The Wardens of Gahyrst. Ep04. 

In the end of the previous session, the Wardens defeated a band of slavers.
I’ve noticed I did a mistake while running the battle. I had given the slavers a Lieutenant and a Sergeant instead of a Lieutenant and a Captain. Oh well.

Combat Skill01000
WeaponsLongbow, DaggerWarhammerBastard SwordBastard SwordSword
ArmorLight ArmorLight ArmorFull ArmorPartial Armor
WornLarge QuiverHelmet, ShieldHelmet


NatureRoving WandererStout YeomanWily Rogue
WeaponsSelf Bow, DaggerHatchetSword
ArmorMilitia ArmorLight Armor

Gold Marks 19
Medicinal Herbs 1
Story Points 1
Basic Weapon
Fine Standard Weapon
Spring Vial

Eerfeld (1,2,3)
Heagrove: (1,1,1)
Cebrook: (3,3,3)

Village Events: Infected Wounds (N/A)
Pay Upkeep: 8 members, no extra cost
Healing Up: No wounded
Carry Out Activities:
Evie: Study: Teaching skill gained
Rudiger: Train: +2 XP: Increase Level: Roll: Will +1
Wigmar: Train: +1 XP

Outfitting for adventuring:
Buy Bandages: -2 Gold Marks
So now, we’re going adventuring!
Adventuring: Roadside AND Combat Encounter
Roadside Encounter: Merchantile, Unfriendly: Conspiracy: Outlaws: Threat +1

Combat Encounter: Border Tension: Torn Flags
Encounter Type: Located Camp
6 Torn Flags + Captain
Terrain Type: Overgrown Ruins
6″ Distance
Enemy 8″ from leader
Seize Initiative: We seized initiative!

Back in the village of Eerfeld the Wardens plan their next move. Evie spends time in the library, learning about training techniques.
She uses her newfound skills to train Rudiger and Wigmar, Rudiger learning of Evie’s Iron Will focus in battle.
After some well-earned rest, the Wardens gather up again and scout the surrounding region, looking for trouble.
On the road, they meet up with a wandering merchant. As Evie closes in to see if he has any interesting wares, he covers up his cart and eyes them carefully.
“You’re the so called ‘Wardens’ right? Ought to bring order to the land.” He says.
“Yes we are, and yes we will.” Evie responds.
He seems to be counting them, “Huh, only 8 strong. You have your work cut out for you.” He says and starts laughing. He lashes his whip at his mule and heads off.
“I don’t like that my lady.” Gustav tells Evie as the merchant vanishes behind a hill.
“Me neither Gustav.” Evie replies. “But we can’t go around fighting people just because we don’t like them.”
The next day, the Wily Rogue comes back to the group. “Come, follow me, I’ve found our next task.”
They slowly sneak behind him, and coming out of the woods, in the middle of some overgrown ruins, lies a band of warriors. Deserters. Torn Flags. They still bear the colors of their lord, but no lord is around to be found. Their captain laughs and they all sing together drunk about how they robbed some travelers.


Evie nods at her Wardens and motions them to move silently. Before the enemy guards have realized it, they’re within striking distance. Evie shoots her bow twice, but only scores flesh wounds against the guard. And then the massacre begins…
The combat skill of the soldiers is unparalleled and when this fails them, their armor comes to the rescue. At first, Ardus falls to their spears, and Rudiger avenges him fast. This breaks the morale of a soldier and he flees for his life.
But the other 4 soldiers, lead by their veteran captain don’t falter.
Evie is hurt, but she carries on. Wigmar is the next to fall under the enemy spears, followed by the Roving Wanderer. The captain faces off Rudiger. Even the weary retainer isn’t a match for the veteran, and soon falls after an exchange of blows.
Gustav, the Wily Rogue and the Stout Yeoman are dropped in the field, while Evie only manages to wound another one of the soldiers, before she calls the retreat.
The enemy doesn’t pursuit, and the other day the Wardens have managed to gather to their camp, counting their losses.

Only Evie survived the encounter and gained 1 XP.
Injury rolls:
Gustav: Knocked out
Rudiger: Moderate Wound: 5 Recovery Time
Ardus: Knocked out
Wigmar: Light Wound: 3 Recovery Time, Damaged Sword
Roving Wanderer: Knocked Out
Stout Yeoman: Light Wound: 2 Recovery Time, Damaged Hatchet
Wily Rogue: Knocked Out
Threat Roll: No Threat increase

Rudiger got the worst of it, and will need to spend some time healing in the village. Wigmar and the Stout Yeoman also were wounded in combat and will need to visit the healer. The Wardens also had a couple weapons damaged, and will need to reassess their gear into battle.
They all look at each other and noone speaks.
Finally Evie steps up in the middle of the group. “We lost. We won’t win all the battles. But we will win the war. Let’s regroup and we will return with greater strength, and greater knowledge.”

Session Summary

Again, I didn’t pause to document the solo play. I’m mostly journaling to keep track what happens in campaign turns, rather than describing the details of each combat.
I feel comfortable enough to start adding more combat options, like critical hits and oddities. All in all, 5 Leagues from the Borderlands is very well designed and has great play value. Combat is fast and cinematic, with the melee exchanges and the movement of figures. I even went ahead and got the summer bundle which includes character packs, enemy packs, additional skills, scenarios and more. For the next session, I’ll probably spend some time healing in Eerfeld and then go ahead and run the Scenario of the Sunken Temple included in the bundle.