The Wardens of Gahyrst. Ep02.

So in the end of the previous session I forgot to run experience rolls for my warband. I assigned the XP awards and rolled to see if my surviving follower (Angry Villager) had any upgrade, but to no avail.


|Combat Skill|0|0|0|0|
|Weapons|Long Bow, Dagger|Sword|Bastard Sword|Bastard Sword|
|Armor|Light Armor|Light Armor|Full Armor, Helmet, Shield|Partial Armor|


Nature Roving Wanderer Stout Yeoman Angry Villager
Weapons Self Bow, Dagger War Axe Staff
Armor Militia Armor Light Armor

Gold Marks 13
Medicinal Herbs 1
Story Points 1

Time to name the two other villages : Heagrove, Cebrook

Current village: Eerfeld (2,2,4)
Heagrove: (1,1,1)
Cebrook: (3,3,3)

Will need to draw a map in the future
Village Events: Wandering merchant
Pay Upkeep: 7 members, no extra cost
Healing Up: No wounded
Carry Out Activities:
Evie: Study: 2,3,5,6: Gained Skill: Organization
Rudiger: Train: XP (4) Increase Level: Roll: Agility: +1
Outfitting for adventuring:
I’ll give the Warhammer to Gustav, and put his Sword in the backpack.
So now, we’re going adventuring!

Bruised and battered, the Wardens regroup, after having buried one of their own. The first death in their band weighs heavily. Evie heads to the library for further studying to escape the thought that a man died under her command, while Rudiger puts his skills to the test, training against wooden poles.

No one pays attention to the wandering merchant showing off his wares. Their dead brother in arms was swindled a week ago, and all this is a cruel reminder.

A couple days pass, and Evie sends word for them to gather once more.

“Wardens. We suffered a loss, but must not stop now. The people of Eerfeld need us. Gather yourselves, and come back here in an hour, armed. We’re heading out.”

Adventuring: Combat Encounter
Facing: Dark Secrets
Encounter: Cultists
Encounter Type: Attacked by Enemy
Enemy number (consulting roll, tables and rules): 4
No Leadership present
No Personality present
Encounter Distance: 7″
Seize the Initiative: Failure
Theme: Edge of the woods

It’s been a couple of days of wandering the countryside looking for trouble, when the Wardens camp at the edge of the woods of Eerfeld, known as Fangwood Forest.
They assign watch duties and rest, only to wake at the sound of a twig snapping. Someone has gotten close!
“Wardens! To arms!” Evie shouts and unsheathes her sword, arming her bow.
They all draw their weapons and look around as a quartet of dark cloaked figures closes in from two sides.
“Cultists!” Ardus tells Evie as they turn to face their assailants.

Battle Set Up

Combat Turn 1:

Ardus and Rudiger move in closer.


Cultist charges at Rudiger
Cultist hits, can’t penetrate armor
Cultist hits, penetrates armor, wounding Rudiger
Rudiger wins the last exchange
They disengaged melee

Cultist charges Ardus
Ardus wins the exchange
They roll equal, and the cultist retreats

After first combat

Cultists further advance near the lake
Roving wanderer moves aside and shoots his bow
RW Hits, doesn’t wound


Stout Yeoman charges cultist
After three exchanges, none scores a hit and they withdraw
The rest of the band progresses

A cultist charges at Rudiger, catching him still sleepy, he passes through his defenses, hitting his cuirass. He follows up, but this time his blade lodges between the rings of the mail part of the armor, wounding the veteran. The pain sears through Rudiger’s body, who quickly snaps out of it and blocks the last attempt, pushing the cultist back.
At the same time, another cultist charges next to him at Ardus.
Ardus is better prepared. He parries the blow successfully and kicks his assailant back.

At the other side, next to the pond, a Warden shoots at a cultist and fails to hit him, the arrow flying away through the air, while another one charges in melee. He tries to hit him but is blocked, and again, and again, until tired they disengage and look at each other angrily.

Combat Turn 2:

Ardus charges at cultist
Ardus hits, the cultist is wounded
They roll equal and withdraw
Rudiger charges at the cultist
They roll equal and the cultist withdraws
Rudiger survives his wound
The cultist charges back at Ardus
Ardus wins melee
Ardus hits cultist and kills him

First blood

Cultist charges back at Rudiger
Cultist hits Rudiger, but Rudiger parries with his shield
Cultist hits Rudiger but can’t penetrate the armor
And again
They withdraw from melee

Cultist charges Angry Villager
They’re equal and the AV withdraws
Cultist charges at Stout Yeoman
Cultist brings down Yeoman

First Casualty

Evie takes position and shoots Cultist but misses
Gustav charges at Cultist
He hits and wounds Cultist
He hits again and kills the Cultist

