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    Miniatures pt102 – Droids 

    Here are a few Droids (and a Cyborg) from the Hordes of the Future range by Alternative Armies. Simple paint jobs, easy colour schemes.

    Four legged droid
    Tracked droid
    Anti-grav droid
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    Miniatures pt101 – Aliens 

    A collection of Hordes of the Future Aliens from Alternative Armies. 3 Aquafins, a Calamite, a Felite and a Corpulati.

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    Miniatures pt100 – Ikwen Militia 

    Here is a pack of Ikwen Militia from the Loud Ninja Games range of Alternative Armies. They scale nicely with the rest of my 15mm minis, as they’re on the larger end of the scale.

    For the skin tone I used turquoise blue undercoat glazed with lemon yellow and ultramarine blue for the spikes.

    Ikwen Militia Pack
    Ikwen Militia
    Ikwen Militia
    Ikwen Militia
    Ikwen Militia
    Ikwen Militia
    Ikwen Militia
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    Miniatures pt99 – Free Trader Crew and Ravagers 

    I recently got my shipment from Ground Zero Games. I was curious as to how they scaled in 15mm and it seems that they are in the larger end of 15mm, aka heroic 15mm, 1:100 or 18mm. Which is great, as they’ll fit right in with my Alternative Armies Ion Age and HOF range miniatures. The sculpts are nice and crisp. So to start with, I painted a pack of Free Trader Crew and half a pack (only one pose of each) of Ravagers (Generic Space Pirates/Ravagers/Bad Guys).

    I went with an earth and cool colour palette. Black or Brown coats and boots, blue jeans and overalls and green trousers. I desaturated the blue and greens by mixing some warm gray. I also painted some white shirts but the soft tone wash muddied them up a lot.

    I also went a bit overboard on the bases. Big brown sand spots, rocks and fine sand overall with spots of brown grass. It was more work than usual but I like how they look.

    First Mate
    First Mate
    Security Specialist
    Security Specialist

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    Miniatures pt98 – War Vixen Rider 

    Here is the War Vixen rider from the Ral Partha Europe Blighthaven warband that I hadn’t painted in my last post. Used the same set of colours, and painted the horse with a black colour using Paynes Gray.

    War Vixen Rider
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    Miniatures pt97 – War Vixens and Ice Witches 

    Here are the War Vixens from the Demonworld range of Ral Partha Europe. Actually it’s the foot War Vixens from Blighthaven warbands supplemented by a few Ice Witches from Demonworld. The Blighthaven warbands are skirmish packs from select Demonworld miniatures so they all fit well together. Since I like to dedicate more of my focus when painting mounted miniatures, I didn’t paint the mounted War Vixen from this set in this go.

    I went mostly with red and blue purple colours for the clothing, and also tried out some new colours I got – copper and paynes gray for some details.

    I really like paynes gray for black applications over poor man’s zenithal aka nowadays slapchop. Paynes gray is a semi-opaque cool dark gray colour so the underlying details still come through.

    War Vixen
    War Vixen
    War Vixen
    War Vixen
    War Vixen
    War Vixen
    War Vixen
    Ice Witch
    Ice Witch
    Ice Witch
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    Miniatures pt96 – Ratbeasts and Great Cat 

    Painting further my miniatures from Splintered Light, here are 9 Ratbeasts (without their handlers) and a great cat (from the non-human adventurers pack). I went with earth tones for them.

    The flesh of the Ratbeasts was Naples Yellow Red, with Neutral Gray on the little fur they had, while the Cat was painted with Raw Sienna on the short fur and Burnt Sienna on the longer fur.

    Great Cat
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    In the Aristrax Marches – Ep31 

    Previously in the Aristrax Marches, the Ravens of Gadun hunted down and defeated a duskling warband in a cave complex near Langecliffe.

    Turn 47

    For Town Events I rolled Supportive Locals. The Upkeep was at 1 Gold Mark. For Campaign Activities we Meet the Locals and had a Brief Chat. Gerk went to Pray while Rina Trained. We sold Camp Gear.

    The Ravens of Gadun had been on the road for some time, and the opportunity to rest and resupply in Langecliffe was a welcome one. As they made their way through the village, they were greeted by friendly locals who offered to lend them a hand.
    Bolga, the leader of the warband, stopped to chat with a group of farmers who were busy tending to their crops. “Fine day for a harvest,” he remarked, nodding to the fields of wheat and corn that stretched out as far as the eye could see.
    “Aye, that it is,” one of the farmers replied. “We’re grateful for the rain we’ve had these past few weeks. Makes for a bountiful crop.”
    Caldas, the halfling warrior, was approached by a group of children who were playing a game of tag in the village square. “Hey, mister, do you want to play with us?” one of the children asked.
    Caldas grinned and pulled out his sling. “Sure thing, kiddos. Let’s see if I can keep up with you.”
    Myrick, the rogue, spotted a group of locals gathered around a blacksmith’s forge. He made his way over to see what was going on. “What’s the excitement?” he asked.
    The blacksmith, Eadric, looked up from his work and smiled. “Just finishing up a commission for a local farmer. Nothing too exciting, I’m afraid.”
    Rina, the fey-blooded outsider, headed to an open field outside the village where she could train with her war spear and longbow. She spent a few hours honing her skills, working on her footwork and her aim.
    Meanwhile, Gerk, the Preen warrior, headed to the temple to offer a prayer to his deity. He bowed his head in reverence as he approached the altar, his short sword strapped to his belt.
    As the day wore on, the warband decided to sell some of their camping gear in the market. They set up a stall and began hawking their wares, drawing the attention of several curious locals.
    “Fine swords and camping gear for sale!” Bolga shouted, holding up a finely crafted longsword. “Come and get ’em while they’re hot!”
    One villager approached the stall and eyed the equipment suspiciously. “Where’d you get all this gear?” he asked.
    Bolga smirked. “Let’s just say we came across it in our travels. Trust me, it’s all of the highest quality.”
    In the end, the warband was able to sell most of their gear and make a tidy profit. As the sun began to set, they made their way back to their lodgings, grateful for the hospitality of the friendly locals in Langecliffe.

