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    Battle for the Crow’s Nest – A KPS solo 

    I return to Knyghte, Pyke and Sworde by Nordic Weasel Games. Since I had so much fun the first time, I decided to delve a little deeper and went ahead and printed the rules and Reference sheet to accompany me during the game.

    I still don’t have any mounted miniatures, so I prepared a roster for two opposing forces on foot. I went ahead with a Fantasy theme once more, without introducing any new rules, except for one hack that I will describe. The troop classes and descriptions are enough to give the dimension I want for my game.

    The theme is orcs vs humans. For fairness (until I devise some solo play AI), I did a symmetric terrain with woods and hills at the corners of my 2×2 table, and a ruined tower (the Crow’s Nest) in the middle. I chose a SAGA battle on the concept Fight for the Hill (in our case the hill is the tower).

    I’m still getting used to KPS mechanics, so I didn’t add any upgrades to the troops, but calculated the Points Cost for balance.

    Orcs and Goblins (86)Humans (86)
    Orc Archers Missile (3)Pikemen Polearms (3)
    Goblin Archers Missile (3)Champion Fighter (1)
    Goblins Rabble (3)Knights Chargers (3)
    Troll Big One (1)Ogre Big One (1)
    Orc Boss Fighter (1)Lord Captain (1) – Cha:5
    Orc Warriors Light (6)Footmen Shields (3)
    Orc Chief Captain (1) – Cha:1Bowmen Missile (3)
    Goblins Rabble (6)Rangers Missile (3)
    Thematic options noted in Italics

    So the fantasy hack concerns the Big Ones – a Troll and an Ogre. I gave them a 5″/+1/2/3 with a +1d6 to damage and -1d6 to receive damage. Apart from the Big Ones which don’t have a cost, the Points Cost of the rosters are equal at 86 points. It be interesting to see how equal points forces, but with different qualities and sizes, will fare. Essentially, the Orcs and Goblins have 6 more figures.

    As for the Charisma of the Captains, it was all rolled out, and the dice were in favor of the humans.

    The Crow’s Nest. Once a tall tower measuring over 30 meters tall, now in ruins, only the ground floor and basement remains. But it is in this basement that long forgotten tomes and scrolls have been left unguarded.

    Ulmug cares for one such scroll. The one detailing the fortifications and defense of the human kingdom. With this in his hands, he can plan his raids unopposed. But they are not alone. Human scouts detected their presence, and they mustered a force to meet them.

    As they reach the tower’s clearing among two hills, Ulmug makes out the enemy in the distance.

    Turn 1

    Humans win Initiative.

    • Rangers (3) Run to the top of the hill. Exhausted.
    • Goblins (6) Run in front of the woods. Exhausted.
    • Archers (3) Run to the top of the hill next to the Rangers. Exhausted.
    • Orc Chief Runs behind the tower.
    • Footmen (3) Run next to the hill. Exhausted.
    • Orc Warriors (6) Run towards the human missile units. Exhausted.
    • Lord Orders Archers (3) to Shoot at Goblins (6). 3 Hits – 2 KO, 1 Wound. Goblins (6) test Bravery. They are Routed. Lord moves behind Footmen. NOTE: I made a serious mistake here. I applied the Captain’s Order to the entire group, but the rules state that it applies to a Single Figure in a Group. I only realized it after the game ended. Thankfully I made the same mistake for the Orc side too, so things got evened out.
    • Orc Boss Runs next to the tower.
    • Ogre Runs forward.
    • Troll Runs forward.
    • Knights (3) Run forward. Exhausted
    • Orc Achers (3) Run to the top of the hill. Exhausted
    • Champion Runs forward.
    • Goblin Archers (3) Run to the top of the hill. Exhausted
    • Pikemen (3) Run forward. Exhausted
    • Goblins (3) Run forward on the hill. Exhausted
    Orcs and GoblinsHumans
    Orc Archers Missile (3)Pikemen Polearms (3)
    Goblin Archers Missile (3)Champion Fighter (1)
    Goblins Rabble (3)Knights Chargers (3)
    Troll Big One (1)Ogre Big One (1)
    Orc Boss Fighter (1)Lord Captain (1) – Cha:5
    Orc Warriors Light (6)Footmen Shields (3)
    Orc Chief Captain (1) – Cha:1Bowmen Missile (3)
    Goblins Rabble (6)Rangers Missile (3)

    The two sides close in on each other. Archers and Rangers take position upon the hills.

    Lord Albert orders the rangers to rain arrows on the advancing goblins. Their aim is true, and under the casualties, the goblins rout. Screaming for their lives, they run away.

    Ulmug with his right hand, Zilug, close in next to the tower, to make sure none of the puny humans block their way.

