Solo StarWarsD6 pt20: Insult

System: Star Wars D6 by West End Games.

Setting: Star Wars Era of the Rebellion.

Character: Royxand Handscul ‘Roy’, Corporate scout

Luca Delste, Smuggler

Kuna Desyk, Hacker

Solo Tools: MUNE, donjon, GameMaster’s Apprentice deck of cards from beta Alone release bundle

Books: Star Wars The Roleplaying Game Second Edition (West End Games), Galaxy Guide 8: Scouts, Tales of the Jedi Companion, Pirates and Privateers.

Homebrew Rules: D6Legends

In this session, I’m using a homebrew rules system to streamline the difficulty rolls. I explain everything in detail in my blog here.

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So I left off, when I couldn’t make something work with the intervention. The MUNE author wrote that when something like that happens, you can ignore MUNE. So that’s what I did, and moved on. I intend to roll again for an intervention in the next Oracle 6.

Kuna joins his companions. “What’s the plan, defenders of the innocent?” he asks sarcastically.

Roy doesn’t take the bait. “Find the imperial outpost based on our intel, bomb it before they have a chance to respond, land, and talk it out with the Amalsi on new terms.” He responds.

“I also hear Prine station is short handed at miners, and the pirate crew of the Gauntlet of Ulan could use some reinforcements.”

“I want to see you sell this to the Amalsi.” Kuna says and leaves.

Q: Do they encounter any other starship?

A: No

Luca searches for the Imperial outpost, by scanning for different lifeforms than the main inhabitants (Amalsi) in the region that the captive snowtrooper had told them they were located.

Luca: Sensors: 4/3: Success

“Found them! Setting course for the imperial outpost, northern approach.” Luca says over the comms.

The Dragonfly pierces through the atmosphere, and Luca brings her as low as possible to avoid easy detection from the outpost. There’s a good chance they’re expecting them. He just hopes they don’t have any anti-aircraft batteries.

Q: Does the Imperial outpost have anti-aircraft batteries?

A: No, but the have portable surface-to-air missile launchers (Apex Incisor Missiles).

So I check the stats. The Apex Incisor has a max range of 1 km, but needs one round to lock prior to launch. At full speed that the Dragonfly is right now, they can cover this distance in one round, which will get the outpost within the short range for the 2 Concussion Sphere Launchers. I will roll initiative because if the Imperials survive the first bombing run, they may shoot before the Dragonfly returns.

The outpost only has a few openings to the moon’s glacier surface.

As the sound of the Dragonfly bursts through the atmosphere, a handful of snowtroopers emerge and start setting up a missile launch device. The targeting system starts to lock on the ancient starship.

Roy sees the figures on his targeting magnification visors, but doesn’t care. His aim is right below them. If he makes the shot properly, the blast will take out the entire outpost.

He’s glad they haven’t set up a garisson to the moon yet. Seems its only the initial scout force, and their transport must have gone to base to return with the brunt of the expeditionary force.

He casts his thoughts away as he aims. It’s vital to shoot when the Dragonfly is as close as possible.


Team: 16

Imperials: 9

Luca: Space Transports Piloting to fly fullspeed above the glacier and get Roy at short shooting distance above the outpost: 7/4

Roy: Shoots Concussion sphere: 4/2: Hit: 7/3: Destroyed, Concussion sphere: 3/2: Hit: 6/1: Destroyed.

Luca maneuvers the Dragonfly in and out of the glacier canyons, and emerges above the outpost at less than 40 meters, when Roy pulls the trigger. Two concussion spheres are launched, pierce through the glacier below the snow rocket troopers and explode with violent force as soon as they enter the outpost.

Both hit their target right on. Ice, snow and metal is launched everywhere as the Dragonfly flies past. The blast creates an avalance that brings down the snowtrooper force on the top, and the rumble reverberates under the glacier.

Luca brings the Dragonfly to hover above the site of destruction.

Q: Do any Imperials survive?

A: Yes, but they are barely standing, routed and disoriented.

