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    The siege of Ostenhofen pt8 – Finale and Thoughts 

    A Savage Worlds Warhammer Fantasy Battles mashup.

    First of all it’s very important to see where the Undead will strike next. I will roll 2d6 on the To The Battlements! engine.
    Undead: 5,5: 10 -> Goto 12: Walls.
    But this triggers a special event: 2d6: 6: Goto 1: Sabotage! Tools and Weapons are ruined.
    Since the party isn’t in the city, I won’t follow up on the event. I will consider that it occurred (by whom? dark cultists maybe?) and the defenders had no way to stop it.

    Now I need to see what will the party do.
    I will consider their personalities, and backgrounds.


    Demeanor: Aggressive
    UNE: reputable recluse, Record the public
    BOLD: common traitor overcome by personal resources
    Corruption: Egotistical, Obsessive, Deceitful
    Savage Worlds: Vengeful, Stubborn

    Bianka is a young woman who has made a reputation as a rat catcher. She’s quite aggressive against the critters and doesn’t like the company of other people, keeping to herself.
    She wants to beat the numbers of rats she catches in comparison to the other rat catchers.
    In the last town she was in, a fellow rat catcher stole her bag of rats and sold it off as his own. She used her wits and skill and managed to catch an even larger number of rats, this fulfilling her contract.
    Bianka just came upon Evie’s company and by happenstance they go in the same direction.
    Bianka survived the night of the blood in the hooded man, but got corrupted by chaos from the demon they fought.
    Update: Considering, the corruption of Tzeentch slowly seeping in, and all she has suffered, there’s a high chance that Bianka might go rogue. I think she is becoming obsessed with the rat catcher that betrayed her, and wants to exact vengeance now in a less peaceful manner. She wasn’t aware that giant rats existed. Maybe this can be part of her plan for vengeance.


    Demeanor: Traditional
    UNE: lazy activist, offend the wealth
    BOLD: pleasant deputies overcome by scarce-used ability
    Savage Worlds: Vow, Cautious

    Evie is the daughter of Baron Vogel. She is traditional and doesn’t want radical changes, and has taken it upon herself to see that the wealthy merchants are taxed heavily and the taxes are given to the nobility. She’d prefer if someone else would help her on this task though.
    To that end, she wants to charm the neighboring prince into marriage and she has left the estate with her bodyguard Rudiger and her servant Gustav to go to the castle where she was invited.
    On the way they were stopped by some friendly roadwardens who, seeing her wealth, required tolls to be payed. Using her knowledge of the law she reminded them that only the toll collector had the authority to collect tolls and they should be careful lest they be mistaken for brigands preying on hapless travelers.
    Evie, despite her status got arrested by the road wardens and brought to Ostenhofen. She had hoped to meet Prince Ingmar, but the orc siege foiled her plans.
    Update: Confronted with demons, mutants, orcs and undead may have shaken Evie. I doubt she cares anymore about offending the wealth. Maybe she will have to change motivations (and Vow).


    Demeanor: Flamboyant
    UNE: obnoxious fortune-hunter, convey opulence
    BOLD: lethargic traitor overcome by strong attribute
    Savage Worlds: Greedy

    Gustav is Evie’s servant. Despite his low status he is flamboyant, and tries to siphon off wealth from Evie to show off. He wears expensive clothing and behaves as someone above his class. Evie likes him so she tolerates it, but others are not so disposed. He passes of to his peers as an obnoxious fortune-hunter, which actually he is.
    When the estate cook started gossiping about Gustav, he managed to find him sleeping on more than one occasion and convinced Evie to demote him to stable boy. Gustav was escorting Evie to the castle where she was invited by the prince when the events of the night of blood occurred.
    Update: Gustav is out of his comfort zone for far too long. They haven’t had a proper safe, cozy, rest without the hint of danger in weeks now. He wants this crusade of Evie to end, and get back to improving his status (and wealth).


    Demeanor: Hardboiled
    UNE: addicted judge, spoil the oppressed
    BOLD: deceiving labor overcome by on accident
    Corruption: Miserly, Impatient
    Savage Worlds: Loyal, Mean, Arrogant

    Rudiger is an old soldier who was appointed as a guard to the baron’s estate. As Evie grew, the baron appointed Rudiger to be her personal bodyguard.
    Rudiger is a veteran of many battles, and little that he sees shakes him. He has seen orcs, goblins and the occasional bandit. He believes firmly in the order of things and that the poor are supposed to stay poor and support the nobility.
    When he was younger, he was once deceived by an agitator to fight for ‘the cause’ and free the peasants from their lords rule. When, by mistake he came upon the peasant leaders divulging in their loot, he killed them all and left. He decided never to assist the traitorous peasants again and took it upon himself to punish them whenever possible. His combat skills and passion for riot control soon were noticed by the baron, who took him under his employment.
    After the last peasant revolt he has taken it upon himself to root out any danger that comes from the low classes. On such events, he alone decides the fate of the prisoners.
    His harsh life is not without scars though, and he has turned to be a functional alcoholic.
    Rudiger is escorting Evie as a bodyguard.
    Update: Corrupted by chaos, Rudiger’s faults have increased. He no longer has patience for the beggars and the poor, and may outright attack any street urchin who will try to pickpocket him. Seeing the threats to the Empire and Evie has made him even more likely to stand at her side, as she has proven that she fights for what is right.

    “She hasn’t improved at all. The orcs and the undead may be here anytime soon!” Gustav says.
    Evie and her companions are sitting by the fire in The Broken Wand, considering what they will do with Bianka.
    “My lady. You know that I am loyal. Bianka has stood by us in many fights, but she always went her own way. My loyalty first lies with you. I must agree with Gustav. To keep you safe we must leave now.” Rudiger says his opinion.
    “What about the Westenhofeners? We should be able to help them. I do not wish to abandon them.” Evie exclaims.

    Rudiger support Gustav with persuasion (d4-2): 1: Failure.
    Evie: Persuasion (d10) opposed against Gustav: Persuasion (d6): Fail vs Fail.

    “You make a point my lady as always. How about we ask if any Westenhofeners wish to join us?” Gustav asks, wishing to leave this forsaken place no matter the cost.
    “And risk being detected by orc scouts? We won’t be noticed if it’s just the three of us.” Rudiger persists.
    “But there’s strength in numbers Rudiger. We still need Bianka” Evie proposes.

    Rudiger support Gustav with persuasion (d4-2): 2: Failure.
    Evie: Persuasion (d10) opposed against Gustav: Persuasion (d6): Success vs Success with Raise.

    “Alright. We shall leave. If Bianka at her condition or any of the Westenhofeners wish to come with us. We will take them. And that’s my final say.” Evie says and stands up from the table.

    UNE: How does Bianka react to the news?
    A: 75: Sociable
    Q: Does Bianka wish to risk leaving now at ther state?
    A: No, and, she doesn’t want to leave with the party. She feels relieved that they leave.

    Evie breaks the news to Bianka, that they wish to leave. She can join them, but they won’t wait any longer for her to recover.
    “If you ever are in need for a rat catcher, come find me.” Bianka tells them. “The paths we crossed are perilous. Travel safe.”

    The trio now, goes to the guardhouse to find captain Omund.
    “Captain! We thank you for your hospitality in this dire hour of our need. I shall not forget what you did for us.” Evie tells him.
    “You’re leaving lady? You couldn’t have chosen a better time. The paths are clear. The orcs are dispersing. You will only encounter strugglers.” Omund tells her.
    “What about the dead, captain? It’s still dangerous to be here. If any of you wishes, we can leave together. Maybe even make a caravan.” Evie replies.

    UNE: Bearing/Focus: Aid Experience.
    Q: Do the Westenhofeners wish to leave?
    A: Yes

    “We could use your experience in battle.” the captain says looking at Rudiger. “Give us some time to prepare and anyone wishing will travel with you.”

    Some metagaming questions:
    Without any supplies, fortifications ruined, tools and weapons sabotaged, I realize that the Ostenhofeners cannot stay besieged any longer.
    Q: Do the Ostenhofeners know about the undead threat?
    A: No, and they’re too consumed with their victory over the orcs.
    Q: Do the Ostenhofeners leave the city? (If they knew about the undead this would be likely or very likely).
    A: No
    Q: Do the remaining Westenhofeners go to Ostenhofen?
    A: No
    Q: Did the Orcs that are in battle with the imperial relief, disperse, now that Baga is dead? (Likely)
    A: False Presupposition. The orcs did not disperse at the news of Baga’s death, but they did not continue the battle either. They left in formation back towards the badlands.
    I will roll 2d6 on the Weather Hex Flower: 7: Overcast.
    The Empire relief will reach Ostenhofen at this week.

    As the caravan gathers, Evie takes a good look back at the walls of Ostenhofen. Wishing she had a way to warn them about what is coming.
    Rudiger understands her worries. “If we reach any troops coming to Ostenhofen we can tell them, so that they’re ready. Maybe they can warn them.”
    Evie just nods, hoping. But deep inside she knows Ostenhofen is doomed if the dead attack.

    Q: Are there many people joining the caravan?
    A: Yes, and there are guards as well.
    5d6 people will join: 20 people, 2 guards.
    Q: Do they have mounts?
    A: Yes
    1d20: 1: Horse
    With stealth out of the question, I will ask the Oracle.
    Q: Does any group of orcs attack the caravan?
    A: No
    Q: Do they meet up with the imperial relief?
    A: False presupposition. The relief troops are not going to reach Ostenhofen this week after all. They are pursuing the orcs that fled.

    Twenty commoners and two guards have joined the caravan. They have only their barest possessions and carry road supplies. They will walk to Mainberstein. They have a draft horse with them that they have loaded with supplies, and they start their march.

    Back to Bianka now.
    Let’s see if she heals this week.
    Vigor (d6-3): She fails 3 times (used all her Bennies).
    She remains bedridden.

    Bianka can’t recover still. She just hopes that she will manage to get back to her feet before the threat that looms over the entire region sweeps through Westenhofen.
    She sleeps at her bed everynight with her hatchet right beside her.

    Campaign Summary: This was one of the weirdest solo campaigns I have run so far. I’ll have a breakdown of the tools used and how it all worked out.
    Recluse: The Oracle of my choice so far. Combined with MUNE Interventions and TWENE, Recluse False Presuppositions mechanic has won me. It’s fast, easy to use and has a nice amount of chaos.
    To The Battlements: my take on Goblin’s Henchman’s Hex Flower Gaming Engines mechanism. I used some weird mechanics (like not moving freely, but snapping to the highest score hex) which seem to be correct. Retrospectively, in addition to the defender’s clock (supplies running out) I should have given the attacker a clock, to give the defender a chance to sit it out and win it, like using the Orc animosity rules. Nevertheless, it all worked out well, and it really pushed the siege to the last straw.
    Savage Worlds Deluxe Explorer’s Edition: What I like about this roleplaying system is how easy it is to run. There’s lot of chaos (many fuzzy rolls, and the card initiative) but this has the bonus of making everything surprisingly fast. I really liked how easy it is to set up an NPC on the fly and how easy it was to convert to and from my Warhammer Fantasy Battles game.
    Warhammer Fantasy Battles 4th Edition: A long obsolete games that I still have the softcopies of. I played all the battles in theater of the mind, and this caused a lot of headaches. I didn’t use any maneuvers or similar. Turning, switching formation and such were out of the question. I’d still be running the first battle if I did.
    I got really tired trying to run so many units at the same time. I doubt I will be doing this again. On the other hand I really liked the combat resolution mechanics. They were so fast. Comparing Weapon Skills, Ballistic Skills and Strength to Toughness in three simple charts and then rolling a bunch of d6’s in a very intuitive way to count successes. This is the part I loved most. I will certainly be having this in mind for future homebreweing.
    What made my life difficult was trying to remember every single sub-rule and running the headcount. I certainly made more than a few mistakes, but I can live with it.
    Universal NPC Emulator: Getting caught up in writing scenes, I forgot how important tools like UNE are. It takes a lot out of the solo players hands. It gives you inspiration, and the random factor gives a feeling of fairness you don’t get when writing stuff up arbitrarily. This is a reminder to pause and take the time to make some rolls at random generators like UNE. It pays off.
    donjon: My favorite online generator. It has almost everything to suit my needs, and also has genre specific and region specific generators.
    In general, Savage Worlds as is, isn’t low fantasy gritty. I want to try a system closer to those needs next, so another character conversion will be done.
    Overall I enjoyed the experience but maybe I overdid it with the battles and got tired at the end. I confess that I was looking forward for it to end.
    I’m a person that prefers to see things to the finish rather than abandon them, even if it’s not always the best option, so now I feel free to plan my next adventure!

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    The siege of Ostenhofen pt7 

    A Savage Worlds Warhammer Fantasy Battles mashup.

    Brief Summary: In the previous part, the Ostenhofeners won the battle of White Tower. If they win this battle as well, they will be victorious against the Orcs.

    Army points:
    Empire Points: 1737. (695 remain from the Iron Tower battle, 191 remain from the White Tower battle and 851 remain for the 3rd battle).
    Empire Relief Points: 3000
    Orc Points: 2996. (685,5 remain from the Iron Tower battle, 171 remain from the White Tower battle and 1730 remain for the 3rd battle, 409,5 are fled units).
    Orc Relief Points: 2000
    Undead Points: 8000

    The battle for the North Wall.

    Empire Army Roster:
    General – Prince Ingmar, Sword, Shield and Heavy Armor. 104 points with 15 Reiksguard, Sword, Shield and Heavy Armor, 180 points.
    20 Handgunners with Light Armor, 200 points.
    20 Crossbowmen with Light Armor, 200 points.
    15 Swordsmen with Sword, Shield and Light Armor, 135 points With Champion with Light Armor +32 Points.
    Total 851 Points.

    Orc Army Roster:
    Orc War Boss Baga with The Sword of Bork, The Axe of Morgor and Light Armor. 237 Points.
    Orc Battle Standard Bearer with Light Armor and Gork’s War Banner. 110 Points.
    22 Orc Big’Uns with Light Armor and Double Handed Weapons. 231 Points.
    20 Night Goblin Netters (50-50) with Night Goblin Boss. 92,5 Points.
    30 Night Goblin Halberdiers, with Night Goblin Boss and Standard. 127,5 Points.
    30 Orcs with Light Armor and Two Weapons, Orc Boss and Standard. 292,5 Points.
    30 Orc Archers with Light Armor, Bows, Standard and Orc Boss. 318,5 Points.
    8 Ogres. 320 Points.
    Total: 1730 Points

    Now, considering how tired I got after two whole theater of the mind battles, I’m going to change things a bit.
    1. I will add some roleplaying tactics to spice things up.
    2. I will have a simple map set up. After all it’s an attack on the wall.
    3. I may ask the Oracle during the battle, and use Interventions and False Presuppositions.

    So, for fairness sake, first of all I will formulate a simple battle plan for each side, that each general will expect to be executed.
    I will also create additional plans that each side will be able to perform, depending on the general’s battle knowledge skill. In this case they will not know their opponents plans unless they make a successful battle knowledge skill roll.

    Orc Simple Battle Plan:
    From left to right. Orc Archers, Ogres, Goblin Netters, Orc Big’Uns, Goblin Halberdiers, Orcs.
    The Ogres and Netters will try to assault with ropes and ladders one side of the wall. The Big’Uns, Halberdiers and Orcs will assault with ladders, while the Orc Archers provide covering fire.

    Empire Simple Battle Plan:
    From left to right. Handgunners, Reiksguard, Swordsmen, Crossbowmen.
    Handgunners target is Ogres, followed by Orc Archers.
    Crossbowmen target is Big’Uns followed by Orcs.

    Orc Advanced Plans:

    • Ogres armed with Picks to break down the wall.
    • Orc Archers to shoot grappling hooks for Ogres to pull and to ruin battlements, removing defensive advantage from this part of the wall.
    • Night Goblin Halberdiers to send sappers under the wall and to collapse it from this part of the wall.

    Empire Advanced Plans:

    • Defending Reiksguard and Swordsmen to throw rocks at enemy while they climb using ladders.
    • Defenders to pour boiling oil on assaulting orcs.
    • Crossbowmen to shoot bolts on tar part of the battlefield and set it ablaze.

    I decide that Prince Ingmar has a Knowledge (Battle) skill of d10, and I will roll on UNE to compare War Boss Baga’s skill. I get 14: Slightly Weaker. He was a Knowledge (Battle) skill of d8.

    They each have 2 Bennies. They can use them here, or to reroll a saving throw or failed leadership test in battle.

    Prince Ingmar: Knowledge (Battle): d10: 11: Success with a Raise: He will execute the first two battle plans.
    Warboss Baga: Knowledge (Battle): d8: 1: Benny: 5: He will execute the first advanced battle plan.
    Prince Ingmar: Knowledge (Battle): 11: Success with a Raise: He will expect Baga’s plan and can plan ahead a different target choice accordingly.
    Warboss Baga: Knowledge (Battle): 3: Failure. He doesn’t expect Ingmar’s plans. He will continue with initial plans.

    Each General will attemp to motivate their troops.
    I decide that Prince Ingmar has a Persuasion d10 and I will roll on UNE to compare Warboss Baga’s skill in intimidation. These are Orcs after all. I get 86: Slightly Stronger. He has an Intimidation skill of d12.

    Prince Ingmar: Persuasion (d10): 7: Success. The men will have unmodified Leadership stats.
    Warboss Baga: Intimidation (d12): 4: Success. The orcs will have unmodified leadership stats.

    “What do we know?” the Prince leans and asks his advisor.
    “Warboss Baga and his orcs will be attacking the wall. His warriors are fierce, and I’ve been told by dwarves who fought against them, that he has Ogre mercenaries with him armed with huge picks that can break down walls into pieces.” The old man replies.
    “Then we shall be ready. Hatchets against the ropes. Have rocks and get the oil boiling to pour down on anyone attempting to climb up. Today they shall fear us!”. He says and turns his attention to the troops arrayed in front of him.
    “Ostenhofeners! Sons of the Empire! This is the fight we’ve been waiting for. As we speak, your brothers in arms at the Iron and White Towers are proving their mettle against the greenskin scum! Send them all to meet their evil gods! For the Empire and the Emperor!” He shouts. “Hiyah! For the Emperor!” The troops shout and man the battlements.

    Down on the level ground, among the abandoned buildings of the outer city of Ostenhofen, the Orcs are ready. Their Warboss has led them so far. Any few who questioned any delays, met with a swift death at his axe. They are ready to crush the puny humans and prove they are the best of all the orcs. As the first sun rays fall upon them they scream their war cry “Waaaaghhhh!!!” to strike fear in the heats of the defenders.

    Q: What is the distance of the orcs to the wall?
    A: 5d6″: 19″
    Q: What is the further distance to the end of the battlefield?
    A: 25″

    Initiative: Won by the Orcs.

    Turn 1:
    Animosity: 3,1,3,3,3. No animosity.
    The melee units each march 8″ closer to the wall, reaching a distance of 11″. The Ogres march 12″ closer, reaching a distance of 7″.
    The Orc Archers (30) shoot at the Handgunners (20): 2 Hits: 2 Wounds: No Save. 2 Handgunners (18) Dead.

    Handgunners(9/18) shoot at the Ogres (8): 2 Hits: 1 Wound: No Save. Ogres (8-).
    Crossbowmen (20) shoot at Big’Uns (22++): 10 Hits: 3 Wounds: No Save. 3 Big’Uns (19++) Dead.

    First blood is drawn as the orc arrows come raining doen, killing a couple Handgunners. The entire orcish army closes in, and a barrage of fire from the Handgunners wound the Ogres and the Crossbowmen kill a few orcs of Baga’s personal guard.

    Turn 2:
    Animosity: 3,1,1,1,5: No Animosity.
    The melee units each march 8″ closer to the wall, reaching a distance of 3″. The Ogres (8-) charge 12″ to the wall.
    The Orc Archers (30) shoot at the Handgunners (18): 2 Hits: 2 Wounds: No Save. 2 Handgunners (16) Dead.
    Ogres (8-)(Damage at 6): 1 Damage Point to the Wall (9).

    The Reiksguard (8/15) throw rocks at the Ogres (8-): 2 Hits: 2 Wounds: No Save: 1 Ogre (7) Dead.
    The Handgunners (8/16) shoot at the Ogres (7): 4 Hits: 1 Wounds: Ogres (7-).
    The Crossbowmen (20) shoot at Big’Uns (19++): 12 Hits: 5 Wounds: No Save. 5 Big’Uns (14++) Dead.
    Big’Uns Panic Test: 2: Success

    2 more Handgunners fall under arrow shots while the Ogres have reached the wall and have started hitting at it with their huge picks.
    To protect the wall the Reiksguard drop boulders on top of the Ogres, killing one. The Handgunners and Crossbowmen keep shooting, wounding the Ogres and big orcs.

    Turn 3:
    Animosity: 5,5,5,2,2: No Animosity.
    The melee units each reach the wall and set up ladders and ropes.
    Orc Archers (30): shoot at the Handgunners (16): 6 Hits: 3 Wounds: No Save. 3 Handgunners (13) Dead.
    Ogres (7-)(Damage at 6): 3 Damage Points to the Wall (6).

