In the Aristrax Marches – Ep14

Previously in the Aristrax Marches, the Ravens of Gadun emerged victorious from an ambush by a corrupt sorcerer and his undead minions, escaping without injuries and killing the sorcerer in the process.

Turn 24

I’m trying to declutter a bit all the extra things that happen. Therefore instead of removing the Events tables (News Events, Town Events, Camp Events), I’ll be rolling an extra d10 along with my percentile dice. If either of the percentile dice match the value on my d10, then the event rolled will occur, otherwise I’ll disregard it. If I calculated the odds correctly, that’s about 19% chance of an event occuring, which seems okay.
So, I rolled that there is no Town Event this campaign turn.
My Upkeep is rolled at 3 Gold Marks, therefore as Campaign Activities I choose to Help the Town Guard to negate the cost. Also Bolga will spend the turn Training and he gains another extra XP.

All is quiet at Newhorn. The Ravens, maybe were a bit accustomed to the good fortune that befell them the previous days they stayed there, and the good nature of the locals who payed for their food and gear, and spent more than usual. Omac counted down their coin, and decided they’d have to help out the town guard to make ends meet. Only Bolga didn’t join them there, considering his previous dealings with the law, and spent his time training instead.

I decided to hunt down the Whispers from Beyond Threat, and rolled that they’re on a location in the Wilderness and I’ll need to make a Travel roll. The Travel roll generated a Meeting with a Monk who offers to follow us as a Follower wearing a Light Armor and carrying a Standard Weapon.
I decide not to take him with us.
The enemy is Preparing to attack villagers and their Overarching goals are to establish a larger presence. All this makes sense.
They’re 4 Fog Born accompanied by a Lieutenant. I increased their numbers by one for fairness sake because in my last Defensive Battle I had forgotten to apply this. Hope my choice doesn’t return to bite me.
The Theme is Foothills and our Objective is to Hunt the Enemy – the Lieutenant must be killed in melee.
We fail to Seize Initiative and the battle begins.

Boots became aware of news of a dark evil near the Rurks’ Foothills a couple days ride away. Peasants were murmuring about a shadow over the land. Their livestock becoming sick, and their wolfhounds bark frightened at nights. With this new information, he comes to Omac who gives the signal for them to leave.
On the way there, they meet a friendly travelling monk. Having heard of their exploits, he offers to join them in their adventures, but Omac dimisses him in a kind manner. “We’re grateful for your offer. Unfortunately we have as many mouths as we can feed. Spread the word, and help the people in the Marches. They need as much help as they can get.”
It isn’t long after that they reach Rurk’s Foothills. There between the fog that shrouds the land, they see them. Dark shapes in the fog. Wraiths, holding ancient weapons.
“Fog born”. Whispers Omac to the rest of the warband. He counts 6 of them, and notices that one of them at the center stands out. He gives orders to the rest of them and points them to the villager houses in the foothills.
“We have to help the common folk. Drive off the creatures from this land!” He says to the warband, the intensity of his voice increasing. He turn to the wraiths. “Begone creatures of darkness! By steel you shall perish!” He shouts, and any chance of surprise is lost, as the fog born turn their attention to the Ravens.



Omac orders the Ravens to hold the ground in the pass as the fog born approach from all sides.


Omac shouts the incantantions to Bind the fog born approaching from the West, stopping them on their heels.
Bolga charges at the nearest wraith, hitting it three times consecutively before delivering a wounding blow. The fog born lets off an unearthly scream and steps back.
Temir charges at the enemy leader and they exchange blows but noone delivers. As they disengage, Myrick takes a shot with his bow at the leader, but misses, his enemy obscured by the fog.
Boots moves past the conflict and attacks the leader – their target – he hits, but a blow that would otherwise stun a weaker foe is ineffective, the wraith leader deflects the next attack and comes back with a hit that Boots barely avoids, being stunned for a moment.


Bolga has his eyes set on the wraith that was locked in combat with him before, and charges at him, merely stunnig him before his enemy is pushed back.
Myrick takes a covering position near Boots and Temir – they’re about to be flanked and he’s not going to allow it.
One of the bound wraiths breaks off his spell and moves closer.
The wraith charges back at Bolga, but neither comes out on top.
The fog born leader looks at Caldas – at least that’s what the halfling feels, since no eyes are visible. He swoops down on the little folk, and they lock in combat. Boots avoids the blows, and comes with one of his own, but it’s too weak to hurt the wraith.
Omac follows up his spellcasting with a Bleed spell on the wounded foe. ‘Do the wraiths bleed?’ he considers right after. Guess he’s about to find out.
Boots switches direction, and goes to attack a wraith that is about to flank them. The fog born blocks the first attack, but Boots manages to turn back the flow of battle, and with two strikes he manages to score the first kill of the battle. As his enemy dies, only an empty cloak remains.
Temir takes a shot at the fog obscured wraiths, but, his arrow doesn’t find his target.
The losses they have suffered doesn’t seem to cause any commotion to the enemy ranks, and the bleed spell doesn’t seem to have any effect sofar.