    Turn 2

    Orcs win Initiative.

    • Orc Archers (3) Shoot at Champion. 0 hits.
    • Champion Engages Orc Archers (3). Tied Melee. Orc Leader wins. No effect.
    • Goblin Archers (3) Shoot at Pikemen (3). 0 hits.
    • Rangers (3) Shoot at Orc Warriors (6). 0 hits.
    • Goblins (3) Move forward around the hill.
    • Bowmen (3) Shoot at Orc Warriors (6). 1 hit – 1 Wound.
    • Orc Warriors (6) Move forward.
    • Lord Orders Footmen (3) to Engage Orc Warriors (6). 1 Orc Wins – 1 Wound. 1 Human Wins – 1 KO. 1 Tied Melee – 1 Wound to each side. Orc Warriors (5) and Footmen (3) need to test Bravery. Orc Warriors (5) Rout. Footmen (3) Retreat and reach the table edge. NOTE: Again the same mistake.
    • Knights (3) Engage Orc Boss. Knight Leader and a Knight are in engagement with the Boss. Knight Leader Wins – 1 KO. Boss wins Knight – 1 KO. Orc and Goblin Archers and Goblins need to test Bravery. Orc Archers (3) Rout. Goblins (3) Retreat and reach the table edge. Goblin Archers stand.
    • Orc Chief Orders Goblin Archers (3) to Shoot at Knights (3). 2 hits – 1 Wound. Knights (3) need to test Bravery. Knights (3) Rout. NOTE: Again the same mistake.
    • Ogre Moves towards Troll.
    • Troll Engages Ogre. Tied Melee. Glancing Blows. No hits.
    • Pikemen (3) Move forward.
    Orcs and GoblinsHumans
    Orc Archers Missile (3)Pikemen Polearms (3)
    Goblin Archers Missile (3)Champion Fighter (1)
    Goblins Rabble (3)Knights Chargers (3)
    Troll Big One (1)Ogre Big One (1)
    Orc Boss Fighter (1)Lord Captain (1) – Cha:5
    Orc Warriors Light (6)Footmen Shields (3)
    Orc Chief Captain (1) – Cha:1Bowmen Missile (3)
    Goblins Rabble (6)Rangers Missile (3)

    Sir Robert sees the orcs take aim at him and shoot their black feathered arrows, but miss. He charges at them with his bastard sword, coming face to face with the bigger orc, but his enemy parries the attack and manages a weak strike on his plate armor.

    The goblin archers shoot at the advancing pikemen but miss. On the other side of the battlefield, the rangers shoot at the orc mob, and miss as well. The bowmen next to them shoot at the same enemy, and an arrow wounds one of the orcs, who reach the hill’s foothold.

    Lord Albert orders the footmen to charge at the enemy. Fierce fighting ensues, with wounds and casualties on both sides. The orcs weren’t ready to find so much resistance, and the footmen were just the pampered sons of nobles, one or two puke at the sight of gore. The orc mob disperses and they flee in all directions, while the nobles retreat back in a cohesive manner, away from the battlefield. Bunch of cowards Lord Albert thinks.

    The dismounted knights are near the tower and charge at Zilug. A knight and the sergeant close in on the orc boss. Zilug kills the knight, but as he does so, he exposes his side to the sergeant, who slashes with a strong overhead strike, decapitating him instantly. Fear strikes at the orcs surrounding them. From the top of the hill, they saw everything loud and clear. The orc archers and goblin mob flee from the battlefield, leaving the goblin archers alone to face the music.

    Ulmug orders the goblins to shoot at the knights, in an effort to restore his troops morale. A knight is seriously wounded. The sergeant tries to convince him to stay, but he’s afraid he will perish in the middle of the battlefield, and the two of them scurry away.

    The earth trembles as two hulkering figures close in on each other. The humans have an ogre mercenary with them, while Ulmug has brought with him a troll. They clash, but equal as they are, there is no winner.

    Turn 3

    Humans win Initiative.

    • Pikemen (3) Engage Goblin Archers (3). 3 Orcs Win – 2 Wounds, 1 KO. Pikemen (3) need to test for Bravery. Pikement (3) Retreat but remain on table.
    • Goblin Archers (3) Shoot at Champion. 1 Hit – No effect.
    • Ogre Engages Orc Chief. Tied Melee – Chief is KO, Ogre is okay. Goblin Archers (3) need to test for Bravery. Goblin Archers (3) Retreat and reach the table edge.
    • Troll Engages Ogre. Ogre wins – Troll is KO.

    The Humans have won.

