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    Miniatures pt3 – Skeletons 

    Here’s my Skeleton warband from Blighthaven line of Ral Partha Europe miniatures.

    For the paint scheme, I didn’t follow my standard black prime + white sketching. Instead I tried to follow as close as possible, the Skeleton painting guide from the Warhammer Fantasy Battles 4th edition core rulebook.

    So it was a white primer+white undercoat, followed by a brown/yellow 50/50 wash. Then I drybrushed with yellow ochre, followed by a drybrush of white. I finished it with the classic black/brown wash in the end. To give the rusty look on weapons I drybrushed them with a 50/50 Vermillion/Burnt Sienna. I learned my lesson from the dark brown wood I had painted, and lightened my brown with white and yellow for the bows and spears. My only failure was my attempt at purple cloaks, which turned out to be a gray mauve instead.

    Skeleton knight
    Skeleton knight
    Skeleton knight
    Skeleton with scythe
    Skeleton with scythe
    Skeleton swordsman
    Skeleton axeman
    Skeleton warrior
    Skeleton spearman
    Skeleton spearman
    Skeleton archer
    Skeleton archer
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    Miniatures pt2 – Goblins 

    Here’s my Blighthaven goblin warband, which includes a dozen different goblins with different poses!

    For colors, I went with Viridian green for the skin color. It’s a bluish green. I could have gone with a more traditional green, but it was the only one I had available at the time, and I think it gives a nice distinct tone in comparison to other greenskins.

    Since this is a warband, I tried to keep a uniform color and went with Yellow Ochre for the clothing. It gives a ragged look that I really enjoyed. I had a rough time painting it over the black parts of the undercoat, and later on I found that proper thinning of the paint maybe with a slight dab of an ink of the same color helps, but I didn’t know it at the time.

    I also discovered that Raw Umber, the brown color I used to paint the wooden parts of the spears and the bows, is very dark. Dark colors aren’t very much suited to 15mm, because it’s hard for the eye to make out the details at table distance.

    Goblin boss
    Goblin shaman
    Goblin with sword and shield
    Goblin with sword and shield
    Goblin with sword and shield
    Goblin with sword and shield
    Goblin with sword and shield
    Goblin spearman
    Goblin spearman
    Goblin archer
    Goblin archer
    Goblin archer
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    Weaselhammer 40k Ep.02 

    Kamalom Usha. A temperate, human miscible planet, with a breathable atmosphere. A simple colony in the vast reaches of space. The Orks have a strong presence on the planet, but Tallion and his squad of Eldar Guardians could not abandon their mission. The artifact they recovered needed to be extracted. The shuttle would arrive any moment now at the top of the hill. All they had to do was get past the Orks standing in their way.

    The scenario is simple. The Eldar squad needs to get to the top of the hill within 6 turns. The Orks have to stop them.

    For miniatures, I’ll be using Alternative Armies miniatures from the Ion Age range.

    The Eldar Squad

    Space Orks
    The Space Orks Squad

    As a Rules system I’ll be using again Clash on the Fringe, I really enjoyed playing it in my first session, so I’m sticking with it for consistency’s sake.

    Eldar (Precursors, Hardened Veteran) Speed Survival Discipline Morale Training Armor Weapons Traits Notes
    Leader 6 6 7 7 6 Hard suit Pulse Rifle Few in number, Resent brutality, Bond, Sentry, Leader (2) 74
    Hero 6 6 7 7 6 Hard suit Pulse Rifle Few in number, Resent brutality, Bond, Sentry, Hero 74
    Trooper 6 6 7 7 6 Hard suit Pulse Rifle Few in number, Resent brutality, Bond, Sentry 54
    Trooper 6 6 7 7 6 Hard suit Pulse Rifle Few in number, Resent brutality, Bond, Sentry 54
    Trooper 6 6 7 7 6 Hard suit Pulse Rifle Few in number, Resent brutality, Bond, Sentry 54
    Orcs (Brutes, Conscript) Speed Survival Discipline Morale Training Armor Weapons Traits
    Leader 4 5 4 5 3 Protective Jacket Knife, Pistol Smash, Resilient, Direct 43
    Trooper 4 5 4 5 3 Protective Jacket Carbine Smash, Resilient, Direct 37
    Trooper 4 5 4 5 3 Protective Jacket Carbine Smash, Resilient, Direct 37
    Trooper 4 5 4 5 3 Protective Jacket Carbine Smash, Resilient, Direct 37
    Trooper 4 5 4 5 3 Protective Jacket Carbine Smash, Resilient, Direct 37
    Trooper 4 5 4 5 3 Protective Jacket Carbine/Bayonet Smash, Resilient, Direct 39
    Trooper 4 5 4 5 3 Protective Jacket Carbine/Bayonet Smash, Resilient, Direct 39
    Trooper 4 5 4 5 3 Protective Jacket Carbine/Bayonet Smash, Resilient, Direct 39

    As I had said in my first session, there is an implied setting of the Fringe, which can easily be adapted to most known sci-fi universes. For Conversions I used the Precursors as Eldar, and Brutes as Orks. Since the Orks are larger in number (8 vs 5) I had to give them worse training, armor and equipment, to have things balance.

    Actual Play Report

    Turn 1

    Eldar point of view
    Ork point of view

    Initiative: Orks win
    Activate: Squad
    Action: Engage
    Ork1: Shoots Eldar: Miss: Moves 4″: Reaction Fire: Hit: Survival: Failure: Ork1 is down: Morale: Failure: 1 Stress
    Ork2: Shoots Eldar: Miss: Moves 4″: Reaction Fire: Miss, Miss, Miss, Heads Down
    Ork3: Shoots Eldar: Miss: Moves 4″
    Ork4: Shoots Eldar: Miss: Moves 4″
    Ork5: Shoots Eldar: Miss: Moves 4″
    Ork6: Shoots Eldar: Miss: Moves 4″
    Ork7: Shoots Eldar: Miss: Moves 4″
    Ork Leader: Shoots Eldar: Miss: Moves 4″
    Ork Leader orders Ork7 to Move it: Moves 4″

    Initiative: Eldar failed to activate

    Snozguk saw the pompous Eldar march towards the top of the hill where the white flare pointed.
    “Ere we go, ere we go, ere we go! Get da filty eldar. Don’t let im escape” He screams to his troops.
    They shoot their las carbines but they all miss. The range is too great for their weaponry. The march onwards towards the treeline, and the Eldar return fire. One Ork falls from the Shuriken, while another drops down in search for cover. “Dey will kill us!” he screams.
    Tallion is indecisive. He can’t tell if they have the advantage, and doesn’t give any order to the squad. The Eldar stand there, waiting for his orders.

