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    The Tale of Bas – An Ironsworn Saga – Ep01 

    So I’m delving into the Ironlands.
    Ironsworn is one of the most popular solo RPGs, and I have put it off for too long.
    I have not played Apocalypse World or similar RPGs in the past, so this is going to be a new experience for me.
    To try it out, I will begin with a familiar world style and character.

    Worldbook options:

    The Old World

    The sickness moved like a horrible wave across the Old World, killing all in its path. Thousands fled aboard ships.
    However, the plague could not be outrun. On many ships, the disease was contained through ruthless measures—tossing
    overboard any who exhibited the slightest symptom. Other ships were forever lost. In the end, those who survived found
    the Ironlands and made it their new home. Some say we will forever be cursed by those we left behind.


    The weather is bleak. Rain and wind sweep in from the ocean. The winters are long and bitter. One of the first settlers
    complained, “Only those made of iron dare live in this foul place”—and thus our land was named.


    Before the Ironlanders, before even the firstborn, another people lived here. Their ancient ruins are found throughout the


    We have forged the Ironlands into a home. Villages within the Havens are connected by well-trod roads. Trade caravans
    travel between settlements in the Havens and those in outlying regions. Even so, much of this land is untamed.


    Leadership is as varied as the people. Some communities are governed by the head of a powerful family. Or, they have a
    council of elders who make decisions and settle disputes. In others, the priests hold sway. For some, it is duels in the circle
    that decide.


    The wardens are our soldiers, guards, and militia. They serve their communities by standing sentry, patrolling
    surrounding lands, and organizing defenses in times of crisis. Most have strong ties to their community. Others, called
    free wardens, are wandering mercenaries who hire on to serve a community or protect caravans.


    Some still find comfort in the old ways. They call on mystics to divine the fortune of their newborn, or ask them to
    perform rituals to invoke a bountiful harvest. Others act out of fear against those who they suspect of having power.
    However, most folk believe true magic—if it ever existed—is lost to us now.


    The people honor old gods and new. In this harsh land, a prayer is a simple but powerful comfort.


    The firstborn have passed into legend. Some say the remnants of the old tribes still dwell in deep forests or high
    mountains. Most believe they were never anything more than myth.


    The beasts of old are nothing but legend. A few who travel into the deep forests and high mountains return with wild tales
    of monstrous creatures, but they are obviously delusional. No such things exist.


    We are wary of dark forests and deep waterways, for monsters lurk in those places. In the depths of the long-night, when
    all is wreathed in darkness, only fools venture beyond their homes.

    Bas is an orphan. His village was in the hinterlands but raiders came, and slaughtered everyone. He was found a few days later by a family of hunters and taken into their home at Bleakwood and raised along their own children.
    As a child he was always wild, getting into fights and spending a lot of time outside. Now, at his maturity ritual he joins his stepfather in a deer hunt.

    Name Bas
    Edge 2
    Heart 2
    Iron 3
    Shadow 1
    Wits 1
    Assets Wildblood, Wayfinder, Brawler
    Equipment Leather armor, cloak, shield, spear, knife


    Toran, his stepfather
    Emelyn, the girl he likes

    Background Vow

    (Extreme): Find his home’s raiders and exact revenge

    Inciting Incident

    Quest Starter: You were witness to an attack by what you thought was an animal of monstrous proportions. No one believes
    you. In fact, you are accused of the murder you blame on this beast. How can you prove your innocence? Can you even trust
    your own memories of the event?

    I’m running silently through the woods. We have found the deer tracks and are trying to circle around its possible location in an effort to trap it.
    Suddenly I hear screams. I abandon the trail and head off to the source of the sound.
    What I see I cannot fathom. I see a huge boar of unbelievable proportions goring through Kayu, a fellow hunter.
    As it charges through, its gigantic tusk pierces through Kayu’s chest. It then moves on unhindered and runs away.
    I speed to Kayu trying to close his wound, but the blood loss is immense. Soon, both of us are covered in blood and Kayu lets go of his last breath.
    The rest of the hunters soon reach us and start murmuring as they see me drenched in Kayu’s blood.
    “A giant boar killed him. It was tall as a tree and it went through Kayu before I could help!” I try to explain.
    My stepfather is silent. He has defended me so many times, but now he seems at a loss of words. His gaze is down.
    I understand the danger I’m facing. But I won’t be held accountable for a crime I didn’t commit.
    I grab the iron haft of my spear, fall on my knees, and swear my vow.
    “I will find the boar, and bring you its head. I’ll avenge Kayu. I swear it.”

    I will be providing the dice results in the following format: (Action Die, Challenge Die, Challenge Die)

    Swear a Vow: (6+2+1=9,6,4): Strong Hit
    On a strong hit, you are emboldened and it is clear what you must do next (Ask the Oracle if unsure). Take +2 momentum.