    The pikemen have reached the hill. They charge forward, their long pikes, negating any advantage the goblins have due to higher ground. Nevertheless the nimble short goblins dodge underneath the pikes and wound two pikemen, killing the other. The wounded pikemen retreat in cohesion, reaching the rear of the battlefield, but not abandoning the battle.

    With the pikemen out of the way, the goblins shoot at Sir Robert. An arrow hits him, but is deflected by his armor.

    The ogre now sees an opening, Ulmug is alone. The ogre isn’t the smartest fella around these parts, but he can add one and one. Seeing the orc shouting orders, he knows he’s the leader. He charges with his heavy footing with his huge axe. Ulmug tries to deflect the blows, and only receives a glancing blow, which is enough to send him tumbling back to the tower walls. Ulmug is down. Seeing their leader down, the goblins scatter and flee the battlefield.

    The troll charges at the ogre, in an effort to show who’s the strongest in the battlefield. The ogre is the strongest of the two and cuts the troll’s club in two with his axe. The strike doesn’t stop there, and reaches the troll’s skull, splitting it in two.

    With no orc, goblin or troll remaining on the battlefield, the humans have saved the day. The kingdom is secured.

    Session Summary

    It was an exciting battle! KPS can handle many figures easily, and I had no trouble monitoring what had happened. I need to make a few more tokens for Exhausted and Activated statuses to help me with bookkeeping but even without them, I didn’t lose the grip on what was going on. As I noted above, I made a serious mistake with regards to the Captain Orders, which made the game a bit more swingy than it normally is.

    Looking forward to the next battle. As I get more experienced, I’ll be adding more and more options. Eagerly waiting for my mounted figures and bases for cavalry to arrive so that I can expand my roster options.

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    Miniatures pt33 – Wood Elves 

    Here’s my Wood Elf Warband from the Blighthaven line of the Demonworld range of Ral Partha Europe.

    With these, I have finished my non-mounted/mounts/beasts miniatures from Ral Partha. With BREXIT changing the way goods enter into EU, I expect to have some serious increase to cost when ordering from UK-the holy land of miniature manufacturers. Until July I will be able to keep the cost low when ordering small packages, but after that time, unless a new trade deal occurs, my choices will be very limited.

    I’ve ordered some pill bases for my mounts so, until that arrives, I’ll either switch to historics/ancients or go sci-fi.

    I’m also considering making a tutorial of my painting technique, but I need to decide on the medium. Video or Pictures with text. Maybe a mix of both.

    Now to the wood elves. I decided to go with an old school color scheme (like most of my painting style – I’m back to the 90s) using Green and Yellow uniforms and Red bows and spears.

    I had processed my dried coffee grinds with green paint in the past in an effort to make home made flock. Doesn’t work well as flock, but the paint caused some coffee clumps, which look like small rocks. I’ve used this to texture the inner part of my bases, and I really like the variety.

    The wood elves were painted with transparent or semi opaque paints and inks, and this really helps show the sketch prime underneath. It’s one of the best examples to show my technique in 15mm so far.

    Wood Elf with Bastard sword
    Wood Elf Mage
    Wood Elf Swordsman
    Wood Elf with Bastard sword
    Wood Elf with Bastard sword
    Wood Elf Spearman
    Wood Elf Spearman
    Wood Elf Skirmisher
    Wood Elf Skirmisher
    Wood Elf Skirmisher
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    Miniatures pt32 – Mummies 

    An important enemy of all fantasy or pulp adventures is the mummies. After going through the available options, I decided to go through with the set from cpmodels. They’re have 12 unique poses!

    For painting them, I followed the same scheme I had used for my skeletons. White prime and white undercoat (no sketching), yellow/burnt umber 50/50 wash, yellow ochre drybrush, white drybrush, black/brown wash. Since there were no details painted, this was my fastest paint job so far. About 24 hours including day job, basing and varnish.

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    Miniatures pt31 – Sir Roderick’s Retinue 

    This is Sir Roderick’s Retinue from the Blighthaven line of Demonworld range from Ral Partha Europe.

    It’s only the retinue, without Sir Roderick, who is mounted. I don’t have appropriate basing for mounts and beasts, so he’s on hold until I get some bases.

    For the red uniforms, I did a pink undercoat, followed by an orange ink overcoat. White shields with red X freehand.

    Knight with Sword and Shield
    Knight with sword
    Knight with bastard sword
    Knight with Warhammer and shield
    Knight musician
    Knight with bastard sword
    Knight with sword and shield
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    Miniatures pt30 – Assorted 2 

    Here are a few single miniatures from the Demonworld line of Ral Partha Europe. A temple guardian and a few monsters. A couple werewolves, a vampire coven and a harpy.

