Solo StarWarsD6 pt19: Dragonfly

System: Star Wars D6 by West End Games.
Setting: Star Wars Era of the Rebellion.
Character: Royxand Handscul ‘Roy’, Corporate scout
Luca Delste, Smuggler
Kuna Desyk, Hacker
Solo Tools: MUNE, donjon, GameMaster’s Apprentice deck of cards from beta Alone release bundle
Books: Star Wars The Roleplaying Game Second Edition (West End Games), Galaxy Guide 8: Scouts, Tales of the Jedi Companion.
Homebrew Rules: D6Legends

In this session, I’m using a homebrew rules system to streamline the difficulty rolls. I explain everything in detail in my blog here.

Q: Does Luca find anything worthwhile in the engine room?
A: No
Q: Does Roy/Kuna find anything worthwhile going in the cockpit?
A: No

Luca reaches the engine room and tries to start up the drive.

Luca: Space Transports: 2/2: Success

Luca, somehow feels a familiarity with the ship design, and manages to get the power running in the engine room.

Q: Does anything unexpected happen?
A: No

Roy and Kuna have reached the cockpit room. As Luca powers up the engine, they see some lights turn on in the control panel. The emergency life support lights are now on, as well. Roy checks the ship’s controls.

Q: Is there any layer of security?
A: No

Roy has full access to the ship’s controls. First he powers up life support. Then, he runs diagnostics, to see the state of the starship.

Here I decided to roll 2D for each of the following systems. A roll of 7 is considered average (worn) condition. A roll of 2 is inoperational and a roll of 12 means the system is as good as new. I chose the 2D, to have that slight increased chance to get an average result, and not be a completely random result. Any result below 7 means that the system is in need of repairs.
Life Support: 5
Power: 4
Engines: 4
Thrusters: 4
Lasers: 8
Torpedoes: 12
Pulse Cannon: 7
Missiles: 8
Hyperdrive: 4
Hyperdrive Backup: 8
Sensors: 5
Comms: 7
Shields: 2
Supplies: 8
Now I consult the rulebook for starship repairs, and I choose based on the results the following:
The power/engines/thrusters system as a whole will need 6 repair successes.
The hyperdrive system will need 3 successes.
The sensors system will need 2 successes.
The shields are completely unoperational and will need 12 successes.

As the ship diagnostic chart pulls up in the screen full of red sections, Roy turns to Kuna. “This ship is in sorry state. We will need to conduct repairs if we are to fly out of here. At least-” he pauses as he removes the breath mask. “We can breathe, and there is enough fuel for at least 2 weeks.”

Luca enters the cockpit smiling. “Least she’s in one piece, right?” He looks at the diagnostics report. “We can, and we will make her fly. I estimate a few hours for engines, hyperdrive and sensors. The shields are completely blown and will need at least a couple of days in the least. I don’t know if it’s worth it.”
“We’ll need that time to forage for food and water. I doubt there is anything here that isn’t spoiled.” Roy raises his point.
“Alright. I will perform the repairs, Kuna, will you get to searching the ship?” Kuna nods. “And you boy, get us something edible. Be careful out there, you’ll be on your own. We start tomorrow. Rest now.”

The trio gets in the passenger living quarters. The ship is made for housing 6 passengers in addition to the crew, so they are quite comfortable, and feel safe for the first time in a long while.

Every night I will be rolling to check if anything unexpected happens in the next 24 hours. If not, I will proceed to checking the day actions, splitting it in 3 sections.

Q: Does anything unexpected happen?
A: No

Luca: Space Transports Repair: 1 success.

Luca has found the ship’s repair toolkit and starts working on repairs.

Kuna connects to the ship computer to see if he can uncover any information.
Kuna: Computers: 5+

Connecting to the computer with his datapad, Kuna uncovers the following information:
The ship’s name is the Dragonfly
The owner’s name was Khan Cyore
Manifest shows dry packs, medpacs, exploration gear.
Last time ship was operation according to log, was 4000 years ago.