    Vow: Kill boar beast (dangerous)
    Momentum: +4

    The hunters are silent, and nod as I take my vow.
    I first need to track down the boar. Once I have tracked it down, I need to set a proper trap and kill it. I don’t want to end up like Kayu.

    Gather Information: (5+1+1=7,9,6): Weak Hit
    On a weak hit, the information complicates your quest or introduces a new danger. Envision what you discover (Ask the Oracle if unsure), and take +1 momentum

    Momentum: +5
    Ask the Oracle: Breach Truth

    As I try to follow the tracks through the forest, I can’t find anything that would relate to what I saw.
    In a desperate attempt, I decide to follow Kayu’s tracks instead. Maybe he fell upon the creature’s den.
    I follow the tracks into a ravine and come upon a sorry sight.
    A sow and and her little piglets are slaughtered in a gruesome manner. I see Kayu’s knife in the dirt next to the dead boars.
    That’s what the beast saw and went after the hunter.
    Why would Kayu do such a thing? We have to respect the land and its creatures not destroy it. We have to hunt only as much as we need.
    I’m disheartened, knowing that my Vow might have been taken hastily. There’s no honor here. Just the defense of my name, nevertheless a Vow taken must be kept.

    Endure Stress: (1+2=3,5,6): Miss
    Spirit: +3
    Momentum: +4

    Reach Milestone move: 2 progress tracks.

    The beast was furious about the death of its own kind. I can use it to my advantage. I will set traps near this den that I found and use the boar remains to lure it in.

    Secure an Advantage: (1+1=2,3,6): Miss
    On a miss, you fail or your assumptions betray you. Pay the Price.

    Pay the Price: 57: It causes a delay or puts you at a disadvantage

    I’ve spent the entire day setting up traps and lures for the boar beast, but it’s nowhere to be seen. It either has picked up my scent or just didn’t come here again, since it killed Kayu and feels no threat.

    Make Camp(3+5=8,7,2: Strong Hit
    Relax: +1 Spirit
    Spirit: +4

    The next day, I pick up my spear and once again try to find any large hoove tracks belonging to the boar beast.

    Gather Information:(6+2+2,2,2): Strong Hit
    Momentum: +6

    I’ve found the beast’s tracks, I ready my spear and see if I can locate it.

    Face Danger:(6+1=7,4,4): Strong Hit
    Momentum: +7

    Treading like a wildcat, on the top of the forested hill’s ridge, I can see the boar down below. I have the advantage, I prepare my spear and brace it against the ground. It’s now or never.

    Reach a Milestone: 4 progress marks

    Enter the Fray:(2+2=4,10,9): Miss
    The Boar has Initiative.
    Pay the Price: 87: It wastes resources
    Supply: +3

    I’m about to call out to the beast to come and get me, but it already has picked up my scent, it runs amok around, and finding my backpack, it tramples through my stuff. Next it charges towards me, but it’s on a different direction. I had not expected this and I am caught unaware.

    Clash: (6+3=9,7,3): Strong Hit
    Inflict 3 Harm (6 ticks)

    As the boar charges at me, my spear is set, and I manage to brace it against another rock. The gigantic creature’s steps thud through the forest, but my spirit doesn’t waiver. My spear finds its target, and the boar moans out wildly.

    Strike: (6+3=9,8,2): Strong Hit
    Inflict 3 Harm (3 progress)

    As it pulls away, my spear catches in its ribcage and more blood spews out.

    Strike: (4+3=7,6,7): Weak Hit
    Inflict 2 Harm (4 progress)

    I manage to make another thrust, but I overextend and allow for the beast to find an opening.

    Clash: (3+3=6,8,7): Miss
    Endure Harm: (1+3=4,10,1): Weak Hit
    Health: +1

    The beast gores at me with both its tusks. I spit blood as they rip apart through my leather armor.

    Clash: (1+3=4,6,4): Miss: Burn Momentum: Strong Hit
    Inflict 3 Harm (22 ticks)
    Momentum: +2

    I won’t let this beast bring me down. I call upon my vow, gather my strength, and jab at it, holding my spear with both my hands.

    Strike: (6+3=9,7,4): Strong Hit
    Inflict 3 Harm (7 progress)

    End the Fight: (7,6,9): Weak Hit
    Endure Stress: (1+2,10,3): Miss
    Spirit: 0
    Momentum: +1
    Momentum Reset: +1

    The boar roars and charges one more. I scream out and charge at it back. My spear finds its target true, killing the beast. As it dies, it looks at my with a serenity and I realize I have killed a creature that meant no evil. It killed Kayu because he committed an atrocious act, and I only justified it.
    Sickened, I push down the carcass away from me.
    Time has passed away and I must make camp.