    In this batch job, I am still trying a few combinations of acrylic inks. Using transparent inks over a different color basecoat to achieve a combined color in the end. For the deep red inside of the vampire cloaks, I did a pink undercoat followed by red ink.

    I also switched to a combined base texturing technique. I used CA glue and baking soda on the exterior ring of the base, and PVA glue and coffee grinds on the interior ring of the base. This gives a gradual change from a finer grain to a coarser one, stop the PVA from flowing outside the base and protects the miniature feet from climbing PVA glue. I’m going to keep this.

    Temple guardian
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    In the Trollshaws. Ep07 

    Day 12, Hithui, 3rd Watch

    I think it’s a good opportunity to forage for some herbs
    Since the climate is most likely t (Cool Temperate) and we’re in a (D) Desiduous/Mixed Forest, the best option for herbs is to find Thurl, which has a Routine Difficulty (+30) or Rewk, which has a Light (+10) difficulty

    Leowyn and Camthalion will split and search in separate directions
    The weather (9) stays cool, overcast, with light rain, and the wind becomes a gale again
    Encounters for each of the three groups: 05/145, 57/84, 128/100: No encounter for any of the groups

    Camthalion Searching herbs: Thurl
    87: Partial Success
    93: Near Success
    135: Success: One dose found, will search for Rewk next
    39: Failure
    96: Near Success
    90: Partial Success
    No Rewk found

    Leowyn Searching herbs: Thurl
    48: Failure
    53: Failure
    84: Partial Success
    42: Failure

    After hours of searching in the rain, Camthalion and Leowyn return from different directions.
    Camthalion brings out some cloves.”That’s all I could find.”
    He looks at Leowyn, who shakes her head.
    Camthalion brews the cloves of Thurl and gives to Dwalin to drink.

    Heals: 1-4 hits: 3 hits.
    Also, resting, Dwalin heals 12 more hits, for a total of 15 hits healed. Dwalin is at 32 hits.
    I want to search for a couple more hours for Rewk, and then enter the Keep while it’s still daylight.

    Day 12, Hithui, 4th Watch

    The weather (11) becomes Cold, and Sleet falls, as the wind falls to Windy

    Camthalion Searching herbs: Rewk
    22: Failure
    45: Failure

    Leowyn Searching herbs: Rewk
    53: Failure
    25: Failure
    Encounters check: 74/119, 05/121, -52/140: No encounter for any of the groups

    Dwalin has healed 6 more hits, and is now at 38 hits.

    Having found no more healing herbs, the party gathers their belongings and heads back into the keep.

    Back into Level One, won’t go to the Arena with the bear, so before heading further down to the next Level, the party will go into the Storage Room. Dwalin at front, followed by Camthalion, and rear guard Leowyn.
    Q: Is everything as expected?
    A: No, but, roll 1d4 on TWENE: 3: Add Simple Element.
    Portent: Love birds
    Cobwebs and broken wine bottles litter the entire floor. It mustn’t have always been this way. As a sculpt of two birds singing at each other over the doorway shows of happier times.
    The party proceeds further into the Arms Storage area.
    Q: Is everything as expected?
    A: Yes, but, it will be Unlikely in next question
    So there are some interesting items, and piles of normal, but tarnished weapons and armor. I don’t want to just give away everything. I’d expect the party to go through them (especially since they’re looking for the relic), and roll perception for each party member for each interesting item on the list to see if they notice anything.

    Broadsword +5: Camthalion: 109 (Near Success): 85:(Partial Success), Dwalin: 96 (Near Success), 52 (Failure), Leowyn: 97 (Near Success), 37 (Failure)
    Broadsword +5: Camthalion: 100 (Near Success): 101 (Near Success): 122 (Success): Camthalion identifies the item
    Morning Star +5: Camthalion: 101 (Near Success): 50 (Failure), Dwalin: 94 (Near Success), 66 (Failure), Leowyn: 102 (Near Success), 130 (Success): Leowyn identifies the item
    Javelin +5 that returns: Camthalion: 139 (Success): Camthalion identifies the item
    Three +5 Arrows: Camthalion: 64 (Failure), Dwalin: 83: (Partial Success), Leowyn: 49 (Failure)
    Battleaxe +10, 60% weight: I’ll also give a bonus here to perception due to the low weight: Camthalion: 102 (Near Success): 113: (Success): Camthalion identifies the item
    They also pick up 18 arrows, and all the identified items
    They will also take the three +5 arrows, but don’t know they’re good, so any arrow shot from now on that is Doubles (33, 44 etc) will have used a +5 arrow until they’re expended
    That’s some good loot! finally

    Arms and armor, that the orcs can’t used are littered all over the place, Camthalion quickly fills up his quiver with much wanted arrows.
    Then they go through the items, see if the can find the relic Dwalin looks for.
    They did not, but they found some weapons of exquisite make. Camthalion equips himself with Javelin and a fine Broadsword, and Dwalin straps a Battleaxe to his back. Leowyn keeps a very spiky morning star to her side as a backup weapon. Dwalin is no longer a grumpy dwarf, and a wide smile covers his face.
    “Let’s go further! Treasure awaits!” he says, a bit louder than he should…

    So, there are two ways to go downstairs. Either go back and get the stairs, or continue from the direction the part is already going. I won’t bother to roll about their choice, as common sense dictates they continue on this path, follow the hallway and go to Level 2-A of the underchambers.

