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    In the Aristrax Marches – Ep11 

    Previously in the last episode of the actual play report of Five Leagues from the Borderlands in the Aristrax Marches, the Ravens of Gadun suffered a serious defeat while trying to destroy Ugmal once and for all. Despite gaining an initial foothold in Ugmal’s burial site, soon they were overwhelmed by the enemy troops. Lady Liana of Trenne lost her life in that fight.

    Turn 18

    Rolling at Camp Events, since we’re in the Blighted Vale, we get a result of and so the story went, gaining an extra Story Point. Our Upkeep Costs are low this turn so we lose only one Gold Mark. Boots scratches of one Recovery turn, as Bolga tries to Forage for herbs but fails. Since Myrick is the lowest level of our warband, he will Train, earning +1 XP.
    For the Adventuring stage we will just Travel to Newhorn (4). On the Travel roll, we get an Obstacle, which is Marshlands, and as we fail our Scouting roll, it is randomly determined that Omac lost his Throwing knives.
    Finally at News Events we get that someone important needs adventurers, but we won’t follow up on this.

    Turn 18 – Map

    The morale is low as the Ravens try to come to grip with their defeat. The halfling is still injured and can’t join yet in any upcoming battle, and they’re also one member down after Liana’s loss.
    Omac is in no mood to order them around, so the Ravens choose their own tasks. Bolga’s attempt to find any herbs to refill their supply was unsuccesful. Myrick on the other hand focuses on training, he wants to be prepared next time he faces the enemy.

    Once all is said and done, Omac gives the command to gather round and travel to Newhorn, but they take a wrong turn in their path, and have to go through marshlands. None of them is an expert in scouting proper ground, and with a misstep Omac finds himself in the bog. Bolga quickly pulls him out, but as he does so, Omac’s belt with the pair of throwing knives, is caught on something. The buckle gives way, and the knives are lost forever in the bog. The gloom mood yet continues as they finally reach the manor town. A crier at the square calls for adventurers, but they pay no heed, and head directly to the inn.

    Turn 19

    Rolling now at Town Events it’s a Market day, and we get yet another Rare trade item roll, for a total of 3 since this is a Town. Our Upkeep costs are high at 3 Gold Marks so we’ll use one pack of Rations this time.
    Boots scratches of yet another Recovery turn and he’s ready to fight.
    Myrick will train this turn as well, for another XP gain. Since we need to recruit someone, Boots will get on it, spending 1 Gold Mark, and he’s successful, so we get a Follower to cover up Lady Liana’s spot.

    I definitely want a non-human Origin for the Follower because I want to see what is available. I decided to roll on the Follower table first, and then either decide or roll randomly. I get the result that it’s a Stout Yeoman. So from the non-human Origins that I don’t have in my warband, what fits me best is either Fey-blood or Dwarf, with a higher chance for Dwarf. I roll randomly and it’s a Dwarf. His name’s Undin.

    Time to re-arrange some equipment. I’m giving Undin, Myrick’s Fine Standard Weapon & Bolga’s Fine Shield. Myrick gets the 2nd Heart Seeker. Since this is a major event, I’m trying to have a warband more akin to WYSIWYG. As Bolga is without a shield, he gets to retain the same miniature (yes, I had kept the same mini in the past few episodes despite Bolga carrying a shield). Omac will get a new miniature, that of the bearded mercenary captain wearing plate armor and carrying a bastard sword, that is until his staff is repaired or he switches to a different set of equipment. Boots has a pretty generic miniature carrying a torch, therefore no change is needed there. Temir has a longbow and a sword therefore no change is needed there as well. Since Myrick now sports the Heart Seeker as well, I want a miniature that fits the bill, so I’ll be making a change here also (plus I wasn’t a big fan of the current miniature I used, felt out of place). Finally Undin will get a proper shield bearing dwarf miniature.

    Rolling on the Rare items table I won’t make any purchases of the available items (Delver’s kit, Map making kit, or any item at +2 Gold Marks).
    For regular trade I’ll sell the damaged light armor, two light weapons and two standard weapons, and buy a new partial armor for a total cost of 1 Gold Mark, which will be given to Undin.

    Finally, for Adventuring stage we will Battle the enemy threat and our target yet again is the Whispers from Beyond. They’re at the Wilderness (so we need to travel there), they’re just passing through (meaning they’re using the Unknown Enemy rule) and if we fail, they will entrench themselves further. We cannot afford to lose this fight.

    On the Travel roll we Meet someone, the result is a Young runaway, but I decide to take the next available entry because I’ve had a Unique meeting of a Young runaway in the past, and the new result is a Beggar, Sociable who will make us a Contract offer. We’re not interested and reach the enemy at the Settlement outskirts. The enemy rolled is Broken Fanatics, 6 in total with 1 crossbow. They’re lead by a Unique Foe, who is a Mighty Warrior, and an Agent of the Dark. Our objective will be to Hunt the enemy, in this case eliminate the Mighty Warrior.

    Wow all this makes a great story to narrate! The roll results fit very well together. Finally, our set up distance is 18″, and we have failed to Seize Initiative.

    Turn 19 – Map

    Caldas wakes up to the sound of the market bustling through the streets of Newhorn. He slowly gets off his bed at the Weasel’s Cellar. He’s back in fighting shape. His injuries healed. He goes downstairs to the bar and as Mina serves him some oatmeal and ale to start the day, a stout bearded fella sits by him, setting his ale jug on the table with a loud thud.

    “Are you Caldas? also known as Boots? One of the Ravens of Gadun?” The dwarf asks, and without waiting for an answer, he continues. “My name’s Undin. I heard you’re looking for a strong pair of arms to help you fight beasts. Mina will vouch for me.”
    Boots looks at him. He’ll do. “You can’t go monster hunting with a hatchet, my friend. If you’re to be one of us, you need proper arms and armor. Come, follow me. We’ll see what we have, and what doesn’t fit we’ll go to the market, sell it and get you a nice set.”
    Undin’s eyes lighten up as he’s given an axe and a shield, both of fine make. They’ll last for a long time in the fights to come. Unfortunately there’s no armor that fits him, so Boots hands him a pack of weapons and armor that they’ll sell to the market. They find a set of armor that is to the dwarf’s size.
    “Now you’re ready.” Boots says. “Let’s go.”

    As they head back to the inn, they find Myrick training in the courtyard against a wooden training doll. Boots motions for him to come inside. The Ravens gather round the table.