    Reach Milestone: 6 progress

    Make Camp: (6+3=9,8,7): Strong Hit
    Recuperate: Health: +2

    In the morning I take proof of the boar carcass and set off to return to Bleakwood

    Reach Milestone: 8 progress

    Fulfil your Vow: (8,10,8): Miss

    I head back to Bleakwood. Wounded, Shaken, Bloody.
    As I reach the village I expected people to come greet me.
    Instead, they are shutting their doors and windows.
    I reach the village center. The elders are waiting there for me. I see Kayu’s family standing beside them.
    My stepfather is on the other side.
    “Bas!” the elder speaks. “We have decided upon the matter of Kayu’s murder. We saw the wounds. The seer has spoken. No beast committed this act.”
    “But, I have the proof here!” I shout.
    “Silence!” The elder shouts back.
    I shut up.
    “Your father, has begged us, and Kayu’s family, and you shall be spared. You are to be banished from Bleakwood and never return.” He continues.
    My eyes search around for support. I see Emelyn, our eyes meet, and immediately she gazes down.
    “Leave!” He says again.
    Without a home once more, I leave Bleakwood.

    Session Background

    What a twist in the end!
    This was my first try in Ironsworn and I absolutely loved it.
    I’m afraid Bas will have a hard time surviving in the Ironlands but it makes for an exciting story.
    Overall it’s a very easy system to use and play.
    Unfortunately I have everything in digital format, and having them printed would have eased my play even more.

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    A monster’s bounty – A weird cyberpunk fantasy adventure – S1E04 

    Brief summary: Lt. Athen Smarte is a Hunter. Solitary warriors who hunt down and dispatch warp monsters. In the last session she hunted and killed three goblins who had made a lair under the Morikai Bread Factory, attacking the workers.

    As her second advancement, I choose to increase Athen’s Vigor attribute to d8. I think she will need it.

    After a well deserved rest, the next day, Athen returns to Vertden FOB. She decides to avoid the mess hall for now and heads directly to supplies and provisions to meet the quartermaster.

    Q: Does she meet Taro?
    A: Yes
    Q: Does he continue bullying her?
    A: Yes, and, he’s not going to let go easily.

    She hasn’t managed to finish 4 steps into the courtyard when she hears an unwelcome voice. “I thought I told you to leave.”
    “Piss off Taro. That was yesterday. I’m back to collect.” Athen sternly replies and keeps on a steady pace.
    Tarp quickly stands up from the bench and cuts off her path. “Leave” he says slowly, pausing on every syllable.
    “Make me.” Athen replies, her hands itching for a fight. Adrenaline still high from yesterday.

    Q: Are there bystanders?
    A: False presupposition.
    Note: I had difficulty finding a proper answer to this and the story detailed to an incorrect path. Therefore I returned back here with a decision that when a false presupposition can’t be answered I will instead trigger an intervention without answering the asked question.

    Intervention: Entity Positive
    Q: Is it Athen?
    A: No
    Q: Is it Taro?
    A: Yes, and he just received a mission

    “Cut this crap Taro. Who cares about her? We have an assignment. It’s a Red Mark mission!” Another Hunter, a friend of Taro’s comes and intervenes.
    “This ain’t over Smarte!” Taro says and laughs wildly as he hugs his friend in joy.
    “Asshat” Athen mutters between her teeth as she can’t digest the news. Taro was given a Red Mark mission. These are corporate sanctioned high end targets for high tech rewards.

    The quartermaster eyes Athen heavily.

    UNE: Cautious, Bearing: Comfort: Focus: Previous Scene.

    “Don’t let that asshole Taro get to you girl. Remember where you came from. You weren’t a bounty hunter or a security lap dog. You were a ranger. Carry that with pride.” The old grognard tells her. Athen breaks a little smile. “Thank you.”
    “You showed those greenskins that they can’t mess with us. Too bad they took so long to call for our help. Here.” He says and puts a pouch credit coins on the table. “Your reward.”
    Athen takes her reward and nods to the old soldier before heading to Col. Faulknen’s office.

    Athen’s wealth die has increased to a d8.

    Right now I’m having some difficulty connecting the dots of the single sessions into a grander adventure scheme. It feels to me as if Athen is running along without any specific purpose.
    I had a discussion over at discord and through some tips that were shared (Thank you @John Lopez – check out his patreon if you haven’t) I realized I needed to spend some time to bullet point a few things about my setting.
    Since the setting is something unique, I must pay attention to it. For starters I will create a quick bullet point journal of characters, factions and locations, including everything introduced so far. Then I will try to map them out (thinking about a hex map) with events overlay. Then I will see if I need to introduce a few more factions or just generate an adventure and build as I go.

    For starters I gathered up in a document all the information I had for characters, factions and locations so far.

    Next I named the city. It’s Morieva.
    And I generated a map in watabou for it.


    Next I detailed the open threads.