Bolga follows up in combat with the wounded wraith, but despite hitting his battered foe three times, his hits are too weak to wound or bypass his armor, and he finally steps back to catch his breath.
Boots takes a shot with his sling at the enemy leader, but the bullet seems to fly through the fog without hitting anything.
Now Boots is surrounded, and one by one the enemies attack him. He parries the attacks of the first wraith, and hits back weakly, before disengaging. Then their leader, attacks again the short folk, but he defends and steps back, only to be attack by a third enemy. The wraith hits him, but the halfling’s chain shirt saves him from the blow. Seeing his opponent stunned, the wraith tries to double up, but Caldas fights him off. Finding an opening, the halfling flanks his enemy, and with a swift strike of his fencing blade, he scores the second kill. An empty cloak drops.
The duo of the wraith and Bolga, locks again in combat, but the result is yet again indecisive.
Temir draws his enchanted blade, and attacks one of the wraiths that surrounded his short companion. He scores a wounding hit and with another blow another empty cloak drops on the dirt, the armour unable to protect it’s wearer.
Myrick aims his bow carefully. The fog blocks his vision, but his arrow, goes right in the wraiths head. As if by luck, and with an unholy scream, one more empty cloak drops down.
Omac’s spell seems to take effect, and suddenly the fog that surrounds the wraith scatters, and the wounded fog born’s cloak drops as well.
Their numbers dwindling, one wraith runs off, and the leader turns to flee as well, but the Ravens won’t lt him.

'I made a ruling over rules here. Normally, all the enemies would flee according to the morale result. It is my understanding that a fleeing enemy is not willing to fight, and the warband decides to let him go. If the warband wouldn't want him to flee, as in my case, then the enemy would have to walk to the end of the battlefield edge to do it. Same rule that applies for the player figures.'

Bolga jumps on his mark, and with two successfuly slashes of his cleaver, the wraith leader is gone for good. The Ravens have achieved their objective and hold the field.


I’ve gotten a ton load of Adventure Points at the Resolution stage

  • 1 point for defeating 5+ enemy figures from the Whispers from Beyond
  • 1 point for defeating a Fog Born leader
  • 1 point for succeeding on the Hunt objective
  • 1 point for succeeding on the objective where the enemy would attack villagers
  • 1 point for defeating an enemy Lieutenant
  • I rolled 5 points for being Victorious against an enemy threat

Out of the total of 10 Adventure Points I spent 6 for a Reduce the Enemy Threat Milestone, so the Whispers from Beyond Threat is at Level 1, and have an excess of 4 Adventure Points for a whooping total of 23!
Everyone earned 2 XP except Bolga who earned 3 XP as he defeated the enemy leader. Bolga also advanced to Level 5 and earned the Battlewise skill.
Undin rolled on the Flash of Insight table, but he didn’t earn anything. Makes sense, considering he didn’t do anything during combat.

As for Loot we found a set of Partial Armor, and at Unusual Finds we found a way to a new Location which I’ll disregard for now.
According to News Events I rolled that we had no event occuring this turn.

Session Summary

When I saw the enemy roll result as ‘Fog Born’ I was excited – on one hand it was going to be a difficult battle, on the other hand it was an excellent opportunity for me to use my (Ring)wraith miniatures. Since they all look kind of the same I decided to use the ones I got from Khurasan as the leader (different sculp range, different paint job) and the ones I got from Alternative Armies as the core troops. Five Leagues from the Borderlands really gives me a chance to use all of those miniatures I painted in the past few years.
At the battle layout I was scared that my troops might get outflanked and perish at the funnel tactic I chose. Nevertheless, the risk payed off, and with careful tactics, we managed to win without a single loss.
Now I’m even more excited for the next battle. I want to finish off the Whispers from Beyond Threat. To do this I will search for the Hideout and try to destroy it. If successful, this will leave a Camp of strugglers in the region, which I may target at any other point in time. Also I will need to revisit the Quest, and give it a second shot, but maybe I’ll do some contracts first to get some much needed gold and buy proper gear.