Miniatures pt74 – Golems and Hulking Beastman

Adding some monsters to my Five Leagues roster. Here are two Battle Valor Stone Golems that I’ve painted in a different scene to look more like Earth and Magma Golems or Elementals.

For the Earth Golem I went with a mostly gray tone with brown parts, washed it with Military Shader for a wet look and drybrushed white to bring back the highlights. Added tufts of grass and static grass on it for a more realistic feel like it broke out of the ground.

For the Magma golem I went with an inverse zenithal. White primed then drybrushed black as a base. Then did a yellow paint, crackle medium and burnt umber overbrushing.

Also a Hulking Beastman from Ral Partha Europe Demonworld range that reminded me a lot of the classic Amiga (and PC) game Moonstone, because of its similarity to the Baloks!

Stone Golem painted as Earth
Stone Golem painted as Magma
Hulking Beastman