    For Adventuring we will Travel to the Duskling Hideout to Raid it and eliminate the Duskling Warbands Threat. Travel was Uneventful.

    The warband sits around a small table in the common room of The Weary Knave inn, deep in discussion about their next move. Bolga, the Butcher, takes the lead.
    “We’ve spent enough time in Langecliffe. It’s time to finish what we started and take out that duskling warband once and for all,” he declares, slamming his hand on the table for emphasis.
    Myrick, the Hood, nods in agreement. “We can’t let them keep terrorizing the countryside. It’s time to put an end to it.”
    Rina, who has been sharpening her war spear, speaks up. “We’ll need a plan. They won’t be easy to take down.”
    Bolga nods. “Agreed. We’ll need to scout out their hideout and see what we’re dealing with. Once we have a plan, we strike.”
    Caldas, Boots, leans back in his chair. “I have a contact in a nearby town who might be able to give us some information. I can reach out to him and see what he knows.”
    Gerk, who had been quietly listening, speaks up. “And what about the villagers here? We could use their help. They owe us a debt for protecting them.”
    Myrick scoffs. “They’re farmers and bakers, not warriors. They’ll only get in the way.”
    Bolga glares at him. “We’ll take all the help we can get. We’ll approach them cautiously, see if any of them are willing to lend their aid.”
    With their plan in place, the warband finishes their drinks and prepares to set out on their mission. They gather their weapons and gear, making sure they have everything they need for the journey ahead.
    As they step outside, the sun is setting, casting long shadows across the village square. The villagers look up at them with a mix of fear and admiration, grateful for their protection but wary of their reputation.
    Bolga addresses them, his voice booming. “We’re leaving now, but we’ll be back. And when we return, we’ll have rid this land of the duskling warband for good.”
    The villagers nod their heads, some murmuring words of encouragement. As the warband makes their way out of the village and into the darkening forest, they know that the road ahead will be fraught with danger. But they are ready to face whatever lies ahead, for the sake of the people they have sworn to protect.

    The enemy was rolled to be 8 Prowling Renegades and a Captain.

    As the Ravens of Gadun approach the duskling hideout, they keep their guard up and move cautiously. The hideout is nestled in a rocky outcropping, with a narrow entrance that is easily defended. The warband takes a moment to observe the perimeter and notice several patrolling renegades, some of them dragging weapons behind them while they scout for potential enemies.
    Bolga turns to his companions and speaks in a low voice, “Looks like there’s a fair number of them, but we can take them. We’ll need to be careful though, they’re bound to have traps set up.”
    Myrick nods in agreement, “We’ll need to find a way to lure them out, or take them out one by one.”
    Caldas adds, “I could try to sneak in and take out their captain, that might help.”
    Rina nods, “We’ll have to move quickly. The longer we wait, the more likely it is that they’ll catch onto us.”
    Gerk interjects, “Let’s not forget that we’ve got Kael with us. He could prove useful in a surprise attack.”
    The warband spends a few more moments observing the duskling hideout and devising a plan. They note the location of the traps and possible points of entry, then head back a safe distance to finalize their strategy.
    Bolga looks at his companions and says, “Alright, let’s do this. We’ll take them by surprise and hit them hard. Stay alert and watch each other’s backs.”
    The warband nods in agreement, then sets off towards the duskling hideout, ready to engage in battle.


    As the sun begins to set, the Ravens of Gadun approach the duskling hideout, moving quietly and with purpose. Caldas and Kael slink off to the east, making their way through the cover of trees and underbrush. Bolga and Myrick, meanwhile, make their way to the southern rock outcropping, taking care not to make a sound as they climb up and survey the hideout below.
    Once they’re all in position, Caldas manages to find a hidden passage leading into the heart of the hideout. He moves quickly and quietly, but one of the duskling archer guards spots him and sounds the alarm. The rest of the warband hears the signal and begins to move quickly towards the source of the disturbance.
    “Damn it,” Caldas hisses to himself as he draws his sword, ready for whatever comes next. “I was hoping to avoid this.”
    Bolga and Myrick exchange a quick glance before silently nodding to each other and heading towards the commotion. They move with practiced ease, their weapons at the ready, prepared to take down whatever stands in their way.
    As they move closer to the sound of the alarm, they can see the rest of the duskling warband starting to gather, weapons drawn, and ready for a fight. The Ravens of Gadun are outnumbered, but they’re not afraid. They’ve fought against worse odds before and come out on top.
    “Looks like we’re in for a bit of a scrap,” Myrick says with a grin, unsheathing his Heartseeker blade. “Let’s give ’em hell.”
    Bolga nods, his face a mask of determination. “We finish this today, once and for all,” he says. “No more hiding in the shadows. It’s time to take the fight to them.”
    And with that, the warband charges forward, ready to face whatever dangers await them in the duskling hideout.

