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    A monster’s bounty – A weird cyberpunk fantasy adventure – S1E00 


    Athen hang up the corded phone. For a moment she looked at the fixed line telephone as if it was something that didn’t fit. In the same way that suddenly you recite a word again and again because it feels unknown. She paused for a moment and considered the past. She still remembered vague images of cellphones. Satellites were a thing long gone since the warp gates opened and spawned hell upon earth. She knew that lingering too much on the past wasn’t good for her mental health. She had seen more than a few veterans perish away, not from some disease, but from depression.
    After all, she had just gotten a tip about a possible job. A missing person. Few cared nowadays. Maybe a private investigator would be hired to find them, if the family was rich enough to hire them. But no, she didn’t care about the individual. Her job was quite different. Missing persons were often taken by monsters. Fallout from the war.
    She dressed up, cargo pants, army boots and camo jacket. As she picked up her gear from the derelict shelf, her Lt. insignia fell down on the floor. She picked it up, and for a moment, once more images from the war flashed in her memories. She saw the orcs and trolls charge at their position, as she emptied clip after clip on them. She saw wyverns swoop down and shred her companions to pieces. She saw … she stopped and let out a cry without tears. She was dry of tears now. ‘Get a grip girl’ she thought. They had won the war and destroyed the warp gates, but at what cost?
    The nations were in ruins. Corporations who had profited from the war effort were the rulers now, with governments being mere puppets. The technological advances they had gained from the war with this unnatural enemy had opened up new fields of science, while shutting down old ones as the warp energy had corrupted everything. Mutations were abundant, resulting in suicide or abandonment of children. The social web was in ruins. To top it off, the beasts that had entered from the warp gates had fled to every single hole they could find. Sometimes they were hunted down and killed, but many times they were thriving.
    That’s what she hunted. If she finds the missing person alive, well, that’s an added bonus.


    I want to change gears from low fantasy. I love low fantasy, but I want to challenge my creativity a bit. I aim to run a solo campaign in a world that will be fleshed out as I go. It’s going to be a weird cyberpunk fantasy setting. Inspired by the Witcher meeting Shadowrun in Spellcross. Prologue pretty much explained the basics.
    Game System: Savage Worlds
    Sourcebooks: Fantasy Companion, Sci-Fi Companion
    Oracle: Recluse with MUNE
    Solo Tools: UNE, BOLD, GMA
    I’m slowly switching to Savage Worlds Adventure Edition (SWADE) from Savage Worlds Deluxe Explorer’s Edition (SWEX). I’ll be using concepts and rules from both.
    For starters I will be using the Wealth, Skills categorization and Core Skills concept from SWADE.


    Lt.Athen Smarte
    My protagonist is Lt. Athen Smarte. She’s a veteran of the warp gates war, who now makes a living as a monster hunter. Since I’m going to be focusing on her, I’ll use UNE and BOLD to flesh her out a bit more before proceeding to Savage Worlds character creation.

    I did a few rolls on UNE, but nothing made sense, in how I want Athen to be, so I won’t be using that for her.
    I’m switching to Demeanors, Motivations, Boons and Banes from Septimus.
    Demeanor: Solitary
    Motivation: Contentment
    Boons: Patron
    Banes: Disfigured
    BOLD: steady army overcome by the authority, steady trap overcome by faction intervention, haunting invader overcome by close friend

    Wow, all this fits in so perfectly. Time to write it up.

    steady army overcome by the authority

    Athen was still young when the warp gates opened in Europe. At first communications went down. Only cable lines worked. By the time the network was back on line, reports were coming about losing contact with entire settlements. Rumors started spreading about an unknown invader. Whole military bases were said to have been decimated. Then she saw them.
    She was in school in her hometown Nica, when a ruckus broke out. Everyone was gathering by the windows at her classroom. She managed to squeeze through and get a view from the 3rd floor. An army of ugly despicable creatures was marching at full speed towards their small town. Her heart began to pound. They were closing in so fast, but everyone was frozen with fear, awe and disbelief.
    That’s when she heard the sound of tracks on asphalt, followed by the loud thunder of cannons. Her classmates started screaming and running away, but she stood amazed by what she saw. The armored cavalry was locked in combat against the humanoids. Crazed they reached the tanks, despite their losses. A few of them that were taller and stronger managed to rip apart the tank hatches and kill the crew, but in the end, the humans prevailed.
    After the battle they were gathered and evacuated. A long refugee march had started then. For the next years they relocated again and again as the battle front changed depending on the flow of the war against the invaders – orcs they called them.

    steady trap overcome by faction intervention

    Soon they learned that those orcs were not mindless killers. They were brilliant strategists setting up ambushes and careful battle plans. She had spent the last few years living in the back of an army truck. As the orcs pushed on a new battle front from the south, command ordered all civilians to head back to the abandoned city of Tovce, only the enemy lay there in wait, silently within the buildings. It was a slaughter. She would have died too if it weren’t for elite merc troops of TeraTek Corporation jumping in with their power armor with rocket packs. They were testing their new weapons, and made short work of the humanoids.

    haunting invader overcome by close friend

    It wasn’t long before Athen finally joined the Rangers. War was all she had known, since she was a child, and as soon as she was of age, she enlisted. Battle after battle she spit blood and sweat. She fought in Rezova, Pava and Laveza. But the worst fight she was in, was the siege of Vraltury, a small village on the top of the hill. The fighting was fierce, and they were breaching house by house to repel the invaders, giving lives for every inch they liberated. She was on top of a two story building, whose roof was torn apart, setting up overwatch for the squad down in the alleyway. She had the orc commander in her sights on the building across, when suddenly she hear a loud roar, and the loud flap of wings. In an instant a huge scaled dragon like beast swooped down on her, it’s claws slashing at her face. It swung it’s tail, featuring a huge scorpion-like stinger thrusting towards her, when her best friend, Hank Burcham set his rifle to full auto and emptied his entire clip on the beast. Most of the bullets ricocheted off, but it was enough to turn its attention away from Athen. It stung Hank, the poison blackening his body, killing him in moments. Athen screamed, she lobbed a grenade and ducked to cover. The monster was dead, but her friend was no longer there, giving his life for her.

    Solitary, Contentment

    Having seen the horrors of unnatural war, friends and family perishing, Athen no longer wishes for the company of others. She merely wants some calamity for her and for others. Although not a social member of the community, she is there helping them and being helped in return. More than once, locals have turned to her for assistance with some creature haunting them.

    Patron, Disfigured

    Her commander from the war, Col. Leif Faulknen, seems to have taken her under his wing. They both go way back, and he may provide intel or resources to Athen.
    The wyvern attack left her with a big gash which turned into a scar to her face. It may be uncomfortable to look at, but it’s not unusual in these dark times.

    Character Stats

    Race Human
    Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d6, Strength d6, Vigor d6
    Athletics d6, Common Knowledge d4, Fighting d6, Healing d4, Notice d6, Persuasion d4, Shooting d10, Stealth d6, Survival d6
    Hindrances Heroic
    Edges Quick
    Pace 6″
    Parry 5
    Toughness 5
    Wealth d6
    Equipment: .45 Semi automatic pistol, 3 clips of ammo, Kevlar vest. Survival knife, Flashlight.


    I’ll start with setting up the initial information I have.
    I need to know about the missing person.

    Q: Does Athen have a missing person’s name?
    A: Yes
    Donjon: Svita Dotinska: Female Mechanic. Svita is tall, with white dreadlocks and large silver eyes. She wears a grey jumpsuit and has battered cybernetic legs.
    So I will be using donjon info as if its a possibility depending on how the story progresses.
    Q: Does Athen know her Last Whereabouts/Home Address/Workplace
    A: 1d3: 2. She knows 2 out 3 of the above.
    A: Last Whereabouts & Home Address.
    Time of day: 20:00
    Date: April 11th
    I’ll roll 3d6 for the distance of each location in kilometers: Last whereabouts 12 km away, Home: 15 km away.
    I’ll roll 3d6, the higher, the wealthier the neighborhood. I get a 10. It’s a common apartment in a big city block.
    I decide I’ll go first at the Home Address. Gather as much information as possible.

    Athen holsters her sidearm before heading out. Nightfall is dangerous. It’s not only the monsters she hunts, but thugs and petty criminals roam the streets at night, looking for an easy score. She’s not going to give them one.
    She gets to the street, and heads to the nearest subway station.

    Q: Is there an encounter?
    A: Yes, and, she can’t avoid it.
    I’ll use UNE: Optimistic craftsman, suggest the law, review wrath, produce opulence.
    Mood: Sociable
    Bearing: Whispers
    Focus: Current Story
    Donjon: Merlin “Moonlight” Byrn: Male Smuggler. Merlin is short and heavyset, with violet hair and amber eyes. He wears a black biker suit and an armored jacket, and carries a flechette pistol. Merlin suffers an acute fear of cyberspace.

    “Hey Ms Smarte!, Ms Smarte!” she hears a familiar voice.
    “Shit”, she thinks. It’s that persistent smuggler she once bought weapons from. He keeps trying to get her to work with him. She doesn’t stop, hoping he’ll lag behind.
    “You’re going to look for Svita right?” Athen looks to him surprised. “How did you…” she starts asking.
    He cuts her off. “Don’t look so surprised darling! I have my sources. Now, you and I both know that the police should be handling this matter, but they don’t care do they?”
    “What do you want Merlin?” Athen asks, having recovered from the sudden reveal of information.
    He puts his hand on her shoulder. “Look, those creatures you hunt, their… raw materials can catch quite a hefty price. You bring them to me and I can provide you with top-grade equipment.” He suddenly lowers his voice to a whisper. “Guns, I’ll let you even take them out for a trial if you find the mark. A special just for you.”
    “I’ll think about it Merlin.” She answers. “Oh, and don’t touch me again.” She responds, removing his hand.
    She turns and leaves, entering the subway. Eerie yellow incandescent lamps barely light up the corridors. Graffiti, cracks and mold decorate the walls, while the smell of urine here and there fills her nostrils. She feels her pistol, wondering if she needs to upgrade her trusty sidearm. Merlin’s proposal wasn’t half bad.

    Intervention Count: 1

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    Unbeohrt’s Story – A simple experiment with secret clocks 


    In this session I will run a simple Sword & Sorcery adventure to test an example of the Secret Clocks that I posted about last time.
    This is as much as an example as an experiment. Nothing will be modified. This means that if the protagonist dies before having a chance to trigger the clock, then that’s it.
    Setting: pulp low fantasy sword and sorcery.
    Game system: Savage Worlds Deluxe Explorer’s Edition
    Oracle: Recluse
    Tools: Game Master’s Apprentice basic deck
    Clock: Independent Secret Clock


    “The tracks lead inside”. Hulfa lifts his head off the ground like a hound stalking its prey.
    “Let’s go then!” Unbeohrt unseathes his two swords and steps inside the dimly lit ruins.
    Hulfa stands motionless.
    “Chief Tane didn’t pay me to accompany you Unbeohrt. Only to track the kidnappers.” He replies.
    “Begone then you filthy curr! I’ll deal with them alone.” Unbeohrt doesn’t stay to see Hulfa leave. Time is of the essence. The Kazami, the tribe of the filthy short apemen who have pestered his people for generations, raided his village and kidnapped chieftain Tane’s daughter, Atrin. Symas, the seer has advised the chieftain that they are to sacrifice her to Mannazuu, their cthonic deity.
    Unbeohrt’s drew the shorter stick, and now here he was, stepping upon the cold, ancient stones that comprise the ruins of the temple to Mannazuu.


    ArchetypeFighter, Fencer
    HindrancesHeroic, Loyal, Outsider
    EdgesFlorentine, Two Fisted, Ambidextrous
    Weapons2 x short sword
    ArmorLeather armor


    I will be using the Dragon Quest board to run this dungeon romp.
    The adventure will begin in the central south main room.
    Upon entry of each new room, I will be rolling 1dn to get the number of exits. Where n is the number of possible exits based on the map board, including the entrance of the room.
    In addition on each new room I will draw a GMA card and pick whatever of the senses feedback makes more sense.
    If any of the GMA cards includes both a 👑 and a 🎯 symbol, it’s going to be the final room, and the sacrifice clock will be revealed. Atrin, the Apeman shaman and the Apeman chieftain will be in the room.
    The last possible room will include them if they haven’t triggered until then.
    Each room except the final will have 1d6-1d6 number of apemen.
    Note: For the first two rooms I had rolled 1d3+1, but then I quickly realized that I need to have a chance for no encounters, and I came up with this new rule.


