. This is a day to celebrate!

    The next turn, I keep my search going, and succeed. I can progress in the scenario.

    I decide to pause here.

    I’ll be doing some bookkeeping as well here. Below you can find the table of my warband. On purpose to avoid SPOILERS I’ve not included the scenario NPC. I will include him if he’s still alive after the end of the scenario, when there will be already some changes to his stats. Here you can also find the updated pdf of the Warband Roster.


    Combat Skill111001
    SkillsLibrary,Medicine,OrganizationTeaching,TrackingParryLeadership,ParryThick Headed
    WeaponsLongbow, Quick StilettoSwordFine SwordBastard SwordBastard SwordHatchet
    ArmorLight ArmorPartial ArmorFull ArmorPartial ArmorPartial ArmorFull Armor
    WornLarge QuiverHelmet, ShieldHelmetHelmet


    NatureRoving WandererWily Rogue
    Combat Skill10
    WeaponsSelf Bow, DaggerCrossbow, Dagger
    ArmorLight ArmorLight Armor

    Gold Marks 19
    Medicinal Herbs 1
    Story Points 1
    Light Armor
    2 Damaged Basic Weapon
    Damaged Militia Armor
    Damaged Warhammer
    Damaged NPC Weapon
    Bottle of Red Duck
    Holy Water
    Saddle Bag

    Eerfeld (2,2,1)
    Heagrove: (1,1,1)
    Cebrook: (3,3,3)

    Session Summary

    Despite my difficulty in progressing through the scenario, I had so much fun!
    Right now I’m at a 6 Hero warband, two Followers and the NPC. My Wardens become stronger and stronger with more experience and gear. I believe that when I finish the scenario, I’ll have a force to stand up against most enemies.
    As I’m becoming more acquainted with the rule system, I love it. Ranged combat is very carefully balanced against Melee combat. The flow is great. I’ve also found my own way of taking notes in paper which is much faster, and I don’t break much of the game flow while doing it. I am aware that it’s not the easiest mechanics to read (even if you’re familiar with Five Leagues), but the reconstructed narrative can deliver the story. I’m pondering maybe adding a step-by-step sketch of the events, top down, but I’m not sure if it’s worth the trouble.
    The dice have spoken their own story, which meansI didn’t have a lot of chance to get a feel for the Scenario yet. I believe the next sessions will be driven by it.

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    The Wardens of Gahyrst. Ep07. 

    So this session begins directly with combat from the previous session. I read the rules more clearly this time and getting stunned is important, as the stunned figure begins the next exchange at disadvantage (take the lowest of two dice). Lots of rules that, re-reading them makes things clear. This is a game with a lot of depth.



    Evie orders the Wardens into three groups. The stronger warriors will approach from the opening to the west, while the followers will hold off the mob from the south.
    She and the Roving Wanderer will provide covering fire with their bows from behind the fence.
    The tower is overseeing the battlefield, but thankfully none of the enemies has ranged weapons. They are broken into three groups as well, one of them to a distance to the north of the tower.

    Turn 1:
    Seize Initiative: Fail
    Agility: (11235556)
    Evie: Shoot mob: 3+1: Miss
    RW: Shoot mob: 4: Miss
    Rudiger moves towards mob

    Mob: Dashes towards Wardens

    Gustav moves towards mob
    Wigmar moves towards mob

    Close combat
    SY: attacks mob: 6/3: Telling blow: 3: Wounded mob, 4/42: 2: Stunned mob, 1/53: Fumble.-
    Frans: attacks mob: 4/1: 1: Stunned mob, 6/52: Telling blow: 1: Stunned mob, 3/56.-
    WR: attacks mob: 1/3: Fumble, 1/33: Stunned WR: 5: WR Casualty.-

    As the heavily armed Wardens close in from the west, covering fire doesn’t hit any of the enemies.
    The mob attacks the followers. Blows are exchanged and the Stout Yeoman wounds his for. The Wily Rogue falls under the enemy.
    The mob to the north runs quickly towards the Wardens.

    Turn 2:
    Agility: (1113356)
    Gustav: attacks Cpt: 4+1/6+1: Telling blow, 42+1/4+1: Hit: 2: Armor Save: Knocked back. Stunned, 22+1/5+1: Hit: 4: Harm:4: Wounded Gustav.
    Rudiger: attacks Cpt: 3+1/2+1: Hit: 2: Harm: 5: Cpt Casualty.-
    Wigmar: attacks mob: 3/1: Hit: 2+1: Wounded, Stunned mob, 6/41: Telling blow, Stunned: 1+1: Stunned mob, 1/1: Fumble.-

    Mob: attacks Rudiger: 6+1/1: Telling blow, Stunned mob: 4+1/53: 2: Stunned mob, 5+1/55: 3: Wounded mob. 2 Wounds. End of activation (15): Mob Casualty.
    Mob: attacks Rudiger: 4+1/2: Exchange, 1/1: Fumble.-
    Mob: attacks SY: 6/5: Telling blow, 1/64: Stunned, 16/1: Stunned. End of activation (1).
    Mob: attacks NPC: 2/4: Hit: 2: Stunned NPC, 12/3: Stunned: 5: NPC Casualty.-
    Mob: attacks SY: 4/2: Exchange, 4/4: Draw.-
    Mob: dashes towards Wardens.
    Mob: dashes towards Wardens.

    Gang up

    RW: Shoot mob: 6: Hit: 2: No effect.-
    Evie: Shoot mob: 2+1: Miss
    SY: attacks mob: 3/1: 4: Mob Casualty.-

    Gustav reaches the mob leader. By sheer luck the enemy finds an opening, and hits Gustav hard. His armor saves him. The enemy strike knocks him back a few yards. The leader hits again, this time passing the armor and wounding Gustav, who disengages.
    Seeing the loyal servant wounded, Rudiger joins the fray. With a quick strike of his fine sword, he brings the mobster down.
    Wigmar joins his companions, wounding a foe, before being pushed off.
    The wounded enemy, charges at Rudiger, but the veteran warrior, blocks the strike, takes the upper hand and wounds him again. The wounds take their toll, and the foe drops.
    The mob attacks to the south, bringing down the recruit from the town.
    Their reinforcements from the north keep running to join their friends.
    Evie and the Roving Wanderer shoot another hail of arrows and miss.
    The Stout Yeoman, now stands alone against three, but he’s a strong man. He charges and kills an enemy with his hatchet, in a single blow.

    Turn 3:
    Agility: (112355)
    Rudiger: attacks mob: 1/6: Stunned, telling blow: 53+1/2: Exchange, 1/5: Stunned.-
    Gustav: attacks mob: 1+1/4: Stunned, 64+1/1: Stunned, 4+1/46: Hit: 4: Mob Casualty.-

    Before the end

    The mob flees due to morale. The battle is won. The field is held.

    Rudiger and Gustav press on, and a fourth foe, drops dead before their blades. Seeing their leader down and half their men dead, the cowards flee.