    Sneak Round
    Round 1

    Caldas moved swiftly through the passage and found himself face to face with the duskling leader, a towering figure covered in scars and tattoos. With a fierce battle cry, Caldas charged at the enemy leader, his fencing sword at the ready. But the duskling was not easily defeated, and he swung his axe with deadly precision, striking Caldas with a heavy blow that sent the halfling flying to the ground, unconscious and bleeding.
    Meanwhile, Bolga was trying to push through the enemy lines to reach the leader. He was blocked by several duskling warriors, but his sheer determination allowed him to climb the rock outcropping and attack one of the enemy from behind. His cleaver sliced through the duskling’s back, killing him instantly. Myrick followed closely behind Bolga, keeping his blade ready to strike, but the duskling warriors kept their distance and tried to shoot arrows at the two heroes. However, the arrows bounced harmlessly off their armor.
    As the fight intensified, the duskling leader showed his strength and combat prowess by taking on Myrick with two of his warriors at once. Myrick dodged and parried the duskling’s strikes, but the enemy leader was relentless. Rina fired her longbow from the south, trying to hit the duskling archer, but her aim was off and the arrow missed.
    On the eastern side, Kael charged at a duskling guard, hoping to break through the enemy lines. However, the duskling was ready for him and pushed Kael back with a powerful bash. Despite the heroes’ bravery, the duskling warband refused to retreat.
    The duskling leader was a fearsome sight, covered in scars and tattoos. He wore a chainmail shirt and carried a battle axe with deadly precision. His eyes glowed with a fierce red light, revealing the power of his fey blood.

    Round 1
    Round 2

    Bolga cuts down a duskling warrior who stands in his way, his cleaver slicing through the enemy’s flesh and bone. With a path cleared, Myrick charges towards the duskling leader, his Heartseeker blade glinting in the dim light of the hideout. The duskling leader tries to defend himself, but Myrick’s sword finds its mark twice, cutting through the leader’s armour and bringing him down dead.
    Meanwhile, Rina fires her longbow at a duskling archer, but the arrow is stopped by the thick hide armor. The other duskling archer shoots at Myrick, but his Stout Defender magical armor saves him from harm. Two duskling warriors try to attack Bolga and Myrick, but they are quickly dispatched by the heroes.
    On the eastern flank, Kael fends off a duskling’s attack and finds the distance to shoot his crossbow at the enemy, the bolt killing the duskling with a well-placed shot. Rina shoots her bow again, aiming at the duskling archer who had broken his bowstring, but her arrow misses the mark.
    Seeing his comrades defeated, the last duskling archer flees, leaving only the duskling with the broken bowstring standing in the battlefield against the warband. The duskling looks around, realizing he is the only one left. He drops his bow and draws his sword, preparing for a fight.
    “You’ve got guts, I’ll give you that,” Bolga says, grinning at the duskling. “But it’s time to face your fate.”

    Round 2
    Round 3

    The duskling snarls, lunging forward with his sword. Bolga parries the attack with his cleaver, and Myrick follows up with a thrust from his Heartseeker blade, piercing the duskling’s armor and ending his life. The warband stands victorious, their enemies defeated.

    Round 3


    We rolled 2 Adventure Points earned for being Victorious against an Enemy Threat and got 1 Adventure Point for slaying an enemy Captain. 6 Adventure Points were spent directly on reducing the Duskling Threat by 1, going to 0 and effectively eliminating them.
    Caldas was merely Dead but I spent a Story Point and he was Moderately Injured for 1 Turn of Recovery.
    Caldas earned 1 XP, while the rest of the warband 2 XP each, and Myrick 3 XP. Rina advanced to Level 3 and earned a Combat Skill increase.
    We had 2 Loot rolls for achieving the Objective which was a Maille of Shadows, going to Gerk and a set of Throwing Knives. Also for Holding the Field we got 2 Unusual Finds which were a Captive from Fey Wall and a Key Individual Slain earning us 2 Adventure Points more.
    On News Events rolled, a virulent disease is at *Langecliffe.
    For clearing a Threat we earned 1 Story Point and a Loot roll which was another set of Throwing Knives.
    For the overall Victory we rolled 4 Story Points and 8 Gold Marks.

    The Ravens of Gadun emerged victorious from the bloody battle against the duskling warbands, but not without taking some casualties. Caldas was lucky to have survived the skirmish, albeit with some moderate injuries.
    As the warband began looting the battlefield, they found a valuable enchanted armour, the Maille of Shadows, and a set of throwing knives. Myrick inspected the Maille of Shadows and confirmed its magical properties, while Bolga examined the throwing knives with great interest.
    “Looks like we’ve hit the jackpot, lads!” Bolga exclaimed with a grin. “These throwing knives will come in handy on our next adventure.”
    But the most valuable find was the slain duskling leader, who turned out to be a key figure among the enemy warbands. The warband knew that this victory would weaken the enemy’s morale and give them an advantage in future battles.
    As they continued to search the battlefield, they came across a captive villager from Fey Wall. Myrick approached the prisoner, his Heartseeker blade still in hand, and asked, “What’s your name, lad?”
    The villager looked up at Myrick, his eyes wide with fear. “M-My name is… is E-Edric, sir.”
    Myrick sheathed his blade and helped Edric to his feet. “You’re safe now, Edric. We’ll take you back to your village.”
    The warband made their way back to Langecliffe, but news of a virulent disease in the village had reached their ears. They decided it was best not to risk infection and made camp outside the village.
    “We’ll wait until the disease has passed before we head in,” Kael said. “We don’t want to risk bringing it back.”
    The warband settled in for the night, exhausted but victorious. They knew that the road ahead would be difficult, but they were prepared for whatever lay ahead.