Q: Do the Amalsi grab the chance to revolt?

A: Yes, and they immediately rally and overpower their oppressors.

Intervention: So this is the call for the intervention, and it fits perfectly for what I had rolled before that I couldn’t fit in. Therefore I won’t roll for a new intervention, but use that one.

From the exposed opening, Luca can clearly see the aftermath of their attack. Some Imperial officers and snowtroopers try to wade through the snow and debris, but scores of Amalsi warriors armed with spears and javelins charge at them with all their fury, and the display is gruesome.

As the smoke dies down, the fight ends. The Amalsi leave no survivors.

Luca lands the Dragonfly in an opening above the glacier nearby.

Amalsi start gathering in a circle, surrounding the Dragonfly, but they keep their distance.

As Roy watches them he wonders if it’s fear or hatred about their ship that keeps them from approaching further.

“I’ll keep the engine running.” Luca tells Roy and Kuna, as they disembark.

Roy waits for a while near the Dragonfly, while Kuna stands a few meters behind.

Suddenly, the Amalsi lines open, and their high chief, Vurrha Zatoq steps forward, accompanied by his strongest warriors. These Amalsi are taller and more well built than the rest.

I will use the GMA to get a reaction from the Amalsi. I get a 6, which is quite average.

“Meet again. Royxand of the Handskul clan.” Vurrha speaks. “You ride terrifying ancient enemy beast and help free Amalsi from Empire. You get pardon.”

Roy accepts the greeting. ” Vurrha Zhatoq of the Amalsi. We accept your pardon. Hear me! The Empire will come again these were only scouts. You must leave Amal. Go to the stars. The Amalsi aren’t safe!”

I will roll a persuasion, opposed.

Roy: Persuasion: 2/3: Fail

“Our home is Amal. Here we live, here we die.” Vurrha says with passion, loudly. “Hu-ha!” the Amalsi cry out in unison.

With that, Kuna grabs the opportunity. He puts his hand on Roy’s shoulder. “You heard them. Let’s get out of here. They don’t want to be saved.”

Roy doesn’t have a chance to answer, as he hears an Amalsi scream and start shouting something in their tongue.

Roy will try to understand what it is about.

Roy: Perception: 1-/2: Failure

Roy and Kuna can’t understand what the fuss is about.

Then, without warning, one of the Amalsi guards jumps forward, a javelin at his hand. He aims, and shoots it right towards Kuna.


Team: 6

Amalsi: 14

The Amalsi act first.

I roll for the distance, and get short.

Amalsi guard: Throw Javelin to Kuna: 2/2: Hit: 5/3: Left arm: Incapacitated

Before Roy or Kuna have a chance to react, the javelin flies through the air, and pierces through Kuna’s left shoulder. Kuna drops down in pain.

The surrounding Amalsi are already readying arrows into their bows. Roy realizes he has no chance, so he stands motionless.

Then, the Amalsi guard, runs to Kuna, leans over him and snatches from his neck the talisman that he had found in the Dragonfly’s cabin.

“You carry death here?” He shouts at Roy.

The Intervention played out. It had to do with Join Locals, Sacreligious, and it’s an Entity Negative Event.

“Leave.” Vurrha grunts slowly though his teeth.

Roy wastes no moment. He grabs Kuna from his good shoulder, and they board the ship. As they enter the Dragonfly, he notices another Amalsi guard, bring a maul down to the talisman, shattering it in pieces.

“The what happened??” asks Luca as Roy puts Kuna in the medbay.

“It was going well, until they saw that weird talisman on Kuna’s neck, and went berserk. I think they only spared us because we eliminated the imperial outpost. This place is no longer hospitable, Luca, we must get away.” Roy answers.

Luca runs back to the cockpit, and lifts the Dragonfly above the ground, heading to the stratosphere.

Roy uses the medpaks to stabilize Kuna.

Roy: First Aid: 2-/3: Failure, Complication. I decide for the complication that the wound is particularly serious, and can’t be healed with First Aid. Medicine skill or Natural Healing only, can heal Kuna.

