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  • giorgis 12:58 am on June 23, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    The tale of Dash Kile, a Rebel agitator 

    Back to Star Wars for this session. I’m starting a new character, Dash Kile. I won’t spend much time detailing him, instead. I might commit more in the future. Maybe could even do flashbacks.

    Oracle/Emulator: I’ll be using a Recluse+MUNE hack I really liked. It’s Recluse, but on double 1s and double 6s you get a MUNE intervention with 1s being a No to the Question and 6s being a Yes.

    Game System: I’ll be using Star Wars D6 with adapted dice rules from EABA. Essentially you ‘take the best of three’. So If I have 5D+1 in a skill, I will roll 5D (with wild die as normal), and then only take the sum of the best three dice, and add the pip. I’ll have the option to drop one die and take a +2, since 3D+2 on average is better than 4D taking the best three. Difficulties will be adapted accordingly, as well as damage rolls.

    Dash is a young, hot headed rebel agitator, a street urchin, with utmost hatred for the Galactic Empire.
    He has heard of the Rebel Alliance, but is not affiliated with them, not yet at least. Still trying to get his footing in the whole resistance thing.
    Objective: Overthrow the Galactic Empire
    Quote: You gotta fight for your right!

    Dash is hanging out in the local cantina, The Trout, a haven of scum and villainy in Chrella VIII, the 8th moon of the 25 orbiting the Gas Giant Chrella, and the only habitable.

    Q: Is everything as expected?
    A: No and, TWENE: Increase Simple element

    A simple element in a cantina is people.

    It’s more crowded than usual.

    Dash will try to learn of any rumors regarding local imperial activity.
    Dash: Streetwise (Moderate): 6: Failure

    Dash asks around, some connections, but doesn’t manage to glean anything. Some push him away as annoying.

    So, now I decide to take an important decision. Failure shouldn’t be Flat. It should be interesting. So I decide that it means that Dash’s asking around has raised suspicions.

    Q: Do Imperials arrive in the cantina?
    A: Yes, Intervention: New Entity
    Q: Is the entity Imperial?
    A: Yes
    Dash: Perception (Moderate): 11: Success
    Q: How many Imperials?: 1D (Wild): 3

    As Dash finishes his talk with a regular, he notices a Trandoshan talking to a uniformed officer, pointing in his general direction.

    Officer: Search (Moderate): 4: Failure

    The crowd in the cantina makes the Imperial search difficult. Dash, swiftly makes it for the rear exit.

    Q: Is there a rear exit? (Likely)
    A: Yes
    Q: Is it accessible?
    A: No, Intervention: Advance Plot: Someone helps dash.

    Dash enters the kitchen. Stress evident in his face, trying to find desperately a way out.
    The cook, a fat man in his 50s, with a thick mustache, looks at him. He steps on his toes to look outside the kitchen pass and sees the officers. He opens up a huge crate of Crix, local, slimy, smelly amphibians the size of a small cat. The indigenous aliens found them a delicacy, but the human settlers can barely stand them. Still, the poor need to eat.
    “Get inside” He directs Dash.

    Dash: Perception (Moderate): 11: Success
    Q: Does the cook seem trustworthy (Likely)
    A: Yes, and Dash has a feeling he won’t be betrayed

    Dash eyes the cook well, considers his options and jumps in the crate, holding his nostrils. Hundreds of the little critters crawl over him as the cook closes the crate cover and places another crate on top.

    Q: Do the Imperials search the kitchen? (Likely)
    A: No
    Q: Does the cook betray Dash (Unlikely)
    A: False Presupposition. Since the Imperials never enter the kitchen, and they leave shortly after it doesn’t even occur to the cook to betray Dash. They must have been called elsewhere.

    A short while later, Dash sees the crate cover open, and the cook waiting for him, an arm extended.
    “Come, get out.” He tells him.
    Dash, reeking of Crix, brushes off a couple critters still attached to him.
    “Thanks!” He says relieved.
    “Don’t mention it.” The cook replies. “It’s safe to leave now kid.”
    Dash pauses for a moment.
    “I gotta repay you somehow. Do you wanna hurt them? For what they did to the locals? to the settlers? to our planet?” He asks.

    UNE: Comfort (bearing), History (Focus)

    The cook shakes his head. “It’s a sad history, that of our planet, but I don’t want any more trouble. I just want the comfort of peace.”
    “Which you won’t find as long as our streets crawl with Imperial scum!” Dash replies.

    Dash: Persuasion (Moderate): 17: Success!

    The cook nods. “What do you have in mind?”
    Dash smiles. “Can you spare a bag of these slimy smelly critters?” He asks.
    “I bet it would teach them a lesson if we filled a couple of their speeders with them. Would send a message, and would take them more than a day or two to clean it up!” Dash eagerly adds.

    Q: Does the cook agree to the plan?
    A: Yes

    “Alright kid. I’ll give you a bag. It’s a gift from me, to them. Just make sure it doesn’t trail back to me.” The cook says and starts filling up a bag.