    Standard apemen will have the goblin stats.
    The apemen guards of the last room will have the orc stats.
    The apeman chieftain will have the orc chieftain stats without the armor.
    The apeman shaman will have orc stats and d8 in miracles and Stun and Entangle.

    Sacrifice Clock

    The sacrifice clock will be an Independent Secret Clock.
    Each turn I will draw face down a poker card from a blue deck (since Savage Worlds uses standard poker decks for initiative, I will use a separate red deck). Three consecutive clubs ♣️ will mean that the sacrifice clock has triggered and Atrin has been killed. Revelation of the clock will be performed when Unbeohrt enters the room were Atrin is being held.


    Turn 1

    Exits: 2
    Apemen: 4
    sacrifice clock card drawn face down.
    Initiative: Unbeohrt (U): Q♥️, Apemen (A): 6♦
    U: attacks A1: 5/5: Hit: 8/4: Dead
    U: attacks A2: 21/5: Hit+: 7/4: Shaken
    A2: Spirit: 1/4: Fail, Shaken
    A3: attacks U: 2/8: Miss
    A4: attacks U: 3/8: Miss

    Turn 2

    sacrifice clock card drawn face down.
    Initiative: U: 10♥, A: 2♥
    U: attacks A3: 8/5: Hit: 9/4: Dead
    U: attacks A4: 7/5: Hit: 7/4: Shaken
    A2: Spirit: 7/4: Success, will act on next round
    A3: Spirit: 1/4: Fail, Shaken

    Turn 3

    sacrifice clock card drawn face down.
    Initiative: U: 7♦, A: K♦
    A2: attacks U: 5/8: Miss
    A3: Spirit: 4/4: Success, will act on next round
    U: attacks A2: 9/5: Hit+: 11/4: Dead
    U: attacks A3: 12/6: Hit+: 6/4: Shaken

    Turn 4

    sacrifice clock card drawn face down.
    Initiative: U: Joker, A: 8♦, Deck reshuffled.
    U: attacks A3: 13/6: Hit+: 10/4: Dead

    The dimly torch lit entrance is damp, but the air isn’t stale. There has been movement. A few steps forward, and Unbeohrt comes face to face with four short apemen, who curse something in their language and lash at him with spiked clubs and makeshift spears. They block his way to both doors that lead deeper into the temple.
    With a natural flow of movement, he guts one of them open, while hacking at the second. His dance-like posture evades their raw attacks, and one by one, the rest of the apemen fall under his twin blades.

    Turn 5

    Unbeohrt enters the left side room.
    Exits: 4
    Apemen: 4
    GMA Card: clock not revealed.
    Sensory Snippet: A scream
    Unbeohrt: Notice: 5/4: Success. I roll randomly. The scream sounded from behind him. He must have gone the wrong way.
    sacrifice clock card drawn face down.
    Initiative: U: ️Joker, A: 8♦, Deck reshuffled.
    U: attacks A1: 5/5: Hit: 7/4: Shaken
    U: attacks A2: 10/5: Hit+: 20/4: Dead
    A3: attacks U: 5/8: Miss
    A4: attacks U: 1/8: Miss
    Note: Totally forgot to roll for recovering from shaken for A1 in this turn.

    Turn 6

    sacrifice clock card drawn face down.
    Initiative: U: ️4♣, A: 8♥
    A1: Spirit: 3/4: Fail, Shaken
    A3: attacks U: 2/8: Miss
    A4: attacks U: 2/8: Miss
    U: attacks A1: 4/5: Miss
    U: attacks A3: 5/5: Hit: 5/4: Shaken

    Turn 7

    sacrifice clock card drawn face down.
    Initiative: U: ️5♥, A: 3♣
    U: attacks A1: 16/5: Hit+: 15/4: Dead
    U: attacks A4: 13/5: Hit+: 12/4: Dead
    A1: Spirit: 2/4: Fail, Shaken

    Turn 8

    sacrifice clock card drawn face down.
    Initiative: U: ️Joker, A: K♥, Deck reshuffled.
    U: attacks A1: 5/5: Hit: 10/4: Dead

    western room

    Having opened the path, Unbeohrt enters the door to his left. He has barely managed to open it, and gaze upon four more apemen groveling, when a loud female scream is heard behind him. ‘It must be Atrin!’ he thinks. He’s about to turn back, but he isn’t the only one who heard the scream. The four apemens’ attention has turned to him. They present their weapons and charge at him.
    He makes short work of them, without getting even a single scratch in the process. Both his short swords are now covered in blood, and he wipes it off in the fur of one of the dead apemen, as he rushes back to find the origin of the scream.

    Turn 9

    sacrifice clock card drawn face down.
    Unbeohrt returns and enters the right side room which is a passageway.
    Exits: 2
    Apemen: 0
    GMA Card: clock not revealed.
    Sensory Snippet: Tread on something gummy

    Turn 10

    sacrifice clock card drawn face down.
    Unbeohrt enters the only other room.
    Exits: 3
    Apemen: 3
    GMA Card: clock not revealed.
    Sensory Snippet: The air is hazy
    Note: a bit confused with my ntoes here, as the combat begins in the next turn. Maybe Unbeohrt was out of moves.

    Turn 11

    sacrifice clock card drawn face down.
    Initiative: U: ️Q♣, A: 4♦
    U: attacks A1: 10/5: Hit+: 10/4: Dead
    U: attacks A2: 4/5: Miss
    A2: attacks U: 7/8: Miss
    A3: attacks U: 1/8: Miss

    Turn 12

    sacrifice clock card drawn face down.
    Initiative: U: ️J♥, A: 8♠
    U: attacks A2: Snake Eyes: Benny: 8/5: Hit: 8/4: Dead
    U: attacks A3: 14/5: Hit+: 15/4: Dead

    Following the general direction of the scream, Unbeohrt enters a narrow passageway. He steps upon a weird gooish substance and continues to the only door on the side. As he enters, he comes across three surprised apemen. They begin muttering something, but Unbeohrt doesn’t waste time in conversation. He slits the throat of one, while his friends charge. He ducks down their swings and with a quick strike, extending both his arms, he stabs them both, spilling their blood to the ground.
    Quickly he continues down the ruined temple.

    Turn 13

    sacrifice clock card drawn face down.
    Unbeohrt enters the room continuing east.
    Exits: 2
    Apemen: 0
    GMA Card: clock not revealed.
    Sensory Snippet: Soggy crumbling ground
    The ground isn’t safe. If Unbeohrt isn’t careful we may fall down in a pit. I’ll see first if he notices it.
    Notice: 5/4: Success. He notices it so he doesn’t fall in.
    Q: Can he reach the other side to the door without falling?
    A: Yes, and it’s quite safe, there is no danger (no need to roll).
    Unbeohrt reaches the other side.

    Turn 14

    sacrifice clock card drawn face down.
    Unbeohrt enters the southeastern corner room.
    GMA Card: ♕, ☉. The sacrificial clock is triggered!.

    revealed cards

    She’s alive!

    Apemen: 1d6+1 = 4. 2 apemen guards, the apemen chief and the apemen shaman.

    As he walks through the rubble, he notices that the supports are barely standing. Unbeohrt walks to the side of the wall where the bricks are still connected to the foundation and reaches the entrance to the other side.
    As he walks past the arched entrance, he hears a grunted chanting in an unknown language. Upon an altar is Atrin. She’s still alive! Unbeohrt breathes out a sigh of relief. But the sickled blade in the hand of the robed apeman alerts him of the imminent danger. Three apemen are holding her down. These are big ones, unlike the short variety he met before. And the one in the middle is even bigger, resembling a gorilla.
    Unbeohrt grits his teeth. That’s his moment. He swore a vow to chief Tane. Atrin needs his help.
    His blade flashing he jumps in the room. “Eat my steel you primitives!” He shouts to attract their attention and charges.

    Initiative: U: Q♥, A: 2♦, Shaman (S): Q♦, Chieftain (C): 9♣, Atrin (At): A♥
    Atrin is still under the strong hold of the apemen.
    U: attacks A1: 10/5: Hit+: 18/4: Dead
    U: attacks A2: 10/5: Hit+: 12/4: Dead
    S: casts Stun to U: 10/4: Success+. U: Vigor-2: 1: Failure: Shaken.
    C: attacks U: 10/8: Hit: 11/6: Wounded. Benny: U: Vigor: 5/4: Not Wounded.

    Turn 15

    Initiative: U: 8♦,S: A♠, C: 2♠, At: 6♦
    S: casts Entangle to U: 9 vs 7: Success
    U: Spirit: 25/4: Success+: Not shaken, can act!
    U: attacks C: 9/8: Hit: 8/8: Shaken
    U: attacks C: 7/8: Miss
    Q: Does Atrin attempt to fight?
    A: False Presupposition. She runs away, out of the door.
    C: Spirit: 8/4: Success+: Not shaken, can act!
    C: attacks U: 6/8: Miss

    Turn 16

    Initiative: U: 10♥,S: 3♥, C: K♣
    C: attacks U: 10/8: Hit: 12/6: Wounded. Benny: U: Vigor: 3/4: Failure, Wounded
    U: Agility: 5/4: Breaks free of Entangle
    U: attacks C: 8/8: Hit: 11/8: Shaken
    U: attacks C: 8/8: Hit: 12/8: Wounded
    S: attacks U: 2/8: Miss

    Turn 17

    Initiative: U: 2♥,S: 4♣, C: 10♠
    C: Spirit: 9/4: Success+: Not shaken, can act!
    C: attacks U: 10/8: Hit: 22/6: Dead


    With a quick feint and slash, Unbeohrt cuts off the heads of the two apemen guards who turned to face him.
    The apeman shaman mutters something in their unknown language, and Unbeohrt suddenly feels a wave of despair filling every fiber of his being. He cannot bring himself to fight back as the gorilla-man brings down a huge two handed battle axe on him, and he barely manages to dodge it in time.
    Atrin finds the opportunity in the fight and runs off from the way Unbeohrt came. Neither of the two apemen goes after her as they are preoccupied with the warrior in front of them.
    With another spell, dark tentacles sprout from between the gaps in the stone floor, distracting Unbeohrt. They grab his arms, his legs, hindering his movements. He manages to break off the first spell and attack the gorilla man, slashing at him, as he momentarily stops his attack. But he’s too strong to be stopped that easily, he brings down his axe once more wounding Unbeohrt. The warrior gathers his strength and with agility he evades the tentacles, slashing off a couple of them. He pays back the gorilla-man with a wound of his own, spilling the blood of his leg.
    The huge apeman growls and with a quick strike, he aims right for Unbeohrt’s torso. The warrior puts both his swords in front of him in a futile attempt to block the strike, but its too strong. The swords are broken in half and the heavy axe blade splits open Unbeohrt’s chest, his leather armor doing nothing to save him.

    As he spits blood in his final breath, he can but hope that Atrin reached Hulfa in the outside, and she escaped, so that his death was not all in vain.


    Savage Worlds was an excellent choice for running a one-shot example. I really liked it. Fast, furious, fun indeed! The Wild Card status of Unbeohrt gave him the upper hand, and since it’s the first time I used the Fighter, Fencer archetype, I must say I was pleasently surprised as the two-non-penalty attacks were an excellent boost for the solo game action economy. The dice didn’t favor him in the end against the gorilla chieftain (who was unbalanced against him), and he ended up dying. Maybe if he hadn’t spent that one Benny to kill the apeman in the room before, he would still be alive. Nevertheless he managed to save Atrin (most probably) and took down 13 apemen before he died!


    Now on to the Secret Clock. I must say I really enjoyed it. Even though at first I was like, okay there’s nothing going on, when I started gathering the cards, when the time for revelation came, I was so excited! And the fact that if I had chosen a different suit (spades for example) the clock would be triggered, is an excellent example of how close I came to find the ritual concluded. I am looking forward to trying the rest of the examples I have in mind.

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    Secret Clocks in Solo Play 


    The dragon has swooped down in the village and the elders offered him a maiden as tribute. A young barbarian slayer has come to the rescue, delving into the dungeon to save the fair lady.
    Dark cultists have gathered in the ancient cavern. The stars are right and the ritual has begun to summon the thing that should not be into the mortal world. Two detectives and a medium have deciphered the ancient texts and are rushing to stop them.
    The bank robbery went awry and it has turned into a hostage situation. The police have surrounded the bank but have no eyes inside. The breach from the special forces is about to begin.
    The chaos space troopers have broken into the nuclear fission reactor of the metropolis and are setting it up to meltdown while at the same time they prepare the scientists for ritualistic sacrifice to their deities. Orbital drop from imperial space troopers is imminent.

    All the above are perfectly valid adventure themes in a tabletop RPG.