    Turn 2

    Turn 2

    Initiative: Eldar win
    Activate: Squad
    Action: Engage
    Eldar1: Moves 6″: Shoots Ork7: Miss
    Eldar2: Moves 6″: Shoots Ork3: Hit: Survived: Heads Down
    Eldar3: Moves 6″: Shoots Ork2: Hit: Survived: Heads Down x2
    Eldar Hero: Moves 8″: Shoots Ork4: Miss
    Eldar Leader: Moves 6″ Shoots Ork4: Hit: Survival: Failure. Morale: Success. Orders Hero: Attack: Ork5: Miss

    Initiative: Orks succeed
    Activate: Squad
    Action: Engage
    Ork2: Heads Down: Failure
    Ork3: Heads Down: Failure
    Ork5: Shoots Eldar2 within Assault: Hit: Survival: Success: Heads Down
    Ork6: Moves 5″: Reaction Fire: Heads Down, Miss, Miss
    Ork7: Moves 5″: Shoots Eldar2: Miss
    Ork Leader: Moves 5″: Shoots Eldar3: Miss: Orders Ork3: Keep it together!
    Ork3: Moves 5″: Shoots Eldar2: Heads Down

    Tallion takes command, and orders his guardians forward, as far away from the Orks as possible, out in the open, in a Move and Shoot tactic. They’re too far to get reaction fire from the Orks, but their Shuriken weaponry shoots true. They pin down two more Orks, and Tallion kills one of them. Odds are turning to their favor.
    Snozguk screams, and gets one Ork to shake it off. He shoots at the Eldar and suppresses a guardian. But, none of the rest manage to get a proper shot. Under the reaction fire, another Ork is pinned down. Snozguk is uncertain of their success.


    Turn 3

    Initiative: Eldar win
    Activate: Squad
    Action: Engage
    Eldar Hero: Shoots Ork3: Hit: Survived: Moves 6″
    Eldar2: Heads Down: Success: Shoots Ork3: Success: Survival: Failure: Morale: Failure: Stress 2. Moves 6″
    Eldar1: Moves 6″: Shoots Ork7: Miss
    Eldar3: Moves 6″: Shoots Ork7: Hit: Survival: Survived
    Eldar Leader: Shoots Ork5: Hit: Survival: Failure: Morale: Failure: Stress 3: All Fire is Unaimed. Moves 6″. Orders: Eldar Hero: Shoots Ork7: Miss

    Initiative: Orks
    Activate: Squad
    Action: Storm
    Leader: Orders Ork2: Keep it together: Shoots Eldar3: Miss: Moves 5″: Storms: Eldar Wins: Survival: Failure: Leader down: Morale: Failure: Stress 4: Orks are broken.

    Ork leader stormed

    Tallion orders his squad to shoot again and move. The Eldar bond is strong, and the guardian is no longer suppressed. They kill two more Orks, and their morale starts wavering. They close up to the hill and the Orks charge in return. Snozguk gets in close combat with an Eldar. The fierce Ork Leader is much stronger than the Eldar guardian, but he is unsure. This fear is obvious to the space elf, who finds the opportunity and blocks the knife strike with his rifle. He kicks off Snozguk, who falls to the floor, and follows through with a kill shot.
    Seeing their leader down, the rest of the space Orks disperse and flee.
    Tallion and his squad reach the top of the hill and are extracted to safety before any more of the greenskins arrive.



    The Eldar receive 3BP. I spend 2 points to increase Tallion’s Training by 1.

    Session Summary

    Again, the game was fast! I may have done a mistake or two here and there, but it was enjoyable. The Eldar may have lost the first round of Initiative, but their reaction fire in the first round gave them the upper hand. The orks didn’t have the numbers and the Eldar troop quality was now evident.
    Also I didn’t bother much about terrain rules. Something about entering woods and such makes me lazy. Maybe after I have more than a few games under my belt I’ll take it under consideration. I don’t have the rules in print and going back and forth in PDF from the game board isn’t to my liking.

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    Miniatures pt1 – Adventurers 

    In the past year, staying inside, I started painting miniatures. After reading this blogpost, I discovered the world of 15mm miniatures. Very affordable, at less than half a buck a piece, and requiring smaller gaming and storage space.

    I was really intrigued by the Blighthaven Warbands by Ral Partha Europe, skirmish packs, drawn by their Demonworld 15mm fantasy line. I knew Ral Partha from when I was a teenager playing Dragon Quest, and was curious as to their quality. Shipping was reasonable to where I live, and so I ordered my first pack, a variety of adventurers.

    The miniatures arrived back in the start of 2020 and I was quite scared at first trying to paint them, especially considering the 15mm size. So, I waited a few months before I begun.

    I didn’t want to spend too much on a hobby I wasn’t sure I would enjoy, or would be good at, so I got my painting tools from a variety of sources. A cheap set of brushes from ebay, and a cheaper one from the dollar store (for drybrushing, priming and varnishes). A set of acrylic paints from the dollar store, and an Amsterdam crafts satin varnish. In the meantime Ral Partha introduced their Miniature Paints, and I got a Black and a White Primer, some metallics and a Matt Varnish.

    I read a lot, and taking under consideration various techniques I chose what I believe fits best to my skill base and expectations. My concerns were my unsteady hands which aren’t suited to highlighting techniques and partial color blindness (I can see all colors fine, but fail all Isibara tests) so I wanted to avoid mixing my own shades.