    At night, Dash, goes to the nearest posting of Imperial troops, a bag of Crix on his back.

    Dash: Perception (Moderate): 13

    Q: Are there any speeders? (L)
    A: Yes
    Q: How many? (1D3): 3
    Q: How many guards?: 1D (Wild): 4

    Dash tries to sneak to a side alley, to set off a firecracker for a distraction.

    Dash: Sneak (Opposed): 17/4: Success
    Dash: Demolitions (Easy): 9: Success

    Q: Do the Imperials rush off to the noise?
    A: Yes

    The Imperials seem a bit sleepy, and don’t notice Dash jumping around in the shadows. He goes behind some trash cans, and sets off his firecrackers in 5 minutes, and rushes back in position.
    As soon as the bangs are heard, the Imperials are startled. They pinpoint the source of the noise and run off, leaving the speeders unguarded.

    Dash: Security (Difficult): 11: Success
    Q: Does Dash make it in time before the Imperials return?
    A: Yes, but barely and they have a trail to start searching.

    Dash spreads the slimy Crix around in the speeders, He puts them in the driver and codriver seats, under the engine, in the glove box, everywhere. He already reeks of them, so the smell doesn’t bother him.
    He has just finished dirtying up the third speeder, when he hears the distinctive boot steps of the Imperial troops. He knows his time’s up and runs off.

    Imperial Officer: Command 4 people (Moderate): 11: Success: +2D
    Imperials: Search (Opposed): 19/7: Success
    The Imperials find Dash.
    Q: Is he cornered?
    A: No, and there two escape routes.

    Soon Dash realizes the Imperials are on his tail. He tries to lose them, turning around in some narrow alleyways, and squeezing under a few fences, but no matter what he does, he can’t shake them. He doesn’t know if it’s the smell, or they have managed to triangulate on him and come from two sides, but soon, he has to turn and face them.
    One thing he knows for certain, is that no matter what, he mustn’t get caught.
    He draws his blaster pistol, and hopes it works. He hasn’t shot it before actually.

    I’ll ask a few questions first:
    Q: Is there cover?
    A: Yes, but it’s only light cover
    Q: Are there buildings? (UL)
    A: False presupposition. There are trees. They have reached a huge park.
    Q: Are the escape routes close by?
    A: Yes, but there’s no cover to reach them. Dash will have to be in the open.

    Exhausted from the chase, Dash, takes cover behind a tree. They have entered Flass Park. Looking around, he notices a large ditch for monsoon rainstorm torrents. This could be his chance to escape. If he manages to get into the sewers, he’ll surely lose the Imperials in the labyrinth. But he has to risk his life to do, and they’re closing in on him from both sides.

    Dash: Perception: 13
    Imperials: Perception: 8

    Round 1:
    Dash acts first: Shoots Imperial Officer: Distance 40m (Long): 18: Hit Leg: 14/8: 7+: Incapacitated
    Imp1 shoots Dash: 8: Miss
    Imp2 shoots Dash: 10: Miss
    Imp3 shoots Dash: 12: Hits Cover: 12/13: Tree absorbs all damage

    Round 2:
    Dash shoots Imp2: 7: Miss
    Imp1 shoots Dash: 18: Hit Torso: 4/4: No damage
    Imp2 shoots Dash: 16: Hit Leg: 11/10: 1+: Stunned
    Imp3 closes in on Dash 20m

    Round 3:
    Dash shoots Imp3: 10/7: Hit Head: 16/5: Killed
    Imp1 Willpower (Moderate): 12: Stays
    Imp1 shoots Dash: 15: Hit Head: 14/(Dash will spend 3 CPs): 13: Stunned Twice
    Imp2 Willpower (Moderate): 9: Success
    Imp2 shoots Dash: 12: Hits Cover: 13/13: Tree absorbs all damage

    Round 4:
    Dash runs full speed to the ditch. Spends 2 CP to run.
    Dash Running: 15: Success
    Imp1 shoots Dash: 19: Hit Head: 18/(Dash will spend 5 CPs): 15: 3+: Wounded
    Imp2 shoots Dash: 16: Hit Torso: 13/4: 9+: Dead

    As the Imperials close in, Dash makes out the officer giving order, and blasts him straight on the leg, dropping him. With Dash shooting with lethal force, the Imperials don’t consider twice. They start shooting back. Two of them miss, but the third hits the tree Dash is hiding behind, burning a hole in its trunk.
    Dash finds the opportunity to shoot again, but he misses. A blast grazes him, shaking his resolve.
    An Imperial trooper tries to close in, and Dash shoots him right on the head, the blast finding his target’s face, killing him instantly. The Imperials stand and fight, giving Dash a hard time, a shot grazing his head, while another hitting the tree, and Dash feels grateful for the tree, that has saved his life.
    Seeing as he is trapped and starting to get wounded, Dash makes a run for the ditch, but caught out in the open, the Imperials shoot him in the back. One blaster shot finds his head, and another right on the back, and he falls down, dead. The dream of a revolt, dying with him.

