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    Solo StarWarsD6 pt13: Crack It 

    System: Star Wars D6 by West End Games.
    Setting: Star Wars Era of the Rebellion.
    Character: Royxand Handscul ‘Roy’, Corporate scout
    Luca Delste, Smuggler
    Kuna Desyk, Hacker
    Solo Tools: MUNE, donjon
    Books: Star Wars The Roleplaying Game Second Edition (West End Games), Galaxy Guide 8: Scouts, Pirates and Privateers
    Homebrew Rules: D6Legends

    In this session, I’m using a homebrew rules system to streamline the difficulty rolls. I explain everything in detail in my blog here.
    Also I have uploaded all my previous and the current posts in my blog Solo, Pen, Paper and Dice, and will do so with future posts as well.

    Roy and Kuna head to the bleeding man. His blast vest has been torn through by the blaster shot. He can barely keep his head straight. Roy grabs him.
    “Who are you? How do you know about the data cores?” He asks, as he kicks his blaster pistol away.

    Q: Does he have information?
    A: Yes
    Q: Does He answer?
    A: Yes, and he will tell them everything

    Intervention: New Entity
    I decided that the intervention will occur, right after, the goon will spill his guts, telling them everything.

    “We were hired. By Viltro. You can find everything in my datapad.” He coughs some blood, as he tells Roy what he wants to hear.

    Roy wanted to stick around and ask more, but footsteps are heard down the hall. They are not alone anymore.
    “We should leave.” Kuna pulls Roy’s arm. “Or we may have to explain him” he says pointing at the severely wounded man.
    “And leave him here like this?” Roy asks.
    “His friends will take care of him.” Kuna explains. “Come, we don’t have time to waste.”

    Roy: Search: 3/VE: 2 Successes

    Roy grabs the datapad from the wounded man. He looks around in frustration, and follows Kuna, who is fleeing away.

    Q: Do they meet up with the new entity? (footsteps)
    A: No, but only because they were quick to flee
    Q: Do they reach the landing bay safely? (likely)
    A: Yes
    Q: Has the Red Rancor returned? (likely)
    A: No, but it’s landing soon
    Q: Does anything happen while they wait?
    A: No

    Droids, and landing crew have started filling up space barges with Ratau mineral fuel, as per Deng Carrick’s requests. The first space barge has already launched, and as second is being loaded.
    In the landing bay next to the barge, miners are on queue to board a transport shuttle that will take them to the Gauntlet of Ulan.
    “What is happening here?” Kuna asks.
    “All these are going to the pirates.” Roy replies.
    “Slavery?” Kuna says.
    “No, they are to choose if they want to join the pirate crew.” Roy says.
    “That pirate is smart. He has found desperate hardy souls, and a nice haul. He is getting richer and stronger.” Kuna says, watching the whole process carefully.
    Roy nods. “Let’s just hope he will keep his word…where is Luca…?”

    As if his question was heard through the void of space, the old Ghtroc 720 freighter appears in the distance. After a few careful landing maneuvers, the Red Rancor is in the bay, and Luca disembarks. He calls for the both of them to come closer.

    “Glad to see you both. Now, we need restocking.” He says as he boards the freighter. “Then we’re out of here.”
    Roy and Kuna follow as Luca closes the door behind them.
    “We were attacked. Viltro thugs were after us. They know about the data cores.” Roy hits Luca with the information in three quick sentences.
    “We should have seen this coming. We have been delayed a lot.” Luca sighs. “They must have taken apart your old ship and found the missing part… and after our escape, they have my info and the Red Rancor’s transponder codes.”
    “They had this on them” Roy pulls out the datapad.
    “Give it to me.” Kuna reaches out. “I’ll have it’s secrets split open in no time.”
    Roy hands over the datapad and Kuna quickly connects his own datapad to it and begins hacking it.

    Kuna: Computer Programming/Repair: 1/E: Failure (One Success, 2 are needed, it’s going to take a while longer).

    “The Tooka is out of the bag, Roy. Now that they know about the data cores, we need to double our efforts and get there before they get to us. We need to extract the nav data. If only restocking didn’t take so long.” says Luca.

    Q: Does restocking go as expected?
    A: Yes, and it finishes faster
    In the meantime, Kuna continues on cracking the datapad.
    Kuna: Computer Programming/Repair: 2/VE: Success.

    “I’ve got it!” Kuna says, and he connects the datapad to the Red Rancor’s screens so that they can all see.
    There is a dossier, with a photo of Roy, looking like it was taken from security cameras in Anan. There isn’t much information on him, just that he is an employee of Karflo, and that he has a 2000 credit bounty on his head.
    Another dossier has a photo of Luca, from his piloting license, as known associate of Roy, and the Red Rancor transponder information.
    Accompanying these dossiers, is a message. “Apprehend the asset alive. He is in possession of data cores. Return the cores intact for a reward of 5000 credits.”

    The trio stands in silence for a few moments. Roy feels overwhelmed. He knew that he had started a life of adventure, but he didn’t expect a bounty on his head! He doesn’t want to get caught, and even more he doesn’t want to spend time in prison.
    Luca breaks the silence. ” Seems like after our last stunt, Anan belt is out of limits for a while boy.” He turns to Kuna. “Can you find the sender of the message?”

    Kuna: Computer Programming/Repair: 3/D: Failure.

    Kuna writes some code on his datapad. He shakes his head. “It’s been piggybacked a lot. It originated from Prine station, but I can’t decipher any more info.”
    “So Viltro has an agent here who hired those goons.-” Luca says, but he is interrupted by the comms.
    “Red Rancor. Restocking is complete.”
    “Let’s get out of here.” Says Roy who mans the copilot seat.

    From the cockpit window, Roy sees that the second space barge has launched, and a third one is being loaded. The shuttles that carried the miners away return, with only a fraction of the initial number of passengers. A lot of miners chose the pirate life rather than continue to serve under Eilana Dene.

    Q: Does everything go as expected?
    A: Yes

    The Red Rancor submits TransVere, and is granted approval for takeoff. Soon they are back in space.
    The only traffic blinking on the sensors are the shuttles returning from the Gauntlet of Ulan.
    The eight pirate ships are maintaining their blockade formation around Prine station.

    Q: Does Deng Carrick honour the deal? (likely)
    A: Yes

    The comms flash. “Red Rancor, you held up your part of the deal, it’s time to hold up mine. You are free to go.” The voice of the pirate captain is heard through the comms.

    “We shall stay in realspace until Kuna hacks the data.” Luca says from the pilot seat. “No more system hopping until we have a finite destination.”

    “Better get to it then.” Kuna says and goes to the mess hall, Roy following him.
    He unpacks a large datapad from his backpack and sets it up on the table.
    He looks at Roy with his cybernetic eye. “The cores please.” He sais with a tone.
    Roy nods and brings the data cores back from the nav console where they had hidden them.
    Kuna links them to his datapad, and starts hacking.

    Kuna: Computer Programming/Repair: 4/D: Success.

    One hour later, the Red Rancor has traveled a large distance away from Prine and the pirate armada. Kuna heads to the cockpit with the data cores in his hands. “They’re unprotected. You may plug them in.” He says to Luca and Roy.

    Roy jumps up with excitement and plugs the data cores to the Red Rancor’s nav computer.

    Roy: Space Transports Repair: 2/VE: Success.

    The green light in the nav computer indicates that the connection was successful and the data are not corrupt. Luca smiles and plots the course through hyperspace.

    Luca: Astrogation: 4/M: Success
    Base trip duration: 3h 5d.

    Session Background: I really enjoyed using my homebrew SWD6/Legends mix. The flow and the resolution of actions was quick, and I could quickly tell how much of an action was complete. My player was almost derailed once more from his tasks, but he managed to stay on track.
    Now it’s only a question if those unresolved challenges will catch up to them, since our team keeps running away.

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    Solo StarWarsD6 pt12: With others on the trail 

    System: Star Wars D6 by West End Games.
    Setting: Star Wars Era of the Rebellion.
    Character: Royxand Handscul ‘Roy’, Corporate scout
    Luca Delste, Smuggler
    Kuna Desyk, Hacker
    Solo Tools: MUNE, UNE, BOLD, donjon
    Books: Star Wars The Roleplaying Game Second Edition (West End Games), Galaxy Guide 8: Scouts, Pirates and Privateers
    Homebrew Rules: MythicD6, Advantages/Disadvantages

    Luca and Roy are escorted back to the Red Rancor by two Prine station security officers. As they arrive, they notice two more officers emerging from the light freighter, having finished their search.
    The duo, looks around at the landing bay for their hacker ‘friend’ but he is nowhere to be found.
    Luca turns to one of the officers, a young fella with blond hair and a thick moustache. “Did the man we send the message to arrive? Is he around?”. The officer looks frustrated. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. All I know is that you need to get back on board that ship and notify the pirates that we’re aligned, before they blast us all into space!”
    Roy intervenes. “At least let me go look for him. Both of us aren’t needed. Luca can deliver the message to the pirate admiral alone.”

    Roy: Persuasion: 9/8: Success

    The guard thinks about it for a moment, before finally receding. “You may go.”

    Before Luca vanishes back in the Red Rancor, he turns to Roy. “I’ll come back for you boy. If I’m not, then the pirates didn’t keep their word.”

    Roy leaves quickly, heading to Kuna’s workshop. Prine station houses around two thousand souls. With the recent space combat outside it, there is high commotion. People are swarming towards the hangar to try to find berth on a ship that leaves, others are discussing the pirate terms about miners joining the pirate crew, and a select few try to take advantage of the situation and use it for their personal gain. selling common goods at high cost.

    Q: Does Roy reach the workshop safely?
    A: Yes, but it takes him a bit longer than what it should.

    As Roy passes through the craftsmen sector, he notices a brawl erupting in the distance. Some folks are running towards the conflict, while others away from it. As he takes a few steps further, some officers with stun batons and riot gear run past him. He chooses to avoid the main path, even if the deviation will get him to the workshop a quarter of an hour longer.
    At last he arrives outside the workshop.

    Q: Is everything as expected?
    A: Yes, and Kuna Desyk is at the workshop

    Roy looks at the now familiar comm device and rings it to notify Kuna he has arrived. The robotic eye extends from the metal door and as soon as Roy is scanned, the door rolls open.

    “You took your sweet time.” Kuna says with irony. “Next time try to message me with someone else than Eilana Dene. I’m trying to keep out of her radar is possible.” He is sitting behind his desk like the last time, but this time he is not working on any project. “I’ve packed”. He add, nodding towards a backpack and a blaster rifle at the corner.

    Q: Do they return safely to the landing bay?
    A: No
    Q: Is it a random event?
    A: No
    Q: Is it someone after Kuna?
    A: No
    Q: Is it bounty hunters? (likely)
    A: No (didn’t see that coming)

    Here I would like to note, that I was really tired in my previous session, and even though I answered the question, I did not take it under consideration, and run with a portent. Reading it again, on the next session with a fresh eye, I realized my mistake, and now, with renewed creativity I doubled back on that event, and re-played the rest of the session with a different story, fit to the Oracle answers.