    Omac raises his drink. “To those that stood here before us, and to those that despite adversity have come to stand in their place. Welcome Undin.” They all raise their jugs and drink.
    “The dead must be put to their final rest. We shall hunt them down and their minions, until only the living walk these lands.” He looks to his companions. “You may have heard of Nabaru the Strong. A mighty warrior. Word has reached me that he’s an agent of the dark and he leads a force of broken fanatics to prey on the remote settlements. We’ll hunt him down and end him and his followers. We leave at midday.”

    Their journey is almost uneventful. They meet a beggar who is eager to talk. Seeing how they’re armed and capable, he tells them of a job offering he’s heard of, but the Ravens aren’t interested, and they push onwards.

    At the outskirts of the settlements they see their part of the enemy force. Nabaru towers above the rest of them. None of the Ravens is eager to face him. They nod at each other and move to battle.


    ROUND 1

    The two opposing forces come closer. Two fanatics and Nabaru have taken the South flank, to face Omac and Bolga. A crossbowman sets up on the hillside behind them and takes a shot at Bolga missing by a mile.
    Meanwhile Temir, Myrick and Boots come from the North, where an unknown number of enemies approach.

    ROUND 1
    ROUND 2

    Bolga attacks the fanatics and draws first blood, sending one of them to the grave.
    First the other fanatic, and then Nabaru the Strong attack Bolga, but he pushes them back, one by one.
    The crossbowman has no clear line of sight, so he positions himself better on the hill.

    The unknown enemies are revealed as they hit the centre. It’s three more fanatics who head towards Caldas.
    Temir the Ox closes on the fence and shoots an arrow right at a fanatic’s temple, killing him instantly. Myrick shoots as well, but misses. Boots loads his slingshot and wounds one of his enemies angering him further.

    Seeing Bolga alone against the fanatics, Omac casts a shielding spell to protect him from enemy fire.

    ROUND 2
    ROUND 3

    With a clear shot, the fanatic crossbowman shoots a bolt at Bolga. The spell doesn’t protect him from the perfect shot, but his armor stops the bolt from penetrating further.

    Nabaru challenges Bolga to a duel, and they clash. Bolga blocks the first attack, but as he goes for a follow up strike, his enemy counters. The sword strike brings Bolga down at once.
    The fanatic next to Nabaru now has a clear path to the Beard. His attack is foiled, and he’s wounded by Omac’s bastard sword, before stepping back, enraged.
    His enemy wounded, Omac casts a Bleed spell on him, hoping he’ll fall sooner or later due to exsanguination.

    The broken man wounded by the halflilng attacks the short fella with fury. His blade finds Caldas’ body, and the halfing falls.
    Myrick shoots at him as he stands over Caldas’ body. The arrow wounds him further and brings him down. Temir shoots at the last standing fanatic at the centre of the battlefield, which lodges itself at his knee. The fanatic is furious, but wounded.

    ROUND 3
    ROUND 4

    Omac prepares a Fortune spell to bless his fates in the ongoing fight, while Myrick shoots another arrow at the wounded fanatic, clearing the centre, and opening their path South, for Temir and Myrick to assist their leader, supported by Undin.

    The crossbowman shoots at Temir but misses by a long shot. The furious, wounded fanatic attacks Undin, but the Stout Yeoman holds, and they disengage.
    Meanwhile Nabaru and Omac face off. The fight’s a draw and Omac steps back.

    ROUND 4
    Undin moves very slowly, and finally reached the fight. Yet he's not strong enough to fight either of the enemies in front of him, so he'll wait this turn and act in the Quick Phase of the next round.
    ROUND 5

    Temir shoots his last arrow at Nabaru, but it hits the fence covering the enemy warrior.
    Undin attacks the wounded fanatic, but his enemy is berserk. He puts the dwarf in defensive who parries blow after blow with his shield before the melee ends.
    Omac follows up against the berserker, but his enemy gains the upper hand and strikes back. Despite the fortune spell, Omac can’t block the enemy, who strikes yet once more, piercing the armor and bringing the Beard down.

    The crossbowman takes a clean shot at the dwarf but misses, as Undin is attacked by Nabaru, parrying two hits with his shield, before being wounded himself. The berserker also attacks him at the same time, and Undin is stunned, his armor saving him from the two hits that follow. Undin’s eyes burn with vengeance against the enemies who hurt his friends.

    ROUND 5
    Two rerolls due to Fortune, one at the melee to hit roll, and one at the overcome armor, didn't save Omac who fell.
    Also I didn't take under consideration the no-pushback trait of the dwarf, so he ended up at the centre of the table.
    ROUND 6

    Myrick takes a carefully aimed shot with his bow at the berserking fanatic, and wounds him at last, stopping his spree. The crossbowman answers with a shot against the wounded dwarf, but misses yet once more.

    Nabaru now attacks Myrick who’s behind the table. He counter attacks but his strike is too weak, and Nabaru isn’t a warrior to be stunned by such feeble displays. His next attack is blocked by Nabaru who counters himself now and wounds Myrick twice, putting him off the fight.

    Temir now steps on the table and attacks at Nabaru, his enemy is skilled and wounds him, but Temir grits his teeth and fights on. Feigning more pain than he is in, he hacks at Nabaru, the heart seeker cutting armor like butter, and wounding him. With a follow up strike, he kills the mighty warrior.

    ROUND 6
    I even spent a Story Point for Myrick to survive, as I thought having two people with Heart Seekers gave me a better chance to defeat Nabaru, but he fell anyway.
    ROUND 7

    The Ravens turn their attention to the crossbowman on the hill. Undin charges at him, but it’s a draw, and his enemy steps back. The fanatic attacks back, his strike stopped by Undin’s armor, before they disengage in yet another draw. The two warriors are winded by the long fight.

    Temir pulls some bandages from the backpack and closes his wounds.

    ROUND 7
    ROUND 8

    With some distance between them, the fanatic shoots a crossbow bolt at Undin, but the dwarf ducks just in time to avoid the bolt.

    Undin locks himself in a fight with his enemy as Temir closes in, but can’t get a clean strike and steps back.

    ROUND 8
    ROUND 9

    The crosbowman shoots another bolt at Undin which hits, bypassing armor, and wounds the stout dwarf who falls.

    Temir follows up in melee, and finishes the last enemy standing. The Ravens are victorious.

    ROUND 9
    So during play I didn't take care of bookkeeping properly and didn't realize Undin was down. At the initial play Undin (wounded twice) went in melee and finished the crossbowman.
    Therefore during cleanup, when I realized my mistake, I went ahead and played Temir vs Crossbowman in theater of the mind. After being wounded as well, he eliminated the crossbowman (who he wounded too) at Round 12!
    For narrative economy I decided to sum things up here.
    I also had rolled on Undin's Flash of Insight, and this became an Injury roll which had his Fine Standard Weapon damaged to a Standard Weapon.