    Session Summary

    The flow was so easy. The game was just progressing fast. As I explained in a post recently, I think I found the reason I was having a hard time driving the adventure, and now I think I found my solution. I put myself into Dash’s shoes and tried to think of ways to meet his objective, and then act on it. Yes he failed, but the adventure was driven by his passion.
    I’m a bit sad that Dash perished, I was looking forward to adventuring with him, but the dice have spoken.
    I enjoyed the EABA/D6 hack as well as the Recluse/MUNE. I’m still not quite certain about the balance in the EABA/D6 hack, maybe I’ll have to reconsider some options, but overall it was fast, and easy to remember.

  • giorgis 10:43 pm on June 21, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    The Master of Puppets 

    The past few months I had trouble getting constructive solo plays. Sometimes, the system of choice was at fault, which is reasonable considering I was play testing their solo capabilities, and some weren’t suitable. Then it was the overall situation with the lockdown and everything (won’t go into details, others had it much worse). Then, the lack of a proper setting, or world building. I had some interesting one-shots using Ironsworn, Solipsism, quick dungeons, but nothing could make me return to continue the adventure. As everything went back settling to a new reality, and I was back to running traditional choices which I knew work, I still couldn’t get a flow going. I often had to push myself through the session. I was afraid I had hit an overall solo burnout, an enemy I would not wish to see.

    But then something happened. As I was trying another new solo play, everything fit together nicely. I could ask the right questions and was eager to find out what would happen next. So before going further with the session, I paused and asked myself, what did I do different this time? (and I also noticed it’s what I had done in my first adventures).

    So, I did not try to generate an adventure. No random events to get everything going. No seeds from an online generator. No cards with descriptors to point me somewhere. No, instead, I discarded completely my GM side and focused on my Player side. My player had an objective, and I actively tried to make it happen. There it is. 

    In my failed solo attempts, I tried so many times to view everything from a GM perspective and used a multitude of tools to get creative juices flowing, and it was okay until that point, but when I tried to have my player act through it, it just wouldn’t work. I hit mental blocks. It’s as if my Player was waiting for the GM to drive the action. 

    Almost all of the social TTRPG GM material is focused on how to make adventures and worlds and how to have the players run through them. Some GMs railroad the players into the story, others don’t need to as the players get the necessary signs and play through the story. In the solo community, traditionally we use those same materials to generate solo adventures, and here’s the catch. When you’re the same person running those sides, you end up testing how will your protagonist react to what you throw at them as a GM. It’s like puppeteering! The protagonist ends up being an empty shell, even if they have motivations, objectives and emotions. Because you ask, what will they do if the story goes X way?

    Protagonists in RPGs aren’t meant to be puppets. They are meant to act, not react. We play these games to be knights vying for glory! wizards trying to find immortality! rebels trying to overthrow galactic empires! These are not everyday people waiting to see what fate has in store for them, they make their own fates! Sure sometimes fate will strike back, but when they defeat the adversities, they get back on their task and find a way to do it. 
    The knight heads off on her own to find the orc chieftain and challenge them to combat, the wizard goes to the library to find forbidden texts on necromancy, the rebels spread pamphlets to call the workers on strike! 

    So instead of waiting for the Gamemaster to be a Puppetmaster and be the driver, be a Player and go do what they have to. Have the oracle react to your protagonist, not the other way around. 
    Closing I would like to note that this is a personal experience. What works for me might not work for someone else, even more so in solo play. But, who knows? Maybe there’s a lesson here for social TTRPGs as well. 

    • Corey Mayo 9:27 pm on June 22, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I can totally understand this. I’m running out of steam on an Ironsworn campaign after about 12 chapters and I’m realizing that part of the issue is my hero is being pulled by the story instead of pushing the action herself. Her main quest has been sidetracked two–and now three–times and it’s starting to feel too much like the star of the campaign is the Action/Theme Oracle, not my hero.
      I think I need to channel my frustration into the character and have her act accordingly…

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    • Lipe 4:15 pm on June 23, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Actualy the way you are playing now AWAYS was The “correct way”. Before you was playing with you character like a NPC. I thinc you have choose a side, or you is a GM tha control the history only by yourself, and the Oracle control the character or reverse way. Never let the Oracle co trol the both slides


    • Manfred 10:50 pm on October 2, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      really enjoyed your post, I have felt exactly the same way, as you described it in your first paragraph.
      Can you give a practical example of how you changed the solo game mechanics to enable you to “switch sides”? Did you use the oracles differently, and if so, how? Did you ask different questions? What else did you do differently? Thanks!