    Q: Is it someone after the data cores?
    A: Yes, and, they are not the only ones
    I don’t know yet, but they could be Viltro, Karflo, or someone else…

    Roy and Luca avoid the crowded parts of Prine station, to get to the Red Rancor as fast as possible. On one turn, they reach a less busy part of the station. It is a long corridor, with windows to the outside, and a couple of crates in the distance, where used station spare parts have been stored. Since it’s not a busy area, they have been left out there until someone picks them up.

    Homebrew Rule: Advantages/Disadvantages. Due to the crunch involved in searching through the different advantage/disadvantage modifiers in the Star Wars 2nd Edition rulebook, I've decided to implement a simple rule. When there is an advantage, Roll n+1 dice and keep the sum of the n higher individual results. When there is a disadvantage Roll n=1 dice and keep the sum of the n lower individual results. This cannot change a critical success or critical failure.

    I decide that it’s going to be an ambush, so Roy is entitled to a Perception opposed roll.
    Roy: Perception: 12/2: Success

    Roy catches a glimpse of some movement in the distance, near some part of the corridor which is not so well lit. He gestures Kuna to stop and cautiously points in the distance.
    In silence, Kuna scans with his cybernetic eye, while at the same time he gives Roy a blaster pistol, running it behind his back. He whips out his blaster rifle and shows to Roy ‘2’ with his fingers.

    “Actually it’s 3. Says a man behind them.

    As Kuna and the man point their guns at each other, the stranger continues. “Hand over the data cores and we’ll let you live.”
    Something in the way the stranger talked, gave Roy the assumption that he was lying out of his teeth. “Like hell we will.” Roy snaps and shoots.

    I will make a Knowledge check to see if Roy recognizes anything about them?
    Roy: Knowledge: 4/13: Failure

    Roy: 10
    Thugs: 8

    Homebrew Rule: MythicD6 System As discussed with /u/soypunk in another thread, I've decided to try out a 1-1 conversion of the MythicD6 successes/failures system for my Solo play. I will play out the combat with it, to see how it goes.

    Round 1:
    Q: Distance of thug (#3) that appeared behind them: 1D meters: 3 meters
    Roy shoots at Thug3: 3 Successes (need 2): Hit
    Damage: 1 Success against 1 Success: Thug3 is stunned.

    Kuna shoots at Thug3 twice (-1D)
    Kuna shoots at Thug3: 1 Success (need 2): Miss
    Kuna shoots at Thug3: 2 Successes (need 2): Hit! and a Complication!
    Portent: Steam chance
    Kuna’s blaster clip will lose all its ammo after the shot.
    Damage: 2 Successes against 0 Success: Thug3 is incapacitated.

    Thug1 is at 1Dx10: 10 meters
    Thug2 is at 1Dx10: 20 meters
    Thug1 shoots at Kuna: 2 Successes (need 2): Hit
    Damage: 3 Successes vs 3 Successes: Stunned
    Thug2 shoots at Kuna: 2 Successes (need 3): Miss

    Shots are fired in the blink of an eye. Roy’s blast hits with the man them. He seems a bit disoriented, but nothing serious. Then Kuna follows up with two shots from his blaster rifle. The first one misses, but the second get the man straight in the torso, knocking him out on the ground. As the second shot is fired, a steam fizzles out of the blaster rifle’s clip. In an instant, the clip has been emptied. “Luckily it didn’t explode” Kuna thinks while looking at it.
    The other two thugs who were hiding, shoot back, and a blast hits Kuna on the arm, but he wasn’t seriously hurt.

    Round 2:
    Roy shoots at Thug1: 0 Success: Miss

    Kuna reloads a fresh clip in his blaster rifle

    Thug1 stands where he is and shoots at Kuna: 2 Successes (needs 2): Hit
    Damage: 3 Successes vs 2 Successes: Wounded
    Thug2 shoots again at Kuna: 1 Success (needs 3): Miss

    Roy turns to shoot in the other direction, but fails to find his target. Kuna quickly removes the defective blaster clip, and puts a new one in the blaster rifle. The thugs keep shooting at Kuna, with the first one wounding Kuna on the leg.

    Round 3:
    Q: Is there any cover near Kuna?
    A: Yes, but it is 10 meters to the front, near their attackers

    Roy shoots at Thug1: 3 Successes (needs 2): Hit
    Damage: 3 Successes vs 2 Successes: Wounded

    Kuna shoots at Thug2: 2 Successes (needs 1): Hit
    Damage: 0 Successes vs 0 Successes: Stunned

    Thugs: Willpower check or Flee: 0 Successes: They flee.

    Roy makes a shot that connects to the thug closer to them, who is hurt to his weapon arm. Kuna shoots the other one, who is dazed, as the shot scratched him barely. Seeing their leader down, and under suppressing fire, the two thugs look at each other and flee away.

    Session Background: So MythicD6 seems to be working fine so far. I may keep this ruleset.
    I am wondering to see what will happen next. Will our duo go after their attackers, and engage in a chase, or will they try to get any clues from the downed enemy?

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    Solo StarWarsD6 pt11: An Offer You Can’t Refuse 

    System: Star Wars D6 by West End Games.
    Setting: Star Wars Era of the Rebellion.
    Character: Royxand Handscul ‘Roy’, Corporate scout
    Luca Delste, Smuggler
    Solo Tools: MUNE, UNE, BOLD, donjon
    Books: Star Wars The Roleplaying Game Second Edition (West End Games), Galaxy Guide 8: Scouts, Pirates and Privateers

    The pirates lead them through the corvette’s tight corridors. In every other corner, there is an operating station, manned by a spacer who has turned to piracy for a living.

    Q: Is there any conflict with the crew (unlikely)
    A: No

    The hardship and their pride is evident in the looks that they give Roy and Luca as they pass them by. They are not bothered by the newcomers, and quickly return to their task at hand. Roy can’t tell if it’s due to fear of their escort, or their captain.

    Finally, a blast door opens, and they are brought to what seems to be the bridge of the Gauntlet of Ulan. Their gaze is drawn to the main window, where they can easily see the Red Rancor in the Gauntlet’s grasp.
    Looking around, Luca can see several officer station on the bridge, coordinating the crew running the ship’s systems.
    In the middle of the window panel, in a big throne like chair, sits the man who most likely is the captain.
    He is middle aged, with a scar running from the left eyebrow down to the cheek. He has black, greying hair and is wearing flashy clothing.

    I use UNE for the NPC motivations: Guarded, Inquisitive, Questions about allies

    “I’ve brought them, captain.” The Teltior says.
    “Yes, Kodo. Stay with us while we have a chat.” The captain replies and continues, to Roy and Luca. “My name is Deng Carrick. I am the captain of the Gauntlet of Ulan and elected admiral of our little armada.” He points outside to the other spaceships. “Who are you?”
    “I am Luca Delste, and this is my copilot, Roy.” Luca says in a steady voice.
    “What are you transporting?” He asks.
    “Our hold is empty. We were in Keena, but we couldn’t find a reasonable delivery.”
    “And you came all this way without any profit? Surely you must have good reason.”
    “Ratau mineral fuel can make you rich if you sell it to the right place. This is the place to profit.” Luca says, worried by the string of questions.
    “You make it sound really profitable. Whatever. What is your relationship to Elaina Dene? Do make special runs for her?” Deng pushes on.
    “We only run from customers what pays good credits.” Luca says adamant.
    “So you want me to believe that you came here empty, without credits and without connections?” Deng looks at Luca inquisitively.

    Luca: Con against Deng (3D/4D): 16/15: Success!

    “Alright. You may be telling the truth. Let’s see if my crew verifies your statements.” Finally Deng seems satisfied.

    Q: Does Deng require anything further from them?
    A: Yes, but basic trust has been established.

    Pirate crew: Search Red Rancor: 1: Failure

    The captain receives a message on his datapad. He turns to Roy and Luca. “Seems you are a man of your word, Luca. Your ship is indeed empty. Let me make you a proposition then, and you might get to keep her.”

    So here I have an idea for the story, that the pirate captain might need something from them involving Prine, so that they have a chance to meet with the data hacker if possible.
    Q: Does it involve flying to Prine Station? (likely)
    A: Yes

    “During space combat lots of things can go wrong, and as you may have noticed, the Prine station’s comm array was obliterated. And to make matters even more interesting, the ion charge from the explosion, took out the backup relay as well. The problem now is that, we can’t talk to them, and we have demands to make.
    If we are to board them, they’ll answer in force for certain. I don’t want to risk the lives of my crew for trivialities, and here you came.” A sardonic smile draws on Deng’s face.
    “You are neither their enemy, nor mine, you fill in a very specific niche. You can relay our demands to them.
    I am in a good mood and gave you a nice opportunity. I generally don’t space cooperating prize crews, but if you refuse, the Red Rancor will stay with me, and you will be marooned in some off-world planet. Do you fancy survival in the outer rim?”
    Luca has a question: “What if they disagree to your terms? is our deal null?”
    “They won’t. Even then, consider our deal valid. I just want the message relayed, and your return with the answer.”

    Luca and Roy look at each other. Roy is nodding for Luca to accept.
    “Fine. We agree. Tell us the terms.”

    Q: Are the terms material only?
    A: No, he wants personnel as well

    “It is 1000 metric tons of Ratau mineral fuel to be delivered within 12 hours of message delivery. In addition, the mining shuttles will be sent to dock here, to the Gauntlet of Ulan. Any miner wishing to join our crew may do so freely. They will be eligible to one share each. My terms are non-negotiable. Until term acceptance, we will destroy any ship coming in and out of Prine Station.” Den eyes Luca carefully. “As I said I’m not risking the lives of my men, or giving them any leverage. The two of you will go alone. Try to flee, and I’ll feed you to space slugs.”

    Roy and Luca are escorted back to the Red Rancor.
    Kodo turns to them before closing the airlock behind him. “Do as the Captain said. You will live another day. Cherish the change you were given.”

    The two ships disengage, and Roy and Luca, slowly reach the cold hard realization of what occurred and how close they were to dying. Still they are not in the clear.

    “At least he didn’t sell us into slavery.” Roy says. “Or fed us to space slugs. Let’s deliver the message and hope noone will shoot us.” Luca fills in. He powers the engine, while Roy diverts power to the front shields. Slowly they move towards Prine station.

    Q: Does Prine allow them to land?
    A: Yes, but, they send a squad of troopers in the landing bay.

    The last few minutes of the flight towards Prine station have Roy and Luca on edge, fearing a barrage of lasers towards them, being shot from the remaining station turrets.
    They are monitored, but not shot at, and they fly into the landing bay. As the landing gear is extended, a complete squad of troopers is arranged in battle stations, under cover against the Red Rancor.

    Q: Do they have heavy weaponry?
    A: Yes
    How many?: 4D: 12 Troopers

    Two troopers set up a portable repeating blaster, aimed towards the Red Rancor. A further ten troopers, have their blasters aimed in the same general direction.
    From inside the glass of the cockpit, Roy and Luca raise their hands, to show that they will disembark unarmed and without any harmful intentions. They lower the exit hatch, and step out.

    Q: Are they shot at? (unlikely)
    A: No, and seeing them unarmed and submissive, the sergeant orders his men to lower their guns and arrest them.

    “Don’t shoot!” Roy shouts. “We’re just messengers.”