    The warband of Ravens of Gadun, weary and wounded, emerged victorious from the final battle against the Duskling Warbands, and their spirits were lifted by the news that the Aristrax Marches were finally safe. The weight of their accomplishments and the memories of their fallen friends weighed heavy on them, but they found solace in the fact that their mission was finally complete.
    Bolga, the Butcher, led the group in a small celebration. They lit a bonfire and drank ale and wine that they had plundered from the enemy’s stores. They shared stories of their battles and the fallen, remembering their bravery and sacrifice.
    “We did it, my friends!” Bolga declared, raising his mug of ale. “We have secured the Aristrax Marches from all major organized threats. The villagers are safe, and the lands are secure. We have achieved what Omac set out to do, and we did it together.”
    Caldas, the halfling, sat quietly beside the fire, his leg propped up on a log. “But at what cost?” he muttered to himself, gazing into the flames.
    Myrick, the Hood, noticed the halfling’s somber mood and sat beside him. “What’s troubling you, Caldas?” he asked.
    Caldas sighed heavily. “So many of our friends are dead, and for what? To secure a piece of land that will never truly be safe? There will always be threats, always be battles. Is it worth it?”
    Myrick placed a hand on the halfling’s shoulder. “We did what we had to do to protect the innocent. That’s all that matters. We can’t control what the future holds, but we can be proud of what we’ve accomplished.”
    Rina, Gerk, and Kael nodded in agreement, raising their own mugs to toast the fallen.
    The warband spent the rest of the night reminiscing and honoring their dead. The next morning, they would need to decide on their next steps, but for now, they were content to celebrate their victory and the memories of those who had fallen along the way.

    As the Ravens of Gadun recollect their accomplishments and the memories of their fallen comrades, a solemn silence falls over the warband. Bolga, the Butcher, stands tall and proud, surveying the battlefield with a mixture of pride and sorrow.
    “We have fought well,” he says, his voice booming across the clearing. “Our mission is complete, and the Aristrax Marches are safe once more. But we cannot forget the sacrifices that were made. Our fallen comrades will be forever remembered.”
    Caldas nods in agreement, his wounds nearly healed. “We could not have done it without each other,” he says. “We have all played our part in this.”
    Myrick, the Hood, steps forward, his eyes flickering with a mischievous light. “And let’s not forget the treasures we found,” he says. “These will come in handy for future battles.”
    Rina, the fey-blooded outsider, steps forward as well, her war spear at her side. “But what of our next move?” she asks. “Do we continue on, searching for new threats to vanquish? Or do we return home, to rest and regroup?”
    Gerk, the Preen warrior, speaks up. “I say we stay together. We have been through too much to simply disband now. There are always new threats to be found.”
    Kael, the Feral outsider, nods in agreement. “I am with Gerk. We stay together, and we continue our mission. The Aristrax Marches may be safe for now, but there are other lands that need us.”
    The warband falls silent, each member lost in thought. Bolga looks around at his companions, seeing the determination in their eyes.
    “Very well,” he says, a hint of a smile tugging at his lips. “We will continue on. The Ravens of Gadun ride once more.”
    As the warband sets off into the distance, their path uncertain but their spirits high, they know that they will face many more challenges in the future. But they also know that they are stronger together, and that their bond of brotherhood will see them through whatever trials may come.
    And so, the Ravens of Gadun ride on, their legacy secure, their name feared by their enemies and celebrated by their allies.

    Campaign Review

    It’s done!!!
    And with this battle, 31 Session Episodes and 47 Turns, the Aristrax Marches campaign in Five Leagues from the Borderlands is at long last complete.
    Feelings are positively mixed, the long grind made it difficult at times, and I risked burn out, but on the other hand I wanted a long campaign and the accomplishment now is under my belt.

    What I liked:

    • A vivid world. All the different tables connect together and provide more than ample feedback for prover narrative. Combat is fun and fast. Characters are unique. Enemies require different tactics. A great experience.

    What could be better:

    • An option to have the campaign driven by the rulebook. At the moment it’s all up to the player to decide how the story will go. I’d like it better if the player’s hand was forced more often than not, and the player choice to be a welcome respite. The framework to do this is there.

    What was the difficulty:

    • The game is not inherently balanced, but I have a slight feeling that for non-mystic characters, the Combat Skill increase is weighed heavily, and this can lead to a quick increase to CS +3 which can move the scales in favor of the warband. Once you’re well equipped with armor and weapons, combat can easily be in your favor.

    Overall this was a very enjoyable experience, but I am also relieved that I can let myself free to try out something else now, since I had focused on the campaign finish task and I didn’t want to deviate from it (though I did a few times) until it was complete. I decided to do it this way mainly to ensure that I would finish the campaign within a logical time frame (I’d hate for it to draw longer than one year, and it was already almost 14 months in), and to avoid forgetting the narrative due to other concurrent stories from other campaigns.
    As I wrote in a previous post, perhaps if I worked through the campaign in a slower pace, with more focus on the story and what made sense, this could be even more fun, but as I was nearing the finish I just wanted to have it done.
    ChatGPT has really helped me with the narrative texts, as the story becomes an interesting read to me also. I doubt I’d be able to keep up with the story in such a detailed manner if it wasn’t for AI support.

    With this complete, I’ll be focusing a bit on miniatures painting. As for the next choice for gaming, I think it will be either shorter or less intensive. I’m leaning towards sci-fi themes now, but I haven’t settled on anything yet, nor have I decided if it will be RPG or skirmish.

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    In the Aristrax Marches – Ep30 

    Previously in the Aristrax Marches, the Ravens of Gadun hunted down and defeated a Wyvern in it’s lair near Langecliffe. However during the battle with the beast, Temir was stung by the Wyvern’s venomous tail and perished.