    • Goblins in the city
    • Third eye drug exchange
    • Merlin the smuggler
    • Taro’s Red Mark mission

    And now I will generate an adventure using Cyberpunk Adventure Generator

    Quest giver: Anti-corporation Rock Band.
    Quest type: Intelligence of Megacorp HQ.
    Target: Item, A cyberkey that will unlock any lock mechanical or digital
    In the possession of: Quest giver
    Professions: Megacorp hired propagandist reporter
    Location: Streets, Megacorp HQ
    Antagonists: Classic Hitman with a suit and concealed weaponry
    Rewards: Blastor – cyberspace weaponry
    Random event: Propaganda flyers rain down from the sky

    I don’t like the implied setting and it doesn’t fit my protagonist at all. I could push it to fit but instead I will try the next adventure generator in my list.

    Quest Contact
    A Mercenary Group: A nearby mercenary group has posted several jobs. They are willing to pay anyone who completes them.

    Prevent Something: Something is going to happen unless you interfere and you’re the only chance of preventing it.

    A Fortress: Whether still occupied or not, several military fortresses litter the land from wars past. Unoccupied fortresses rarely stay that way for long when bandits or monsters looking for a lair chance upon them.

    Royalty: They’re the rich of the rich, make the laws, and are never questioned. But not every royal has the best intentions of their subjects at heart.

    Twists and Complications
    Dodgy Ally: For the adventure to be a success the players will need outside help. This person may have their own agenda, want all the treasure, or could be a spy for the enemy.
    Time Limit: There’s a deadline and the adventure need to finish by a certain time or something happens.

    The Dramatic Conflict
    Family/Friend: Someone the players know will be harmed by completing this job. Is the cause worthy enough for their sacrifice?

    Much better. I can start asking oracle questions to define the adventure as it evolves.

    Q: Is the mercenary group, the Hunter’s guild?
    A: Yes, and the job posting will be offered to Athen directly.
    Q: Is the royalty, the TeraTek corporation?
    A: No
    Q: Is it another corporation?
    A: Yes
    Q: Is the fortress, Vertden FOB?
    A: No
    Q: Why is only Athen capable of completing the adventure?
    A: The answer involves procrastinating over desires, combined with a struggle over nature.
    Q: Is the friend involved in dramatic conflict Col Faulkner?
    A: Yes, but Athen doesn’t know it yet, so that meta plot is subject to change.

    So I have a rough layout. The old Ocano Point base is about to be captured by Mao-Hsai Unlimited corporation. Thing is this base used to serve troops that fought in the Warp Wars and housed the previous Hunter local guild HQ. It was abandoned in a rush and contains research data that must be recovered. The Hunter Athen is the only available Hunter for the mission. A possibility is that there is information on the data that incriminates the Colonel about something that happened during the war.
    I don’t like all the meta knowledge that is being fed to me at once, and also the fact that it doesn’t connect at all with my current threads. On the other hand it’s a quite interesting new thread and I’m willing to see where it will take me.
    Also I dislike the fact that there is no personal goal for the protagonist. I somehow feel as if I’m in a CRPG without any significant scenario.

    Q: Will the Colonel assign the mission to Smarte?
    A: No
    So, I need to create a new character, even if it’s just for this.

    Donjon: Lenard Jaenke: Male Soldier. Lenard is muscular, with cropped silver hair and brown eyes.
    He wears military fatigues and carries a semi-automatic pistol.

    “Smarte! report to Cpt Jaenke. He’s asked for you.” A fellow hunter called her.

    The captain’s office is filled with the smoke from his cigar. He has put it off, but only just before. Athen can barely see the captain through the smoke. The captain is a muscular man with cropped silver hair and brown eyes.
    “Smarte.” He says in a voice, cracked under the weight of countless cigars of the past.
    “Sir.” The lieutenant replies.
    “We’ve got a situation. A delicate one. We have sources that indicate that our old base in Ocano Point has been scouted by Mao-Hsai Unlimited. We had to retreat from Ocano in a hurry and when we hit back, there was no strategic importance for the location anymore.” The captain explains.
    Athen nods.
    “We’ll let them have it. We don’t care about that dump. But…” the captain sighs. “What’s inside must be recovered. We have battle reports, monster autopsies, experimental weapon blueprints. Lots of shit. And we must get there fast. Konicek and Girbach were supposed to get it. But, they were outside of Morieva, and a landslide has cut them off. You’re the only one available, so we rely on you alone for this one. Questions?”
    ‘Crap, a two person job given to just her’. Athen thought.
    “Yes sir. How do I recover the data?” Athen asks.

    Here I will give the dodgy ally twist.
    Q: Will there be a guild payment for it?
    A: Yes

    “You’re going to need a hacker, guild fee. Konicek is our guild hacker, but…” the captain lets it trail off.
    “He’s blocked by the landslide, yes. What about Ocano Point. Is is clear?” Athen asks another question.

    Q: Do the hunters have recent intel?
    A: No

    “We haven’t set foot there in a long time. Can’t tell what to expect. Find a hacker, keep them safe. Find the data, bring them back. That will be all.” Cpt Jaenke wraps it up.
    “Yes sir, on it.” Athen replies and leaves.