    What will the protagonists encounter once they reach the final scene?
    Will the barbarian have slaughtered scores of enemies to find the dragon’s belly full or will he find a maiden ready to fall in his arms?
    Will the detective reach the grand chamber to encounter an ancient horror ending all life on earth, or will they find the cultists still chanting?
    Will the special forces breach the bank to find the treasury wide open, hostages dead or will they find the robbers still considering their options, surprised from the assault?
    Will the imperial space troopers save the scientists and lose everything in a huge meltdown or will they save the city, but find them mutilated? Will they split their forces and risk it all?

    All these questions are solved either arbitrarily, by the GM, or in solo RPGs by asking the Oracle, or through another tool, which is the Clocks.

    A clock can be fixed, e.g. 10 in-game minutes, perchance, e.g. roll 19+ on 1d20, variable, e.g. roll 20+ on 1d20+number of turns, and/or modifiable based on certain events.

    In all cases it suffers from a serious metagaming issue. The moment the clock is triggered, the player knows it and has no motivation to keep going on.
    That isn’t a problem when the clock is fixed in-story as well, e.g. the space pirates will ‘space’ one prisoner every 5 minutes unless they are given the set amount of ransom. The player knows and the character knows.
    What about cases such as the examples above? Let’s say the barbarian is in the second dungeon room and the event is triggered. He won’t get his reward if the maiden is killed. Why go on? revenge only. Suddenly an interesting story has become a chore.
    That’s the issue to tackle here, with the use of Secret Clocks.


    Provide a solo gaming mechanic to maintain tension and the unknown factor in major story events where the time is against the protagonist.


    Variable, perchance and modifiable clocks.
    Fixed clocks are out of scope.


    Expand upon the premise set by the Background Surprise Events Oracle by using a tangible, physical token as provided by a deck of cards.

    Base trigger

    Once the clock starts ticking, draw a card (default: face down), per each time unit. For a dungeon a good time unit would be a turn. Assign up to four clocks, on each of the suits. If three consecutive cards of the same suit are drawn (e.g. three spades), the clock is triggered.
    If you only have one clock, the base chance can be increased, by deciding on ANY suits (e.g. three spades OR three clubs OR three hearts or three diamonds), ANY suits of a specific color (e.g. three spades OR three clubs), or ANY color (e.g. three clubs OR spades).

    Independent Secret Clocks

    An Independent Secret Clock is one that:

    • Isn’t impacted by other clocks
    • Doesn’t impact other clocks
    • Isn’t impacted by player actions
    • Doesn’t get revealed on its own

    A good example of an Independent Secret Clock would be the dragon that has taken the maiden. No other clock impacts the dragon’s decision to eat the maiden. Also if the maiden is eaten it won’t impact any other clock rather than the story. The dragon is mighty, even if he learns of the barbarian’s assault that won’t cause an urge to be done with the maiden, so it isn’t impacted by the player’s actions. Finally, even if the dragon eats the maiden, the player won’t know it until the very moment that they enter the room.
    The Independent Secret Clock is drawn face down and uses the default base trigger. The revelation of the clock is performed upon entering the respective scene. By keeping the cards in order, you can also understand how much time has elapsed since the clock was triggered, if this is relevant to the story.

    Dependent Secret Clocks

    A Dependent Clock is one that:

    • Is impacted by other clocks
    • OR impacts other clocks
    • Isn’t impacted by player actions
    • Doesn’t get revealed on its own

    A good example of a Dependent Secret Clock would be if we changed the dragon in the maiden example with an evil sorcerer who will use the maiden for a dark ritual that will give him immense power. Here we have two clocks. One clock for the life of the maiden, and one clock for the conclusion of the ritual. The clocks are dependent, the ritual can’t be performed if the maiden isn’t sacrificed. So the ritual clock is impacted by the sacrifice clock. The clocks aren’t impacted by the player actions. The sorcerer must take his time to perform the ritual as described or they risk failure. Also the player won’t know of the success of the ritual AND/OR the performance of the sacrificial killing unless they enter the main temple chamber.
    The two Dependent Secret Clocks are drawn face down and use the default base trigger. The revelation of the clocks is performed upon entering the respective scene. By keeping the cards in order, you can also understand how much time has elapsed since each of the clocks were triggered, if this is relevant to the story. It is recommended to use ANY suits of a specific color for both the two clocks, but the impacting clock will trigger first always. So for example if three spades OR three clubs are drawn, the maiden is sacrificed, and then if the other suit of the same color is drawn, the ritual has been performed.

    Impacted Secret Clocks

    An Impacted Secret Clock is one that:

    • Isn’t impacted by other clocks
    • Doesn’t impact other clocks
    • Is impacted by player actions
    • Doesn’t get revealed on its own

    A good example of an Impacted Secret Clock would be if we changed the dragon and sorcerer in the above story with an orc boss waiting for a ransom in exchange for the maiden. If the orc boss becomes aware of the protagonist trying to thwart their plans, then they may kill the maiden, since she no longer provides leverage. The clock is independent by other clocks and doesn’t impact any other clocks. And also, the player won’t be aware of the event unless they finally confront the orc boss.
    The Impacted Secret Clock is drawn face down and uses the default base trigger. The revelation of the clock is performed upon entering the respective scene. By keeping the cards in order, you can also understand how much time has elapsed since the clock was triggered, if this is relevant to the story. If at any point there is a chance for the player’s actions and presence to become aware (e.g. a stealth roll is failed and the orc guards run off to an unknown direction), then from that point on increase the speed of the clock, by drawing twice as many cards per time unit.

    Known Trigger Clocks

    A Known Trigger Clock is one that:

    • May or may not be impacted by other clocks
    • May or may not impact other clocks
    • May or may not be impacted by player actions
    • Is revealed on its own

    A good example of a Known Trigger Clock would be if the dark ritual by the evil sorcerer example above, would instead summon a dark entity from the skies, that will engulf the entire region. When this event is triggered, the player and the protagonist becomes aware, no matter their location.
    The Known Trigger Clock is drawn face up and uses the default base trigger. But! the trigger isn’t preset. So when drawing the cards face up, once three cards of ANY suit come up consecutively, ask the Oracle a Yes/No Question: Is this the suit of the clock?
    The likelihood of the question for the first suit is Unlikely. If No, this suit is disregarded from questions from the Oracle for this particular clock in the future.
    The likelihood of the question for the second suit that triggers is unmodified. If No, this suit is disregarded from questions from the Oracle for this particular clock in the future.
    The likelihood of the question for the third suit that triggers is Likely. If No, this suit is disregarded from questions from the Oracle for this particular clock in the future.
    The likelihood of the fourth suit that triggers (if all suits trigger) is 100%. No question is asked to the Oracle.
    A Known Trigger Clock can be Dependent or Independent. If it impacts another clock, then, the impacted clock can be secret until revealed. If it is impacted by another clock, then consider the other clock as a Known Trigger Clock as well, using the rules for Dependent clocks for trigger chance.
    A Known Trigger Clock can also be Impacted by player actions, doubling the draw speed as per the relevant rules.
    The Known Trigger Clock is like Schroediger’s Cat. It is hidden and revealed at the same time. You see the drawings, but you can’t be certain until it triggers.
    A Known Trigger Clock could use a dice mechanic if that was desired, but in order to keep the harmonization with the other clocks, and to combine different clock properties together, the deck of cards was chosen as an option.

    Decks, Clocks, Locations

    It’s recommended to use one deck of cards per location for secret clocks, and a separate deck of cards for known clocks.


    These may be rules, but most of all they are guidelines. Random events could be inserted by using Jokers, special details could be chosen by the type of cards in the trigger sequence.

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    Evie’s Company – Zwei-hammer Session 1 

    I’ll begin with rolling on BOLD connections. I will reward the characters with 50 reward points for each combination used.

    Verb Gerund Noun
    negotiate preparing party member
    digress avoiding wealth
    proclaim working a fear

    So there are three day and three night watches that last 4 hours each. On each watch I will be rolling for encounters and in the HFGE.

    CRGE at this point is in a state of “To Knowledge”.

    I will roll on Zweihander to see what season it is.
    98: It’s Winter.
    I will roll on Zweihander to see the general weather descriptor.
    It’s cold, clear, windy.

    Day 1. Watch 3.

    Encounter Engine: 3: Goto 5: Wandering Monster.
    Terrain Engine: 5: Goto 3: Plains
    Weather Engine: 9: Goto 6: Showers. Since the weather is Cold, I decide it’s sleet.
    Encounter Number: 15: Ogre

    Encounter Generator: 3/17: No encounter

    So we got some Ogres. I’ll start asking some questions.

    Q: Have the Ogres detected the party? (Likely, it’s a large party).
    A: No. One of the guards, scouted ahead and reported back to the group.
    Q: Are there many Ogres?
    A: Yes, and unexpectedly.
    There are 1d6+2=6 Ogres.
    Unexpectedly: Key Grip. Wrap up and move towards the next scene. Doesn’t make any sense. I will disregard this and keep the surge count at 4.
    Q: Did the Ogres appear to be orcish?
    A: Yes, and they carried war banners with them. They are definitely stragglers from the disbanded horde.

    Donjon: Ergarad: Female Human Soldier, Neutral. Ergarad is stout, with red hair and narrow green eyes. She wears studded leather and wields a military pick. Ergarad is inquisitive and soft-hearted.
    Evie will try to use “digress avoiding party member”

    Evie’s company escorts the group of refugees. Ergarad, a town guard has moved ahead of the group to scout.
    A few clouds have covered the skies and lightly shower the company with sleet.
    “Gustav, why do you think Bianka didn’t protest us leaving her behind?” Evie asks Gustav.
    “Who knows my lady, maybe the prestige you emanate made her aware of her roots and she couldn’t handle it.” Gustav replies.
    “Filthy lowborns. They should know their status and stay put. What does she expect? To become rich killing rats?” Rudiger intervenes.
    “If they’re the size we found in the sewers, that wouldn’t surprise me. Don’t be so harsh Rudiger. She’s proven her mettle against orcs, skeletons and beasts”. Evie puts Rudiger back in line, as they see the scout return in the distance.

    “Ogres. Half a dozen. Up ahead in the road.” Ergarad says trying to catch her breath.
    “Did they see you?” Rudiger asks.
    “No. I came back as fast as I could. They’re certainly part of the orc horde.” She adds.
    The commoners start muttering. Some are scared.

    Q: Do they ask to return to Westenhofen?
    A: No

    “We should find a way around them” Gustav proposes. The group agrees. Evie realizes she can’t force the commoners to fight ogres, so she doesn’t refuse.
    “We’ll lose a whole day to circumvent them, but I think it’s worth it.” She adds in the end.

    So they will abandon the Road hex. In the next two hexes they will make navigation rolls. If they succeed, they will manage to get back on the road, irrespective of the HFGE.

    Day 1. Watch 4.

    Encounter Engine: 7: Goto 1: Small settlement.
    Terrain Engine: 6: Goto 18: Hills
    Weather Engine: 7: Goto 16: Storm.

    Encounter Generator: 1/16: No encounter

    The heavy sleet rain caused 2d10+2 Peril: 15. All are at Ignore 1 Skill Rank.

    The few clouds give way to dark thick clouds. The rumble of thunder fills the sky as lightning strikes in the distance. Heavy sleet falls on the caravan and walking has turned into a chore as they walk off road.
    The path through the plains slowly leads a way to the hills and the ascent is harder and harder.
    Everyone is soaking cold wet as they reach a small settlement. It must be a handful of houses comprising of a community.
    “Cover at last!” Ergarad exclaims and starts to walk towards one of the houses, but Evie motions to Rudiger, who in turn grabs Ergarad’s shoulder.
    Evie recalls the events leading them to the Hooded Man. An eerie feeling overcomes her.
    “It’s too dangerous! We must move on.” She tells the group.
    “But the fish are more dry than we are!” A man protests.
    “Do you want to sleep with them then?” Rudiger asks intimidatingly.

    Evie will try to persuade them. I’m not quite sure which skill should be used for a simple persuasion check. I’ll use Charm in this case.
    The Silver Tongue talent applies but Evie’s Charm skill rank doesn’t apply for a total of +20.

    Evie: Charm (62): 68: Failure
    Rudiger intervenes (Tyranny applies): Intimidation Routine (55): 17: Success. 6 Degrees of Success.
    Commoners: Resolve (45): 23: Success: 5 Degrees of Success.
    Due to frightening bellow, they suffer from Stress as well.
    They suffer 1d10+1 mental Peril: 8/6: They move a further step down to Ignore 2 Skill Ranks. They also gain 3 Corruption Points.