    Turn 46

    The Ravens of Gadun arrive in Langecliffe with heavy hearts, carrying the corpse of their fallen comrade Temir. They make their way to the local temple, where they hope to find a priest to perform the funeral service.
    Inside the temple, they find a somber atmosphere with dimly lit candles and the faint scent of incense. Bolga approaches the altar and speaks to the priest, a somber man in simple robes.
    “We’ve come to give our fallen brother a proper send-off. Will you help us with the funeral service?”
    The priest nods solemnly and begins to prepare the altar. Myrick steps forward and lays Temir’s body on the altar. Rina places a sprig of mistletoe on his chest, a traditional symbol of protection in fey culture.
    The priest begins the service, his voice echoing throughout the temple. “We gather here today to honor the life and passing of Temir. Though he was not of our community, he fought alongside us and earned our respect. We mourn his loss and offer him to the embrace of the gods.”
    As the priest speaks, the Ravens of Gadun take turns offering their own words of remembrance and farewell. Myrick shares a few tales of Temir’s exploits, while Caldas recalls his infectious laughter and love of song.
    Finally, Bolga steps forward to offer the final words. “Temir was a brave warrior and a true friend. He gave his life for our cause, and we will never forget his sacrifice. Rest in peace, brother.”
    With the service complete, the Ravens of Gadun prepare to take Temir’s body to a nearby graveyard. As they make their way out of the temple, they hear a faint chuckle from one of the temple’s acolytes.
    “That was a lovely service. Shame Temir won’t be able to enjoy it himself.”
    The Ravens exchange a look of confusion, unsure of how to respond. The acolyte just chuckles and shakes his head.
    “Ah, never mind. Just an old joke. May the gods guide you on your journey.”
    The Ravens of Gadun nod in appreciation and continue on their way, their minds still heavy with grief but their spirits lifted by the knowledge that they have given Temir a proper farewell.

    For Town Events I rolled that we Got Swindled and lost 6 Gold Marks! The Sneaky Thieves that stole our gold have a Camp near Langecliffe, but we will stay on course, as we can take the hit for now. The rules don’t say for how long the camp will stay in place. The Upkeep was at 3 Gold Marks.

    The Ravens of Gadun had just returned to their camp after a long day of scouting and planning. As they settled in for the night, they realized that six gold marks were missing from their stash. Furious, they searched through their belongings, but the money was nowhere to be found.
    “Bloody thieves!” Bolga cursed, slamming his fist on the makeshift table.
    “We can’t let them get away with this,” Caldas growled, his hand already on his sword hilt.
    Myrick, however, raised a hand to calm them down. “We need to focus on the bigger threat right now. We can deal with these scoundrels later.”
    Rina nodded in agreement. “They won’t get far. We’ll find them eventually.”
    And so, they spent the night discussing their plans to take down the duskling warband, but the thought of the stolen gold still gnawed at them.
    The next day, they discreetly inquired around and eventually learned of the thieves’ camp. However, they knew that pursuing them would take time and resources, which they couldn’t spare at the moment.
    “We’ll deal with them after the duskling warband is taken care of,” Bolga declared, his eyes flashing with determination.
    The others nodded in agreement, but Myrick couldn’t help but feel a sense of unease. He knew that leaving the thieves unpunished could come back to bite them in the future.
    For now, though, they had more pressing matters to attend to. The Ravens of Gadun continued with their preparations, keeping a wary eye out for any further treachery.

    For Campaign Activities we Recruited a Follower successfully. I wanted a Feral since I hadn’t had the opportunity to try out this Origin. I used a cat-folk miniature I painted recently, and used ChatGPT to build upon this for the character and backstory.

    The Ravens of Gadun had just lost one of their own, and they needed to find someone to fill the gap in their ranks. Bolga, the warband leader, knew that they couldn’t afford to be short-handed when they faced their enemies.
    They had heard rumors of a skilled warrior with cat-like reflexes, and Bolga had decided to seek him out. The warband had made their way to the local inn, hoping to find someone who fit the bill.
    As they entered the inn, they were greeted by the smell of ale and cooking meat. The place was bustling with people, and they could see groups of travelers and locals huddled together in various corners of the room.
    Bolga scanned the room, his keen eyes searching for any sign of the feral warrior. Suddenly, he caught a glimpse of a figure with white fur sitting alone in a corner. He motioned for his companions to follow him, and they made their way to the table.
    “Good evening,” Bolga said, addressing the feral warrior. “We’re looking for a skilled fighter to join our warband. Would you be interested?”
    The feral warrior looked up, his piercing green eyes locking onto Bolga’s. “I might be,” he said. “What’s in it for me?”
    Bolga smiled, knowing that he had the warrior’s interest. “We’ll pay you well,” he said. “And you’ll be fighting alongside some of the best warriors in the land.”
    The feral warrior considered Bolga’s offer for a moment before nodding his head. “Alright,” he said. “I’ll join you.”
    “Excellent,” Bolga said, grinning. “What’s your name, warrior?”
    The feral warrior stood up, his white fur glimmering in the dim light of the inn. “My name is Kael,” he said. “And I look forward to fighting alongside you.”

    The other Campaign Activity is that Rina will train for 1 XP.
    On the Trade step we will sell Bag of Coins for 3 Gold Marks and a Thief’s tools.

    The warband enters a small shop located in a narrow alley. The shopkeeper, a skinny and haggard-looking man, greets them with a forced smile. Bolga approaches the counter, placing the bag of coins and the set of tools in front of the shopkeeper.
    “I want to sell these,” Bolga says bluntly.
    The shopkeeper inspects the items carefully before nodding. “I can give you one gold mark for the tools and three for the coins.”
    Bolga nods and takes the offered coins. “Deal.”
    As the warband leaves the shop, Rina mentions she wants to spend some time practicing her skills. The group heads to an open area outside the city walls. Rina starts by warming up, doing some stretches and exercises. She then takes out her war spear and begins practicing different moves and techniques.
    Caldas approaches her, watching her movements with interest. “You’re pretty good with that spear,” he comments.
    Rina smiles, “Thanks, I’ve been using it for a long time. It’s my go-to weapon.”
    The two of them continue chatting as Rina practices, with Caldas occasionally giving her tips and suggestions. The sun starts to set as Rina finishes up her training, feeling more confident in her skills. The warband then heads back to their lodgings to rest for the night.

