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  • giorgis 9:31 am on November 28, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Miniatures pt61 – Pioneers 

    The pile is unending. Here are 7 Pioneers from the Ion Age range of Alternative Armies.

  • giorgis 9:42 am on November 27, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Miniatures pt60 – Assorted Sci-Fi (2) 

    A handful more Sci-Fi miniatures from the Ion Age and HOF ranges of Alternative Armies, covering different aspects. They will easily fit with existing enemy squads as specialists or leaders, or as party members.

    Cybernetic Retained Knight
    Zidhe Officer Pointing
    Rim Mercenary with Heavy Rifle
    Xin Female Youxia
    Padraig O’Malig
    • Chris 9:39 pm on November 27, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Shit is fire man. Who said 15mm doesn’t have detail, eh?

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      • giorgis 9:43 pm on November 27, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks! Haha yeah, I quickly found out the truth about 15mm details when I started painting my first Demonworld adventurers

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  • giorgis 9:42 am on November 27, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Miniatures pt59 – Post Apocalyptic Warriors 

    Grinding down on my Alternative Armies lead pile of shame, here are 3 Post Apocalyptic warriors from their HOF range.

    Post Apocalyptic Command
    Post Apocalyptic Assault
    Post Apocalyptic Assault
  • giorgis 1:36 pm on November 25, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Miniatures pt58 – Betrayers 

    A handful of Betrayers from the Ion Age range of Alternative Armies. Went with a black leather and blue denim look, over white shirts. They will fit in either a Five Parsecs campaign or a cyberpunk setting such as the one in Chrome Hammer (/Ascension)

  • giorgis 10:31 am on November 24, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Miniatures pt57 – Cyborgs 

    Still continuing on my sci-fi focused painting challenge. Some Cyborgs from the HOF range by Alternative Armies that I intend to use as converted in Five Parsecs from Home.

  • giorgis 11:21 am on November 18, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Miniatures pt56 – Legionaries 

    Continuing on my Sci-Fi minis painting, this time I went with a variety of Legionaries from Alternative Armies Ion Age range.

    Inspired by Dune (watched it recently) I tried to be close to the Dune 2 PC game Light Infantry colour scheme.

  • giorgis 9:16 pm on November 16, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Miniatures pt55 – Cnidocytes 

    Cnidocytes are alien jelly fish from the Ral Partha Europe Critical Mass range.

    Went with a purple body, yellow tentacles and pink crest.

    Cnidocyte Drone
    Cnidocyte Drone
    Cnidocyte Drone
    Cnidocyte Spore Cannon
    Cnidocyte Spore Cannon
    Cnidocyte Spore Cannon
  • giorgis 4:21 pm on November 15, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Miniatures pt54 – Assorted Droids 

    These are not the droids you are looking for…or are they?

    Assorted droids from various manufacturers. A Drone Walker from Ral Partha Europe Critical Mass range, a Dominator Sphere from Alternative Armies Hordes of the Future range, and a few Floating Killer Robots from Khurasan Miniatures 15mm Sci Fi range.

    Drone Walker
    Dominator Sphere
    Floating Killer Robot with Overroid Head
    Floating Killer Robot with Blasroid Head
  • giorgis 10:45 pm on November 8, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Rogue Fists – Ep6 

    World Steps

    With the Hard Bargain in bad shape, and the debt still running, Cyloo weighs in the amassed credits and decides to move ahead with paying off the debt and fixing the damage. It set them back to only a mere 4.000 credits. He hopes that they’ll bring the number back up soon.

    A short transfer later, the ship is now theirs, and it will be ready to fly them off-world once Marie hits back with the crew. In her last call she told Cyloo she needed some more time.

    In their downtime, Atrin headed off in the city, only to get into some fist fights with the locals. He returned a bit bruised, and wiser.

    Their newer member, Aurquan found a prominent buyer in the illegal weapons market, and he sold off some secondary weapons for double the price. 6.000 credits for a blade, a colony rifle and a shotgun. Cyloo was very happy with this development, and went on to find some jobs in the known places.
    He carefully considered a dangerous job by a megacorop, but finally went ahead with their contact. Wayne Nakada wanted a package delivered on a small zigurat like structure to the hot zone of Canum VII. Weird job, but he knew better than to question the whims of eccentric rich people. He took the job and briefed Aurquan and Atrin. Soon the shuttle was dropping them off to the south.