    This is a chance to use a Secret Clock. I have no clue whether Mao-Hsai Unlimited will get to the site before Athen, so I will start a clock that will trigger at Red (not combined, either three Diamonds or three Hearts will trigger it) and a dependent clock that has to do with Mao-Hsai data recovery at Black (again, not combined, either three Clubs or three Spades will trigger it).
    Time unit until Athen gets to Ocano Point will be one hour, and after she arrives, it will be one turn.

    I expect that it will take Athen 1 hour to get home and then she can start trying her streetwise knowledge to see if she can find a hacker. I’ll give one hour per attempt.

    13:00: Return from Vertden FOB
    14:00: Streetwise (d4-2): Success.
    Donjon: Quinn Rocheford: Male Computer Hacker. Quinn has messy blonde hair and large green eyes. He wears a grey suit and glasses with silver rims.

    It doesn’t take long for Athen to dust off her contacts list and find Quinn. He had worked with associates of her in the past, but apart from that reference she has no clue about him. He agreed to meet her at Gustav’s.

    Q: Does it take long for Quinn to arrive?
    A: No. I decide it’s going to be another hour, he was readily available.
    Intervention: Regress plot
    So I got lost in a series of questions that lead nowhere.
    I’m starting over again with more specific questions.
    Q: Is Quinn under attack by someone during the meet?
    A: No
    Q: Does Quinn lack a specific piece of equipment required to perform his task?
    A: Yes
    Q: Does he know where to get it?
    A: Yes, but (it’s illegal/costs/will take time to get): will take time to get.
    Q: Will it take too long?
    A: No, and it’s going to be only 1d6: 4 more hours.

    ‘Just my luck’ Athen cursed when Quinn explained to her that he had his deck under repairs when it was damaged in a firefight. At least it would be within the day, and a few hours later, at 19:00, they were ready to leave for Ocano Point.
    She didn’t like the fact that Quinn didn’t tell her about his shortcoming before she had arranged to meet him. He’s either untrustworthy or didn’t want to miss the job. Or both.

    Q: Is there a regular route to Ocano Point? (unlikely, I imagine this as an abandoned place, far from habitated regions).
    A: No, and, there’s no road to there either. They will have to take a cab up to a point and then walk.
    I would expect one hour for the cab ride, and then 1d6: 4 hours walking.
    So, it’s dead midnight when they arrive at Ocano Point.

    Athen will search to see if she can find any corporate presence on approaching the site.
    Athen: Notice (d6): Success+. Let’s unveil the first Secret Clock: No Mao-Hsai presence.

    I need to get some information about Quinn from UNE.
    I get “Dependable Politician”. I’ll take it that he’s a man of his word, and prefers diplomacy to other means.

    “It seems clear. I see no lights, or movement.” Athen says to Quinn.
    “I promised my skillset, but are you sure it seems a good idea to go inside an abandoned fort from the war? There could still be monsters lurking inside. Especially if, as you say, our own troops had to abandon it to the enemy.” Quinn tries to persuade Athen.
    “We’ll take our precautions.” Athen says and arms her pistol.

    Now, since I got a raise on the Notice check, I’ll ask.
    Q: Did Athen notice anything else?
    A: No

    Since I haven’t decided yet how to run this part of the adventure (dungeon romp? hex flower? five room dungeon?) I’ll pause here to recollect myself and do some digging.

    Session Summary

    I’m starting to get a little lost in all the worldbuilding associated with this adventure. I think I’m trying to get two birds with one stone.
    I love the concept and the protagonist, but I should have my world set up before I set off to adventure in it. Then I might have had a better objective for my protagonist, something to drive her to achieve.
    Where is the struggle? What opposing forces does Athen have to contend with to find calmness?
    Insofar I didn’t have these issues with my other adventures because I either had generic lore that could apply easily without much effort, or I knew the setting very well.
    I may run the mission in one of my next sessions but I’m well aware that I need to have some serious world building involved before I continue further.

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    Into the deep caverns – Ep03 – Dark Sun Scarlet Heroes 

    [Likely] (2d10 => (6,7) => 7) l does the magma paraelemental beast return to its plane?

    Having no bonds to hold it down to the material plane, the magma beast jumps back into the lava pit and vanishes.
    Chansa bandages his wounds and takes a good look at the remains of the dwarf cultists. He understands why there are no shamans of the magma element among his people. There is nothing to be gained from such a savage element.

    Turn 5:
    Room 5: SW
    Encounter: encounter found: 10 Hit Dice worth of minions and elites.
    Treasure: no treasure
    Hazards: no hazards
    Features: no feature

    Chansa moves deeper in the cavern system, and he comes upon a beautiful room. Rocks of various sizes and colors have been arranged to display a marvelous contrast between red, orange, yellow and black.
    Several dwarves are here, tending to the rocks and their formations. Some are sitting in front of them, their eyes close, in some sort of meditation.

