Terrain making: Mediterranean houses 

While preparing for my ww2 historicals, I realized that 15mm ww2 buildings in Greek architectural style are very rare.

After weighing my options, I decided to give it a shot and scratch build one. I’m not very attentive to detail, so I was worried that the end result might look crude like my dark age houses.

The architecture I’m after is mainly ceramic roof tile on low sloped hip roofs (not much snow in Greece). Brick or stone walls covered in mortar, with no timber visible. Windows have full shutters (it’s sunny in Greece). Chimneys aren’t common either.

Cut foamcore to the shape I had in mind. Did the openings for windows and doors.
Glued it together with XPS foam glue (I think it’s some sort of strong PVA) – don’t use UHU with this as it’s going to eat the foam.
Speckled it with acrylic putty, to hide the joints and strengthen the parts where the foam was visible
Cut out another part of foamcore to form the roof slot. I’ll glue the roof to this so that it can be removable. Also cut out pieces of wood craft sticks to add the door and shutters – wasn’t happy with the last and redid them
Next I prepared the roof. I took corrugated cardboard, and lightly dampened one side to remove the paper and reveal the corrugation.
For 15mm you need slim tight corrugation otherwise the tiles will look too big.
I cut the 4 pieces to shape. I used a pyramid calculator to find the exact dimensions and derived the trapezoid sides from this. Measure twice cut once worked fine. I was afraid I’d have to cut the roof to strips, but only scoring the tiles was enough.

I’m missing pictures for the next steps, so I’ll describe them.

I closed up the small gaps in the roof joints by adding thick PVA glue.

I removed the shutters, shortened their width and glued them back.

I added speckle with brush to texture the walls.

Finally I glued the roof to the roof base and primed the entire thing white.

Basecoated the walls white. The shutters and door brown, and went with burnt Sienna for the roof tiles.
Soft drybrush to the entire house with white.
Added soft, strong tone washes to the roof and shutters and door and subterranean wash to the bottom
The rear view

Overall this was a test model and after some slight corrections I must say that it met my expectations.

For the next step I also want to create a floor base for the bottom and maybe a tile for the door entry.

Finally I’ll use the learning knowledge from this as a template to make several more of these enough to populate a small village table.