Miniatures pt29 – Big Ones

With this post, I’ve reached my photos backlog with up to date paintings. This means that I will be only able to post miniatures posts as I paint them, and it will take longer.

Here are 4 big ones in 15mm. An Ogre, a Troll, and two Minotaurs. These are from the Ral Partha Europe Demonworld range.

Painting the squares on the Ogre pants was hard, but I really enjoyed the end result and it goes well with the stripes.

For the troll, I did something I hadn’t done before. Instead of painting it green directly, I gave it a light blue basecoat, followed by a yellow ink once dry. My yellow ink is transparent and weak in pigment, so I had this beautiful green as a result, with yellowed parts.

I tried to do something similar with the Minotaurs, using red ink over yellow ochre, hence the evil demonic look.