    WR: Injury: 79: Knocked Out.
    NPC: Injury: 55: Light: 3 Recovery Time: Item Damaged: Weapon.
    Desperate Mob has no loot.
    Rudiger: +3XP
    Evie: +2XP
    Gustav: +2XP: LVLUP: 38: +1 Toughness
    Wigmar: +2XP
    RW: 10: Attribute Increase: +1 Combat Skill
    SY: 9: Skill Gain: 92: Thick Headed

    The Wardens tend to their wounded and search the field. There’s nothing usable to be found. In addition, the recruit has his weapon broken in two, and he will need to visit the town healer to recover.
    Despite these shortcomings, the victory has raised the spirits, and they return to town, with morale high.

    Again, reading through the rules I realized I forgot to implement some of them. Items get damaged on 00, 05. So retrospectively I will roll for Gustav’s weapon from the previous session. Also I forgot to take into account Gustav’s wound for this battle. In addition I always forget to account my Luck and Will points during combat, which is a major hindrance. Will certainly do so for next one.
    Will in particular allows for extra moves and actions among others. I’d have Evie shoot twice more if I had noticed.

    Gustav: Item damaged: Warhammer.

    The next turn I return to town


    Ardus: 2 Turns RT
    NPC: 2 Turns RT
    Ardus: Visit Town Healer: MEDICINE: 3: 1 Turns RT
    NPC: Visit Town Healer: MEDICINE: 2: 1 Turns RT
    Rudiger: Study: (1126): Parry Learned

    The next turn I stay to town


    Ardus: healed
    NPC: healed
    NPC: Visit Armorer: Weapon: 5: 5 Gold Marks to repair.
    Evie: Study: (1355): No Skill learned.
    Labor: 2 Gold Marks gained.
    I head off to search again.

    The next turn, I roll up another encounter in the countryside.

    Encounter Set Up

    48: Combat Encounter: 73: Smugglers: 46: Encounter While Travelling: (45): 6 Smugglers: 5: + Lieutenant
    Seize Initiative: 3: Failed
    Distance: 15″ apart
    Encounter Terrain: 99: Cave complex
    Oddities: 54: Fenced In

    After spending a few days in Eerfeld to recover, the warband heads off again to their search. Looking for a camp site, they fall upon a cave complex, with shady figures transporting boxes. “Smugglers.” Ardus says. He hasn’t managed to speak, before a whistle is heard. They’ve been made. They draw weapons and prepare for battle.

    I decide to pause here.

    I’ll be doing some bookkeeping as well here. Below you can find the table of my warband. On purpose to avoid SPOILERS I’ve not included the scenario NPC. Here you can also find the pdf of the Warband Roster.


    Name Evie Gustav Rudiger Ardus Wigmar
    Agility 1 1 2 3 2
    Speed 5 4 5 5 4
    Combat Skill 1 1 1 0 0
    Toughness 4 5 3 3 4
    Luck 2 1
    Will 2 1
    Skills Library,Medicine,Organization Teaching,Tracking ParryLeadership,Parry
    XP 3 1 3 0 3
    LVL 2 2 3 2 1
    Weapons Longbow, Dagger Sword Fine Sword Bastard Sword Bastard Sword
    Armor Light Armor Partial Armor Full Armor Partial Armor Partial Armor
    Worn Large Quiver Helmet, Shield Helmet Helmet
    Notes Avatar Retainer


    Nature Roving Wanderer Stout Yeoman Wily Rogue
    Agility 1 1 1
    Speed 4 4 4
    Combat Skill 1 1 0
    Toughness 3 3 3
    Skill Foraging Thick Headed
    Weapons Self Bow, Dagger Hatchet Sword
    Armor Light Armor Light Armor Light Armor

    Gold Marks 6
    Medicinal Herbs 1
    Story Points 1
    2 Damaged Basic Weapon
    Damaged Militia Armor
    Damaged Warhammer
    Holy Water
    Saddle Bag

    Eerfeld (2,2,1)
    Heagrove: (1,1,1)
    Cebrook: (3,3,3)

    Session Summary

    I loved this combat! Everything move so naturally. Getting Stunned, completely changes the battlefield. On the other hand, implementation of both the Telling Blows and Fumbles rules was a tad bit too much. That’s at least 33% chance at each roll for a Stunned result. And there are usually 6 rolls at each exchange. I will probably keep only the Telling Blows rule for next game.
    Five Leagues from the Borderlands is a very deep game. I will slowly be reading carefully each chapter, and after getting acquainted each session with a new part of the game I will delve into the respective rules. Next up: Will and Luck. Maybe positioning as well.

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    The Wardens of Gahyrst. Ep06. 

    It’s time now to go The Sunken Temple. This is a Five Leagues Scenario. I realize that there’s a good chance for blog readers to want to play this scenario as well, so I’m not going to reveal any SPOILERS. I hate spoilers; spoilers can get me to stop halfway from reading books, watching a tv show, even a game. Therefore I intend to keep this light on the scenario story and mechanics, and heavy on photos and review part.

    So, the party had one wounded party member with a recovery time of ‘2’, which is removable at once if they spend time on the healer, so I deem that the warband is at full strength as the scenario begins.

    The Wardens have heard rumors and gotten hold of the map to an old temple in the surrounding region. Considering the chance for spoils, they decide to start a search.

    At start the scenario gives you the chance to recruit a specific NPC. Since I’m at full strength, I decide not to go ahead with it.
    So, while searching for the temple I rolled an encounter. This is an encounter mainly using the rules of the core Five Leagues game.
    I went full on with optional rules in this, since I’m getting better acquainted with the ruleset.

    Note: I’ll be displaying dice pool results in parentheses. (344) means 3d6 rolled giving 3,4,4 respectively.

    Encounter Set Up

    Adventuring: 50: Combat Encounter: 82: Renegades: 60: Encounter While Travelling: (1,3): 5 Renegades (1 Archer): 1: No Leadership Presence: 5: Personality: 14: Sorcerer: Variations: (4,4): Manic, Stumbler

    Deploying figures: 10″: 3 groups of 2 enemies
    Seize Initiative: 11: Taken by surprise
    Encounter terrain: Overgrown ruins
    Oddities: 69: In the middle of battle: 3: Raider: (2,4): 5 Raiders (2 Archers): 3: No Leadership Presence: 6: Personality: 13: Sorcerer: Variations: (3,4): Sneaker, Stumbler

    So, I rolled two groups of enemies that fight each other, without leaders, but with a Sorcerer at each group! If I’m lucky they’ll only attack each other. But it seems that my Wardens are too close to be left out of the equation.

    Deep in the woods, the Wardens, see something reminding of a man-built structure. In the distance, they see several broken down walls and huge stone bricks scattered. Considering that this might be the temple they’re looking for, they come closer.
    Then suddenly, an eerie feeling overcomes them. Some sort of dark energy, shoots in front of their sights, from west to the east. They look at each other. Then another, blast, from the other side, as a response.
    As the woods clear a bit, they see two groups of men. The group to the west, is well armed, but their colors are not well defined. They look like deserters from an army. “Renegades” Rudiger whispers. They close in to the east towards the structure, only to be met from the other side by soldiers in Yellow and Crimson colors. Probably one of the border kingdoms. “Raiders” Ardus replies. Each of the two groups has a man that differentiates from the rest of the troops. Mumbling in some weird language, and pointing to the other side, these men seem to be the source of the dark energy. “Sorcerers” Evie completes.