    Steps followed:

    • Glue to base
    • Prime black
    • Drybrush white primer in a top down motion (gives a zenithal/sketching effect)
    • Basecoat main colors in two damp coats as not to completely opaquely cover the undercoat.
      • Flesh
      • Uniforms
      • Accessories
      • Weapons, Shields, Armor
    • Wash with black custom washes
      • Black+brown+water+pva glue
        • For blue: replace brown with blue
        • For metal: remove brown
    • Basing
      • Paint green
      • Add glue
      • Dip in dried used coffee grinds
      • Add glue once dry
      • Paint green
      • Drybrush yellow ochre
      • Wash with burnt sienna/leather
    • Varnish
      • One coat of thin satin varnish
      • One coat of thin Matt varnish
        • Metallic items were coated with a second thin satin varnish instead

    All in all I really enjoyed the process. I was very happy with the end results. They’re not competition level or anything, but they’re table-ready and they’re done by me!

    So, without further ado, I present you my band of adventurers.

    Dwarf warrior
    Dwarf warrior
    Elf warrior
    Human mage
    Human knight
    Barbarian chieftain
    Human cleric
    Barbarian warrior
    Barbarian warrior
    Elf archer

    You may have seen them here and there in several of my actual play reports. I intend to upload retrospective snaps of all of my painted miniatures in the future, so expect more to come.

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    In the Trollshaws. Ep02. 

    So, some things to correct. The Watches numbering should start at midnight, so I’m correcting this now. Current watch is 3rd Watch, and the party has spent like 2 hours searching and failing to find any trail or clues.

    Dwalin will search the orcs for any possessions. I will use the Harnmaster tables for this, since MERP doesn’t provide any random item generators for patrols.
    Orc 1: 5 trade goods (furs/hides/etc), 1 weapon (scimitar)
    Orc 2: 8 trade goods (furs/hides/etc), 4 weapons (scimitar, mace, handaxe, dagger)

    There’s nothing special, and orc weapons and trade goods are too crude for humans, dwarves and elves.

    Now for this session, I’m beginning with BOLD again to roll up some connections.

    action gerund subject
    assure negating a skill
    digress training enemies
    interject weakening party member

    So, since they failed to follow the hill troll trails, they will search on the wild for hill troll lairs.
    I deem, that the 3rd watch time is lost, and I’ll roll for encounters.

    3rd watch: 74/72: No encounter

    Scouting: 77+30+11: 118: Success! Finally. Now here we have a metagaming question. Is this the lair of the adventure?
    If I answer this now, and learn this, I spoil much fun. I will ask later on. In any case, the adventure spoke of a side entrance to the lair, but since the Success, was Normal, I decide that the party has just found the regular entrance to a hill troll lair.

    Dwalin looks carefully through the land for any signs of trolls. He’s no woodsman, but he knows what to expect. Finally he sees something that fits. He points for the party to look at a tree, it’s branches ripped off. Not broken, but the bark torn apart and twisted, as if from an external force.
    “Only a troll could have done this. Come!” He goes quickly to the tree, overlooking a hill, and he sees the huge footprints. Dwalin smiles, while Leowyn looks worried around for any signs of trolls.
    “Don’t worry, they sleep at day, we have at least 2 hours of daylight.” He says as he follows the footprints down, to a cave entrance, blocked by a huge boulder.
    “There it is!” He exclaims.
    Leowyn ties the horse to a tree nearby, and whispers to its ear to stay silent.
    The group gathers in front of the entrance, trying to decide how to proceed.
    “Hill trolls sleep at the day. This means, that their numbers should be higher now inside, but we could go inside and do some scouting.” Dwalin proposes.
    “Or we could wait until after dark and let their hunting party leave before going inside. Maybe we’ll find few opposition.” Leowyn counters.
    “Hill trolls are stupid, but they guard their entrance. I’d say we go now, just me and Camthalion. Your eyes can’t see in the dark, human child. What do you think?” Dwalin proposes again.
    “That sounds like the safest course. We need to make sure to be silent… and to return before dusk. Or we risk getting caught inside.” Camthalion agrees, and they go in.

    I declare this a Light Difficulty task, so I need to roll less than -50 to be detected. In all other cases, the party moves inside, some feet. I’ll need to make at least 100′ before I ask which lair is this?

    Camthalion: Stalk/Hide: 17+40-4=53: 70%: 17.5′
    Dwalin: Stalk/Hide: 67+2-4=65: 80%: 20′

    Camthalion: 26+40-4=62: 80%: 20′
    Dwalin: Stalk/Hide: 93+2-4=89: 100%: 25′

    Camthalion: 87+40-4=123: 110%: 27.5′
    Dwalin: Stalk/Hide: 46+2-4=44: 70%: 17.5′

    Camthalion: 22+40-4=58: 80%: 20′
    Dwalin: Stalk/Hide: -22+2-4=-24: 30%: 7.5′

    Camthalion: 6+40-4=42: 70%: 17.5′
    Dwalin: Stalk/Hide: 11+2-4=9: 50%: 12.5′

    Camthalion has entered the main room.
    Q: Is this the lair of the adventure hill trolls? (likely)
    A: False Presupposition: This is not the lair of hill trolls anymore, it’s the lair of orcs!

    Camthalion and Dwalin stalk inside the cave, one with the wall. Their eyes adjusting to the darkness and using whatever glimmer of light enters from the opening in the back. As the corridor opens up to the main room, the duo looks around for the huge bulking creatures, but instead they see, nasty orcs sleeping, snoring.

    Q: Are there many orcs inside?
    A: No, but, there are a few: 1d6+1: 2
    Q: Are they far away?
    A: False presupposition: Re-roll: Yes, and, it’s 2d6x10′: 40′.

    Camthalion: Stalk/Hide: 25+40-12=53: 70%: 17.5′
    Dwalin: Stalk/Hide: 87+2-12=97: 100%: 25′

    Camthalion: Stalk/Hide: 48+40-12=66: 90%: 22.5′
    Dwalin: Stalk/Hide: -41+2-12=-51: F!

    The duo speaks with the eyes, as each of them, weapons drawn, closes in to the sleeping orcs. Camthalion has reached his enemy, ready to slay him in his sleep, when Dwalin, stumbles and kicks the metal helmet of the orc he was about to murder. The metal pot clangs and rolls over the floor, waking up the orcs, who open their eyes in surprise and hiss something in their black speech.

    I’m having a difficult time finding any Surprise rules, so I’m house ruling it. The orcs are considered Stunned for 1 round. In addition they don’t don shields or weapons, so DB and OB is 0. Unless the party offs them in one round, they may sound the alarm (that is, considering there are more orcs around).