    At the resolution, I rolled 5 Adventure points for being Victorious against an Enemy Threat and also +2 APs for the Unique Foe slain, +1 AP for the Whispers of Beyond (5 or more enemies), +2 APs for the Dark Agent Motivation of the Unique For and finally +1 AP for the successful Hunt the Enemy objective. After spending 6 APs for an Adventure Milestone to reduce the Whispers from Beyond Enemy Threat, I’m still +5 APs extra.

    For the injuries, I get a Light Injury on Bolga for 3 Turns, a Serious Injury on Boots for 5 Turns, a Dead result for Omac, a Moderate injury for Myrick for 5 Turns and an Item Damaged Fine Standard Weapon for Undin.

    Spent a Story Point and rerolled Omac’s Injury to get a Knocked Out result.

    Every participant earned +1 XP, while Temir being the sole survivor and also defeating Nabaru, earned +2 XP for a total of +3 XP.

    We get one Loot roll, which is a Weapon, Improved Staff, Balanced. Heading right at Omac.

    On the Unusual Finds we roll a Captive and get to add a Villager Friend. Also No Upkeep next turn. Going to I get Aliol: Male Elf Scholar, Evil. Aliol has an angular face, with straight copper hair and soft amber eyes. He wears modest garments and several pouches hang from his belt. So I’m switching this to Fey-blood instead of Elf and that’s our Friend.

    Finally on the News Events we rolled that an old friend sents you a letter. Our only friend is the villager we just added, but it makes no sense for it to be him, so we’ll add another Adventurer Friend. Again donjon to the rescue. Ales Gylley: Male Halfling Thief, Neutral. Ales is rough in appearance, with matted silver hair and light grey eyes. He wears leather armor and wields a long sword and dagger. Ales compulsively counts things. I’ll narrate this part on the next time they reach a settlement because it makes no sense to receive a letter right now.

    Battered, beaten, but victorious. Nabaru is dead, lying in a pool of blood, with several fanatics around him. Temir, Omac and Undin, having no significant injuries., tend to the battlefield. Undins axe blade was struck hard in the battle during a block but it still holds. Bolga, Boots and Myrick will need time to recover.

    Temir piles the bodies of their foes and builds a pure. He wants to be sure none of them return to pester them.

    Omac contemplates his fate as he’s certain that his opponents blow should have taken his life. But yet, he’s still standing. Walking around the battlefield he finds a finely made staff, carefully balanced. He smiles, certain that it will serve him well.

    Undin tends to his wounded companions before searching the houses. Most of the villagers had left, but he finds a villager bound and gagged in one of the houses. He sets him free, and the fey-blooded man hugs the stout yeoman.

    “Thank you! Thank you! You’ve saved my life. I’m Aliol, the scholar. Forever in your debt. If you ever need a friend. Call me. Here.” He said, pointing to a bag in the corner of his house. “Take this food, it’s the least I can do at a moments notice. It’s fresh though so make sure that you eat it before it spoils.”

    Undin bows. “We’re the Ravens of Gadun, and it’s our task to clean these lands of evil. Your help is welcomed.”

    And with this, the Ravens camp at the outskirts in the care of the villagers.

    Session Summary

    Another intense fight! The scales were turned many times before we won. I got tired in the near end as the last combat drew out much longer than I expected, but it was eventually worth it.

    On another note, I also tried some new trees I made in this battlefield which I held in place using magnets, and it worked well. I’ll slowly upgrade my battlefields further.

    With summer heat burning in Greece, it will be a short while before the next episode.

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    Miniatures pt86 – Winged beasts (2) 

    Here’s a Cockatrice and a Chimera from Alternative Armies Hordes of Things range that I got a while ago and had them sketch primed waiting to be painted.

    I finally finished them, and what I really enjoyed this time around was basing. I got me some packs of sand from the local dollar store, very cheap, in three different colours/shapes. There’s brown sand, gray sand and dark gravel. This means I no longer have to worry about painting, washing and drybrushing my bases. It’s brown paint -> glue -> carefully placed gravel -> sand spots -> grass -> let dry. That’s way faster than before. I always found basing boring (especially after going through the entire mini painting stage) but very important to have a nice looking mini. With this technique I get nice results in a single gluing step.

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    In the Aristrax Marches – Ep10 

    Previously in the Aristrax Marches, the Ravens of Gadun defeated a band of outcasts who were about to ambush them. With the warband in full strength, Omac Gadun, their leader, must decide what to do next.

    Turn 15

    On Town Events I rolled Just drunks and yokels, which means for this campaign turn we can only recruit Followers. This has no impact since I was not intending to recruit anyone anyway.
    The Upkeep costs are rolled at 2 Gold Marks, which I decide to nullify by Helping the Town Guard.
    For the other Campaign Activity I decide that we need to repair Lady Liana’s Helmet and Myrick’s Light Armor. Newhorn is a Manor Town so we can repair 2 items in one turn.
    For Adventuring we decide to Travel to the Blighted Vale (15) so to go to the Quest Finale. Unfortunately on the Travel roll, we got Miserable Weather and subsequently we failed our Travelling Proficiency test, so we must camp.
    Finally on the News travels table we rolled that Someone important needs adventurers, but since we’re way over our heads at the moment I decide to disregard it alltogether.

    The Ravens spend a few nights over at the Weasel’s Cellar. Only drunks and yokels are the customers there this time around, and Omac is quite bored, since there is nothing of interest.
    Once they get their gear repaired, and finish their shifts with the town guard – bashing the heads of the aforementioned drunks when they take it too far – the Beard decides they’re ready. He calls the Ravens together.
    “The time has come my brothers and sisters. We shall head to the Blighted Vale and eliminate this evil forever! Pack your things for we leave first thing in the morning.” He makes his speech, and the Ravens nod.

    One thing they did not take into account though, is that when men make plans, the gods are laughing, and this time it was Sacha, Lady of the Sky who did not take kindly to their task. The clouds gathered while they were on their way, and near the Savage Mountains, a storm poured down on them. Torrents overflowed and blocked their way. They had to stop and camp on high ground, waiting for the storm to pass, and the floods to clear.

    Omac cursed at the events as they unfolded, but steeled himself for what is to come.