    “Our travels have shown us that it’s not safe to enter unknown dwellings in the countryside. Orcs could have taken shelter here. You haven’t left the walls of Westenhofen in a long time. Maybe your whole lives. Let us guide you.” Evie appeals to them without success.
    “You think because you have some noble blood you get to tell us what to do? We’re cold, wet and we need shelter. We’re going inside.” Says one of the men and continues towards the houses.
    “WHERE do you think you’re going?” Rudiger’s bass voice echoes as he puts his hand on the hilt. “We’re a team and the risk is too high. Discussions are over. Unless you want to try your fate with me” he adds and looks at each of them menacingly. They look at each other and put their heads down.

    Rudiger will try to use “proclaim preparing a fear”

    They all move in silence after Rudiger’s scary display of power.
    As they head away from the settlement, some of them wonder if they made the right choice following this party of adventurers.
    Rudiger turns to Evie. “These vermin must learn their place.”
    Evie isn’t worried yet about Rudiger’s display. It’s not the first time she has seen him like that. And in both cases he has saved the day.
    She nods at Rudiger. “When they can’t listen to reason, we can’t have them risking our safety. I understand. Just stick to scaring them. I don’t want us to have to explain any deaths. We have enough on our plates.”

    Gustav: Eavesdropping (42): 9: Success

    “We will clear our name lady.” Gustav who has heard the conversation intervenes. “Surely your father’s name will be enough to shed light to any confusion regarding past events. Also, if you don’t mind me saying, we don’t know if our accusers have survived.”
    Evie smiles. She knows well her servant. She doesn’t need to keep up appearances like she did in court. “Maybe. Who knows if our luck has changed.” She responds.

    Since no member of the party has the Navigation skill I want to ask if there is a member in the caravan who does. I ask UNE Power Level, and get Comparable. So, no one has the Navigation skill. Gustav has the highest intelligence so he gets to try.

    Gustav: Navigation (45): 49: Failure

    So unless they get a critical success in the next hex, they will lose track of the road.

    Day 1. Watch 5.

    Encounter Engine: 9: Goto 6: distant/improbable lair/monster settlement.
    Terrain Engine: 10: Goto 19: Mountains
    Weather Engine: 8: Goto 13: Overcast.
    Encounter Number: 19: Lion

    Encounter Generator: 16/19: No encounter

    In order to facilitate the distant/improbable chance for the lion’s den, I will give an extra awareness roll for the party.

    Under the heavy sleet rain, their path leads them upwards and upwards. The sleet stops, but mud is everywhere and the hills have turned into mountains.
    “We will need to find shelter soon.” Ergarad finds the courage to tell the party. She’s talking to Evie, but looking at Rudiger.
    “We should have found shelter already. Night will fall quickly in the mountains.” Rudiger agrees.

    Gustav will try to use “negotiate working wealth”

    Gustav finds an opportunity to talk to Evie alone. “My lady. Our resources are dwindling. If we are to succeed we’re going to need crowns. Maybe we should see to returning to the estate. Your income may cover this, otherwise we might have to… find some work. But this isn’t for a lady of your status!”
    “There! There is a cave in the distance.” Someone from the caravan shouts to them, interrupting Gustav before Evie has a chance to answer.
    “Gustav. Go ahead. Check it out.” Evie orders her servant.

    Gustav: Awareness (42): 71: Failure.

    Gustav returns a couple of minutes later. “The cave mouth seems big enough lady, for all of us. But we’ll need to reach it to say for sure.”
    “Then that’s where we’ll go!” Evie decides, and the caravan sighs in relief.

    Q: Are there any remains outside the entrance of the cave?
    A: No
    Q: Are there lions outside?
    A: No

    Through the forested mountains, the group reaches the cave. In front of the cave is a plateau, and the mountainside goes straight up behind it. The cave is right in front, suggesting a big size.
    They take a good look, and decide to go inside. The cold of the night will surely take its toll and they can’t risk it.

    Gustav: Awareness (45): 45: Success
    Q: Are there lions inside? (Likely)
    A: No
    Q: Are there many visible remains in the cave?
    A: Yes, and unexpectedly

    So mountain lions are primarily nocturnal and are most active at dusk/dawn. Therefore they should have left for the hunt.

    Unexpectedly: entering the red

    Oh! And they heard the party and return just in time as the group enters the cave. There’s no escape!
    How many lions? 1d6+2: 7

    Ostler: Handle Animals (55): 98: Failure. The horse turns and flees.

    Q: Is the group surprised? (Likely)
    A: Yes, and all of them didn’t expect this.

    As the group goes inside, Gustav notices bones in a corner of the cave.
    They start investigating.
    Rudiger picks up a rib cage and sees teeth marks, right as they hear a loud growl and a scream. The horse neighs, kicks at its master and gallops off outside before they can react.
    They turn around and see a pack of seven mountain lions blocking the cave entrance.
    They draw their weapons as the lions attack the unarmed commoners.

    Note: Below follow the mechanics of the combat. I have only included them to show how tough it was for me to run this battle. I really recommend that you jump over this part and go to the narrative in the end.

    Setting up the combat scene. The party and the guards should have entered deeper into the cave. It’s the most logical thing to do since they need to scout ahead.

    Q: Are they deeper into the cave? (Likely)
    A: Yes and the commoners are alone in the rear it will take an extra 1d3 rounds to reach them.
    Q: Do the commoners bear any kind of arms?
    A: Yes

    I will randomly roll the profession of each commoner as they get locked into combat with the mountain lions. They will have the relevant trappings.
    I will use the Underlings rules for the commoners but not for the mountain lions.
    The mountain lions by default will keep 2APs for Punishing attacks.

    Round 1:
    Surprise Turn:
    Each mountain lion charges at a commoner. On first sighting they cause Stress, so I will roll a general Intimidate for the Mountain Lions. If successful, I will roll separate resolve for each party member and a general resolve for the NPCs.
    ML: Intimidate (50): 27: Success: 7 Degrees of Success.
    Evie: Dauntless! She can’t be intimidated.
    Gustav: Resolve (40): 74: Failure.
    Rudiger: Resolve (41): 6: Success: 4 Degrees of Success.
    Commoners: Resolve (45): 76: Failure.
    All but Evie suffer from Stress: 1d10+1: 3 Peril. No Further peril and 3 Corruption points.
    ML1 vs Artisan: Melee Attack (60): 42: Damage: 11/4: Moderately Wounded: Injury: No Injury
    Resist Takedown (45): 15: Success.
    ML2 vs Jailer: Melee Attack (60): 8: Damage: 16/4: Moderately Wounded: Injury: No Injury
    Resist Takedown (45): 81: Failure. Prone.
    ML3 vs Servant: Melee Attack (60): 44: Damage: 16/4: Moderately Wounded: Injury: No Injury
    Resist Takedown (45): 80: Failure: Prone
    ML4 vs Rat Catcher: Melee Attack (60): 31: Damage: 12/4: Moderately Wounded: Injury: No Injury
    Resist Takedown (45): 93: Failure: Prone
    ML5 vs Peasant: Melee Attack (60): 74: Failure
    ML6 vs Doomsayer: Melee Attack (60): 99: Critical Failure
    ML7 vs Peasant: Melee Attack (60): 20: Damage: 15/4: Moderately Wounded: Injury: Moderate Injury. Bleeds. Underling: Slain!

    Turn 1:
    Evie: 18
    Gustav: 11
    Rudiger: 9
    Commoners: 9
    ML: 10

    ML1 vs Artisan: Melee Attack (60): 44: Critical, Damage: 12/4: Grievously Wounded: Injury: Grievous Injury. Bleeds. Underling: Slain!
    ML2 vs Jailer: Melee Attack (60): 20.
    -Jailer Defends with Shiv (45): 76: Failure. Damage: 14/4: Grievously Wounded: Injury: Grievous Injury. Bleeds. Underling: Slain!
    ML3 vs Servant: Melee Attack (60): 85: Failure.
    ML4 vs Rat Catcher: Melee Attack (60): 35.
    -Rat Catcher Defends with Shiv (45): 71: Failure. Damage: 16/4: Grievously Wounded: Injury: No Injury.
    ML5 vs Peasant: Melee Attack (60): 47: Success.
    -Peasant Defends with Threshing Flail (45): 39: Success.
    ML6 vs Doomsayer: Melee Attack (60): 90: Failure
    ML7 vs Laborer: Melee Attack (60): 59: Success.
    -Laborer defends with Splitting Maul (45): 54: Failure. Damage: 22/4: Grievously Wounded: Injury: Grievous Injury. Bleeds. Underling: Slain!

    So 4 Commoners Dead. The remaining 3 locked in combat will attempt to fight back. The rest are too scared to do anything.

    Servant attacks ML3 (45): 26: Success.
    -ML3 will parry (60): 44: Critical Success.
    Rat Catcher attacks ML4 (45): 72: Failure.
    Peasant attacks ML5 (45): 21: Success.
    -ML5 will parry (70): 74: Failure. Damage: 9/6: Lightly Wounded.
    Doomsayer attacks ML6 (45): 85: Failure.

    The party and the guards spend three turns in movement to join the combat.

    Round 2:
    Evie attacks ML1 (45): 2: Success.
    -ML1 Parries (50): 78: Failure. Damage: 8/6: Lightly Wounded.
    Gustav attacks ML1 (50): 18: Success.
    Damage: 10/6: Moderately Wounded. Injury: No injury.
    ML1 attacks Evie (60): 76: Failure.
    ML2 attacks Gustav (60): 97: Failure.
    ML3 attacks Servant (60): 55: Critical Success. Damage: 14/4: Grievously Wounded. Injury: Grievous Injury. Bleeds. Underling: Slain.
    ML4 attacks Rat Catcher (60): 35: Success.
    -Rat catcher parry (45): 14: Success
    ML5 attacks Peasant (60): 93: Failure
    ML6 attacks Doomsayer (60): 82: Failure
    ML7 attacks Rudiger (60): 84: Failure
    Rudiger attacks ML7 (42): 42: Success.
    -ML7 parries (60): 12: Success
    Sword & Board: (42): 88: Critical Failure
    Ergarad attacks ML7 (45): 10: Success.
    -ML7 parries (60): 04: Success
    Guard attacks ML6 (45): 23: Success.
    -ML6 parries (60): 36: Success
    Rat Catcher attacks ML4 (45): 47: Failure.
    Peasant attacks ML5 (45): 22: Critical Success.
    Damage: 7/6: Moderately Wounded. Injury: No Injury.
    Doomsayer attacks ML6 (45): 00: Critical Failure.

    Round 3:
    Evie attacks ML1 (45): 46: Failure.
    Gustav attacks ML1 (40): 35: Success.
    -ML1 Parries (70): 90: Failure. Damage: 10/6: Severely Wounded: Injury: No Injury.
    ML1 attacks Evie (60): 34: Success.
    -Evie parries (42): 24: Success.
    ML2 attacks Gustav (60): 61: Failure.
    ML3 attacks Rat Catcher (60): 24: Success.
    -Rat Catcher parries (45): 45: Success
    ML4 attacks Rat Catcher (60): 51: Success.
    -Rat Catcher parries (45): 9: Success
    ML5 attacks Peasant (60): 19: Success.
    -Peasant parries (45): 99: Critical Failure. Damage: 16/4: Moderately Wounded. Injury: Moderate Injury. Bleeds. Underling: Slain!
    ML6 attacks Doomsayer (60): 67: Failure
    ML7 attacks Rudiger (60): 10: Success.
    -Rudiger parries (52): 1: Success
    Rudiger attacks ML7 (42): 72: Failure.
    Ergarad attacks ML7 (45): 42: Success.
    -ML7 parries (60): 35: Success
    Guard attacks ML6 (45): 41: Success.
    -ML6 parries (60): 45: Success
    Rat Catcher attacks ML4 (45): 44: Critical Success. Damage: 6/6: No damage.
    Doomsayer attacks ML6 (45): 31: Success.
    -ML6 parries (60): 12: Success

    Round 4:

    Note: I’m kind of bored. There is almost no progress and everything is so tiresome. Zweihander isn’t meant to run 10+ opponents combat solo. So I scratched that and decided to go on another approach. More narrative.
    Lions are animal predators. They kill to eat, for sport or for territory.

    Evie: Easy Leadership (62): 91: Failure
    They will try to disengage and move tactically outside.

    Evie: Maneuver
    Gustav: Maneuver

    Q: Do the lions go after Evie and Gustav?
    A: Yes, and they’re unlikely to disengage easily.