Second Kill

Roving Wanderer takes position and shoots at Cultist and misses

Angry Villager attacks Cultist
He hits but doesn’t wound him
And Again
And they roll equal and withdraw

Hanger On attacks Cultist
They roll equal and withdraw

Ardus charges with his bastard sword and thrusts at the Cultist who hurt Rudiger, wounding him, spilling blood. With skill, his enemy tactically withdraws.
Rudiger tries to follow up on his companion’s pushing attack, and charges at the Cultist. His enemy with skill blocks and parries and moves back.
“Die!” The Cultist hisses and jabs at Ardus, who deflects the blow and moves behind his enemy, at the same time slashing at his back, cutting him in half.
Seeing his friend fallen, the other cultist screams a war cry and charges at Rudiger. The blow is heavy, and Rudiger has to block it with his shield. He smashes back at his enemy, shoving him away.
On the other front, near the pond, the Cultists charge at the followers. One tries to attack the Angry Villager but can’t get back the defenses while the other attacks the Stout Yeoman. The dagger finds the Yeoman under his armor. The Yeoman drops down under his wound.
Evie moves around the fighting men and finds an opening for her shot. The arrow misses its target and lodges on a tree behind.
Gustav then charges at the same enemy. Distracted the Cultist doesn’t see the warhammer coming down on his head and falls down, dead.
The Roving Wanderer shoots at the cultists but misses again.
The Angry Villager charges at the Cultist who hit the Stout Yeoman and hits him with his staff, but doesn’t manage to startle him. The Cultist pushes back and disengages.
A Hanger On who joined the warband tries to make a difference, but without skill, his efforts are aimless.

Combat Turn 3:

Rudiger and Ardus advance to the lake
Rudiger survives his wound
Cultist attacks Angry Villager
No one hits
And Again
They roll equal and withdraw
Cultist attacks Hanger On
They roll equal and withdraw
Evie shoots Cultist, hits and wounds him
Roving Wanderer shoots at the same cultist and hits and kills him

Third Kill

Angry Villager attacks Cultist
He hits and kills him

Fourth Kill

Combat is won

Rudiger despite his wound, moves with Ardus towards the pond to assist the rest of the warband.
One of the Cultists attacks the Angry Villager and another the Hanger On, but after a couple missed strikes, fatigue builds up, and the opponents stand there looking at each other.
Evie and the Roving Wanderer shoot their arrows to the Cultists. Both hit, and the Cultist drops dead from the hail.
The morale is high and the Angry Villager, with renewed strength, bring his staff down on the last opponent, knocking him out.
The Wardens cry out in Victory!

Resolve casualties: Stout Yeoman: Knocked out
Loot: 9 Gold Marks
Unusual Finds: Evidence (Reduce Highest Threat by 1, Dark Secrets)
Adjust Threat: No adjustment
Experience Points Awards
Ardus gains a level and gets +1 Agility
Roving Wanderer gains Skill: Foraging
Angry Villager gains Promotion: +1 Agility: Name: Wigmar

The Wardens look after the Stout Yeoman, noticing it was just a flesh wound. He recovers quickly.
Searching through the fallen enemies, they find 9 Gold Marks and a bloody bag. Evie recognizes it as the bag she had seen the last week in their roadside encounter.
Inside it they find nasty bloody parts. Hearts of animals and humans. Along with it is a seal, one that Evie recognizes as Eerfeld alchemist’s seal. Seems the man is in league with dark forces. That’s evidence for the Bailiff.
The man with the staff, the Warden she had in mind as angry villager, showed immense bravery, armed with just a staff. She goes to him.
“Wigmar, you stood out today. We’re proud to have fought alongside you.” Evie tells him.

|Combat Skill|0|0|0|0|0|
|Skills|Library,Medicine,Organization |-|-|Leadership,Parry|
|Weapons|Long Bow, Dagger|Warhammer|Bastard Sword|Bastard Sword|Staff|
|Armor|Light Armor|Light Armor|Full Armor, Helmet, Shield|Partial Armor|-|


Nature Roving Wanderer Stout Yeoman
Skill Foraging
Weapons Self Bow, Dagger War Axe(Warhammer)
Armor Militia Armor Light Armor

Gold Marks 22
Medicinal Herbs 1
Story Points 1

End of second campaign turn

Session Summary

This time I paused to take photos and write everything down as it happened. I really enjoyed every part of it!
I did not write down the rolls, only the results, because the game is very dense!
So much happens in such a short amount of time.
I really enjoy how easy it is to do everything. The mechanics are fast and the tables generate interesting results. I’m still learning how to play, so I’m not implementing any rpg elements yet.
I don’t know if I will have everything so detailed in my future AP reports, because pausing so often to take photos and write things down, doubled or tripled the time to play. I will need to find the right balance between reporting and playing.