    Turn 16

    The Camp Events roll gave the result Time on your own. The random member is Solas who earned +1 XP.
    Our Upkeep costs are high, at 3 Gold Marks, which give me no other choice but to waste a Campaign Activity to Live off the land.
    Omac will go to a Mystic Expedition, which was successful, and he found 1 Congealed Strand.
    For Adventuring we decide to continue Travel to the Blighted Vale (15) so to go to the Quest Finale. Unfortunately on the Travel roll, again we got Miserable Weather and subsequently we failed our Travelling Proficiency test once more, so we must camp again.
    Finally on the News travels table we rolled that The rangers have been scouting the area, and get to add +2 Adventure Points.

    With their path blocked, there is ample time to reflect. Temir, takes the opportunity to train his skills.
    The torrenting rain has ruined some of their supplies, so at least half the warband spends valuable time trying to forage for food. Omac leaves them to their camp as he heads out on a mystical expedition.

    When he returns, the clouds have cleared, and they head out again. It has been only one day on travel over muddy ground when dark clouds gather once more. They quickly make for the hills before tons of water start falling on their heads once more. They wait it out on a makeshift camp near a shallow cave entrance.

    Turn 17

    The Camp Events roll gave the result Poor Hunting Grounds therefore we cannot go to a Hunting Expedition.
    Our Upkeep costs are high again, at 3 Gold Marks, which give me no other choice but to waste a Campaign Activity to Live off the land.
    Bolga will Forage for Herbs and he had Success resulting in Springwind berries.
    On the Travel roll we Meet Someone who is a Pilgrim, Disinterested, so we move on and we reach the Blighted Vale at last!

    Two weeks of constant flooding rain have not only tired out the warband, but have driven away any game. With their supplies mouldy, they have to focus on foraging for food, while Bolga uses his wilderness knowledge to also discern any useful herbs. He finds some springwind berries that they can use.

    As the ground dries out, Omac gives the command to head out again. Their paths cross with a pilgrim, but he doesn’t seem to want to make any friends. He doesn’t even nod back when they greet him. There’s the off chance that he’s on a vow of silence, so the Ravens don’t force a conversation with him.

    A few days of walking later, they’re at their destination. They crouch, draw weapons and sneak in.

    According to the Quest Finale we play out a Site Battle with 6 Enemies + modifier and one of each leader types. The Objective is to either eliminate both the Enemy Captain and Unique Foe or to perform a ritual at the centre of the table.
    Since I got my Hexon table ready I decided to play out the battle on this, and make everything cluttered with terrain to block movement and line of sight.
    Boots makes the first movement and we get a result of Undiscovered depths, adding 3 Exploration Markers.
    Now I can roll on the Enemies table and get that we are up against Grave Walkers and the Unique Foe is a Duskling Champion who is a regular member of the enemy warband. That’s both very dangerous and an interesting combination since Dusklings hate the Undead I can only imagine that the champion is under a curse forcing him to fight for the Grave Walkers.

    Caldas steps in quietly, and soon the Ravens see movement. Groups of skeleton knights patrol the area. It seems that either Ugmal’s remains have strong magic binding them to this place, or the enemy has already arrived, waiting to get their hands on the parchments to reanimate Ugmal.

    What strikes them as odd, is that there is a living, breathing duskling, standing with the grave walkers. What curse could be holding him in place? Bolga knows that this unholiness must be stopped. He will do what he must.

    A group of skeletons has already sighted Boots, and they start moving towards him, while two more groups that patrol, will soon have them in their sights. If they are to destroy Ugmal once and for all, they must destroy the patrols quickly, before the enemy is upon them in full strength.

    The Ravens of Gadun enter from the West.

    The Combat

    ROUND 1

    Boots loads up a lead bullet to his sling, and he swings it so that it’s on full momentum. His aim is perfect, and he hits the duskling right on the chest, a cracking sound confirms a broken rib or two. His enemy is wounded.
    Bolga moves up ahead to support Caldas in case the enemy duskling decides to hurt his friend.
    Temir and Myrick go for the opening to the east, covering it with their bows, while Omac and Liana head to flank the crossroads from the other side.
    The grave walkers move closer.

    ROUND 1
    ROUND 2

    Another bullet from Boots’ sling hits the duskling champion, but his armor deflects it. Bolga points at his enemy with his cleaver, and he takes the challenge.
    Having one of his own brethren at liege with the living dead is something that shakes the very core of Bolga, and he fights with dedication. His opponent can’t parry the hit in time, and the cleaver hacks at the dusklings neck. As the eyes go lifeless, the duskling smiles, thanking Bolga for saving him from his fate.
    Two skeletons charge at the Butcher, and they are felled, one by one, by the duskling as he counterattacks each strike.

    Temir shoots at the grave walkers descending from the eastern hill, but he’s scared of them, and can’t focus properly, missing them. Myrick follows up with another bow shot, but the rusty armor of the dead stops the arrow.

    ROUND 2
    ROUND 3

    Temir with a trembling hand tries, to reach for another arrow, but he fumbles, and drops all arrows from his quiver. Valuable time has been wasted, and he knows he has to switch to melee, drawing the Heart seeker.

    Boots moves to the side and loads his sling, shooting at his target. He aims for a skeleton that has some insignia, must have been a lieutenant in a past life. His opponent ducks at the right moment, the sling shot hitting the wall at his side. The lieutenant strides forward and reaches Boots, who has drawn his rapier. He blocks the first attack, and follows up with another, but his light blade cannot get past his enemy’s plates, and he’s blocked, and steps back.

    A grave walker follows up with an attacks against Caldas. The halfling is flanked, and the hit strikes his leg where the chain shirt doesn’t protect him. Boots is wounded, but blocks the follow up strike and hits back his enemy, crushing a few bones.

    Another skeleton charges at Lady Liana of Trenne. She’s taken aback by the force of the dead, and the strike goes past her armor, blood spewing out from the wound. Stunned from the wound she tries to fight back, but fails, she’s wounded again, and unable to stand by the sheer amount of blood loss, she falls to the ground.

    Myrick takes another shot with his bow at the skeletons, but the arrow flies off deflected by the armor.

    His friend wounded, Omac puts his hands together, fingers touching, and chants in his mystical language. He feels magic slipping away, so he puts his will to the test, and holds everything in place. Caldas, already starts to feel better. The wound at his leg doesn’t hurt him anymore.

    Bolga attacks the skeleton who hit Liana, for ‘vengeance’ he screams. His strike is blocked, but then as the skeleton hits back, he counterattacks, only for his hit to be blocked by the ancient armor, finally he hits once more, but the strike was but a glancing blow, and the skeleton is too tough to be stunned.