    Q: Is everthing as expected? (Unlikely)
    A: No, and roll 1d10 on TWENE: 2: Decrease Simple Element: Not much to decrease here, since all elements are major. Maybe I’ll state that there is less dust and cobwebs here than usual.

    Since there is a secret passage on this room, I’ll roll Dwalin’s Perception.
    Dwalin: Perception: 67+23=90: Partial Success. You may not try again in the same area, same topic for 1 hour.
    So they miss the chance to find the secret passage leading further down to the riches (and dangers).

    The party goes in the dungeon chambers, and I will roll on each of them to see if everything is as expected.

    Dungeon Chamber #4:
    Q: Is everything as expected?
    A: No, Intervention!
    TWENE: 5: Increase major element. The doors are barred heavily, and do not open.
    Intervention: 6: Wild: d144: Bolt from the blue
    The figurative meaning makes no sense here, so I’ll go with the literal. The dungeon chamber door was trapped (as well as barred) and a ‘B’ Electricity Critical strikes Dwalin: 90-10=80: Strike to side devastates nervous system. Severe shock results. Victim is a living vegetable for 1 month.

    The trio walks through the underchambers opening every door they can find, searching for anything interesting. Maybe a sign of Ledon, maybe a sign of the dwarven relic.
    A series of doors in a narrow hallway, points to them for prisoner chambers.
    “Ledon could be here!” Leowyn whispers.
    Dwalin nods, and without any precaution tries to open the first door to their left. As he touches the metal bar, a surge of blue lightning passes through him. He locks fingers with the door, unable to let go as the nerves tighten and he clutches harder. Finally, he drops down to the floor, to the horror of his companions.
    Leowyn and Camthalion look at each other.
    Leowyn moves in front to reach the motionless body of their friend. Camthalion reaches out an arm to stop her “Whatever hit him… it could still be dangerous…” his words trail off.
    “We must.” Leowyn responds.
    She puts her ear to his chest, which is still moving, she makes out a faint heartbeat. “He is still alive.”
    Carefully, they drag Dwalin away, and carry him back out of the keep, to their camp.

    So, this is an interesting point. With such an event, for sure the party must return back to the inn.

    Day 12-13, Hithui, Overnight

    The weather (11) stays cold, overcast, and sleet falls, as the wind becomes a gale
    The weather (11) stays cold, overcast, and snow falls, as the wind becomes a storm
    The weather (10) stays cold, overcast, with snow Flurries, and the wind becomes a gale.
    Right before dawn, the weather (10) stays cold, overcast, with snow flurries, and the wind becomes a windy again.
    Encounter check: 64/34+50: No encounter

    Day 13, Hithui, 3rd Watch

    The weather (10) stays cold, overcast, with snow flurries, and the wind stays windy
    Encounter check: 28/-13: No encounter

    Day 13, Hithui, 4th Watch

    The weather (10) stays cold, overcast, with snow flurries, and the wind becomes a gale
    Encounter check: -06/74: No encounter

    Day 13-14, Hithui, Overnight

    The weather (10) stays cold, overcast, and snow flurries fall, as the wind becomes a breeze
    The weather (10) stays cold, overcast, and snow flurries fall, as the wind becomes windy
    The weather (10) stays cold, overcast, with snow flurries, and the wind stays windy.
    Right before dawn, the weather (10) stays cold, overcast, with snow flurries, and the wind stays windy.
    Encounter check: 24/92: No encounter

    Day 14, Hithui, 3rd Watch

    The weather (12) is freezing, overcast, and the wind becomes a gale
    Encounter check: 68/36: No encounter

    Day 14, Hithui, 4th Watch

    The weather (12) is freezing, overcast, and the wind stays a gale
    Encounter check: 47/67: No encounter

    The party reaches The Last Inn

    Battered, and freezing cold, after two days, Leowyn and Camthalion guide the horse carrying the comatose dwarf to the Last Inn. They desire the warmth of the fireplace, and a hot plate of soup.

    Q: Is everything as expected?
    A: No, roll 1d4 on TWENE: 4: Remove Simple Element. There are no customers at this time in the main hall.