    Camthalion: Attack Orc1: 64+23=87: 10A: 13-20=-07: Weak strike yields no extra damage. +0 hits
    Dwalin: Attack Orc2: MM: 19-5=14: 50: 25′: 67+14-100+33=14: 0

    Q: Do the orcs sound the alarm?
    A: Yes, and, they are heard immediately.

    The dwarf and the elf are as startled as their foes. Camthalion exchanges an look with the orc, and then slashes at it, but the orc moves aside and is barely scratched to it’s arm.
    Dwalin spends some precious moments kicking the helmet away, and the lunges to cover the distance. His mace misses by a long shot, and the orc shouts.
    U pizumu! U pizumu! Kishtraum! it hisses out loud.
    For a moment the yell echoes into the caves, but then as it reverberates, the part realizes it’s not echo. It’s other orcs responding to the call. The orc sends a sardonic smile and looks at it’s wicked blade sitting at it’s feet, before heading in another clash with the intruder.

    Camthalion: Attack Orc1: 69+23=92: 11B: 79-10=69: Medium thigh wound. +6 hits. 1 hit per round. -10 to activity. Stunned 2 rounds.
    Orc2: Pick up sword. Attack Dwalin: 76+5-30-5=46: 0
    Dwalin: Attack Orc2: 42+66=108: 13C: 09: Minor fracture of ribs. +5 hits. -5 to activity.
    Leowyn: Perception: 57+10=67: Failure. She hears nothing of the fuss. And can’t roll again for the day… huh.

    So I decide that I will ask each round from now on if the enemy reinforcement arrive, with increasing likelihood, starting at unlikely.

    Q: Do reinforcements arrive? (UL)
    A: No

    Camthalion: Attack Orc1: 44+23=67: 0
    Orc2: Attack Dwalin: 41+35-5-30-5=36: 0
    Dwalin: Attack Orc2: 49+66=115: 19D: 37+10=47:Blow to forearm. +5 hits. If no arm armor, stunned 1 round. Orc2 is down.

    Q: Do reinforcements arrive?
    A: Yes, and it’s a lot of them. 2d6: 10 Orcs.

    Before the orc facing Camthalion has had a chance to react, he hacks at it, hitting it’s thigh, black blood spewing out. The pain stuns the orc, who doesn’t manage to pick up it’s curved sword.
    The other orc, quickly picks up it’s own weapon and hastily jabs at Dwalin, but the dwarf, easily deflects the blow with his shield, and comes with a counter, cracking his enemy’s ribs with his mace.
    As the footsteps are heard closer and closer, Camthalion tries to hurt his enemy again, but the orc evades the blow, still unable to react.
    The other orc, tries to catch up it’s breath and can’t connect a blow against Dwalin, who strikes back, crushing it’s forearm, and stunning it from the searing pain.
    The orc mob makes a ruckus as they arrive to the other end of the cave. Spitting and swearing. Camthalion counts at least 10 of them.
    “Retreat! to the narrow entrance!” He shouts to Dwalin.

    Camthalion: Runs away: -55+35=-20: 50+35+0-5-100: 0
    Orc1: Picks up sword. Attacks Camthalion: 37+35-30-10-25+5=12: 0
    Dwalin: Runs away: 20-5=15: 10-5-100: 0

    Quite weird to have 0′ results for running movement.
    Also the rulebook is contradictory. I’ll take the first statement, that if the character makes a successful MM roll, they can move up to double their normal movement rate.
    Camthalion thus moves 170′, and Dwalin 90′.

    Q: Are the orcs far away?
    A: No: 1d6+2×10’=70′

    The orc reinforcements can move 60′. Dwalin is 160′ away.

    It seems that it’s quite likely that with these distances, the group can get out of the lair before the orcs reach up to them.

    I need to ask the Oracle.
    Q: Does the group get out before the orcs catch up to them? (L)
    A: No, and, two orcs catch up to Dwalin. The party must fight or abandon the dwarf.
    Q: Does Leowyn realize what’s going on? (L)
    A: Yes, and she gets inside to fight.
    Q: How wide is the corridor?
    A: 1d6x10′: 50′

    Camthalion runs like the wind and is almost outside when he turns around and sees that two orcs have caught up to Dwalin. “Leowyn!” He shouts. “Orcs, come, we need your blade.”
    Leowyn gets inside, as Camthalion draws his bow and nooks an arrow.
    She sees the almost dozen enemies and doesn’t speak a word. She knows the dwarf needs her help.

    So, theater of the mind combat. Dwalin will fight against two orcs in this round, and Leowyn can close the distance to stand at his side.
    Since it’s 50′ wide, there can be 5 orcs fighting there. Leowyn and Dwalin can try to hold them off, but they will be facing two or three orcs respectively. Camthalion will provide cover fire.

    I also need to ask about orc archers.
    Q: Are there any orc archers?
    A: No


    Note: A huge mechanics text section follows. I’d suggest skipping to the end of combat to read the narrative instead.

    Camthalion: nooks an arrow
    Leowyn: moves next to Dwalin
    Orc3: attacks Dwalin: 68+35-30-5=68: 3
    Orc4: attacks Dwalin: 18+35-30-5=18: 0
    Dwalin: attacks Orc3: 29+66-25=70: 0

    The rest of the orcs, reach the party. 3 face Dwalin and 2 face Leowyn.

    Camthalion: Shoots Orc3: 04: Fumble!: 62+10=72: You really mishandle your weapon. Stunned 2 rounds.
    Seriously?? Outnumbered, and just lost missile support.
    Leowyn: attacks Orc5: 15+53-25=43: 0
    Orc3: attacks Dwalin: 54+35-30-5=44:0
    Orc4: attacks Dwalin: 92+35-30-5=92: 8. Dwalin has 26hp remaining.
    Orc5: attacks Dwalin: 47+35-30-5=47: 0
    Orc6: attacks Leowyn: 32+35-40-5=22: 0
    Orc7: attacks Leowyn: 65+35-40-5=55: 1
    Dwalin attacks Orc3: 75+66-25=116: 15D: 83+10=93: Unconscious for 4 hours due to blow to the side of the head. If no helm: skull crushed. +20 hits. Orc3 is down!

    So, for each orc that takes a fallen orc’s place, they will not be attacking this round.