    The Reiksguard (6/15) throw rocks at the Ogres (6): 3 Hits: 2 Wounds: No Save. 1 Ogre (6) Dead.
    The Handgunners (6/13) shoot at the Ogres (6): 4 Hits: 1 Wound: No Save: Ogres (6-).
    The Swordsmen (15+) pour boiling oil on the Orcs (30+): 9 Hits: 2 Wounded: No Save: 2 Orcs (28+) Dead. Boiling oil panic test: 8: Fail!

    If the Orcs are within 12″ of the Big’Uns with the Warboss, they gain from his leadership and don’t break. Since this is TOTM I can’t measure distance, therefore I will ask the Oracle. I find it unlikely though that they are within range.
    Q: Are the Orcs within range of Baga?
    A: Yes! The Orcs therefore succeed their test and don’t break.

    The Crossbowmen (20) shoot at Big’Uns (14++): 6 Hits: 2 Wounds: No Save. 2 Big’Uns (12++) Dead.

    The first ladders are set to allow for the infantry to charge. The Reiksguard continue lobbing rocks onto the ogres, killing another of the large humanoids, as they keep chipping at the foundations.
    The oil is already boiling and as the orcs approach the walls, the swordsmen pour it down on them. Fear strikes the greenskins as they see the cruel death of their own kind. They waver for a moment, but then they see Baga’s banner and knowing the fate that awaits them if they flee, they hold fast.
    The missile troops exchange shots, with casualties on each side.

    Turn 4:
    Animosity: 2,5,1,1,5: No Animosity.
    The Netters (20+) charge at the Handgunners (13).
    The Big’Uns (12++) charge at the Reiksguard (15+).
    The Halberdiers (30) chare at the Swordsmen (15+).
    The Orcs (28) charge at the Crossbowmen (20).
    The Handgunners (7/13) shoot back at the Goblin Netters (20+): 3 Hits: 1 Wound: No Save: 1 Netter (19+) Dead.
    The Crossbowmen (20) back at the Orcs (28): 7 Hits: 4 Wounds: No Save. 4 Orcs (24) Dead.
    Netters (19+) melee combat: 3 Nets Hit: 3 Clubs on Nets: 3 Wound. 1 Clubs Hit: 1 Wounds. No Save. 4 Handgunners (9) Dead.
    Handgunners (11) melee combat: 5 Hits: 4 Wounds: No Save: 4 Netters (15+) dead.
    It’s a draw.
    Halberdiers (30+) melee combat: No Hits.
    Swordsmen (15+) melee combat: 8 Hits: 5 Wounds: No Save: 5 Halberdiers (25+) Dead.
    Halberdiers (25+) break test: 9: Fail: Battle Standard reroll: 6: Fail: They flee 2d6″: 9″.
    Orcs (28+) melee combat: 7 Hits: 2 Wounds: No Save: 3 Crossbowman (17) Dead.
    Crossbowmen (17) melee combat: 8 Hits: 1 Wound: No Save. 1 Orc (27+) Dead.
    Crossbowmen (17) break test: 12: Fail: They flee: 2d6″: 7″.
    The Orcs (27+) pursuit: 2d6″: 5″: They don’t catch up.
    Swordsmen panic test: 6: Success.
    Reiksguard panic test: 6: Success.
    Baga Attacks: No Hits
    Battle Standard Attacks: No Hits
    Big’Uns (15) melee combat: No Hits
    Ingmar attacks: 3 Hits: 1 Wound: No save. 1 Big’Un (14) Dead.
    Reiksguard (15) melee combat: 10 Hits: 7 Wounded: No Save: 7 Big’Uns (7) Dead.
    Big’Uns break test: 6: Fail: Battle Standard reroll: 7: Fail. They flee: 2d6″: 5″. Reiksguard pursuit: 10″:
    They catch up and slaughter them. Baga is dead.
    Ogres (6-)(Damage at 6): 1 Point of Damage to the Wall (5).

    Crossbowmen (17): Rally: 2: Success.
    Reiksguard set to climb back up.
    Handgunners (11) melee combat: 6 Hits: 5 Wounds: No Save: 5 Netters (10+) Dead.
    Netters (10+) Melee combat: 1 Hit: No Wounds.
    Netters (10+) break test: 8: Fail: They flee: 2d6″: 6″.
    The Handgunners don’t pursuit.
    Swordsmen (15+) melee combat: 12 Hits: 7 Wounds: No Save. 7 Halberdiers (18+) Dead.
    Halberdiers (18+) melee combat: 4 Hits: 4 Wounds: 2 Saves: 2 Swordsman (13+) Dead
    Halberdiers broken: they flee: 2d6″: 8″. The swordsmen pursuit: 2d6″: 10″: The Halberdiers are slain.

    The orcs and goblins climb the ladders and charge at the defenders. The handgunners and the crossbowmen let off a shot before engaging in close combat.
    The goblin netters and clubbers are fighting the handgunners. The battlements are give the handgunners the advantage and despite their casualties and entangled men, they win the combat, and the goblins eventually break off and run away.
    The same happens to the goblin halberdiers who are fighting the skilled swordsmen. The defenders cause them so many casualties that even Baga’s banner can’t dissuade them from fleeing when faced with certain death. They run down their ladders and the swordsmen charge after them, killing them all while running away.
    On the far edge of the battlefield, the orc marauders are facing of the crossbowmen. Only here do the orcs manage to break through in the defenses. The crossbowmen abandon posts and the orcs pursuit them inside the keep.
    In the middle of the battle, the elite Reiksguard under Prince Ingmar are fighting against Baga and his Big’Uns.
    Baga’s unit has taken many losses from missile fire and they’re already shaken when they charge. They can’t kill a single foot knight, and when 7 of them fall, even Baga is afraid of his life. They break and run away.
    Prince Ingmar can’t abandon this opportunity to turn the tide of battle and the knights charge after them. They catch up to them, killing them, trampling down their banner and slaying the warboss and his standard bearer. Ingmar lifts off the orc’s head and the Ostenhofeners shout a cry of victory.

    Turn 5:
    Animosity: 3,4: No Animosity.
    Netters Rally: 9: Fail: They flee: 2d6″: 11″.
    The Orcs (27+) charge at the Crossbowmen (17).
    Crossbowmen (17) shoot back at the Orcs (27+): 6 Hits: 4 Wounds: No Save: 4 Orcs (23+) Dead.
    Orc Archers (30) shoot at Reiksguard (15+): 17 Hits: 9 Wounds: 1 Save. 9 Reiksguard (6+) Dead.
    Reiksguard (6+) panic test: 9: Success
    Orcs (23+) melee combat: 24 Hits: 15 Wounds: 4 Saves. 11 Crossbowmen (6) Dead.
    Crossbowmen (6): 4 Hits: 2 Wounds: No Save. 2 Orcs (21+) Dead.
    The Crossbowmen (6) break: they flee 2d6″: 6″. The Orcs pursuit 2d6″: 4″: They can’t catch up.
    Ogres (6-)(Damage at 6): 4 Damage Points at Wall (1).

    Crossbowmen (6): Rally: 6: Success.
    Reiksguard (6+) climb back up.
    Swordsmen (13+) march back to the wall.
    Handgunners (11) shoot at Ogres (6-): 4 Hits: 1 Wound. Ogres (6–).

    The goblin netters run away, and the handgunners free from conflict, shoot at the ogres, wounding them.
    As the Reiksguard are caught out in the open, the orc archers take the opportunity to release a volley of arrows at them, killing more than half. An arrow is headed to the prince, but one of his faithful soldiers gets in the way, giving his life for him.
    The crossbowmen are attacked again by the orcs, and flee yet again under their attack, suffering casualties. No matter how their sergeant tries to get them in line.
    The swordsmen seeing how vulnerable they are, start walking back to the wall.
    On the other side, the ogres have almost torn down the wall.

    Turn 6:
    Animosity: 3,2,6. Animosity: Get’em. Squabble.
    Netters: Rally: 6: Fail: They flee 2d6″: 2″.
    Q: Can the orcs (23+) charge at the Reiksguard?
    A: No
    Orcs (23+) charge at the Crossbowmen (6).
    Crossbowmen (6) shoot back: 2 Hits: No wounds.
    Orc Archers (30) shoot at swordsmen (13+): 13 Hits: 6 Wounds: 2 Saves. 2 Swordsmen (9+) Dead.
    Orcs (23+) melee combat: 4 Hits: 3 Wounds: No Save. 3 Crossbowmen (3) Dead.
    Crossbowmen (3) break test: 11: Fail:
    They flee 2d6″: 4″.
    The orcs pursuit 2d6″: 6″. The Crossbowmen are slain.
    Ogres (6–): Damage at the Wall (0): It’s destroyed.

    Swordsmen (9+) reach the wall to climb back up.
    Reiksguard (6+) hold.
    Handgunners (11) shoot at Ogres (6–): 4 Hits: 1 Wound: No Save: 1 Ogre (5): Dead.

    Prince Ingmar with his Reiksguard have moved back onto the wall, as the ogres tear down the section next to them.
    With another charge the orc marauders break through crossbowmen who run for their lives, but this time they can’t run fast enough. They are caught by the raiders and are slain to the last.
    The orc archers switch targets and attack then swordsmen who are still out in the open, killing a couple of them before they climb back up to the wall. A final volley of fire from t he handgunners kills an ogre, and the remaining goblin netters run away from the battle.
    Seeing that all is lost, the orcs finally withdraw under the cover of the night. The Humans let out a cheer of victory!

    The battle is over.

    Empire Army Roster:
    General – Prince Ingmar, Sword, Shield and Heavy Armor. 104 points with 6 Reiksguard, Sword, Shield and Heavy Armor, 72 points.
    11 Handgunners with Light Armor, 110 points.
    9 Swordsmen with Sword, Shield and Light Armor, 81 points With Champion with Light Armor +32 Points.
    Total 399 Points.

    Orc Army Roster:
    23 Orcs with Light Armor and Two Weapons, Orc Boss and Standard. 241,5 Points.
    30 Orc Archers with Light Armor, Bows, Standard and Orc Boss. 318,5 Points.
    5 Ogres. 200 Points.
    Total: 760 Points
    42,5 Points of Netters have fled.

    Army points:
    Empire Points: 1285. (695 remain from the Iron Tower battle, 191 remain from the White Tower battle and 399 remain from the North Wall battle).
    Empire Relief Points: 3000
    Orc Points: 2068,5. (685,5 remain from the Iron Tower battle, 171 remain from the White Tower battle and 760 remain from the North Wall battle, 452 are fled units).
    Orc Relief Points: 2000
    Undead Points: 8000

    All three attacks were thwarted and Warboss Baga is dead. The orcs no longer have the advantage in numbers. Especially considering the relief forces.

    Q: Do the orcs disperse?
    A: Yes.

    The orc units don’t gather under a single banner, but instead disperse. Each to their own.

    With blood all over his plate armor, prince Ingmar asks his trusty advisor. “What about the towers? Did we hold?”
    “We held every single brick. The defenses are damaged though. Both gates are in shambles.” The advisor responds. “And I see a big gap on the wall here too.”
    “Fear not. Baga is dead. I took his head as he run away like a swine.” The prince says proudly.
    He lifts his sword. “Sons of the Empire! We have proven our strength! The orc warboss is slain. Their army in ruins. Victory!”
    “Victory!” The troops cheer.

    Session Background: I totally burned out on this series of Warhammer battles.
    I didn’t expect the defenders to win, but without the orcs setting up any war machines and siege engines, it was really hard to storm the fort. If the orcs had taken the siege warfare hexes in the Hex Flower Gaming Engine, things might have been different.
    For the next session I will be switching to roleplaying completely. I intend the next session to be the closure for the siege of Ostenhofen. The new threat cannot be held off. The defenders have no supplies, the fortifications are damaged and their numbers have been brought very low by the series of orc attacks.

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    The siege of Ostenhofen pt6 

    A ~~Savage Worlds~~ Warhammer Fantasy Battles mashup.

    Brief Summary: In the previous part, the company managed to escape the undead, and get out of Ostenhofen and reach the village of Westenhofen and find help there. The undead set up their foothold at the main gate of Ostenhofen, while the Orcs launch their final attack on the Keep.

    Army points:
    Empire Points: 2283. (695 remain from the Iron Tower battle and 1587 remain for 2nd and 3rd battle).
    Empire Relief Points: 3000
    Orc Points: 4244. (685,5 remain from the Iron Tower battle and 3302 remain for 2nd and 3rd battle, 256,5 are fled units).
    Orc Relief Points: 2000
    Undead Points: 8000

    It’s going to be 3 battles of 800 Empire vs 1600 Orc points. 2 more are remaining.

    For the White Tower battle, the Empire Roster must include (at least part of) the surviving roster from the battle at the walls from pt2. It makes no sense to change rosters at whim. The Orc Roster can be changed since any survivors from previous battles, may have been engaged in the combat against the Empire Relief force.
    If any imperial forces from the roster are not used in the White Tower battle, then they must be included in the battle of the Northern Walls.

    The surviving roster from the battle of pt2, included 3 Crossbowmen, 18+Sergeant Halberdiers and 17 Handgunners.
    The 3 Crossbowmen may have been part of the battle of the Iron Tower, so I won’t care about them.
    But I will use the surviving Halberdiers and Handgunners in this battle.

    Again, I need to ask a few questions to the Oracle before starting the battle.
    Q: Are the walls deep enough for two ranks of troops?
    A: Yes.
    Q: Is there a gate to the White Tower?
    A: False Presupposition. The gate isn’t on the tower, but on the Southern Wall.

    Battle of White Tower
    Empire Roster:
    18 Halberdiers with Halberd and Light Armor, in the White Tower, 162 Points. Champion with Pistol and Heavy Armor 35 Points.
    20 Handgunners with Light Armor, 200 points. East Wall.
    Bolt Thrower on White Tower Roof, 40 points.
    20 Archers with Longbow, 160 points. South Wall.
    20 Spearmen with Shields, 140 points. South Wall Gate.
    Total: 737 points.

    Orc Army Roster:
    So this is the goblin army. For variety and keeping things interesting, l won’t give any orcs to this roster.
    Since we had forest goblins with spiders in the previous battle of pt2, I will go with that main theme here as well.
    20 Forest Goblin Spider Riders with Spear and Shield, 220 points, with Forest Goblin Champion with Spear and Shield, +21 points with Spider Banner Standard +35 points
    20 Forest Goblin Spider Riders with Spear and Shield, 220 points, with Forest Goblin Champion with Spear and Shield, +21 points with Standard +10 points
    30 Forest Goblin Archers with Short Bows, 90 points
    30 Forest Goblin Archers with Short Bows, 90 points
    30 Forest Goblin Spearmen with Shields, 105 points with Champion +17 points and Standard +10 points
    10 River Trolls, 650 points
    Forest Goblin Big Boss Riding Gigantic Spider: 83 points
    Total: 1572 points

    The battle will last: 6 turns
    Initiative won by Empire
    Starting combat distance: 5d6″: 16″
    Combat edge: +12″=28″

    Turn 1:
    The Bolt Thrower (2) shoots at the Trolls (10): Hit: Wounds: D4 Wounds: 4 Wounds: 2 Wounds Regenerated.
    The Archers (20) shoot at the Spider Riders (20+1) with the Banner: 9 Hits: 5 Wounds: 1 Save: 5 Goblins Dead.
    The Handgunners (10/20) shoot at the Spider Riders (20+1): 6 Hits: 3 Wounds: No Save: 3 Goblins Dead.

    Animosity: 4,5,2,2,1: No Animosity
    The Forest Goblin Spider Riders (15+1) move 7″ closer to the White Tower.
    The Forest Goblin Spider Riders (17+1) move 7″ closer to the East Wall.
    The Forest Goblin Spearmen (30+1) march 8″ closer to the South Wall.
    The River Trolls (10) move 6″ closer to the South Wall.
    The Forest Goblin Warlord Golurtz moves 5″ closer to the White Tower.
    The Goblin Archers (30) shoot at the Archers (20): 8 Hits: 6 Wounds: No Save: 6 Archers Dead.
    Archers (14): Panic Test: 6: Success. They hold.
    The Goblin Archers (30) shoot at the Handgunners (20): 8 Hits: 3 Wounds: No Save: 3 Handgunners Dead.

    The bolt thrower atop the White Tower aims at the slow lumbering Trolls. The crew pulls back the winch and lets off a javelin that strikes true. A troll writhes in pain, but it pulls out the projectile and they keep on their gait towards the gate.
    The missile troops are aware of the danger the spider riders pose to their defensive positions, so they take aim and shoot. The archers kill 5 goblin riders with their arrows while the handgunners kill another 3 on the other front.
    The goblins aren’t left without covering fire. With their short bows just in range, in single line formation, two groups of forest goblin archers shoot to the defenders. Many arrows strike the battlements, without damage, but 6 archers and 3 handgunners fall.
    In the meantime under all the shooting, the forest goblin spearmen and the spider riders draw closer. The forest goblin big boss, Golurtz is riding a huge arthropod. This spider is much larger than the giant ones his troops ride. A true monster.

    Turn 2:
    The Bolt Thrower (2) shoots at Golurtz: Miss
    The Archers (14) shoot at the Forest Goblin Spider Riders (15+1): 11 Hits: 6 Wounds: No Save: 6 Goblins Dead.
    Goblin Spider Riders (9+1): Panic Test: 7: They flee: 3d6″: 10″ away
    The Handgunners (10/17) shoot at the Forest Goblin Spider Riders (17+1): 4 Hits: 3 Wounds: No Save: 3 Goblins Dead.

    Animosity: 2,2,2,5,6: Animosity to Forest Goblin Spearmen (30): 1: Get’em’: There’s no other goblin unit nearby, so they squabble instead.
    Forest Goblin Spider Riders (9+1): Rally: 5: Success. They rally.
    Forest Goblin Spider Riders (14+1): Charge at the Handgunners (17): The Handgunners (7/17) shoot: 1 Hit: 1 Wound: No Save: 1 Goblin Dead.
    River Trolls (10) charge at the gate of the South Wall.
    The gate has Toughness: 7, Damage Points: 3
    Golurtz charges at the Bolt Thrower (2): Fail, he only moves 5″ closer.
    The Goblin Archers (30) shoot at the Archers (14): 7 Hits: 2 Wounds: No Save: 2 Archers Dead.
    Q: Do the other goblin archers risk to shoot at the handgunners?
    A: Yes
    The Goblin Archers (30) shoot at the Handgunners (17): 9 Hits: 5 Goblins, 4 Handgunners: 1 Goblin Wounded, 1 Handgunner Wounded: No Saves: 1 Goblin, 1 Handgunner Dead
    Forest Goblin Spider Riders (13+1) melee combat: 5+1 Hits: 4+1 Wounds: No Save: 5 Handgunners Dead. Spiders: 10 Hits: 6 Wounds: No Save: 6 Handgunners Dead.
    Handgunners (6) melee combat: 4 Hits: 2 Wounds: 1 Save: 1 Goblin Dead.
    The Handgunners (6) break immediately. They flee: 2d6″: 4″. The Spider Riders Pursuit 3d6″: 10″: The handgunners are slaughtered.
    2 River Trolls are facing the gate: 1 Damage Points

    The bolt thrower crew aims at the goblin big boss heading towards them at full speed. They shoot and miss. Seeing the projectile fly by, the goblin urges the gigantic spider to charge at the tower, but the distance is too great, and the arthropod soon loses momentum as soon as it has reached the rooftop.
    The archers and the handgunners shoot at the forest goblin spider riders closing in at each side of the keep. The archers have caused so many casualties that the goblins turn tail and flee.
    Down at the goblin front, the forest goblin spearmen get furious at how the spider riders turned and flee. “Let’s get ’em!” They shout. “They’re too far away!” The spearmen at the rear shout back. Soon they start squabbling about what they should do, and they stop and do nothing, while their leader bashes a couple heads to get them in line.
    The goblin spider rider boss rallies his group and they stop their gallop away.
    On the other side of the tower, the other spider riders reach the wall under a second hail of fire that kills one of their own. The charge is successful and they climb the wall. The goblin spears feel like lances to the handgunner who are overrun. The spiders make short work of anyone who tries to run for his life. Soon, the handgunners have been eliminated.
    The goblin archers shoot again at the walls, killing a couple archers. They don’t care for their own that are engaged in combat with the handgunners, and a goblin falls under their fire alongside with a handgunner.
    The trolls rush to the gate and start smashing at it. The Imperial spearmen at the other side can all but wonder what is happening that thuds so strongly at the gate.

    Turn 3:
    The Bolt Thrower (2) shoots at Golurtz: Miss
    The Archers (14) shoot at the Trolls: 8 Hits: 2 Wounds: 1 Wound Regenerated: 1 Troll Dead
    The Halberdiers (18+1) charge at Golurtz.
    Halberdiers Fear Test: 6: Success.
    Halberdiers (3+1/18+1) are at combat: All attacks against Golurtz: 3 Hits: 2 Wounds: No Save, Pistol: Miss
    Golurtz is dead!
    Monster reaction: 2: The monster attacks the nearest troops, favoring enemies.
    Gigantic Spider melee attack: 2 Hits: 2 Wounds: 2 Halberdiers Dead
    The melee combat is a draw.