    For adventuring we are hunting down the Duskling warbands threat. They’re in the same map area as Langecliffe, and are hunting my warband and if we lose they will carry out part of the enemy sheme. It’s a Death Sworn Warrior warband of 8 and a Sergeant. The objective is to Search for Something and the theme is Cave Complex.

    As the Ravens of Gadun set out to scout for duskling warbands near Langecliffe, Bolga, the Butcher, briefs the warband on their mission.
    “All right, listen up. We’re looking for any sign of the duskling warbands that have been causing trouble in the area. We’re also searching for something of interest in the cave complex that we’ll be passing by. Keep your wits about you, and be ready for anything.”
    Caldas, the halfling warrior, chimes in, “And remember, we’re not just fighting for ourselves. We’re fighting for our fallen comrade, Temir.”
    Myrick, the human rogue, nods in agreement. “That’s right. Let’s make those duskling bastards pay for what they did to Temir.”
    Rina, the fey-blooded outsider, silently grips her war spear, her eyes fixed on the terrain ahead.
    As the warband reaches the cave complex, Bolga orders them to halt.
    “Something’s not right here,” he says, scanning the area for signs of danger.
    Suddenly, the warband is ambushed by a group of duskling warriors, led by their fierce leader.
    Bolga quickly issues orders to his team, “Take cover! Protect Rina and Myrick. Caldas, use your sling to take out any enemies from a distance.”
    As the battle draws near, the warband readies their weapons and prepares for the fight of their lives.


    For this battle I will be using the theatre of the mind rules as I wasn’t in the mood to set up the table.

    Round 1

    As the battle rages on, Myrick tries to gain a better position to charge the dusklings, but he takes a wrong turn and stumbles. Bolga charges forward and manages to wound a duskling, eventually killing the enemy with a final blow. Caldas, a halfling warrior, also joins the fray and attempts to take down one of the dusklings, but the enemy is able to fend off his attacks.
    Meanwhile, Rina skillfully defends herself against a duskling’s assault with her war spear, deflecting the blows and pushing the enemy back. Another duskling tries to attack Caldas, but the halfling warrior proves to be a tough opponent and manages to parry the strikes.
    Two dusklings then turn their attention to Myrick, but the seasoned warrior is able to counter their attacks and kill one of them. As the fighting continues, one of the dusklings decides to flee from the battle, perhaps sensing that the odds are not in their favor.
    Despite some initial setbacks, the Ravens of Gadun fight bravely, determined to emerge victorious from the skirmish. However, the outcome of the battle remains uncertain, and the warband must continue to fight with all their might to defeat the remaining dusklings.

    Round 2

    Caldas scurried along the cave walls, his halfling size allowing him to move almost unnoticed. He stopped by a corner, his keen senses picking up something ahead. He turned back to the warband and gestured Bolga over, pointing out the location of their objective.
    Bolga gave a nod of acknowledgement and moved to where Caldas pointed. The rest of the group followed, warily watching their surroundings for any more ambushes.
    Myrick was determined to take down the duskling leader and charged forward. However, he misjudged the distance and stumbled, leaving himself open to attack.
    Gerk took advantage of the distraction and quickly darted forward, slashing at the leader with his short sword. The duskling leader retaliated, but Gerk’s quick reflexes allowed him to deflect the blows.
    Another duskling came at Gerk, but the birdfolk fighter fought it off with ease.
    Rina was also targeted by a duskling, but she skillfully countered the attack with her war spear, stabbing and killing the enemy.
    As the skirmish continued, another duskling fled the scene. The warband regrouped, preparing for the next move.

    Round 3

    Bolga searched the area around the cave complex and quickly found signs of the duskling warbands passing through. “I’ve found something!” he shouted to the rest of the warband. Caldas charged at the wounded duskling leader, determined to take him down. The halfling darted forward with his short sword in hand, but the enemy leader was not so easily defeated. With a strong blow, the duskling knocked Caldas out cold.
    The duskling leader, now turning his attention to Bolga, charged at the imposing orc with his own blade drawn. The two engaged in a fierce duel, trading blows and parries, but in the end, it was Bolga who emerged victorious. With a swift, powerful swing of his cleaver, Bolga hacked down the duskling leader.
    Meanwhile, another duskling tried to take advantage of the situation by attacking Bolga from behind, but the orc warrior was too quick for him. With a deft movement of his blade, he fended off the attack and quickly turned to face his new foe.
    Myrick, for his part, was not having much luck in the fight. He attempted to charge one of the dusklings, but his efforts were in vain as he failed to cover the distance. Nonetheless, he stood his ground and blocked the duskling’s attacks, determined not to fall.
    As the battle raged on, another duskling fled the scene, clearly realizing that he was outmatched. Only two of the enemy remained, fighting fiercely against the warband.

    Round 4

    Bolga swings his cleaver, the blade flashing in the dim light of the cave. The dusklings back away, trying to avoid his deadly strikes. With a fierce roar, Bolga charges forward, the cleaver whistling through the air. The duskling tries to dodge, but it’s too slow. The first blow slices through its arm, and the second cleaves its skull in two. The dusklings’ body falls to the ground, twitching in its death throes.
    As Bolga turns to face the last remaining enemy, the dusklings’ fear is evident in its eyes. It lunges forward, trying to strike Bolga with its jagged claws, but Bolga is too quick. He sidesteps the attack, the cleaver poised for the killing blow. But as the duskling realizes the fight is hopeless, it turns and runs away.
    Bolga watches the dusklings’ retreating form, feeling a sense of satisfaction that the warband has achieved their objective. He turns to his comrades, a grin on his face. “Looks like we’re done here,” he says. “Let’s gather up our things and head back to camp.”