    Camthalion: Stunned
    Leowyn: attacks Orc5: 20+53-25=48: 0
    Orc4: attacks Dwalin: 31+35-30-5=31: 0
    Orc5: attacks Dwalin: 63+35-30-5=63: 2
    Orc6: attacks Leowyn: 92+35-40-5=82: 6. Leowyn has 22hp remaining.
    Orc7: attacks Leowyn: 27+35-40-5=17: 0.
    Orc8: joins fight.
    Dwalin: attacks Orc4: 43+66-25=84: 6.

    Camthalion: Stunned
    Leowyn: attacks Orc5: 43+53-25=48: 0
    Orc4: attacks Dwalin: 90+35-30-5=31: 90: 7. Dwalin has 17hp remaining.
    Orc5: attacks Dwalin: 13+35-30-5=13: 0
    Orc6: attacks Leowyn: 18+35-40-5=08: 0
    Orc7: attacks Leowyn: 27+35-40-5=17: 0
    Orc8: attacks Dwalin: 22+35-30-5=22: 0
    Dwalin: attacks Orc4: 07+66-25=48: 0.

    Camthalion: Shoots at Orc4: 64+48-25=87: 0
    Leowyn: attacks Orc5: 14+53-25=42: 0
    Orc4: attacks Dwalin: 17+35-30-5=17: 0
    Orc5: attacks Dwalin: 33+35-30-5=33: 0
    Orc6: attacks Leowyn: 10+35-40-5=0: 0
    Orc7: attacks Leowyn: 43+35-40-5=33: 0
    Orc8: attacks Dwalin: 01: Fumble: 52-10=42: Drop your weapon. It will take 1 round to draw a new one or 2 rounds to recover old one.
    Dwalin: attacks Orc4: 78+66-25=119: 20D: 05+10=15: Minor fracture of ribs. +5 hits. -5 to activity.

    Camthalion: nooks arrow.
    Leowyn: attacks Orc5: 07+53-25=35: 0
    Orc4: attacks Dwalin: 04: Fumble: 62-10=52: You lose your wind and realize you should try to relax. -40 to activity for 2 rounds.
    Orc5: attacks Dwalin: 12+35-30-5=12: 0
    Orc6: attacks Leowyn: 86+35-40-5=76: 5. Leowyn has 17hp remaining.
    Orc7: attacks Leowyn: 35+35-40-5=25: 0
    Orc8: recovers old weapon.
    Dwalin: attacks Orc4: 44+66-25=85: 6: Orc4 is down.

    Camthalion: Shoots at Orc5: 03: Fumble!: 86+10=96: You let your arrow fly too soon. You are 20′ short of your target. You are at -30 to activity for 3 rnds.
    Leowyn: attacks Orc5: 30+53-25=58: 0
    Orc5: attacks Dwalin: 83+35-30-5=83: 6. Dwalin is at 11hp.
    Orc6: attacks Leowyn: 82+35-40-5=72: 4. Leowyn is at 13hp.
    Orc7: attacks Leowyn: 20+35-40-5=10: 0
    Orc8: recovers old weapon.
    Orc9: joins fight.
    Dwalin: attacks Orc5: 45+66-25=86: 8

    Camthalion: nooks arrow.
    Leowyn: attacks Orc5: 74+53-25=102: 15C: 94: Knocked out for 6 hours with a blow to the strike of the head. If no helm: dies instantly. +15 hits. Orc5 is down.
    33% of the orcs are down (Orcs 1,3,4,5). I’ll ask the Oracle.
    Q: Do the orcs flee? (UL)
    A: No
    Orc6: attacks Leowyn: 89+35-40-5=79: 5. Leowyn is at 8hp.
    Orc7: attacks Leowyn: 87+35-40-5=77: 5. Leowyn is at 3hp.
    Orc8: attacks Dwalin: 55+35-30-5=55: 6. Dwalin is at 10hp.
    Orc9: attacks Dwalin: 06+35-30-5=06: 0
    Dwalin: attacks Orc8: 66+66-25=107: 13C: 07: Minor fracture of ribs. +5 hits. -5 to activity.

    Camthalion: Shoots at Orc6: 51+48-25-30=44: 0
    Leowyn: attacks Orc6: 74+53-25=102: 15C: 70: Medium thigh wound. +6 hits. 1 hit per round. Stunned 2 rounds. -10 to activity.
    Orc6: Stunned.
    Orc7: attacks Leowyn: 81+35-40-5=71: 4. Leowyn is at -1hp. Leowyn is unconscious.
    Orc8: attacks Dwalin: 72+35-30-5-5=67: 3. Dwalin is at 7hp.
    Orc9: attacks Dwalin: 25+35-30-5=25: 0
    Orc10: joins fight.
    Dwalin: attacks Orc8: 90+66-25=131: 19E: 75+20=95: Unconscious for 4 hours due to blow to the side of the head. If no helm: skull crushed. +20 hits. Orc8 is down!

    Camthalion: nooks arrow.
    Orc6: Stunned.
    Orc7: attacks Dwalin: 35+35-30-5=35: 0
    Orc9: attacks Dwalin: 12+35-30-5=12: 0
    Orc10: attacks Dwalin: 39+35-30-5=39: 0
    Orc11: Joins fight.
    Dwalin: attacks: Orc6: 73+66-25=114: 14D: 07+10=17: Minor fracture of ribs. +5 hits. -5 to activity. Orc6 is down.

    50% of the orcs are down (Orcs 1,3,4,5,6,8). I’ll ask the Oracle.
    Q: Do the orcs flee?
    A: No, but, it will be likely if they lose one more of their own.

    Camthalion: Shoots at Orc7: 96+13+48-25=132: 22E: 46+20=66: Strike to lower leg. Tendons torn. +3 hits. -25 to activity. Stunned 1 round.
    Orc7: Stunned.
    Orc9: attacks Dwalin: 06+35-30-5=06: 0
    Orc10: attacks Dwalin: 53+35-30-5=53: 1. Dwalin is at 6hp.
    Orc11: attacks Dwalin: 10+35-30-5=10: 0
    Orc12: Joins fight.
    Dwalin: attacks: Orc7: 26+66-25=67: 0

    Camthalion: Reloads and shoots at Orc7: 84+48-35-25=72: 0
    Orc7: attacks Dwalin: 03: Fumble: 100: Worst move seen in ages. -60 to activity from a pulled groin. Foe is stunned 2 rounds laughing.
    Orc9: attacks Dwalin: 36+35-30-5=06: 0
    Orc10: attacks Dwalin: 61+35-30-5=53: 2. Dwalin is at 4hp.
    Orc11: attacks Dwalin: 24+35-30-5=10: 0
    Orc12: attacks Dwalin: 49+35-30-5=10: 0
    Dwalin: Stunned.