    Animosity: 6,2,1,3,3: Animosity on the Spider Riders (9+1): 1: Get’em: They charge at the Goblin Archers (30): The Goblin Archers shoot (30) at the charging Spider Riders (9+1): 10 Hits: 6 Wounds: 1 Save: 5 Goblins Dead: Panic Test: 10: Fail: They’re broken: They Flee 2d6″: 6″
    The Goblin Archers (30) shoot at the Archers (14): 8 Hits: 4 Wounds: No Save: 4 Archers Dead.
    The Goblin Spider Riders (11+1) move 7″ back towards the White Tower
    Halberdiers (3+1/18+1) are at combat: 2+1 Hits: 2 Wounds: No Saves.
    Gigantic spider melee combat: No Hits
    The Gigantic spider loses combat: 10: Failure: It flees: 3″: The halberdiers pusuit: 9″: They kill it.
    River Trolls: 3 Damage Points: The gate is destroyed

    The bolt thrower lets off another projectile, but the crewmen are scared with the monster so close and miss yet again.
    The Halberdiers under their champion, Erbert charge at the huge monster. They haven’t thought about it, are they brave or just fools? Erbert and his men all aim at the forest goblin big boss. Strikes are exchanged, and the sharp pikes of two halberds pierce Golurtz’s chest. The goblin cries out in pain and tumbles on the side of his spider, to the ground. As if showing affection to its master, the spider stands on its hind legs and falls back down, crushing two halberdiers under its weight.
    The fight continues and the halberdiers with their long weapons manage to mangle the monster. Wounded it turns away, but while it’s at the edge of the tower, they catch up with it. They hack at its exposed belly, and don’t stop until its cut to pieces that fall on the ground in front of the tower, spreading goo everywhere.
    Back on the southern wall, the archers, seeing the imminent danger, shoot at the trolls, killing the troll that was wounded before by the bolt.
    The forest goblin spider riders that rallied are furious at the archers who shot at their brethren on the wall while in combat. They charge at them. The goblin archers are quick to answer with a hail of arrows, killing 5 riders. Scared, they ride away.
    The other group of goblin archers provide covering fire to the trolls, killing 4 more human archers. In the meantime, the trolls have battered down the gate, and the imperial spearmen look at them scared, through the gap in the defense.

    Turn 4:
    The Bolt Thrower (2) shoots at the trolls: Hit: Wound: 4 Wounds: 3 Wounds Regenerated.
    The Archers (10) shoot at the trolls: 4 Hits: 3 Wounds: 2 Wounds Regenerated. 1 Troll is dead.
    The Spearmen (20) charge at the River Trolls (8): Fear: 5: Fear is overcome
    Spearmen (five ranks) (4/20) melee combat: 3 Hits: 1 Wound: 0 Wounds Regenerated
    Trolls (2/8) melee combat: 3 Hits: 2 Wounds: No Save: 2 Spearmen Dead
    Spearmen win combat by +2
    Trolls break test: 10: Fail: They flee: 2d6″: 4″. Spearmen Pursuit: 10″: The Trolls are slaughtered.

    Animosity: 2,3,6,2,3: Animosity on the Goblin Archers (30): 6: We’ll Show’em: They move 2d6″: Towards the wall: 11″
    The Goblin Spider Riders (4+1): Rally: 11: Fail: They flee 3d6″: 13″: They’re out of the battlefield.
    The Goblin Spider Riders (11+1) charge at the Halberdiers (16+1)
    The Goblin Spearmen (30) charge at the Spearmen (18)
    Goblin Spider Riders (10+1) melee combat: 5+1 Hits: 3 Wounds: No Save: 3 Halberdiers Dead
    Spiders melee combat: 5 Hits: 2 Wounds: No Save: 2 Halberdiers Dead
    Halberdiers (11+1) melee combat: 5 Hits: 5 Wounds: No Save: 5 Goblins Dead
    The combat is a draw
    Goblin Spearmen (5/30) melee combat: 1 Hit: 1 Wound: 1 Save.
    Spearmen (5/18) melee combat: 4 Hits: 2 Wounds: 1 Save: 1 Goblin Dead
    Spearmen win combat by +1
    Goblins break test: 5: Fail: They flee: 12″: Spearmen pursuit: 6″

    Another bolt hits a troll, that quickly regenerates the wounds. But it’s quickly peppered with arrows from the archers and falls dead.
    The spearmen grit their teeth and charge at the trolls. The long shafts of their weapons provide an edge against the trolls. The monsters kill two spearmen, but the sheer weight of their ranks pushing forward, creates a wall of sharp points that the trolls fear for their lives. They turn and flee. Furious at the death of their brothers, the spearmen pursuit. Some climb atop the troll and pierce their skulls, others cut off their tendons at their legs and finish them off as they fall down. Such is their rage, that no troll survives the onslaught.
    The forest goblin spearmen see what the imperials have done to the trolls and are reluctant to join the combat, but at the behest of their leader, they charge. The combat is close, but it is the goblins who suffer the most casualties. Not known for their strong morale, they flee, and the imperial spearmen follow in pursuit.
    The group of goblin archers on the front of the south wall start bickering amongst themselves. They cannot decide whether to attack the tower or the wall, and they attack none.
    In the meantime the spider riders that were shot at, continue fleeing, until they are out of the battlefield. While the other unit charges at the halberdiers.
    Five Halberdiers die under their spears and spider mandibles, but they kill also an equal number of spider riders, in an even combat.

    Turn 5:
    Bolt Thrower (2) shoots at Goblin Archers (30): Hit: 1 Wound: 1 Goblin Dead.
    Archers (10) shoot at Goblin Archers (29): 2 Hits: 1 Wound: No Save: 1 Goblin Dead.
    Spearmen (18) charge at the fleeing Goblin Spearmen, slaughtering them.
    Halberdiers (6+1/11+1) melee combat: 5+1 Hits: 4 Wounds: No Save: 4 Goblins Dead
    Goblins (1+1/2+1) melee combat: 1 Hit: 1 Wound: No Save: 1 Halberdier Dead
    Spiders (2/3) melee combat: 2 Hits: 1 Wound: No Save: 1 Halberdier Dead
    The Halberdiers (9+1) win the combat.
    Goblin Spider Riders (2+1) break test: 6: Fail: They flee: 3d6″: 13″
    The Halberdiers (9+1) hold.

    Animosity: 3,2: No effect.
    Goblin Spider Riders (2+1): Rally: 7: Fail: They flee: 13″
    Goblin Archers (28) shoot at the Spearmen (18): 12 Hits: 7 Wounds: No Save: 7 Spearmen Dead.
    Spearmen (11) panic test: 11: Failure: They flee 2d6″: 6″
    Goblin Archers (30) shoot at the Bolt Thrower (2): 9 Hits: 4 Wounds: No Save: The Bolt Thrower Crew is Dead.

    The bolt thrower crew and the archers shoot at the goblin archers situated below, and they kill only a couple. The spearmen charge at the fleeing goblin infantry. As the goblins run away, their backs turned towards Ostenhofen, they are easily picked out one by one by the spearmen. But their pursuit has taken them too close to the goblin archers, who shoot a hail of arrows, killing almost half of them. Disheartened they run back towards the battlements.
    Meanwhile the battle between the spider riders and the halberdiers continues, with the men gaining the upper hand. The goblin spider riders break rank and run away, so fast, the men can’t catch up.
    A hail of fire from the other unit of goblin archers eliminates the bolt thrower crew completely.

    Turn 6:
    Spearmen (11) Rally test: 7: Success: They Rally and Hold.
    Archers (10) shoot at Goblin Archers (28): 3 Hits: 1 Wound: No Save: 1 Goblin Dead.
    The Halberdiers (9+1) enter the White Tower.

    Animosity: 1,1: No effect.
    Goblin Archers (27) shoot at the Archers (10): 7 Hits: 5 Wounds: No Save: 5 Archers Dead.
    Archers (5): Panic test: 3: They hold.
    Goblin Archers (30) shoot at the Spearmen (11): 8 Hits: 6 Wounds: No Save: 6 Spearmen Dead.
    Spearmen (5): Panic test: 10: They flee: 2d6″: 7″

    The archers keep shooting at the goblins, killing another one. They shoot back and a handful of archers are slain, bringing their number down to a quarter of their initial strength. The other unit of goblin archers shoot now at the spearmen who are out in the open, killing six of them. They run away again, heading back to the safety of the fortifications.
    Realizing they can’t assault the tower without any melee support, the goblin archers withdraw, and the battle is over.

    The battle is over.
    Empire Army Roster:
    9 Halberdiers with Halberd and Light Armor, in the White Tower, 81 Points. Champion with Pistol and Heavy Armor 35 Points.
    5 Archers with Longbow, 40 points.
    5 Spearmen with Shields, 35 points.
    Total: 191 points, 546 points lost.

    Orc Army Roster:
    2 Forest Goblin Spider Riders with Spear and Shield, 22 points, with Forest Goblin Champion with Spear and Shield, +21 points with Spider Banner Standard +35 points – Fled
    4 Forest Goblin Spider Riders with Spear and Shield, 44 points, with Forest Goblin Champion with Spear and Shield, +21 points with Standard +10 points – Fled
    27 Forest Goblin Archers with Short Bows, 81 points
    30 Forest Goblin Archers with Short Bows, 90 points
    Total: 171 points, 153 points fled, 1248 points lost.

    Session Background: A wargaming only session. I realized mid game that I had stated that the goblins are led by a Big Boss and I used a War boss instead. I seriously doubt one war boss would be led by another. So, I restarted the relevant points of battle from that point. I won’t get into details on what happened in this alternate course. Also I entirely forgot about the Trolls stupidity rule. In this case I decided not to replay this part. Give one, take one. It’s important to maintain balance.
    Psychology is so important in Warhammer Fantasy Battles. The trolls were easily routed, due to an error in my judgement. I should have combined them with a strong leadership unit, as I was not aware of their weakness in morale. The orcs lost yet another battle. Their numbers are dwindling and they may lose the entire conflict.
    This may give the Ostenhofeners the chance to flee, before the Undead lay waste to the city.
    Running a wargame in theater of the mind is certainly possible, but very taxing to the brain. I feel drained after every session. In this one I also made a lot of mistakes. In the last battle I intend to add some roleplay elements to make it more interesting, and play it out more carefully, more slowly with more detail.

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    The siege of Ostenhofen pt5 

    A Savage Worlds Warhammer Fantasy Battles mashup.

    Brief Summary: In the previous part, the party crawled through the sewers trying to find an exit, but instead reached a cavern with stale air. Disturbed from unknown decades of endless sleep, the undead are awakened. A lich is slowly revitalized in the center of the cave, while a score of his skeleton minions are animated to do his bidding.

    Now, I need to define the scene a bit before continuing with the combat rounds.
    Q: Do all the skeletons attack?
    A: Yes. Considering the party’s set up, I define that even if all the skeletons join the fray, only 8 can attack at the same time. about 1-3, depending on positioning and orientation at each member of the party.
    Q: Are the skeletons spread around the cavern? (Likely)
    A: Yes, and some are spread at the far edges of the cave.
    Q: Is the exit located at the other end of the cave?
    A: No, it is located near them
    Q: How many of the skeletons between them and the exit?
    A: 1d6+2: 7
    Q: How many of the skeletons between them and the lich?
    A: 1d6+2: 4

    This is going to be a long fight. I do present the mechanics below, but I understand that reading through these can be a chore. It is after all a combat between 4 party members and 20 skeletons (only 8 of which are locked in combat at the same time). I run the combat at a grid, so things that might have been evident to me visually are not so when reading through this. Therefore I suggest you go to the end of the combat and read the narrative excerpt instead.

    Round 1:
    Initiative: B: J♦️, E: 10♥️, G: J♥️, R: Joker
    Skeletons: 5♠️

    Considering that Rudiger got the creeps right before, I decide that he will try to to open a path towards the exit rather than try to fight with the skeletons in the middle.
    Rudiger: Moves towards the exit and makes a sweep attack on 3 of the skeletons.
    Rudiger: Fighting (d12-2): 12/5: Hit with a Raise: 20/7: Destroyed, 23/7: Destroyed, 6/7: No damage.
    Gustav: Moves and attacks the skeleton that survived Rudiger’s attack.
    Gustav: Fighting (d6): 5/5: Hit: 4/7: No damage.
    Evie: Moves and attacks a skeleton from the group towards the exit.
    Evie: Fighting (d8): 4/5: Miss, Benny: 11/5: Hit with a Raise: 30/7: Destroyed
    Bianka: Moves and attacks a skeleton from the group towards the exit.
    Bianka: Fighting (d8+1): 5/5: Hit: 6/7: No damage.
    S1 vs Bianka: Fighting (d6): 1: Miss
    S2 vs Gustav: Fighting (d6+1): 5/5: Hit: 7/5: Shaken
    S3 vs Gustav: Fighting (d6+1): 6/5: Hit: 5/5: Shaken: Wounded
    S4 vs Bianka: Fighting (d6+1): 6/6: Hit: 6/5: Shaken
    S5 moves and attacks Gustav: Fighting (d6+2): 4/5: Miss
    S6 moves and attacks Bianka: Fighting (d6+2): 3/6: Miss
    S7 moves and attacks Rudiger: Fighting (d6+2): 6/8: Miss
    S8 moves and attacks Evie: Fighting (d6): 4/5: Miss
    The rest of the skeletons move closer to the party.

    Round 2:
    Initiative: B: Joker, E: 8♥️, G: 4♣️, R: A♥️
    Skeletons: K♦️

    Bianka: Spirit (d4+2): 5: Success. Benny: No longer shaken.
    Bianka: Fighting (d8+3): 7/5: Hit: 9/7: Shaken
    Rudiger performs an attack on the skeleton in front of him.
    Rudiger: Fighting (d12-2): 7/5: Hit: 9/7: Shaken
    S1 Shaken: Spirit (d4+2): 3: Fail
    S2 Shaken: Spirit (d4+2): 3: Fail
    S3 vs Gustav: Fighting (d6+1): 4/5: Miss
    S4 vs Bianka: Fighting (d6+3): 8/6: Hit: 5/5: Shaken
    S5 vs Gustav: Fighting (d6+1): 5/5: Hit: 5/5: Shaken: Wounded again.
    S6 vs Bianka: Fighting (d6+3): 7/5: Hit: 6/5: Shaken: Wounded
    S7 vs Rudiger: Fighting (d6+1): 5/8: Miss
    S8 vs Evie: Fighting (d6): 5/5: Hit: 4/5: No Damage
    Gustav: Soak Roll: Vigor (d6-1): 3: Fail: Benny: 15!: Soaked 2 Wounds and recovered
    Evie: perform an attack on S8.
    Evie: Fighting (d8): 7/5: Hit: 2/7: No damage
    Gustav: Full Defend: Fighting (d6+1): 5: Parry until next round.

    Round 3:
    Initiative: B: 10♦️, E: J♥️, G: K♦️, R: 6♦️
    Skeletons: J♠️
    Gustav: Full Defend: Fighting (d6+1): 12: Parry until next round.
    S1 Shaken: Spirit (d4+2): 3: Fail
    S2 Shaken: Spirit (d4+2): 3: Fail
    S3 vs Gustav: Fighting (d6+1): 5/12: Miss
    S4 vs Bianka: Fighting (d6+3): 6/6: Hit: 17/5: +3 Wounds. Incapacitated
    S5 vs Gustav: Fighting (d6+1): 5/12: Miss
    S6 moves and attacks Gustav (d6+2): 5/12: Miss
    S7 vs Rudiger: Fighting (d6+1): 2: Miss
    S8 vs Evie: Fighting (d6): 8/5: Hit: 9/5: Wounded
    Evie: Soak Roll: Vigor (d6): 5: Success. Not wounded
    Evie: Fighting (d8): 4/5: Miss
    Bianka: Soak Roll: Vigor (d6): 16: Soaked all wounds!
    Rudiger: Fighting (d12-1): 5/5: Hit: 10/7: Wounded

    Round 4: (The Lich awakens)
    Initiative: B: 10♥️, E: 6♣️, G: 9♣️, R: Joker
    Skeletons: 8♥️, Lich: J♦️
    Rudiger will perform a rapid attack three times on the skeletons next to him.
    Rudiger: Fighting (d12-3): 6/5: Hit: 4/7: No damage
    Rudiger: Fighting (d12-3): 6/5: Hit: 14/7: Destroyed
    Rudiger: Fighting (d12-3): 2/5: Miss
    Lich: 3 Dark Bolts, one for each of the party members.
    Spellcasting (d12-2): 3: Fail, 8: Success: 7/5: Gustav is Wounded again, 5: Success: 11/8: Shaken.
    Bianka: Defend and Withdraw: Skeletons: 5/8: Miss, 7/8: Miss, 12/8: Hit with Raise: 14/5: +2 Wounds.
    Bianka has fled the cavern.
    Gustav: Defend and Withdraw. S5: 4/7: Miss, S6: 2/7: Miss
    Gustav has fled the cavern.
    S1 Shaken: Spirit (d4+2): 4: Success
    S2 Shaken: Spirit (d4+2): 5: Success
    S3 vs Rudiger: Fighting (d6): 4/6: Miss
    S4 vs Rudiger: Fighting (d6+1): 4/6: Miss
    S5 vs Rudiger: Fighting (d6+2): 7/6: Hit: 6/8: No damage.
    S6 vs Evie: Fighting (d6): 1/5: Miss
    Evie: Defend and Withdraw: S6: 11/5: Hit with Raise: 14/5: 2 Wounds
    Evie has fled the cavern.

    Round 5:
    Initiative: R: 9♦️
    Skeletons: 7♦️, Lich: 2♥️
    Rudiger: Benny, isn’t Shaken anymore and can act.
    Rudiger: Defend and Withdraw: 4/10: Miss, 5/10: Miss, 4/10: Miss, 14/10: Hit with Raise: 15/8: Wounded
    Rudiger has fled the cavern

    A dark sinister feeling overcomes the party as magical winds flow towards the corpse in the middle of the cavern.
    Before giving anyone a moment to decide if they should go ahead and try to destroy the undead being in the middle of the ritual drawing, Rudiger evaluates quickly his tactical options, and heads towards what seems to be an exit. 7 of the skeletons block his way. He deflects a blow quickly with his shield, and with a mighty swing of his longsword, he cuts through the spines of two of the undead.
    Evie has no choice but to follow her bodyguard, and with her short sword, she destroys another of the abominations. Gustav and Bianka come along, hoping to reach the exit. The skeletons gang up on them, and in the chaos of combat, Gustav is wounded by their sharp claws.
    Unfortunately, even though the way to the exit is clear, the skeletons have caught up with them, and there is no way to leave without being exposed to their attacks. The company has made a line, trying to push back the skeletons, but they are severely outnumbered, and Bianka and Gustav who aren’t as well armored as Rudiger are wounded further. Gustav grits his teeth, and pulls through, the wound being less severe than he initially thought.
    Rudiger destroys another skeleton with a quick slash of his blade, but Bianka receives a grievous wound. She doesn’t falter, she grabs her wound, and brings the fight back to the enemy.
    An evil hideous laughter echoes through the cavern, and the corpse rises. It’s a rotting carcass of a man in robes, holding a black wood staff.
    Rudiger tries to perform a flurry of blows to the skeletons, but in his hurry, only one skeleton is destroyed.
    The undead wizard shouts something in an unknown tongue, points his staff, and three black arrows materialize from thin air and shoot towards Evie, Gustav and Rudiger. Gustav is wounded by the arrow, while Rudiger evades it in the last moment, and gets barely scratched. The wizard misses Evie.
    Bianka realizes she has had enough. She prefers to be exposed to the skeleton strikes rather than the dead mage, and she withdraws from combat tactically. She has lost her nerve though, and one of the skeletons finds an opening and carves his fingers into her flesh.
    Gustav follows Bianka through the newly opened path, and Evie disengages from her own assailant. The skeleton manages in the last moment to tear Evie’s side open, wounding her badly.
    Rudiger has been left in the rearguard, and he knows that he too, must leave now or be killed, and join the skeletons in their undead mission. He uses his shield to cover his retreat, but he fights against 4 of the skeletons. He parries most of their blows, but one of them gets a strike to his leg. A small price to pay for escaping this hole. Up ahead he can hear his party mates footsteps, and he runs off after them.

    Now I decide that the skeletons will make a quick chase after the party. It’s going to be a short chase of 3 rounds, since the skeletons can’t be expected to operate freely far from their creator.
    Chase (Short: 3 Rounds).
    Q: Does the Lich give chase? (Unlikely)
    A: No
    For each chase round I will also be drawing a card of the dungeon crawl rules. In case of an encounter I will roll for ambush of the encountered enemy, since the running party won’t stop for conflict unless their path is blocked.