    ML1 hustles & attacks Evie (60): 43: Success.
    -Evie parries (42): 39: Success.
    ML2 hustles & attacks Gustav (60): 24: Success.
    -Gustav parries (40): 3: Success
    ML3 attacks Rat Catcher (60): 83: Failure.
    ML4 attacks Rat Catcher (60): 94: Failure.
    ML5 attacks Doomsayer (60): 6: Success.
    Doomsayer parries (45): 54: Failure. Damage: 16/4: Moderately Wounded. Injury: No Injury.
    ML6 attacks Doomsayer (60): 5: Success.
    -Doomsayer parries (45): 27: Success.
    ML7 attacks Rudiger (60): 98: Failure.
    Rudiger: Attack ML7 & Maneuver
    Rudiger: Attack (42): 73: Failure
    Rudiger: Maneuvers
    Ergarad attacks ML7 (45): 39: Success.
    -ML7 parries (60): 5: Success
    Ergarad: Maneuvers
    Guard attacks ML6 (45): 36: Success.
    -ML6 parries (60): 54: Success
    Guard: Maneuvers
    Rat Catcher attacks ML4 (45): 81: Failure
    Doomsayer attacks ML6 (45): 43: Success.
    -ML6 parries (60): 72: Failure. Damage: 10/6: Lightly Wounded

    Q: Do the disengaged commoners maneuver out?
    A: Yes

    Round 5:
    So much for my plan for a different approach.
    This is no longer fun for me.

    I’m not yet willing to abandon Zweihander since I believe this to be partly my fault trying to run such a large fight. But everything is sooo slow.

    Evie attacks ML1 (45): 19: Success.
    -ML1 Parries (50): 93: Failure. Damage: 11/12: Grievously Wounded: Injury: No Injury.
    Gustav attacks ML1 (40): 64: Failure.
    ML1 attacks Evie (60): 85: Failure.
    ML2 attacks Gustav (60): 52: Success.
    -Gustav parries (30): 13: Success
    ML3 attacks Rat Catcher (60): 19: Success.
    -Rat Catcher parries (45): 72: Failure. Damage: 13/16: Moderately Wounded: Injury: Moderate Injury. Bleeds. Underling: Slain.
    ML4 hustles & attacks Ergarad (60): 70: Failure.
    ML5 attacks Doomsayer (60): 8: Success.
    -Doomsayer parries (45): 3: Success.
    ML6 attacks Doomsayer (60): 88: Critical Failure
    ML7 attacks Rudiger (60): 95: Failure.
    Rudiger attacks ML7 (42): 54: Failure.
    Ergarad attacks ML7 (45): 93: Failure.
    Guard attacks ML6 (45): 73: Failure.
    Doomsayer attacks ML6 (45): 82: Failure.

    Round 6:

    Evie attacks ML1 (45): 79: Failure.
    Gustav attacks ML1 (40): 94: Failure.
    ML1 maneuvers away.
    ML2 attacks Gustav (60): 51: Success.
    -Gustav parries (30): 72: Failure. Damage: 16/4: Moderately Wounded. Injury: Moderate Injury: Hyperextended Elbow.
    ML3 hustles & attacks Evie (60): 48: Success.
    -Evie parries (45): Failure. Damage: 9/9: Lightly Wounded.
    ML4 attacks Ergarad (60): 79: Failure.
    ML5 attacks Doomsayer (60): 49: Success.
    -Doomsayer parries (45): 82: Failure. Damage: 20/22: Slain!
    ML6 hustles & attacks Guard (60): 71: Failure
    ML7 attacks Rudiger (60): 85: Failure.
    Rudiger attacks ML7 (42): 75: Failure.
    Ergarad attacks ML7 (45): 93: Failure.
    Guard attacks ML6 (45): 36: Success.
    -ML6 parries (50): 12: Success.

    Round 7:
    So this drags on and on. I was about to switch to Oracle combat resolution but I’ll stick to Zweihander.

    Evie attacks ML2 (45): 66: Critical Failure.
    Gustav attacks ML2 (40): 3: Success.
    -ML2 parries (70): 7: Success
    ML2 attacks Gustav (60): 35: Success.
    -Gustav parries (40): 73: Failure. Damage: 14/4: Grievously Wounded. Injury: No injury.
    ML3 attacks Evie (60): 69: Failure.
    ML4 attacks Ergarad (60): 82: Failure.
    ML5 hustles & attacks Ergarad (60): 49: Success.
    -Ergarad parries (45): 61: Failure. Damage: 23/23: Grievously Wounded. Injury: Grievous Injury: Severed Artery: Slain!
    ML6 attacks Guard (60): 88: Critical Failure
    ML7 attacks Rudiger (60): 72: Failure.
    Rudiger attacks ML7 (42): 50: Failure.
    Guard attacks ML6 (45): 97: Failure.

    Round 8:
    Since this goes to slaughter, the party members will attempt to run for their lives.

    Evie: Runs
    ML3 attack of opportunity (60): 14: Success: Damage: 7/3: Moderately Wounded: Injury: No Injury. Evie Resist Takedown: 14: Success. Evie Runs Away!
    Gustav: Runs
    ML2 attack of opportunity (60): 25: Success: Damage: 15/6: Slain. Fate Point!: Escapes Death. Gustav runs away!

    Q: Does ML2, ML3 go after the party who fled or the commoners?
    A: False Presupposition
    They attack the combatants. The guard and Rudiger.

    ML2 hustles and attacks the guard (60): 48: Success.
    -Guard parry (45): 98: Failure. Damage: 12/6: Moderately Wounded: Injury: No Injury.
    ML3 hustles and attacks Rudiger (60): 39: Damage: 12/9: Lightly Wounded
    ML4 hustles and attacks the Guard (60): 68: Failure
    ML5 hustles and attacks Rudiger (60): 76: Failure
    ML6 attacks the guard (60): 32: Success
    -Guard parries (45): 77: Critical Failure. Damage: 13/7: Severely Wounded. Injury: No Injury.
    ML7 attacks Rudiger (60): 79: Failure
    Rudiger: Runs away
    ML3 attack of opportunity (60): 75: Failure
    ML5 attack of opportunity (60): 1: Success. Damage: 14/9: Moderately Wounded: Injury: No Injury
    ML7 attacks of opportunity (60): 38: Success. Damage: 17/9: Grievously Wounded: Injury: Grievous Iniury: Fate Point: No Damage.
    Guard attacks ML6 (45): 17: Success.
    -ML6 Parries (60): 29: Success

    Combat narrative

    The lion pack jumps on the surprised group. Claws are dug deep into shoulders. Teeth rip off chunks of meat. The lions prove their predator nature as the scared caravan looks in horror.
    The few men and women locked in combat try to fend off the beasts but they cannot.
    The guards and Evie’s party join up trying to make an opening out of the cave. But the lions are set up in a way that this is so difficult.
    “Everyone! Gather together in a formation! Light torches! Keep them at bay!” Evie shouts.
    No one seems to listen. The beast growls cover the sound of her voice.
    Slowly the party maneuvers in a way so as the cave exit is behind them, and the lions are in the inside.
    Blows are exchanged and the commoners perish one by one. Gustav and Evie are wounded.
    Ergarad the guard, is jumped upon by a lion that severs her artery. Blood speed everywhere and she falls down dead.
    “Let’s make a run for it! They have enough to eat for the whole winter! Run!” Rudiger shouts. Evie and Gustav run away, and the lions lash at them, but by some divine grace they survive.
    Rudiger and the other guard are left alone against the lions. As they fend off their last strikes, Rudiger runs away as the guard keeps fighting.

    Far away from the cave, they look at their wounds and each other as they pause for a second to catch their breath.
    Their looks speak volumes. Did anyone else survive?
    They took these men and women with them for a better future and they all ended up as food.
    And they’re in a sorry state. Wounded. Injured. Cold. Unsheltered. How are they going to make it through the night?


    I’m pulling the plug here.
    Zweihander isn’t to my solo play tastes.

    I may have been biased based on what I expected after my reading of the system, but I believe that my bias was correct. My issue lies with the design. The writing is just one face of the design.
    So I’ll break down the problems.
    1. Chaotic structuring. In order to read about injuries I had to check 3 different chapters. Combat, Healing, Gamemastering. Seriously the page flipping is immense. Maybe when I know the rules a bit better I’ll remember it by heart, but that’s not user friendly.
    2. Combat resolution. I think it’s derived from WHFRP, but it does away with all the innovative. An attack sequence may include 5 separate rolls! (Attack, Opposed Parry, Fury-Damage, Chaos-Injury, Injuries table). It’s slow, cumbersome and in return doesn’t provide narrative feedback. Not to mention it’s frustrating when the chances for injury are so low.
    I’ll add to this the weapon tables, where the weapons are differentiated by their qualities (vicious, punishing, etc) and not by stats. Another characteristic I have to check for combat resolution!
    3. Ancestral Traits. In my opinion ancestral traits should be common for all members of the same ancestry. I get the going for character variety, but it doesn’t make any sense for only a few dwarves to have dark vision.
    4. Skills ranks don’t have an apparent effect. A man-at-arms in average is only 10% better in combat than a peasant. And if they’re imperiled by one rank, they’re at the same. Only talents may make some difference.

    I understand that concerning solo play, a combat of so many opponents is tough to run, but I did this successfully in both Savage Worlds and Star Wars D6.
    But if I had taken a fewer combatants approach like in MERP, Mythras or Hârnmaster, I’d expect the narrative feedback these games have.

    Don’t get me wrong. Zweihander is a great game with a very detailed implied setting and lots of information on professions, grimoire and bestiaries. It just didn’t fit to my solo roleplaying needs.
    I may return to it some time in the future, but not soon.

    As for Evie’s company, it seems I’ll have to do another conversion for them.

    I am a bit disappointed because I was very happy with how the story evolved. Combining CRGE with false presuppositions and likelihoods was interesting, and the in the heart of the unknown HFGE was excellent as always.
    What I really enjoyed though was the BOLD connections. I’ll definitely be keeping this mechanic for future party solo roleplaying. It gave narrative depth! One could even evolve it further with social mechanics and passions and alignments depending on the game system!

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      Have you tried HARP? I don’t know how close it hews to MERP. I just picked up the HARP pdf because it looked interesting, but I’ve only gotten as far as character creation with it.

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        I’ve read good things about it. It’s part of the Rolemaster a family, hence it’s close to MERP. I think it’s an effort to modernize it, though still old.
        I would like to get a hold of these, but imho ICE has really high prices for 10 year old PDFs


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    Evie’s Company – Zwei-hammer Session 0 

    So after the unsuccessful attempt to run Bianka in Hârnmaster rules (and her apparent misfortune), I’m switching to the last d100 game in my list. Zweihander.

    At first I was hyped. I’ve read so many good things about it. It advertises as grim and perilous so that ticks my boxes. Also it’s supposed to be a rule system to run Warhammer Fantasy which sounds like a perfect fit. Also it sports a whooping core book size, which for me is a huge plus.
    And then I started reading through it. I’m a bit disappointed. Maybe if I wasn’t so hyped I wouldn’t be, but my expectations were set really high.
    I’ll give my final review of the system once I’ve solo playtested it, but I want to share that my main concerns were regarding the writing. There’s too much advertisement of how this is grim and perilous and how it’s different and more deadly than other RPGs, and also how they went so far out of their way to give the WHFRP style without being WHFRP. I wouldn’t have a gripe with all that if they hadn’t spent a serious amount of effort, time and space to do all that. All in all it was a tad bit too much. I won’t go into anymore details, lest I be caught in the same trap they did.


    So again here comes the conversion. I’ll convert the characters as per the character generation that is described in the book.
    I will keep their descriptions weight, height and distinguishing mark’s as they were generated for WHFRP and fit.
    I will roll the attributes and ancestral traits randomly, even if this deviates a bit from the character so far.
    I will choose their wealth status and professions. I will give them starting trappings, with the exception of Rudiger who will have a Mail hauberk.
    For alignment and upbringing I will roll 3 times and assign each of them to the party members to reflect their current personalities as close as possible.
    I will keep the UNE and BOLD descriptions and for the chaos corruption of Rudiger I will see how to best translate it. Maybe I’ll just give him 2 Chaos Ranks.
    I will award them 100 points for Night of Blood and 50 points for each of the sessions of Siege of Ostenhofen that they participated. This adds up to a total of 400 reward points.