    Camthalion: loads arrow.
    Orc7: attacks Dwalin: 26+35-30-5-60=0: 0
    Orc9: attacks Dwalin: 44+35-30-5=44: 0
    Orc10: attacks Dwalin: 58+35-30-5=58: 1. Dwalin is at 3hp.
    Orc11: attacks Dwalin: 97+35-30-5=97: 9. Dwalin is at -6hp. Dwalin is down.
    Orc12: moves towards Camthalion.

    Camthalion: Shoots at Orc7: 77+48-25=100: 10B: 34-10=24: Thigh strike. +3 hits. If no leg armor: 3 hits per round. Orc7 is down.
    Q: Do the orcs flee? (L)
    A: Yes but, they only flee to the depths of the lair. They’re likely to return if the group doesn’t leave soon.

    What a fight! So, as a fellow solo role player pointed out, there’s a modifier for surprise under the Hand Weapons attack tables. There are also many other modifiers there, which were applicable but I missed them, like penalties for when you’re under half hit points…For next combat I guess. As I keep reading MERP, it’s really hard to keep track of the rules. Speaks to it’s age. It isn’t too hard to miss such an important part of the rules…it is more like the little letters in a Terms & Conditions section.

    Camthalion nooks an arrow to his bow as Leowyn joins Dwalin in his fight against two orcs.
    As Camthalion shoots, he mixes up the string between his hands, in a fumble, unheard of for his species. The orcs and the warriors exchange blows, with a minor scratch on Dwalin, who strikes back with renowned fury, hitting an orc to the side of the head with his mace, crushing it’s skull.
    Camthalion still tries to untangle from the bowstring, as the melee combatants cause minor wounds to each other. Another orc takes it’s fallen brother’s place.
    When finally Camthalion untangles himself, he shoots and misses. Everyone is on top of each other, and it’s hard to score a successful hit. One of the orcs is so confused, that he drops his weapon in the fuss. Dwalin scores a hit, fracturing some orcish ribs with his mace.
    Fighting for so long, one of the orcs loses his wind. He pauses for a second, which is enough for Dwalin to find an opening and kill it.
    Camthalion, eager to help his team, shoots too soon. The arrow flies early, and he hits the ground 20′ short of his target. The unarmed orc recovers his weapon and another one joins the fight. Minor wounds are wearing down the warriors.
    Leowyn composes herself and lunges, and with a swift side strike, hacks an orc head, killing it. Despite their losses, the orcs stay standing strong. The fight goes on, with Dwalin cracking more orcish ribs.
    Camthalion misses yet again, but Leowyn jabs deep in an orc thigh. It’s scream is heard above the clash of arms. Another orc, hacks back at Leowyn, and the continued fight brings her down. Dwalin, isn’t scared easily. Despite standing alone in melee against them, he gathers all his willpower, and with a calculated strike, he crushes another orc skull.
    The orcs morale is low. They fight, but are unsure. Dwalin hits yet again, breaking the ribs of another orc, and killing it.
    The orcs have lost half their numbers, but they still keep on. Yet, they start to waiver. They look at each other, questioning their opponents strength.
    Camthalion, finally aims true. His arrow rips off the tendons of an orc, stunning it. Another orc from the rear lines joins the fight.
    An orc warrior screams a war cry and charges at Dwalin, as he hacks, he misses, stumbles on one of his fallen brothers, and ends up punching himself in the face.
    Dwalin can’t keep himself from laughing. He can barely keep a straight face and compose to fight properly. The other orcs, angry, and confused take advantage, and hit the master Dwarf. His armor is strong, but the repeated hits bring him down.
    The orc surrounding Dwalin now turn to Camthalion. He knows it’s now or never. He aims, and hits an already wounded orc, the arrow lodges itself in the thigh of his enemy. The bleeding is intense and the orc falls.
    The orcs are scared. If the elf fights them as hard as the dwarf and the horse-rider, then they’re done for. With their companion falling under the arrow, they turn tail and flee, deeper back in the caverns.
    Camthalion knows this uneasy serenity won’t last. The orcs will come back when they decide they want to get out, or when they realize the elf doesn’t pose that much of a threat.
    He turns his attention to his fallen comrades.

    Surface Ways on Leowyn: 77: Success: Heals 9 hit points. Leowyn is back up to 8 hit points.

    Camthalion lies beside Leowyn. Touches her wounds and focuses. He meditates for a few moments and then he casts his spell. Leowyn is rejuvenated. She opens her eyes and looks at him.
    “Come child. Help me carry the master dwarf out of here.” He says.
    Without saying a word, she picks up their belongings, and slowly, they carry Dwalin out, put him on the horse and leave, to find a place to camp for the night.

    4th watch: 53/43: No encounter
    5th watch: 82/36: Sighting by another group (wilderness encounter/beast): (Harnmaster tables): 89: Dwarf Adventurer: Camping/Seeking accomodations/etc.
    Q: Does the dwarf come to the party?
    A: No
    6th watch: 59/71: No encounter

    The party camps for the night. Camthalion, who is in a better shape than the others, stands watch as Leowyn and Dwalin rest.
    “I believe we have lost them.” Camthalion tells Leowyn. “It was close, but we faced them off.” He tries to assure her. “I don’t think they will come after us, even wounded as we are.”
    “I believe our deeds will travel among them, striking fear into their hearts. I counted at least five orcs falling under my mace!” Dwalin says boldly as he wakes up from his sleep, regaining consciousness.
    “Rest, master dwarf. It takes a lot of energy to crush five filthy goblins.”
    “Yes, yes, you put down one of them, your skill with the bow isn’t as good as I heard, with regards to your people. You should train more.” Dwalin points out.
    “Hah! It was but a bad moment. I’m sorry I let you down. I don’t need no training.” Camthalion responds.
    “Worry not, you saved our lives in the end, and that is what matters.” Dwalin states, and Leowyn smiles. The crisis between the dwarf and the elf is averted.