    Four of the soldiers, cuff them, grab them and carry them away while the rest of the squad enters the Red Rancor for another thorough search. This time from the miners.

    I am considering the possibility that Deng Carrick may have betrayed our characters and used the Red Rancor as a Trojan horse to damage Prine further and get them to surrender.
    Q: Is there a bomb on the Red Rancor?
    A: No
    Seems Deng is a man of his word.

    They will be transferred to the detention area where Eilana Dene will be there with the head of security and one brute.
    Q: Is Eilana human?
    A: No, she’s a near human, a Wroonign

    They are brought to the detention area of the station. It is small, with several bright lights. Officers come and go, all armed heavily, ready for any imminent boarding actions.
    Roy and Luca are seated in front of a metal table, wearing magnetic cuffs to hold them in place.
    In the corner of the room is a woman wearing expensive clothing. She has blue skin and dark blue hair, and is leaning against the wall, looking at the visitors.

    Roy: Alien Species: 7/13: Failure. Roy doesn’t know that species the woman is.

    Standing beside her is a muscular man in a miner officer uniform. He has some insignia patched on his jacket. His arms are crossed in a defensive stance and seems to be waiting for an order.
    Finally, looming behind them, a pig like Gamorrean is grunting heavily.

    Luca: Streetwise: 9/13: Failure. Luca doesn’t recognize Eilana Dene, unless she identifies herself in some way.

    She speaks up. “My men are searching your ship as we speak. You are Luca right?” She looks at Luca. “And Roy, is it?” to the copilot. They both nod.
    “Why did the pirates let you go? Why did they send you here?”
    Roy speaks. “Your comms are down, we have come to deliver their demands!”
    Her eyes squint with anger. “DEMANDS? you dare ask DEMANDS?” She shouts, and in unison, the Gamorrean smashes his fist against their table, leaving a big dent behind.
    “We are but the messengers, we had no choice!” Roy exclaims.

    Roy: Persuasion (opposed roll against Eilana): 13/12: Success (cutting it close!)

    She backs down. “Very well. You are right. My quarrel is not with you.” She takes a breath.
    “What do they want?”

    “1000 metric tons of Ratau mineral fuel and any miner who might wish to join them. They give you 12 hours, and will keep up the blockade.”

    Deng Carrick: Intimidate (opposed roll against Eilana): 21/8: Success

    She pauses and thinks for a moment. “We will oblige. I suppose you are to return with our answer.”
    Roy nods. “May I also ask?” he takes initiative. “We were coming here to get our friend Kuna Desyk. He wanted transportation. Can you tell him Roy and Luca are here for him if possible?”

    Luca looks at Roy amazed at how quickly the boy used his wits, and under pressure.

    Q: Does Eilana Dene grant the request?
    A: Yes

    “That won’t be a bother. I’ll have one of my men message him.”

    Q: Does Kuna go to the Red Rancor? (likely)
    A: No (why? something must have happened, we’ll have to find out).
    In the meantime, the Red Rancor is being searched by the Prine officers
    Search: 10/18: Failure

    Session Background: Seems our group had to mediate between the two sides, and only one is the winner. Will they be able to locate the hacker? They are in the middle of running the message requests, and it will be difficult to find the time.
    Also, I have started using simplenote, and uploaded Roy’s stats. I’ve also used BOLD to create a background for him, that I will upload when I can.

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    Solo StarWarsD6 pt10: A Pirate Blockade 

    System: Star Wars D6 by West End Games.
    Setting: Star Wars Era of the Rebellion.
    Character: Royxand Handscul ‘Roy’, Corporate scout
    Luca Delste, Smuggler
    Solo Tools: MUNE, donjon
    Books: Star Wars The Roleplaying Game Second Edition (West End Games), Galaxy Guide 8: Scouts

    Luca turns to Roy. ‘We should get some rest. Tomorrow maybe we can find a fruit shipment to get to back to Prine. I’d like to have this extra cash to cover our return expenses.” Roy mumbles his agreement, as he falls to sleep in the Red Rancor’s bunk bed.

    The following morning, Luca and Roy get to the farmer’s market next to the starport, and Luca sets off to find a seller.

    Luca: Bureaucracy: 1: Failure

    Unfortunately, Luca can’t seem to find a seller with enough quantity to fill out the empty hold of Red Rancor. Either the Zhorwil infestation has reached high levels, damaging the crops, or it’s just not a season of harvest in Keena. Luca’s agricultural knowledge is limited, but truthfully he doesn’t care.

    A few hours later, they decide to head back to the ship. They don’t want to waste another day, so they decide to return to Prine, even with an empty cargo hold. They previous run, should be enough to cover the return expenses as well.

    Restocking costs them a further thousand credits. The take off process, moves one without a hitch, and soon they are granted leave for take off.

    Q: Does anyone meet them before take off?
    A: No, and there is a complete lack of traffic in and out of the starport.

    As the Red Rancor, flies through the humid atmosphere, heading to space, Roy mutters. “This is too silent Luca, I’d expect more traffic.”
    “Yes boy. One wonders where have they all gone. Keena isn’t the most wealthy trade port, but you’d expect some Imperial starships, considering its importance in the sector. Maybe they’re occupied elsewhere, but it’s just a silent hour.” Luca responds.

    Once they reach the necessary safe distance for hyperjumping, Luca initiates the hyperdrive. He has already performed the calculations in the Nav computer in the time it took them to get there.

    Luca: Astrogation: 23/4: Success.
    Here, I rolled a random moderate difficulty with a result of ‘4’.

    Their 23 day trip back to Prine begins. The journey is long, and they engage in long conversations.

    Q: Does Luca confide to Roy about his past?
    A: Yes.

    “Luca, how did you become captain of the Red Rancor?” Roy asks.
    “I used to work as a flight admiral for one of those big corporations like your employers. We used to work only with light freighters. We didn’t have the most competitive prices or the lowest running costs, but we could deliver last minute requests at the speed and efficiency the client wanted.
    I was quite good at it, and they had me planning the routes for the entire sector.”.
    “What happened? Why did you leave?”

    Q: Was he fired?
    A: No, but the management changed and he was no longer in line with the company.
    Q: Was it a targeted call?
    A: Yes, but it wasn’t just him.

    Luca sighs and continues. “Lon Pavond, that’s his name. He took over the company from his father and switched direction. Some new ruthless traders were hired to pilot the freighters, with questionable reputation. He fired anyone of the old crew that objected. He couldn’t fire me due to my connections and high severance cost, so he cast me aside. I was demoted from planning to cargo runs.
    Now, there were some runs that were weird. Off sector planets, shady contacts, I mean there were rumors…” He pauses. “Then there was this particular run, which was really strange. Something was off. The proper protocol numbers did not much. ‘Accounting error’ they told me. Once in hyperspace, I had an itch I had to scratch, and went to check the cargo.”
    “What was it?”

    Q: Was it drugs?
    A: No
    Q: Was it guns?
    A: Yes, but not blasters

    “Two crates of fruit, as per the ‘protocol’, and among them, hidden, several thermal detonators.” Roy is astounded as he hears it.
    “The system I was to deliver them, was deep in Imperial space. I’m certain I was about to be framed. Maybe even the Imperials were in on it. You know, me in prison, a few thermal detonators in Imperial hands, and a nice ‘smuggler’ arrest for the officer’s record. I ran to the cockpit and cut short my hyperspace trip, performing an emergency exit in realspace. In the middle of nowhere. From then on, I managed to scrounge some cash from selling the detonators in the black market, and change the ship’s Transponder code and vanish in the outer rim.”

    Realization struck Roy. All these smuggler types that he had heard about in the HyperNews were painted as ruthless nobodies, lowlifes, but in truth, they had a very real human factor aspect. These so-called smugglers were men and women whose stories had turned out not-so ideal. Even his own story was evolving in such a way. He couldn’t be called a ‘Corporate Scout’ as described in his imperial tax record submission. He was something else entirely.

    After the long trip in hyperspace, they emerge into Prine system.

    Now I ask, the simple question as described in MUNE.
    Q: Is everything as expected?
    A: No
    TWENE gives: Decrease major element.
    I have a hard time here, it’s the first time I’m using TWENE, but considering I lean towards the mining operations. The mineral fuel mining is the major element of the Prine scene, so it’s reduced somehow.

    As the Red Rancor closes into the blue rings of Prine, Roy notices something odd in the scanners. The number of mining shuttles coming from the surface is zero, only a few of them are in space, and those are heading towards Prine and not the station.
    “Not so many miners this time around Luca” Roy says.
    Luca verifies the readings on the scanners. “You think somethings wrong? Trust your gut boy. Guess we’ll find out soon enough. I’m transponding our landing request.”

    Q: Everything OK with the landing request?
    A: No
    Q: Is there a threat that doesn’t allow landing?
    A: Yes, and it’s imminent
    This is the 3rd Yes, And, so I get another intervention according to MUNE!
    Intervention: New Entity
    Portent gives: Filthy, Accessible
    The first thing that comes to mind with this portent is ‘Pirates’ since they would have access to such a lawless area of space, and well, they are filthy.
    Also, a Pirate threat would also explain the reduced mining shuttle traffic noticed before.
    Nevertheless, it could be something else, such as bounty hunters or rival unlawful corporations such as Viltro, so to be fair, I ask The Oracle.
    Q: Is it pirates?
    A: Yes

    Luca turns to Roy. “I get no response, are they not letting us land? or… Boy, run a sweep with the scanners towards the station.”

    Roy: Sensors Sweep: 12: Success in detecting small ships and Identifying capital ships.
    Q: Are there any capital ships? (likely)
    A: No, but the starfighter scale flagship is quite big.
    2D: 8 pirate vessels

    “I’m detecting at least 8 starships in a blockade formation around Prine.” Roy says.

    Q: Are there any defenders?
    A: No, and if there were any, they have been destroyed in a battle that happened before the Red Rancor arrived.

    “These must be hostiles. Scan the nearest. Do you pick anyone trying to intercept them or are we alone?” Luca says, powering up the shields and weapons. “I don’t like our odds, and we’re very low on fuel to jump out again.”
    “No friends that I can make of, Luca … just debris.” They pass by the half of what used to be a C-73 starfighter.

    Roy: Sensors Scan: 21/13: Success

    “It’s a Rendilli Light Corvette, but it’s ID is masked.” Roy reports to Luca.
    “Crap boy, it’s pirates. And that’s a fast starship that can’t be outrun. Do you detect any changes in their formation? did they notice us? maybe we could run dead silent…”

    Pirates: Sensors Sweep: 15: Success
    Q: Are they intercepting?
    A: No, but they hail the Red Rancor

    “Unknown freighter, this is he Gauntlet of Ulan. Surrender peacefully and no harm will befall your crew.” The comm line crackles with the hail from the nearest ship.