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      • giorgis 11:57 pm on October 2, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        So, a good example would be my tale of Dash Kile. This is a rebel agitator in the Star Wars universe. The most obvious way to start my adventure, would be to go to an adventure generator and try to fit my character in there. Say, an incoming imperial shipment of arms that needs to be destroyed, or information that must go to the Rebel Alliance.
        If I took this approach, I’d have all the problems I faced in the past. Instead I discarded entirely this train of thought and asked myself the question “what does Dash want to accomplish?”. So he’s a young rebel agitator, not very much connected, so he wants to hurt the imperial, but he has to start small. Dash needs more information, so he asks contacts in the local cantina. A failed skill roll leads the adventure on it’s own path. Once the scene ends, I still want Dash to act. He really wants to do something against the imps. So after spending some thinking, I decide, or you could say Dash decides, that an insulting prank to the imperial security forces would be the next thing to do. Again, I avoided turning into an adventure generator or a random event tool.
        In general, I would say, that whenever your adventure is at pause, ask. “What does my PC want to do? What is in his best interest considering the situation?” This is not an oracle question, it’s something you ask and answer yourself.
        If I could have an analogy as a social ttrpg, it would be a game where the GM told you “I have nothing prepared. Let’s play and make stuff on the way. What do you want to do?”

        Hope this helps! Feel free to ask more if I wasn’t clear.


        • Manfred 1:54 pm on October 3, 2020 Permalink

          Thanks for the prompt reply and the detailed example, much appreciated! This makes it a lot clearer. Will try it out in my next session.

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  • giorgis 11:38 pm on June 12, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Greder Payne – Ep1. 

    For this one shot, I want to try The Witcher TTRPG. Since it’s derived from the video game I’m truly intrigued to see if it’s better suited for solo roleplaying, considering video games are aimed at one player.
    As I’ve read through the mechanics I feel as if they hit a nice spot between crunch and speed.
    I won’t go into chargen, since I’m only testing the combat aspect, and instead I’ll take one of the pregenerated characters from Easy Mode and change the name and go with it.
    For the dungeon, I’ll go with a dungeon of choice from watabou one page dungeon.
    For the Oracle I’ll go with Recluse, modified as follows: Doubles 4-6 give False Presupposition, While doubles 1-3 give Interventions as per MUNE.
    I’ll also use TWENE from MUNE and ask each time I enter a new part of the dungeon if everything is as expected. Otherwise I’ll tweak it appropriately according to my custom oracle.

    Crypt of Arus

    Greder Payne stood at the entrance of the Crypt of Arus, wondering if he should have best kept his mouth shut.
    ‘We don’t need witchers!’ He had shouted after drinking more than a couple pints. ‘We can handle the beasts on our own!’
    All was well until some smartass looking fella asked him to put his feet where his mouth was.
    Now, he had to prove his mettle as a warrior. He lit his torch, gripped his battleaxe tightly and entered the damp dark crypt.

    Q: Does he encounter drowners in the first room?
    A: No, and they’re not around the passages either.

    Awareness: 17: Average success.
    Q: Does he find anything of interest?
    A: Yes, and it’s something usefull (I’ll choose between Mundane/Strange/Occult after the roll): 74: Flint and Steel.

    In a corner, Greder finds a brazier, under it is some flint and steel. He lights it up and continues.

    Since there are no Drowners nearby, Greder will randomly decide were to go next. 3: He chooses the passage to the North.

    Q: Is the door locked? (UL)
    A: No, and there’s no door at all, just an opening.

    Q: Is there a trap?
    A: No, and, the floor seems to have been untouched on the right side were it’s dry.

    Greder follows the corridor, under the dim torch light.

    Q: Does he encounter drowners here?
    A: No, and, it’s dead silent.
    Q: Is everything as expected?
    A: No
    I will roll 1d8 on TWENE: 2: Decrease simple element: The dampness

    For some reason he cannot fathom, as Greder walks onto dry ground, he notices that there is no sign of the mold he noticed in the previous room. As if water never reached this room.

    He notices a rotten chest in the middle of the room.
    ‘To hell with it’ Greder thinks and smashes the lock.

    Physique: 11: Easy success.

    In the chest he notices a hexagonal shaped black glass flask. He puts it in his pouch and heads to the entrance, to follow another path.

    Greder will randomly decide were to go next. 1: He chooses the passage to the South

    Q: Is the door locked? (UL)
    A: No

    Q: Is there a trap?
    A: No, and the floor may be submerged, but it’s sturdy, no chance of collapse.

    Q: Does he encounter drowners here?
    A: Yes, and it’s three of them!
    Q: Do the drowners try to ambush Greder?
    A: Intervention: New entity
    Q: Is it a Witcher? (L)
    A: False presupposition: The new entity will not arrive now, but after the combat
    I decide there won’t be an ambush now, but whoever the new entity is will ambush the other side when they arrive. I found a gap here in my oracle hack. Switching doubles to Intervention doesn’t answer the question. So instead I’ll hack it further: 1: is No + Intervention, 2-5: False Presupposition, 6: Yes + Intervention.

    Greder follows the path to the other side. As he wades through knee-deep water, suddenly three figures lash out at him from the corner of the corridor. Humanoid shapes, with wicked characteristics. Greder yells out a war cry to gather his bravery, and charges into the fray with his battle axe.