    I think with these, I have “assure weakening party member”, “digress training a skill” and “interject negating enemies” from BOLD connections, to Camthalion and Dwalin respectively.

    Under the starlight, Camthalion feels a gaze. He looks around notices a dwarf in the distance, under a tree, camping as they do, but silent. He doesn’t make a move to join them, and Camthalion feels that it’s better this way. The party isn’t at their strongest to face the unknown. He stands watch, as the others sleep…

    I’ll end my session here. Time to do some bookkeeping. Experience and hit points.

    Member Hits received Criticals received
    Camthalion 0 0
    Dwalin 43 0
    Leowyn 29 0
    Enemy Camthalion Dwalin Leowyn
    Orc2 200
    Orc3 200
    Orc4 200
    Orc5 200
    Orc6 185 15
    Orc7 200
    Orc8 200
    Total 200 985 215

    Camthalion: 100 for Spellcasting, 10 for a Stalk hide MM over 100.

    Idea Points: 691. I’ll split it between Dwalin and Camthalion for using the BOLD connections. They get 345 each.

    Adding up the experience points from the previous adventure, I have the following totals:

    Name Experience Points
    Camthalion 2203 EP
    Leowyn 1581 EP
    Dwalin 2592 EP

    With two watches resting, and one searching for camp, Dwalin is at 3 hp and Leowyn is at 17 hp.

    That was a combat heavy totally old-school session. The party survived at a thread.
    It was quite tiresome and I missed a lot of the mechanics, as they are spread around the book at the most unexpected places. Flanking provides bonuses that could have turned the tide further for the orcs. The party would have chosen different tactics though in that case.
    On the other hand, my fears about my previous Zweihander session were unfortunately confirmed. I run an equally heavy combat, with an equally (or more) crunchy system. In MERP The results were so much different. There were effects! Narrative feedback! I had so much fun! I could visualize, my dwarf protagonist, drenched in blood, smashing orc skulls, like his life mattered on it!
    Again, expectations. Being completely conscious about what to expect from a session is very important with regards to the fun factor. I expected to have to face tons of bookkeeping and page flipping, and that’s why it didn’t bother me the slightest when it played out.
    I’m really curious as to what the party will do next. Thankfully they haven’t suffered any criticals. Being armored saves you from critical hits in MERP. Makes it easier to get hit and suffer hit points, which makes sense. All in all the protagonists suffered flesh wounds and concussion hits, which can be recovered easily. Will they rest in the countryside or return to the inn to recover? Who was that mysterious dwarf in the night? I’ll also have to start keeping track of their rations, arrows and supplies…

    • Boddynock 10:45 pm on September 17, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I really enjoyed this one and have been re-reading this post and your first Trollshaws in order to pick up a sense of how to blend mechanical displays with narrative. I continue to like your style and wish you all the best!

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      • giorgis 9:01 am on September 18, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks you!
        Whenever possible I try to give narrative descriptions after a set of actions. Usually after a combo of oracle questions and skill rolls. In combat, I adapt to the system. MERP has a lot of descriptors integrated in the system, which allows me to give a summary in the end.

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  • giorgis 11:31 pm on September 4, 2020 Permalink | Reply

    #Weaselhammer Ep.01 

    Tenebris, C400950-9. A warm, human miscible planet, with a thick atmosphere. A simple colony in the vast reaches of space.
    Necron scout forces have arrived in the system. Ultramarine 2nd company is deployed to intercept them.

    The scenario is simple. The Ultramarine squad needs to activate the relay, and the Necrons need to destroy it. I’ll be running it as ‘to the last man scenario’.

    For miniatures, I’ll be using Alternative Armies miniatures from the Ion Age and the Hordes of the Future ranges.

    The Ultramarines Squad

    The Necron Warriors Squad

    As a Rules system I’ll be using Clash on the Fringe, it’s PWYW over at wargamevault, so you can go ahead and give it a try!


    Ultramarines Speed Survival Discipline Morale Training Armor Weapons Traits Notes
    Leader 4 8 7 8 6 Powered Armor Man-Stopper Pistol (4/12/2, CC) Brawler, Leader 1
    Trooper 4 8 7 8 6 Powered Armor Man-Stopper Pistol (4/12/2, CC) Brawler
    Trooper 4 8 7 8 6 Powered Armor 2xMan-Stopper Pistol (4/12/2, CC) Gunslinger,Brawler
    Trooper 4 8 7 8 6 Powered Armor 2xMan-Stopper Pistol (4/12/2, CC) Gunslinger,Brawler
    Librarian 4 8 7 8 6 Powered Armor Heavy Blade (3, Innacurate) Psionic Skill 6, Level 2 Individual
    Necrons Speed Survival Discipline Morale Training Armor Weapons Traits
    Leader 5 5 7 7 6 Soulless Beam Rifle+Sight (4/40/4, Heavy) Leader 1, Synthetic, Network, Calculating, Shift
    Infantry Module 5 5 7 7 6 Soulless Gauss Rifle (4/25/2) Synthetic, Network, Calculating, Shift
    Infantry Module 5 5 7 7 6 Soulless Gauss Rifle (4/25/2) Synthetic, Network, Calculating, Shift
    Infantry Module 5 5 7 7 6 Soulless Gauss Rifle (4/25/2) Synthetic, Network, Calculating, Shift
    Heavy Support 5 5 7 7 6 Soulless Gauss Support Weapon (4/45/2, Heavy, Suppression) Synthetic, Network, Calculating, Shift Individual

    If I’ve done my force calculations correctly, the Ultramarines are at 356 points, while the Necrons at 329.

    It’s the first time I play Clash on the Fringe so I expect everything to be a bit slow at first.
    I read the rules thoroughly and, everything was in it’s right place. There were a few odd things here and there, and a couple places where I had to go back and re-read the paragraph, but overall they were robust and lean. The rules made sense, and where innovative at certain places. I kept pondering at what rules system I should go after, and I believe I made the right choice.
    There is an implied setting of the Fringe, which can easily be adapted to most known sci-fi universes. Converting it to WH40k theme was very easy, as the Unity Stormtroopers coupled with Power Armor could easily mean Space Marines, whereas the Soulless are a Necron proxy.
    Clash on the Fringe has Solo Play rules, Scenario and Campaign rules, but I wanted so much to get in the thick of it with my troopers that I skimmed through these and didn’t pay much attention. I’ll certainly be looking at these for my next battles.