Despite Roy’s attempts, he barely manages to stabilize the bleeding. He notices severe damage to the bone and ligaments and has no idea on how to treat it better.

As is common between smugglers, Luca has Nav coordinates of some favorite spots stored in his personal data console.

Q: Does Luca have astrogation data for Prine?

A: No, but, he has for another system in the same sector.

I will roll 1D-1 Days and 1D hours: 4 hours base hyperspace trip duration.

Since the ships of that time period had no Nav Computer, but relied on Nav Beacons to jump, the difficulty will increase by +6.

I decide to mitigate it by spending 30 additional hours plotting the hyperjump by hand, and have Luca spend 1 CPs to ensure success.

Astrogation: 5/3: Success: Trip duration 98 hours (~ 4 days).

The closest destination is Aros. Unfortunately he can’t plug it in the Nav Computer because the Dragonfly doesn’t have one. The calculations at that time period were being performed with Nav Beacons, none of which exist anymore.

So Luca used a manual astrogator to try to plot a course to Aros. It’s a daunting task, so he took one day to ensure every last bit of the calculations was correct, before initiating the backup hyperdrive. He also took the longer route, avoiding any potential obstacles, even if that increased the duration of the trip by 30 while hours.

4 days later, the ancient Dragonfly emerges from hyperspace in Aros system, after the planet with the same name.

Roy: Planetary Systems: 4/3: Success.

Q: Is there imperial presence in the system? (Unlikely).

A: No, but, they still have contacts here.

The planet is a small terrestrial mass with a small continent in a huge sea.

Aros is not at all interesting to the Empire, so they can lay here low for a while.

Luca: Sensors Scan: 5 Success.

Q: Are there other ships nearby?

A: No, there is no traffic.

Donjon showed a standard starport.

Q: Do they grant landing request for the Dragonfly?

A: No, but, there are landing spots that are not part of the starport.

Luca runs a scan of the system. No starship traffic at all. He contacts the starport.

“Aros starport, this is Luca Delste of the Dragonfly, requesting permission to land.” He says over the comms.

“We hear you Dragonfly. Transmit TransVere.” The starport operator replies.

“The transponder code was damaged during our travels. We will register for a new one.” says Luca.

“Negative Dragonfly. No TransVere, no landing. We can arrange for an official to come with a shuttle, but that will cost.” The operator says firmly.

Luca looks over at Roy. “Let’s find us a landing spot and get someone to register the ship while we’re planetside eh boy?.”

Roy nods. Luca runs sensors.

Luca: Sensors Scan: 7+/3: Success

He finds a nice flat spot with settlements nearby, but far from the starport, where they won’t be detected.

Luca runs the Dragonfly silent, and slowly descends on the planet.

Starport: Sensors Scan: 3/5: Failure.

Luca opens the comms in a new frequency. “Hey Dua! This is Luca. You still have that condo available?” Roy looks at him wondering what is Luca talking about.

“Certainly, comes a mousey voice.” ‘Sullustan’, Roy thinks. “Is it you and your Red lady?” Dua asks.

“No, we parted ways, I am with someone older now, more mature.” Luca says.

“Alright, just hope she’s younger than 100. The room might not fit her otherwise.” Dua keeps the conversation going.

“Yeah, coming at you old friend.”

The Dragonfly is guided by Luca’s steady hand in one of the settlements, where, a rooftop opens up, and a small docking bay is revealed. As they land, the rooftop closes up again. Inside, a small, grey skinned sullustan awaits them.

Luca and Dua greet amicably and exchange their news. He tells Dua that they will stick around a couple weeks at least, while he refreshes his contacts. He needs a data forger for the appropriate documents for the Dragonfly, and a fence to sell the treasures they found.

Luca: Value: 3/3: Success

Q: How much is the market value for the 3 golden amulets?

A: (1D+9 Credits/gram=15 credits per gram) the gold amulets cost around 13500 credits in total.