    Renegades and Raiders

    Turn 1:
    Renegades Doom: (556)
    Raiders Doom: (444)

    Turn 2:
    Wardens appear
    Seize Initiative: All characters move East
    Agility: (12444666)
    Realized I had placed Sneaker on board. They will appear on next Turn.
    1: Evie: Move 2.5E: Shoot Raider Archer: 2: Miss
    2: Gustav Move 5SE

    Archer Moves 2.5E: Shoots Roving Wanderer: 3: Miss
    Swordsman Moves to Wall
    Swordsman moves towards Raiders
    Sorcerer moves towards Raiders: Doom: (233)
    Maniac moves towards Raiders
    Stumbler moves towards Raiders

    Archer shoots Ardus: 6: Hits: 4: Harm: 5: Casualty
    Sorcerer: Doom Gustav: (114): Doom!
    Stumbler moves towards Wardens
    Archer shoots at Renegade Swordsman: 1: Miss
    Swordsman moves towards Renegades

    Gustav melee against Stumbler: (11): Draw: End
    Roving Wanderer shoots Renegade Archer: 3: Miss
    Rudiger moves 5 towards Raiders

    Ardus down

    The two groups towards each other, but the Northernmost troops have been alerted by the presence of the Wardens who try to flank the Raiders. Evie shoots at a Renegade archer who climbs on top of the hill, but misses. In response, he aims carefully and shoots at the roving wanderer and misses too. The Raiders seem to find their target. A Raider archer shoots at Ardus and brings him down, while their Sorcerer speaks some words in an arcane language. A dark blast leaves his finger and finds Gustav right on the chest. He feels overwhelmed, but grits on and continues.

    Turn 3:
    Agility: (1223335)
    1:Evie moves 2.5E: Shoots Stumbler: 4: Miss
    2:Rudiger melee against Archer: (12): Archer Wins: (63): Rudiger Wins: (41): Rudiger Hits: 2: Armor Saved

    Archer Shoots Roving Wanderer: 5: Hit: 6: Casualty
    Swordsman Climbs Wall and Moves 3 towards Wardens
    Swordsman moves towards Raiders
    Sorcerer moves towards Raiders: Doom: (266)
    Maniac moves towards Raiders
    Stumbler moves towards Raiders

    Sneaker appears: behind Wardens 8″ away from edge: attacks Rudiger: 11: Draw
    Archer shoots Rudiger: 6: Hits: 6: Harm: 2: Not wounded
    Sorcerer: Doom Rudiger: (366)
    Stumbler attacks Gustav: (32): Wins: 3: Harm: 5: Casualty
    Archer shoots at Renegade Maniac: 6: Hit: 4: Harm: 5: Casualty
    Swordsman melee against Renegades: (32): Wins: 2: Armor Save

    Gustav down

    Brave Sir Robin

    Evie takes a shot at a Raider archer, but misses. Rudiger, flanking the Raiders comes in to close combat with the archer. They exchange a couple of glancing blows, and then Rudiger finds an opening, but unfortunately, the enemy’s breastplate protects them.
    The Renegade archer shoots again at the roving wanderer, from the top of the hill, having a clear line of sight, and brings him down with an arrow. The rest of the Renegades close further in to the Wardens and the Raiders, as their Sorcerer shoots another bolt to the Raiders, missing again.
    Suddenly, Rudiger realizes a Raider was hiding behind him. “That sneaky bastard!” he thinks as the Raider charges in. Rudiger’s skill is matched by his opponent, and as soon as the Raider loses the element of surprise, he disengages. The archer next to him, finds the opportunity as Rudiger has his back turned, and shoots him. The arrow pierces the armor, but it’s only a flesh wound. Rudiger doesn’t seem to bother, and screams a war cry towards the archer. All this draws the attention of the Sorcerer who now casts his spell to Rudiger, but the blast seems to miss and fizzles away.
    Another Raider comes into combat with Gustav. The faithful servant of Evie, now falls beneath the enemy’s strike.
    The rest of the Raiders attack the Renegades, one Renegade falling under an arrow.
    Evie sees the enemy’s strength. These are not any ill-equipped mooks. She sees that the ruins are those of a tower, and not a temple. She considers the tactical situation, flanked by both sides. She thinks of the three wardens fallen under the enemy. She screams “Flee! Flee bravely!”. And they take their wounded away to fight another day. Let the Renegades fight it out with the Raiders. There’s no point trying to hold this field.

    So I decided in using the Brave Sir Robin option from Five Leagues rulebook, to flee. I could have tried to flee to the edge of the battle, but considering the dice rolls, there was a lot of chance I could have lost another Warden, and it’s something I wasn’t willing to risk.

    Ardus: 32: Serious: (26): 6 Turns Recovery Time
    Roving Wanderer: 96: Knocked Out
    Gustav: 90: Knocked Out
    Evie: +1XP: 1
    Rudiger: +1XP: LVL UP (3): 31: +1 Combat Skill

    The Wardens regroup in a safe distance. The Roving Wanderer and Gustav recover, as their wounds are superficial, but Ardus’ wound is deep. The arrow has lodged itself into the bone. “We need to take him to the healer.” Evie says, and they all decide to return to Eerfeld, their morale low.

    The next turn I return to town


    Ardus: 5 Turns RT
    Ardus: Visit Town Healer: MEDICINE: 6: 3 Turns RT
    Roving Wanderer: Foraging: (22356): 1 Healing Herbs
    Evie: Study: (2533): No skill learned
    I decide to recruit the NPC, and head off to search again.

    The next turn, I roll up another encounter in the countryside.

    Encounter Set Up

    Roadside AND Combat Encounter: 29,81: Friendly Pilgrim: 46: Slavers: 95: Located Lair: (56): 11 Slavers + Lt + Cpt: Retreat without engaging

    On the road, the group meets up with a cloaked figure in robes. “Greetings travelers.” He says. He has a very kind visage, and they all sit and break bread together. Once the meal is over, they each go on their own way, spirits higher than they used to be.
    It’s not long after they have split apart, when the Roving Wanderer comes back with news. He whispers something to Evie, and they go together to scout. Evie sees what seems to be a slaver lair. Their numbers are high, she counts at least 13 heads. She ponders a bit, and then she decides not to engage, and continue the search.

    The next turn, I roll up yet another encounter.

    Encounter Set Up

    Combat Encounter: 61: Desperate Mob: 28: Encounter While Travelling: (33): 7 Desperate Mob: 6: + Captain
    Seize Initiative: 5: Failed
    Distance: 8″ apart
    Encounter Terrain: 90: Ruined Tower
    Oddities: 46: Ruined Structure

    As the group turns behind a curve in the road, they see a ruined tower. “At them boys!” the Wardens hear a scream, and they see 8 ragged bandits, in a mob coming towards them with clubs and staves.
    The Wardens draw their swords, and combat is about to begin.