Roy foraging.
I will run the foraging, in the following manner: A successful Easy sneak roll means Roy is undetected. Otherwise, I will ask the Oracle if there is an encounter.
For each search success I will be drawing an item from a GMA card. If the result is plausible or useful to the character, he will keep it, otherwise, the chance is lost.
Each success in survival, rations for 1 day for one person will be found.
Sneak: 0-/2
Search: 2: Amulet, torch
Survival: 3
Q: Is Roy ambushed?
A: Yes, but he will have a chance to escape, there is only one foe
Q: Is it a Hssiss?
A: Yes, and it’s a big one (+1D Strength)

On his scout run, Roy searches through the Amalsi buildings. Edible fungi and insects are everywhere, and he starts gathering them, having noticed the Amalsi diet.
As he is in a house, leaning over a chest where he found a torch and a silver amulet, he notices a big reptile behind him.

Roy: 14
Hssiss: 5
Q: Does Roy have his blaster pistol at hand? (Likely)
A: Yes
Q: Distance (point blank/short)
A: Short

Round 1:
Roy shoots the Hssiss twice
Roy: Shoot: 2+/2: Hit: 4+/5+: No damage, 2+/2: Hit: 1/0: Wounded
Hssiss: Brawling: 5++/1: Hit: 2/3: No damage

Round 2:
Roy shoots the Hssiss twice
Roy: Shoot: 2/1: Hit: 2/2: Stunned, 1-/1: Hit: 1/2: No damage
Hssiss: Brawling: 1-/1: Hit, Complication!: 2+/3: No damage
I decide that the complication is that it got its foot stuck in the chest and needs a Moderate Strength roll to remove it or suffer -1D in actions.

Round 3:
Roy shoots the Hssiss twice
Roy: Shoot: 2/1: Hit: 4/2+: Incapacitated

The creature is larger than the rest of his kind that the team had met. Roy, blaster in hand blasts off the beast and wounds it. It slashes wildly and only barely scratches Roy’s armor. Roy shoots again, dazing it, and it misses him as it lashes back, getting its paw stuck in the wooden chest Roy had opened. With the beast unbalanced, Roy manages to wound it once more, and it falls to the floor. Roy finishes it off and breathes a sigh of relief.

Luca: Repairs: 2 Successes. Sensors are fixed. Work on the drives begins.

Kuna: Searches the ship to see if he will find anything of interest.
Kuna: Search: 2 Successes: He finds the items described in the manifest in the cargo hold, and the captain’s room, which is locked.

Roy foraging.
Sneak: 3/2: Success
Search: 4+: Prybar
Survival: 2

Luca: Repairs: 2 Successes
Kuna: assists in Repairs: 3 Successes: The engines are fixed!

Roy foraging.
Sneak: 3/2: Success
Search: 4: Bow and arrows.
Survival: 3

The day comes to an end, and Roy returns to the Dragonfly. He has brought back a silver amulet, a prybar, a torch, a bow and arrows, and 8 days worth of rations.
Luca and Kuna have fixed the sensors and power drives, and searched the ship. The captain’s quarters are locked.
They exchange news and decided that the next day, while Roy continues foraging and Luca conducts repairs, Kuna will attempt to break in the captain’s cabin.

Q: Does anything unexpected happen?
A: No

Luca: Repairs: 2 Successes: Hyperdrive almost fixed.

In the morning, Luca continues with repairs.

Kuna attempts to hack open the door: 1-: Fail, Complication!.
I decided that the door is trapped.
Trap: Damage: 3/2: Wounded (-1D)

Kuna goes to open the captain’s cabin, but as he tries to hack the door open, a surge of electricity passes through. The door is trapped!

Roy foraging.
Sneak: 3/2: Success
Search: 4: Amulet, Rope and spikes.
Survival: 3

Luca: Repairs: 0 Successes

Kuna heads to the medbay to perform first aid.
Kuna: First Aid: 4/2: Healed.