Q: How many Coruscant Standard Carats is the diamond ring?

A: (1D (1/2 – 5 CSC): 5 CSC!

Q: What is the market value for the diamons?

A: 2000 credits, the diamond will cost around 10000 credits.

Luca: Streetwise: Data forger: 4/4: Success

Data forger cost: 1D+5 thousand credits: 6000

Luca uses his connections to find a data forger team. They will forge the documents, and then hack the BoSS to submit them to the system. The entire attempt will cost 6000 credits.

Luca pays for it from their initial credit stash from the Prine-Keena cargo run.

Now seeing they are low in cash, he will try to sell the three golden amulets and the diamond ring. He evaluates then at about 900 grams good quality gold that will sell at about 15 credits per gram. The diamond ring has a huge stone that Luca estimates must be at 5 Coruscant Standard Carats and nicely cut.

Luca: Streetwise: Fence: 5 (2+3 bonus)/3: Success

Using his contacts, Luca manages to sell the jewelry for market value, and returns with 23500 credits.

Now, Roy’s and his, share amounts to something less than 16000, so they can install a proper hyperdrive and a Nav Computer.

The Hyperdrive is a Correlian Avatar-10 hyperdrive that will cost them 10000, plus 2000 for the Nav Computer. Installation costs will amount to 25%, for a total of 15000 credits, and it will take one week to install them in Dua’s docking bay.

In the meantime, Roy, tries to find a proper hospital for Kuna.

Q: Is there a hospital on Aros?

A: Yes, but, it doesn’t have a bacta tank.

Kuna tries to improve through natural healing: Roll: 5: Worsens to Mortally Wounded.

Roy brings Kuna at the hospital, but the bacta tank is not working, and has been sent out for repairs. They give him the best possible treatment, but the wound is infected with an unknown bacteria, and Kuna actually worsens.

The doctors give him an option to amputate his shoulder and replace the damaged part with cybernetics.

Q: How much will it cost?

A: 1D: 2000 credits.

Roy and Luca take the credits from Kuna’s share and they pay for the procedure.

Medical Droid: Medicine (Cybernetic surgery): 6/6: Success

The surgery is successful, and Kuna finishes the recovery in the hospital. The medical droid did an excellent job.

Now, the three companions, sit in the hall of the Dragonfly, with the remaining artifact lying on the desk in the front. It’s a small cube with weird markings all over it.

“I’ll give you my remaining share, and I’ll get to keep it.” Kuna says.

Luca: Value: 0-/3: Failure

“It’s a deal. Take that alien trinket, and we keep the 6k.” Luca agrees.

Roy isn’t sure if that’s the best deal, but seeing how Luca agreed so quickly he dares not interfere. Kuna wanted the darn thing in the first place, so maybe it’s for the best, he thinks.

Kuna lets of a smile, picks the artifact, puts it in his pocket, and gets off the Dragonfly, his steps on metal echoing in the docking bay.

As Kuna leaves, Luca puts his hand on Roy’s shoulder. “Smile boy, that’s one less weight on our shoulders. There was something evil about that box, that I don’t want to find out.”

He then opens his arms, showing the Dragonfly. “We have a new toy and as many credits as we had before we went to that forsaken moon. Where would you like to go next? We’re free to go anywhere.”

“Let’s go to the canteen.” Roy replies. “I heard that’s the place to go if you’re looking for an adventure!”.

They share a laugh, and then head of for the so much deserved R&R.

Rewards: Roy: 1 CP, Luca: 3 CP.

Session Background: This adventure came to an end. I had more ideas in mind on how the Amalsi story would play out, but the Oracle and bad social skill rolls, gave it this short spin.

The player side of the story wanted to survive, so when the Amalsi side didn’t seem to be a safe bet no more, I headed to safety.

In the end I have excellent plot hooks for the next adventures of Roy and Luca, and a very interesting new ancient starship.

Next, I intend to write down a summary on the entire adventure and how it played out.