    The party


    Name Evie Vogel
    Ancestry Human
    Ancestral Trait Dauntless
    Archetype Socialite
    Profession Courtier
    Upbringing Cultured
    Social Class Aristocrat
    Alignment Cunning & Deceit
    Age 20 yo
    Gender Female
    Height 180cm
    Weight 72kg
    Eyes Pale Grey, Almond shaped
    Hair Brown
    Sign The gloaming star
    Birthplace Wissenland, Poor village

    Demeanor: Traditional
    UNE: lazy activist, offend the wealth
    BOLD: pleasant deputies overcome by scarce-used ability

    Evie is the daughter of Baron Vogel. She is traditional and doesn’t want radical changes, and has taken it upon herself to see that the wealthy merchants are taxed heavily and the taxes are given to the nobility. She’d prefer if someone else would help her on this task though.
    To that end, she wants to charm the neighboring prince into marriage and she has left the estate with her bodyguard Rudiger and her servant Gustav to go to the castle where she was invited.
    On the way they were stopped by some friendly roadwardens who, seeing her wealth, required tolls to be payed. Using her knowledge of the law she reminded them that only the toll collector had the authority to collect tolls and they should be careful lest they be mistaken for brigands preying on hapless travelers.
    Evie, despite her status got arrested by the road wardens and brought to Ostenhofen. She had hoped to meet Prince Ingmar, but the orc siege foiled her plans.
    Update: Confronted with demons, mutants, orcs and undead may have shaken Evie. I doubt she cares anymore about offending the wealth. Maybe she will have to change motivations.

    Primary Attribute Score Bonus Profession Bonus
    Combat 45 5
    Brawn 38 3
    Agility 35 2 3
    Perception 42 5 6
    Intelligence 42 5 6
    Willpower 45 3
    Fellowship 42 3 5
    Secondary Attribute Score
    Peril Threshold 6 (12/18/24)
    Damage Threshold 3 (9/15/21)
    Encumbrance 6
    Initiative 9
    Movement 6

    Skill Ranks: Charm, Eavesdrop, Guile, Rumour, Simple Melee, Scrutinize
    Talents: Forked Tongue, Silver Tongue

    Coin purse, fancy shoes, fashionable clothing, foppish hat, holy symbol, knuckleduster, mandrake root (3), mantle, neck ruff, shoulder bag, writing kit, rapier, 8 gc


    Name Gustav Dickopf
    Ancestry Human
    Ancestral Trait Danger Sense
    Archetype Commoner
    Profession Servant
    Upbringing Industrious
    Social Class Lowborn
    Alignment Mystery & Exclusion
    Age 19 yo
    Gender Male
    Height 165cm
    Weight 75 kg
    Eyes Grey
    Hair Blonde
    Sign The greased goat
    Birthplace Nordland, Small settlement

    Demeanor: Flamboyant
    UNE: obnoxious fortune-hunter, convey opulence
    BOLD: lethargic traitor overcome by strong attribute

    Gustav is Evie’s servant. Despite his low status he is flamboyant, and tries to siphon off wealth from Evie to show off. He wears expensive clothing and behaves as someone above his class. Evie likes him so she tolerates it, but others are not so disposed. He passes of to his peers as an obnoxious fortune-hunter, which actually he is.
    When the estate cook started gossiping about Gustav, he managed to find him sleeping on more than one occasion and convinced Evie to demote him to stable boy. Gustav was escorting Evie to the castle where she was invited by the prince when the events of the night of blood occurred.
    Update: Gustav is out of his comfort zone for far too long. They haven’t had a proper safe, cozy, rest without the hint of danger in weeks now. He wants this crusade of Evie to end, and get back to improving his status (and wealth).

    Primary Attribute Score Bonus Profession Bonus
    Combat 40 5
    Brawn 34 3 4
    Agility 44 3 4
    Perception 42 5 7
    Intelligence 45 5 6
    Willpower 40 3
    Fellowship 50 4 6
    Secondary Attribute Score
    Peril Threshold 6 (12/18/24)
    Damage Threshold 4 (10/16/22)
    Encumbrance 7
    Initiative 10
    Movement 7

    Skill Ranks: Awareness, Charm, Folklore, Rumour, Simple Melee
    Talents: Silver Tongue

    Bandages (3), bottle bomb, grave root, holy symbol, heavy boots, tuck sack, shiv, simple attire, warm vest, splitting maul, 27 bp


    Name Rudiger Dirnbach
    Ancestry Human
    Ancestral Trait Mixed Bloodline-Ogre-Frightening Bellow
    Archetype Warrior
    Profession Man-at-arms
    Upbringing Militant
    Social Class Burgher
    Alignment Ambition & Tyranny
    Age 37 yo
    Gender Male
    Height 175cm
    Weight 69 kg
    Eyes Pale Grey
    Hair Black
    Sign Gnuthus the Ox
    Birthplace Middenland, Hovel
    Distinguishing Marks Seamed face

    Demeanor: Hardboiled
    UNE: addicted judge, spoil the oppressed
    BOLD: deceiving labor overcome by on accident
    Corruption: Miserly, Impatient

    Rudiger is an old soldier who was appointed as a guard to the baron’s estate. As Evie grew, the baron appointed Rudiger to be her personal bodyguard.
    Rudiger is a veteran of many battles, and little that he sees shakes him. He has seen orcs, goblins and the occasional bandit. He believes firmly in the order of things and that the poor are supposed to stay poor and support the nobility.
    When he was younger, he was once deceived by an agitator to fight for ‘the cause’ and free the peasants from their lords rule. When, by mistake he came upon the peasant leaders divulging in their loot, he killed them all and left. He decided never to assist the traitorous peasants again and took it upon himself to punish them whenever possible. His combat skills and passion for riot control soon were noticed by the baron, who took him under his employment.
    After the last peasant revolt he has taken it upon himself to root out any danger that comes from the low classes. On such events, he alone decides the fate of the prisoners.
    His harsh life is not without scars though, and he has turned to be a functional alcoholic.
    Rudiger is escorting Evie as a bodyguard.
    Update: Corrupted by chaos, Rudiger’s faults have increased. He no longer has patience for the beggars and the poor, and may outright attack any street urchin who will try to pickpocket him. Seeing the threats to the Empire and Evie has made him even more likely to stand at her side, as she has proven that she fights for what is right.
    This is represented by 2 Chaos Ranks.

    Primary Attribute Score Bonus Profession Bonus
    Combat 42 5 7
    Brawn 45 4 5
    Agility 40 3 4
    Perception 41 5
    Intelligence 44 5
    Willpower 41 3 4
    Fellowship 39 2
    Secondary Attribute Score
    Peril Threshold 7 (13/19/25)
    Damage Threshold 9 (15/21/27)
    Encumbrance 8
    Initiative 8
    Movement 7

    Skill Ranks: Martial Melee, Resolve, Simple Melee, Toughness, Warfare
    Talents: Lightning Reactions, Shield Slam, Sword & Board

    heavy boots, lantern, laudanum (3), military attire, oil pot, red cap mushrooms, rucksack, mail hauberk, tincture (3), wooden shield, mortuary sword, 13 ss

    Conversion Summary

    Some interesting results here. The primary attributes were okayish, but I really liked the alignments rolled.
    I absolutely loved the mixed bloodline ancestral trait of Rudiger. He has Ogre’s blood running in his veins!
    I found the whole process not too tiresome considering I generated three characters, so that’s a big plus for the game system.


    Even though it was short lived, I really enjoyed the wilderness hex flower gaming engine In the heart of the unknown combine with Hârnmaster’s encounter tables, so I’m going to use those again. Zweihander also has an apendix of encounters, but since they’re very specific, I’ll use them instead when I roll a Nat 20 on Hârnmaster’s encounters table.
    I’ll use Hârnmaster’s rules for wilderness travels since they’re meant to be used with Hexes in mind. Again, the group is traveling with a week’s worth of supplies, towards Mainberstein. Their caravan consists of twenty commoners, two guards and one horse.

    The story

    The story continues from the events of Night of the Blood and the Siege of Ostenhofen.
    The party will attempt to reach Mainberstein from Westenhofen.
    I suspect that once in safety they will attempt to find a way to defeat the lich. Maybe complement their party with a wizard or a priest. It would be nice for a change to add some magical flavor.


    • Reach Mainberstein safely
    • Find a way to defeat the lich
    • Clear their name (do they need to?)


    For GM emulation, I’ll be using a custom CRGE Oracle with inspiration from MUNE and False Presuppositions from Recluse.
    So I will be rolling on the CRGE table, and will use unexpectedly/surge counts, but, doubles will be False Presuppositions. Likelihood will be introduced by Flipping the Dice. So a likely result of 38 would become 83. A likely result of 83 would remain as is.
    An unlikely result of 62 would become 26. An unlikely result of 26 would remain as is. Surge count is applied after flipping the results.


    I’ll be also using BOLD regarding the Connections mechanic to spice conversations in the party.
    UNE, Donjon and the Game Master’s Apprentice cards will be used if and when required.

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    Bianka the Ratter Hârn-hammer Session 1 


    • Flee Westemhofen
    • Exact Revenge

    So now Bianka has gathered her belongings and is at full health (finally!) and she can start on her path to revenge.
    The first thread is closed and we have the second thread as main thread.
    She wants to exact revenge in a more brutal way, as the corruption of chaos is slowly seeping in her psyche.
    I need to ask a few questions to gather the necessary information about this ratter that she’s so bent on destroying.

    Donjon: Mare. Male Dwarf Craftsman, Neutral. Mare is overweight, with brown hair and light amber eyes. He wears worn clothing and a wide-brimmed hat.
    Okay, so it’s a dwarf ratter!

    What was the town where they met?
    Donjon: Lenebruck. Population: 330, mostly human, some dwarf. The village sits in the shadows of a ruined castle. It is governed by the priests of the village temple.

    So why would such a small village have a rat problem? maybe something else is stirring the rats? Maybe there’s something in the ruined castle? I don’t know if I’ll find out, since Bianka is bent on revenge.

    Now, I think that mapping the distances arbitrarily would be too biased. So I’m going to use In the heart of the unknown for mapping and weather. I’m going to use its encounters generator and complement it with Hârn.
    I will be rolling on the engine for every league travelled, which is approximately one watch walking distance.

    I also need a resource mechanic. I really liked the downgrading die, but I already have one random factor (the random map generator), so I won’t introduce another one. I’ll declare Bianka has gathered one week’s worth of food, and if necessary she will forage.

    Finally, since I’m going too focused in on Bianka, I will use the Background Surprise Events Oracle. If I find that the whole session is too heavy, at the end of the one week I will not use the background events.

    Day 1, 3rd Watch.
    Encounter Engine: 6: X. Reroll: 5: Nudged 1 HF towards the Destination: River.
    Terrain Engine: 10: Nudged 1 HF towards the mountains. Plains.
    Weather Engine: 7: X: Reroll: 8: Slight rain.
    Hârn Encounters: (Highway): 10/17: No encounter.

    Day 1, 4th Watch.
    Encounter Engine: 8: Nudged 1 HF towards the Destination: Wandering Monster: 12: Goblins.
    Terrain Engine: 4: Plains.
    Weather Engine: 4: Sunny.
    Hârn Encounters: (Highway): 19/17: Encounter: Cleric/etc: Temple Priest: Seeking Victims for Rituals/etc. Friendliness: 88.

    I was thinking the cleric could have been a goblin shaman, but since the Cleric’s friendliness is 88 I deem that they are instead hunting the goblins. The goblins most likely are strugglers from the disbanded horde.

    Donjon: Hancho: Male Dwarf Cleric, Evil. Hancho has a long face, with long gray hair and gray eyes. He wears splint mail and wields a hammer.

    Some metagaming here: Hancho is a dwarf cleric of Ulric who hunts down goblins to kill them and sacrifice them to his patron deity.

    There are 1d3+2 = 4 goblins.
    I’ll equip them based on the respective Treasure tables of Hârn. Whatever doesn’t make sense, I’ll modify or reroll.
    G1: Leather Vest, Club, Handaxe, Dagger, Roundshield.
    G2: Spear, Roundshield, Dagger
    G3: Shortbow, 5 Arrows, Club
    G4: Spear, Scimitar

    Some Awareness rolls to see who notices whom.

    Bianka: Awareness (52): 34: MS
    Goblin1: Awareness (52): 92: MF
    Goblin2: Awareness (52): 58: MF
    Goblin3: Awareness (52): 69: MF
    Goblin4: Awareness (52): 65: CF
    Hancho: Awareness (49): 95: CF

    After a few hours of walking, past a bridge over the river, Bianka comes upon the sounds of struggle.
    Closing, she hears the war cry of an armored short stout dwarf, locked in combat with four goblins. Three of them are armed with hand weapons while the fourth sports a short bow and tries to get a clear shot.
    Bianka considers the situation. She cannot get past them to continue on her journey, and it’s most likely that the dwarf will lose against so many odds. Better to face them now, that the numbers may be better. She arms her hatchet and joins the combat.
    She tries to make a stealthy approach.