    Behind the scenes rolls

    Ship was damaged, so they can’t leave off world
    Upkeep: 1 credit
    Debt: 1 credit
    Pay off entire Debt: Cost +10 credits.
    Repair ship completely: Cost +5 credits
    Total Cost: 17 credits. 4 credits remaining.

    Marie: Still on event until next turn when she returns.
    Atrin: Explore: Found a trainer. Character earns +2XP
    Aurquan: Trade: A chance to unload some stuff. Sell Colony Rifle, Shotgun and Blade for 2 credits each.
    Cyloo: Find Patron Job: 2 Jobs.
    1st Job: Wayne Nakada: Danger Pay: +2 Credits. Time frame: This or the following 2 turns. No Hazards No Conditions.
    2nd Job: Corporation. Dange Pay: +2 Credits. Time frame: This or the next campaign turn. No Benefits. Hazards: Veteran Opposition. No Conditions.


    Cyloo scans the field with his macrobinoculars. He notices the alien zigurat, on the other side of a mud river. A rope bridge connects the two sides. He turns to Atrin, with a ‘You couldn’t bring us to the other side?’ look on his face, but Atrin just shrugs and smiles.

    Through the macrobinoculars he makes out some creatures in the far distance. He zooms in. “Sand Runners!” he shouts to his mates. “We must move in fast”. He draws his shotgun and the team starts closing in as the creatures rush towards them.

    Behind the scenes rolls

    Deployment Condition: Brief Engagement
    Notable Sights: Shiny Bits
    Objective: Deliver

    Enemy: Roving Threats: Sand Runners
    Number: 4 enemies
    Seized Initiative

    Aurquan carries the package

    The Battle

    Carefully they move onwards as the runners close in
    Atrin shot twice and missed now the beasts are so close
    But Cyloo blasted off his shotgun, and down with one creature
    One beast leaped at Atrin!
    The creature tears Atrin to shreds! He’s down.
    Ready for close combat Aurquan the engineer drops his Laser and draws his pistol
    He puts two in the head of the beast and it falls
    The next one leaps forward and slashes at Aurquan
    Who poisons it with lead

    But the river suddenly flows with a thundering torrent of mud.
    The two squaddies barely jump back in time as it covers everything.
    They didn’t accomplish the objective and had to rush to the shuttle.

    Behind the scenes rolls

    Turn 1: Only movement

    Turn 2: Atrin shoots with blast rifle and misses

    Turn 3: Atrin shoots with blast file and misses; Aurquan shoots with infrantry laser and hits, stunning one sand runner; Cyloo shoots with shotgun, one shot hits, sand runner is dead

    Turn 4: Sand runner brawl against Atrin, Atrin is hit, Atrin is down; Aurquan shoots with pistol (ready for brawl), Aurquan hits, sand runner is dead; Cyloo has no clear LOS

    Turn 5: Sand runner brawl against Aurquan, Aurquan hits, sand runner is dead; Brief Engagement is resolved.

    Post Battle

    From the shuttle they see Atrin’s body washed out in mud near a quiet turn of the mud river. They land and pick him up. Thankfully, he’s only suffered minor injuries. Washed out next to him is a weapons module, a shock attachment. It’s wondrous what the desert takes and what the desert gives.

    The team returns back to the Hard Bargain, only to be given around 4.000 credits compensation for their effort, as they didn’t lose the package, but didn’t deliver it either. Wayne isn’t very happy.

    As they gather their pieces, Marie returns to the crew. “Why the long face?” She asks Cyloo, who doesn’t bother to answer, lost in his thoughts. “Ship’s ready for departure. Fasten up.” He says in his cold Hakshan manner. Marie nods, “I wanted to tell you about some friends I got along the way, but maybe another time. Let’s roll.”

    Behind the scenes rolls

    Pay: 4 credits
    Loot: Shock attachment – Modded Cyloo’s Machine Pistol
    Atrin: minor injuries – 1 turn
    +2 XP to everyone
    Aurquan: +1 Toughness
    Atrin: +1 Combat Skill
    Cyloo: +1 Reflexes
    Campaign Event: A chance meeting turns into a new ally.
    Character Event: Cyloo: A deep feeling of melancholy and despair is afflicting you.

    The following would have been a new episode, but due to the event I decided to place it here

    World Steps

    Marie plugs in the coordinates for Anith IV as soon as they are outside orbit, and the Hard Bargain enters the Tunnel. Everything goes quiet for a while.