    I decide to pause here

    Session Summary

    It’s been a tough few past days in RL, and I’m kind of exhausted, so my narrative is a bit short, considering.
    The scenario seems to be very interesting, but I have yet to manage to progress, since the dice were not in my favor. I can’t speak much as to the scenario therefore. Most of the time has been spent so far in traditional core Five Leagues from the Borderlands, within the scenario. But I like what I have read so far. On purpose I haven’t read through the entire thing, just in case there’s a spoiler waiting for me. Since this is all aimed at solo play, it would be nice if there would be a note somewhere saying if we’re supposed to read through the entire thing or not before playing, or playing as we go. So far, that’s my only thing to consider.
    Now to the core Five Leagues game, I really loved the option to fight two different groups, even though I failed to hold my ground. The oddities and all the random tables seem to give a very unique experience with high replayability.
    I need to do some better bookkeeping of my Wardens, maybe create that map of the region, with notes, and maybe add some pictures of the minis I use as Wardens. Also maybe I should spend some time naming the followers and unique NPCs I’ve met along the way. I’m not sure as to which one of all those is worth the trouble putting into, but I’m pretty confident that a map would be the best place to start.

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    The Wardens of Gahyrst. Ep05. 

    In the end of the previous session, the Wardens were defeated by a band of Torn Flags. I noticed that I made a mistake. All the members should have received 1 XP, since they didn’t die so I assigned those. Also I noticed that if one member has the Study skill, then whoever goes to the Library can benefit from the 4d6 roll, so I decided to re-assign the Teaching Skill from Evie, to Gustav.

    Finally, I found out that it’s best for me to write down the state of the warband at the end of the episode rather than at the start, so I’ll be documenting these there.

    Village Events: Good Omens
    Rudiger: Visits Healer: Medicine Failure: Recovery reduced to 3 turns
    Wigmar: Visits Healer: Medicine Success: Recovery reduced to 0 turns
    Stout Yeoman: Visits Healer: Recovery reduced to 0 turns
    Wandering Rover: Recovery reduced to 1 turns
    Visit Trader: Buy Partial Armor
    I decide to spend one more turn in town rather than adventuring, and this cost me… 5 Gold Marks

    The Wardens spend a whole week in Eerfeld, trying to take care of the wounded. The Healer shakes his head, but sees that all they need, is some time to rest. Evie supports, with her medicine skills, and soon Wigmar is back on his feet, along with the Stout Yeoman. Seeing the danger of combat, the warband spends some well earned hard cash on medium armor.

    Village Events: Ill Reputation
    Rudiger: Visits Healer: Medicine Success: Recovery reduced to 0 turns
    Gustav: Study Success: Skill Gained: Tracking
    Tracking: Success: Located signs of the enemy
    Wandering Rover: Recovery reduced to 0 turns
    Visit Trader: Buy Partial Armor

    The next week, Rudiger gets back on his feet with the assistance of the Healer and Evie, while the Wandering Rover is back, with only some extra rest. She spends another pouch of gold coins to get another set of armor for her troops.

    Adventuring: Combat Encounter: Dark Secrets: Cultists: Located Camp: 8 Cultists (1 Archer) + 1 Captain
    Initial distance: 13″, and they’re split in groups 8″ from leader.
    Seize Initiative: Success!
    Terrain: Ruined Tower
    Oddity: Fog, Distance reduced to 11″ and max shooting range 9″.

    Gustav enters the inn and heads straight to Evie.
    He whispers to her ear. “Remember the hunter we had met some time ago on the road? The one that struck you as odd? I’ve seen him at the outskirts of Eerfeld, and followed him. I traced him to a ruined tower half a day’s walk from here, he was meeting with some similar looking fellas. All clad in dark cloaks, occult symbols and talismans all around.”
    Evie turns to Ardus. “Gather the warband we head out. No demonic rituals will take place in our Ward.”
    At dusk, an eerie fog has covered the land, so the Wardens reach the tower undetected. By the time the cultist guard shouts “At arms!” the Wardens have closed in, and an arrow, shot by Evie has already lodged in his chest, wounding him.
    A second shot, finds him right on the neck, killing him instantly. The Roving Wanderer shoots, but misses, both times.
    Rudiger and Ardus charge at two Cultists, with Ardus delivering the killing blow.
    The other Cultist, tries to get back at Rudiger, but the veteran warrior gets the upper hand, and thrusts his sword at the cloaked man, spilling his guts.
    At the other side of the tower, the Cultists attacke Gustav, encircling him. Gustav falls, a casualty to their charge, while another cultist, from the top of the tower aims at Rudiger who has entered his weapon range, missing through the fog. Wet feet overcome one of the cultists and he runs away.
    The leader of the cultists, wearing leather armor, gets out of the tower to face the assailants.
    Rudiger and Ardus continue assisting each other in combat, and Ardus kills the last cultist of their group.
    On the other side, the Stout Yeoman is in a clash with the cultists, and after two exchanges, he kills another one of them. From the top of the tower, the cultist archer shoots at Ardus, wounding him just as the Cultist leader reaches him in melee combat. Despite Ardus’ skill, the enemy captain wins, and cuts a deep slash on Ardus’ arm.
    Ardus stands back, and pauses to wear his arm in bandages.
    Rudiger and the Cultist leader face off in melee, but noone gets the upper hand.
    The Cultist archer shoots again at wounded Ardus, but Ardus’ mail deflects the missile.
    Evie and the Roving Wanderer have now the Cultist captain within their reduced bow range, and shoot at him, but don’t manage to strike a wound.
    The rest of the Wardens close in on the tower and surround the captain, attacking at the cultist who stood at his side, bringing him down.
    Ardus is out of line of sight, so now the cultist archer shoots at Wigmar. His aim is true, and Wigmar falls, clutching his chest as the arrow protrudes.
    Another hail of arrows comes from Evie and the Roving Wanderer, and the Roving Wanderer manages to find his target. The Cultist leader is down.
    The remaining Wardens close in on the Cultist archer, who, with nowhere to go to, fights to the death, which comes a little while later.

    Gustav: Light Wound: 2 Recovery Turns
    Wigmar: Dead: I use I don’t think that’s how it went: Serious Wound: I use Medicinal Herbs: Dead: I use the Spring Vial to bring him back from death.
    Loot: Prisoner: Friendly Peasant, Saddle Bag, Light Armor+Helmet, Holy Water
    Threat: Reduced by 2!

    With the Cultists dead or out of the field, the survivors tend to the wounded. Gustav’s wound will take a week or two to heal, but Wigmar has it worse.
    He barely survives the arrow wound, and as Evie tries to do some first aid, she pulls the arrow out, and it starts bleeding badly. As he coughs blood, she knows they have no other choice. She pours down Wigmar’s throat the spring vial’s contents.
    Soon the bleeding stops, and as if by magic, his wound starts closing.

    Searching through the ruined tower, they find a small dungeon cell, a peasant locked inside.
    “Thank the gods!” He shouts when set free. “Name’s Aeheald. I’m just a farmer working the land. These fellas knocked me out and locked me in here. I could here them chanting in an unknown language every night a week now. Moon was almost full. I think you showed up right on time! Thank you! Here, take this.” He says and brings out a small bottle. “It’s Holy Water. I was keeping it should things go to worse.”
    “How worse?” Rudiger chuckles.
    “Don’t mind him.” Evie soothes the peasant. “You can leave now, or take the road back with us in the morning. Safety in numbers, until we bring this place back to its former glory.”
    “Be sure to spread the word that the Wardens of Gahyrst defeated the cultists.” Ardus adds.
    Among the cultists belongings they find a saddle bag and a set of armor and helmet.

