The tale of Dash Kile, a Rebel agitator 

Back to Star Wars for this session. I’m starting a new character, Dash Kile. I won’t spend much time detailing him, instead. I might commit more in the future. Maybe could even do flashbacks.

Oracle/Emulator: I’ll be using a Recluse+MUNE hack I really liked. It’s Recluse, but on double 1s and double 6s you get a MUNE intervention with 1s being a No to the Question and 6s being a Yes.

Game System: I’ll be using Star Wars D6 with adapted dice rules from EABA. Essentially you ‘take the best of three’. So If I have 5D+1 in a skill, I will roll 5D (with wild die as normal), and then only take the sum of the best three dice, and add the pip. I’ll have the option to drop one die and take a +2, since 3D+2 on average is better than 4D taking the best three. Difficulties will be adapted accordingly, as well as damage rolls.

Dash is a young, hot headed rebel agitator, a street urchin, with utmost hatred for the Galactic Empire.
He has heard of the Rebel Alliance, but is not affiliated with them, not yet at least. Still trying to get his footing in the whole resistance thing.
Objective: Overthrow the Galactic Empire
Quote: You gotta fight for your right!

Dash is hanging out in the local cantina, The Trout, a haven of scum and villainy in Chrella VIII, the 8th moon of the 25 orbiting the Gas Giant Chrella, and the only habitable.

Q: Is everything as expected?
A: No and, TWENE: Increase Simple element

A simple element in a cantina is people.

It’s more crowded than usual.

Dash will try to learn of any rumors regarding local imperial activity.
Dash: Streetwise (Moderate): 6: Failure

Dash asks around, some connections, but doesn’t manage to glean anything. Some push him away as annoying.

So, now I decide to take an important decision. Failure shouldn’t be Flat. It should be interesting. So I decide that it means that Dash’s asking around has raised suspicions.

Q: Do Imperials arrive in the cantina?
A: Yes, Intervention: New Entity
Q: Is the entity Imperial?
A: Yes
Dash: Perception (Moderate): 11: Success
Q: How many Imperials?: 1D (Wild): 3

As Dash finishes his talk with a regular, he notices a Trandoshan talking to a uniformed officer, pointing in his general direction.

Officer: Search (Moderate): 4: Failure

The crowd in the cantina makes the Imperial search difficult. Dash, swiftly makes it for the rear exit.

Q: Is there a rear exit? (Likely)
A: Yes
Q: Is it accessible?
A: No, Intervention: Advance Plot: Someone helps dash.

Dash enters the kitchen. Stress evident in his face, trying to find desperately a way out.
The cook, a fat man in his 50s, with a thick mustache, looks at him. He steps on his toes to look outside the kitchen pass and sees the officers. He opens up a huge crate of Crix, local, slimy, smelly amphibians the size of a small cat. The indigenous aliens found them a delicacy, but the human settlers can barely stand them. Still, the poor need to eat.
“Get inside” He directs Dash.

Dash: Perception (Moderate): 11: Success
Q: Does the cook seem trustworthy (Likely)
A: Yes, and Dash has a feeling he won’t be betrayed

Dash eyes the cook well, considers his options and jumps in the crate, holding his nostrils. Hundreds of the little critters crawl over him as the cook closes the crate cover and places another crate on top.

Q: Do the Imperials search the kitchen? (Likely)
A: No
Q: Does the cook betray Dash (Unlikely)
A: False Presupposition. Since the Imperials never enter the kitchen, and they leave shortly after it doesn’t even occur to the cook to betray Dash. They must have been called elsewhere.

A short while later, Dash sees the crate cover open, and the cook waiting for him, an arm extended.
“Come, get out.” He tells him.
Dash, reeking of Crix, brushes off a couple critters still attached to him.
“Thanks!” He says relieved.
“Don’t mention it.” The cook replies. “It’s safe to leave now kid.”
Dash pauses for a moment.
“I gotta repay you somehow. Do you wanna hurt them? For what they did to the locals? to the settlers? to our planet?” He asks.

UNE: Comfort (bearing), History (Focus)

The cook shakes his head. “It’s a sad history, that of our planet, but I don’t want any more trouble. I just want the comfort of peace.”
“Which you won’t find as long as our streets crawl with Imperial scum!” Dash replies.

Dash: Persuasion (Moderate): 17: Success!

The cook nods. “What do you have in mind?”
Dash smiles. “Can you spare a bag of these slimy smelly critters?” He asks.
“I bet it would teach them a lesson if we filled a couple of their speeders with them. Would send a message, and would take them more than a day or two to clean it up!” Dash eagerly adds.

Q: Does the cook agree to the plan?
A: Yes

“Alright kid. I’ll give you a bag. It’s a gift from me, to them. Just make sure it doesn’t trail back to me.” The cook says and starts filling up a bag.

At night, Dash, goes to the nearest posting of Imperial troops, a bag of Crix on his back.

Dash: Perception (Moderate): 13

Q: Are there any speeders? (L)
A: Yes
Q: How many? (1D3): 3
Q: How many guards?: 1D (Wild): 4

Dash tries to sneak to a side alley, to set off a firecracker for a distraction.