With Luca otherwise occupied on performing repairs, Kuna goes on his own to the medbay, to heal the electricty burns. Thankfully, their medpacs along with bandages stored in the ship, help alleviate the damage done.

Roy foraging.
Sneak: 2/2
Search: 4++: Diamond jewelry, torch.
Survival: 2

Luca: Repairs: 1 Success, Complication!
I decide that the main hyperdrive is irrepairable, but the backup one is working.

Kuna will attempt to disarm the trap.
Kuna: Disarm: 3/3: Success
Kuna: Security on door: 2/3: Failure

Roy foraging.
Sneak: 2/2
Search: 4+: Leather gloves, sword
Survival: 4

At the end of the second day, they again meet to share what happened through the day. Roy has brought an amulet, a diamond ring, another torch, some rope and spikes, leather gloves, a sword, and 9 days worth of rations.
Kuna has disarmed the security measures that trapped the captain cabin’s door, but hasn’t managed to open it yet.
Luca saw, that the hyperdrive after all wasn’t repairable and one day was lost trying to make it work.

Q: Does anything unexpected happen?
A: No

Luca: Repairs: 2 Successes
Kuna: Security on door: 1-/3: Failure

Roy foraging.
Sneak: 4+/2
Search: 5+: Golden amulet
Survival: 0-. Complication!: The breath mask filters are destroyed. He must return to the ship for the next period or suffer -1D to all actions due to the unbearable atmosphere.

While Roy is scouting, he notices that the air he breathes feels irritating. Checking the mask filters, he notices a big hole. Some insect that he gathered for food opened it. He has to be more careful next time.

Luca: Repairs: 6++++ Successes

Kuna: Security on door: 3+/3: Unlocked!
Inside he finds some personal items.
Q: Are there any Sith holocrons?
A: Yes, but only one.
Q: Are there any other Sith artifacts?
A: Yes, and it’s a shield shield (2D).

After many failed attempts, Kuna manages to get the door to the captain’s cabin open. Dark colors are the choice everywhere. On a desk, he finds a weird talisman, and a strange artifact with some unknown markings. He picks them up to show to his teammates.

Roy returns to the Dragonfly to change breath mask filters.

Luca: Repairs: 3 Successes. Shields are almost entirely fixed.
Kuna: Tries to gain some knowledge about the artifacts: 2/4: Failure

Roy Foraging.
Sneak: 1
Search: 2: Silver amulet, Club.
Survival: 4
Here, I failed to ask if Roy has had any encounters.

At the end of the third day, Luca has managed to get the shields operating at full potential, Kuna found two interesting items in the captain’s quarters, but he can’t figure out anything about them, and Roy recovered two amulets, a club, and 4 days worth of rations for a total of 21 rations.

Q: Does anything unexpected happen?
A: No

In the morning, they decide that it’s high time they left. Luca mans the cockpit, while Roy sits in the gunner’s spot.
The Dragonfly’s engines power up, the shields are activated, and the remaining ice on top of the hull pops away as if it was a bubble. She starts hovering, the retractable wings are extended and then flies upward.
“Boy, launch a concussion sphere to the icy rooftop. I will have the shields ready. Brace for impact!” Says Luca, not hiding his joy for being in the pilot’s seat again.

Q: What is the strength of the ice ceiling?
A: Moderate
Roy: Shoot Concussion Sphere: 4/1: Hit: 7/3: Destroyed.

The concussion sphere pierces through the frozen ceiling, creating an opening.

Q: Does the ceiling collapse entirely?
A: No, but there is a big hole large enough for the Dragonfly to pass through, and there is a chunk of ice falling towards the Dragonfly.
Luca: Space Transports Piloting: 5/3: Success

As the hole opens, a huge chunk of ice falls towards the Dragonfly, Luca, having expected it, carefully avoids it, and brings her out of the cave and into the atmosphere.