    The other day, in the morning they take the road back to Eerfeld.

    Combat Skill11000
    WeaponsLongbow, DaggerWarhammerFine SwordBastard SwordBastard Sword
    ArmorLight ArmorPartial ArmorFull ArmorPartial ArmorPartial Armor
    WornLarge QuiverHelmet, ShieldHelmetHelmet


    NatureRoving WandererStout YeomanWily Rogue
    WeaponsSelf Bow, DaggerHatchetSword
    ArmorLight ArmorLight ArmorLight Armor

    Gold Marks 4
    Medicinal Herbs 0
    Story Points 1
    2 Damaged Basic Weapon
    Damaged Militia Armor
    Holy Water
    Saddle Bag

    Eerfeld (2,2,1)
    Heagrove: (1,1,1)
    Cebrook: (3,3,3)

    Session Summary

    Another great fight! I have second thoughts about wasting three different resources to save Wigmar, but it’s done now. Next time I’ll be at one and done.
    I think that’s a good point in time to go to the Sunken Temple. The warband will be in proper fighting shape by the next turn.
    I’m really enjoying these fast five leagues skirmishes!

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    The Wardens of Gahyrst. Ep04. 

    In the end of the previous session, the Wardens defeated a band of slavers.
    I’ve noticed I did a mistake while running the battle. I had given the slavers a Lieutenant and a Sergeant instead of a Lieutenant and a Captain. Oh well.

    Combat Skill01000
    WeaponsLongbow, DaggerWarhammerBastard SwordBastard SwordSword
    ArmorLight ArmorLight ArmorFull ArmorPartial Armor
    WornLarge QuiverHelmet, ShieldHelmet


    NatureRoving WandererStout YeomanWily Rogue
    WeaponsSelf Bow, DaggerHatchetSword
    ArmorMilitia ArmorLight Armor

    Gold Marks 19
    Medicinal Herbs 1
    Story Points 1
    Basic Weapon
    Fine Standard Weapon
    Spring Vial

    Eerfeld (1,2,3)
    Heagrove: (1,1,1)
    Cebrook: (3,3,3)

    Village Events: Infected Wounds (N/A)
    Pay Upkeep: 8 members, no extra cost
    Healing Up: No wounded
    Carry Out Activities:
    Evie: Study: Teaching skill gained
    Rudiger: Train: +2 XP: Increase Level: Roll: Will +1
    Wigmar: Train: +1 XP

    Outfitting for adventuring:
    Buy Bandages: -2 Gold Marks
    So now, we’re going adventuring!
    Adventuring: Roadside AND Combat Encounter
    Roadside Encounter: Merchantile, Unfriendly: Conspiracy: Outlaws: Threat +1

    Combat Encounter: Border Tension: Torn Flags
    Encounter Type: Located Camp
    6 Torn Flags + Captain
    Terrain Type: Overgrown Ruins
    6″ Distance
    Enemy 8″ from leader
    Seize Initiative: We seized initiative!

    Back in the village of Eerfeld the Wardens plan their next move. Evie spends time in the library, learning about training techniques.
    She uses her newfound skills to train Rudiger and Wigmar, Rudiger learning of Evie’s Iron Will focus in battle.
    After some well-earned rest, the Wardens gather up again and scout the surrounding region, looking for trouble.
    On the road, they meet up with a wandering merchant. As Evie closes in to see if he has any interesting wares, he covers up his cart and eyes them carefully.
    “You’re the so called ‘Wardens’ right? Ought to bring order to the land.” He says.
    “Yes we are, and yes we will.” Evie responds.
    He seems to be counting them, “Huh, only 8 strong. You have your work cut out for you.” He says and starts laughing. He lashes his whip at his mule and heads off.
    “I don’t like that my lady.” Gustav tells Evie as the merchant vanishes behind a hill.
    “Me neither Gustav.” Evie replies. “But we can’t go around fighting people just because we don’t like them.”
    The next day, the Wily Rogue comes back to the group. “Come, follow me, I’ve found our next task.”
    They slowly sneak behind him, and coming out of the woods, in the middle of some overgrown ruins, lies a band of warriors. Deserters. Torn Flags. They still bear the colors of their lord, but no lord is around to be found. Their captain laughs and they all sing together drunk about how they robbed some travelers.


    Evie nods at her Wardens and motions them to move silently. Before the enemy guards have realized it, they’re within striking distance. Evie shoots her bow twice, but only scores flesh wounds against the guard. And then the massacre begins…
    The combat skill of the soldiers is unparalleled and when this fails them, their armor comes to the rescue. At first, Ardus falls to their spears, and Rudiger avenges him fast. This breaks the morale of a soldier and he flees for his life.
    But the other 4 soldiers, lead by their veteran captain don’t falter.
    Evie is hurt, but she carries on. Wigmar is the next to fall under the enemy spears, followed by the Roving Wanderer. The captain faces off Rudiger. Even the weary retainer isn’t a match for the veteran, and soon falls after an exchange of blows.
    Gustav, the Wily Rogue and the Stout Yeoman are dropped in the field, while Evie only manages to wound another one of the soldiers, before she calls the retreat.
    The enemy doesn’t pursuit, and the other day the Wardens have managed to gather to their camp, counting their losses.

    Only Evie survived the encounter and gained 1 XP.
    Injury rolls:
    Gustav: Knocked out
    Rudiger: Moderate Wound: 5 Recovery Time
    Ardus: Knocked out
    Wigmar: Light Wound: 3 Recovery Time, Damaged Sword
    Roving Wanderer: Knocked Out
    Stout Yeoman: Light Wound: 2 Recovery Time, Damaged Hatchet
    Wily Rogue: Knocked Out
    Threat Roll: No Threat increase

    Rudiger got the worst of it, and will need to spend some time healing in the village. Wigmar and the Stout Yeoman also were wounded in combat and will need to visit the healer. The Wardens also had a couple weapons damaged, and will need to reassess their gear into battle.
    They all look at each other and noone speaks.
    Finally Evie steps up in the middle of the group. “We lost. We won’t win all the battles. But we will win the war. Let’s regroup and we will return with greater strength, and greater knowledge.”

    Session Summary

    Again, I didn’t pause to document the solo play. I’m mostly journaling to keep track what happens in campaign turns, rather than describing the details of each combat.
    I feel comfortable enough to start adding more combat options, like critical hits and oddities. All in all, 5 Leagues from the Borderlands is very well designed and has great play value. Combat is fast and cinematic, with the melee exchanges and the movement of figures. I even went ahead and got the summer bundle which includes character packs, enemy packs, additional skills, scenarios and more. For the next session, I’ll probably spend some time healing in Eerfeld and then go ahead and run the Scenario of the Sunken Temple included in the bundle.

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    The Wardens of Gahyrst. Ep03. 

    In the end of the previous session, the Wardens defeated a band of cultists.