    I take a pause here to deliberate. The GM hat cannot be completely avoided. See, I know according to the pre-written adventure module that Bura Grumm is a 5th level Animist, and there is a far-fetched chance that she has the spell list to heal Dwalin. Nevertheless this would normally cost around 25 gp, and the party hasn’t saved Leddon to say for example that they get a discount, or for free. So I seriously doubt that Bura can help them right now. I will ask the Oracle though with an Unlikely result to see if she helps in any way.

    Q: Does Bura help the party with her skills? (Unlikely)
    A: No

    So, we’re in a dire position right now. It’s make it, or break it.
    The party cannot afford to wait for Dwalin to recover (if he ever does, see, they do not know it). Leowyn wants to find her lover’s killer and Camthalion wants to find his missing brother. Both are time-dependent events. Dwalin’s cause for the relic is considered null and void right now, and Leddon is left to his fate (or another party of adventurers). The way I see it, either the party breaks up, leaving Dwalin at the last inn with a hefty amount to Bura to take care of him (until when?), or they try to help Dwalin right away, taking him with them in the cold to find a healer in the nearest town (and pay him with the gold from the manuscripts). Maybe they could consider a combination of the two. Leowyn could set off on horseback to fetch a healer. I think this is the best course of action right now, and what I believe a party would do. Maybe Camthalion will stay behind to look after Dwalin and find some way to pay for their rent.
    Now the GM hat tells me that there’s a high chance that the story of how Dwalin got hurt may leak while they stay at the last inn, and according to the pre-written adventure module, Ar-Gular, the owner of the keep that my party raided is a regular in disguise there. So maybe a random event triggered by an intervention could lead to an orc raid by Ar-Gular, or something similar.

    The Grumms see Camthalion and Leowyn carry Dwalin inside. “We will need a room. And some hot soup for the night.”
    Bura sees him and bites her lips. She calls for her daughters to help. “I can do everyday healing, but nothing I can help with this. You will need to take him to see a healer.” She pauses for a second as the wind howls outside. “Or better yet, bring the healer to him.”
    “I can ride fast. I’ll go first light.” Leowyn says. “Everything else will have to wait.”
    Camthalion nods. “I’ll stay with him.” He turns to Rubb. “Innkeeper, we have coin. But I would like to know if there are other ways we can support, to reduce the cost, before we expend every single one of our coins.”
    Rubb nods. “We’ll work something out.”

    By first light, Leowyn will leave on horseback. This night’s meal and lodging (separate room) will be payed normally, when I continue with Camthalion, I’ll consider the various options.

    Day 14-15, Hithui, Overnight

    The weather (12) is freezing, overcast, and the wind becomes a breeze
    The weather (12) is freezing, overcast, and the wind becomes windy
    The weather (12) is freezing, overcast, and the wind becomes a breeze
    Right before dawn, the weather (13) is cool, the clouds clear, and the wind becomes windy

    Q: Does anything unexpected happen overnight (Unlikely)
    A: Intervention: Entity Positive, Yes, and it’s something good for someone. Maybe Leddon returns alive.
    Q: Does Leddon return alive? (Likely)
    A: Yes.

    As Leowyn goes to the Grumms, to ready up her horse to leave in the morning, she can’t help but notice the huge smile on their faces.
    “Is everything alright?” She asks Bura.
    “More than alright! My boy! He’s returned! Alive! He was rescued by a company of folks like you. Adventurers! You may not have found him, but I thank you nonetheless for your efforts. I will do my best to take care of the stout dwarf as long as you are here. A day of joy!” Bura tells her, tears of joy running down her streaks. The warmth of her happiness filling the room, and for a second Leowyn forgot they’re in the middle of winter.
    “That’s great news.” She says. “I am really happy for you!”

    I’ll do some bookkeeping now, before splitting the adventure into two parts.


    NameDays Rations

    Arrows: Camthalion is at 36+3 arrows, Leowyn is at 35 arrows (forgot to bookkeep in last session).

    Criticals ReceivedEP
    Travel PointsEP
    Non-Idea EP TotalEP

    I’ll give the entire part half the total as idea points. 440 EP total, 145 each.

    Summing up, from previous session.

    NameExperience Points
    Camthalion3713 EP
    Dwalin5666 EP
    Leowyn2914 EP

    Money: The party pool is 9sp, 3bp, 6cp and 9tp.

    Hit Points: Dwalin is at full hit points, Leowyn is at full hit points, Camthalion is at full hit points.

    Session Summary

    I did not see that coming! A great example of the deadliness of MERP. At first I had done a mistake and hadn’t calculated the -10 of the B critical, so Dwalin would have been dead, with completely different results to the party structure. Now there’s hope, and a new story thread has evolved.
    Now as far as my three major choices.