They run a sensors scan.
Luca: Sensors: 4 Successes
Q: Are there other ships in the area?
A: Yes
Q: Is the Imperial Lone Scout A?
A: Yes
Q: Is it actively scanning?
A: Yes, but not towards the Dragonfly, their focus is elsewhere.
Nevertheless, I will roll some passive scanning to see if they detect the Dragonfly by chance.
Imperial Scout: Sensors: 3/3: Success: They detect a ship (not identify).

“There’s an Imperial Lone Scout A. He’s scanning us!” Luca says over the comms.
“Blast the bastard!” Roy eagerly replies.

I roll 6D for the range, with wild die: 22 units.
Dragonfly: 10
Lone Scout: 21

Round 1:
The Imperials will need to scan first to evaluate the threat. Just in case, they also raise front shields.
Shield: 2/2: Success
Sensors: 2/3: Fail

Luca: 1 Move toward the Lone Scout, raise front Shields: 0/2: Fail
Roy: Shoots the Laser Cannons: 2/3: Miss

As the Imperial Lone Scout scans the Dragonfly, Roy shoots the three fire-linked laser cannons, but misses by a little.

Round 2:
Seeing that they are fired upon, they realize the hostile intentions, the Imperial pilot responds in kind and shoots again.
Imperial: Shoots Laser Cannon: 2/3: Miss, Complication! Lasers are overheated due to a power surge failure, the must cool down for 1D=5 rounds.
Imperial: Scan: 3/3: Success, Complication! The overheated laser sends a power surge to the comm & sensors system, disabling them as well for 1D=6 rounds. They identify the ship though and realize the danger.

Luca: 2 Moves toward the Lone Scout, Range is now 10
Roy: Shoots the Laser Cannon and the Pulse Cannon
Pulse Cannon: 5/4: Hit: 2/3: No Damage
Laser Cannon: 1/3: Miss

The Dragonfly closes in. Roy hits the Imperial Lone Scout with the Pulse-wave Cannon, but the shields deflect the hit. He misses again with the Laser Cannon.

Round 3:
Realizing the danger, the Imperial Lone Scout will perform a full dodge
Luca: 1 Move toward the Lone Scout, Range: 6
Roy: Shoots the Laser Cannons: 4/7: Miss

The Imperial Lone Scout, is now so close to the Dragonfly that it can’t escape, and begins full evasive maneuvers. Despite the advance fire-controls for such an ancient ship, Roy can’t get a clear shot.

Round 4:
Lone Scout: Full dodge
Luca: 1 Move toward the Lone Scout, Range: 2
Roy: Shoots the Laser Cannon and the Pulse Cannon
Pulse Cannon: 3/5: Miss
Laser Cannon: 3/5: Miss

Round 5:
Lone Scout: Full dodge
Luca: Keeps the Lone Scout in the front arc
Roy will spend 2 CPs on the Pulse cannon, and shoot the laser as well.
Pulse Cannon: 4/5: Miss
Laser Cannon: 2/5: Miss

Round 6:
Q: Now that the lasers are back online does the scout attack?
A: No, he does a full dodge
Luca: Keeps the Lone Scout in the front arc
Roy: Shoots the Laser Cannon and the Pulse Cannon
Pulse Cannon: 4/5: Miss
Laser Cannon: 3/5: Miss

Round 7:
Q: Now that the scout has comms online, does he try to contact for assistance?
A: No, he performs another full dodge
Luca: Keeps the Lone Scout in the front arc
Roy: Shoots the Laser Cannon and the Pulse Cannon
Pulse Cannon: 5/6: Miss
Laser Cannon: 3/6: Miss

Round 8:
Q: Seeing that there is no escape, does he try to contact for assistance?
A: Yes, he will switch to comms
Lone Scout: Communications: 3/3: Success.
Roy notices that they have stopped dodging and shoots.
Roy: Shoots the Laser Cannon and the Pulse Cannon
Pulse Cannon: 3/2: Hit:2-/1: Lightly Damaged, -1 Move.
Laser Cannon: 1-/2: Miss.