    Luca: Streetwise: 26/13: Success: Luca can ask 4 questions about the Gauntlet of Ulan
    Q: Is the Gauntlet of Ulan a known pirate ship? (likely)
    A: No, but Luca has heard a few things about his Captain: Den Corrik
    Q: Is Deng a famous pirate?
    A: Yes
    Q: Does he let the prize crews live?
    A: Yes
    Q: Has Luca met Deng before?
    A: No
    Distance between the Gauntlet of Ulan and the Red Rancor: 1D*10: 30 Space Units

    Luca turns to Roy. “Put the data cores in the Nav console. We’re about to be boarded.”
    He opens the comm, hailing the Gauntlet of Ulan. “This is the Red Rancor. We surrender.”
    Luca takes the credits in cash and the blaster pistols and stores them safely in his stash hiding place in the Red Rancor. In the meantime, Roy connects the data cores from KF-23 to the Red Rancor Nav computer. They won’t be accessible, but they will be concealed for now.
    Luca powers down the shields, weapons and thrusters, and they await for the Gauntlet to arrive.

    Light Corvette

    The Gauntlet extends a Cotterdam ship-to-ship airlock to connect to the Red Rancor. Once a seal has been performed to protect from the vacuum of space, the pirate boarders walk the short distance and Luca opens the airlock from the inside.

    How many pirates board: 1D: 4 Pirates.

    Four, heavily armed pirates, board the Red Rancor. The one who stands out is a tall, pale blue skinned biped with three-fingered hands. He wears his long hair braided, and carries a heavy blaster pistol and a vibrosword on his belt. His fingers tapping at the scabbard nervously.

    Roy: Alien Species: 19/13: Success. Roy recognizes the species is a Teltior.

    The other three carry blaster carbines. All of them wear Correlian armored vacuum suits. Even though Luca stated the Red Rancor’s surrender, these guys don’t take any chances. They mean business.

    Their leader looks at two of his comrades. “Search the ship.” And gestures them away. Then he turns to Luca and Roy. “Follow me. The captain wants to see you.” He orders the remaining boarder to bring Luca and Roy along, and he in turn pushes Roy who walks reluctantly.

    Session Background: So, here goes, part 10 of my solo play sessions. I am starting to realize that the MUNE Oracle provides a true sandbox experience. The universe feels alive and fluid with major random events happening. On the other hand I’m having some trouble setting all of this up in ‘one story’. I feel like I have the opposite effect of being railroaded. The side quests and events take up the main part of the sessions instead. I am still wondering, what’s in those nav data cores. What will they find there?
    Maybe it’s not the best tool for a Star Wars D6 solo play (I think the creator mainly used it for D&D) or maybe (more likely) it’s just my lack of experience with it.
    Nevertheless, I will keep on using this tool until the end of the adventure, so that I have a complete picture, before switching and trying something else.

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    Solo StarWarsD6 pt09: Pest Hunting 

    System: Star Wars D6 by West End Games.
    Setting: Star Wars Era of the Rebellion.
    Character: Royxand Handscul ‘Roy’, Corporate scout
    Luca Delste, Smuggler
    Solo Tools: MUNE , UNE, donjon
    Books: Star Wars The Roleplaying Game Second Edition (West End Games), Galaxy Guide 8: Scouts, Galaxy Guide: 11 Criminal Organizations

    Q: Did anything occur while they were gone? (unlikely)
    A: No

    Luca and Roy return to the Red Rancor. Restocking, refueling and cargo loading has completed.
    Luca thanks the landing bay crew and prepares the ship for take off.

    A few minutes later, the Red Rancor is in space, heading for Keena.
    Luca runs the calculations by the Nav computer, and the ship enters hyperspace.

    Luca: Astrogation: 18/4(2D): Success
    24 days later, the ship emerges from hyperspace in Keena star system.
    Roy: Planetary Systems: 17/10: Success

    Keena is the only habitable planet in the system, which has another 6 planets orbiting its yellow sun. It’s a terrestrial planet densely populated with about 3 billion souls. Wetlands make up the majority of the land masses. The capital Benjy houses the Imperial justice administration for the entire sector. Due to the importance of the planet in the Imperial bureaucracy, the Imperial Governor, Tarsi Merol is the utmost authority on the planet.
    Despite the system’s importance, traffic is low and the starport services are limited.

    Luca turns to Roy. “Let’s hope our reputation doesn’t precede us.”

    Roy: Sensors: 13/10: Success
    Q: Are there Imperial patrols in the area?
    A: No

    As the Red Rancor approaches Keena, no Imperial starships appear on the scanners.
    They broadcast TransVere for landing procedures and head for the designated landing pad.

    Q: Is there any issue with the landing process?
    A: No, but it takes longer than usual.
    Q: How much?
    A: 1Dx10 minutes: 50 minutes

    “Red Rancor, your designated landing pad is 2F-55.” Starport control is heard through the comms. “The pad is not ready yet, please stand by.”
    50 minutes later, and wile Roy’s nerves are on the edge, fearing some issue the Imperial authorities, they hear from the starport operator again. “Red Rancor, please proceed with landing in the designated pad. Follow the northern route, low altitude approach.”
    With the thrusters set on atmospheric landing speed, the Red Rancor gently touches the surface of the landing area. The starport field is in the middle of the wetlands. The sun is about to set, giving an eerie feeling to the atmosphere.

    Q: Is anyone at the dock?
    A: No, but an A2 droid is there to receive manifest.

    They disembark from the vessel. Not a living soul is around, but an A2 accounting droid that approaches.
    “Please state the reason for your arrival, cargo and passenger manifest and desired stay duration.” The droid says and extends a datapad for Luca to enter the desired information.
    Once complete, Luca gives the datapad back to the droid. “Will you require something else?” it asks.
    “Yes, send a message to Yrat Arkner that her goods are here. Also arrange restocking for 25 days traver for a crew of two.”
    “As you wish.” The A2 droid responds.

    Q: Does the customer respond?
    A: Yes, but it will be 1D:2 hours before she arrives.

    “The message recipient has responded sire. She will be here in 2 hours to collect the cargo.” Adds the droid.
    “Alright then” Luca waves the droid away.
    “I say we wait until she arrives then we go for some RnR.” Says Roy. “I love the Rancor, but 23 days is a lot of time to be stuck inside.”
    “Yeah, yeah, we can have some fun after.” Luca agrees.

    A couple hours later, a luxury Mobquet Corona arrives. The driver steps out, and from the passenger door exits a middle aged brunette woman wearing formal business clothing. His hair is cut short, enhancing her sharp facial features. She approaches while the driver stays back, watching.
    “Luca?” she asks.
    Luca nods and extends his arm.
    She shakes it. “I am Yrat.” She looks at the ship. “And this would be the Red Rancor?”
    “Stocked with 60 tons of Ratau mineral fuel as ordered.” Luca says and smiles.
    She smiles back. “I’ll have the droids take if off your plate in the next few hours. 83 hundred credits will be transferred to your account as agreed.”
    “You would do me a favor if you paid in cash.”

    Luca: Persuasion: 12/10: Success.

    Yrat smiles again. “You made the trip without a hustle. That’s more than I can say for light freighter captains such as yourself. It wouldn’t be right to leave this unrewarded. I’ll pay everything in cash once it’s unloaded.”
    “It’s a pleasure doing business with you”. Luca says.
    “I would love to work with you again in the future.” She replies.

    Roy can’t help but wonder if there’s some chemistry between them.

    About one hour later, the Red Rancor is 60 tons lighter. The droids have stocked 3 containers, ready to be transported by Cargo Speeders. Luca and Roy, much richer, head to the nearest canteen in the starport.

    “The Cracked Cask.” Reads the sign outside the canteen.
    Now its late evening, so as the team enters, they see that the place is teeming with locals. A live band has already started playing to entertain them.
    Roy and Luca sit at a table away from the bar and the fuss of the evening and order a couple of drinks.

    Q: Is the evening uneventful?
    A: No, but nothing seriously dangerous will happen.
    Q: Does it involve another patron?
    A: Yes
    UNE: banal commoner, depress hardship, neutral.

    Suddenly, a drunk man sits at their table. Without invitation to sit or speak he starts talking to them about how hard is driving away Zhorwil pests out of his fruit plantations. His name is Porro.
    “You look like a hardy bunch. Would you care to do some hunting with me? Earn a hard night’s work?”
    Luca’s posture says no, but before he has a chance to open his mouth, Roy jumps in. “Sure would love to.”
    Porro’s eyes widen with joy. “Alright fellas, get your blasters and come with me. I’ll pay you. 10 credits per ‘head’. Never thought I’d find hired help here. See, that was my wife’s idea. She kept saying ‘go to that canteen by the starport, someone will be up to the task.‘
    Come, we got no time to lose. The Zhorwil only come out at night. Drinks are on me.” He leaves the payment with the barkeep and leads the team to his landspeeder, an XP-32-1 Sorosuub model.
    Porro pilots the vehicle recklessly in the marshlands, and about 15 minutes later, they are in a moist area with thick vegetation.

    They disembark, and Porro takes out his sporting blaster. He gives one flashlight to Roy and one to Luca. “These maggots eat my fruit at night. Kill them wherever you see them.”
    ‘Cla-cla-cla’ Roy hears and he sees a meter long cock-crustacean-insect like creature crawl from the marsh and climb a tree in front of him.
    Porro shoots and misses. “Get them!” he screams.
    Luca and Roy may be inebriated but they’re not crazy. They exchange looks. Luca lifts his shoulders in a ‘Who cares’ stance and they pull their blaster pistols. Pest hunting it is.

    Q: Are the Zhorwil hostile to invaders?
    A: Yes

    Initiative: Team: 8, Zhorwil: 10

    Round 1
    Attack Luca: 1: Miss

    Attack Porro: 10: hit
    Damage: 13/11: Stunned -1D

    Attack Luca: 5: Miss

    Attack Porro: 5: Miss

    Attack Luca: 6: Hit
    Damage: 9/16: No damage

    Shoots Zhorwil1: 13/8: Hit
    Damage: 15/4: Incapacitated

    Luca: 2 actions.
    Shoots Zhorwil5: 10/4: Hit
    Damage: 15/3: Incapacitated
    Shoots Zhorwil3: 9/4: Hit
    Damage: 8/6: Stunned -1D

    Shoots Zhorwil2: 10/4
    Damage: 14/1: Mortally wounded

    3 of the buggers surround Luca and start taking bites at him. He manages to evade 2 of them, but the third bites his foot. Thankfully the strong leather boot withstands the small teeth. Luca blasts off twice and kills one of them.
    Roy aims carefully and kills the one that bit Luca with a strong blast to the body.
    In the meantime Porro is on his own against two of the critters. He jumps around and they can’t bite him, but with a quick shot, one Zhorwil lies curling on its back, dead.

    Round 2:
    With 3 Zhorwil dead, I have to ask
    Q: Do the rest of the Zhorwil flee? (likely)
    A: No, but they will dodge fully

    Full Dodge: +8

    Full Dodge: +13

    Shoots Zhorwil3: 10/12: Miss

    Shoots Zhorwil3: 13/16: Miss

    Shoots Zhorwil4: 7/16: Miss

    The two remaining critters crawl around the tree so fast, that the team doesn’t manage to get a clean shot. Clearly they are semi intelligent, for when their brethren died, they turned from hostility to evasion.

    Q: Do the Zhorwil flee?
    A: No, but they dodge fully

    Full Dodge: +13

    Full Dodge: +14

    Shoots Zhorwil3: 16/17: Miss

    Shoots Zhorwil3: Complication: Roy fumbles and his blaster falls in the marsh.