    Round 1:
    Dungeon crawl: A♦️! Finally the exit!
    I will roll 3d6 to find where in the Battlements map the exit lies.
    3d6: 12: Moat/Drawbridge.
    It makes so much sense. The river that surrounds the city and fills the moat has a side stream that is essentially the underground river that leads to sewers.
    Skeletons: Agility (d8+1): 6: Success
    Bianka: Agility (d8-3): 0: Fail
    Evie: Agility (d6-1): 3: Fail
    Gustav: Agility (d4-2): 3: Fail
    Rudiger: Agility (d8-3): 12: Success with 2 Raises.
    Skeletons: Q♥️
    Rudiger: Q♦️
    Both parties are at medium range.
    Q: Do the skeletons now sport bows?
    A: No

    Round 2:
    Skeletons: Agility (d8+1): 8: Success with 1 Raise.
    Bianka: Agility (d8-3): 1: Fail
    Evie: Agility (d6-1): 0 Fail
    Gustav: Agility (d4-2): 2: Fail
    Rudiger: Agility (d8-3): 6: Success.
    Skeletons: 9♠️
    Rudiger: 4♣️: Major Obstacle: Agility (d8-5): 0: Failure: Fatigued.

    Round 3:
    Skeletons: Agility (d8+1): 3: Fail
    Bianka: Agility (d8-3): 1: Fail
    Evie: Agility (d6-1): 10 Success with Raise
    Gustav: Agility (d4-2): 2: Fail
    Rudiger: Agility (d8-3): 2: Fail
    Evie: 5♥️

    They run off as fast as they can, the skeleton bones clacking behind them as the animated remains follow in pursuit. Quickly the cavern opens up to the surface. The river fills in from the outside, they’re at the most of Ostenhofen. A narrow path along the moat leads up and they keep running.
    Despite the skeletons having the upper hand at speed they don’t manage to catch up enough to attack.
    Abruptly the skeletons end their hunt. They come to a full stop as the party increases their distance, as if an invisible wall is holding them back.
    “They, they stopped.” Gustav says.
    “Let’s not wait to find out if they will continue.” Evie tells him.
    They continue until the skeletons are out of sight.
    Then each of them looks to their wounds. No one escaped unscathed.

    Bianka: 3 Wounds
    Evie: 2 Wounds
    Gustav: 1 Wound
    Rudiger: 1 Wound, 3 Bumps and Bruises

    Good thing for them is that the hex that they’re in, doesn’t have Orcs.
    Of course that’s where the skeleton army will set up.
    If this draws long I will need to paint a battle map of the ownership of each hex.
    The group moves to the village hex to recover.
    The skeletons will start with an army of 1d6+2 thousand points: 8 thousand points!
    It’s very likely Ostenhofen will fall to the dead instead, and maybe the Orc Warlord’s doom meant the Lich’s sorcery and not an imperial mage. Didn’t see this coming but it all falls into place.

    They move slowly without any noise towards the settlement of Westenhofen, on the western bank of the river, across the city.
    Back in the distance they see hundreds of figures crawling, and moving like puppets. An uneasy chill fills their hearts at the sight of the dead, walking in such great numbers.
    Without any fatigue, the dead, in numbers, move dirt into the moat. Soon it’s filled with mud, and they move across.

    Q: Are there any defenders?
    A: No, they have fled to the walls of the inner city, not risking being cut off by the orcs.

    The undefended outer gatehouse is soon conquered by the undead, whose Lich leader summons even more corpses to his cause.

    Let’s see what happens the next siege turn then.

    Undead Army: 2d6: 1,6=7: Goto 7: Wooden Palisade.

    Orc Army: 2d6: 3,2=5: Goto 19: Inner Keep!

    Since no one has attacked the party’s hex so far, I will start with them.

    Q: Is Westenhofen abandoned? (Likely)
    A: No, the Orcs have cut off the road and the Westenhofeners have barricaded themselves in.
    Q: Does Westenhofen have a wooden wall and gate? (Unlikely)
    A: Yes, and it’s manned.
    Q: Do the guards shoot at the party?
    A: No, and they see their sorry state, realize they’re friendlies and let them in.

    Almost stumbling along, the company reaches the wooden walls of Westenhofen. Behind the wooden shutters of the gatehouse, a guard figure watches them and soon the gates open slowly in silent.
    “Come inside! You’ve escaped from the siege? What news from the city?” Asks a young guard anxiously.
    “Let them be Bertio! They’re wounded and weary. Let’s take them to the Physician.” Says another guard, older, with feathers on his hat. Probably the captain.
    “I am captain Omund. Follow me. You will fill me in on our way to the Physician.” He tells the party. “Bertio! Shut this gate quickly!” He orders the guard who turns to his task.

    I will roll on UNE for the physician’s power level.
    I get 85: Slightly Stronger. So I decide they have a d10 on Healing skill.
    Now I need to get their Bearing. I decide that they are friendly.
    I get 22: gratitude.
    I go to donjon to get some descriptions: Geri has black hair and soft brown eyes, and a straight beard. He wears modest garments and an amulet of luminous crystal.

    Omund knocks on the closed door of the physician’s house. “Geri, it’s me Omund. Open up, I bring you wounded folk from Ostenhofen.
    They hear the door unlock, and unbar. Geri, a man with black hair, soft brown eyes and a straight bear opens to them. He wears modest garments and an amulet of luminous crystal.
    “You bring news! thank you. Come inside. I will tend to your wounds. I have a room to set you up.” He tells them and moves aside to help them. “Mari! Come we have patients!” He yells to his servant who appears in an instant to assist him.
    “What happened? What is the state of Ostenhofen? How did you escape?” the captain starts asking questions as the physician and his assistant start cleaning them up to see their wounds.
    “We are the entourage of Lady Evie Vogel. I am Rudiger, this is Gustav and this is Bianka. We got caught up in the siege as it started, and joined in every battle against the orcs. Things are dire. The supplies are dwindling, and only the inner city is still holding. Unfortunately, a misunderstanding regarding a past event, pressed us to escape the city.” Rudiger says in his bass voice. He pauses a moment and continues. “We used the sewers, who are infested with all sorts of creatures. It was by a thin hair that we managed to get out alive. We saw… we saw the dead walk.”

    Now I will first roll on UNE regarding the Conversation Mood for friendly.
    I get 16: Guarded.
    I will now roll on Omund’s Bearing and Conversation Focus I get comfort enemy.

    “You’re not our enemy Lady Vogel. We thank you for fighting the greenskins all along the way. It’s men and women like you that help the Empire stand it’s ground against all those foes. You can rest here as long as you need. The road to the west has been cut off.” Omund comforts them.

    Q: Does he believe Rudiger about the dead?
    A: False presupposition! He doesn’t need convincing at all. He has seen them with his own two eyes.
    Q: Does he know about the Lich’s past?
    A: False presupposition. He doesn’t know a thing about Lichs. He hasn’t even heard of such things.
    Q: Has he faced the undead in the past?
    A: Yes

    “Rudiger. I.. I’ve seen the dead walk in the past. I was a young boy when my father told me to hide under the bed. Our village was under attack. He opened the chest and yielded his blade. I peeked from under the bed and I saw it. A corpse walking. My father hacked it to pieces and it fell down silently. The memory still haunts me. It was some witch. A necromancer they said.” Omund confesses. “I believe you.”

    At last! a moment of calamity for our party.
    For this week I will roll on healing attempts.
    Healing Bianka: 3: Fail
    Healing Evie: 2: Fail
    Healing Gustav: 0: Fail
    Healing Rudiger: 4: Success. One wound is removed.
    Within the golden hour only Rudiger is back to his feet.
    Now let’s go for natural healing for the entire week.
    Bianka: Vigor (d6-3): 0: Failure. She remains at 3 Wounds.
    Evie: Vigor (d6-2): 9: Success with a Raise. She heals completely.
    Gustav: Vigor (d6-1): 8: Success with a Raise: He heals completely.
    Also Rudiger recovers from his Bumps and Bruises.

    By the week’s end, all but Bianka have recovered. Bianka’s health hasn’t improved, and Geri insists she has to stay for another week in bed.

    I almost forgot about the Empire Relief troops. I will use the weather Hex Flower Game Engine from Goblin’s henchman to see if the weather improves or not. If there’s still rain, I doubt relief can arrive.
    So I roll a 10. From heavy rain with clouds I go to thunderstorm. Relief is stuck, along with 1d6+2 x 500 = 2000 orc points.

    The defenders won’t try to defend the palisade from the undead attack. I doubt there would be anyone there to defend it anyway, so we go to what might be the final battle of Ostenhofen.

    So to recap:
    Empire Points: 2381
    Empire Relief Points: 3000
    Orc Points: 6986, 2000 of which are poised against the Empire Relief.
    Undead Points: 8000

    So we have a battle of 4986 Orc points against 2381 Empire points.
    I can’t run this in one go, so I will split it in 3 assaults happening at different parts of the keep.
    It’s going to be 3 battles of 800 Empire vs 1600 Orc points.
    If the Empire loses all 3 battles then they will perish no matter the fleeing units.
    If the Orcs lose all 3 battles then they will be pushed back.
    If there is a mixed result, then the survivors will fight again in a final battle. Imperial units that fled can join these battles but Orcish units will have fled the battlefield completely.

    The bells are ringing loudly, non-stop. The prince’s commander of the guard enters the chambers. Prince Ingmar looks at him.
    “My lord, the orcs have assaulted the northern part of the inner city, where the keep ends. We must push them back or all is lost.” He says worried.
    “Call for my squire to dress me up. We’re going to battle! Let’s show those orcs some imperial steel.” The Prince keeps his resolve. “Call my personal guard to the courtroom. I’ll address them before we go to battle.”

    The Orcs are attacking the northern keep from three points. The north-eastern tower, the Iron Tower is under attack by the Black Orc Big Boss Damuzu the Mean. The north-western tower, the White Tower is under attack by the Goblin Big Boss Golurtz, while the interconnecting walls in the middle are under attack by the Orc War Boss Baga himself. That’s where the Prince heads with his personal guard.

    The battle for the Iron Tower

    Q: Does the Iron Tower have a gate to the outside? (Unlikely)
    A: Yes
    Q: Do the walls have space for two lines of troops?
    A: No
    Q: Is there LOS for the crossbowmen to the Tower gate?
    A: Yes
    So the battle locations are the following.
    South wall connected to the Iron Tower.
    West wall connected to the Iron Tower.
    Iron Tower gate/floor level.
    Iron Tower roof/top level.

    Empire army Roster:
    Bolt Thrower with crew of 2 on top of the Iron Tower. 40 Points
    20 Crossbowmen at South Wall with Light Armor and Shield. 220 Points. With battle standard +10 points.
    20 Crossbowmen at West Wall with Light Armor and Shield. 220 Points. With battle standard +10 points.
    20 Swordsmen inside the Iron Tower with Light Armor. 180 Points. With a Champion, 33 points.
    10 Archers on top of the Iron Tower with Long Bow and Hand Weapon. 80 points.
    Total 793 Points.

    Orc army Roster:
    36 Black Orcs at 4 ranks deep. Armed with two hand weapons. 360 points. With battle standard +10 points. With Black Orc Big Boss +92 points.
    36 Orcs at 4 ranks deep. Armed with hand weapon, light armor and shield. 306 points. With battle standard +10 points.
    36 Orcs at 4 ranks deep. Armed with hand weapon, light armor and shield. 306 points. With battle standard +10 points.
    20 Orc Archers. Armed with light armor and bow. 190 points.
    20 Orc Archers. Armed with light armor and bow. 190 points.
    5 Ogres with double handed weapons. 210 points.
    Total 1684 Points.

    Battle Duration: 6 Turns.

    I won’t be doing random initiative per turn like I did in the past. Instead, I will roll initiative at the beginning and rotate players each turn.
    Initiative won by: Empire.
    Starting combat distance: 5d6″: 15″
    Combat edge: +12″=27″

    Turn 1:
    The Bolt Thrower (2) shoots at the Ogres (5): No hit.
    The Archers (10) shoot at the Orc Archers1 (20): 6 Hits: 3 Wounds: No Save. 3 Orc Archers Dead.
    The Crossbowmen1 (20) shoot at the Orc Archers1 (17): 13 Hits: 5 Wounds: No Save. 5 Orc Archers Dead.
    The Crossbowmen2 (20) shoot at the Orc Archers2 (20): 8 Hits: 5 Wounds: No Save. 5 Orc Archers Dead.
    Test Orc Archers1 (12) for Panic: 11: It’s Panicked. They flee: 2d6″: 4″
    Test Orc Archers2 (15) for Panic: 10: It’s Panicked. They flee: 2d6″: 8″

    Animosity: 2. No effect.
    Orc Archers1 (12): Rally: 9: Fail. They flee: 2d6″: 8″: They’re out of the battlefield.
    Orc Archers2 (15): Rally: 9: Fail. They flee: 2d6″: 8″: They’re out of the battlefield.
    Since the orc archer units are smaller than the Orc units, they’re not affected and don’t need to take a panic test.
    The Ogres, Orcs and Black Orcs march in formation and move 8″ closer to the walls.

    At first light, the Ostenhofeners see the orcs arrayed in battle formation across the battlements. As soon as they enter their weapons range, they load their crossbow and start shooting. The defenders aim first at the enemy’s archers, so that they can’t shoot back.
    The crossbow bolts find true their targets, and 7 of the orcs fall down dead. Such is their weak will, that they turn tail and flee, away from the battle.
    The other orcs seem uninfluenced by this turn of events and continue onwards.

    Turn 2:
    The Bolt Thrower (2) shoots at the Orcs1 (36): No Hit
    The Archers (10) shoot at the Orcs1 (36): 3 Hits: 1 Wounds: No Save. 1 Orc Dead.
    The Crossbowmen1 (20) shoot at Orcs1 (35): 9 Hits: 7 Wounds: No Save: 7 Orcs Dead.
    The Crossbowmen2 (20) shoot at Orcs2 (36): 15 Hits: 4 Wounds: No Save: 4 Orcs Dead.

    Animosity: 3: No effect.
    Ogres reach the Tower gate: They charge the gate. Toughness 7, 2 Damage Points.
    Ogres: 1 Point of Damage.
    The Orcs 1 and Orcs2 reach the walls and set up ladders. They will attack in the next turn.
    The Black Orcs are waiting for the Ogres to charge inside.

    The archers atop the tower and the crossbowmen keep shooting at the mass of orcs arrayed below, as the black orcs follow a handful of ogres that reach the reinforced gate of the Iron Tower. The ogres hammer down their mighty clubs and axes on the gate. The Ostenhofeners could not predict it, but the strength of the ogres is such, that the first cracks on the gate appears. The archer squad leader orders his men to the Ogres, but it may be too late.
    The orc mass has reached the foot of the walls, and they have launched ladders on each wall to climb and assault it.

    Turn 3:
    The Bolt Thrower (2) shoots at the Black Orcs (36+1): Hit: 1 Wound: 1 Wound: No Wound. 2 Black Orcs Dead.
    The Archers (10) shoot at the Ogres (5): 6 Hits: 1 Wound. 1 Ogre Wounded.
    The Crossbowmen1 (20) shoot at Ogres (5): 11 Hits: 3 Wounds: 1 Ogre Dead. 1 Ogre Wounded.
    The Crossbowmen2 (20) shoot at Ogres (4): 10 Hits: 4 Wounds: 1 Ogre Dead. 1 Ogre Wounded Twice.

    Animosity: 5: No effect.
    Orcs1 (28): Charge at Crossbowmen1 (20): Crossbowmen1 Return Fire: 10 Hits: 6 Wounds: 1 Save: 5 Orcs Dead.
    Orcs2 (32): Charge at Crossbowmen2 (20): Crossbowmen2 Return Fire: 9 Hits: 4 Wounds: 1 Save: 3 Orcs Dead.
    Orcs1 (23): Melee Combat: 1 Hit: 1 Wound: No Save: 1 Crossbowman Dead. Score: 2 (Casualties + Standard)
    Crossbowmen1 (19): Melee Combat: 2 Hits: No Wounds. Score: 2 (Higher Ground + Standard)
    Orcs1 (23) vs Crossbowmen1 (19): It’s a draw.
    Orcs2 (29): Melee Combat: No Hits. Score: 1 (Standard)
    Crossbowmen2 (20): Melee Combat: 5 Hits: 2 Wounds: No Save. 2 Orcs Dead. Score: 4 (Casualties + Higher Ground + Standard).
    Orcs2 (27) Break Test: 8: They’re broken and flee: 2d6″: 6″.
    The Crossbowmen2 (20) do not pursuit.
    Ogres (3) attack the gate: 2 Damage Points. The gate is destroyed.

    The bolt thrower crew switches target and aims at the black orcs gathering below. The javelin shoots, and pierces through the thick hide of a black orc, and kills another one before stopping at its dead body.
    The archers and all the crossbowmen shoot together at the ogres, killing two of the large creatures, but 3 more are standing. They bash down the door and it breaks in half.
    As the orcs climb the ladder, a hail of crossbow bolts falls on them, sending many orcs down to the ground. Close combat ensues, with only a few casualties. One crossbowman at the south wall, and two orcs at the west wall. The orcs at the west wall can’t get a foothold, and fearful of their lives, flee.

    Turn 4:
    The Bolt Thrower (2) shoots at the Black Orcs (34+1): Hit: 1 Wound: 1 Wound: 1 Wound: No Wound. 3 Black Orcs Dead.
    The Archers shoot at the Ogres (3): 3 Hits: 1 Wound: 1 Ogre Dead.
    Crossbowmen1 (19): Melee Combat: 6 Hits: 4 Wounds: 1 Save: 3 Orcs Dead. Score: 5 (Casualties + Higher Ground + Standard)
    Orcs1 (20): Melee Combat: 6 Hits: 4 Wounds: 1 Save: 3 Crossbowmen Dead. Score: 4 (Casualties + Higher Ground + Standard)
    Orcs1 (20) Break Test: 7: They’re broken and flee: 2d6″: 11″
    Retrospectively I saw that I forgot to play the Crossbowmen2 unit in this round…

    Animosity: 4: No effect.
    Orcs1 (20): Rally: 4: Success.
    Orcs2 (27): Rally: 8: Failure: Flee: 2d6″: 5″. (11″)
    Ogres (2) charge at the Swordsmen (20+1): 2 Hits: 2 Wounds: No Save. 2 Swordsmen Dead. Score: 2
    Swordsmen (18+1): Melee Combat (Only 4 can fight at the same time, 2 are dead): 0 Hits. Score: 0
    Swordsmen break test: 5: Success.
    The Swordsmen (18+1) hold.

    Another ogre falls under arrows, but they manage to get inside. The imperial swordsmen clash their swords with the mighty beasts, and two of their brethren fall, but they do not falter.
    Atop the south wall, the crossbowmen get the best of the orcs, who turn and flee as well, but soon they are rallied by their leader and regroup.
    The bolt thrower crew aims better this time, and the projectile skewers through 3 of the black orcs in line.
    The orcs near the western wall keep running away.

    Turn 5:
    The Bolt Thrower (2) shoots at the Black Orcs (31+1): No Hit.
    The Archers (10) shoot at the Black Orcs (31+1): 5 Hits: 3 Wounds: No Save. 3 Black Orcs Dead.
    The Crossbowmen1 (16) shoot at the Black Orcs (28+1): 7 Hits: 3 Wounds: No Save: 3 Black Orcs Dead.
    The Crossbowmen2 (20) shoot at the Black Orcs (25+1): 13 Hits: 6 Black Orcs Dead.
    Swordsmen (18+1): Melee Combat (Champion joins instead of 1 Swordsman): 2 Hits: No Wounds. Score: 0.
    Ogres (2): Melee Combat: 3 Hits: 3 Wounds. 3 Swordsmen Dead. Score: 3.
    Swordsmen (15+1) break test: 4: Success.
    The Swordsmen (15+1) hold.

    Animosity: 6: No effect.
    Orcs2 (27): Rally: 8: Failure: Flee: 2d6″: 11″. (22″)
    Orcs1 (20): charge at the Crossbowmen1 (16)
    Crossbowmen1 (16) Return Fire: 5 Hits: 1 Wound: No Save. 1 Orc Dead.
    Orcs1 (19): Melee Combat: 7 Hits: 2 Wounds: 2 Saves: No Crossbowmen Dead. Score: 2 (High Ground + Standard)
    Crossbowmen1 (16): Melee Combat: 3 Hits: 1 Wound: 1 Save. No Orcs Dead. Score: 1 (Standard)
    Orcs1 (20): break test: 7: Fail. They flee: 2d6″: 9″
    Swordsmen Champion Melee Combat: No Hits.
    Ogres (2): Melee Combat: 2 Hits: 1 Wound: No Save. 1 Swordsman Dead. Score 1.
    Swordsmen (14+1): Melee Combat: 1 Hit: 1 Wound. Score 0.
    Swordsmen (14+1) break test: 9: they’re broken. They flee: 2d6″: 7″.
    The Ogres pursuit: 2d6″: 2″. They don’t catch up.

    The orcs near the western wall keep running away, while the mob near the south wall charges back again. They are met with a hail of crossbow bolts, and the firm defenders do not budge at all. Seeing the futility, the orcs flee yet again.
    The black orcs are peppered with a hail of bolts and arrows, and their numbers start decreasing, but they seem too stupid or too brave to care.
    Inside the Iron Tower close combat ensues. The ogres smash the skulls of two swordsmen who still try to hold their ground. As two more of their own fall, their morale is broken and they run away to flee. The ogres pursuit, but do not catch up.