    [Unlikely] (2d10 => (2,4) => 2) u can Chansa get to the otherside of the room undetected?
    The GM says no, but I still want to try.

    [Either Way] (1d10 => 8) is the difficulty extreme?

    Chansa: Stealth: 15/15: Success!

    Chansa counts 8 dwarves in total. He bides his time carefuly, as they see to have not noticed him. He sees a dwarf in red cloak, going from accolyte to accolyte, assisting them with meditation techniques.
    He moves silently, jumping swiftly from shadow to shadow, until he reaches the other end of the cave, in a feat of extreme skill. Were it not for his halfling size and dexterous abilities, he surely would have been made, and have to fight another group of bloodthirsty enemies.

    Forgot to make a wandering monster check in the previous room. There’s no point making one now, since Chansa is as stealthy as a cat.

    Turn 6:
    Room 6: NW
    Minor Shrine
    Encounter: encounter found: 5 Hit Dice worth of minions.
    Treasure: no treasure
    Hazards: no hazards
    Features: feature: A prisoner or victim of the dungeon inhabitants: creature motivation: Retrieve a stolen treasure- possibly taken by PC: A traitor from the nearest village

    [Extremely Unlikely] (1d10 => 6) xu is the treature something stolen by Chansa?

    “Let me go!” a strong armed dwarf with tatoos, is bound by half-giant hair rope. A handful of cultists are gathered around him.
    “We will let you go when Suthra says so.” A cultist replies.
    “We should sacrifice him to the pit” Says another one.
    “Suthra may want to spare him. After all, he’s the one who brought him the fire staff. Without it we wouldn’t be able to summon the beast” The first one says.
    “Yes but he tried to steal it back, otherwise why did you come back eh?” Another one asks the bound dwarf.
    “You tricked me. I thought you were fire clerics.” The bound dwarf replies with rage.
    “And so easily you betrayed your teacher. How proud he must be of you. Traitor.” The captor says and laughs out loud. “You can pay your respects here, to the shrine we have set for magma. Look at how it consumes everything and forms it anew…” He says and points to a geological shape made out of solid magma.

    ‘Curious’, Chansa thinks. Maybe this fire cleric knows the way to the city of Tyr. Chansa doesn’t think it over much. He draws his javelin, and with a war cry he charges at the dwarf cultists.

    Combat Round 1:
    Chansa attacks a minion = (10)+12 = 22: damage = (2)+2 = 4: 1 point of damage: 1 minion is dead
    Fray die damage = (5) = 5: 1 point of damage: 1 minion is dead
    minion attacks = (1)+4 = 5, (5)+4 = 9, (17)+4 = 21: minion damage = (1) = 1: 0 points of damage!

    Combat Round 2:
    Chansa attacks a minion = (18)+12 = 30: damage = (6)+2 = 8: 2 points of damage: 2 minions are dead
    Fray die damage = (7) = 7: 1 point of damage: 1 minion is dead

    Chansa quickly dispatches two cultists, while a third one tries to hit him from behind. The halfling quickly turns around and blocks the hit with his shield, dodging the blows of the other two. In a feat of prowess, he then proceeds to kill the three remaining dwarves.

    So I have no idea how the dwarf will react to Chansa, but instead of asking the GME, I will roll on the Scarlet Heroes relevant table
    Their attitude towards the hero is… = (2+3) = 5: Predacious, willing to take advantage of those weaker
    But Chansa doesn’t seem to be weaker. Nevertheless I get a pretty clear picture.

    There is a moment of uneasiness, as the fire cleric eyes Chansa carefully pondering if he is going to be attacked next. He slew those dwarves as if they were nothing, and he has heard several stories of the savagery of the cannibal halflings of the Forest Ridge. Still, the halfling hasn’t made a move against him.
    “Do you know the way to Tyr?” Chansa finally asks in a terrible pronunciation in the Trade Tongue.

    [Very Likely] (3d10 => (7,5,4) => 7) vl Does he know the way to Tyr?

    [Either Way] (1d10 => 2) is it from an exit on the last dungeon room?

    Dwarf name = (2) = 2

    Grunting, the dwarf nods. “I’m Boris.”

    Boris is a very significant name for the Athasian history, but heck, there can’t be only one Boris in the entirety of Athas. I’m sticking with it.

    Turn 7:
    Room 7: SW
    Encounter: encounter found: 4 Hit Dice worth of minions and possibly an elite.
    Treasure: no treasure
    Hazards: no hazards
    Features: feature found: An architectural feature of the original structure: Atrociously ugly or disturbing to look upon

    So… another encounter and a feature. Libraries aren’t available in Athas, so this need to be adapted accordingly.