    Shoots Zhorwil4: 6/18: Miss

    In his furry to kill the Zhorwil around Luca’s feet, Roy loses his footing and his blaster pistol falls in the marsh. Hopefully its not lost forever in the darkness or in a wet pit.
    Luca and Porro can’t get a hit on the evading critters.

    Round 4:
    Q: Do the Zhorwil flee?
    A: Yes, but they do it so fast, the team can’t shoot them.

    The two Zhorwil jump in a pit of water in front of them, and they flee so fast, there’s no point in trying to hit them.

    Roy: Search Blaster: 11/8: Success.

    Roy finds his blaster pistol.

    Q: Is it working?
    A: Yes, and it wasn’t damaged at all.

    Roy manages to find his blaster. Thankfully it landed on some tree root, undamaged and dry. He holsters it quickly.
    Porro gathers the dead Zhorwil remains. “Thank you fellas. We killed 3 of them, 2 got away, but they’ll think twice before returning. Nasty little critters.” He hands 10 credits to each, but Luca and Roy sternly refuse.
    “At least let me invite you to my house. My wife will make a nice Zhorwil stew.” He pats his stomach with his hand in a gesture of good eating.
    Before Roy has a chance to accept, Luca intervenes. “Thank you very much Porro. But we should be going back. We would only request a lift from you back to the starport.”
    “Yes, certainly.” Porro says disappointed.
    The group enters the landspeeder, and return to the starport.

    Session Background: So this time around things went a bit smooth. I asked a few questions to The Oracle just in case the imaginary GM had other plans for the players, but it was about time they got back on some steadier footing.
    A small side adventure occurred regarding helping the local village farmer, and along with Yrat, 2 new contacts are in the groups list.
    Since the story has evolved a lot, I need to spend some time and do some mapping along with contacts and bullet points for each entry, otherwise I might get lost and do some things that don’t agree with the story so far, or fail to see a connection that might help or make our characters’ life harder.
    I’ve created some NPC cards to start writing down stats in an easy manner for future reference.
    Also in some cases I’ve used random difficulty number generation as described in the rulebook. E.g. When Roy searched for his blaster, I assigned a ‘difficult’ difficulty and rolled it, just to be more fair when I can’t be objective.
    Also I’ve used BOLD right when the group landed, and got a ‘Noble death’ waylay with a ‘Fate’ solution, and couldn’t get it to fit in my story. But as /u/thredith suggested in another thread, I could apply this to another character that I know of from my story and the team will learn of it later when the story evolves.

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    Solo StarWarsD6 pt08: After A New Asset 

    System: Star Wars D6 by West End Games.
    Setting: Star Wars Era of the Rebellion.
    Character: Royxand Handscul ‘Roy’, Corporate scout
    Luca Delste, Smuggler
    Solo Tools: MUNE , UNE, donjon
    Books: Star Wars The Roleplaying Game Second Edition (West End Games), Galaxy Guide 8: Scouts, Galaxy Guide: 11 Criminal Organizations

    “So what now?” Roy asks as the Red Rancor flies far from Ramain. “I’ve taken you across the sector for some info can’t crack and we don’t even know if it’s worth it.”
    “Don’t be so hard on yourself boy. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t want to right? I got a choice after all. As for the value of the data, let’s say I have a hunch.” Luca says and pauses.
    “What worries me the most now is that we’re running low on resources, fuel and credits. I’m thinking we could jump to Prine. It’s out of the Imperial radar and we can find a cargo run that pays well to restock on supplies. Who knows, we might even find someone to crack our data while we’re at it. You in?” Luca extends his arm towards Roy for a handshake to close the deal.
    Roy shakes Lucas hand. “Sure yeah, I’ll help however I can.” Roy is relieved by Lucas behavior. They’re on this together, by choice.
    “You know boy, I’ve been flying solo for a few years now and it’s nice to have a copilot for a change.”

    I want to find out if Roy has heard of Prine.
    Planetary Systems: 3/12: Failure

    It’s the first time Roy hears of Prine. Maybe Luca will shed some light later.

    The Red Rancor finally reaches a safe distance from Ramain and Luca plots the hyperspace jump. Hyperdrive is engaged and the ship enters hyperspace.

    I decide on an easy astrogation difficulty and roll a random difficulty number with 2D: 9
    I also decided to use a 3D (with wild die) days + 2d12 (the twelve sided dice) hours base astrogation duration: 4d7h
    Luca: Astrogation: 20/9: Success.
    Trip time with Nav multiplier x2: 8d14h

    More than a week later, the Red Rancor emerges from hyperspace to Prine system.
    As Roy mans the copilot seat, Luca points at a planet with blue rings.
    “See that? That’s Prine. There’s a space station orbiting on par with the planet’s rings. It’s the only habitable place here. The planet below has no atmosphere, but is rich in mineral fuel deposits. Space barges come and go to the surface every day filled with miners in space suits.”
    “So it’s a mining corporation base?” Roy asks.
    Luca shakes his head. “It used to be. Then the workers revolted. Bad working conditions, too many fatal accidents and the like. The Empire would have been involved to quell the revolt if they had been notified. The corporation wanted to handle it from the inside. They bribed and supported Eilana Dene, the miner rebel second in command, and converted her to their interests. She overthrew the revolt and with the given arms she took back control. But – she decided to keep the business to herself. She still sells a portion of the extracted mineral fuel back to the corporation at the price of cost, to keep them happy. That seems to work, and they let her run this place as she sees fit.
    And now? now the miners work harder, longer hours, get paid, die more, and I’ve even heard of slavery… That’s what revolting will do to people, mind you.” Luca takes a pause to ponder at his monologue. “The fact that there is no official law here has made this place a favorite of fringe elements. We could buy mineral fuel cheap here and sell it at a higher price to any industrial worlds, or find a customer requiring our cargo transport services.”

    Q: Is there any problem during the docking procedure?
    A: No, and there is a landing bay ready to receive the Red Rancor without wait.

    The Prine station floats in space along with the blue ring around Prine. The blue ring consists of light dust particles and heavy gases that escape the planet’s surface during the mining process. The station is shaped like a big torus with a central rod in the middle interconnected to the torus with several small passageways.

    The Red Rancor hails the Prine station and lands on a designated landing bay. ‘It’s a simple bay without any luxuries.’ Roy thinks. ‘This place lacks even basic amenities.’
    As Luca opes the hatch door he turns to Roy. “You stay here, guard the ship. There isn’t much security as you might have noticed. I’ll go handle docking fees and restocking and then I’ll search for a point drop mission. If that fails we’ll buy Ratau mineral fuel to sell elsewhere. Keep your eyes peeled boy.”

    Docking fee: 20 credits.
    Luca searches for a customer for a point drop mission.
    Streetwise: 10: Easy result: Long Run, Large Cargo, Barely Profitable
    I decide it’s less than half of the ship’s hold. 60 tons of cargo.
    I roll the base duration which is 10d11h. This is double for base Nav multiplier and one day for dropoff and one day for take off: 23 days total.
    Since its barely profitable I roll 1D+6 twice and take the lowest: 6 base credits.
    60x23x6: 8280 credits.
    Restocking fee for 2 crewmen for 23 days: I roll a base cost of 20+3D= 27 credits. The restocking fee is calculated at 27x2x23: 1242 credits.
    Luca also will check to find a data cracker.
    Streewise vs Moderate (15): 18/15: Success.
    I decide that the whole thing takes 1D hours: 2 hours.

    I will roll to see if something happens while the group is split but I will put it to unlikely because they haven’t been able to catch a breath so far.
    Q: Does anything happen while Luca is away (unlikely)
    A: No, and the space station crew shift has started

    Luca returns after a couple of hours. There is a mechanic on deck overseeing the restocking of the Red Rancor. Luca hands him around 20 credits to look after the ship and meets up with Roy.
    “Look boy. I’ve got good news. I found us a run to Keena for Ratau fuel. Doesn’t pay a lot, but we should make around 7k of it, after restocking costs. I’ve also found a cracker for your data. We should go meet with him. Come.”
    “And the ship?” Roy asks.
    “I’ve arranged for these fellas to look after her while we’re gone. Not to mention no one will want to mess with our employer and her cargo.” Luca says.
    “I’ts Eilana Dene, right?”
    “Bingo boy. Sometimes you’ve got to make a deal with the devil.”
    Luca and Roy leave with the Nav cores to find the data cracker.

    They reach a quiet part of the station. Luca looks up the numbering outside of a metal door. “This is it.” He says and rings the comm button.
    A robotic eye extends from the comm device and scans them from top to bottom.
    “Who are you?” a synth voice is heard.
    “We are customers.” Luca responds.
    The automated door opens. Inside is a robotics workshop.

    Q: Is the cracker human?
    A: Yes, but he is cybernetically enhanced
    Q: Does he have any security?
    A: No, but he seems to be capable of handling trouble

    Droid parts and dismantled computers are stacked around the corners. Sitting behind a desk wielding a welder, is a man, mid-30s with brown hair and a beard. He is missing an eye, which is replaced by a red-emitting light infrared cybernetic implant sensor.
    “Keep your blasters holstered and we’ll be okay.” He says.
    “Are you Kuna Desyk?” Luca asks.
    “That I am. What is it that you want?”
    Roy brings out the Nav data cores and places them on the desk. “Whatever is in these.” He says.
    Kuna looks at Roy and then at the cores. “Ah, Nav data cores. Yes I can get that for you. It will cost.”

    I decide to roll 1D thousand credits: 2000

    “2000 credits.”

    Luca Bargain: 18/12: -15%

    “We don’t have the cash on hand. Make us a better price so we don’t go somewhere else while we gather it.” Luca bargains with Kuna.
    “Alright, 1700 credits. But that’s a final offer. If you came back with another price, you might as well go ‘elsewhere’.” Kuna pauses. “You can leave the cores with me so I can work, and you will pay me on delivery.”
    “I don’t think so. We have the extra time to spare.” Luca takes the data cores. “See you in around 2 months.” He says and along with Roy they leave to the Red Rancor.

    Session Background: I had the story flowing, and decided to go with it, and have the rolls to a minimum, just for fairness. Also I used a lot of the ingame mechanics to resolve GM actions (streetwise for contacts, bargain for haggling) which worked better than expected.
    Where I need GM intervention in metrics (astrogation time, costs) and neither MUNE or SW cover it, I started deciding an arbitrary dice to roll. I will start noting them down and create a set of rules to go with.
    Also I intend to start fleshing out the system with the astrogation times so far. I think it will be helpful in the future if my PC decides to revisit a previous scene.
    Finally the team seems to catch a break. There is a serious delay though. A long cargo run and back before they have another shot at cracking the data.