    Turn 6:
    Swordsmen Rally: 10: Failure: Flee 2d6″: 5″.
    The Bolt Thrower (2) shoots at the Black Orcs (19+1): Hit: No Wound.
    The Archers (10) shoot at the Black Orcs (19+1): 3 Hits: 1 Wound: No Save: 1 Black Orc Dead.
    Crossbowmen2 (20) shoot at the Black Orcs (18+1): 11 Hits: 7 Wounds: No Save: 7 Black Orcs Dead.
    Black Orcs (11+1): Panic test: 5: Success. They don’t flee.
    Crossbowmen1 (16) shoot at the Black Orcs (11+1): 9 Hits: 3 Wounds: 3 Black Orcs Dead.
    Black Orcs (8+1): Panic test: 4: Success. They don’t flee.

    Animosity: 2: No effect.
    Orcs2 (27): Rally: 7: They stop and rally.
    Orcs1 (20): Rally: 5: They stop and rally.
    Ogres (2) charge at the Swordsmen (14+1). Distance: 7+5-2-12=-2. The Swordsmen flee a further 2d6″: 5″. They are not caught.
    The Black Orcs (8+1) enter the tower.

    The missile defenders, without any harassment, keep shooting at the black orcs, who are reduced to less than a third of their initial numbers, and eventually enter the Iron Tower.
    The swordsmen are pursued further by the two ogres, but they are not caught, as the tight corridors of the keep are an obstacle to the big humanoids.
    Finally the night falls, and the Ostenhofeners have managed to defend this part of the city decisively. The breach at the gate is dangerous though, as the enemy could charge again here at any time with larger numbers.

    The battle is over.
    Points left:

    Empire army Roster:
    Bolt Thrower with crew of 2 on top of the Iron Tower. 40 Points
    16 Crossbowmen at South Wall with Light Armor and Shield. 176 Points. With battle standard +10 points.
    20 Crossbowmen at West Wall with Light Armor and Shield. 220 Points. With battle standard +10 points.
    14 Swordsmen inside the Iron Tower with Light Armor. 126 Points. With a Champion, 33 points.
    10 Archers on top of the Iron Tower with Long Bow and Hand Weapon. 80 points.
    Total 695 Points. 98 Points lost.

    Orc army Roster:
    8 Black Orcs at 4 ranks deep. Armed with two hand weapons. 80 points. With battle standard +10 points. With Black Orc Big Boss +92 points.
    20 Orcs at 4 ranks deep. Armed with hand weapon, light armor and shield. 170 points. With battle standard +10 points.
    27 Orcs at 4 ranks deep. Armed with hand weapon, light armor and shield. 229,5 points. With battle standard +10 points.
    2 Ogres with double handed weapons. 84 points.
    Total 685,5 Points. 742 Points lost.
    256,5 Points worth of archers are available for the orc army in general (they fled the battle but not the siege).

    Despite the breach in the Iron Tower, this was a decisive victory for the Ostenhofeners.

    Session Background: Had to stop here. With two or more battles pending this is going to be a long session.
    So, back to the beginning. At the battle with the lich. I really miscalculated how hard it would be defeat the skeletons. Thankfully, I made the choice of trying to flee instead of heading for the lich while it was vulnerable. I think it made more sense. And although the higher risk might have been a higher reward, there was a good chance that the party would perish there.
    In the end I had to make a tactical withdrawal. I know that it was not evident, but in the grid map I run, the party managed to kill all the skeletons to their rear. The problem was that they still were locked in combat and couldn’t leave without triggering attacks of opportunity. Faced with the sorcery of the awakened lich, I had to cut my losses and flee. Thankfully it was only wounds and no party members killed.
    I love how eventually the dungeon crawl fit in in with the siege and the oracle and everything. I can’t think of how this could have turned better.
    The Westenhofen village was a nice refreshing change for me, and using donjon and UNE together reminded me that I should be using these tools more, instead of relying on my inspiration only. Sometimes I go ahead with what is in my mind, but then things are quite limited. Especially when I’m tired an everything. Mental note taken.
    Now to the battle. I was afraid of running such a big battle solo, but in the end everything turned out okay. Some luck on the defender’s part (all the orc archers fled, and thus the walls were nigh impregnable), and failure to utilize the black orcs correctly (they should have attacked a wall rather than wait for their chance to enter the tower), saved the day for the Ostenhofeners.
    All in all, I am certain I made more than a few mistakes. Both regarding the RPG part of Savage Worlds, and the Wargaming part of the Warhammer Fantasy battles. I try to take notes as much as possible (hence why I listed the numbers of all troops remaining to help me), but I can’t remember all the rules all the times. Also the fact that it’s solo, means there’s no counter thought and counter argument to correct me when I’m wrong. When playing with others it’s in their best interest to remember the parts of the rules that will help them get the best results. When running solo, this is missed unfortunately.
    Overall I had lots of fun so far.
    In the upcoming session I expect to run the final battles for the keep.

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    The siege of Ostenhofen pt4 

    A Savage Worlds Warhammer ~~Fantasy Battles~~ mashup.

    Brief Summary: In the previous part, a run in with the Bailiff had the party fleeing the inner city of Ostenhofen through the sewers in an attempt to escape. They managed to kill a handful of giant spiders and now have to pass through the thick webs before they can proceed.

    Evie thinks about their options. “Let’s keep to the walls as much as possible and cut through the webs with our blades.”

    Q: How many webs until the other side?
    A: 1d6 (exploding): 3
    Rudiger: 6/7: No damage
    Bianka: 6/7: No damage
    Evie: 5/7: No damage
    Gustav: 12/7: 2 Webs cut
    Q: Is the web on the floor removed? (Likely)
    A: No
    Next Round
    Rudiger: 15/7: 3 Webs cut
    Q: Is the web on the floor removed? (Very Likely)
    A: Yes
    Q: Is there floor underneath (or a gap)?
    A: False Presupposition. Even though the web on the floor was cut, there’s even more webbing underneath, like a second layer, older, stronger. Maybe from another kind of spiders?
    Q: Is there another spider (gigantic) alerted to the presence of the party?
    A: Yes, but, it won’t reach the room in time. Instead, I will replace one of my entries in the encounters table with this gigantic spider.

    The party starts hacking at the strong webs. They’re thick like vines, but eventually they are cut through. Only a small amount remains until they reach the opening in the other side of the room, and Rudiger, with extra effort, cuts through them like butter. His blade cutting through to the floor, where it doesn’t hit stone. Maybe Bianka was right and there’s a gap underneath. They all look at each other. Afraid that they might fall, but the webs hold, so they finally get moving on.

    Torch die: 5. Resource die remains at d8.

    Dungeon: 10 ♥️. Fork in the path.
    Torch die: 5. Resource die remains at d8.

    Dungeon: 8 ♠️. Dead end.
    Torch die: 2: Resource expended. Die downgraded to d6.
    Turn back and follow the other fork.

    Dungeon: 2 ♣️. Obstacle.
    Q: Is it a barred entrance?
    A: Yes. This is the part of the sewers of the inner city that most likely connects to the outer city. It’s closed by metal bars. If the party can manage to overcome the obstacle, then, they can move on.
    To pry the bars open wide enough for them to pass, a Strength trait roll at -4 is required. Each attempt will require an additional Strength trait roll at -1 per attempt beyond the first, or accrue a level of fatigue.
    Rudiger attempts first: Strength (d8-4): 3: Failure. Benny: 0, Benny: 0, Benny: 0. Failure.
    Rudiger fatigue check: Strength (d8): Snake Eyes. Crap, I already spent all the bennies. He pulls a strain and gains two fatigue levels.
    Rudiger attempts again: Strength (d8-5): 1. Failure.
    Rudiger fatigue check: Strength (d8-2): 3. Failure. 3 Fatigue levels. He can’t attempt again for 24 hours.
    Gustav has the scavenger edge. He uses it to say that he carries with him a crowbar that will give him a +2 at his attempts.
    Gustav attempts to pry the bars open: Strength (d6-2): 3: Failure. Benny: 1, Benny: 9: Success with a Raise. Finally!
    I managed to get through, but at what a cost! Rudiger now has a -3 to all trait rolls until fully rested.
    Torch die: 4: Resource die remains at d6.

    The party continues their path down the sewers, to a fork. They choose the left path which eventually leads to a dead end. Their torches are burning fast, and they are afraid they might be left in the dark soon. They retrace their steps only to come across a heavy set of bars running dug deep in the stone.
    “I guess that’s it. We must turn back.” Says Evie disheartened.
    “No!” Bianka disagrees. “This must be the borderline between the two parts of the city. If we pass, then any sewer exit we reach above ground should lead us to the outer part of Ostenhofen.”
    “Then I’ll do my best!” Rudiger rushes in against the bars and uses all his might trying to get them wide. In spite of his best efforts, he can’t budge them, and eventually he sprains his shoulder.
    Gustav finds the opportunity to show off to this master, lady Evie. He presents a crowbar from his belongings, and rests it against a gap in the stone. A few budges later, and a man-sized opening is enough to get them through.

    Dungeon: 4 ♠️. Dead end.
    Torch die: 1: Resource expended: Die downgraded to d4.

    Not a few steps further, they come across a thick walls. Now, they have nowhere else to go. Their attempt to escape has failed. To top it off, they are to their last few torches. They could be left blind in darkness any time soon.

    Now, things are looking dire. I doubt they can retrace their steps back in time. So, I’m going to have Gustav try to break down this wall, by removing the stone bricks with his crowbar, just in case the passage moves on a ahead and it was blocked for security reasons. This will take a whole lot of time though, and they will have to roll on the Torch die.

    Gustav: Strength (d6): 4: Success. Bricks removed for opening.
    Q: Is there a way through?
    A: Yes, but the gigantic creature has caught up to them.
    Torch die: 3: Resource die remains at d4.

    This is a fail forward by choice. I am giving the party a chance to move on against the dungeon deck rules, but I support it by an Oracle question to keep an amount of fairness, and an additional obstacle by bringing in the Gigantic Spider against them.
    For the stats of this creature, I will use the Giant spider stats upgraded by one die (and thus Parry and Toughness by +1), and give it a Wild Card status (3 Wounds and Wild Die).

    “Not again!” Evie shouts in despair and puts her head down.
    “Worry not, maybe it’s just another block on our way out.” Gustav motivates her, and starts hitting the mortar of the wall with his crowbar. The sound of metal on stone echoes through sewers. Soon, a small opening appears that can be further enlarged by hand.
    Before the party manages to move on, they hear again the distinct clicking sound of the giant spiders they met before. The torch light illuminates a creature thrice the size of its brethren that they slew before. Without further warning it launches itself forward.

    Round 1:
    Initiative: B: 9♥️, E: Q♣️, G: 8♠️, R: Q♥️
    Spider: 5♠️

    Rudiger charges at the creature: Fighting (d12-3): 7/7: Hit: 19/6: 3 Wounds!
    Spider: Benny: Soak (d12): 5: Success. 1 Wound removed.
    Evie attacks: Fighting (d8+1): 4: Miss
    Bianka attacks: Fighting (d8+2): Snake Eyes. Benny: 7/7: Hit: 4: No damage.
    Gustav attacks: Fighting (d6+3): 8/7: Hit: 6/6: Shaken.
    Spider: Spends Benny to remove Shaken. Attacks {1-3 Rudiger, 4 Evie, 5 Bianka, 6 Gustav}: Evie: Fighting (d10-2): 7/6: Hit: 8/6: Shaken

    Round 2:
    Initiative: B: 8♣️, E: 3♠️, G: 2♠️, R: 5♥️
    Spider: 3♥️

    Bianka attacks: Fighting (d8+3): 9/7: Hit: 16/6: 2 Wounds!
    Spider: Benny: Soak (d12-2): 2: Fail. Dead.

    Rudiger lets of a war cry, and despite his sprain, he makes a quick slash at the creature’s enormous head, cutting off a few of its eyes. It makes what could be described as an unnerving scream. Evie, Biank and Gustav gang up on it form the sides, and the servant manages some scratches at the spider’s side. Despite its wounds, it lashes back, slashing at Evie who is pinned down by its mandibles.
    Bianka doubles back on her attack, and her digs her hatchet deep between its head and its thorax, from below, almost decapitating the arthropod.
    “Do you think they come in even bigger sizes?” Rudiger asks Bianka.
    She scoffs. “Whatever size. I can handle them.”
    Realizing the danger these sewers pose to trespassers, they decide not to waste any more time, and open up the passage and move onward.

    Dungeon: 6♦️. Regular Path.
    Torch die: 4. Resource die remains d4.

    Dungeon: Q♦️. Regular Path. Encounter: Giant rat!
    I will give them the stats for regular wolves.
    Q: How many?
    A: 1d6+2: 5

    Bianka: Notice (d8+2): 5: Success. She can warn the party in time for them to draw weapons.
    Giant Rats: Notice (d10): 9: Success with Raise. They get the chance to position themselves against the group.

    As the party walks through the tight corridors, suddenly Bianka stops. “Rats!” She whispers and draws her hatchet. A split second of time later, the snout of a rat appears from the opening next to them, in their middle. Two more come from the front and two more come from the rear. They are surrounded. And yet it’s not the regular sized rats they are accustomed to. These things are large like dogs, and they see the party as a tasty snack.

    Round 1:
    Initiative: B: 7♣️, E: 7♠️, G: Q♠️, R: K♠️
    Giant Rats: 2♦️
    Rudiger attacks the Rat in the middle. Rudiger: Fighting (d12-2): 6/5: Hit: 10/4: Wounded. It’s out.
    Gustav attacks one Rat in the rear. Gustav: Fighting (d6): 4/5: Miss
    Evie can’t find room to attack.
    Bianka attacks one Rat in the front. Bianka: Fighting (d8): 11: Hit with Raise: 11/4: Wounded. It’s out.
    Two rats are dead. I’ll have them make a Spirit roll as a group (with Wild die) at -1 to see if they will stay.
    Giant Rats: Spirit (d6-1): 4: Success. They stay and attack.
    GR1 attacks Bianka: Fighting (d6): 2/6: Miss
    GR4 attacks Gustav: Fighting (d6+1): 6/5: Hit: 3/5: No damage.
    GR5 attacks Gustav: Fighting (d6+1): 3/5: Miss.

    Round 2:
    Initiative: B: 6♥️, E: Joker, G: A♥️, R: 9♦️
    Giant Rats: 8♦️
    Gustav moves back to allow Rudiger to handle the rats.
    Rudiger attacks one Rat in the Rear. Rudiger: Fighting (d12-3): 3/5: Miss
    GR1 attacks Bianka: Fighting (d6): 4/6: Miss
    GR4 attacks Rudiger: Fighting (d6+1): 4/8: Miss
    GR5 attacks Rudiger: Fighting (d6+1): 2/8: Miss
    Bianka attacks GR1. Fighting (d8): 6/5: Hit: 8/4: Wouned. It’s out.
    Evie can’t find room to attack.

    Round 3:
    Initiative: B: 6♦️, E: J♦️, G: 4♦️, R: 5♣️
    Giant Rats: Q♦️
    Giant Rats Spirit roll at -2.
    Giant Rats: Spirit (d6-2): 7: Success. They stay and attack.
    GR4 attacks Rudiger: Fighting (d6+1): 5/8: Miss
    GR5 attacks Rudiger: Fighting (d6+1): 4/8: Miss
    Rudiger attacks GR4. Fighting (d12-3): 2: Miss

    Round 4:
    Initiative: B: J♥️, E: 7♦️, G: 4♣️, R: 9♥️
    Giant Rats: Q♣️
    GR4 attacks Rudiger: Fighting (d6+1): 3/8: Miss
    GR5 attacks Rudiger: Fighting (d6+1): 3/8: Miss
    Rudiger wild attacks GR4. Fighting (d12-1): 9/5: Hit with Raise: 19/4: 3 Wounds. It’s dead.

    Round 5:
    Initiative: B: 10♣️, E: 6♠️, G: 8♠️, R: 6♣️
    Giant Rats: Q♥️
    Giant Rat Spirit roll at -3. It’s no longer a group so it doesn’t have a wild die.
    GR5: Spirit (d6-3): 0: Fail. It flees. It’s subject to an attack of opportunity.
    Rudiger: Fighting (d12-3): 31/5: Hit with Raise: 23/4: 4 Wounds. It’s dead.

    Rudiger slams his shield against the giant rodent in the middle of the group, and as he has it immobilized, he guts it open with his blade.
    Bianka faces two of the creatures in the front, and buries her hatchet deep in their skull.
    Gustav in the rear is scared to put himself in danger and manages to do nothing more than keep the rats at bay.
    Bianka kills the second rat, while Rudiger exchanges places with Gustav. The tight corridor space doesn’t allow much room for maneuver, which helps Rudiger to protect his legs with his shield, while evisecrating another rat. As the last rat turns to flee, he finds the opportunity to make another strike, and he cleaves it in half.
    “Hey, Rat Catcher!” Evie calls out to Bianka. “How much are these worth to you?”
    Bianka smiles under the torch light. “Quite a lot actually.” She answers merrily and cuts off the tails as proof of the kill.

    Torch die: 1. Benny (Gustav): 4. Resource die remains d4.

    Dungeon: K♥️. Fork in the Path. Encounter: 6 Swarm.

    The group reaches an opening with a ladder going up and down. They decide to go up in the hope that it will get them closer to the surface. It’s not long that they’re still on the ladder that they hear hundreds of tiny squeaks.
    “More rats!” Bianka barely manages to gasp, and hundreds of the little creatures move on them, biting and chewing. Everyone tries to kill as many of the creatures as they can, but the small targets, the tight spot and the climbing ladder situation makes everything so much harder.

    Round 1:
    Initiative: B: A♠️, E: Joker, G: 5♠️, R: A♦️
    Swarm: 7♣️
    Evie attacks with her short sword. Fighting (d8): 12/6: Hit with Raise: 6/7: No damage.
    Bianka attacks with her hatchet. Fighting (d8): Snake Eyes: Benny: 7/6: Hit: 2/7: No damage.
    Rudiger attacks with his long sword. Fighting (d12-3): 6/6: Hit: 9/7: Shaken.
    Gustav attacks with his hatchet. Fighting (d6): 11/6: Hit with Raise: 7. Shaken. It’s Wounded.

    The group flails wildly their weapons at the rats, and they manage to kill more than a few. Their screams and kills, disperse the swarm of rats that scurries off further down the path.

    Torch die: 1. Benny (Bianka): 4. Resource die remains d4.

    Dungeon: 9♥️. Fork in the Path.
    Torch die: 1. Benny (Evie): 3. Resource die remains d4.

    Dungeon: K♦️. Regular Path. Encounter.
    I’m starting to get frustrated about getting out of the sewer maze.
    This starts feeling less like a solo rpg with narrative, and more like an old text CRPG from the 80s. So I will start spicing things up a bit from this point on. For every ‘regular path’ result, I will be asking ‘Is everything as expected’ to the oracle. Also for every encounter, I will start asking if they meet up orcs, beginning with very unlikely and going up to very likely. Since the orcs may looking for ways to enter the city.
    Q: Is everything as expected?
    A: No, And, Roll 1d10 on TWENE.
    TWENE: 8: Remove Major Element.
    The major element is the sewers. The sewers end. I am thinking that they give way to a natural cave system. Maybe there is an underground river.
    Q: Do the sewers give way to caves?
    A: Yes, and its a natural cave system with an underground river coming in, joining the sewage water and moving deeper in the ground.
    Now on to the encounter.
    Q: Is the encounter orcs? (Very unlikely)
    A: No
    So now I need to redefine the encounters table. Natural caves could have anything. Also, depending on what they encounter, there is going to be a hint of how far the exit would be. A bear for example wouldn’t be as far deep in the caves as a giant centipede.
    Since designing an encounter table from scratch now is going to take a lot of time, I’m going to use the monsters deck from an old rpg board game called Dragon’s Quest (R) by TSR. I’ll sort it out and only keep possible monsters. Also I will split it into two decks. Likely and Unlikely encounters. I will put orcs and goblins in the unlikely encounters.
    Q: Is the encounter from the likely deck? (Likely)
    A: No
    So, it’s from the Unlikely deck.
    It’s skeletons. This changes things even further. Maybe this is an underground cemetery? A part of the old Ostenhofen city that was buried after a landslide or an earthquake? Who knows.
    Q: Are there tombs and graves? (Likely)
    A: No, and there is nothing to point to a cemetery. Maybe an ancient battlefield of sorts where the dead lay restless.
    Q: How many skeletons?
    A: 1d6+2: 4.
    Q: Are they armed?
    A: No, but one of them is. It wields a battle axe.
    Intervention: 6: Wild!
    I’ll look to GMA cards for inspiration.
    Beguile Ancient Magic.
    I’m quite excited for this turn of events. I suppose that this cave is might be the lair of a necromancer who died doing a ritual (the specifics of the ritual are unknown as of yet). His corpse awaits awakening. His animated servants are waiting patiently for year to spill human blood back on his corpse to have him rise again and turn into a lich. It will take 3 turns from the first blood, for the lich to rise and each wound suffered afterwards will reduce the time by one turn.
    Now we have a lot of questions and almost no narrative. So let’s put all this into story.

