Week 1 of Worldbuilding

With some delay in posting (I did the work about a week ago or more) here’s the output of the first week of the challenge

Gygax Challenge WEEK 1: THE CONCEPT (16-22 november)


– Low Magic High Fantasy setting
– High Elves have an advanced civilization, at Renaissance equivalent level
– High Elves have conquered the land and enslaved most other sentient species
– Humans, still at Bronze Age, have a few semi autonomous city states that pay tribute to the Elves
– High Elves sacrifice slaves to their Dragon Pantheon
– Other demihumans and humanoids, Dwarves, Orcs, Goblins live in occupied communities or in slums at the High Elven cities

Sources of inspiration:

The Witcher Pen and Paper RPG
Dark Sun Campaign Setting Expanded and Revised 2e