    ROUND 3
    ROUND 4

    Temir, closes in on melee against the dead. A couple of strikes are exchanged, without finding their targets, but finally the Heart seeker goes through the armor like butter, destroying a few bones holding together part of the skeleton.

    Bolga fights again the skeleton, but still the fight is undecisive after several blows that aren’t final.

    Now the grave walkers push back. Myrick can’t fend them off, and retreats several steps to avoid being hurt. Boots is locked in combat against them, but he ducks and parries the repeat attacks by his enemies.

    The grave walker lieutenant challenges Bolga. They fight each other, skill against skill, noone wins, and they finally disengage at a short distance.

    Omac lashes out a spell to bring down the skeleton missing several destroyed bones. The spell is succesful, but the skeleton still stands, the magic holding him together remaining strong.

    Boots decides not to get locked in combat and tries to shoot at the enemy lieutenant, but in the chaos of battle and the close quarters, his shot fails.

    Myrick shoots his last arrow at the wounded enemy skeleton, but the arrow gets through the gaps in the bones, missing the target.

    ROUND 4
    ROUND 5

    Bolga attacks once more the enemy skeleton, but his foe fights back fiercely, and he can’t destroy him.

    Omac tries to cast another spell to bring down the damaged skeletons, but he fails to recite the correct incantantion, and the spell fizzles out.

    The skeletons charge. Temir is pushed back, but he blocks the enemy attacks in a draw.

    The lieutenant attacks the surrounded Bolga. But the duskling counterattacks. All dusklings have taken an oath of life, and their hatred burns against the dead. With his strength tapping from the inner core of their origin, he cuts the skeleton in two, destroying him. Only pieces of bones remain where the abomination stood.

    Omac is attacked by the skeleton he pointed his spell at. He blocks the strike, and follows up with an attack from his staff. The oaken staff hits the skull, crushing it to bits and the skeleton drops inanimate.

    The skeleton captain, with a crown on his head now has reached the fight. He orders his minions on the warband. The first skeleton locks himself against Boots, but the halfling is fast and ready. He evades the attack and cuts off his enemy at the knees, destroying the magic that holds it together. He’s flanked by the other skeleton, who hits him with his axe. The strike is strong, and Boots falls under his enemy.

    The line of defense destroyed, the skeleton captain has an open path to Omac, and jumps to the leader of the Ravens. The Beard tries to parry with his staff, but he’s wounded and pushed back. With another strike, the skeleton captain fells the Raven.

    ‘No!’ Myrick cries out as one by one, his companions are down. Furious he charges at the enemy, but the skeletons seem to still remember the skills they had in life. His enemy blocks the attack, and follows up with an attack by his sword. The blade finds flesh, and Myrick falls as well.

    ROUND 5
    ROUND 6

    Only Bolga and Temir remain standing. They look at each other. If they are to succeed, the crowned skeleton must be destroyed.

    Their thoughts are interrupted by the fight ahead of them as a skeleton attacks Temir, who is pushed further back, defending himself.

    The skeleton captain attacks the surrounded Bolga, who counterattacks, but with only a weak glancing blow, before being forced to disengage. That’s enough distraction for a flank attack by the skeleton axeman who brought Boots down. The axe hacks at Bolga’s body, and the duskling falls as well.

    Temir, alone now attacks his opponents, but they stand together, and he can’t manage to score a hit that will break their defenses. He has to step further back.

    ROUND 6
    ROUND 7

    The skeleton swordsman attacks Temir, who is pushed back, as the skeleton axeman follows up with another flanking strike. Temir is wounded.

    Holding his bleeding side, Temir knows he can’t win this battle alone. He looks at the exit, and retreats. The Ravens lost.

    ROUND 7

    Working on the Resolution stage, we earned 3 Adventure Points because we defeated a Unique Foe and a Captain.

    Rolling on the Injuries and Flight in the Dark tables, Caldas got a Light injury for 2 Turns, Omac got a Damaged Staff, Lady Liana Died, Bolga got a Moderate injury for 4 Turns, Myrick was Knocked Out, and Temir had his Fine Longbow Damaged, becoming a regular Longbow. I expended the extra Luck Bolga had during the Quest, so he’s safe, and used a Silvertree Leaf to reroll Lady Liana’s result. Unfortunately she got another Dead result, becoming the first warband member to perish. She will be remembered in our hall of fame, and we earn +1 Story Point. This means that randomly, also her Throwing Knives were Damaged, and her items can be redistributed among the warband. I decide that they won’t be redistributed, except for Heart Seeker.

    The only members who receive experience points, are Temir who survived and gained +1 XP, and Bolga who eliminated the Unique Foe and a Lieutenant, earning him +2 XP. They each gained a level after this, reaching Level 4, with Temir getting an increase in Speed, and Bolga an increase in Toughness.

    Finally the News Travels result is that a monster has been spotted in the fog and we add a Hidden Monster Lair to the region.

    The Ravens, defeated crawl out of the site. They count themselves, beaten, battered, wounded, bleeding. Omac’s oaken staff is broken, Bolga notices that his wound barely missed a vital organ, and it’s only a flesh wound, he’s back in fighting shape, Boots has his leg scathed, he’ll need time to recover, Temir bent his longbow as he fled out, but what grabs their attention is Lady Liana. She’s coughing blood. Omac is over her, holding her in his arms, and removes the silvertree leaf from his pouch. He quickly builds up a poultice and applies it to her wounds. But they’re too deep. The poultice doesn’t stop the bleeding. Liana holds his hand tightly and tries to speak some last words, but her mouth gasps for air, and no sound comes out. She pulls out her sword, and points the handle towards Myrick, and he respectfully takes it. Finally the strong grip of her hand relaxes, and Omac realizes she’s gone for good. The warband stands in silence as Omac closes her eyes.

    They set a burial ground for her. They cleaned her up, and placed a sword and her full assortment of armor, helmet and shield alongside her. The burial of a warrior. Each of them put some dirt and stones until she was completely covered. Finally, they rolled a huge slab of stone on top, so that no animals would desecrate the body. They carved her name into the stone, so that the grave was marked properly.

    At night they all stood around the fire. First Omac raised his flask of wine. “To Lady Liana of Trenne, a warrior so strong that mortal enemies trembled before her! Only the dead who have no fear could face her.” The rest of the Ravens, raised their flasks as well. “To Lady Liana of Trenne!” They said in unison. Then, each and everyone, started reciting tales of her deeds, in remembrance.