    Name Evie Gustav Rudiger Ardus Wigmar
    Agility 1 1 2 3 2
    Speed 5 4 5 5 4
    Combat Skill 0 0 0 0 0
    Toughness 4 4 3 3 3
    Will 1
    Luck 2
    Skills Library,Medicine,Organization Leadership,Parry
    XP 3 3 6 4 0
    LVL 0 0 1 1 0
    Weapons Long Bow, Dagger Warhammer Bastard Sword Bastard Sword Staff
    Armor Light Armor Light Armor Full Armor, Helmet, Shield Partial Armor
    Notes Avatar Retainer


    Nature Roving Wanderer Stout Yeoman
    Skill Foraging
    Weapons Self Bow, Dagger War Axe(Warhammer)
    Armor Militia Armor Light Armor

    Gold Marks 22
    Medicinal Herbs 1
    Story Points 1

    Eerfeld (2,2,3)
    Heagrove: (1,1,1)
    Cebrook: (3,3,3)

    Village Events: Wandering scholar
    Pay Upkeep: 7 members, no extra cost
    Healing Up: No wounded
    Carry Out Activities:
    Rudiger: Free study: No skill gain
    Evie: Study: Study: No skill gain
    Evie: Train: +1 XP: Increase LeveL: Roll: Will +1
    Gustav: Train: +1 XP: Increase LeveL: Roll: Combat +1
    Outfitting for adventuring:
    Buy Helmet: Ardus: -3 Gold
    So now, we’re going adventuring!
    Adventuring: Roadside AND Combat Encounter
    Roadside Encounter: Knight, Polite
    Combat Encounter: Outlaw: Slavers
    Encounter Type: Located Lair
    9 Slavers + 1 Lieutenant + 1 Captain
    Terrain Type: Grave Yard
    12″ Distance
    Enemy 8″ from leader

    In the village of Eerfeld, Evie starts to see the results of their recent actions. People are talking about the Wardens again and how they try to bring order to the region. She knows there is still much work to be done. A wandering scholar takes notice of them and scribbles down something in his papers.
    She and Gustav spend the week training, trying tactics they have seen against recent enemies, honing their skills.
    Ardus goes to the local trader and purchases a helmet, maybe it will save his life in the future.
    Once the band is ready, they gather up once more. Evie notices there’s some fellow in the back who fought with them the last time, so they’re at full strength, and head out. They had gathered rumors about a slaver band, kidnapping villagers and selling them off to faraway lands. Evie is set on finding them.
    On their way, they come across a knight in full plate armor riding a horse of war, accompanied by a squire. They exchange a few words, Evie wondering if his quest and theirs had anything in common, but the knight was just passing through. He did though tell them, about squatters in the abandoned graveyard, so after thanking him, they ready up their swords and close up on the site.
    The slavers have made the place their lair. They laugh and yell. She makes out two leaders of the party in the center of the ruins, surrounded by the core group, while others are spread all around.
    She splits the warband in two and attacks from two sides. With a war cry, she leads the attack.
    She and the Roving Wanderer shoot off a couple of arrows to them, but miss.
    On her side of the battle, Wigmar closes into combat with a slaver, and faulters, falling to his enemy’s blade, but the hanger-on the guy in the rear, charges in and kills the slaver. Seeing his fury, the other slaver next to him runs off into the woods.


    On the other side, Ardus kills another slaver, while the hanger-on follows up on the group that approaches and with skill, kills one more.
    Two more slavers fall to the Wardens. Seeing the Warden’s skills, a couple more slavers flee in cowardice.
    Evie hits the enemy sergeant with her bow, an arrow lodging to his chest, but the slaver persists and comes into close combat with Ardus. The two men fight each other with fury, but in the end stand off. As the sergeant pauses to catch his breath, he notices the arrow wound. The strain of battle has caught up to him and opened up the wound even worse, and he falls to the ground.


    One more slaver falls to the warband, and the leader seeing how he is all alone considers his options. He turns tail and runs away.
    “Yaaah!” Evie screams out loud, and the rest of the Wardens join in chorus. It was a well deserved victory. They chased down their foes.
    She is afraid though that too many men fled, and she might meet them again in the future.

    Injuries: Wigmar: Knocked out
    Loot: Icon, Large Quiver, Fine Standard Weapon, Spring Vial, Basic Weapon
    Threat: Reduction by 1
    Experience: All the heroes gain 2 XP, No follower progressed, the Hanger-on became a follower: Wily Rogue

    End of third campaign turn

    Session Summary

    I didn’t take much photos or pause this time, and just recollected the battle afterwards. I really enjoyed it. The flow of the game (especially having run a couple of battles) is so fast that it’s easy to get carried away, while the story just writes itself.
    The dice gods were in the favor of the warband this time. I was afraid of this battle going in, but in the end it all turned out to be a walk. Let’s see if we can eliminate the Outlaw threat soon.

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    The Wardens of Gahyrst. Ep02. 

    So in the end of the previous session I forgot to run experience rolls for my warband. I assigned the XP awards and rolled to see if my surviving follower (Angry Villager) had any upgrade, but to no avail.


    |Combat Skill|0|0|0|0|
    |Weapons|Long Bow, Dagger|Sword|Bastard Sword|Bastard Sword|
    |Armor|Light Armor|Light Armor|Full Armor, Helmet, Shield|Partial Armor|


    Nature Roving Wanderer Stout Yeoman Angry Villager
    Weapons Self Bow, Dagger War Axe Staff
    Armor Militia Armor Light Armor

    Gold Marks 13
    Medicinal Herbs 1
    Story Points 1

    Time to name the two other villages
    donjon.bin.sh : Heagrove, Cebrook

    Current village: Eerfeld (2,2,4)
    Heagrove: (1,1,1)
    Cebrook: (3,3,3)

    Will need to draw a map in the future
    Village Events: Wandering merchant
    Pay Upkeep: 7 members, no extra cost
    Healing Up: No wounded
    Carry Out Activities:
    Evie: Study: 2,3,5,6: Gained Skill: Organization
    Rudiger: Train: XP (4) Increase Level: Roll: Agility: +1
    Outfitting for adventuring:
    I’ll give the Warhammer to Gustav, and put his Sword in the backpack.
    So now, we’re going adventuring!

    Bruised and battered, the Wardens regroup, after having buried one of their own. The first death in their band weighs heavily. Evie heads to the library for further studying to escape the thought that a man died under her command, while Rudiger puts his skills to the test, training against wooden poles.

    No one pays attention to the wandering merchant showing off his wares. Their dead brother in arms was swindled a week ago, and all this is a cruel reminder.

    A couple days pass, and Evie sends word for them to gather once more.

    “Wardens. We suffered a loss, but must not stop now. The people of Eerfeld need us. Gather yourselves, and come back here in an hour, armed. We’re heading out.”

    Adventuring: Combat Encounter
    Facing: Dark Secrets
    Encounter: Cultists
    Encounter Type: Attacked by Enemy
    Enemy number (consulting roll, tables and rules): 4
    No Leadership present
    No Personality present
    Encounter Distance: 7″
    Seize the Initiative: Failure
    Theme: Edge of the woods

    It’s been a couple of days of wandering the countryside looking for trouble, when the Wardens camp at the edge of the woods of Eerfeld, known as Fangwood Forest.
    They assign watch duties and rest, only to wake at the sound of a twig snapping. Someone has gotten close!
    “Wardens! To arms!” Evie shouts and unsheathes her sword, arming her bow.
    They all draw their weapons and look around as a quartet of dark cloaked figures closes in from two sides.
    “Cultists!” Ardus tells Evie as they turn to face their assailants.