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    Solo StarWarsD6 pt07: Untrustworthy Friends 

    System: Star Wars D6 by West End Games.
    Setting: Star Wars Era of the Rebellion.
    Character: Royxand Handscul ‘Roy’, Corporate scout
    Luca Delste, Smuggler
    Solo Tools: MUNE , UNE, donjon
    Books: Star Wars The Roleplaying Game Second Edition (West End Games), Galaxy Guide 8: Scouts, Galaxy Guide: 11 Criminal Organizations

    Player: 5.
    Imperials: 7

    I decided to roll for initial distance between the two groups, the result came up 45 meters

    Round 1:
    Declarations: Two of the Imperial Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) advance and take the street corners for cover, while the other two start shooting at the team.
    LEO1: Target choice (Roll): Roy
    LEO2: Target choice (Roll): Roy
    None of the player characters decides to dodge since the distance is considered long and safe.
    LEO1: Shoots Roy: 14/16: Miss
    LEO2: Shoots Roy: Complication!: The blaster pistol is Jammed, and will require a VE (5) Blaster Repair success to unjam.
    LEO3: Moves to the street corner at the left. Maneuver: 10/5: Success
    LEO4: Moves to the stree corner at the right. Maneuver: 17/5: Success
    Seeker Droid: Waits
    Roy: Half Move to the corner at the left and shoot at nearest LEO (25m)
    -Shoot: 1/14: Miss
    Luca crouches and shoots at the nearest LEO (30m)
    -Shoot: 21/15: Hit (2: Torso)
    -Damage: 7/11: No damage
    Q: Does Kimby walk away?
    A: Yes
    Kimby performs two moves to the back: 8/5, 10/5 Success.

    Two of the Imperials advance behind cover while their squadmates provide cover fire. Roy moves to the nearest corner and shoots back without success, while Luca hits an officer to the chest, but the blast vest seems to have absorbed all the damage. While the two groups exchange shots, Kimby grabs the opportunity and starts running away.

    Round 2:
    LEO1: Target choice: Kimby
    -Shoot: 15/18: Miss
    LEO2: Blaster Repair: 2/5: Failure
    LEO3: Shoots Roy: 19/18: Hit (2: Torso)
    -Damage: 16/13: Stunned (-1D this and next round)
    LEO4: Target choice: Kimby
    -Shoot: 24/17: Hit
    -Damage: 2/11: No damage
    Seeker Droid: Flies fast (2 Movements x 13 meters) behind Kimby
    Roy: Shoots LEO4 (15m): 9/17: Miss
    Luca: Shoots LEO4: 7/17: Miss
    Kimby keeps running (2 Movements) and turns in a corner. Maneuver: 10/5, 10/5 Success

    Seeing their target run away, two of the officers shoot after Kimby. One shot hits her, but its only a glance and she keeps running away, turning at a corner. Roy is hit by an officer to the chest, getting dazed, but his light armor seems to have absorbed the hit. Luca shoots back without success, while the Seeker Droid pursues Kimby, evading the blaster fire in the middle of the firezone.

    Round 3:
    LEO1: Target choice: Roy (Kimby is no longer in Line Of Sight)
    -Shoot: 21/18: Hit
    -Damage: 13/14: No damage
    LEO2: Blaster Repair: 2/5: Failure
    LEO3: Shoots Roy: 6/16: Miss
    LEO4: Target choice: Roy
    -Shoot: 13/15: Miss
    The Seeker Droid uses its search software and advanced sensors to search for Kimby: 7/14: Failure
    (It was a really bad roll for the droid that has 4D+3D=7D!!! total to hunt down subjects).
    Roy: Shoots LEO4: 3/17: Miss
    Luca: Shoots LEO4: 13/17: Miss

    The two sides keep exchanging shots, but they either miss or hit the wall corners that the combatants hide behind. The Seeker Droid has reached Kimby’s last known location and uses its advanced DNA search sensors to locate her, but it cannot calculate a possible escape route and fails on its task.

    Round 4:
    LEO1: Shoots Roy: 17/18: Miss
    LEO2: Blaster Repair: 1/5: Failure
    LEO3: Shoots Roy: 16/17: Miss
    LEO4: Shoots Roy: 5/15: Miss

    Here I realize that the players are seriously outnumbered, they realize it too, so Roy asks if there is a quick way out of the street? They need to change the gameplan.
    Q: Is there any way out of the street? A sewer entrance?
    A: No, but it can be created. Roll Perception vs Moderate difficulty.
    Roy: Perception: 10/11: Failure
    Luca: Perception: 13/11: Success
    The door on the building to the side has a flimsy lock.
    Luca: Shoots lock: 3/3: Success and 1 move inside if open
    -Damage: 8/9: No damage
    Roy: Shoots lock: 4/3: Success and 1 move inside if open
    -Damage: 10/4: Wounded (-4D). The door lock provides no more security.
    Luca and Roy use their reserved move to enter the building.

    The officers keep shooting at the team, but their shots fail to make contact. Luca, worried that they might not make it, looks around and notices the weak door lock at the entrance to the building next to them. He turns his blaster pistol and shoots at it, but it doesn’t budge. Roy sees Luca’s plan and follows through, with a shot that blasts the lock open, and they hastily enter.

    Q: Is the building residential?
    A: Yes

    As they enter, they realize where they are. Slums. A huge residential block. There is virtually no sunlight coming inside. A sewer-like stench hangs in the air, mixed with the terrible odor of cat litter, probably from the felinoid near-humans that live on Ramain. A few trembling artificial lights try to illuminate the dark place, making a fuzzy noise while operating, like a capacitor about to die out. Dirty drapes hang from the balconies around the main stairwell. Maybe a long time ago they used to be a beautiful luxurious decoration, but no more. Some figures appear from their hiding places to investigate the ruckus, but quickly they venture back where they came from. It’s doubtful that the Imperials would follow in the slums without reinforcements, unless they are truly fixed on their target.

    Q: Do the Imperials follow? (unlikely)
    A: Yes, but the droid is away, trying to locate Kimby
    The Imperials spend their next round entering the building, while the group sneaks away in the dark (+8 bonus modifier).
    Roy: Sneak: 28
    Lucal: Sneak: 18
    Imperials: Command Search: 2: Failure
    Search: 9 (no bonus)

    Roy and Luca hide behind drapes and dark stairwells, lurking in, from shadow to shadow. The Imperials enter. Their sergeant sends them out to search around. But they either turn up empty, or find ragtags who live in the slums, cursing them away. A few minutes later, the locals have been unsettled and started forming a group shouting at the Imperial squad. Realizing they might be in trouble soon, they make their way out. In the meantime, Roy and Luca have climbed the stairwell further up in the slums.

    “It seems we’re in the clear” Luca says.
    “Nice friends you have.” Roy snaps. “Kimby hanged us out to dry, the very moment those officers appeared. Now they’re probably thinking we’re in whatever she’s in with her.”
    “Yeah, can’t trust anyone these days boy. She has great computer cracking skills though. I’ve used her expertise a few times in the past. Seems we’ll ahve to find our cracker elsewhere.” He says calmly.
    “We should get back to the Red Rancor. I don’t like this planet.”
    “Yeah, something tells me those LEOs won’t take long to report us. And the Seeker Droid may have our DNA info.”

    Q: Is there anyone obstructing their way out?
    A: No, but it will take at least one hour to get out of the slums if they are to follow a different path out.

    The team takes a different way out, fearing the Imperials might have someone stationed outside of the building. Once they reach the mid levels of Anwer, they start taking precautions, avoiding to show their faces clearly in the public, and walking away from monitored areas.

    Sneak vs Moderate difficulty: 18/14: Success

    Finally, they reach the Tama station landing pad where the Red Rancor is stationed, without detection.

    Q: Is there anyone waiting for them at the landing pad?
    A: Yes, and they’re hiding in wait, to ambush
    Q: Is it Imperials?
    A: No
    Q: Is it Kimby?
    A: No, but, it’s someone looking for her
    Q: Is it a friend of hers?
    A: No, but they are in need of her alive
    Perception vs Moderate difficult to detect ambush: 11/13: Failure

    Luca and Roy are about to enter the Red Rancor when they are caught by surprise by four men who were hiding behind the crates at the end of the pad.

    Luca: Streewise: 20/8: Success

    Luca realizes that they appear to be local thugs. Three of them are wielding blaster rifles, aimed at the team’s general direction. ‘They must be the muscle’ Luca thinks. The one in the middle approaches, in a haughty manner. He is alien, but not a near human like the locals.

    Roy: Alien species: 19/13: Success

    Roy recognizes the species as Kian’thar, and from what he’s heard, they can sense your emotions.
    “You seem to be in an awful lot of hurry.” The Kian’thar says.
    Roy and Luca look at each other. They’re tired, outnumbered, outgunned and outsmarted.

    UNE: Subtle, hinder the oppressed. (Works for a local crime boss)

    “See, I don’t like long introductions. I’m Lligon’tuk. I’m looking for a rather swift friend of yours.” He continues.
    “You and me both, Lligon. We haven’t seen her since she betrayed us.” Luca responds.
    In the meantime Lligon’tuk and his thugs have reached Roy and Luca, encircling them. Lligon’tuk is so close that Roy can smell him. ‘Does their emotion sense work like smell?’ Roy wonders.

    Lligon’tuk: Emotion Sense: 16/10: Success

    Lligon’tuk knows that they have no intent to help Kimby or to lie to him. He realizes that they tell the truth and are pissed off by her.

    Lligon’tuk spits on the floor. “I thought you’d be more useful.” His men grunt and start raising their rifles, but he stops them.

    Q: Does Lligon’tuk force the players to go after Kimby?
    A: No, but he makes them an offer.

    “If you happen to bring her to me, there will be a gift of 1000 credits. If you only notify me of her whereabouts, the gift will be 200 credits. Think about it.” Lligon’tuk finishes. His enforcers lower their blaster rifles.
    “Thanks. I will.” Luca replies.
    “Oh” Lligon’tuk continues “the customs officer has given me the platform for only 15 minutes. This only gives you 3 more minutes for take off.”
    Luca’s and Roy’s eyes widen as Lligon’tuk snarls, and they dart back to the Red Rancor.

    “You think the Imperials will be looking for us Luca?” Roy asks.
    “I don’t intend to sit around and find out.” Luca answers.

    Rushed action: take off: Space transports piloting (-1D): 11/8: Success.

    Luca turns on all the necessary systems in the Red Rancor with such speed, that Roy barely follows. Nevertheless he manages to power up the ship and get her to flying speed in less than 2 minutes, without a hitch. Now they sit back in the safety of the Red Rancor, while the ship leaves the Ramain atmosphere heading for space.

    Session Background: I didn’t have a miniature board, but I, sketched the map, and it worked out so and so. I’ve downloaded and printed a grid map to try out in the next encounter. Still trying to weigh visualization against theater of the mind. I’m finding some troubles with the rules of the Star Wars Rulebook that I have (2nd Edition, Blue Vader), especially movement, so I might switch to REUP or OpenD6 Space for those.
    I’m really enjoying The Oracle. My player tries to get to that planet (initial mission) but he has to tackle one problem after another. He’s no closer to getting there than he was after the 1st jump. Seems that ‘Plot Regression’ intervention has truly worked out.
    I’ve also used some information from Criminal Organizations Galaxy Guide, so that I could fit in a crime boss better suited to the Star Wars universe.
    I also enjoy the encounters difficulties my players have, and the fact that when you play solo, you try to think what your character would truly do, and behave less OOC and more IC.
    Looking back at previous encounters, in the encounter where the group had the advantage onboard KF23, they decided to let the Viltro men live, and not do some mindless shooting, as they had no reason to kill them, even though the enemy might not have given them the same courtesy.