    The cleanly cut brick floor of the sewers slowly stops, and gives in its place to dirt and rough stone. The loud sound of running water brings in a fresh air, a nice change from the stink of the sewers.
    “At last! Clean water!” Evie says and splashes water on her face, cleans her hands and boots. The rest of the party follow her example.
    Refreshed, they spend some time to observe their surroundings.
    “Let’s follow the river upstream. It has to lead us to the surface.” Bianka proposes.
    “Smart.” Rudiger agrees, and they all move on with renewed vigor.
    The path slowly widens, and the river is to their right side. They reach an underground plateau. Tree roots hang from the ceiling, and a few withered tree trunks sparsely populate the scene.

    Rudiger recovers a level of fatigue.
    Bianka: Notice (d8): 7: Success.

    Bianka notices in middle of the plateau some markings under the dirt, and the remains of what seems to be a man-sized figure.
    The are spread thin, looking around, when she feels a tug on her boots, and she sees a skeleton hand grabbing her. She looks in awe as a complete skeleton digs its way out of the ground and claws up. It’s mouth open, as if screaming in silence. She’s not alone. Three more skeletons claw out of the ground and attack her companions.

    Fear check for each party member.
    Bianka: Spirit (d4): 3: Fail. Shaken. Vigor (d6): 5: Success.
    Evie: Spirit (d8): 3: Fail. Shaken. Vigor (d6): 4: Success.
    Gustav: Spirit (d4): 6: Success.
    Rudiger: Spirit (d6-2): 6: Success. Fright: 10: Panicked. He immediately moves 6″ away and is Shaken.

    Round 1:
    Initiative: B: 7♣️, E: 3♣️, G: 7♠️, R: 7♥️
    Skeletons: 3♦️

    Gustav draws his hatchet and attacks the skeleton next to him.
    Gustav: Fighting (d6-2): 2/5: Miss
    Bianka: Spirit (d4): 9: Success with a Raise. She acts this round. She draws her hatchet and attacks the skeleton that grabbed her.
    Bianka: Fighting (d8-2): 5/5: Hit: 13/7: Wounded. It’s out.
    Rudiger: Spirit (d6-2): 8: Success with a Raise. He acts this round. He draws his sword and charges back at the skeleton behind him.
    Rudiger: Fighting (d12-2): 21/5: Hit with a Raise: 17/7: Wounded. It’s out.
    Before attacking I need to ask which skeleton carries the battleaxe. 1d4: 1 Bianka’s which is dead.
    Skeleton 2 attacks Evie: Fighting (d6): 3/5: Miss
    Skeleton 3 attacks Gustav: Fighting (d6): 8/5: Hit: 4/5: No damage.
    Evie: Spirit (d8): 7: Success. She can act next round.

    Bianka and Evie freeze with fear, but Bianka quickly overcomes herself and hacks at the skeleton in front of her with her hatchet, smashing its skull in two.
    Gustav tries to fight back, but his lack of combat skills show.
    Unexpected to all, Rudiger has had it. The fear is overwhelming and he runs off. The thought of being called out a coward overcomes him and he gets a grip of himself. He unsheathes his sword, and turns around and slashes at the skeleton that is after him, cutting it in half.
    The two remaining skeletons, try to hurt Evie and Gustav, but fail to do any harm.

    Round 2:
    Initiative: B: Q♠️, E: 9H, G: Q♣️, R: 8♦️
    Skeletons: 10♣️

    Bianka moves and attacks S2: Fighting (d8): 17/5: Hit with Raise: 16/7: Wounded. It’s out.
    Gustav moves and attacks S3: Fighting (d6): 4/5: Miss
    Skeleton 3 attacks Gustav (Wild Attack): 3: Benny: 7: Hit: 8/5: Shaken.
    Evie draws her short sword, moves and attacks S3: Fighting (d8-1): 4/3: Hit: 8/7: Shaken
    Rudiger moves and attacks S3: Fighting (d12-1): 3/3: Hit: 13/7: Wounded. It’s out.

    Bianka moves to Evie who has just come to her senses, ducks and crushes the skeleton at it’s thighbone, shattering it to pieces.
    The last skeleton claws at Gustav, scratching him, droplets of blood, falling on the floor.
    The team gangs up on the last skeleton, and Rudiger finishes it off with an assist from Evie.

    Considering that the party hasn’t faced undead before. I highly doubt that they realize there is any danger from the corpse in the middle.
    Q: Does the party realize the necromancer will raise back as a Lich? (Very Unlikely)
    A: Yes!
    Wow didn’t expect this.
    But, reading through the Lich in the Bestiary, I see that he is surrounded by 4d10 skeletons. So I suppose they were inactive, and now they rise.
    Q: How many skeletons?
    A: 4d10-4: 20 more skeletons.

    “The dead shouldn’t be walking anymore. What is this sorcery?” Rudiger sais with fear.
    “I’ve heard tales.” Evie says. “I thought they were stories to keep the children in at night.”
    “What is the corpse in the middle? Something evil or a sacrifice?” Bianka asks, but her answer is given to her as she sees the body twitch.
    The torchlight illuminates the ground that starts to collapse slowly as a score of skeletons rises back up and joins their undead brethren. The company looks at each other, and slowly they pace backwards, and stand in the middle, their weapons facing out, their backs covering each other. The clacking of bones charging at them is all they hear.

    I’m stopping here since I’ve went a lot ahead without any pause. If they stand a chance against the Lich, they need their Bennies refreshed.

    Session Background: This was a full dungeon crawl session. Since it’s the second session in a row without any wargaming, I strikedthrough the “Fantasy Battles” from the intro. With dungeon crawling, again the main problem I had, was that the party wasn’t equipped for such an endeavor. This was like the Ruins of Syriholm all over again. Resources slowly dwindling and no magic to keep this balanced, since I have a weird affinity towards low-fantasy settings. With this in mind, I did what I had to do with the tools at hand. I used the narrative and the oracle to help twist the story. Something I’ve learned early on is the importance of fail forward as part of the narrative in solo rpgs.
    Yes, I could have the party keep going on, until no more torches were available. And lost, in total darkness eventually they would fall prey to whatever lurks in the sewers. Or they might never find the way out. Where’s the fun in that?
    Instead, I gave them a way forward, but at a cost. Rudiger is fatigued, a giant spider almost had them for lunch (they had some lucky rolls against it), and now a Lich is about to rise from the dead.
    Asking the oracle if there is something different, unexpected, or simply if there is a way out is a perfectly valid tactic for me. But I want to make it fair. The same way that it’s no fun for me to have the party die in an uneventful boring manner, the same way it’s no fun to have everything easy, served on a platter.
    Now my protagonists are in a tough spot. Will they try to fight the Lich, or will they use the few seconds they have available to run off and escape? What will this mean for the Ostenhofeners? Will an undead army rise to change the balance of power in the siege?

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    The siege of Ostenhofen pt3 

    A Savage Worlds Warhammer Fantasy Battles mashup.

    Brief Summary: In the previous part, the Ostenhofeners managed to repel the orc assault on the inner city walls. The supplies are dwindling, with only one week of supplies at full rations, it’s a matter of time before things get even worse for the defenders.

    Right now I realize that I could have been using additionaly, my Background Surprise Events Oracle, but I totally forgot about it. On the other hand, it’s best to playtest one system at a time, so, little harm done.

    Also, I realized that it would really spice things up if I used the animosity rules for when the orcs don’t move at all in the battlefield. I missed it at the two rolls in the beginning, but if it happens again, I will roll on the animosity table. Orcs don’t like to sit around doing nothing.
    So if I roll for the orcs to attack a hex that is already conquered, then I will roll directly on the animosity table. On a roll of 1, the orcs fight among themselves. A battle will erupt with 500 orc points on each side for 1d3+3 turns. On a roll of 2-5, the orcs squabble and bicker among themselves, losing the round. On a roll of 6 they wanna show they’re the best, and perform an attack to the adjacent highest numbered hex. This is aligned with the Warhammer Fantasy Battles orc animosity rules.

    Another thing that I realized I was missing, was some sort of clock to give the defender a chance to win this out. I doubt the Empire would leave the orcs alone for so long. So, from now on, I will be asking the oracle if there is a relief army coming to save Ostenhofen. On a typical oracle question, the answer will be interpreted as follows.
    6: Yes, and, they’ve just arrived at full strength. The battle ensues.
    5: Yes, the next week, they will be at Ostenhofen
    4: Yes, but it will take them around 2 weeks
    3: No, but, word has reached the ears of the Emperor. Next oracle question will be likely.
    2: No, there are no troops available to commit to Ostenhofen.
    1: No, and the orc patrols have slaughtered anyone nearing Ostenhofen. Noone at the capital knows about the attack.

    Q: Is there a relief army coming to save Ostenhofen?
    A: False Presupposition. A relief army was coming to Ostenhofen, but the Orcs ambushed them on the way. A battle ensued.
    Q: Did the Empire win the battle?
    A: False Presupposition. Noone won the battle. The casualties were heavy on either side, and a terrible storm erupted, turning the battlefield to a moat. Both sides withdrew, having lost (1d3+3)X500 = 2000 points worth of their armies.

    Remaining Empire Points: 2381
    Remaining Relief Empire Points: 3000
    Remaining Orc Points: 8986 – 2000 = 6986

    Q: Will the Prince issue rationing? (Likely)
    A: Yes
    Q: Will the troops be given ration advantage over the population?
    A: No
    Q: Ration Half, Third or Quarter?
    A: Half. There will be now two weeks worth of rations, with a morale penalty of -1.
    Q: Are the party’s deeds known to the prince? (Likely)
    A: Yes
    Q: Does the prince have a mission for the party?
    A: No, and, he doesn’t believe outsiders should have such a say in things.
    Intervention!: 3: Entity negative. Who: (1. Prince 2-5. Party in alphabetical order 6. Orc General): 6! The Orc General.
    Something bad has happened to the orc general.
    Q: Was he challenged by another contender?
    A: False presupposition. There are no contenders. The orcs are united for good under one banner.
    Q: Was he wounded in the battle against the relief army?
    A: No, and he’s at perfect health.
    Q: Did he lose a valued lieutenant?
    A: No, and they’re all expendable
    A lot of No’s and False presuppositions. I’ll go to a portent instead.
    The third attempt gave this: Starrier Hearsay.
    The Orc General has a Doom told to him by his shaman. Thy body shall break after thy spirit is crushed. He is truly worried an imperial mage will turn him to dust.
    I know this goes against my Solo Metagaming rules, but since I added the Orc General in my list of NPCs for the intervention, I have no choice but to go with it.

    Battlefield Roll: 3,3=6->11: Defensive perimeter with wooden stakes.
    Event Doubles: 2,6=8-> Fire! The supplies are in danger.

    Unaware of the Imperial relief that was locked in battle with a third of the orcish force, Rudiger watches from the tall defensive towers, as the orcs set up defenses on the outskirts of Ostenhofen, near the pass to the city.
    “Why are they not attacking? why do they rearrange their battle front?” Evie asks Rudiger.

    Rudiger: Knowledge-Battle (d4-2): 4: Success!

    “Sometimes they squabble among themselves, but this seems too specific to be a random plan by an orc boss. I believe they expect an attack from the outside. Maybe we’ll have help soon.” Rudiger deciphers the orcish strategy.
    “If that’s the case, then we must warn Prince Ingmar. I don’t care if he wants to listen to us or not. A coordinated attack from Ostenhofen and from outside could easily route the orc troops. We must tell him!” Evie says with vigor.

    Bianka: Notice (d6): 8: Success with a Raise!

    “This will have to wait. The warehouse is on fire. Look!” Bianka interrupts them, and shows to them the starting flames and black smoke rising from the inner city. “Ring the bells! We’re on fire” She shouts to the soldiers, who start sounding three rings, then one, to the distinct fire warning.

    Since Bianka had a success with a raise, I decide that she noticed the fire just as it started, giving the firefighting a bonus to put it out.

    I will be using the Quick Encounters rules.
    First Scene:
    The whole party: Agility to get there in time.
    Bianka: Agility (d8): 7: Success.
    Evie: Agility (d6): 9: Success with a raise.
    Rudiger: Agility (d6): 4: Success.
    Gustav: Agility (d4): 7: Success.
    Second Scene (the entire party has arrived, Evie gets a +1 bonus):
    Evie: Persuasion (d10): To persuade bystanders to help: 9+5=14: Success with two raises!
    Bystanders reaction table: 9 Neutral -> Helpful.
    Bianka: Run back and forth with water buckets: Agility (d8): 4: Success.
    Gustav assist Rudiger in firefighting: Vigor (d6): 4: Success.
    Rudiger: Firefighting the flames: Vigor (d8+1): 8: Success with raise.

    Number of Successes for Second Scene: 6

    Without wasting a moment, the four companions rush to the fire. The people around the fire are startled. Was it the orcs? was it the forge? how did it start? how to stop it.
    The flames start licking the warehouse. The precious food supplies that the defenders of Ostenhofen gave their lives to save are now in peril.
    Bianka runs back and forth with water buckets throwing them to the point of the fire, while Rudiger has got a shovel and throws dirt on top of the flames, while Gustav helps him as much as he can.
    “Ostenhofeners! these are our food supplies. Stop wasting any time, and create a human chain to the water well. Bring buckets of water fast so that we can stop it!” The civilians quickly understand the danger, and form a line to the well. Water buckets come back and forth so fast, that the fire is quickly put out.

    Evie: Investigation (d6): Critical Failure: Benny: 11: Success with a raise.
    Q: Was there an accidental reason for the fire?
    A: Yes, and the blacksmith’s shop is right next to the warehouse.

    After the firefight, Evie, with dark smudges from the smoke all over her face, talks a bit with the people. It’s not long before she finds out what happened. Some sparks from the blacksmith’s furnace flew away to couple of hay stacks outside the warehouse, and the fire erupted quickly. There was no ill intent involved.

    Q: Does the Prince arrive to investigate the scene?
    A: No

    The party goes to the keep to notify the prince of the orc movements observed.

    Q: Is everything as expected?
    A: No
    TWENE: 10: Wild Negative
    The party is met with hostile relations from the officers.

    Gustav stands in front of a weary halberdier guarding the entrance to the keep. “I would like to announce lady Evie Vogel. She has some important information for Prince Ingmar regarding the orcs strategy.”
    A man laughs a few steps behind. “The orcs have no strategy! They just rush burn and kill. This is a time of war, not a time for machinations.” Says the man who laughed out loudly.
    A gray haired bearded man wearing imperial army colors. The feathered hat indicates a rank. Probably captain, Evie thinks.
    “Then why would they set up fortifications in the northern approach, facing outside? Mr…?” Evie says quickly.
    “Helmar Kneson. Bailiff.” He replies. “It’s you isn’t it! Who were involved in that unholy scene? The wardens told me everything. Quite convenient how you appear here as the orc assault rages. You want us to divide our focus and slaughter us like the men in the Hooded Man?” He makes a move forward and the halberdiers lower their weapons, pointing at the party.
    Evie is taken aback by the surprise. “Never! We’re all loyal to the emperor. We have fought alongside the guard from the start! You can ask anyone who will attest to this!” Evie answers almost yelling.

    Evie Persuasion (d10+4) vs (d8): 6 vs 7: Fail

    “I won’t risk it! Arrest them!” Helmar orders the guard.
    Rudiger draws his blade, without waiting for Evie. A dark cloud over his gaze.
    “Touch us and you die.” He growls.

    Rudiger’s impatient corruption characteristic triggers.
    Rudiger: Intimidation (d6): 5 vs 2: Success.

    With Rudiger towering menacingly,
    the blade straight out, fury in his eyes, no one moves.
    “Let’s go.” Evie tells her companions calmly, and they withdraw.
    They are in a safe distance in an alley before the pause.
    “We must leave the city! We cannot stay here any longer! I won’t put my life in line for those unappreciative pigs!” Bianka says.
    “As much as it pains me, I must agree with Bianka.” Gustav says.
    Evie nods. “How do you propose we do it?”
    “The walls and the gates are going to be watched, by both sides.” Rudiger points out.
    “The sewers.” Bianka pitches in. “I used them to escape from the granary. I don’t know if they meet up with the inner city, but it doesn’t hurt to try. If we’re lucky they will connect out and all that prevents us from the outside will be a few bars.”
    “And if we’re not?” Evie asks.
    “Then they will be walled in. In that case we can hide it out until the next orc assault. Then we can try to escape during the fray of the battle.” Bianka replies.
    “Sounds like a plan!” Evie says, and the party moves as one to the next sewer grate.

    Q: Is there a sewer entrance nearby?
    A: Yes
    Rudiger: Strength (d8): 5: Success

    The company goes down in the sewers, out of sight. They light up a torch and start moving in one direction.

    I will be using a simple deck of cards to run the sewer crawling.
    Hearts is a fork in the path.
    Clubs is an obstacle that needs to be overcome to proceed.
    Spades is a dead end.
    Diamonds is a regular path.
    Faces are encounters.
    Aces are the exits to the outer city.
    Jokers are treasure.
    Aces and dead ends in the first 4 cards are disregarded and drawn again.

    The party has torches of a d8 resource die. Each card drawn requires use of a torch.

    J♠️ , redraw.
    K♣️. Encounter, obstacle.
    From my custom encounters table I resolve that it is giant spiders. According to the bestiary there are 1d6+2: 5 giant spiders!
    This makes also an excellent obstacle, I don’t even need to ask the Oracle. Spider webbing blocks the way out.

    I decide that the order of the party formation is as follows. Bianka as a rat catcher in front, followed by Evie, Rudiger and Gustav who is the weakest in combat, in the rear.

    Bianka: Notice (d8): 4: Success

    The stench of the inner city sewers is overwhelming, covering their senses. Evie has already regretted her choice to follow Bianka down this hole, but now she can’t turn back.
    Bianka is leading the way, her experience of hunting rats down imperial city sewage lines, allowing her to navigate with a moderate amount of sense.
    Rudiger’s heavy footprints echo through the long winding tunnels. Suddenly, Bianka comes to a stop. She notices a set of interweaving glimmering lines in front of her and to the floor.
    Before Evie has a chance to ask what is going on, Biank illuminates in front, with her torch. The passageway in front of them opens up to a large room. A sickening amount of spider web covers the walls, and the floor. But then, they notice that the floor is made entirely of spider webs. Maybe the true depth of the floor is hidden by the webbing, but they can’t tell for sure unless they find a way to destroy it.
    Then they hear it. A barely discernible clicking sound. And five sets of dozens of eyes shine out in the darkness. Huge spider beasts, similar to the ones that the goblins rode in the battle they fought, have sensed the slight tingling of their webs, and are moving towards their prey – the party.

    Round 1:
    B: 10♦️, E: K♦️, G: A♣️, R: J♦️
    Spiders: 5♣️
    Bianka attacks S1 with her hatchet: Fighting (d8): 8/6: Hit: 7/5: Shaken.
    Evie attacks S1 with her sword: Fighting (d8): 11/6: Hit with Raise: 19/5: Killed.
    Rudiger Sweep attack against S2,S3: Fighting (d12): 2: Benny: 4: Benny: 0: Benny: 8/6: Hit: 11/5: Wounded, 16/5: Dead.
    Gustav attacks S4: Fighting (d6): 4: Benny: 5: Benny: 4: Benny: 3: Miss
    S4 attacks Gustav: Fighting (d8): 7/5: Hit: 4/5: No damage
    S5 spits webbing on Rudiger, Gustav and Evie: Shooting (d10): 4: Hit.

    Not wasting any time, Bianka rushes forward, and slashes with her hatchet at the feet of one of the spiders, who is taken aback from her attack. Evie gathers her strength and finishes of the creature with a nice assist, thrusting at its exposed belly with her sharp short sword.
    Rudiger charges and with a mighty slash with his longsword he cleaves two of the arthropods in half, sending goo flying everywhere.
    Gustav grits his teeth. He knows that he can’t be accused of cowardice and joins in the fight, but doesn’t manage to hit the spider, whose long legs don’t allow him to gain an opening.
    The spider strikes back at him, without success.
    The other spider lets off a swooshing sound and it spits out thick webs from its thorax, covering Gustav, Evie and Rudiger in the strong sticky substance.

    Round 2:
    B: 7♦️, E: 9♥️, G: Q♣️, R: 8♠️
    Spiders: Q♥️

    S4 attacks Gustav: Fighting (d8): 6/5: Hit: 7/5: Shaken
    S5 attacks Evie: Fighting (d8): 3/6: Miss

    Gustav spends a Benny to soak and attempts to break free: 7/7: Success
    Evie attempts to break free: 8/7: Success
    Rudiger attempts to break free: 9/7: Success
    Bianka attacks S5: Fighting (d8): 18: Hit with Raise: 16/5: Dead

    The spider bites again Gustav with its mandibles, pinning him down at the webbing, while the other creature misses at its lash at Evie.
    Gustav, Evie and Rudiger break off the thick webbing and Bianka hacks at the spider from the flank, right on its exposed belly, splitting it open, and tumbling the beast on its side, legs towards the sky.

    Round 3:
    B: 8♣️, E: 3♠️, G: 5♥️, R: Q♠️
    Spider: 2♦️

    Rudiger attacks S4: Fighting (d12): 10/6: Hit with Raise: 15/5: Dead

    Rudiger, now free from the web, takes a calculated thrust to the spider, piercing its head through and through, killing it instantly.