    Next morning, they gathered round. “It seems our enemy is still strong. Thankfully, the parchments are still in our posession, so they will need to take them from our cold dead hands before Ugmal is back from the dead. We will return to the Blighted Vale, but not today. For today we need to live, before we come back tomorrow. Until then, we shall fight the dead, we shall fight the rodents, and that plagues the land. We head back to Newhorn next, but for now, we camp.” Noone speaks after this. The loss of one of their own, reminds them of their own mortallity.

    Session Summary

    Wow what a battle! I knew it was going to be tough when the enemy table resulted in Grave Walkers. These dudes have armor, toughness, combat bonus and cannot be stunned. Top it off with max numbers and one of each leader type, I maybe should have walked out the minute we entered the battlefield. We tried to win and since we had eliminated the Unique Foe, we were at 50% completion of the objective. Several skeletons were killed, so I was hoping for Bolga to destroy the enemy captain, and tried to win until the very last minute, even when the scales tipped against me. When it was only Temir standing I knew I had to flee, since he had almost no chance of killing the captain. When even he was wounded it was definite.

    I noticed that I suffer from the CRPGs hoarding potions syndrome, and once more I did not use either Ironshield root, Springwind berries, and I forgot completely about Dragon’s Spite which could possibly have won the battle.

    Unfortunately our first lost battle also had our first dead warband member. Lady Liana was a strong pillar of the warband, and she will be missed. I will need to recruit a new warband member, and I intend to go with an origin that is missing from the group. I’m thinking Dwarf, Feral, Fey-blood or maybe even Preen. I’ll sit on the decision until the next session, where I might roll randomly or choose what I want.

    It might sound odd, but I like the fact that I lost. I consider myself at an advantage, since I know the game mechanics all too well and can choose the best tactics in most of the situations (read above how I failed to use Dragon’s Spite), therefore it’s important to have a challenge. I like that winning a Quest Finale requires the warband to have significant strength, and not just pure luck or tactics in order to win. I only have a second chance to win this, so I won’t be returning any time soon. I need to be certain that we stand a good chance against the Grave Walkers.

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    Wargaming terrain – DIY and Hexon 

    Hexon terrain boards from kallistra are considered prime quality and this comes with the associated costs. Since I’ve started miniatures gaming, I’ve been very budget wise and have tried several terrain solutions.


    My first DIY attempts were rollable mats using acrylic canvas that I textured with paint+speckle where I applied material (dried used coffee grinds, sand, flock) for a realistic look. I should have been more careful when removing the canvas from the frame afterwards (got them framed so that it doesn’t warp when drying) because I had some rough cuts on the canvas sides. My main concern here is that because it’s stored rolled, when unrolling it, it retains it’s rolled shaped, (which is also a problem with my commercial battle mat rolls) and also due to the constant rolling/unrolling it’s prone to constant shedding.

    DIY rollable canvas mat with speckle
    DIY rollable canvas mat with flock

    Next, I’ve made terrain tiles out of acrylic canvas tiles from the dollar store. These worked okayish but were prone to warping which I didn’t take into account when preparing them. I had heavily diluted my PVA glue when gluing my dried used coffee grinds texture material which made things worse. I’ve taken out most of the warping afterwards. I’ve touched them up with static grass later to improve their look. I did a fresh batch of 3 more tiles recently using undiluted PVA to apply sand and flock as texturing and it worked better, but still if I had used the technique I used in my Hexon boards (read further down) it would have been even better. My mistake here was that I applied PVA in the spots I wanted sand, and then applied PVA in the spots I wanted grass. That was tough to handle and I missed many spots and had to touch it up with a spray of diluted PVA which… caused minor warping.

    DIY acrylic canvas tiles upgraded with grass
    DIY acrylic canvas tiles with grass and sand

    Afterwards, I made tiles with foamcore. I cut foamcore into 20×20 cm square tiles so that I can have a ~2×2′ table using 9 tiles, and they are the same size of my acrylic canvas tiles. I got a grass paper mat which I cut to shape for the tiles and glued it on them with universal glue so that I avoid warping. I went above and beyond here by making various terrain features such as a small hill and uneven terrain, ponds, and a road. I even used magnets so that they lock together. My main issue here was twofold. First, handling foamcore is a pain. It’s tough to cut and I even tried a mix of modelling knife and hot wire cutter. Second, cutting perfect square shapes is hard, and I was missing the right tools, such as a metal corner like the ones the woodcutters use, and a cutting surface. Needless to say I spent way to long on these and there’s some minor gaps where four tiles intersect. The paper grass mat was a correct choice though, as it saved me a lot of time, and it was easy to remove grass from it with a bit of water, to create paths and ponds.

    Paper grass roll
    DIY foamcore tiles


    Finally I decided to splurge and go with the Hexon solution that I was eyeing for so long. BREXIT doesn’t help here. I’m located in the EU and there’s unforeseen customs costs, VAT and handling. I had to be extra careful with my order because if you go over a certain weight, then kallistra can’t ship with the Royal Air Mail, but uses a courier service. Courier services have even more pronounced customs handling fees, and I wanted to avoid this. Also VAT is applied on the shipping cost as well, which means that going overboard would extrapolate everything.

    Having these on my mind I was trying to decide what’s best for me. Buy hexon boards or non-hexon terrain features. I went with the first option. Then I had to decide if I’d go for sloped hexes or just terrain features. I decided not to get sloped hexes as the extra boards needed would increase the weight by a lot. Then I had to decide if I’d buy preflocked or not. The reviews said that kallistra does an excellent job of flocking, but I finally went with the bare brown plastic solution that I’ll flock myself, which meant I’d get more things, but still had to make sure I was not overweight.

    So I got me 6 boards which would make a good 2×2′ table, a 3-tile hill, a 3-tile escarpment, a 2-tile hill, a 2-tile rocky outcrop, 4 single tile rocky outcrops, 4 single tile craters, and a 3-tile lake. Given the modularity of the hex tile system this should give me plenty of options to work with.

    When the package arrived, I was thrilled. Of course VAT and handling was like 30% of the price+shipping, so the final price considering shipping was almost double the price of the goods. Yikes.

    The quality though is unparalleled. Sturdy brown plastic material. The boards are stackable and they’re designed so that they only touch in the corners, so your flocking material won’t be harmed while stacking. The boards have clips to keep them together, but I don’t thing they are needed as they almost slot together. The terrain features fit on the hexes of the boards so that they don’t move around. Overall it’s well worth the cost to me.