    1. The magical items. In a regular ttrpg, the GM would have described the items, and the players would have acted accordingly. They would need a proper identification, to know the properties first. This is solo, and a pre-written adventure. I made it easier to find what it was about, which makes sense since a magical item would look better than the other tarnished weapons in the pile. So of all the weapons, the party only failed to identify one broadsword, and left it back in the pile.
    2. The trap being a B critical. I tried to be in line with the feeling of the adventure. In the same floor there was a trap on the secret room, that gave a B Fire critical to anyone not uttering the words engraved. Luckily my party missed the room altogether, but this gave me a good idea of what the authors had in mind. I did not give Dwalin a chance to avoid the trap, but it was a ‘bolt out of the blue’ so I felt that I shouldn’t.
    3. Ledon’s return. It felt right. Entity positive. There are other groups looking for the same reward. It gives the feeling of a living world, and closes up the thread.
      For my next session I will follow the footsteps of Leowyn as she travels to a major city to sell the manuscripts and find a healer and get him back. Once that is done, I will switch back to Camthalion for the set time period it took Leowyn to (hopefully) succeed to her task.
      Since I wanted to get back to my other d100 systems I do not know if this is a good time to do a quick switch over to Harnmaster or Mythras. I know that Harnmaster has a mounted combat specific section for combat. Mythras covers mounted combat as well. MERP, not so. Let’s not forget that Leowyn is a Rohirim shield maiden, a rider.
      I will sit on it.
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    Miniatures pt29 – Big Ones 

    With this post, I’ve reached my photos backlog with up to date paintings. This means that I will be only able to post miniatures posts as I paint them, and it will take longer.

    Here are 4 big ones in 15mm. An Ogre, a Troll, and two Minotaurs. These are from the Ral Partha Europe Demonworld range.

    Painting the squares on the Ogre pants was hard, but I really enjoyed the end result and it goes well with the stripes.

    For the troll, I did something I hadn’t done before. Instead of painting it green directly, I gave it a light blue basecoat, followed by a yellow ink once dry. My yellow ink is transparent and weak in pigment, so I had this beautiful green as a result, with yellowed parts.

    I tried to do something similar with the Minotaurs, using red ink over yellow ochre, hence the evil demonic look.

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    Miniatures pt28 – Halflings 

    Finding halflings in 15mm in Europe is not a very easy task. I have found only 2 vendors so far. I decided to try my luck with Irregular Miniatures and I wasn’t disappointed.

    Halfling Chieftain
    Halfling Handgunner
    Halfling Archer
    Halfling Spearman
    Halfling Spearman
    Halfling Spearman
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    The Wardens of Gahyrst. Ep10. 

    Campaign Turn

    Village Event: Herbs are blooming.
    Pay Upkeep: -1 Gold
    Restock Ammunition: Since I fielded 3 Ranged Weapons, -1 Gold.
    Healing Up: Rudiger RT, reduced to 0.
    Carry Out Activities:
    Forage for Herbs: (Roving Wanderer): No herbs found. Just the one from Herbs are blooming. 1 Medicine Herb.
    Track: Managed to locate signs of the enemy.
    Study (Evie): Dodge Skill.
    Where are we going?: Go Adventuring
    Sell Unwanted Gear: Selling all damaged items for 4 Gold total.
    Trade: War Spear (Bought, Bruno), Rare Item: Fine Full Armor (not bought).
    Outfit for Adventure: Ready
    Recruit Some Villagers: None

    Go Adventuring: Combat Encounter: Outlaws: Desperate Mob: Encounter While Travelling: 7 Mobsters: Enemy Leadership: No Leadership Presence: Personality: Heretic
    Deploying Figures: 17″, 3 groups, 6″ apart
    Seize the Initiative: Seized
    Fight It Out.
    Table Theme: Near a Farm House
    Battle Objective: Scout
    Oddities: Gloom (Still Seized Initiative)

    The Wardens, 9 strong, are celebrating the return of Rudiger in action. The hardened veteran is ready to get back to combat. As they empty another flagon of ale, Evie feels a tug to her cloak.
    She turns around and sees a young child, fear in her eyes. “Dear lady, we need your help. Some evil men came to our farm. They wanted our belongings. My mother kicked them out, but they returned, more of them. One of them looks crazy. Screaming some unknown rites. My mother is barred inside, can you help us. Please?”
    The child needn’t say more. Evie stood up. “Wardens we have work to do. The sun is setting, but these people need our help.”
    She heads out, and the rest of the warband follows without hesitation.