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    Solo StarWarsD6 pt06: Old Acquaintances 

    System: Star Wars D6 by West End Games.
    Setting: Star Wars Era of the Rebellion.
    Character: Royxand Handscul ‘Roy’, Corporate scout
    Luca Delste, Smuggler
    Solo Tools: MUNE , donjon
    Books: Star Wars The Roleplaying Game Second Edition (West End Games), Galaxy Guide 8: Scouts, Galaxy Guide: 11 Criminal Organizations

    The journey through hyperspace lasts 12 whole days. Roy and Luca start to get to know each other better. The old man shows Roy the ins and out of the Red Rancor, while Roy tells him about the planetary systems and alien creatures of the outer rim.

    The team is heading to Ramai.

    Roy: Planetary Systems: 20/13: Success.

    Roy recalls that Ramai is a major trade center. Almost the entire habitable land mass of the planet is covered by a huge metropolis. The locals, Ramains, are a near human species with felinoid eyes and long whiskers. The Imperial Governor, Cron Madas has seized control of the local government and runs the planet as his own, through Imperial rule.

    The Red Rancor broadcasts landing procedure to the station.

    Q: Is there any trouble in landing (unlikely)
    A: No, but the customs agents will not be very ‘accepting’

    The Red Rancor lands on the Tama station above Anwer. As soon as they land, an Imperial customs officer, accompanied by an A2 accounting droid approaches the ship. The landing pad is a simple round platform about 100 meters in diameter without any roof. Container crates and fuel lines are on the side, and two Imperial troopers are hanging out patiently in the back, where the elevator shaft is located. They don’t seem preoccupied with the arrival, but they cast a glance every now and then.

    Roy and Luca disembark. The A2 droid starts speaking in its synth voice. “Welcome to Ramai. Please state your vessel’s name, the captain of the ship, any passengers and cargo manifest, and purpose”.

    The customs officer, a stern white haired man, waits. His hands behind his back.

    “Yes, I’m the captain” Luca sais. “Name’s Luca Delste and this is the Red Rancor. No cargo manifest. Just transporting this fella here, Jado Doraay to meet his sister that works in Anwer Medical University.”

    Luca: Con: 7/16: Failure.

    Roy notices how easily Luca lies, but the customs officer isn’t convinced.
    “No cargo you say? That Ghtroc is a 135 ton transport and you came here with empty hold? I think I’ll have a look.” He raises his hand to summon the troopers.

    “I’m sure we can work something out. You see Jado here knows that the Visa cost has increased by 200 credits, but the required tariff hasn’t been formalized yet.” Luca motions for Roy, who pulls out 200 credits. “We don’t want any trouble”.

    Luca: Bargain (Bribe): 15/13: Success.

    The customs officer thinks about it for a moment, waves back the troopers and collects the credits.
    “That will do for a 24 hour Visa.” he says and turns around and leaves, the A2 droid following.
    Luca can hear the droid chatter in the distance “New Visas? I haven’t been notified-” “Shut Up!” the officer barks.

    With the Imperials in the distance, Roy turns to Luca “We lost 200 credits!”. “Would you rather he searched our ship? or should he run our TransVere in the system? It’s been almost two weeks, and maybe our endeavors haven’t gone unnoticed.. Let’s get those data cores opened and if possible a new Transponder code” Luca calms him down.

    Luca: Streetwise: 9/8: Success.

    After about 3 hours, the duo has done a couple of meets in shady bars. Finally they arrive at a bar called “The Independent Variable”.

    Q: Is it crowded?
    A: No, but guests have started arriving.

    The bar is dark and damp. A lonely Ramain in the back is playing a harmonica to entertain the few regulars. The barkeep sits lazy in his post as Luca and Roy enter.
    Luca orders a couple drinks for him and Roy and he whispers something in the barkeep’s ear. One hour later, a slender figure comes and sits at the bar stool next to Luca.

    She’s a local Ramain, wearing tactical pants and a leather vest. Her felinoid eyes are a deep purple colour, and she wears her green-brown hair braided. A nose ring and a tribal tattoo on her arm complete the portrait.

    “It’s been a long time Luca.” She sais.
    “You haven’t aged a day Kimby.” He replies.
    “Can’t say the same for you old man. What’s your poison?” Kimby asks.
    “Ghromac ale.”
    “At least you haven’t lost your taste. Get me one, and tell me. Who is this young fella?”
    Luca points another ale to the barkeep. “He’s Roy. We have something that needs opening.”
    She nods. “Not here. And I’m not leaving until this glass is empty. So tell me… how’s the Red Rancor flying…

    Q: Does anyone eavesdrop?
    A: No

    The trio spends some time sharing news and small talk. When they’re finished with their drinks, they leave by foot to go to Kimby’s. So far noone in the bar seems to have noticed their conversation.
    Anwer is a huge metropolist. Tall structures reach so high in the sky, that the lower levels only see the blueish sunlight for about one hour at noon, when the sunrays are almost perpendicular to the surface. Even then, the mid and high level walk zones cast so many shadows that is almost darnkess at the bottom. It doesn’t need mentioning that the lower Ramain classes leave at the bottom.

    They walk for about half an hour at the lower levels. Roy thinks he’s lost, but he feels certain that Kimby’s had them walk through the same place twice. Maybe she’s trying to make sure they’re not followed?

    Q: Are they being followed?
    A: Yes, and their ‘hunters’ will make an ambush attempt.

    Intervention!: Regress plot. I decide that something happens so that they can’t go to Kimby’s place.
    So to find out whether they are ambushed or they notice their stalkers beforehand I use the game mechanic and roll Perception against Sneak. I could have rolled Search against Sneak if the characters were actively searching for an ambush.

    Roy: 16/10: Success.

    Roy notices some figures following them through the shadows behind them, a corner or two behind. He stops Luca and Kimby and motions to them.

    Q: Are they Imperials?
    A: Yes
    Q: Are they after Roy and Luca?
    A: No, but they are after Kimby
    Here the intervention starts to flesh out: Maybe it will be evident that their stalkers are watching Kimby’s hideout as well.

    “Crap” Kimby says “Is this heat yours?”
    “Highly doubt it. The customs officer seemed quite content with the 200 credits for a Visa.” Luca responds.
    The Imperial Law Enforcement Officers notice that the group has made them.
    “Halt. In the name of the Emperor!” One of them yells as they raise their blaster pistols. Now that they are in the clear, it is four of them. Wearing blast vests and Imperial uniforms. A Seeker droid is with them. Probably the reason they could follow them from afar without being noticed in their uniform.
    Kimby darts to cover while the first blaster shot flies off.

    Session Background: Donjon helped a lot in creating the planet where all of this takes place. I’ve also used my book on criminal organizations to get information on imperial law enforcement. I really enjoy how The Oracle and Interventions along with the Game Mechanics keeps presenting obstacles to my characters. I also enjoy a lot that there is no backstory to railroad back to. The world is truly open to events, limited by the dice and the imagination.

    I’ve taken the extra time to write both Roy and Luca to a character sheet. And I intend to be fleshing them out a bit more. Luca may become a second player character in the future.

    Also I notice that by adding a bit more detail, the world comes to life (e.g. the white hair of the customs officer), so I’ll be trying to do that too as well, without sacrificing much of the plot. Balance is essential.
    I want to run a detailed combat in next session so I decided to stop the story here in this part.

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    Solo StarWarsD6 pt05: The Upper Hand 

    System: Star Wars D6 by West End Games.
    Setting: Star Wars Era of the Rebellion.
    Character: Royxand Handscul ‘Roy’, Corporate scout
    Luca Delste, Smuggler
    Solo Tools: MUNE , donjon
    Books: Star Wars The Roleplaying Game Second Edition (West End Games), Galaxy Guide 8: Scouts

    With the Anan Belt behind them in realspace, Luca relaxes back in the pilot seat, and puts his feet up on the flight console.

    “So Roy, time to tell me your story, and please, start from the beginning. How did you get in so much trouble?”

    Roy grimaces, and tells Luca his story, leaving nothing out. When he is finished, Luca takes a long hard look at him.

    “I’ve put my neck out for you boy. High risk, low chance for a reward as it seems. Many hours have passed since you hit that distress signal button, and odds are that someone is already salvaging your ship for parts. Let’s just hope that those last coordinates on your mission are still in the Nav Computer. Corporate encryption can be hard to crack… As for you, luck ain’t on your side. Insurance doesn’t cover these deep space scout missions, so it’s likely that your bosses will charge you for the ship and gear you cost them, plus interest of course. Do you happen to have several thousand credits on you son?”

    Roy gave Luca a blank stare.

    “Thought so. You better play dead then, because if they find out you’re still alive, well… I could introduce you to a couple of loan sharks I know.”
    “Wait, no I-” Roy tried to make a case for himself but Luca interrupted him laughing “I’m just messing with you boy. Huh…time has flown. We are about to return to realspace now. What… why are you looking at me like that?”

    Roy spoke up. “Aren’t you afraid they’ll come after us?” Roy was actually wondering why Luca was so eager to turn to lawlessness for a ‘boy’ he just met.

    “Ah, yes they will. Especially those imperials. They are the owner of the starport you see, renting it to Viltro. But the thing is, boy, I like neither of them. Viltro Syndicate, Galactic Empire, they’re all a bunch of scum if you ask me.”

    “So you’re an outlaw?” Roy asked naively.

    “Ha! and so are you now boy, right? ‘nough talking. We have arrived.” Luca put his feet down and straps the belt. The Red Rancor slows down to realspace.

    Q: Are there other ships in the area?
    A: Yes
    Q: Are they scavengers not rescuers?
    A: No, but thy are not friendly
    Luca runs a sensor scan: 17: he detects a ship.
    Unknown crew: Sensors: 6, doesn’t detect the Red Rancor or doesn’t have crew on board.

    “Sensors show unknowns Roy. Let’s see if we can find out who they are.”

    Scan: 20/13: success
    Q: Are they Imperial?
    A: No, but they are Viltro Syndicate.
    Q: Is it a fighter ship?
    A: No, and it is a simple scout Z-10 seeker bearing Viltro identifications.

    “They seem to have homed in on your ship due to your beacon, but they haven’t seen us yet” Luca says.

    Q: Are there Viltro crewmen aboard KF-23?
    A: Yes, but they haven’t managed to salvage anything yet

    Luca positions the Red Rancor behind the KF-23, and turns the sensors to passive. Then he sees two men wearing vac suits, on the hull of the KF-23.

    Q: Did they notice the Red Rancor?
    A: No, and they are focused on the prize ship.
    Q: Are they leaving?
    A: No, and they just boarded the vessel.

    The two men are walking slowly to the breach on the rear of the hull of KF-23

    Luca turns to Roy. “We need to be fast, boy. You have the pass to the airlock right?” Roy nods. “That’s our way in.

    Luca piloting: 31/13

    Luca locks the Red Rancor onto the KF-23 with such grace that the ship doesn’t budge an inch.
    He locks on a vac helmet on his vac suit and grabs a blaster rifle as he heads to the airlock.
    Roy enters his Karflo credentials into the airlock’s numpad and the airlock door opens.

    Q: Do they meet the Viltro boarders?
    A: No

    “Let’s head straight to the cockpit. You get the Nav coordinates. I’ll make sure they don’t bother us.
    Luca and Roy reach the cockpit.