    We rolled 3 Adventure Points earned for being Victorious against an Enemy Threat. 6 Adventure Points were spent directly on reducing the Duskling Threat by 1, going down to the last 1.
    Caldas was merely Knocked Out.
    Caldas earned 1 XP, while the rest of the warband 2 XP each. Kael earned the Scouting skill in the Flash of Insight, and also I spent 6 Adventure Points to make him a Hero.
    We had 1 Loot roll for achieving the Objective which was a Camp Gear. Also for Holding the Field we got Unusual Finds which was a Fine Standard Weapon.
    On News Events rolled, an old Friend sent us a Letter.

    As Caldas regained consciousness, the group searched the area for any spoils of war. Bolga scoured the battlefield and came across a fine sword that was worth a small fortune. Caldas found a set of camping gear that would be useful for their future expeditions.
    With their task complete, they returned to Langecliffe to rest and recover. As they arrived, they were surprised to receive a letter from their friend Damay, a roving halfling knight.
    Gerk eagerly opened the letter and read it aloud to the group, “My dear friends, I hope this letter finds you well. I’ve been on the road for some time now, searching for adventure and fortune. I’ve recently come across some information that may be of interest to you. It concerns an ancient tomb, deep within the Savage Mountains. I believe it to be full of treasure and ancient artifacts. If you’re interested, meet me in the town of Newhorn in three weeks’ time. Yours truly, Damay.”
    Excitement filled the group as they pondered the possibility of riches and glory.

    Session Summary

    Running the battle without miniatures is so much faster! It was a refreshing choice after all the previous battles, and I’m all ready for the final battle at the Duskling Hideout. If we’re successful (which is very much likely, considering the skills of the warband), then this will be the closure of this really long campaign in Five Leagues from the Borderlands.
    I might consider doing some Special Episodes in the future, unfettered from victory conditions or the strict continuation of the campaign. Like I will be able to do some missions to eliminate the strugglers in the enemy camps or anything similar if I feel like it, in between whatever game I may be running then.
    But I get ahead of myself. We still have one final hideout battle to win and the enemy numbers are going to be higher than normal since we also found evidence of the enemy movements in the region. The loss of Temir is going to weigh heavily against us.

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    In the Aristrax Marches – Ep29 

    Previously in the Aristrax Marches, the Ravens of Gadun hunted down and defeated a duskling warband near Fey Wall. However news reached them of a rampaging monster near Langecliffe.

    Turn 45

    For Town Events I rolled that we Got in a Fight however, a friend managed to get us out of the tough spot. The Upkeep was at 1 Gold Mark, and Rina reduced her healing time by one turn, and is ready for battle. Temir Prayed to earn a +5 on a prospective Injury roll, but the Devotion skill test was unsuccessful, so the blessing will only last for this turn. On the Trade step we will sell Art Object for 3 Gold Marks and a Partial Armour. We decided to Travel to Langecliffe to hunt down the monster in the Monster Lair. I decided to keep the suspense of what monster it is until the last minute, when we see it on the battlefield.

    Gerk was never one to shy away from a fight, and it wasn’t long before he found himself in one with a local. The fight ended with the yokel lying flat on the ground, but it also meant trouble for the warband as the yokel’s family demanded recompense for their injured relative.
    Thankfully, Aliol was available in Fey Wall to help out. As a scholar, he had a way with words, and he spoke for the Ravens of Gadun, convincing the locals that no recompense was due. “You see, good people,” Aliol began, his voice calm and reasonable, “my companions were only defending themselves. They meant no harm, but the yokel here was insistent on causing trouble.”
    The locals murmured amongst themselves, but Aliol continued to speak. “We will leave Fey Wall and not return soon, but we ask that you do not trouble us further. We are on a mission, and any further delays will only hinder our progress.”
    The locals seemed to agree with Aliol’s words, and they dispersed without any further confrontation. Rina’s injury had healed with rest, and Temir spent his time praying to the old gods. Gerk, on the other hand, took the opportunity to train in combat skills.
    Despite the setback in Fey Wall, the warband managed to sell some art objects and a studded leather, and they decided to travel to Langecliffe to find the monster lair. The journey was uneventful, and they arrived in the small town without any trouble.
    As they made their way through the town, they overheard whispers of the monster in the surrounding region. “It’s been attacking caravans and travelers,” said a local merchant, shaking his head. “Some say it’s the work of dusklings.”
    The warband exchanged a look, knowing that dusklings were involved meant trouble. “We’ll need to find this monster and put a stop to it,” Myrick said firmly.
    With that, the warband set off to find the monster lair and put an end to its rampage.


    Caldas was successful on our Scouting skill test, so we found the entrance to the lair easily. I rolled a theme for the battlefield to be the Edge of Woods.

    Scout Step

    Caldas crept through the thick forest, his senses heightened as he searched for any signs of the monster lair. The dense foliage obscured his vision, but he moved carefully, making as little noise as possible. As he moved deeper into the woods, he saw a small clearing up ahead.
    He approached the clearing cautiously, scanning his surroundings for any signs of danger. As he stepped into the open space, he saw a strange mark on the ground – a series of clawed footprints that seemed to lead into the forest. He followed the tracks, his heart racing with anticipation.
    Caldas continued to scout the lair alone, moving silently through the dense forest. He searched every nook and cranny, looking for any signs of the monster. As he reached the second curious location, he saw the tracks of the beast. They were fresh and deep, a clear indication that the monster was nearby.
    Caldas slowly moved towards the tracks, his hand gripping his weapon tightly. He approached a large boulder and saw the monster’s lair hidden behind it. He peered around the edge of the boulder and saw the Wyvern, still unaware of his presence.
    Caldas quickly signaled to the rest of the warband that it was time to move in and prepare to fight. They had been expecting a difficult battle, but none of them were prepared for the monstrous sight that awaited them in the heart of the Wyvern’s lair.

