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  • giorgis 9:04 pm on July 30, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Solo StarWarsD6 pt02: Rupture 

    System: Star Wars D6 by West End Games.
    Setting: Star Wars Era of the Rebellion.
    Character: Royxand Handscul ‘Roy’, Corporate scout
    Solo Tools: MUNE , donjon
    Books: Star Wars The Roleplaying Game Second Edition (West End Games), Galaxy Guide 8: Scouts

    Q: Is the rupture sealable? (Unlikely)
    A: No
    Q: Are the ships comms working?
    A: Yes
    Q: Is the cockpit damaged?
    A: No, and all sensors and diagnostics are operational

    Roy slowly headed to the cockpit. Everything was intact here. He ran the ships diagnostics. Full engine failure. All power was coming from emergency power cells. ‘Time to see the damage with my own eyes’ Roy thought and walked to the engine room.
    A huge gaping hole in the hull lay where the engine used to be. The scout ship was no longer spaceworthy. It was time to abandon ship.

    Q:Are there any planets?
    A: No, and he is in an asteroid belt, the ship could be hit again any time

    Back to the cockpit. Sensors were still working, scanning all around showed no planetary bodies, but a lot of small asteroids in a collision course to the ship. ‘Crap, I’m on limited time’ he thought.

    Q: Is there a lot of time until the asteroids reach the ship?
    A: No, and the nearest asteroids are not big enough to land safely.
    I also rolled 1D6x15 minutes for ETA with a result of 2=30 minutes

    Roy hit the distress signal button and an emergency beacon was activated and jettisoned into space.
    Then he calculated the collision ETA to at least 30 minutes with the first smaller asteroids.

    Here I thought of using donjon system generator which by luck showed an asteroid belt!.

    Astrogation data show that he is in the Anan Belt system. Probably at the far end as sensors did not detect any of the known planets.

    Roy doesn’t know whether to thank or curse his luck. Anan Belt is populated, and it even has an Imperial Class Starport. But it is home to the Viltro Syndicate. A rival to his employer, Karflo Corp, eager to get profit in any manner of ways possible.

    Q: Is the escape pod damaged?
    A: Yes, but repairable
    I rolled a successful easy Starship Repair to perform diagnostics, A failed moderate Starship repair for 15 minutes, and a successful retrial. That was cutting it close!

    ‘Back to the task at hand’ he thought, gathering his gear to the escape pod. An orange warning light flashes in the pod. The label states Power. Some fuses and power circuits must be fried.
    Using the repair tools, 15 minutes later he has only managed to replace the burnt fuses. Working with the vac suit isn’t easy.
    Roy spends another quarter of an hour to repair the power circuit board. Power is rerouted and the escape pod is finally operational. He shuts the door closed, pulls the lever and breathes out a sigh of relief as the pod heads safely for the belt with its automated thrusters.

    Session Background: After a rough start for Roy (he rolled a 12 in astrogation mishap! In part 1) this play was quite uneventful. Mostly had to do with gathering info of the surrounding system and ensuring survivability.

  • giorgis 8:55 pm on July 26, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Solo StarWarsD6 pt01: A Scout’s Odyssey 

    System: Star Wars D6 by West End Games.
    Setting: Star Wars Era of the Rebellion.
    Character: Royxand Handscul ‘Roy’, Corporate Scout
    Solo Tools: MUNE , BOLD
    Books: Star Wars The Roleplaying Game Second Edition (West End Games), Galaxy Guide 8: Scouts

    Used the BOLD waylays to define the adventure.
    Rolled misunderstanding, unforeseen. Solution favored skill.
    So I decided that a mission that should be given to someone else was given to Roy and it will play out later on. His Scout skills are his best strength so in spite of the mistake he might get away with it

    Day 0:
    Roy had already completed the scouts training in Karflo Corp. several months ago, but still he was performing map data analysis in HQ. Day in, day out he was still waiting for his opening. That mission which would give him a promotion and maybe an increase in salary.

    His datapad blinked. Incoming message. Encrypted! He entered his credentials to decrypt it and read through it with anxiety.

    At last! A Scout mission! “Investigate PG-39X. Outer Rim Unknown regions. Scout transport KF23 will be ready and equipped with standard mission gear in 18 hours. Coordinates have been uploaded to the Nav Computer.”

    The Unknown Regions of the Outer Rim, he thought. That would take several weeks time to arrive. Roy finished his job for the day, went home to prepare, and notified his friends and family about his imminent leave.