    Q: Is the Viltro boarding crew in the cockpit? (unlikely)
    A: No

    Roy takes his datapad and connects to the Nav computer. He may have access rights, but the data isn’t meant to be copied.

    Roy computers roll: Complication!

    The security of the Nav computer kicks in and blocks any access to the system.

    “What’s taking so long?” Luca asks worried. “It’s locked me out! I’ll have to manually rip out the Nav data core so that we can crack it later” Roy responds through the comm.
    “How long?” He asks. “15 minutes give or take” comes Roy’s answer.

    Q: Has the Viltro boarding crew arrived at the cockpit?
    A: Yes

    I decide since the Viltro crew doesn’t know about our friends and since they are expecting them, they get an ambush roll.

    Surprise: 12/5: Success! The Viltro crew is surprised!

    The Viltro crew are arrive to the cockpit and are caught flat-footed by Luca, pointing his blaster rifle at them. He motions for them to drop their guns.

    Intimidate: 12/9: Success

    The two men slowly put their sidearms down as Roy moves to collect them. Then he gets back to working on getting the Nav data. He has lifted the fight console panel and has started unplugging the Nav computer data cores.

    Starship repair: 25/15: Success

    15 minutes later Roy has extracted the data cores. Luca nods “It’s about time we get out of here. This place will be crawling with Imperials and Viltros soon.”

    They lock the airlock and return to the Red Rancor with the data cores and two extra blaster pistols.

    Luca prepares the hyperjump.
    ”Where are we going?” Roy asks.
    “I know just the right girl to get the data out of these cores, boy” Luca says.

    Astrogation: 18/13

    The Red Rancor enters hyperspace leaving behind the derelict KF23 scout ship and two Viltro men thankful for their lives.

    Session Background: I’m using a lot of the game system mechanics and it works out well. The complications are an extra storyline assistant!

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    Solo StarWarsD6 pt04: A Daring Escape 

    System: Star Wars D6 by West End Games.
    Setting: Star Wars Era of the Rebellion.
    Characters: Royxand Handscul ‘Roy’, Corporate scout
    Luca Delste, Smuggler
    Solo Tools: MUNE , donjon
    Books: Star Wars The Roleplaying Game Second Edition (West End Games), Galaxy Guide 8: Scouts

    “Yes, I-“ Roy was interrupted by the man “Hopefully it won’t come to that.” He paused for a moment. “Man the copilot seat.”

    The old man powers up the ship, initiating takeoff procedures. He presses the comm button. “This is the Red Rancor requesting departure clearance. TransVere has been submitted.”

    Q: Does starport control give clearance?
    A: No, and they try to stop the Red Rankor from leaving.

    No answer comes from the other end. Meanwhile Roy sees the Viltro soldiers in front of the ship, blasters aimed at the freighter.

    “I repeat this is Luca Delste, captain of the Red Rancor, requesting departure clearance. I am transporting unstable Rusya crystals. Every minute counts before my merchandise turns to dust.”

    “Hold on Red Rancor” starport control responds.
    Luca looks at Roy. “Like hell we will.” and powers up the thrusters.

    “Red Rancor cease your flight actions now and surrender your passenger! You are harboring a-“ Luca shuts the comm off.

    “By the way, name’s Luca, boy, what’s yours?”
    “Roy” He mutters as the Red Rancor starts hovering off the hangar floor.

    Q: Is there defensive weaponry at the ready in the hangar? (Unlikely)
    A: No
    Q: Are there starfighters nearby?
    A: Yes, and 2 Z-95 are right outside the starport.

    Here I have another intervention, and the roll brings up: New entity.
    Q: Is it another crew member?
    A: No
    Q: Is it friendly?
    A: No
    Now I decided to run a portent to find out more. I had trouble resolving the words that mattered and had a few rerolls to get something that made sense. I came up with ‘combative agreement’ which tells me it’s an ally of Viltro that assists often in military matters.

    Q: Is it Imperial?
    A: Yes, and it’s the Imperial Customs Frigate from before
    I decide that it will appear from hyperspace in 2D6 rounds=5

    “I am picking up hostiles boy. I see 2 Z-95s right outside” Luca said.

    Now I want to see if the Red Rancor has any modifications.
    Q: Is the Red Rankor modified for speed (likely)
    A: No!
    Q: Does it have upgraded weapons?
    A: No, but it has improved shields (+1)
    I will be stating difficulty rolls like this Rolled Result/Target Difficulty Number
    Maneuver: 27/15 Success

    Luca pilots the ship quickly out of the hangar bay. The Red Rancor maneuvers left and right, around the starships lined up in queue, staying on the blindside of the Z-95s.
    She flies smoothly outside under the controls of Luca.

    The patrol pilots of the Z-95 scan for the Red Rancor. Sensors: 17/10 Success

    The patrol detects the Red Rancor.

    Combat begins.
    Red Rancor: 24
    Z-95: 10

    Q: What is their distance?
    A: Short
    Q: Is there other ship traffic? (Likely)
    A: Yes

    Based on the Rulebook I decide on a moderate difficulty for space flight maneuvers.

    “Blast them Roy” Luca says to Roy. Roy uses the controls to aim the front laser of the Red Rancor to one of the Z-95s.

    Round 1:

    Luca makes one move towards the Z-95
    Roy shoots at the Z-95 #1
    To hit 20/13: Hit!
    Damage: 16/13: Shields blown

    Z-95 #1 shoots at the Red Rancor and makes 1/2 move
    To hit 18/18: hit
    Damage: 7/15: no damage

    Z-95 #2 shoots at the Red Rancor and makes 1/2 move
    To hit 13/18: miss

    The starfighters move closer and start exchanging laser blasts. For brief moment the Z-95 gets into Roy’s crosshairs, and he pulls the trigger. It is hit, reducing its energy shields to nothing. The Viltro pilots shoot back, but they fail to do any damage.

    Round 2:

    Since the combatants’ spaceships have passed each other, and they are on their tails, Luca performs a quick bootlegger turn so that the Z-95’s tail is again in the fire arc of the Red Rancor’s laser cannons. He also activates shields to front.
    Maneuver: 18/20: slight slip in control, -1D to actions for the rest of the round.
    Roy fires another shot at the 1st Z-95.
    To hit 17/13: hit
    Damage: 17/9: lightly damaged, ship loses 1D from its shield code

    Both Z-95s perform a bootlegger turn to get the Red Rankor in their sights, and shoot at it.

    Z-95 #1
    Maneuver: 14/20: serious control problems, -3D for all actions this round, -1D for next round
    Z-95 #2
    Maneuver: 7/20: minor collision

    Q: Does it hit its wingman?
    A: Yes

    The dual maneuver fails and the two starfighters glance off each other.
    Damage to Z-95 #1: 5: lightly damaged, the missiles weapon system is inoperative
    Damage to Z-95 #2: Shields blown

    As the starfighters pass in front of each other they all turn back for a second pass. Luca miscalculates a nearby space tug, and jerks the Red Rancor a bit while flying. Roy has the enemy again in his sights, and this time his shots manage to turn the Z-95s missile system inoperational.
    The enemy pilot pair tries to turn in a synchronized maneuver, but they fail, and the two fighters glance of each other, thankful that it wasn’t a worse crash.

    Round 3:

    Luca will perform a full dodge while moving towards the Z-95. Roll: 17+13 diff: 30
    Roy shoots again the first Z-95
    To hit: 17/13: hit
    Damage: 14/13: controls ionized -1D that round and next, controls frozen for two rounds

    Z-95 #1: Controls are frozen, maneuver roll must be made
    Maneuver: 8/13: Serious control problems, -1D for next round

    Z-95 #2: shoots at the Red Rancor and makes 1/2 move
    To hit: 15/30: miss

    Luca performs evasive maneuvers amongst the traffic to avoid the enemy fire. Roy is on fire! He hits the enemy craft once more, ionizing its controls. A power surge runs through the starfighter, freezing all controls, and it moves straight forward helpless.
    The second pilot is no match for Luca’s skill and fails to damage the Red Rancor.

    Round 4:

    As the two Z-95s again fly past the Red Rancor, Luca turns to Roy “Let’s do a final pass, then let’s get out of here. Punch in your ships coordinates”.
    He again performs a quick bootlegger turn so that the Z-95’s tail is again in the fire arc of the Red Rancor’s laser cannons.

    Maneuver: 25/13: success
    Roy shoots again the first Z-95
    To hit: 13/13: hit
    Damage: 13/3: Heavily damaged, the Z-95 loses the laser cannons weapon system.

    Z-95 #1: Controls are frozen, maneuver roll must be made
    Maneuver: 11/13: slight slip in control, -1D to actions for the rest of the round

    Z-95 #2: Bootlegger turn and shoots at the Red Rancor.
    To hit: 2: miss

    Roy hits the helpless Z-95, destroying its laser system. Now it’s no longer a threat.

    Round 5:

    Luca moves the Red Rancor at 3/4 speed towards the asteroid belt.

    Maneuver: 11/13: slight slip in control, -1D to actions for the rest of the round.
    Roy shoots the second Z-95
    To hit: 15/13: hit
    Damage: 16/5: Heavily damaged, the Z-95 loses the concussion missile weapon system.

    Since the Z-95s are damaged and haven’t managed to score a hit at the Red Rankor, I ask
    Q: Do the Z-95s break off?
    A: No, but only the second one follows

    Z-95 #2: Bootlegger turn and shoots at the Red Rancor.
    To hit: 2: miss

    Roy switches targets, and hits the second enemy, destroying the starfighter’s missile system.

    Suddenly out of hyperspace, an Imperial Customs Frigate appears.
    Red Rancor passive Sensors: 16/8: Success, detected.

    Q: Does the frigate appear between the Red Rankor and the starport?
    A: No, and it is blocking the Red Rankor route’s to the asteroid belt.
    Q: Is it aware of the recent events at the starport?
    A: No, but, it is a matter of short time before the Viltro Syndicate notifies them
    Q: Are there enemy reinforcements arriving?
    A: Yes, and in increased numbers, 2 Z-95 squadrons.

    “Friends of yours Roy?” Lucas asks as he sees an Imperial Customs Frigate appear in the sensors, blocking their exit to the asteroid belt. “Scratch our plan to hide in the belt. It’s time to hit the hyperdrive. I wanted more time, but we ain’t got a choice”.
    Roy verifies the coordinates, its a hasty entry, and he can’t forget that it was a well calculated entry that got him in this predicament.

    Round 6:

    Frigate initiative: 21

    Luca performs the hasty entry astrogation calculation and engages the hyperdrive.

    Here I decided to roll the moderate (x2) difficulty and not call it, in order to be objective.
    Astrogation: 25/8: Success

    The Red Rancor enters hyperspace, leaving behind all those meaning harm to her crew, and Roy breathes out a sigh of relief.

    Session Background: First time running a space combat with theater of the mind. It didn’t help much, so next time I will try to have a map or tokens of sorts to visualize it better. Also I need to get better acquainted with the space combat, so that I can apply the rules better. On a side note, the bad luck that Roy had on his 2nd hyperjump turned to good luck on their escape. Now there is time for Roy to get to know his host.

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