    Chansa enters further deep in the cavern system. Boris has picked up a club from one of the dead cultists and is right behind him. The path opens up to a low ceiling, wide room. There are delicate paintings everywhere in all the walls. Intricate designs with yellow, red and black depict figures performing some sort of rituals. Magma beasts, volcanoes and lava rain catch Chansa’s eyes. But what disturbs him, is the depiction of forests being set ablaze in an inferno by lava rain. He can stomach a lot, but the preservation of the forest is his utmost duty.
    Lost as he is in his examination, he realizes he is not alone. Four dwarf cultists that were studying the pictures, are standing against him, weapons drawn.

    Combat Round 1:
    Chansa attacks a minion = (11)+12 = 23: damage = (2)+2 = 4:1 point of damage
    fray die = (6) = 6: 2 points of damage
    3 minions are dead
    minion attacks = (17)+4 = 21: damage = (1) = 1: 0 points of damage
    Boris attacks = (19)+8 = 27: damage = (4) = 4: 1 point of damage: 1 minion dead

    Chansa pulls out his javelins, and throws them out all one by one, with enormous speed, paying no heed to accuracy. All three strike true, killing an equal number of dwarves. The last one remaining, tries to jab at Chansa, who blocks the strike with his shield. Finding an opening, Boris, strikes the cultist from behind, splitting his skull open with his club.

    Chansa pulls out his javelins, and throws them out all one by one, with enormous speed, paying no heed to accuracy. All three strike true, killing an equal number of dwarves. The last one remaining, tries to jab at Chansa, who blocks the strike with his shield. Finding an opening, Boris, strikes the cultist from behind, splitting his skull open with his club.
    “I have enough, rations. No need to waste any time on them.” Chansa says to Boris, who is a little uneasy at how lightly, the halfling considered eating dwarfkind. “Curious images, but heresy! Destroying those forests!” Chansa exclaims. “Let’s get out of here.”
    “No! We must find the fire staff!” Boris stops him.
    “I think it was broken. While their leader was trying to control a beast made of magma” Chansa tells him.
    “NO! I am disgraced! How will I ever correct my mistake?” Boris cries out and drops to his knees.
    “Can’t you make a new one?” Chansa asks.

    [Either Way] (1d10 => 5) can he make a new one?
    No, but…

    “It’s not that easy. I would need to travel far and wide to get the components. It’s almost impossible.” Boris replies.
    “I have already a debt to you. I will, show you the path to Tyr.” He adds.

    So, the dungeon ends here. I have mixed feelings about it. Too many encounters and they were a little bit boring, baring the encounter with the magma beast, which was due to my interpretation and not the Scarlet Heroes mechanics. All the other encounters with minions and sometimes elites were too easy to be considered even a little bit dangerous.
    Even if I consider the simplification provided by Scarlet Heroes regarding combat, it can become cumbersome. In the fight with the magma beast, I did not even consider having the head cleric cast a spell.

    Back to the wilderness adventure now.
    From my hex map, I have calculated that Tyr is about 3 more hexes away, provided that Chansa doesn’t get lost again.
    Chansa will move as quickly as possible. He (and I) has had enough encounters on the way and is tired. He needs to find Tyr.

    Day 10

    Hex 6:
    Encounters Check = (3) = 3: No encounter
    Events Check = (8) = 8: No event
    Feature Check = (4) = 4: No Feature found

    Boris guides Chansa through a narrow path in the mountains which was hidden from plain sight.
    Soon, the mountains recede into desert hills. A terrain so much different than the forests, where Chansa spent his entire life. He doesn’t pause to search and look around this time.
    From the mountain sides he can see below, an endless desert spreads as far as the eye can see. He navigates himself, to where he believes Tyr to be and moves on quickly.

    Hex 7:
    Encounters Check = (1) = 1: Encounter found
    Mountains Encounter Table = (7+6) = 13: Encounter with Dwarf. Really?
    Events Check = (7) = 7: No Event
    Feature Check = (3) = 3: No Feature

    So let’s see what’s about this Dwarf.
    There are two ways I can go about it. I can either ask first questions if its a known/unknown dwarf, and then find out what they want.
    Alternatively I can roll on the Scarlet Heroes respective tables and conjecture if it’s relevant to my story so far.
    I’ve decided to run it using the Scarlet Heroes Encounters tables and twists
    1d20 Their Current Purpose, Given Their Location , Is To …. = (7) = 7: Search for help during some present crisis
    Their Attitude Towards The Hero Is… = (5+7) = 12: Disinclined to fight unless that seems necessary
    The Groups Size And Condition = (3+1) = 4: Roll encounter size twice and take the bigger total
    The Groups Size And Condition = (4+7) = 11
    The Groups Size And Condition = (7+3) = 10
    11: They’ve been hard-pressed lately; Morale lowered by 1

    [Either Way] (1d10 => 7) is the dwarf Boris?