    Battle Set Up

    Combat Turn 1:

    Ardus and Rudiger move in closer.


    Cultist charges at Rudiger
    Cultist hits, can’t penetrate armor
    Cultist hits, penetrates armor, wounding Rudiger
    Rudiger wins the last exchange
    They disengaged melee

    Cultist charges Ardus
    Ardus wins the exchange
    They roll equal, and the cultist retreats

    After first combat

    Cultists further advance near the lake
    Roving wanderer moves aside and shoots his bow
    RW Hits, doesn’t wound


    Stout Yeoman charges cultist
    After three exchanges, none scores a hit and they withdraw
    The rest of the band progresses

    A cultist charges at Rudiger, catching him still sleepy, he passes through his defenses, hitting his cuirass. He follows up, but this time his blade lodges between the rings of the mail part of the armor, wounding the veteran. The pain sears through Rudiger’s body, who quickly snaps out of it and blocks the last attempt, pushing the cultist back.
    At the same time, another cultist charges next to him at Ardus.
    Ardus is better prepared. He parries the blow successfully and kicks his assailant back.

    At the other side, next to the pond, a Warden shoots at a cultist and fails to hit him, the arrow flying away through the air, while another one charges in melee. He tries to hit him but is blocked, and again, and again, until tired they disengage and look at each other angrily.

    Combat Turn 2:

    Ardus charges at cultist
    Ardus hits, the cultist is wounded
    They roll equal and withdraw
    Rudiger charges at the cultist
    They roll equal and the cultist withdraws
    Rudiger survives his wound
    The cultist charges back at Ardus
    Ardus wins melee
    Ardus hits cultist and kills him

    First blood

    Cultist charges back at Rudiger
    Cultist hits Rudiger, but Rudiger parries with his shield
    Cultist hits Rudiger but can’t penetrate the armor
    And again
    They withdraw from melee

    Cultist charges Angry Villager
    They’re equal and the AV withdraws
    Cultist charges at Stout Yeoman
    Cultist brings down Yeoman

    First Casualty

    Evie takes position and shoots Cultist but misses
    Gustav charges at Cultist
    He hits and wounds Cultist
    He hits again and kills the Cultist

    Second Kill

    Roving Wanderer takes position and shoots at Cultist and misses

    Angry Villager attacks Cultist
    He hits but doesn’t wound him
    And Again
    And they roll equal and withdraw

    Hanger On attacks Cultist
    They roll equal and withdraw

    Ardus charges with his bastard sword and thrusts at the Cultist who hurt Rudiger, wounding him, spilling blood. With skill, his enemy tactically withdraws.
    Rudiger tries to follow up on his companion’s pushing attack, and charges at the Cultist. His enemy with skill blocks and parries and moves back.
    “Die!” The Cultist hisses and jabs at Ardus, who deflects the blow and moves behind his enemy, at the same time slashing at his back, cutting him in half.
    Seeing his friend fallen, the other cultist screams a war cry and charges at Rudiger. The blow is heavy, and Rudiger has to block it with his shield. He smashes back at his enemy, shoving him away.
    On the other front, near the pond, the Cultists charge at the followers. One tries to attack the Angry Villager but can’t get back the defenses while the other attacks the Stout Yeoman. The dagger finds the Yeoman under his armor. The Yeoman drops down under his wound.
    Evie moves around the fighting men and finds an opening for her shot. The arrow misses its target and lodges on a tree behind.
    Gustav then charges at the same enemy. Distracted the Cultist doesn’t see the warhammer coming down on his head and falls down, dead.
    The Roving Wanderer shoots at the cultists but misses again.
    The Angry Villager charges at the Cultist who hit the Stout Yeoman and hits him with his staff, but doesn’t manage to startle him. The Cultist pushes back and disengages.
    A Hanger On who joined the warband tries to make a difference, but without skill, his efforts are aimless.

    Combat Turn 3:

    Rudiger and Ardus advance to the lake
    Rudiger survives his wound
    Cultist attacks Angry Villager
    No one hits
    And Again
    They roll equal and withdraw
    Cultist attacks Hanger On
    They roll equal and withdraw
    Evie shoots Cultist, hits and wounds him
    Roving Wanderer shoots at the same cultist and hits and kills him

    Third Kill

    Angry Villager attacks Cultist
    He hits and kills him

    Fourth Kill

    Combat is won

    Rudiger despite his wound, moves with Ardus towards the pond to assist the rest of the warband.
    One of the Cultists attacks the Angry Villager and another the Hanger On, but after a couple missed strikes, fatigue builds up, and the opponents stand there looking at each other.
    Evie and the Roving Wanderer shoot their arrows to the Cultists. Both hit, and the Cultist drops dead from the hail.
    The morale is high and the Angry Villager, with renewed strength, bring his staff down on the last opponent, knocking him out.
    The Wardens cry out in Victory!

    Resolve casualties: Stout Yeoman: Knocked out
    Loot: 9 Gold Marks
    Unusual Finds: Evidence (Reduce Highest Threat by 1, Dark Secrets)
    Adjust Threat: No adjustment
    Experience Points Awards
    Ardus gains a level and gets +1 Agility
    Roving Wanderer gains Skill: Foraging
    Angry Villager gains Promotion: +1 Agility: Name: Wigmar

    The Wardens look after the Stout Yeoman, noticing it was just a flesh wound. He recovers quickly.
    Searching through the fallen enemies, they find 9 Gold Marks and a bloody bag. Evie recognizes it as the bag she had seen the last week in their roadside encounter.
    Inside it they find nasty bloody parts. Hearts of animals and humans. Along with it is a seal, one that Evie recognizes as Eerfeld alchemist’s seal. Seems the man is in league with dark forces. That’s evidence for the Bailiff.
    The man with the staff, the Warden she had in mind as angry villager, showed immense bravery, armed with just a staff. She goes to him.
    “Wigmar, you stood out today. We’re proud to have fought alongside you.” Evie tells him.

    |Combat Skill|0|0|0|0|0|
    |Skills|Library,Medicine,Organization |-|-|Leadership,Parry|
    |Weapons|Long Bow, Dagger|Warhammer|Bastard Sword|Bastard Sword|Staff|
    |Armor|Light Armor|Light Armor|Full Armor, Helmet, Shield|Partial Armor|-|


    Nature Roving Wanderer Stout Yeoman
    Skill Foraging
    Weapons Self Bow, Dagger War Axe(Warhammer)
    Armor Militia Armor Light Armor

    Gold Marks 22
    Medicinal Herbs 1
    Story Points 1

    End of second campaign turn

    Session Summary

    This time I paused to take photos and write everything down as it happened. I really enjoyed every part of it!
    I did not write down the rolls, only the results, because the game is very dense!
    So much happens in such a short amount of time.
    I really enjoy how easy it is to do everything. The mechanics are fast and the tables generate interesting results. I’m still learning how to play, so I’m not implementing any rpg elements yet.
    I don’t know if I will have everything so detailed in my future AP reports, because pausing so often to take photos and write things down, doubled or tripled the time to play. I will need to find the right balance between reporting and playing.