    So I went ahead and flocked them. I followed the How to guides in the kallistra website. I was really curious about the “glue PVA in one go, apply everything in layers”. Had to get me some disposable trays, but everything worked out fine in the end. A lesson learned it not to overdo it with PVA because it will drip at cliffsides and also puddle at other places creating bald or shiny spots. But this was only minor, and I may or may not touch them up in the future. The end result was well worth it, and I really love what I ended up with.

    Another thing I love about the hexes is that they define areas. So I could get single based trees and shrubs, and consider that the entire hex is an area with that kind of terrain. There’s also the option to buy single hex tiles-bases that you put on top of hexes and you can have them ready with trees and shrubs and rocks but I find this potentially limiting.

    I am thinking of getting more of these in the future, to make some desert and/or snow terrain. Maybe even badlands or dark forest. But that’s more of a wishlist right now.

    Hexon boards flocked with two tones and brown sand
    Hexon boards with all my flocked terrain overlayed

    Lessons learned

    If I’d go DIY again, I’d go for a paper grass mat solution over acrylic canvas tiles, that id flock the sides so that the ends of the paper grass mat aren’t visible, but if I’d have the appropriate storage space, I’d use a paper grass mat over a big foamcore surface like 50×70 cm so that no cutting is involved.

    Nevertheless as a complete solution, I think the hexon boards are the way to go. It’s like 100% better than what I have, and if you buy them bare plastic, then you get to do your own custom designs as you want. For me, that’s a definite winner.

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    In the Aristrax Marches – Ep09 

    Previously in the Aristrax Marches, the Ravens of Gadun hunted down the threat of the Whispers from Beyond and cleared the field from the Taken, husks remaining from people lured into dark pacts and rituals.

    Continuing my Five Leagues from the Borderlands 3rd Edition gaming, even so at a slower pace than before, as real life kicks in strongly.

    Turn 13

    The warband is still outside of a settlement. I’ll need to move them to a village if I am to have them recover from their wounds. Rolling on the Camp Events, I get a result of Only roots and berries so my Upkeep will be only 1 Gold Mark this turn. That’s a cost I’m willing to pay. As usual, Bolga will Forage for Herbs, and he’s very successful, returning with 2 doses of Ironshield root. Caldas fails in his Hunting Expedition.

    For our adventuring I choose that we will Travel to Langecliffe. Travel is Uneventful, so we get the option to Trade (that’s an exception to the standard process flow as explained in the rulebook). We sell a Damaged Standard Weapon and a Bag of Foreign Coins for 4 Gold Marks total.

    On News Travels we roll that the weather is worsening and our foes are laying low. We reduce our injuries Recovery Time by 1 Turn. Also we get to deliver the letter back to the Innkeep for 1 Gold Mark and 1 Adventure Point.

    Turn 13 Map

    Omac takes a close look to his companions. They’re wounded, tired, dirty, feeding only on roots and berries. He knows they’re tasked, but even the strongest horses will founder if overworked. He stands up in the middle of their camp and turns to them.
    “As soon as Bolga and Caldas return from the woods, we shall travel to Langecliffe. Get some proper rest and healing, and then we’ll get back to our task.” He says, and faint smiles appear on their faces.

    Bolga returns with some more herbs, while Caldas returns empty handed. Nevertheless, they set foot on their road as he promised.

    A few days later they reach Langecliffe, just as a black cloud appears on the horizon. They head straight for the Weary Knave, delivering the innkeep his letter, while Omac goes to the market to liquidate some of their valuables. Their rest is well deserved.

    Turn 14

    In the Town Events we rolled that we Got in a fight! again…rolling randomly, it was Temir and we have to pay an extra 3 Gold Marks and to top it off I’ve rolled an Upkeep of 3 Gold Marks. This limits a lot our options for activities, I’ve decided that we will Help the town guard to offset half the upkeep cost and have Myrick visit the healer, which will allow him to join the fight in the same turn. In the Trade phase we will sell another Bag of Coins (you can only sell one item of Valuables per turn unless in a Town) to get 3 Gold Marks.

    Bolga bursts in the hall of the Weary Knave and runs to the table where the rest of the Ravens are sitting.
    “Boss, we need you at the barracks. It’s Temir.” He says as he tries to catch his breath. Omac rises from his seat immediately. He turns to Boots. “You’re in charge until I return. Sell the valuables and get Myrick to the healer.”

    As Bolga and Omac approach the barracks, two guards block the entrance. “Hold it right there!” they shout.
    Omac steps in front. “I’m sure that whatever it is, is a major misunderstanding.”
    Haethelm, the guard captain shouts right behind his men. “Your boy, bashed the heads of two guards together, knocking them out. How can this be misunderstood?”
    Bolga laughs and puts his hand on his cleaver. “Your guards can’t do much good if a ‘boy’ did this.”
    “We’ll pay for any damages to the good name and fame of the Langecliff guards. I’m sure that 3 Golden Marks will do?” Omac asks.
    Haethelm doesn’t respond.
    “And also, the boy, skilled as he is, will serve in the guard for one week under your command. I’m sure you’ll instill him some discipline.” Omac adds.
    “That will do.” The guard captain replies. The guards stand down. Omac steps forward and gives a pouch of coins to Haethelm. “Come take him in one week’s time.” the captain adds.

    For the Adventuring phase we will battle again the Whispers from Beyond Threat. I rolled that they’re in the same map area as the largest settlement, Newhorn, they’re counting their loot, and their end goal is to undermine our progress. I like the rolls, since they fit with my existing story, and it won’t be hard to integrate them in the narrative.

    On our Travel rolls we Meet a Merchant who is Unfriendly. I roll that he’s a Conspirator. Caldas makes a Wits test, but fails. I’d roll at the Enemy Plans, but I have a Negate Enemy Plans ‘card’ in my sleeve, so we get a free pass.

    Turn 14 Map

    A week later, the guard’s name has been restored, and Temir is back with his friends. Uneasy, Omac gathers round the Ravens.
    “We will hunt down any living dead we find. We cannot risk them growing stronger until we destroy Ugmal. Let’s go. We’re heading out.” He orders them and they pack their gear, heading north and gathering rumours of any dead sightings. Word has it they’ve been sighted near Newhorn.

    They’re about halfway to Newhorn, when they meet up with a trader on his cart.
    “Greetings travelers.” He says as they cross paths.
    “Greetings.” Omac responds.
    “Heading to Newhorn?” He asks.
    “Yes, work needs to be done there.” the Raven replies.
    “Work? ah, are you the famed Ravens of Gadun?” the merchant asks. Caldas eyes him carefully, but nothing sets him off.
    “That we are. And we’re on the hunt for any monsters, but particularly dead rising from their graves and torturing the living.” Omac says.
    Normally, any commoner hearing of such news would be white with fear, but the merchant seems unfazed. “No, I have no such knowledge. Safe travels!” He says as he pushes his cart forward and leaves.
    Then it hits Caldas in the head! The manuscript they had found long ago, it spoke of travelling commoners who work for evil forces. “We should take the long route. I don’t think it will be safe to continue straight ahead.” Caldas whispers to Omac, and he nods. They change their route to make sure their approach isn’t revealed to the enemies due to spies.