    Actual Play Report

    Table Set Up


    Initiative: Ultramarines win

    First roll of the game

    Activate: Squad
    Action: Engage
    Trooper Moves, Shoots 2xNecron Support: (-2 Long Range): 1 Shot Hit: Survival Failure. Necron Heavy Support Removed: Morale: Success
    Trooper Moves, Shoots 2xNecron Leader: (-2 Long Range): 1 Shot Hit: Survival Success: Necron Leader Heads Down
    Leader: Order Move It: Trooper to go into Cover
    Leader: Moves, Shoots Necron Leader: (-2 Long Range): Heads Down

    Initiative: Necrons win
    Activate: Squad
    Action: Engage
    Leader: Heads Down: 1 Marker Removed
    Leader: Order: Keep It Together: 1 Marker Removed
    Leader: Moves, Shoots Ultramarines Leader: Miss
    Necron: Moves, No LOS
    Necron: Moves, Shoots at Ultramarine: Hit: Survival Failure: Ultramarine Removed: Morale: Success
    Necron: Moves, No LOS

    Initiative: Failure to activate

    Brother Morger advanced, and caught a glimpse of the neon green Necron weapons. He pointed both of his Bolt Pistols, and a loud crack was heard as he pulled the trigger. The shot was true, and the Necron’s skull was now wide open. The synth was no longer holding a huge gauss minigun. and fell, lifelessly and soullessly to the ground.
    Brother Terson, aims at the Necron next to the casualty before they have a chance to react, but inspite of his hit, the blow ricochets at the synth’s armor, disorienting it.
    Sergeant Strolaris orders Terson into cover and then advances and shoots at the same Necron figure holding a huge gauss rifle. He barely misses, but it’s enough for the soulless to put it’s head down.
    Brother Cassiurion advances further onwards.
    The Necrons quickly and coldly recover, and advance towards the relay. Most of their shots miss, but one of them hits Brother Terson right in the chest, dropping him down.
    Librarian Ortytanus stands motionless, pondering at the best course of action.


    Initiative: Ultramarines win
    Activate: Squad
    Action: Engage
    Trooper Moves, Shoots 2xNecron: (-2 Long Range): 1 Shot Hit: Survival Failure: Necron Removed: Morale: Success
    Leader: Order Move It: Trooper to go into Cover
    Leader: Shoots Necron Leader: (-2 Long Range): Hit: Survival Failure: Necron Leader Removed: Morale: Success
    Leader: Moves
    Trooper: Moves: Shoots Necron: (-2 Long Range): Hit: Survival Success: Heads Down

    Initiative: Necrons win
    Change of Plan: Carry on as current
    Activate: Squad
    Action: Engage
    Necron: Shoots at Ultramarine: (-2 Cover): Hit: Survival Failure: Ultramarine Removed: Morale: Success
    Necron: Heads Down: Failure

    Initiative: Ultramarines Success
    Activate: Librarian
    Action: Engage
    Librarian: Moves

    Brother Morger moves into position and takes another volley of shots at the nearest Necron, striking true once more, and sending his enemy into oblivion.
    Sergeant Strolaris orders him into cover, advancing next to the relay fortifications. He then takes another shot to the Necron with the rifle, and hits this time, blasting his head into smitherens.
    Brother Cassiurion moves into position and takes a hit at the closest enemy, but the shot ricochets off the robotic armor. The Necron is confused by the hit and stands motionless.
    One of the remaining two Necrons shoots at Cassiurion and hits. The Space Marine hits dirt, motionless.
    The other Necron keeps standing motionless.
    Librarian Ortytanus advances towards the enemy.


    Initiative: Ultramarines win
    Activate: Squad
    Action: Engage
    Trooper Moves, Reaction Fire: Failure: Shoots 2xNecron: 2 Shots Hit: Survival Failure: Necron Removed: Morale: Success
    Leader: Order Move It: Trooper to go into Cover
    Leader: Moves

    Initiative: Ultramarines win
    Activate: Librarian
    Action: Engage
    Librarian: Moves

    Initiative: Necrons success
    Activate: Squad
    Action: Engage
    Necron: Heads Down: Failure

    Brother Morger has closed in on the enemy, peeks right out of the fortifications and takes a salvo at one of the remaining Necrons. Both shots hit, and two holes in the Necron’s chest speak of their penetrative power.
    Sergeant Strolaris orders Morger to get back into cover, and advances further towards the Necrons.
    Librarian Ortytanus closes further towards the enemy, gripping his heavy blade with both hands, eager to try it out.
    The last remaining Necron, tries to get it’s circuits running, but it simply does not compute.


    Initiative: Necrons win
    Activate: Squad
    Action: Engage
    Necron: Heads Down: Failure

    Last enemy
    Last Necron standing

    Initiative: Ultramarines Success
    Activate: Squad
    Action: Engage
    Trooper Moves, Reaction Fire: Failure: Shoots 2xNecron: 2 Shots Hit: Survival Failure: Trooper Removed

    Ultramarines Win

    Standing motionless, the last remaining Necron, watches frozen, as Brother Morger scores two more hits, eliminating the enemy. The Ultramarines are victorious, but at what cost?


    Received 1 BP.
    I increase the Speed of Brother Morger by 1.

    Session Summary

    Overall I really enjoyed Clash on the Fringe! It was fast and quite deadly. I liked the fact that there is no maximum range for shooting, which makes sense, so the entire (albeit small) battlefield was free range.
    I’m not a fan of roll-under systems especially when it comes to wargaming. I’d prefer to have to roll 11 or more and just add up the modifiers to my dice roll. Something about rolling high appeals to me. But that’s just a personal note, and nothing against the ruleset. Might houserule it next time I run it.
    Clash on the fringe is really recommended. I enjoyed it so much, I’d like to test it with a few more squads and terrain features, since I had the bare minimum for this fight.

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