    Round 1:
    Initiative: Greder: 13, Drowners: 10
    Greder does two normal attacks to the nearest drowner
    First attack: 21/22: Miss
    Second attack: 26/20: Hit: Torso: Damage: 11
    Greder will do an extra attack at -3 Stamina: 20/22: Miss
    Drowner has 14 HP left

    Q: Is there enough room for two drowners to gang up on Greder?
    A: Yes
    It seems that the fight takes place to the small room next to the room with the statue.
    Drowner attacks Greder: 18/19: Miss
    Drowner attacks Greder: 18/21: Miss

    Round 2:
    Greder does two normal attacks
    First attack: 19/20: Miss
    Second attack: 18/15: Hit: Torso: Damage: 15: Drowner dies
    Greder will do an extra attack at -3 Stamina at the other Drowner: 23/18: Hit: Legs: Damage: 6
    Drowner has 19 HP left
    Drowner attacks Greder: 16/25: Miss
    Drowner attacks Greder: 17/22: Miss

    Round 3:
    Greder does two normal attacks
    First attack: 17/16: Hit: R Arm: Damage: 9
    Second attack: 17/22: Miss
    Greder will do an extra attack at -3 Stamina at the Drowner: 17/19: Miss
    Drowner has 10 HP left
    Drowner attacks Greder: 14/24: Miss
    Drowner attacks Greder: 23/16: Hit: Torso: Damage: Doesn’t pass armor

    Round 4:
    Greder does two normal attacks
    First attack: 22/21: Hit: Torso: Damage: 12: Drowner dies
    Second attack to other drowner: 24/14: Hit: R Leg: Damage: 5
    Greder will do an extra attack at -3 Stamina at the Drowner: 15/16: Miss
    Drowner has 20 HP left
    Drowner attacks Greder: 14/20: Miss

    Round 5:
    Greder does a strong attack
    Attack: 21/19: Hit: Torso: Damage: 21: Drowner dies

    It’s a chaotic combat in the dark, with only the torchlight in his hands to illuminate his surroundings. Greder hacks again and again at the creatures, which seem especially resistant to his battle axe. At the same time he tries to hold them at bay and not get completely surrounded.
    Their raw unskilled attacks are easy to calculate and he can block them without much effort, either with his axe or his torch.
    One by one, the creatures drop dead finally. One manages to get a scratch at him before dying, but his brigandine saves him, as the claws only scathe the surface.
    His heart still pounding, he composes himself. ‘I did it!’ He thinks.
    “I did it!” He shouts. “Take that you pompous witchers!”

    The Intervention appears:
    Q: Is it a witcher?
    A: Yes, and he heard it all.

    “Are you looking to take on our job?” A man asks behind him.
    Greder turns, only to find a witcher looking at him in a casual stance.
    “Why, seems I don’t need you. Took those nasties on my own.” He scoffs at the witcher.
    “Well, if you had used fire on the drowners, you’d have finished in half the time.” The witcher replies.
    “Don’t you dare take my loot!” Greder grinds his teeth, realizing he has antagonism.
    “Don’t care to rob any graves. Do you mind if I remove some of their parts?” He points at the dead creatures.
    Greder spits in the muddy waters. “Have at it.” He says and the witcher draws a blade and starts cutting off tongues.
    Greder doesn’t pause to watch, and instead moves further inside the crypt.

    Q: Is the room #2 as expected?
    A: No, Intervention: Regress plot
    TWENE: Increase major element: The water is so deep, Greder needs to swim to get to the statue (doubles as regress plot).

    Q: Are there drowners here?
    A: No, and it’s completely safe

    Swim: Body: 12: Failure

    I don’t find anything interesting on a failure in such a swim (duh, try again), so instead I will succeed at a cost. Greder will lose a random item in the water: Broadhead bolts.

    Greder notices lifelike dwarf statue on the other end of the room, on dry ground. The statue holds a key to its hands. Realizing it might open something important, he heads on to take it, but he almost drowns. The water is much deeper, and the armor drags him down. He steps back just in time, but not without losing his precious broadhead bolts from his quiver. He curses his luck, removes his armor and swims to the statue to pick the key.

    Q: Is it trapped? (UL since I had No, and regarding traps in this area)
    A: No, and, it’s easy to get hold on to.

    Greder picks up the key, which doesn’t seem attached to the statue in any way, put it in his satchel and heads back.

    Q: Has the witcher finished salvaging parts?
    A: False presupposition. The witcher isn’t salvaging parts and instead has moved further into the crypt, while Greder kept himself busy.

    Greder sees the drowner corpses, but the witcher isn’t anywhere to be seen.
    ‘That lying two piece shit.’ Greder curses silently and continues to the door to the center.

    Q: Is it locked (UL)
    A: No
    Q: Is it trapped? (UL)
    A: Yes
    Seems either the witcher didn’t go this way, or he avoided the trap somehow without triggering it.
    Let’s see if Greder notices the trap.
    I’ll give it a difficulty of 1d10+10=17
    Greder: Awareness: 14: Failure
    Q: Does Greder trigger the trap? (L)
    A: False presupposition: The trap is already triggered
    Q: Is the witcher on the trap?
    A: No
    Q: Is a drowner on the trap?
    A: No, and, the trap is empty

    Greder goes down the corridor, when suddenly he stops the last minute.
    A huge pit with spikes lies in front of him, right in the middle of the T section. The remains of a triggered trap. He swipes around with his torch, but doesn’t see anything inside. Whoever or whatever triggered it didn’t fall inside.

