Miniatures pt1 – Adventurers

In the past year, staying inside, I started painting miniatures. After reading this blogpost, I discovered the world of 15mm miniatures. Very affordable, at less than half a buck a piece, and requiring smaller gaming and storage space.

I was really intrigued by the Blighthaven Warbands by Ral Partha Europe, skirmish packs, drawn by their Demonworld 15mm fantasy line. I knew Ral Partha from when I was a teenager playing Dragon Quest, and was curious as to their quality. Shipping was reasonable to where I live, and so I ordered my first pack, a variety of adventurers.

The miniatures arrived back in the start of 2020 and I was quite scared at first trying to paint them, especially considering the 15mm size. So, I waited a few months before I begun.

I didn’t want to spend too much on a hobby I wasn’t sure I would enjoy, or would be good at, so I got my painting tools from a variety of sources. A cheap set of brushes from ebay, and a cheaper one from the dollar store (for drybrushing, priming and varnishes). A set of acrylic paints from the dollar store, and an Amsterdam crafts satin varnish. In the meantime Ral Partha introduced their Miniature Paints, and I got a Black and a White Primer, some metallics and a Matt Varnish.

I read a lot, and taking under consideration various techniques I chose what I believe fits best to my skill base and expectations. My concerns were my unsteady hands which aren’t suited to highlighting techniques and partial color blindness (I can see all colors fine, but fail all Isibara tests) so I wanted to avoid mixing my own shades.

Steps followed:

  • Glue to base
  • Prime black
  • Drybrush white primer in a top down motion (gives a zenithal/sketching effect)
  • Basecoat main colors in two damp coats as not to completely opaquely cover the undercoat.
    • Flesh
    • Uniforms
    • Accessories
    • Weapons, Shields, Armor
  • Wash with black custom washes
    • Black+brown+water+pva glue
      • For blue: replace brown with blue
      • For metal: remove brown
  • Basing
    • Paint green
    • Add glue
    • Dip in dried used coffee grinds
    • Add glue once dry
    • Paint green
    • Drybrush yellow ochre
    • Wash with burnt sienna/leather
  • Varnish
    • One coat of thin satin varnish
    • One coat of thin Matt varnish
      • Metallic items were coated with a second thin satin varnish instead

All in all I really enjoyed the process. I was very happy with the end results. They’re not competition level or anything, but they’re table-ready and they’re done by me!

So, without further ado, I present you my band of adventurers.

Dwarf warrior
Dwarf warrior
Elf warrior
Human mage
Human knight
Barbarian chieftain
Human cleric
Barbarian warrior
Barbarian warrior
Elf archer

You may have seen them here and there in several of my actual play reports. I intend to upload retrospective snaps of all of my painted miniatures in the future, so expect more to come.