Dash: Sneak (Opposed): 17/4: Success
Dash: Demolitions (Easy): 9: Success

Q: Do the Imperials rush off to the noise?
A: Yes

The Imperials seem a bit sleepy, and don’t notice Dash jumping around in the shadows. He goes behind some trash cans, and sets off his firecrackers in 5 minutes, and rushes back in position.
As soon as the bangs are heard, the Imperials are startled. They pinpoint the source of the noise and run off, leaving the speeders unguarded.

Dash: Security (Difficult): 11: Success
Q: Does Dash make it in time before the Imperials return?
A: Yes, but barely and they have a trail to start searching.

Dash spreads the slimy Crix around in the speeders, He puts them in the driver and codriver seats, under the engine, in the glove box, everywhere. He already reeks of them, so the smell doesn’t bother him.
He has just finished dirtying up the third speeder, when he hears the distinctive boot steps of the Imperial troops. He knows his time’s up and runs off.

Imperial Officer: Command 4 people (Moderate): 11: Success: +2D
Imperials: Search (Opposed): 19/7: Success
The Imperials find Dash.
Q: Is he cornered?
A: No, and there two escape routes.

Soon Dash realizes the Imperials are on his tail. He tries to lose them, turning around in some narrow alleyways, and squeezing under a few fences, but no matter what he does, he can’t shake them. He doesn’t know if it’s the smell, or they have managed to triangulate on him and come from two sides, but soon, he has to turn and face them.
One thing he knows for certain, is that no matter what, he mustn’t get caught.
He draws his blaster pistol, and hopes it works. He hasn’t shot it before actually.

I’ll ask a few questions first:
Q: Is there cover?
A: Yes, but it’s only light cover
Q: Are there buildings? (UL)
A: False presupposition. There are trees. They have reached a huge park.
Q: Are the escape routes close by?
A: Yes, but there’s no cover to reach them. Dash will have to be in the open.

Exhausted from the chase, Dash, takes cover behind a tree. They have entered Flass Park. Looking around, he notices a large ditch for monsoon rainstorm torrents. This could be his chance to escape. If he manages to get into the sewers, he’ll surely lose the Imperials in the labyrinth. But he has to risk his life to do, and they’re closing in on him from both sides.

Dash: Perception: 13
Imperials: Perception: 8

Round 1:
Dash acts first: Shoots Imperial Officer: Distance 40m (Long): 18: Hit Leg: 14/8: 7+: Incapacitated
Imp1 shoots Dash: 8: Miss
Imp2 shoots Dash: 10: Miss
Imp3 shoots Dash: 12: Hits Cover: 12/13: Tree absorbs all damage

Round 2:
Dash shoots Imp2: 7: Miss
Imp1 shoots Dash: 18: Hit Torso: 4/4: No damage
Imp2 shoots Dash: 16: Hit Leg: 11/10: 1+: Stunned
Imp3 closes in on Dash 20m

Round 3:
Dash shoots Imp3: 10/7: Hit Head: 16/5: Killed
Imp1 Willpower (Moderate): 12: Stays
Imp1 shoots Dash: 15: Hit Head: 14/(Dash will spend 3 CPs): 13: Stunned Twice
Imp2 Willpower (Moderate): 9: Success
Imp2 shoots Dash: 12: Hits Cover: 13/13: Tree absorbs all damage

Round 4:
Dash runs full speed to the ditch. Spends 2 CP to run.
Dash Running: 15: Success
Imp1 shoots Dash: 19: Hit Head: 18/(Dash will spend 5 CPs): 15: 3+: Wounded
Imp2 shoots Dash: 16: Hit Torso: 13/4: 9+: Dead

As the Imperials close in, Dash makes out the officer giving order, and blasts him straight on the leg, dropping him. With Dash shooting with lethal force, the Imperials don’t consider twice. They start shooting back. Two of them miss, but the third hits the tree Dash is hiding behind, burning a hole in its trunk.
Dash finds the opportunity to shoot again, but he misses. A blast grazes him, shaking his resolve.
An Imperial trooper tries to close in, and Dash shoots him right on the head, the blast finding his target’s face, killing him instantly. The Imperials stand and fight, giving Dash a hard time, a shot grazing his head, while another hitting the tree, and Dash feels grateful for the tree, that has saved his life.
Seeing as he is trapped and starting to get wounded, Dash makes a run for the ditch, but caught out in the open, the Imperials shoot him in the back. One blaster shot finds his head, and another right on the back, and he falls down, dead. The dream of a revolt, dying with him.

Session Summary

The flow was so easy. The game was just progressing fast. As I explained in a post recently, I think I found the reason I was having a hard time driving the adventure, and now I think I found my solution. I put myself into Dash’s shoes and tried to think of ways to meet his objective, and then act on it. Yes he failed, but the adventure was driven by his passion.
I’m a bit sad that Dash perished, I was looking forward to adventuring with him, but the dice have spoken.
I enjoyed the EABA/D6 hack as well as the Recluse/MUNE. I’m still not quite certain about the balance in the EABA/D6 hack, maybe I’ll have to reconsider some options, but overall it was fast, and easy to remember.