    I roll that the Enemy is 7 Outcasts (2 slingers) accompanied by a Sergeant. The Terrain theme is a Ruined tower, and our Objective is to Investigate the area (the ruined tower). Rolling for Outflanking, all the enemies are on the table, so there’s none. Our attempt to Seize Initiative fails, troops are placed, and combat is ready to begin.

    It is not too long, that they reach the ruins of an old tower. As they close in to investigate, they see 8 human figures. “Outcasts.” Temir whispers. “Cannibals that have eaten men and women during the harsh winters. They’re no longer men. Darkness has seeped into their souls.”
    The Ravens of Gadun draw their weapons and take positions to fight.

    The Combat

    ROUND 1

    The two sides close in quickly as they dash forward. A slinger shoots at Caldas, but his chain shirt deflects the bullet.

    ROUND 1
    ROUND 2

    Bolga draws first blood. He charges at the nearest outcast, and without hesitation, cleaves his arm at the shoulder, and dies quickly as the blood spurts away.

    Temir draws his longbow and shoots at the enemies approaching, his arrow wounding one of them. Boots follows up with his sling at the wounded enemy, but the unnatural fog that surrounds them causes him to miss.

    The outcast slinger shoots at Bolga, but his brigandine armor saves his life.
    The outcast leader, accompanied by one of his men climbs the ramp of the tower and charge at Boots. But the halfling has Temir’s support and they push them down.

    Omac Gadun casts a strong spell to embolden him, as he sees four enemies approach from the rear side of the tower, while Myrick scouts inside. He finds nothing of interest, but something grabs his attention in the ruins with the blue tile outside.

    ROUND 2
    ROUND 3

    Bolga rushes to the enemy slinger, and hits hard, but the strike is blocked. The force of the blow is such that the outcast is taken aback, but he quickly recovers and disengages from the duskling.

    The sergeant and the wounded outcast climb the ramp again, but both of them are met with Caldas’ pointed end of the rapier. His skill is excellent, they can’t land a hit, and he counter attacks with a slash and jab that ends them both.

    The group of enemies attacks Omac, one by one. The first one hits him, and wounds him. Omac manages to deflect the following hits and the enemy steps back, only for another to follow. This time Omac is focused. With his staff he blocks the attack, and lands a quick blow to the back of his enemy’s head, finishing him. The slinger at the distance launches a projectile to the Raven, but he misses.

    Omac takes a step back and begins an incantation. Soon, his wound is closed, and he’s fit for battle once more.

    With the south side of the tower clear, Boots and Temir head north to assist Omac. Temir’s arrow wounds an outcast, and Boots follows up with a melee strike. The short and stout halfling is so nimble and agile that the outcast didn’t even see him coming. He just saw his entrails hanging from his belly, as he dropped to the ground.

    Their numbers reduced, two outcasts flee to save their lives. Only the slinger against Bolga still stands.

    ROUND 3
    ROUND 4

    Bolga attacks the outcast, who stands no chance. It is not only the strength of the duskling, it is his skill with the cleaver also, which is the last thing the outcast sees before he dies.

    ROUND 4

    Since we held the field, I get to scout the scenario objective, and I rolled that there is Evidence of the enemy being interestined in a remote location. I should add another Unexplored Location, but instead, to align it with the ongoing story, and keep the number of Unexplored Locations manageable, I decide that it’s the Blighted Vale instead.

    Since we held the field, we gain an extra Gold Mark due to the enemy counting their pillage. Also I rolled another Gold Mark from killing the enemy Outcast Sergeant, and an extra Adventure Point since we killed more than 5 from the Whispers from Beyond, and another 2 Adventure Points rolled at the resolution stage from winning against a threat.

    I’ll spend 6 Adventure Points to perform an Adventure Milestone and reduce the Whispers from Beyond Threat by 1 more point, for a final value of 3.

    After XP gain, Myrick levels up, and gained a Will increase.

    We only gain 1 Loot roll, and it’s a Vital information. We rolled on the Quest Find table, that an ally offers respite. We scratch of 2 Recovery Turns, get 5 Gold Marks and all heroes gain +1 XP. This means that Liana is again combat ready, and Boots reached Level 4, and we rolled a Will increase.

    We also have an Unusual Finds roll, which is a Fine Standard Weapon.

    Finally, on the News Travels table, we get that the Enemy is acting against us. Rolling on the Enemy Plans table, we get that the enemy is beginning a dark ritual – Can’t use Luck until Quest is finished. I absolutely love how this fits with the running quest.

    Myrick reaches the ruins. The outcasts had camped there, counting their loot. Among their gold, he finds a sword of fine make, and a letter pointing them to the Blighted Vale.

    As he describes his findings to Omac, the leader feels a dark fog clouding his thoughts. At first he thought that it might have been the worrisome news, but after he cleared his mind, he knew better.
    Dark magic was at work here. Whatever they’re fighting, is fighting back, and won’t stop until it’s sent back to oblivion.

    As they head back to Newhorn, Mina, the Innkeep at Weasel’s Cellar, passes word to them that the duke’s daughter, Argel wants to meet them.

    They head to the keep, where Argel explains that she’s become aware of the rising dead threat and although she went to her father with the news, he didn’t take her seriously. Her informants told her of the Ravens’ exploits and how they are fighting the dead.
    Her father is not at the keep at the moment, so she took advantage of the opportunity to offer them a place to rest properly, and heal from their wounds, having the services of proper physicians. The keep’s library is also at their disposal, and she also gave them as gold as she could spare to assist them.

    “Cleanse our land Gadun.” She pleads to Omac. “Before all is lost.”

    Session Summary

    With the entire warband back in fighting shape, I am thinking of going to the Quest Finale next. Not sure if they have the appropriate skills to do it, or if I should fight the Threats some more. Decisions, decisions.

    I’ve received the hardcopy of the book by mail this week, so I had the opportunity to play while reading the physical copy. I must say it’s a pleasant change from the constant back and forth of the digital screens. I’ll also need to print some warband rosters to go for the full analog experience.

    Print quality is great, and the art and layout is even more prominent. Love it.

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