For about half a minute, Roy shoots repeatedly with all the Dragonfly’s energy weapons, but the Imperial Lone Scout pilot, makes his efforts fail.
Suddenly, something seems to distract the Imperial pilot, and Roy gets a shot with the Pulse-wave Cannon, hitting the engines.

Round 9:
Q: Does the Lone Scout attack?
A: Yes.
Lone Scout: 1/2 Move & Shoot: 1/2: Miss.
Roy: Shoots the Laser Cannon and the Pulse Cannon
Pulse Cannon: 1/2: Miss
Laser Cannon: 3/2: Hit: 6/4: Heavily Damaged, -2 Moves.

In a quick change of plans, the Lone Scout turns, and shoots at the Dragonfly, but misses. Roy shoots back, and the Three fire-linked Laser Cannons hit the engines, almost disabling them.

Round 10:
Since I am having trouble figuring out if the scout will try to escape, dodge, or attack, I will use the GMA to get a reaction. I get a 9! Almost fanatical hatred. They will fight to the end.
Lone Scout: Shoot Laser Cannon: 1/2: Miss.
Roy: Shoots the Laser Cannon and the Pulse Cannon
Pulse Cannon: 3+/2: Hit: 2/5: No Damage.
Laser Cannon: 2/2: Hit: 5/2: Destroyed.

They say stupidity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. The Imperial Lone Scout pilot shoots again, misses, and now he’s at the crosshairs of the Dragonfly’s full weaponry.
Roy sees the targeting reticule light up, and shoots. The Pulse-wave can’t get past the shields, but the fire-linked laser trio blasts through the scout ship, obliterating it. It goes up in a huge ball of flame.

Kuna joins them and the trio looks at each other.
“What do we do now?” Roy asks.
“We get the hell out of here!” Kuna replies. “I’m certain they notified the base, and who knows what will come our way. We better jump system before it starts crawling with Imperial Navy forces.”
“Did we get what we came for?” Luca questions.
“I have some codes to crack.” Kuna replies referring to the unknown items that were found in the captain’s cabin. “Plus some jewelry that Roy gathered, that I’m sure will catch a hefty price in the black market. You have a ship. She’s not the Red Rancor, but she may be better with some modern upgrades…”
“What about the Amalsi?” Roy asks. “Will we leave them to their fate? If the Empire digs that moon any further they may all die.”
“They would have sold our hides to the Empire!” Kuna objects. “Or did you forget?”
“Yes, but I can’t but feel responsible. If I had completed my mission in time, it would be Karflo here, and not the Empire. Plus, they did save our lives from the remains of the Red Rancor.” Roy counters.

Q: Does Luca agree with Roy? (Likely, since he has a sense of honour)
A: Yes,and he will side with him even if Kuna won’t follow through.
This also results in an Intervention which I will call for after the dialogue finishes.

“The boy has his heart in the right place Kuna.” Luca sides with Roy. “What do you say? are you in to keep going?”

Roy: Persuasion: 1/2: Failure

Kuna shakes his head. “I don’t agree. I’ll tag along, but as soon as we return to civilized space, we split our share and I’ll head my own way.”

Roy and Luca nod in an uneasy silence.

Intervention: Entity Negative
Q: Is it the Amalsi?
A: No
Q: Is it the Imperials?
A: No
Q: Is it Kuna?
A: No
GMA Portent: Join Locals, Sacreligious
I have no clue. I decide to pause here to clear my head and grant CPs before proceeding with fresh inspiration.
Roy: 5 CPs, Luca: 2 CPs, Kuna: 2 CPs.

Session Background: The group is back at full strength but their objectives are not aligned. Also it begs the question how will they help the Amalsi? Even if they defeat the Empire in Amal, how will they prevent them from coming back? How will the Amalsi greet the characters?
Just as I was ready to create a character sheet with background for Kuna, he will split from the party.
What I Liked: The progressive actions (repairs) with the successes mechanic. It worked flawlessly.
What Needs Changing: Again, the combat needs some refreshing. It’s I hit, you hit, and with Full Dodge hitting is almost impossible. I will think it over.