    The crew wakes up to the sound of alarm. They rush to the bridge, getting feedback from the instruments.
    “What’s going on?!” Marie yells to be heard above the alarm sound. “We’ve been thrown off course.” Cyloo answers. “Trying to figure out why.
    “Calculations show a gravitational anomaly the size of an asteroid field that creates a Weak Tunnel Point. But the Nav charts don’t have any such field here!” Aurquan the Engineer responds calmly.
    “Sensors show a boarding shuttle just docked at the airlock. We’re being raided. It’s an ambush!” Cyloo says.
    “Incoming automated message…” Aurquan lets his voice trail off as the message plays.
    “We’re the Black Nebula Tentacles! Our reach is everywhere! You can’t escape us! Surrender and you will be spared the misery of falling in battle!” The message ends.
    “Pirates… prepare for boarding.” Marie says and arms her rifle.

    Behind the scenes rolls

    Heading off world

    Starship Travel Event: Navigation Trouble -1 SP, Reroll: Raided: Savvy: Failure
    Enemy: Pirates
    Number: 9 enemies (Infrantry lasers, 1 Captain with blade, 2 Specialists with power claws)

    The Battle

    Marie, Cyloo and Aurquan have taken positions in the cargo area
    The pirates begin their charge
    A pirate shoots at Marie and missed, but the Pirate Captain hits her dead on with his laser
    Marie is down
    Cyloo takes revenge shooting down the captain with his shotgun, but the rest press on
    Cyloo shoots another pirate, and despite his shotguns strength, he stands firm and shoots back but misses
    Taking advantage of Cyloo’s attention elsewhere, another pirate closes in, aims right at Aurquan, and with a snap shot, brings the Engineer down
    Cyloo has been left alone against 7 raiders
    Shot and stunned, he’s attacked by a pirate wielding a power claw
    He tries to fend him off in close combat
    He hits in the brawl, but the hit is too weak and he falls to the pirate

    Behind the scenes rolls

    Turn 1: Only movement

    Turn 2: Only movement

    Turn 3: Pirate1 shoots Marie, misses; Pirate captain shoots Marie, hits, Marie is down; Cyloo shoots Pirate captain, hits, pirate captain is down; Aurquan shoots Pirate2, misses; Pirate7 flees

    Turn 4: Cyloo shoots Pirate2 with shotgun, 2 hits, 2 stuns; Pirate2 shoots Cyloo, misses; Pirate1 shoots Aurquan, hits, Aurquan is down

    Turn 5: Pirate1 shoots Cyloo, hits, Cyloo is stunned; Pirate specialist1 brawl vs Cyloo, both hit, Cyloo is down

    Post Battle

    Cyloo slowly regains consciousness. He gets up on his feet at about the same time as Aurquan. They rush to Marie. She’s been seriously wounded and is bleeding. They put her in a trolley and rush her to medbay.

    Once she’s stable Cyloo checks the ship. The space pirates took everything of value and left. They let them live.

    “Why did they leave us with our ship and our lives?” Aurquan asks.
    “Smaller bounty on their heads. Plus if you know that some pirates are bound to kill you, you’re gonna put up a stronger fight. If you know they’re gonna let you live, you might as well surrender. Lower risk for them and the mark.” Cyloo explains. “In any case this has set us back a lot. Let’s hope Anith IV is more hospitable. Set us a course.”

    Behind the scenes rolls

    Cyloo: Knocked out

    Marie: Serious Injury: 3 Turns

    Aurquan: Knocked out

    Session Summary

    Once more Five Parsecs from Home plays faster than it writes, and that’s including the table set up.

    Having so much fun with every session.

    I am now wondering what will Anith IV be like. My crew is wounded, poor and without extra gear. Maybe I should have taken the opportunity for a new crew member, but I wanted to stick to the small crew of four and, how was I supposed to know that I’ll get both a navigational trouble and a raided event. Brings back memories of my Solo Star Wars D6 campaign with Roy and his rocky start.

  • giorgis 9:17 pm on November 4, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Miniatures pt53 – Assorted SciFi 

    A few assorted Sci Fi figures from the HOF Range by Alternative Armies. One SFA Trooper, a Gray in Battlesuit and a Gray soldier.

    SFA Trooper
    Gray in Battlesuit
    Gray Soldier
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