    Q: Is the door across, closed?
    A: Yes, and it seems very sturdy.

    He removes his grappling hook, attaches his rope, and tries to jump across safely.
    He chooses the south passage since the eastern one is blocked by a closed door. Whoever triggered the trap didn’t go this way.

    Greder: Physique: 22: Difficult Success

    Q: Are there drowners here?
    A: No, but, there are their corpses

    Greder gets across the spiked pitfall trap, and the corridor opens to a room in the south.
    Corpses of drowners are littered all around.
    ‘Darn witcher, out to get my glory’, Greder thinks and moves on.

    Q: Is everything as expected?
    A: No, and roll 1d10 on TWENE: Increase Simple Element.
    A lavishly decorated stone gate modified as follows: the pillars are lavishly decorated as well.

    The room Greder is in, is supported by pillars. Each pillar has decorations of golden leaves. A stone gate to the north has the same decor style.
    Greder walls around the corpses carefully and reaches the gate. He notices a keyhole. Maybe his key will fit.

    Q: Is the Witcher around?
    A: Yes, and he’s waiting for Greder.

    “I wouldn’t open this door if I were you” the Witcher says from behind a pillar as Greder holds the key in his hands ready to open the gate.
    “Can’t get rid of you, can I?” Greder scoffs. “You already killed my hunt. I’m going in there. Could get rich.”
    “You don’t understand…” his words trail off as Greder unlocks the gate.

    Q: Is there any trap?
    A: No, but the creature inside is aware of the trespass

    Q: Is there a Wraith inside (L)?
    A: False presupposition: The wraith isn’t inside, instead, at the moment the gate unlocked, the spell holding her collapsed, and she materialized outside.

    As the lock pins tumble, a loud unearthly scream is heard, and a terrifying visage appears for a moment in front of Greder, only to vanish and appear behind him again.
    He drops the key and draws his battleaxe.
    “What is it?” He shouts at the Witcher.
    “A wraith. Didn’t you read your history? Arus was some evil lord that was buried here. Alive.” The Witcher responds and draws a silver shining blade.

    Round 1:
    Initiative: Greder: 12, Witcher: 17, Wraith: 13
    The Witcher attacks twice with his silver sword.
    First attack: 31/17: Difficult Critical Hit: Head: Damage: 34: Dead

    Greder hasn’t even managed to get a good grip of his axe’s haft, when the witcher thrusts his silver sword into the spectre’s head with a calculated swift strike.
    It screams out and vanishes in mid air.
    Greder is speechless.
    “We’ll split the bounty and call it even.” The witcher says. “Name’s Alard by the way.”
    Greder nods. “What’s in there is mine though.” and goes inside.

    Q: Is everything as expected?
    A: Yes, but, nothing more than what is seen on the map.

    On an elevated floor, two steps above, lies a sarcophagus.
    Greder checks for the sign of any traps.

    Greder: Awareness: 9: Failure
    Q: Is there any trap?
    A: Yes, and it’s triggered as Greder looks to find it.
    Greder: Dodge/Escape: 20: Difficult Success: He only takes 1d6 damage: Can’t bypass armor.

    As Greder tries to feel around the sarcophagus for any traps, he feels a ‘click’ and by instinct jumps out of the way. Small darts fly towards his previous spot, and one is caught by his armor.
    With the trap triggered, he carefully opens the grave.

    Greder: Commoner Superstition: 4/14: Failure

    Q: Is there any treasure to be found? (L)
    A: Yes
    Rewards: 78 Gold Crowns, 5 Items (No Rarities): Five iron nails, Dice, Scrimshawed human bone, Fish bones, Folk remedy for something

    Greder takes a good look at the corpse, then quickly puts the gold crowns he found in his satchel, along with some dice, iron nails and a folk remedy written on a piece of paper. He’ll read it later.
    As he heads out of the room he turns to Alard.
    “Let’s get out of here. Ale’s on me.”


    I laughed a bit at the random name and the pun. Greder Payne. Reminds me a bit of the video game Max Payne.

    So in the second encounter with the Witcher I asked the bare minimum of questions. For me it was pretty straightforward that if the Witcher stayed around (Oracle question), it is because he would know that there’s a monster inside that’s worse than the drowners and shouldn’t be set free. Witchers hunt monsters, not people so he wouldn’t try to stop Greder with violence.

    I liked the overall game system. Not thrilled, but it had good chances of success with combat, and it had a nice pulp feel. The threats were low, but I was scared to throw too much at them. Truth be told, the wraith kill was a bit anti-climactic, but witchers are strong against monsters, and this shows.
    I was afraid that my man at arms wouldn’t fare too well, but he could stand his ground in combat quite well.
    Not a major fun of hit-points systems due to the bookkeeping involved, but since I kept everything in low numbers, it was manageable.