    Bianka: Stealth (35): 43: MF

    Bianka steps on a branch, trying to close in on the greenskins, but the goblins are too focused on their fight to mind her. She manages to get in engagement range without being detected.

    So I need to calculate a few more things before combat is joined.
    Endurance: 13
    Dodge: 70
    Weight: 20,2 ~ 24
    Encumbrance Penalty: 2
    AML/DML: 37

    I’m running this in theater of the mind.
    So I tried to find a few generators or to create a dwarf NPC on the fly. Huh that was tough. Therefore I found an already created dwarf NPC in an aide in lythia and used their stats instead.

    Round 1.

    Hancho attacks first.
    Hancho attacks G1: (102): 94: MS
    G1 blocks: (55): 64: MF
    He performs an A1 strike.
    Hit Location: Left Knee
    Damage: 9-4: 5: S2 (Fractured Knee).
    G1: Shock Roll: 2d6: 9/10: Unaffected.
    G1: Stumble Roll: 3d6+2: 15/11: He falls down.

    G1 has two Injury levels. Initiative reduced 2 steps. Will attack after Bianka.

    G2 attacks Hancho: Spear (60): 42: MS
    Hancho blocks: (72): 20: CS: Defender Tactical Advantage (DTA)
    Hancho attacks G1: (122): 57: MS
    G1 blocks (45): 73: MF
    He performs an A1 strike.
    Hit Location: Left Thigh.
    Damage: 9-4: 5: S2 (Fractured Thigh).
    G1: Shock Roll: 4d6: 12/10: Shocked.

    G4 attacks Hancho: Spear (70): 70: CS
    Hancho blocks: (72): 11: MS: Hancho receives A1 Strike Impact.
    Hit Location: Left Calf.
    Damage: 10-1: 9: S2 (Stabbed Calf).
    Hancho: Shock Roll: 2d6: 4/15: Unaffected.
    Hancho: Stumble Roll: 9/15: He stands.

    G3 will try to get an opening and shoot the bow into the melee.
    I need to see if Hancho is aware of the attack: Awareness (39): 65: MF
    G3 attacks Hancho: Shortbow (50): 31: Hancho receives an M2 Strike Impact.
    Hit Location: Skull.
    Damage: 14-12: 2: M1: Minor Stab to the skull.
    Hancho: Shock Roll: 3d6: 10/15: Unaffected.

    Bianka attacks G3: Hatchet (37): 68: MF
    G3 is unaware of Bianka’s attack and Ignores it: He receives an A1 Strike Impact.
    Hit Location: Right Shoulder.
    Damage: 5-3: 2: M1: Minor Cut to the right shoulder.
    G3: Fumble Roll: 10/11: No Fumble

    The dwarf moves with skill and swings his hammer with great strength, crushing one goblin’s knee, which stumbles and falls. Another greenskin tries to make a jab with its spear, but it misses and the dwarf rotates around the extended arm, and follows with another strike at the prone goblin’s thigh, crushing it and knocking it out in pain.
    This has left him vulnerable to a spear thrust from another goblin who uses it with both hands and pierces through the dwarfs’s unarmed calf. The goblin bowman rotates around the fight and finally gets an opening shooting straight at the head. At such close range, the missile pierces through the pot helmet, the quil cowl, and scratches the skull underneath.
    Bianka finds the opportunity and attacks the goblin archer from behind, hacking at its shoulder with her hatchet.

    Round 2:

    Hancho attacks G4: (87): 33: MS
    G4 blocks: (60): 50: CS: G4 wins a DTA.
    G4 attacks Hancho: Spear (70): 11: MS
    Hancho blocks: (67): 57: MS: Blocks.

    G2 attacks Hancho: Spear (60): 36: MS
    Hancho blocks: (67): 60: CS: Defender Tactical Advantage (DTA)
    Hancho attacks G4: (87): 81: MS
    G4 blocks (60): 13: MS: Blocks

    G4 attacks Hancho: Spear (70): 48: MS
    Hancho blocks: (67): 95: CF: The goblin performs an A2 strike.
    Hit Location: Thorax
    Damage: 17-10: 7: S2 (Stabbed Chest).
    Hancho: Shock Roll: 5d6: 19/15: He falls down.

    G1: Shock Recovery: 4d6: 11/10: Doesn’t Recover

    G3: Draws club. Grope Action.

    Bianka attacks G3 Hatchet (37): 28: MS
    G3 tries to dodge: (50): 24: MS: Dodged successfully

    After a few exchanges of strikes back and forth between the dwarf and the goblins, a goblin spearman gets a clean thrust with his spear. It pushes with both hands and pierces the Edward’s chest through. The heavy armor isn’t enough and the dwarf falls, still clutching his attacker’s spear.
    Bianka tries unsuccessfully to attack the goblin archer who has switched to a club.

    Round 3:

    Things look dire for Bianka now that Hancho is down.

    G2 attacks Bianka: Spear (60): 81: MF
    Bianka blocks: (37): 80: CF: Defender Fumble (DF)
    Bianka Fumble: 3d6: 6/12: No Fumble

    G3 attacks Bianka: Club (60): 89: MF
    Bianka blocks: (27): 25: CS: DTA
    Bianka attacks G3 Hatchet (37): 60: CF
    G3 blocks: (55): 91: MF: Attacker Fumble (AF)
    Bianka Fumble: 3d6: 16/12: She drops her hatchet!

    G4 attacks Bianka: Spear (70): 69: MS
    Bianka dodges: (50): 87: MF: The goblin performs an A1 strike.
    Hit Location: Abdomen
    Damage: 12-1: 11: S3 (Stabbed Abdomen).
    Bianka: Shock Roll: 3d6: 13/13: She holds firm.

    G1: Shock Recovery: 4d6: 13/10: Doesn’t Recover

    Bianka withdraws and attempts to run away. I can’t find any rules for turning and fleeing so I will just rule that each goblin gains a DTA.

    G2 attacks Bianka: Spear (60): 59: MS
    Bianka dodges: (35): 90: CF: The goblin performs an A2 strike.
    Hit Location: Left Upper Arm
    Damage: 14-1: 13: S3 (Stabbed Left Upper arm).
    Bianka: Shock Roll: 6d6: 28/13: She falls unconscious.

    Now Bianka faces off three goblins alone. She tries to hold them off, but facing three adversaries at the same time is too much for the rather, and she drops her hatchet. The goblin spearman who wounded the dwarf jabs at her abdomen, severely wounding her. She holds on and tries to run away but the other goblin spearman thrusts through her shoulder. The pain is excruciating and Bianka falls quickly. Everything turns black.

    Session Background

    Okay, Hârnmaster isn’t pulp at all.
    But that isn’t the only issue with my utter failure.

    • I miscalculated encounter size. There should be just two goblins. The number of opponents is very important as every single strike could bring you down. Maybe three would be challenging considering the armor and skill of the dwarf, but four were just too much.
    • Bianka was too weak and unarmored. In comparison the pregens of dead weight wore armor and had about double Bianka’s combat skills or more!

    Now a breakdown of the system. Hârnmaster is definitely old school. Not old school renaissance, mind you.
    As I played, to me it felt like a mix of MERP/Rolemaster and Runequest/Mythras, both in terms of character generation and skill and combat resolution.
    What I disliked: The modifiers. This was MERP all over again. A simple example: for attack, I need to factor in the mastery level, the encumbrance penalty, the injury penalty and the weapon’s attack bonus. For defense you have a different weapon bonus, outnumbering modifiers and you need to calculate this as well. As combat progresses these change… oh and some weapons have a 1h mode modifier as well. This is a bookkeeping pain.
    What I liked: The detail in combat. Almost every part of the human body is detailed. You could get a hit in the eye, the ear or the groin. Also the wound levels and shock rules. Combine this with the ebb and flow of the differential combat rules this was like Mythras mixed with the MERP criticals and the wound levels of Savage Worlds/OpenD6. Absolutely stunning.
    What could be better: Character generation. It’s ok for PCs when you want to put detail in your character. But when you need NPCs on the fly… it’s really problematic without resorting to pregenerated characters.
    What I enjoyed: The campaign section. Encounter tables with activities. Detailed treasure tables. Very similar to MERP but better in many regards.
    Minor qualms: I had to go back and forth many times to find where a specific rule was described.
    I also didn’t like how strength and toughness didn’t impact combat damage directly, even to a small degree. It didn’t matter if you were a well trained weakling or a brute, you could deliver the same damage with the same weapon. Also no matter how tough you are if you are unarmored the injury will be the same. Endurance only affects how you react to the injury.
    A luck points mechanic is necessary for gritty games, but as I said, Harnmaster is old-school, not OSR.
    Interesting but untested: Hârnmaster has amounted Combat, Jousting and Psionics! I’d love to see them at work.

    Overall I liked Hàrnmaster, even though Bianka was casualty of the experiment.
    I’ll be returning to it in the future, as I have something in mind.
    Also, I may be homebrewing other systems to use the combat mechanics I found here.
    I’ll be definitely keeping the encounter tables for other low fantasy campaigns.

  • giorgis 6:20 pm on January 6, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Bianka the Ratter Hârn-hammer Session 0 


    I recently got the Dead Weight prewritten module and it had the Hârnmaster QuickStart rules.
    While reading through it I was so intrigued I went ahead and got the PDF of the Hârnmaster 3ed Rules.
    What is Hârnmaster? It’s a d100 roll-under gritty rule system coupled with a low-fantasy setting, Hârnworld. Of course it can be run into any low-fantasy setting. There’s tons of setting material for Hârnworld (they’re quite expensive) but there’s a lot of fan content as well!
    In I found high quality fan content, and there was a really cool article about rats and ratters (rat catchers).
    So instead of trying out Hârn from scratch, instead I decided to run Bianka’s adventure from my Warhammer campaign into this system.

    Character sheet

    Below are the converted stats of Bianka:

    Characteristic Description
    Name Bianka Geissler
    Race Human
    Occupation Ratter
    Age 17 yo
    Gender Female
    Height 166cm/65″
    Weight 70kg/154 pounds(6)
    Frame Medium(12)
    Complexion Medium
    Eyes Grey blue, bloodshot
    Hair Dark Brown
    Birthdate 25th of Larane
    Sunsign Wymund the anchorite (Angberelius,Flaming Swords)
    Birthplace Nordland, Poor village
    Sibling Rank 5th/8 Children
    Parents Offspring/Both parents alive & together
    Parent Occupation Farmer (freehold)
    Estrangement Average
    Clanhead Distant relation(Grandfather related to Uncle)
    Key Attribute Score
    Strength 14
    Stamina 16
    Dexterity 12
    Agility 14
    Intelligence 10
    Aura 12
    Will 10
    Secondary Attributes Score
    Comeliness 16(Beautiful)
    Eyesight 12
    Hearing 14
    Smell 10
    Voice 10(Average)
    Morality 8(Corruptible)
    Contact Relationship Loyalty
    Herdsman Friend 55
    Farmer(Freehold) Enemy
    First Cousin,Aunt Uncle Acquaintance 41
    Skills ML
    JUMPING 56
    STEALTH 40
    ORATORY 24
    SINGING 33
    UNARMED 42
    Agriculture 39
    Weatherlore 33
    Ratcraft 55
    Dogcraft 44
    Net 36
    Club 65
    Herblore 22
    Axe 42
    Cookery 33
    Foraging 33
    Sling 14
    Physician 12
    Wound Location Healing Rate
    M1-Minor Cut Left Upper Arm H5
    M1-Minor Tear Right Elbow H5
    S2-Serious Cut Abdomen H3

    Okay, this conversion was hard.
    Bear in mind this is a character that was generated using a Warhammer FRP 2ed online character generator, then converted to my homebrew MiniSix variant for Night of the Blood, then converted to Savage Worlds for the Siege of Ostenhofen and now to Hârnmaster.

    I used a point buy system as described in Hârnmaster.
    I spent the 30 attribute points for the key attributes and tried to be as close as possible to the MiniSix and Savage Worlds charsheet.
    I used the optional 20 attribute points for the non key attributes, but I didn’t use the 1/2 point cost described. It seemed really cheap. I mean I could assign 20 points and get an average of 16 in the 5 attributes where random roll was 3d6. It made no sense. Therefore I used full point cost to have an average of 12.
    I kept the randomly generated appearance characteristics, even though they play a role in Hârnmaster.
    Also Bianka was using hatchets and slings according to Warhammer FRP career. Hârnmaster ratters use clubs and nets (makes more sense). I hate to break narrative so I had to spend valuable Skill Points to buy the Axe and Sling skills.
    Another topic was that of sunsigns/birthsigns. Both Warhammer and Hârnworld have their own signs, and I wouldn’t have bothered, but in Hârnmaster, the sunsign affects Skill Base. Therefore for narrative I’ve kept the Warhammer sign, but for mechanics I’ve kept the sunsign of Hârn… a mess.
    Overall in the end I was wondering if it was the right choice to do all those conversions rather than generate a new character and test the system with them, but now the work is done.