    Chansa has left the mountains and started moving quickly in the desert. The grains of sand getting to his feet. The hot ground causing him some uneasiness but, his resilient nature and focus on the task at hand make him forget about it, and quickly it’s just a warm feeling.
    As he travels through the dunes, he notices that there is almost no life around. Nothing compared to what he’s accustomed to.
    He takes a look back, in a nostalgic feeling of his home, but something else catches his eye. A stout humanoid figure is following his trail. His sense of danger alerts him and he wonders if the creature is edible. He has enough rations to make it to Tyr without bothering about a dangerous encounter and would prefer to avoid it if possible.
    As the figure draws closer, he distinguishes the dwarf he rescued from the magma cavern temple. It’s Boris.
    “Why do you follow me? You’ll find that if you want to take a bite of me, I more than bite back!” Chansa growls at the possibility he’s the hunted instead of the hunter.
    “…what…? no I can’t go back. I’ve completely let down my people. I saw how you dispatched my enemies and I feel safer to travel with you to Tyr. If that’s alright with you…” Boris answers confused and worried
    “Fine. But I’ll have my eyes on you.” Chansa says, squinting his eyes.
    “Tyr is just a few miles further in this fertile valley, you’ll see… I want to see if I can find help, creating a new fire staff. Or die trying.” Boris says sternly.
    “You call this fertile?” Chansa asks, not realizing how more unforgiving the rest of the tablelands are.

    Hex 8:

    The walled city of Tyr is visible in the distance, as Chansa and Boris get closer.

    Session Background

    Due to recent events, both personal and public this “session” lasted a lot longer than previous ones. I had trouble focusing and needed something less mind-taxing than solo play. I’ve done a lot of scenery and miniature painting, and will continue to do so in-between my solo sessions.
    My feelings about Scarlet Heroes are mixed so far. On one hand I really like the gaming style of the Wilderness and Dungeon modules. On the other hand, I find combat really bland. Could be my recent mood or the fact that it’s not that much suited to my style. I like to have some serious risk for my protagonist in my solo plays, and I couldn’t find it so far.
    I want to try out the Urban module for solo play as well, but I’m not quite sure that I will continue with it for my next session.
    I also want to play out the Mystery of the Ancients starter adventure, but I’m not quite sure I want to do it with Scarlet Heroes. I might take the time to convert it to a different system and run it with my MUNE homebrew mod for pre-written modules.

  • giorgis 11:18 am on April 4, 2020 Permalink | Reply

    Medieval Fantasy Scenery Pt4 

    Just one house won’t cut it, so I started on another one. For variety I decided to make it a little larger and with a different roof shape and tiles. Also for this one I wanted the door to be hung on the inside.

    What I used

    • Thin carton
    • White glue
    • Acrylic putty
    • Acrylic paint
    • Thin kidcraft wood


    This time I made it 40mmX50mm and gave the roof a single direction. Again using thin cardboard.

    cut wood

    My initial design was to be with wooden beams just like the first house I made, and also several shutters. It’s much easier to plan ahead, even if in this particular case I switched designs.


    I cut and glued it together and made an opening for a window and the door.
    I also added wooden beams on the inside with double sided sticky tape to give it strength against warping.


    For the roof I changed my design. Initially I tried to make a curved tile roof using drinking straws, but that wasn’t feasible, at least in the way I tried. So, next inspired by the previous roof, I did a ^^^ shape tile roof. I took a piece of carton and carved straight lines every 2,5mm, alternating the carving in each side of the carton. Then I pushed it, to make an accordion shape. I cut it horizontally and made accordion stripes which I glued partially overlaying on top of each other on another piece of flat carton, and had my roof ready.

    painted roof

    Glued the roof on the substructure and painted it using acrylic paint (light blue+orange+brown) mixed with glue to give strength to the carton.
    I also painted the inside black so that looking in from the window won’t look bad.

    coated house

    Here I switched my planning. Instead of using wooden beams I decided to cut out little brick tiles from carton. I carved them to be ready to be shaped for the corners.
    I speckled the structure with putty mixed with some black for a gray color and glue to make it ready to accept items on top.
    I then alternated the bricks to give the shape in the picture. I also added a couple more around for the brick shapes showing at a couple places.
    Despite my additional beams on the inside there was some warping especially on the larger left wall. I should have added a T junction on the middle of the wall on the inside and maybe added a beam on the lowermost side. I removed part of the warp by pushing it back, but it’s evident. Maybe if I had based it, I wouldn’t have this problem.


    Then I wen ahead and glued the door from the inside. This was a bit tough as my planning wasn’t perfect and had to add several carton and wood pieces to make it stick. I hadn’t also painted those pieces black beforehand and it was tough afterwards. Went and finished the painting of the bricks (white) and the wall (gray) and door (brown). Dry brushed the roof (light blue+white), the bricks and walls (white) and the door (yellow ochre). Finally washed it with warm water with detergent with paint on the roof (black+blue), bricks and walls (black+red) and door (raw umber).

    Both houses

    Here’s my two houses next to each other.

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