    Scout Step
    Round 1

    Temir, with his Heartseeker blade, charged forward to attack the beast. The magical sword glimmered as it sliced through the thick hide of the Wyvern. However, the beast was still strong, and it retaliated with a swift jab from its tail. Temir prepared for a counter-attack, but the poison sting brought him down.
    Caldas attempted to flank the Wyvern, but his slim fencing sword proved useless against the scales. The Wyvern thrashed around, sending Caldas back.
    Bolga saw an opening and went in for an attack from the other side. His cleaver hacked at the Wyvern, wounding it further, but the beast was still alive. He tried to slash at it again, but it only left a scratch. On his third strike, Bolga failed to get through the thick hide.
    The Wyvern took to the air and jumped above the heroes’ heads, landing in front of Myrick. It attempted to attack him, but the skilled warrior evaded all three of its strikes.
    Having taken some distance, Myrick pulled out his bow and shot arrows at the Wyvern, but they merely bounced off its scaly hide.
    Rina, however, took aim with her fey-eyes, her arrow finding a gap and wounding the Wyvern. The beast was barely standing.
    Gerk, emboldened by the furious fighting, attacked the Wyvern in melee, but the Wyvern counterattacked. Gerk’s strong birdfolk short and stout stature saved him from being crushed.
    “I can’t get through its scales!” Caldas shouted, struggling to get back on his feet.
    “Then aim for the eyes or the wings!” Rina yelled back, drawing another arrow.
    “We need to take it down now!” Bolga grunted, swinging his cleaver again.
    “We can’t let Temir’s sacrifice go to waste!” Myrick added, loosing another arrow.
    The Wyvern roared in fury, its wings flapping wildly, creating gusts of wind that sent debris flying in all directions. The heroes braced themselves for the final showdown, determined to take down the beast or die trying.

    Round 1
    Round 2

    Bolga’s cleaver sliced through the air, striking the Wyvern’s exposed flank. The beast let out a deafening roar, turning its attention towards Bolga. But it was too late. The cleaver had found its mark, and the Wyvern’s lifeless body fell to the ground.
    Bolga let out a triumphant yell and wiped the sweat from his brow. “That’s how you take down a monster,” he said, grinning at his companions. “Good work, everyone.”
    Myrick nodded in agreement. “Indeed. It was a tough fight, but we emerged victorious.”
    Gerk chuckled. “Ha! And they said we were just a bunch of misfits. Who’s laughing now?”
    Rina smiled at her fellow warband members. “We make a good team,” she said, admiring the group’s different strengths and skills.

    Round 2


    We got 1 Adventure Point earned for Defeating an aberration.
    Temir injury roll gave a result of Dead! even with the extra Blessing. I checked by inventory and I can’t find the dose of Silvertree Leaf, perhaps I had used it before and I can’t remember! Nonetheless this means that we lost a major party member. Not one of the core heroes (Defeat Condition), but a pillar of strength in my fights, that will be missed. I rolled that the Heartseeker blade would be damaged, but this cannot happen according to the rules, so no item was damaged. For losing a hero, we earn 1 Story Point.
    The Reward Rating of the Wyvern is 3, which means 3 XP more for the hero pool, 3 Loot rolls, and 3 Gold Marks. Plus 1 Story Point.
    Bolga, Rina and Myrick earned 3 XP each, while Gerk and Caldas earned 2 XP each.
    Caldas advances to Level 7 earning one Agility Increase, Gerk advances to Level 2 earning a point of Luck and Rina advances to Level 2 earning one Agility Increase.
    The 3 Loot Rolls are Thief’s tools, a Bag of Coins worth 3 Gold Marks and a Fine Bastard Sword.
    On News Events rolled, another Caravan will be at Langecliffe for 2 Turns.

    The warband trudged through the forest, heavy-hearted with the loss of their companion Temir. The poison of the Wyvern had been too potent, too fast, and despite the blessing of the priest, it was not enough to save him.
    Bolga, the fierce duskling warrior who dealt the final blow to the Wyvern, was quiet as they collected the spoils of their victory. He knew that the loss of Temir weighed heavily on the group, and there was little he could say to ease their pain.
    As they made their way towards Langecliffe, a small village on the outskirts of the forest, news of a caravan reached their ears. The warband knew that this could be an opportunity for them to restock their supplies and possibly even find new contracts.
    But the excitement of potential riches was tempered by the loss of their comrade. Rina, the half-elf archer, was visibly shaken by Temir’s death. “He was a good man,” she said quietly. “A brave warrior, and a true friend.”
    Gerk, the birdfolk fighter, chimed in. “He died a hero’s death, fighting for the greater good. His sacrifice will not be forgotten.”
    Caldas, the nimble duelist, nodded in agreement. “We will honor his memory by continuing the fight against evil, no matter the cost.”
    As they reached the outskirts of Langecliffe, the warband steeled themselves for whatever lay ahead. They knew that the road ahead would be filled with danger, but they were determined to press on, in honor of their fallen comrade.

    Session Summary

    Fighting monsters is a great challenge and one of the most fun battle scenarios in Five Leagues from the Borderlands. There’s a great amount of randomness and this means that danger lurks in every corner. The Wyvern is a very dangerous foe, and I could easily have lost 2-3 members with its counterattack and poison abilities. I only lost one member, but the injury roll was terrible (05)! And I had been on a streak spending all my story points and silvertree leaf before, so I lost any opportunity I had to save my hero. Temir was the highest level hero of my warband with a +3 Combat skill, he will surely be missed, and I hope this loss won’t affect the last two threat battles that remain.

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