    Overall, in my superficial The Witcher TTRPG solo attempt, I had fun, I liked the game system, and the Recluse/MUNE mix chosen for oracle.

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    The Wardens of Gahyrst. Ep02. 

    So in the end of the previous session I forgot to run experience rolls for my warband. I assigned the XP awards and rolled to see if my surviving follower (Angry Villager) had any upgrade, but to no avail.


    |Combat Skill|0|0|0|0|
    |Weapons|Long Bow, Dagger|Sword|Bastard Sword|Bastard Sword|
    |Armor|Light Armor|Light Armor|Full Armor, Helmet, Shield|Partial Armor|


    Nature Roving Wanderer Stout Yeoman Angry Villager
    Weapons Self Bow, Dagger War Axe Staff
    Armor Militia Armor Light Armor

    Gold Marks 13
    Medicinal Herbs 1
    Story Points 1

    Time to name the two other villages : Heagrove, Cebrook

    Current village: Eerfeld (2,2,4)
    Heagrove: (1,1,1)
    Cebrook: (3,3,3)

    Will need to draw a map in the future
    Village Events: Wandering merchant
    Pay Upkeep: 7 members, no extra cost
    Healing Up: No wounded
    Carry Out Activities:
    Evie: Study: 2,3,5,6: Gained Skill: Organization
    Rudiger: Train: XP (4) Increase Level: Roll: Agility: +1
    Outfitting for adventuring:
    I’ll give the Warhammer to Gustav, and put his Sword in the backpack.
    So now, we’re going adventuring!

    Bruised and battered, the Wardens regroup, after having buried one of their own. The first death in their band weighs heavily. Evie heads to the library for further studying to escape the thought that a man died under her command, while Rudiger puts his skills to the test, training against wooden poles.

    No one pays attention to the wandering merchant showing off his wares. Their dead brother in arms was swindled a week ago, and all this is a cruel reminder.

    A couple days pass, and Evie sends word for them to gather once more.

    “Wardens. We suffered a loss, but must not stop now. The people of Eerfeld need us. Gather yourselves, and come back here in an hour, armed. We’re heading out.”

    Adventuring: Combat Encounter
    Facing: Dark Secrets
    Encounter: Cultists
    Encounter Type: Attacked by Enemy
    Enemy number (consulting roll, tables and rules): 4
    No Leadership present
    No Personality present
    Encounter Distance: 7″
    Seize the Initiative: Failure
    Theme: Edge of the woods

    It’s been a couple of days of wandering the countryside looking for trouble, when the Wardens camp at the edge of the woods of Eerfeld, known as Fangwood Forest.
    They assign watch duties and rest, only to wake at the sound of a twig snapping. Someone has gotten close!
    “Wardens! To arms!” Evie shouts and unsheathes her sword, arming her bow.
    They all draw their weapons and look around as a quartet of dark cloaked figures closes in from two sides.
    “Cultists!” Ardus tells Evie as they turn to face their assailants.

    Battle Set Up

    Combat Turn 1:

    Ardus and Rudiger move in closer.


    Cultist charges at Rudiger
    Cultist hits, can’t penetrate armor
    Cultist hits, penetrates armor, wounding Rudiger
    Rudiger wins the last exchange
    They disengaged melee

    Cultist charges Ardus
    Ardus wins the exchange
    They roll equal, and the cultist retreats

    After first combat

    Cultists further advance near the lake
    Roving wanderer moves aside and shoots his bow
    RW Hits, doesn’t wound


    Stout Yeoman charges cultist
    After three exchanges, none scores a hit and they withdraw
    The rest of the band progresses

    A cultist charges at Rudiger, catching him still sleepy, he passes through his defenses, hitting his cuirass. He follows up, but this time his blade lodges between the rings of the mail part of the armor, wounding the veteran. The pain sears through Rudiger’s body, who quickly snaps out of it and blocks the last attempt, pushing the cultist back.
    At the same time, another cultist charges next to him at Ardus.
    Ardus is better prepared. He parries the blow successfully and kicks his assailant back.

    At the other side, next to the pond, a Warden shoots at a cultist and fails to hit him, the arrow flying away through the air, while another one charges in melee. He tries to hit him but is blocked, and again, and again, until tired they disengage and look at each other angrily.

    Combat Turn 2:

    Ardus charges at cultist
    Ardus hits, the cultist is wounded
    They roll equal and withdraw
    Rudiger charges at the cultist
    They roll equal and the cultist withdraws
    Rudiger survives his wound
    The cultist charges back at Ardus
    Ardus wins melee
    Ardus hits cultist and kills him

    First blood

    Cultist charges back at Rudiger
    Cultist hits Rudiger, but Rudiger parries with his shield
    Cultist hits Rudiger but can’t penetrate the armor
    And again
    They withdraw from melee

    Cultist charges Angry Villager
    They’re equal and the AV withdraws
    Cultist charges at Stout Yeoman
    Cultist brings down Yeoman

    First Casualty

    Evie takes position and shoots Cultist but misses
    Gustav charges at Cultist
    He hits and wounds Cultist
    He hits again and kills the Cultist