    Character development:
    I went ahead and read Bianka’s skill uses through the two adventures and gave her the respective skill development rolls.

    Bianka was left wounded when the party left her at Westenhofen. In Savage Worlds, she was shaken twice from the skeletons and then suffered a nasty double wound while retreating. I decided that these were two M1 and one S2 wounds. I rolled randomly for their location and liked what I got. A 1″ cut on her left upper arm, a 2″ gash on her right elbow and a 4″ cut on her abdomen.

    Hatchet, sling, bag of rats, rat cage, mouse traps, common clothing, net, leather gloves, boots.

    Character description

    Demeanor: Aggressive
    UNE: reputable recluse, Record the public
    BOLD: common traitor overcome by personal resources
    Corruption: Egotistical, Obsessive, Deceitful

    Bianka is a young woman who has made a reputation as a rat catcher. She’s quite aggressive against the critters and doesn’t like the company of other people, keeping to herself.
    She wants to beat the numbers of rats she catches in comparison to the other rat catchers.
    In the last town she was in, a fellow rat catcher stole her bag of rats and sold it off as his own. She used her wits and skill and managed to catch an even larger number of rats, this fulfilling her contract.
    Bianka just came upon Evie’s company and by happenstance they go in the same direction.
    Bianka survived the night of the blood in the hooded man, but got corrupted by chaos from the demon they fought.
    Considering, the corruption of Tzeentch slowly seeping in, and all she has suffered, there’s a high chance that Bianka might go rogue. I think she is becoming obsessed with the rat catcher that betrayed her, and wants to exact vengeance now in a less peaceful manner. She wasn’t aware that giant rats existed. Maybe this can be part of her plan for vengeance.
    Her company left her behind in Westenhofen lest they be caught by the undead that have risen, but it was a mutual termination of companionship. No hard feelings.


    I’ll be also switching to CRGE for Oracle this time around. It’s approach is more closely related to Mythic rather than MUNE/Recluse that I’m used to, but I want to experience how threads and scenes can work in solo play.

    So I have the following threads:

    • Flee Westenhofen
    • Exact Revenge

    A note on abbreviations:
    For space saving I will be using Hârnmaster abbreviation for test resolutions.
    CF: Critical Failure
    MF: Marginal Failure
    MS: Marginal Success
    CS: Critical Success


    First of all I need to see if the undead will attack Westenhofen before Bianka has a chance to heal her wounds.

    To Knowledge:
    Main Thread: Flee Westenhofen.
    Q: Do the undead attack Westenhofen?
    A: No, and unexpectedly.
    Unexpectedly: 7: Framing.
    A new NPC or object becomes critical to the thread.
    So the undead do not attack Westenhofen, maybe they’re attacking the city. In anyway I won’t be asking this question again for two weeks.
    Since Bianka has been bedridden two weeks now trying to recover, I presume that the new NPC will be the town’s herbalist, who may have a different approach to help heal Bianka.

    Bianka walls slowly around the room. Her bandages were cleaned once more by Mari, the physician’s assistant but she still was in a bad shape.
    “Is this guy any good?” She asks Mari. “It’s been two weeks that I’m bedridden. I can’t stay here anymore. I’m afraid the dead will come anytime soon.”
    “He’s the best outside of Ostenhofen.” Mari answers, but he pauses for a moment and then continues. “There’s another.”

    Donjon: Aldugard: Female Human Alchemist. Neutral. She is exceptionally beautiful with thick silver hair and brown eyes. She wears modest garments and an amulet if luminous crystal. Aldugard is decisive and absent-minded.

    “Do tell.” She says.
    Mari continues. “It’s an alchemist living at the south edge of Westemhofen. She hasn’t been accused of witchcraft, but folks are worried of her. I see you’re set on leaving, so at least see her before departing.”
    Bianka thanks Mari and gathers her stuff. She will go see if this Aldugard can help her where Geri the physician couldn’t.

    Bianka: Awareness (32): 99: MF
    Bianka can’t find the alchemist’s house on her own. She will have to ask the locals for directions.

    Bianka: Intrigue (13): 48: MF
    Bianka can’t learn about the alchemist’s house without it being known by the locals.

    Q: Do the locals help Bianka find Aldugard?
    A: Yes.
    Surge Count 2.

    After asking around Westenhofen, stumbling around, Bianka manages to reach Aldugard’s house.
    She knocks on the door, and an exceptionally beautiful woman with silver hair opens.
    She sees the bandages on Bianka’s limbs, and how she clutches her belly, and invites her inside. “Come in.”
    Bianka enters the small house without any delay.

    Bianka: Awareness (32): 93: MF
    She doesn’t pay attention to the surroundings.

    UNE: NPC conversation mood: Sociable
    NPC bearing & focus: aid retainers
    Again, we have a helpful healer who wants to assist the ‘retainers’ the people who provided a service to the city.

    “You’re not from around here.” She says. Bianka nods.
    “You’re from the group that survived Ostenhofen.” She continues.
    “I am.” Bianka replies.
    “I’ll help you. Geri may have cleaned your wounds but he hasn’t helped at all with your recovery. Come.” She points at the bed in the corner and Bianka goes to sit there.

    So, I’ll roll to decide what healing she will administer.
    Herbs or Potion: Herbs
    Nelbise, Finistrel or Altrubat: Nelbise

    She removes the bandages. “Oh those are nasty” she says looking at the gash in her abdomen. She takes some leaves from a jar and puts them directly on the wound and covers them again with fresh bandages.
    “Come here twice per day. These need refreshing.”

    UNE: NPC power level: Slightly Weaker. She’s a two star craftsman having a Physician skill of (62).

    After five days:
    Did the Nelbise have effects? (90): 89: Yes.

    Wound Location Healing Rate Result
    M1-Minor Cut Left Upper Arm H5 Healed in 8 days
    M1-Minor Tear Right Elbow H5 Healed in 4 days
    S2-Serious Cut Abdomen H3 6 Days reduced to M1. 10 more days for Healed

    Two weeks later, Bianka has only a minor tear on her abdomen that’s is about to close.
    “How can I repay you?” She asks Aldugard.

    Q: Does Aldugard ask for payment?
    A: Yes
    Surge Count: 4

    “You’re almost healed but my healing herbs are dwindling. If you can find me some leaves or blooms in the woodland outside Westenhofen it would be much helpful.” Aldugard replies.

    Bianka will make short excursions to find herbs.

    The common time unit for Hârn is the Watch which is 4 hours.
    It will take Bianka half a watch to get to the woodlands and one watch to search for herbs.
    Bianka: Herblore (17): 99: MF: She finds 17 Bridalkme plants.
    I will roll for random encounters.
    Rural: 18/14: I get a random encounter. It’s a Foreigner, Military, Militiaman. Activity: Training, on maneuvers, etc. Friendliness: 100!

    I’ve just used Hârn’s random encounters tables and I must say it’s great. I was really happy to see they included an activity table, since the most common question is ‘What are they doing there?’ This provides ample food for solo generation!
    Also for attitude, it says just roll 1d100 and the higher, the friendlier.

    Therefore considering the above, it’s a pretty clear encounter.

    Bianka: Awareness (47) vs (50): 82/84: MF/MF. They both locate each other at the same time.

    Bianka has gathered up a few plants when she hears commotion. Carefully she approaches, when she sees some rough men. They have long hair and beards and look taller and tougher than the locals.
    It seems to be a unit of a score of men. One of them is giving orders to the group, trying to form them in shield walls. He notices Bianka.
    “Come here woman! We won’t hurt you!” He shouts.
    Reluctantly Bianka approaches.
    “Is Ostenhofen nearby?” He asks.
    “It is. Why go to that forsaken place?” She asks.

    UNE: NPC focus & bearing: weapons happiness

    “We have been summoned by the Emperor. We Norsemen are always glad to drop our farming tools and bring our weapons when called upon. We were supposed to reach Ostenhofen a couple of weeks ago, but the Orcs were waiting for us. In the battle that followed we got split from the main army and have been trying to reach Ostenhofen since.” The man answers.

    Donjon: Wolfo: Male Human Fighter, Good. Wolfo is tall and thin, with braided gray hair and hazel eyes. He wears banded mail and wields a ~~glaive-guisarme~~ spear. Wolfo compulsively plays with a silver coin.

    “My name is Wolfo, and I’m the captain of this band. Who might you be? Your accent and bearing seems northern.” He asks.
    “I’m Bianka, I’ve left the north years ago and have been working my ass off hunting rats from city to city in the mainland. Recent events got me stranded in Ostenhofen.” She answers.
    “So you come from Ostenhofen? Is the city still holding?” Wolfo asks.

    Q: Have there been any news from Ostenhofen since?
    A: Yes, and they all know about the orcs and the undead threat.
    Surge Count: –

    “I’ve managed to escape the siege about three weeks ago. The orcs were defeated eventually, but … the dead have risen.” She says.
    “Is that where you got these?” Wolfo asks about her wounds.
    Bianka nods in silent agreement.
    “Then you have earned my respect. Will you lead us to Ostenhofen?” he requests.
    “I’ll take you to Westenhofen, but only because you’re my kin. You’ll find your way from there. Ostenhofen has nothing for me. If the rats haven’t fled already there isn’t anyone who cares enough to pay coin.” Bianka reluctantly agrees to take the unit to Westenhofen.

    She spends half a watch to get them back and forth and searches for another watch for herbs.

    Bianka: Herblore (17): 16: MS: She finds 3 leaves of an Olrui plant.
    I will roll for random encounters.
    Rural: 19/14: I get a random encounter. It’s a Guildsman, Ostler, Journeyman. Activity: Other: Hunting criminals/runaways/game. Friendliness: 93.

    Bianka: Awareness (47) vs (50): 1/87: MS/MF. Bianka locates the Ostler first.

    Donjon: Gosbo. Male Human Craftsman, Neutral. Gosbo has messy auburn hair and amber eyes, and prominent ears. He wears plain clothing and riding boots.

    As Bianka has gathered a few leaves of a parasitic plant, she hears footsteps. She sees a young man breathing heavily, trying to walk silently and fast but failing at both.
    She watches for a short while and sees that the man has his eyes on a horse in the distance.
    She sees no weapons and decides to introduce herself.
    “Are you after the horse?” She asks.
    Startled the youth turns to her. “Y, yes. She fled from the stable while I was tending to her. I’ve been hunting her for hours but something has scared her really good. Can you help me? Together we can catch her.”
    “Do you have coach service? I’m looking for passage away from Westenhofen” Bianka asks without answering.

    Bianka’s corruption regarding the Egotistical trait has kicked in.
    Q: Does he say they have coach service?
    A: No
    Surge Count: 2

    “I’m afraid not. This is my master’s horse. Please will you help me? I will be grateful. And maybe my master as well.” The young man tries to convince Bianka.

    Gosbo: Rhetoric (21): 52: MF

    “Sorry. I’m already in a bad shape. Can’t be going after horses. Best of luck.” She tells the ostler and runs off back to Westenhofen.
    She gives the herbs to Aldugard and the next morning she packs her things. It’s going to be a walk to the next city.

    Session background

    The threads remain as is. I like how the story progresses. Bianka wants to leave Westemhofen. Who knows what she will find if she returns.
    I am really enjoying Harnmaster. It’s too early yet to have real thoughts about the system, but I found the Campaign tables very helpful for solo play. Especially the random encounters seem to be very detailed. I also found two blank journal pages where one can log events. Maybe this is something worthwhile for bullet pointing my adventures!
    Regarding the success levels, there’s an optional rule to include substantial successes which seems really good.
    I didn’t find a general rule for difficulties but maybe I didn’t search well enough.
    Also opposed rolls work by comparing success levels and in case of a tie, the lowest number wins. I prefer Mythras’ rule for opposed ties, where the highest number wins, as this gives an additional advantage to the contestant with the highest skill.
    Regarding CRGE. It’s too early to have a complete opinion. I have mixed feelings concerning the lack of likelihoods. The author states that in case of a likely result, don’t roll, just play it out. I’m not certain this fills my cup of tea. But will continue with CRGE to see how it works out.

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