    The Fight

    Swiftly, Evie guides them through the woods, behind the hills, outside of the line of sight of the enemy. They advance quickly. She sees three groups of ragged people coming towards the farm. She splits the warband in three groups as well. Frans and Alida head towards the orchard and the farm house to see if the girl’s mother is still inside.
    Evie, Ardus and the Roving Wanderer take the hill towards the pond where one mob is approaching, while Bruno, Rudiger, Wigmar and Gustav head to the side to meet with the other mob.

    Set up

    Under the gloom, the enemy is taken by surprise. Despite the lack of visibility, Evie’s arrows find their target and the first mobster falls.
    “There they are! Sacrifice them! Kill them! Smear their blood on you and we shall ascend!” One man shouts as he holds up a severed head. Taking the opportunity, the Roving Wanderer, shoots at the man. The arrow finds him between the eyes, and he drops dead. To the Warden’s surprise the enemy doesn’t disperse at the death of their leader, but instead they push on with renewed vigor!
    Joing in melee combat Ardus kicks back one mobster, while Rudiger does the same in the other side of the farm house.
    The push back isn’t enough, and soon Ardus is surrounded. One hit after the other, he parries as many blows as he can, but finally, he is overcome, and a blow brings him down.
    Alida checks the orchard, it’s empty. Frans checks the farm house, and the door is still locked. Most likely the mob hasn’t managed to get inside yet.


    Alida moves further to the fence, to get an opportunity to shoot his crossbow to the enemy, but as he does, he is attacked by a crazy mobster. He manages to push him back, and they both stand behind the orchard fence looking at each other from a small distance.
    Rudiger bashes at the mobster with his shield, pushing him back, while Bruno extends his spear, and the enemy holds off. The war spear allows him to take advantage of the situation, and as a second mobster comes for him, Bruno thrusts him, the spearhead coming from the other side. Another mobster is dead.
    Alida aims and shoots the mobster looking at him from the other side of the fence, but the crossbow bolt, doesn’t eliminate his enemy, despite finding it’s target.
    Evie and the Roving Wanderer shoot a hail of arrows at the gang that surrounded Ardus, and kill the lot of them.
    The mobsters behind the farm house try another charge at Rudiger and Bruno, but they’re no match for their skill, and soon the enemy perishes.
    The last mobster, wounded by the crossbow bolt, lets off a war cry and jumps over the fence. Alida stuns him with the butt of his crossbow and rebounds with a dagger thrust between the ribs, ending the fight.


    Frans: Healing Ardus: Failure
    Ardus: Luck: Lose 1 Luck Point: Dead: Medicine Herbs: Serious: 6 RT
    Unusual Finds: 33: Prisoner: Friendly Craftsman
    Adjust Threat: Outlaws: 0
    Rudiger Level Up: +1 Will
    Wigmar Level Up: +1 Luck
    Roving Wanderer: No improvement
    Alida Level Up: +1 Agility
    Frans Level Up: +1 Combat Skill ***
    2 Loot Rolls: Consumables: Medical Herbs, Armor: Light Armor+Helmet

    The Wardens close in on their fallen friend. Frans tries his healing touch, but he can’t save Ardus. His luck seems to have run out. The warrior would be dead if it wasn’t for Evie. She brings out her medical herbs from her bag, and quickly stops the bleeding. Ardus is saved. The wound is serious and he will need to stay a long time in the village to recover.
    Alida checks the farm house. “Madam? Will you come out please? The threat is no more. Your daughter sent us to save you.”
    The door is unbarred, and the woman comes out. “I can’t thank you enough. If there’s ever anything I can do, let me know. I owe you.”
    “Thank your daughter. We just did our duty.” Alida says with a smile.
    The Wardens gather whatever they can find from the enemy, and return back to Eerfeld.
    Everything seems quieter now.

    Session Summary

    This fight ended quickly. I think that my warband is at such strength that only a strong enemy can be dangerous. I’m on a good roll to clean up the village of Eerfeld.
    Writing out these blog reports starts to become repetitive, and I’m afraid that I might become burned out. I really enjoy the game, but writing out every single movement and capturing every single event in a photo is no longer that fun. I will switch to a more high level style of blog posts, and maybe gather them all in a Journal style format. I’ll try doing that, maybe retrospectively, for the previous sessions to see how it works out.

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    Miniatures pt27 – Assorted Sci-Fi 

    These are several single miniatures from the HOF and Ion Age ranges from Alternative Armies.

    Esper Psyker (HOF)
    SFA Scout (HOF)
    SFA Scout (HOF)
    Adventurer (Ion Age)
    Adventurer (Ion Age)
    Planetary Militia Cold Climates Veteran (Ion Age)
    Retained Knight (Ion Age)
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