    The parry now turns its attention to the webbing covering the room. It looks to be a dead end, but maybe the passage is hidden under the strings.
    “We should cut through!” Rudiger proposes!
    “Why not burn it?” Gustav counters.
    “I don’t know if there’s a gap under us. If we burn it we might fall. These sewers run long and deep.” Bianka counters. “Plus we risk of burning ourselves. I say we cut through, even if it takes a tad bit longer.”
    “Evie? What do you want us to do?” Rudiger asks.

    Session Background: A completely rpg session, there was no wargaming involved. It made no sense for the defenders to try to fight to keep the outer palisades from orc hands, so there was no battle.
    A major twist in the plot. I expected that the party would have to flee Ostenhofen by some means, but not because they would be hunted down by their own! I really liked this part, and it fits so much better than being given a mission to deliver a message or to scout the orc camp, which were the initial thoughts I had in the back of my mind. Sometimes the Oracle gives results that really make the story fit in better.
    There was dungeon crawling involved, and for the spider combat,
    for the first time in a while I didn’t use theater of the mind, but a battle grid and miniatures. I won’t be posting any pictures of those soon, since they ain’t pretty and I mainly used them for spatial mapping reasons. Maybe in the future.
    There’s going to be more dungeon crawling, and if the party manages to escape from the sewers then, the adventure will stop. Nevertheless in that case I will still make a final Hexflower gaming engine roll, and if a battle between the empire and the orcs occur, then I’m going to run it, because I really enjoyed that part!
    But who knows? Maybe the party won’t manage to escape from the sewers!
    I really enjoyed Savage worlds in this play. It’s fast and easy to run. My only gripe is that the native system without any setting rules, doesn’t give that dark gritty feel I expect from warhammer fantasy.
    Overall I find the adventures of this party enjoyable. I’m starting to get attached to them even though I managed to roleplaying them only superficially so far. Running a party has its drawbacks against running a single character.

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    The siege of Ostenhofen pt2 

    A Savage Worlds Warhammer Fantasy Battles mashup.

    Brief Summary: In the previous part, our party of adventurers had just arrived at Ostenhofen, as the orcs began their assault. Even though, Evie, used her skills in public speaking to dissuade some deserters from abandoning the fight, the orcs bid their time, and struck when Ostenhofen least expected, managing to get a hold of the city granary.
    After losing the battle, with half their remaining supplies gone, and the captain of the guard among the fallen, things are dire for the defenders. Our party managed to evade the pursuit and is just outside of the inner city walls.

    I want to keep the roleplaying aspect at an adequate level, so I will ask a few questions to the Oracle before proceeding to the next roll of the siege engine.
    Q: Are the inner city gates still open?
    A: Yes
    Q: Are there people still entering the gates? (Likely)
    A: Yes
    Q: Do the orcs attempt to attack the gates?
    A: No
    Q: Does the party manage to enter the gates in time?
    A: False presupposition. Time is not of an issue, the orcs don’t attack at all the inner city walls soon.

    Evie, followed by Rudiger and Gustav reach the tall inner city walls. Handgunners and Crossbowmen man the battlements, peeking over the crowd entering the gates in panic.
    Down below, the gates are flooding with people from the outer city trying to get inside before the greenskins catch up to them. A detachment of halberdiers is nervously guarding the gate, while a guard has a hatchet at the ready to bring the portcullis down, at the sight of the first orc, irrespective of how many will die in the process.
    “Fear will get even the best of us.” Evie points out. “Rudiger, can you make way so that we can enter safely?” She asks.
    Rudiger nods and starts pushing people around.

    Rudiger: Intimidation (d6): 4: Success.

    As Rudiger pushes makes his way for Evie and Gustav to follow, a few Ostenhofeners turn to protest, but seeing the towering veteran warrior, clad in chainmail, stop short of opening their mouths.

    Q: Does Bianka arrive?
    A: False presupposition. Bianka reaches a different gate.
    Q: Are the other gates open?
    A: No, and the guards are very suspicious.

    Halt! Who goes there? A guard shouts from atop the gate tower as he sees Bianka approach the shut gate.
    “I’m a survivor from the granary battle. Let me in! The orcs shouldn’t be far behind.” Bianka shouts, looking behind her shoulder at the same time.
    “How do I know it wasn’t you who let the orcs in, in the first place? Pretty convenient how you showed up, escaped from the orcs!” The guard replies, and doesn’t make a move to open the gates.
    “I had to dive into shit to escape the damn creatures. I had to crawl in the sewers. I believe I reek so much you can smell me up there. I wouldn’t have to do it the orcs weren’t chasing me.” Bianka counters.

    Bianka: Persuasion (d4-2): 1: Fail. Spend Benny: 3, Fail. Another Benny: 2: Fail.

    “If you come any closer, I’ll put a crossbow bolt in your foot, you orcish swineherder.” The guard responds, and Bianka puts some distance between them, and tries to find the main gate.

    Q: Does Bianka reach the main gate in time?
    A: No, and, the other gate is closed as well.
    Q: Do the other guards let her in?
    A: No, but they just won’t open the gate, they won’t pose any resistance if she tries to come inside by other means.

    She leaves and goes along the walls until she reaches the next gate. Closed as well. ‘Just my luck’ she mutters.
    “Hey! You up there? Could you open up? I don’t want to be skewered by the orcs!” She shouts at the guards.
    The guards look down at her. “The gate is barred from the inside and the portcullis has been lowered. We’re not to open to anyone. We won’t stop you from coming in though.” They laugh.

    Bianka: Notice (d8): 8: Success with a Raise!
    Q: Does Bianka notice any ledges or holds on the wall to make a climb?
    A: Yes
    Bianka: Climbing (d4): 5: Success

    She scoffs at the guards, and looks carefully at the worn wall. Quickly she notices a couple of recessions where she can put her feet in, and a few extrusions that she can grab hold on to with her hands. Slowly, to make sure she makes no mistake, she starts climbing the steep wall. The guards who laughed out, slowly fall silent, as, she reaches the top of the battlements.
    “I did as you asked. Now, where did the refugees from the outer city go to?”

    Q: Does Bianka meet up with Evie and the rest?
    A: Yes
    Q: Does Prince Ingmar meet the party?
    A: No
    Intervention: Regress Plot. With the fall of Captain Volkmar, noone takes Evie and her entourage under consideration. She has not been heard of in the inner city, and the Prince doesn’t care about a lady, when his city is about to fall prey. Whatever the group does will be of their own volition.

    Bianka finds Evie talking to a guard.
    “Listen to me you mongrel. I was with Captain Volkmar when he fell. You better tell Prince Ingmar that Evie Vogel is here to see him.” She has started yelling, but the guard is unmoved.
    “I don’t care. The Prince doesn’t know and doesn’t care about you. You better get moving.”

    Battlefield Roll: 3,5=8 -> 13: Walls.

    Not a day has passed, when the bells ring again. Soldiers are running in all directions, heading for the walls.
    “Should we join them?” Rudiger asks Evie.
    “What choice do we have? Evie asks.
    “If things go south, we could always try the sewers…” Bianka says and lets her phrase trail off.
    “I don’t care if the Prince will have us or not! We will do our part in the defense of Ostenhofen. Rudiger let’s go assist to the walls.” Evie replies, and the party heads off to the battle.

    In this battle, the orcs will have triple the number of points that the empire has, but the empire has fortifications.
    It’s going to be 500 points for the empire and 1500 points for the orcs.

    I need to ask a few questions before setting up the battlefield.
    Q: Is there a significant distance between the walls and the outer city houses?
    A: No
    So, the houses are close to the walls, providing cover to the attackers. It’s going to be within a bow’s short range (12″). I’m going to roll 2d6: 6″ range. That’s the visibility range for the orcs.
    Q: Is there a defense small tower in the section of the wall under attack?
    A: No, but, the walls are deep enough for two lines of soldiers to defend.
    With this information at hand, I realize that the defenders will best use handgunners, crossbowmen and halberdiers, against foot orcs and goblins that will raise ladders for assault. But also, there’s a chance…
    Q: Do the orcs have goblin spider riders with them?
    A: Yes! Oh no, that’s a serious danger for the Ostenhofeners.
    Q: How wide is the battlefront?
    A: 1d3+1 typical unit widths (10″): 20″. So the battle is focused on only a small area. Why is that? Maybe it’s the only part which is covered by housing so close to the walls, so they decided to strike there.

    Some further homebrew rules and clarification.
    The battlements will allow half the battle front to make melee contact. Which means 5 per side. The goblin spider riders are an exception to this rule as they can climb any obstacle, and use the entire battlefront. They still have to abide by the hit only on 6 rule for attacking defenders in buildings.
    Troops that can’t climb will have to use ladders to attack. This will take one round to set up before they can climb up and attack. As per the rules for fighting in buildings they will gain no battle ranks bonus. In addition they will lose the charge attack order bonus.
    As per Warhammer LOS rules, only the front row of archers can shoot unless they stand on inclines hill.
    Defenders are behind heavy cover.

    Empire point count:
    Captain (Champion, Pistol, Heavy Armor): 35 points
    19 Halberdiers (Halberd, Light Armor): 9 X 19 = 171 points
    Unit Standard: 10 points
    10 Crossbowmen (Light Armour, Crossbow): 10 X 10 = 100 points
    20 Handgunners (Light Armour, Handgun): 10 X 20 = 200 points
    Total: 506 points

    Orcs Point Count:
    Goblin Spider Rider (Spear, Shield, Giant Spider): 11 X 20 = 220 points
    Goblin Spider Rider Boss: 21 points
    Unit Standard: 10 points

    50 Orc Warriors: (Light Armour, Shield) 8,5 X 50 = 425 points
    Orc Boss (Light Armour, Shield): 36 points

    20 Black Orc Warriors (Light Armour, 2-H Weapon): 11 X 20 = 200 points
    Black Orc Big Boss (Light Armour, 2-H Weapon): 95 points

    50 Orc Archers (Light Armour, Bow): 9,5 X 50 = 475 ponts

    Total: 1482 points

    Whoever wins initiative, places units last, so they get to choose.

    Turn 1:
    Initiative: Empire A♥️, Orcs Q♣️.
    The goblin spider riders and the black orcs are on the left flank, while the orcs are on the right flank.
    The Halberdiers are right behind the crossbowmen. on the left flank, and the handgunners are on the right flank.
    The party is with the handgunners.

    Empire Turn:
    Since the empire won initiative they get a chance to shoot.
    Crossbowmen (vs Goblins): 4 hits: 4 Wounded, No save.
    Handgunners (vs Orcs): 3 hits: 2 Wounded, No save.
    Bianka (vs Orcs): 2 hits: 2 Wounded, 1 Saved.

    Orc Turn:
    Animosity: 5,2,5: No units suffer.
    Orc Archers (vs Handgunners): 2 Hits: 1 Wounded: No save.

    16 Spider Riders and their Boss Charge. Only 10 are able to attack at any time.
    Goblins (vs Crossbowmen): 2 hits: 2 wounded: No save.
    Goblin Boss: 0 hits
    Spiders (vs Crossbowmen): 1 hits: 1 wounded: No save.
    7 Crossbowmen fight back: 5 hits: 2 wounded: No save.
    Battle results: Goblins (+3 kills, +1 standard), Crossbowmen (+2kills, +1 high ground): The goblins win the fight.
    Crossbowmen: Ld: 4 vs 6: Success. They stand and fight!
    So it’s 7 remaining crossbowmen vs the remaining 14 goblin spider riders and their boss.

    The walls overhang a densely populated part of Ostenhofen. Through the streets and alleys, the greenskins converge and launch their assault.
    “To arms! Man the battlements!” The captain shouts as goblins riding giant spiders appear on the left flank. “Draw. Aim. Fire!” He orders and the crossbowmen release their bolts, striking down 4 goblins. The strength of the bolt is such that it pierced through the flimsy goblin shields without trouble.
    The volley isn’t enough to stop the charge of the gigantic beasts, who climb the walls as if they were flat ground, and attack the crossbowmen. The fighting is fierce and 2 Crossbowmen fall under the spears of the goblins while a third is cut in half by the mandibles of a giant spider.
    They don’t go without a fight, as they kill two of the greenskins that crash down on the ground below, much to the indifference of the black orcs who wait for the goblins to finish their assault so they can follow up with ladders. The goblins though have managed to push their way up on the battlements, and the crossbowmen lose the advantage of their defenses.
    On the other flank, the handgunners let off a thunderous roar from their arquebuses, killing two Orcs that are setting up their ladders. Another one is killed by Bianka’s careful aim.
    Orcs archers shoot at the battlements blindly, killing one of the handgunners.

    Turn 2:
    Initiative: Empire 3♠️, Orcs 10♥️

    Orc Turn:
    Animosity: 2,4,5: No units suffer.
    Orc Archers (vs Handgunners): 2 Hits: 0 Wounded.

    Orcs climb the ladders and attack the handgunners.
    The Handgunners second row shoot at the chargers.
    Handgunners ranged (vs Orcs): 7 Hits: 2 Wounded: No save.
    Handgunners melee (vs Orcs): 3 Hits: 0 Wounded.
    Orcs (vs Handgunners): 2 Hits: 1 Wounded: No save.
    Battle results: Orcs (+1 Kills), Handgunners (+1 High Ground). It’s a draw.

    7 Crossbowmen fight back: 5 hits: 2 wounded: No save.
    Goblins (vs Crossbowmen): 2 hits: 1 wounded: No save.
    Goblin Boss: 2 hits: 2 wounded: No save.
    Spiders (vs Crossbowmen): 2 hits: 1 Wounded: No save.
    Battle results: Goblins (+4 kills, +1 standard), Crossbowmen (+2 kills, +1 high ground): The goblins win the fight.
    Crossbowmen: Ld: 7 vs 5: Failure. They break and flee! 2d6″: 11″.
    So it’s 3 remaining crossbowmen. The 12 goblin spider riders and their boss pursuit. 3d6″: 5″.
    The Black Orcs set up ladders.

    Empire Turn:
    Halberdiers Panic Test: 7 vs 7: Success!
    The halberdiers charge at the goblin spider riders.
    Halberdiers (vs Goblins): 7 Hits: 4 Wounded: No save.
    Captain (vs Boss): 1 Hit: 1 Wound: No save.
    Goblins (vs Halberdiers): 2 Hits: 0 Wounded.
    Battle results: Halberdiers (+5 Kills, +1 High ground), Goblins 0. The goblins are automatically broken.
    Flee: 3d6″: 11″. The halberdiers don’t pursuit.

    Handgunners (vs Orcs): 7 Hits: 1 Wounded: No save.
    Orcs (vs Handgunners): 0 hits.
    Bianka (vs Orcs): 1 hit: 0 wounded.
    Rudiger (vs Orc Boss): 1 Hit: 1 Wound: No save.
    Battle results: Handgunners (+2
    Kills, +1 High ground), Orcs 0: Orcs lose the fight.
    Orcs: Ld: 8 vs 4: Fail. The orcs are broken. Orcs Flee 2d6″: 6″. Handgunners do not pursuit.
    Orc Archers: Panic Test: 6 vs 7: They hold.

    The spider riders make short work of the crossbowmen who falter and run for their lives across the battlements as fast as they can. Not expecting such an outcome, the goblins are slow on their pursuit and fail to catch up. Much to their demise, as the halberdiers take the opportunity to charge their flanks. The halberdiers captain meets up with the goblin boss on the battlefield. With a quick slash of his sword, the goblin’s black guts cover the spider mount. The halberdiers prove true their fame as defenders of the realm and manage to kill 4 more of the greenskin riders. The goblin resolve is known to be frail, and they turn and run as fast as they can, descending the walls, past the black orcs who are untouched by the goblin panic, and continue setting up ladders to climb the walls.
    On the other flank, the first of the orcs manage to climb the ladders, only to be greeted by a barrage of fire, sending two of their kind to their death. The fight on the battlements openings is fierce, and one handgunner is killed. The defenders push back, and with renewed strength they kill more of the orcs. Alongside them is Rudiger, fully clad in his chain hauberk, wielding his sword with skill. He notices an orc that must be the unit leader and shouts out to him. The orc accepts the challenge and attacks. But Rudiger has faced the greenskins before and knows what to expect. He easily deflects the blow with his shield and follows up with a strike that decapitates his foe.
    Seeing the battle against them, and their leader gone, the Orcs go down their ladders and turn to flee.
    A cheer is heard from the handgunners.

    Turn 3:
    Initiative: Empire 8♠️, Orcs 5♠️

    Empire Turn:
    Halberdiers: Set up defensively on the walls.
    Crossbowmen: Rally: 5 vs 7: Success.
    Handgunners: Reload.
    Bianka (vs Orcs): 1 Hit: 0 Wounded.

    Orc Turn:
    Animosity: 1: The orc archers suffer from animosity: 5: Squabble and do nothing.
    Goblin Spider Riders: Rally: 7 vs 5: Fail. 3d6″: 11″: Off map.
    Orcs: Rally: 2 vs 7: Success.
    Black Orcs climb the ladders.
    Black Orc Big Boss (vs Halberdiers): 0 Hits.
    Halberdiers (vs Black Orcs): 7 Hits: 5 Wounded: No save. Reduced to 4 Wounded, due to battle front.
    Captain: Pistol (vs Black Orcs): 0 Hits.
    Battle Results: Halberdiers (+4 Kills, 1 High ground), Black Orcs. The Halberdiers win the battle.
    Black Orcs: Break Test: Ld 4 vs 4: They stand their ground.

    The goblin spider riders flee off to the distance, away from the battle, as the black orcs reach the wall defenders. In the fight that ensues, the huge black Orcs are fought off and 4 of them are killed by the valiant men.
    The orcs on the other side stand and regroup, while the archers start fighting among themselves as to how they should continue. The handgunners take this opportunity to reload.

    Turn 4:
    Initiative: Empire A♦️, Orcs 7♥️

    Empire Turn:
    Handgunners (vs Orcs): 7 Hits: 2 Wounded: No Saves.

    Captain (vs Black Orcs): 2 Hits: 0 Wounded.
    Halberdiers (vs Black Orcs): 4 Hits: 1 Wounded: No save.
    Black Orc Big Boss (vs Halberdiers): 1 Hits: 1 Wounded. No save.
    Black Orcs (vs Halberdiers): 0 hits.
    Battle Results: Halberdiers (+1 Kills, 1 High ground), Black Orcs (+1 Kills). The Halberdiers win the battle.
    Black Orcs: Break Test: Ld 9 vs 8: They are broken. Flee 2d6″: 10″. The halberdiers pursuit 2d6″: 5″, they don’t catch up.

    Orc Turn:
    Animosity: 6, 5: No Animosity.
    Orc archers (vs Handgunners): 1 Hit: 1 Wounded: No save.
    Orcs climb ladders.
    Handgunners shoot (vs Orcs): 4 Hits: 0 Wounded.
    Handgunners melee (vs Orcs): 4 Hits: 1 Wounded: No save.
    Orcs (vs Handgunners): 1 Hit: 0 Wounded.
    Battle Results: Handgunners (+1 Kills, +1 High ground), Orcs 0. The handgunners have won the battle.
    Orcs: Ld: 4 vs 5: Success. They stand their ground.

    The Black Orcs continue their fight, but the stern Halberdiers do not falter. They kill another Black Orc, which have had enough. Seeing how hard it is to storm the walls, they turn back and flee, running down the ladders. The halberdiers try to catch up, but they can’t close the gap.
    On the other side, the orcs are reduced in numbers by another volley. They climb back up, but fail to hold their position.

    Turn 5: (Last Turn)
    Initiative: Empire 5♣️, Orcs 10♣️

    Orc Turn:
    Animosity: 6, 5: No Animosity.
    Black Orcs: Rally: 4 vs 9: Success.
    Handgunners (vs Orcs): 4 Hits: 2 Wounded: 2 Saves.
    Orcs (vs Handgunners): 2 Hits: 1 Wounded: No save.
    Battle results: Handgunners (1 High ground), Orcs (+1 Kills): Draw

    Empire Turn:
    Halberdiers: Return to battlements.
    Handgunners (vs Orcs): 4 Hits: 3 Wounded: 1 Save.
    Orcs (vs Handgunners): 2 Hits: 1 Wounded: 1 Save.
    Battle results: Handgunners (+2 Kills, 1 High ground), Orcs 0: The handgunners win the battle.
    Orcs: Ld: 5 vs 4: Fail: They are broken. Flee 2d6″: 5″
    Handgunners: Pursuit 2d6″: 4″ They fail to reach them.
    Orc Archers: Panic Test: 5 vs 7: Success.

    The black orcs return to order, and the captain of the halberdiers, willing to live another day, orders the troop to return back to their formation on top of the battlements.
    On the far end, the handgunners exchange blows with the orcs, killing 2 of the greenskins, and losing one of their own. Once more, the orcs falter and run away. The handgunners wanting to taste the smell of victory rush after them, but they can’t reach them.

    With several dead and wounded, the orcs tactically withdraw. The walls held up another day. Until the next orc attack. Rudiger was renowned in the battle, and the party begins to make a name for themselves. Meanwhile, the supplies are dwindling down to 1 more weeks.