    Day 1:
    Roy arrived at the Karflo hangar bay. KF23 was a retrofitted Sienar Ships Lone Scout A with Karflo markings.
    A droid at the airlock handed him the manifest. He perused the contents and signed off on the responsibility of the ship and equipment ownership.
    Among others there were 20 weeks worth of rations, a claim beacon, multi pack, a light scouts armor and a DL-18 blaster pistol.
    A blaster pistol? The return to reality hit him hard as he boarded the ship. The outer rim is dangerous, his life was at stake.

    As he initiated the ships start sequence he went through the Astrogation data. The Nav computer had plotted 3 microjumps to reach PG-39X, but the coordinates of each jump would be unlocked in sequence as he arrived to each destination. Standard Karflo procedure to safeguard confidential corporate information.

    His Lone Scout left orbit, and in a few minutes with the help of the Nav Computer he performed the astrogation calculations and was entering hyperspace.

    He saw the calculated ETA. 10 days. That’s a lot he thought. It was the first time he was so far away from Raiys, his home planet in Tingel Arm sector.

    Q: Was the jump completed OK?
    A: Yes, but a ship is there.
    Q: Is it a combat ship?
    A: Yes
    Q: Is it imperial navy?
    A: No, but it is Imperial Customs

    Day 11:
    The jump from hyperspace was as expected. Roy didn’t get the time to get back to the cockpit and he was already being hailed.

    “This is the Imperial Customs Service. Unknown vessel prepare to be scanned. Maintain speed and course.”

    Imperial Customs here? Roy wondered. “Greetings. I shall comply, you may commence the search” Roy answered over the comms while performing a scan of the so called Imperial ship at the same time. Pirates were more likely to be here.

    His scans identified the ship as an Imperial Customs Frigate, verifying their identity. But still there was no further response on the other end. Where the Imperials satisfied or did they think he was some smuggler?

    He hailed them again “My name is Royxand Handskul, employed as a Scout by Karflo Corp. on official corporate business. Is everything all right?”

    Q: Are the imperials satisfied?
    A: Yes

    “Move on.” The frigate operator responded bluntly. Roy relieved, prepares the Nav Computer for the next jump.

    The coordinates have been unlocked, the course is calculated and KF23 enters hyperspace. ETA 5 days.

    Here the game astrogation mechanics are at work. I failed the astrogation roll by 9 points with a wild mishap die. Then I rolled a 12 on the astrogation mishap table with the following terrible results.

    Day 15:
    A loud noise is heard and the ship rumbles. A collision! Asteroid debris flies away as the ship drops to realspace. The red alarm light of a ruptured hull flashes through the ship.
    Roy needs to move fast the rupture is nearby, and he must get to the survival suit, as his life is in imminent danger!

    Calmly, as if in a training he pulls out the suit from the emergency box. He puts it on, seals it and starts taking a few breaths before deciding what to do next as the oxygen leaves the ship.

    Session Background: I decided to go with the Star Wars D6 system for a few reasons. First of all I have hard copies of the books I am using which is a great help. Secondly the system allows for stories that are revolving around one character be it a Scout, a Smuggler, a Jedi, a Pirate Captain or a Bounty Hunter. If extra support is needed droids can fill in the gaps without requiring serious background information. Finally the space opera feel of the system is great and there is a plethora of information both on Star Wars and on D6.

  • giorgis 9:31 pm on July 22, 2019 Permalink | Reply

    A short Roleplaying history 

    A long time ago…

    —in a roleplaying game

    …I was playing with a group of friends. We played AD&D 2ed (Dark Sun, Ravenloft, Birthright), Shadowrun, Call of Cthulu and Star Wars.

    It was the ’90s, we were teenagers, gathering to play once per week.

    Time passed, friends changed, TTRPGs were put aside, stored in a warehouse. Computer RPGs and gaming scratched that itch a bit.

    More time passed, family came along. CRPGs no longer could scratch the itch, but there simply was no time. I remembered how hard it was to get to play once per week, even with that tight group of friends, even when our only responsibility was to studying for school. But the love for TTRPGs was still there.

    One day I stumbled upon a reddit post on solo roleplaying. At first I was sceptical. Then I found a subreddit, blogs from other fellow lonewolves. Solo roleplaying was something that worked, and there were tools designed to enable it.

    Finally I decided to give it a go. I pulled my old Star Wars the Roleplaying Game (West End Games) books from the storage, found my dice, got some pen and paper, and journeyed to my first adventure. So this is my blog, where I will talk about all things relevant to solo roleplay gaming from my perspective.

    Edit: This site is in the affiliate program of drivethruRPG, so the respective links include the affiliate id. It’s a small help with my hobby budget to try more new things.

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