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    The Wardens of Gahyrst. Ep01. 

    It’s been some time now that I got the solo wargame Five Leagues From The Borderlands. I wanted to try it a while now, I think this is the right time.
    I have a nice bunch of fantasy 15mm minis to start with. I also want a change of pace with regards to my regular solo roleplaying. Something different that requires less brain effort.

    Since I’m a sucker for story continuity I will use Evie’s company as my band of heroes, with extra followers.


    Name Evie Gustav Rudiger Ardus
    Agility 1 1 1 2
    Speed 5 4 5 5
    Combat Skill 0 0 0 0
    Toughness 4 4 3 3
    Will 1
    Luck 2
    Skills Library Leadership,Parry
    Weapons Long Bow, Dagger Sword Bastard Sword Bastard Sword
    Armor Light Armor Light Armor Full Armor, Helmet, Shield Partial Armor
    Notes Avatar Retainer


    Nature Outcast Drifter Roving Wanderer Stout Yeoman Angry Villager
    Weapons Sword Self Bow, Dagger War Axe Staff
    Armor Militia Armor Light Armor
    Notes Witch Slayer

    Gold Marks 12
    Medicinal Herbs 2
    Story Points 1

    Evie and her company returned to her hometown of Eerfeld. There, she found that her father, Baron Vogel, had been summoned to the capital months ago, never to be heard from again.
    The manor was derelict. The villagers scared. Bandits and brigands roam the countryside. Orc and goblin marauders cross the river ever so often and an uneasy chill clouded the people’s hearts and minds as dark forces stir in the shadows.
    No one is willing to pay allegiance to the Vogel name.
    In an effort to restore peace and prosperity to the region and her family name to its former glory, Evie has reinstated the Wardens of Gahyrst.
    Her close compatriots stand with her, Gustav and Rudiger, joined by Ardus, her father’s steward still guarding the ruined manor.
    Four more brave souls have joined her, answering the call to drive off evil from the land.

    Current village: Eerfeld (3,2,3)
    Village 2: (1,1,1)
    Village 3: (3,3,3)

    Turn 1

    Swindled: Lose 4 Gold
    Study: Success: Evie: Medicine
    Labor: 2 Gold
    Adventuring: Roadside & Combat Encounter
    Roadside: Hunter: Unfriendly: Corruption: +1 Dark Secrets
    Combat: Outlaws: Renegades: Encounter while traveling
    Number: 8+Sergeant (+1 Toughness), 2 Bowmen
    Terrain: Distance 13″, Overgrown Ruins
    Initiative: 6: –

    A peddler runs his cart on the village of Eerfeld. “Talismans! Protect yourselves from evil”
    “Look! Look what I bought” the so called witch slayer, essentially an outcast drifter says to Vogel. “This magical garlic scented bird cage can keep vampires at bay!”
    Evie looks with disdain. “How… much did you pay for it?”
    “4 gold marks my lady” He answers.
    Evie takes it to return to the peddler, but he’s nowhere to be seen.
    “You’ll work the fields to make up for the money you cost us.” She tells the outcast. “I’ll be at the old church library, see if we can find something useful.”
    Her efforts proved fruitful as she found passages explaining how to perform healing.

    On their way, they meet with what seems to be hunter. He has strapped a bow over his cloak, and a big skinning blade hangs without a scabbard, from his belt.
    As they cross paths, an uneasy feeling overwhelms Evie. She can’t tell if it’s the stinking dirty visage of the man or the way he met her gaze, but something struck her as off. It’s not only after he has vanished from her line of sight that she recomposes his image. He was carrying a bag dripping with blood and the blade had dark dried blood all over it. She would have asked him to stop and show his bag, but now he’s gone. How could she have missed it? What clouded her mind?

    Due to the miniatures at hand I switched the Renegades with goblins. It was pretty arbitrary, but I can live with it for now.

    The wardens heard sinister laughter from ruins near the road. Carefully they go to investigate, only to fall upon a band of goblins.
    Soon swords are unseathed, bowstrings drawn and combat ensues.
    Evie cast an arrow, hitting its target, but it pierced through cloth, missing flesh.
    Two spearmen charged, one at Evie and one at Rudiger. Evie used her sword skill to push him aside, while Rudiger, with sheer strength manages to break of the greenskin’s guard and hit him with his blade.
    An arrow hits Rudiger, but doesn’t pierce his heavy armor. Another one hits Evie in the chest.
    As the two opposing groups come together, closing in on the ruins, Ardus dispatched a goblin, while Evie, clutching her chest, falls to the ground…

    A handful of minutes later, the fight is over. Rudiger, covered in blood stands by Ardus. He wipes of his blade and seathes it. The angry villager who had joined them is the only other man standing. Rudiger thinks he should ask his name, but now he must tend to his fallen comrades, and first of all, Evie.


    I roll on the aftermath tables.

    Evie: Serious Wound. I use medical herbs: Dead. I use Lucky Break.
    Gustav: Knocked out.
    Outcast Drifter: Dead.
    Roving Wanderer: Knocked out.
    Stout Yeoman: Knocked out.

    Found: victims: receive 3 Gold Marks
    Items: Warhammer, Pistol
    Threat reduced by 1

    Rudiger tends to Evie’s arrow wound with some green moss, but the Angry Villager intervenes.
    “Stop it! You’ll kill her. That doesn’t go on cuts! Only on bruises.” It is only by sheer luck that the leader of the wardens survived.
    Most of the group is back in fighting shape. Their wounds superficial. Except the outcast drifter, the witch slayer. He didn’t make it, and the warband made a proper grave to put him in.
    Ardus scoured through the ruins only to find the corpses belonging to the victims of the goblins. He took some private possessions found to return them to the families. Among the loot was a Warhammer and a pistol. A very useful weapon.
    As they return to the village, and give the victims possessions to their families, some villagers offer a few gold marks to the adventurers as gratitude for giving them closure.

    End of first Campaign Turn

    Session Summary

    Had so much fun!
    The game flow was fast and easy. I mean yes, I had to go back and forth between some rules and tables, but after repeating a few times, I got the hang of it and could run the combat without much trouble.
    I actually intended to write down the actual play in detail, but I got so carried away that I didn’t want to stop my game to take notes, believing I could reconstruct the battle.
    I was so wrong. The flow may be fast, but so dense. There’s so much happening I can’t believe it can be resolved so quickly.
    On purpose I avoided optional rules. I want to learn the gropes before delving deeper. Also there’s so much food for narrative. All those random events. One could even run minirpg games there (e.g my roadside encounter), converting to their system of choice. Might do it in the future.
    The game is deadly but can be forgiving. Had to spend my one-off Lucky Break to avoid losing my avatar. Was lucky with the rest of the warband (3/4 just knocked out).
    My only gripes so far is the fact that I have it in a crappy office print. Its worth a proper printing. And also that I don’t have all my minis painted to run all possible scenarios!
    Now that I’ve settled on it, I need to roll some story about who or what Gahyrst is and maybe draw a map and name the villages.

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