    Second Kill

    Roving Wanderer takes position and shoots at Cultist and misses

    Angry Villager attacks Cultist
    He hits but doesn’t wound him
    And Again
    And they roll equal and withdraw

    Hanger On attacks Cultist
    They roll equal and withdraw

    Ardus charges with his bastard sword and thrusts at the Cultist who hurt Rudiger, wounding him, spilling blood. With skill, his enemy tactically withdraws.
    Rudiger tries to follow up on his companion’s pushing attack, and charges at the Cultist. His enemy with skill blocks and parries and moves back.
    “Die!” The Cultist hisses and jabs at Ardus, who deflects the blow and moves behind his enemy, at the same time slashing at his back, cutting him in half.
    Seeing his friend fallen, the other cultist screams a war cry and charges at Rudiger. The blow is heavy, and Rudiger has to block it with his shield. He smashes back at his enemy, shoving him away.
    On the other front, near the pond, the Cultists charge at the followers. One tries to attack the Angry Villager but can’t get back the defenses while the other attacks the Stout Yeoman. The dagger finds the Yeoman under his armor. The Yeoman drops down under his wound.
    Evie moves around the fighting men and finds an opening for her shot. The arrow misses its target and lodges on a tree behind.
    Gustav then charges at the same enemy. Distracted the Cultist doesn’t see the warhammer coming down on his head and falls down, dead.
    The Roving Wanderer shoots at the cultists but misses again.
    The Angry Villager charges at the Cultist who hit the Stout Yeoman and hits him with his staff, but doesn’t manage to startle him. The Cultist pushes back and disengages.
    A Hanger On who joined the warband tries to make a difference, but without skill, his efforts are aimless.

    Combat Turn 3:

    Rudiger and Ardus advance to the lake
    Rudiger survives his wound
    Cultist attacks Angry Villager
    No one hits
    And Again
    They roll equal and withdraw
    Cultist attacks Hanger On
    They roll equal and withdraw
    Evie shoots Cultist, hits and wounds him
    Roving Wanderer shoots at the same cultist and hits and kills him

    Third Kill

    Angry Villager attacks Cultist
    He hits and kills him

    Fourth Kill

    Combat is won

    Rudiger despite his wound, moves with Ardus towards the pond to assist the rest of the warband.
    One of the Cultists attacks the Angry Villager and another the Hanger On, but after a couple missed strikes, fatigue builds up, and the opponents stand there looking at each other.
    Evie and the Roving Wanderer shoot their arrows to the Cultists. Both hit, and the Cultist drops dead from the hail.
    The morale is high and the Angry Villager, with renewed strength, bring his staff down on the last opponent, knocking him out.
    The Wardens cry out in Victory!

    Resolve casualties: Stout Yeoman: Knocked out
    Loot: 9 Gold Marks
    Unusual Finds: Evidence (Reduce Highest Threat by 1, Dark Secrets)
    Adjust Threat: No adjustment
    Experience Points Awards
    Ardus gains a level and gets +1 Agility
    Roving Wanderer gains Skill: Foraging
    Angry Villager gains Promotion: +1 Agility: Name: Wigmar

    The Wardens look after the Stout Yeoman, noticing it was just a flesh wound. He recovers quickly.
    Searching through the fallen enemies, they find 9 Gold Marks and a bloody bag. Evie recognizes it as the bag she had seen the last week in their roadside encounter.
    Inside it they find nasty bloody parts. Hearts of animals and humans. Along with it is a seal, one that Evie recognizes as Eerfeld alchemist’s seal. Seems the man is in league with dark forces. That’s evidence for the Bailiff.
    The man with the staff, the Warden she had in mind as angry villager, showed immense bravery, armed with just a staff. She goes to him.
    “Wigmar, you stood out today. We’re proud to have fought alongside you.” Evie tells him.

    |Combat Skill|0|0|0|0|0|
    |Skills|Library,Medicine,Organization |-|-|Leadership,Parry|
    |Weapons|Long Bow, Dagger|Warhammer|Bastard Sword|Bastard Sword|Staff|
    |Armor|Light Armor|Light Armor|Full Armor, Helmet, Shield|Partial Armor|-|


    Nature Roving Wanderer Stout Yeoman
    Skill Foraging
    Weapons Self Bow, Dagger War Axe(Warhammer)
    Armor Militia Armor Light Armor

    Gold Marks 22
    Medicinal Herbs 1
    Story Points 1

    End of second campaign turn

    Session Summary

    This time I paused to take photos and write everything down as it happened. I really enjoyed every part of it!
    I did not write down the rolls, only the results, because the game is very dense!
    So much happens in such a short amount of time.
    I really enjoy how easy it is to do everything. The mechanics are fast and the tables generate interesting results. I’m still learning how to play, so I’m not implementing any rpg elements yet.
    I don’t know if I will have everything so detailed in my future AP reports, because pausing so often to take photos and write things down, doubled or tripled the time to play. I will need to find the right balance between reporting and playing.

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