    Remaining Empire Points: 2499 – 118 = 2381
    Remaining Orc Points: 9477 – 491 = 8986

    Session Background: A heavy wargaming session, I think I captured the feeling of how hard it is to storm the walls. Truth be told, I was scared that any flank could fall at any time due to a missed morale roll, and then everything would be a lot different. But the defenders held.
    The SW roleplaying was limited to the first part of the session.
    With only one week of supplies left, what will happen next? Will rationing begin with risking of losing morale? Will the party try to flee the city somehow? Will there be an exodus in general to save themselves? I’m curious to find out.

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    The siege of Ostenhofen pt1 

    A Savage Worlds Warhammer Fantasy Battles mashup.

    In this game, I want to try my To the Battlements! hex flower game engine as a roleplaying and wargaming aid.

    We continue back from where we left our group from Night of the blood. Bianka, Evie, Gustav and Rudiger have been arrested by the roadwardens (8 of them) and are being escorted to Ostenhofen, to be interrogated regarding what happened at the Hooded Man.

    Brew! Brew! Stir the pot!

    Here I go with another custom homebrew, I will be doing something quite radical for my end. I will be using the Warhammer Fantasy Battle 4ed rules to run this game, mixed with Savage Worlds for the roleplaying aspect.
    I will re-design my characters to savage worlds and use the following live conversion of WHFB to SW whenever I need to scale in or out.

    WS Fighting
    BS Shooting
    S Strength
    T Vigor
    1 d4-2
    2 d4
    3 d6
    4 d8
    5 d10
    6 d12
    6+ d12+

    I will be using a homebrew Wild Card rule from SW. Wild Card characters get to roll a Wild Die in WHFB with every roll and can choose to use the best result.
    Double 1s are critical failure though, and something bad happens.

    I decide that the Orcs will have 10000 warhammer points, while the Empire a mere 3000.
    I roll that the supplies of the defenders will last them 3d6 weeks: 6. That’s tough.

    The forested countryside slowly gives in to small farms and barn houses. In the distance, the tall walls of Ostenhofen are visible.

    Q: Is the party tied up?
    A: No
    Q: Do they have their weapons? (Unlikely)
    A: Yes

    Despite the road warden’s initial suspicions, Evie has managed to convince them that they had nothing to do with the massacre and that since the roads are dangerous, they should get to keep their sidearms just in case they are attacked.
    The road wardens finally gave in to her threats of notifying her father and the prince if they wouldn’t do as she said. Nevertheless they would take them to Ostenhofen for a proper debrief.
    A short while later they are in the inquisitor’s office. That’s when they hear the distant sound of horns blowing. The party exchanges looks with the warden and the inquisitor, in an effort to find out if they heard correctly. Then they hear it again, and again. The horns were blown three times. It’s an assault! The temple bells start ringing in the city. Slowly they head outside.

    Q: Is it the orcs?
    A: Yes

    People are running in all directions. “It’s the orcs! The orcs are coming!!!” The crier is shouting at the square, ringing his bell. “Man the battlements. Bring your families inside!”.
    The inquisitor turns to Evie. “Right now we need every man -or woman- capable of yielding a sword.” He looks at the wardens. “You are free to go. We will speak again after the greenskins are defeated.”

    Battlefield roll: 2,2=4 -> 4, Plains.
    Event triggered: 3,6=9 -> 6, Deserters. I roll, 60 Halberdiers will flee.
    Bianka: Notice (d8): 6: Success.

    As the town crier keeps warning people, Bianka notices a large group of able bodied men making their way silently out of the square, towards the gates, that are flooding with people coming inside.
    “Rudiger, you were a soldier, correct?”
    Rudiger grunts and nods, Bianka continues. “What are the odds these men are soldiers leaving their posts?”.
    Evie catches wind of their conversation. “These men need to do their duty, like the rest of us!” She steps next the the crier, and yells.

    Evie: Persuasion (d10+4): 8: Success with a Raise. Uncooperative -> Friendly. 45 out of 60 men will stay and fight.

    “You there. You have families. What do you think will happen to them when the Orcs reach us? You think you can outrun their Wolf riders? Our and your only chance is if we stand and fight them together! But maybe I am wrong and you don’t care about the others, maybe you are just afraid! Do you care to challenge that a woman wears the pants better than you do?!”
    The crowd around the group of deserters has dispersed and people are staring, mumbling “cowards”. Humiliated, most of the deserters, bow their heads and head back towards the barracks. A few, unmotivated, blend in the crowd and flee.

    Q: Did her speech make her stand out to the command? (Likely)
    A: Yes

    A weary man wearing a breastplate, with a sword and a pistol around his belt shows up. He wears a cape with the colors of Ostenhofen.
    “Excellent speech out there. May I ask your name?” He asks her.
    Gustav intervenes. “She is lady Evie Vogel. We have an invitation by Prince Ingmar.”
    Evie smiles. “And who you may be?” She asks.
    “I am Captain Volkmar Goldfarb. The prince is otherwise disposed, but I can see that you are in dire need of some lodgings and clean water. You will need it, we’re going to be in here for some time.” The captain says, and orders his ensign to get the party taken care of.

    Evie is with Captain Volkmar at the battlements. In the far distance they can barely see the orc camp. They have advanced and taken hold of a large position in front of the city.
    “The scouts have given us an estimation of their numbers. Their force is more than three times ours, but we have heavy walls. The orcs are impatient. If the siege holds out for long, they will disperse. We must do our best to hold the line. Unfortunately, Ostenhofen is a large city, and I can’t see how our supplies will last without rationing.” The captain confesses his troubles to Evie.

    Battlefield roll: 10 -> 1, Camp. 5 Weeks of supplies.
    Battlefield roll: 10 -> 1, Camp. 4 Weeks of supplies.

    A couple weeks pass with the orcs in place. Are they scouting? Are they gathering more forces for the attack? The Ostenhofeners can do nothing but wait, while their stocks are dwindling.

    Battlefield roll: 8 -> 16, Granary.

    Evie wakes up to the sound of orcs yelling Waaaagh! As the bells sound the alarm. She finds Captain Volkmar sending men to the north part of the city.
    “They found a side entrance to the outer city and entered by stealth! Our granary stores are there! We must defend it!”

    50 orcs in 5 ranks of 10 are trying to win ground in the Main Street in front of the granary. They are wearing chain armor and are armed with curved swords and shields.
    Holding them off are 24 halberdiers in 3 ranks of 8.
    The rear street is threatened by 70 goblins with spear and shield, held off by 24 crossbowmen. The crossbowmen have taken a strategic point of stairs so that more than one rank can shoot at the goblins.
    Civilians are carrying the supplies from the granary back to the inner wall.
    The granary needs 6 turns to empty if both entrances are secured. If one steet is lost, then the entrance must be blocked to ensure the intruders don’t kill the civilians who carry the supplies. If one entrance is lost, double the remaining time.

    Captain Volkmar is commanding the halberdiers. Besides him is his standard bearer, bearing the flag with the Red Wolf.
    Evie and her entourage are inside the granary, to protect the civilians from any orc strugglers who break off combat to wreak havoc inside.

    Empire point count:
    Captain Volkmar (Champion, Pistol, Heavy Armor): 35
    24 Halberdiers (Halberd, Light Armor): 9 X 24 = 216
    Unit Standard: 10 points
    24 Crossbowmen: 10 X 24 = 240 points
    Total: 501 points

    Orcs Point Count:
    They will start with more than 500 points and more will join on two waves in reserve up to 1500 total.
    70 Goblin Spearmen: 3,5 X 70 = 245
    50 Orc Warriors: 8,5 X 50 = 425
    Total: 670

    Turn 1:
    Initiative: Empire A♥️, Orcs A♣️.

    Empire turn:
    Crossbowmen: 10 Hits: 8 Wounded: No save. 62 Goblins remain.
    Halberdiers: 4 Hits: 1 Wounded: No save.
    Captain Volkmar: 1 Hit, 1 Pistol Hit: Wounded, Wounded: 2 Saves.
    Orcs: 5 Hits: 1 Wounded: 1 Save.
    Orcs have lost the combat by 1. Roll break test: 9: Fail. The orcs are broken!
    They flee: 2d6″: 4″
    The halberdiers pursuit: 2d6″: 5″
    They slaughter the Orcs.

    Q: Do any Orcs or Goblins out of formation manage to enter the granary? (Unlikely)
    A: False Presupposition
    There are no orcs or goblins out of formation except the broken troops.

    The crossbowmen release a volley of bolts towards the small greenskins that approach their higher ground. Some little goblin shields are shattered, others are pierced through, and in the end 8 of the greenskins lie dead, trampled under their brethren feet who push forward despite the losses.
    On the other side of the granary, Captain Volkmar and his halberdiers despite being severely outnumbered, hold fast against the orcs. The two sides are locked in combat, exchanging blows. The city street doesn’t help for much maneuver.
    Only one orc falls under the halberdiers, but the greenskins falter under their enemies resolve. Feeling there is no chance to break through the ranks, they turn and flee.
    They don’t make it far. Squished in the narrows of the city, the halberdiers reach them and finish them off one by one. Their cries echo in the alleys.

    Orc turn:
    Animosity: 5, No effect
    The Goblin’s move 8″ closer, to 17″.

    Q: Do the orcs receive reinforcements? (Likely)
    A: Yes
    Q: Has the halberdiers defensive position been compromised by their pursuit?
    A: No, and they are in a better position now. The civilians can transfer the grain in more safety.
    Q: How many points Orcs will join?
    A: 200-600: 300 points
    Q: What distance?
    A: 3d6: 11″
    9 Orc War Boar Riders join the fray. They wear light armor and carry spears and shields.
    Orc Boar Rider: 27 X 10 = 243 points.
    It’s led by a Black Orc Boss.
    Black Orc Boss: 54 Points
    Total Points: 297

    Turn 2:
    Initiative: Empire J♥️, Orcs: 7♦️.

    Empire Turn:
    Crossbowmen: 10 Hits: 7 Wounded. No save. 55 Goblins remain.
    The Halberdiers hold position.
    Bianka climbs to the top of the granary to get a shot at the goblins.

    Orc Turn:
    Animosity: Goblins: 4, No animosity, The Orcs are led by a Black Orc and don’t suffer from animosity.
    The Goblins move another 8″ to a distance of 9″ from the crossbowmen.
    The Orcs charge at the halberdiers.
    Distance: 11″, Charge max at 14″, they make contact.
    Orcs: 6 Hits: 3 Wounded. No Save.
    War Boars: 8 Hits: 6 Wounded. 1 Save.
    The Black Orc Boss attacks Captain Volkmar: 2 Hits: 1 Wound. No save.
    The entire front rank of the Halberdiers is decimated. They can’t fight back. The Red Wolf standard is captured by the Orcs.
    17 Halberdiers remain.
    7 Halberdiers fallen, and Captain Volkmar. Break Test: Automatic Fail. The flee 2d6″: 9″. The Orcs pursuit at 3d6: 6″! They fail to catch up.

    With another volley of fire, the Goblin ranks are further reduced, but they move on still certain they can win the fight.
    On the Main Street, Captain Volkmar and his men are enjoying their victory, as 20 sets of eyes glitter in the dark ahead. They hear a loud growl and they feel the ground tremble underneath. “Waaaagh!” The orcish warcry resounds.
    Orcs, riding war boats charge at them. Leading their line is a tougher, larger orc, with skin black as the night.
    The halberdiers look at each other. “Hold the line!” Captain Volkmar yells as the riders lower their spears aiming for them. “Brace for Impact!” Comes the Captain’s second order.
    Within seconds everything turns into a bloodbath. The Black Orc has sent his spear through the skull of the captain. Next to him the halberdiers are crushed under the charge. Several are sent into the air by the war boars. A few others are skewered by the tips of the orcish spears.
    Through the charge, an orc rider manages to get hold of the Red Wolf banner and carries it, taunting the troops.
    The halberdiers falter. They turn their backs and run back, the Orcs pursuing them fast. The bodies of the fallen provide an obstacle to the boar riders who fail to reach the broken unit.

    Turn 3:
    Initiative: Empire 9♥️, Orcs K♠️

    Orc Turn:
    Animosity: Goblins: 3: No animosity.
    Goblins move a further 8″ towards the crossbowmen to a distance of 1″.
    Orcs charge at the halberdiers. Halberdiers: Flee: 2d6″: 6″+3″ from previous round: 9″ distance. The charge is 14″. They are caught and slaughtered.

    Empire turn:
    Crossbowmen: 15 Hits: 11 Wounded. No saves. 44 goblins remain.
    Evie, Gustav and Rudiger try to bar the main gate from the inside.
    Group roll to lift the heavy wooden beam to bar the gate, with Rudiger as lead.
    Evie: Strength (d4): 2: Fail
    Gustav: Strength (d6): 3: Fail
    Rudiger: Strength (d8): 6: Success
    They manage to bar the gate.
    Bianka shoots at the Orcs with her sling.
    Shoots twice: 2 Hits: No wounded.
    So we had 2/6 Turns of full grain transfer and it will need 8-1: 7 more turns now to complete, at Turn #10.

    With a second charge, the orc boar riders sweep through the remaining halberdiers, trampling, hacking and crushing them.
    On the other side of the street, the goblins advance dangerously close to the crossbowmen, under a continuous volley of fire.
    In the granary, Rudiger, assisted by Evie and Gustav, bar the heavy granary gates. Rudiger feels as if he carried the entire beam by himself. Bianka hits twice at an orc boar rider with her sling, but the bullet doesn’t manage to hurt the tough greenskin.

    Turn 4:
    Initiative: Empire 9♣️, Orcs 9♦️

    Orc Turn:
    Animosity: Goblins: 1: Animosity: 6! “We’ll Show ’em”. They charge at the Crossbowmen.
    Goblins: 6 Hits: 3 Wounded: No Saves.
    Crossbowmen: 3 Hits: 2 Wounded: No Saves.
    Goblins battle score: 3+3 = 6.
    Crossbowmen battle score: 2+2 = 4.
    Crossbowmen break test: 9 + (6 – 4) = 11 > 7. The Crossbowmen are broken and flee!
    Crossbowmen glee: 2d6″: 4″.
    Goblins pursuit: 2d6″: 8″. The crossbowmen are destroyed.
    The Orc riders try to destroy the barred gate.
    It will have 5 damage points and a Toughness of 6.
    Orcs: 2 Damage. Black Orc: 1 Damage. Boars: 3 Damage. The door is destroyed.

    Empire Turn:
    The party, realizing all is lost, tries to make a run for it and leaves through the side street of the building, while Bianka will try to hide from the rooftops.

    The goblins start to squabble, when suddenly they realize that the best way to prove who is the best, is by crushing their enemy. They charge so quickly that the crossbowmen have no chance to react with another volley. The men draw their swords and close combat ensues. The goblins fight fiercely though, and even though a couple of them fall under the sword, they cause more casualties, and supported by the sheer wave of numbers, they push through. The crossbowmen break, and try to run, but the sneaky creatures catch up to them and pierce and thrust with their spears, until noone is left alive.
    On the other side of the granary, the orcs bash and hack at the barred gate with all their might. It tries to hold, but the sheer weight of the war boars is enough to break the wooden beams, and the orcs rush inside.
    Rudiger grabs Evie and Gustav and they retreat quickly from the other entrance, while Bianka shifts in the shadows, trying to find an opening from the rooftop.

    Battle resolution:
    Remaining Empire Points: 3000 – 501 = 2499
    Remaining Orc Points: 10000 – 523 = 9477
    Only half of the granary stores were saved. 1 week of supplies lost, for 2 remaining weeks.

    Since there are no units left anymore, I’m switching to SW rules now to run a chase. I will be using SWEX rules for the chase as it accommodates theater of the mind better, and my space is limited at the time.
    A 5-turn chase makes sense, since the orcs are willing to hunt the team, but not go to deep into enemy lines.

    Turn 1:
    Evie: Agility (d6): 3: No card
    Gustav: Agility (d4): 5: 8♠️ Long range, no attack
    Rudiger: Agility (d8): 5: 5♣️: Complication Major Obstacle: Agility (d8-2): 7: Success. Long range, no attack
    Orcs: Riding (d6+2): 7: 7♠️. Long range, no attack
    Goblins: Agility (d6): 1: No card

    Turn 2:
    Evie: Agility (d6): 5: K♦️ Melee range
    Gustav: Agility (d4): 5: 10♣️: Complication Major Obstacle: Agility (d4-2): 3: Fail, Benny: 1: Fail, Benny: 1: Fail. He gains on fatigue level. Long range, no attack
    Rudiger: Agility (d8): 3: No card
    Orcs: Riding (d6+2): 6: Q♠️, Medium range, no attack
    Goblins: Agility (d6): 2: No card
    Evie attacks an orc: Fighting (d8): 4: Miss

    Turn 3:
    Evie: Agility (d6): 5: Joker, Melee range
    Gustav: Agility (d4-1): 2: No action
    Rudiger: Agility (d8): 5: J♦️, Medium range, no attack
    Orcs: Riding (d6+2): 10: 6♦️ Long range, no attack
    Goblins: Agility (d6): 3: No card
    Evie attacks an orc: Fighting (d8+2): 11: Hit with Raise. Damage: 11: Shaken

    Turn 4:
    Evie: Agility (d6): 9: Joker, Melee range
    Gustav: Agility (d4-1): 2: No action
    Rudiger: Agility (d8): 6: J♠️, Medium range, no attack
    Orcs: Riding (d6+2): 7: 5♠️ Long range, no attack
    Goblins: Agility (d6): 11: 10♦️Long range, no attack
    Evie attacks an orc: Fighting (d8+2): 7: Hit. Damage: 9: Shaken again, Wounded.

    Turn 5:
    Evie: Agility (d6): 5: K♣️, Melee range. Complication: Distraction: Can’t attack.
    Gustav: Agility (d4-1): 1: No action
    Rudiger: Agility (d8): 7: 4♥️ Long range, no attack
    Orcs: Riding (d6+2): 6: 8♥️ Long range, no attack
    Goblins: Agility (d6): 2: No action
    The chase ends.

    As the party flees in the city, the black orc boss points his spear towards them and three boar rides charge after them. A handful of the goblins break off their slaughter of the broken unit and join in the pursuit.
    The team has a distinct advantage, having covered some distance already, and the rear alley streets don’t help the pursuers. Gustav, being the less fit of the three, sprains his foot a bit, and he makes double the effort to catch up. Seeing as an orc boar rider has come close to him, Evie, lies in wait behind a corner and lunges at him with her short sword, performing a couple slashes that are enough to leave him down, blood dripping.
    Seeing that they can’t cover the distance in time, and they have already lost sight of their main group, the orcs and goblins take pause. The inner city walls are visible already and they don’t want to become target practice. They break off and return to their army.
    Evie, Rudiger and Gustav all breathe a sigh of relief.

    Back to Bianka now. Since out of combat the rules state that she moves 5 times the normal distance, again I will require 5 total successful rolls. The first one will be to escape the granary, and the 4 last ones will be to reach safe distance.
    Bianka: Stealth (d6+2): 7: Success, she flees in the darkness and avoids the goblins.
    Bianka: Stealth (d6+2): 11: Success with raise, she finds an opening in the gutter and flees from the undercity.
    Bianka: Stealth (d6+4): 9: Success with raise, she finds an opening far away from the battle, and gets back on the street.
    Bianka: Stealth (d6+4): 8: Success with raise, she moves completely unnoticed.
    Bianka: Stealth (d6+4): 9: Success with raise, she moves completely unnoticed.

    Bianka makes no sound as the goblins enter the granary. A few are holding torches, ready to burn the place down, but a big bad black orc doesn’t let them and kicks the tiny greenskins away. He seems to want to keep the supplies for the orc troops.
    Taking advantage of the fuss, and of the pursuit of her teammates, Bianka slips away in the back alley behind the granary. Quickly she finds the entrance to the sewers. A big city like Ostenhofen has a huge network running underneath. She knows that the inner city shouldn’t connect there directly, since that would be a defense flaw. The stench doesn’t bother her, and she enters the sewers, taking care to close the grate behind her. Like an experienced rat catcher, she finds her way, and makes it back to the surface a couple of blocks away from the inner city walls. The battle is away from her, and she makes her way to the gate.

    Session Background: I know that this wasn’t pure Solo Roleplaying, since it had serious aspects of Solo Wargaming, but I think it fits the bill.
    It took me a while to make this work, and this is the final working result. At first I was trying to create a homebrew WHFB rpg system and convert my characters to that. It didn’t work. In the end I decided to go ahead with the SW/WHFB Focus In/Focus Out aspect, and I think it worked out pretty well.
    Another mistake I did was trying to scale up the combat to more realistic numbers, like 500 Orcs instead of 50, in a single unit. Warhammer isn’t meant to run this type of battle and it quickly got out of hand, so I rerun the initial turns of combat into a less abstract and more tactical battle.
    Also initially I used a body count to compare the armies, but switching to Warhammer unit points was the right thing to do, as this gives me a direct idea of the unit strength.
    Overall I loved how the game runs so far, and it was really nice to dust off my old Warhammer books.

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