A Call to Glory S02 – Mythras

Continuing at the same challenge in the Level 1 dungeon A Call to Glory from TSR’s Dragon Quest, introductory adventure game, this time using Mythras.
Mythras was Runequest 6, a setting-agnostic version (non Glorantha) of the Runequest RPG systems series. Mainly aimed at Bronze Age/Sword and Sandal settings, it can run pretty much everything as it is a generic system.
Unfortunately I don’t have Classic Fantasy supplement, which brings an OD&D feel to the table, that would be a perfect fit for this adventure, but I do have Mythras Companion that I will be using for it’s Tactical Combat section to run the turn & grid based combat.

I’ll be using a diverse party of 3 characters. I’ll try to include as many different demihuman races and careers as possible to have a party that can deal with most tasks.

I’ll be rolling normally for my characters, but if someone comes up too weak, I’ll reroll from the start. Since I don’t want to waste too much time on character backgrounds and such, I will be using the pyramid skill allocation method from Mythras Companion, to get faster chargen. Also I’ll be quite free when choosing magic spells and combat styles, as I don’t want to spend time in world design.

For the enemies, I’ll be using Mythras Encounter Generator so if something comes up as too unbalanced, it might have to do with the author’s intent.

The Party

I went ahead and uploaded them to Roll20.

  • Khari, a Dwarf Warrior
  • Malgali, an Elf Sorcerer
  • Eanfric, a Human Ranger

The Adventure

The heroes have been called before Gustovan, the Burgomaster of Torlynn. Torlynn is a small village set in a quiet, hilly area near the mountains. The heroes have lived here for many years and think of Torlynn as home. Gustovan is known as a wise and kind mayor.
He asks of the heroes to go explore the old, abandoned, dwarven, iron mine, because strange lights and sounds come from within. They’re to find out if there is something wrong there or if the reports are false.

The heroes enter the dungeon. It’s entrance is a rough cavern, cut from the stone long ago by dwarves. They check their weapons and start down into the mine, with the wind blowing in their backs.

Note: again I have to warn the reader that there are huge mechanics text blocks. Mythras combat is very detailed, so I'm giving the reader an opportunity to read this as an example, or just skip it and jump to the narrative sections.

Some Notes on the Combat System: In Mythras each combatant has an Action Points (AP) pool, reset at the start of each Round, that they can spend to perform Proactive (e.g. Attacking) or Reactive (e.g. Parrying) Actions. Once these are spent, the combatant is at the mercy of the opponent who can attempt to attack unopposed (if they have any remaining APs). In general this is supposed to resolve both the multiple opponents and the multiple attacks mechanisms often found in RPGs. Because having more than 2 APs (the average) can be unbalancing, there’s an optional rule (that I won’t be using) to make APs fixed to 2 for everyone. Each combat Round is divided in Cycles, where each combatant takes Turns, spending their APs, until none remains. I’ll be writing the APs in (parentheses) next to each combatant name prior to them spending one).
Combat resolution is similar to Hârnmaster, with opposed Differential Rolls (compare the Success Levels-SL of each combatant) with some differences. The major differences are the Special Effects-SE (for each SL difference, the combatant gains a Special Effect that they can use) and Hit Locations with their own Hit Points. There’s tons more rules for combat and I hope that I can work them all in the game slowly as I learn, playing both sides.
Also according to Tactical Combat rules, it’s Action first, Move later, which has a very specific aspect in combat.

A. Tunnel

Wandering monster check: None

The wind fades away as the heroes move into the mine. A long tunnel leads onward, to the next room.

B. The First Lair

Name Initiative
Eanfric 17
Malgali 17
Khari 18
Goblin 10
Kobold 14

Round 1 Cycle 1

Khari (3) Moves closer to Kobold
Malgali (2) Prepares to Cast Magic (Wrack)
Eanfric (3) Loads his Shortbow
Kobold (2) Moves to Khari to Engage
Goblin (2) Moves to Eanfric to Engage

Round 1 Cycle 2

Khari (2) attacks Kobold: 68: Success: Kobold (1) Parries: 27: Success: Attack Parried
Malgali (1) Casts Wrack on Kobold: (Intensity 8, Range 1): 16: Success: Hit: Left Arm: Damage: 2: HP: 1/3: Minor Wound (no effect)
Eanfric (2) Shoots his Shortbow to Goblin: 87: Failure
Kobold (0) Takes no action
Goblin (1) attacks Eanfric: 5: Success: Eanfric (1): Parries: 25: Success: Attack Parried

Round 1 Cycle 3

Khari (1) attacks Kobold: 27: Success: SE: Maximize Damage: Hit: Right Leg: Damage: 9: HP: -4: Major Wound: Kobold is down

Round 2 Cycle 1

Eanfric (3) Readies Sword & Dagger
Malgali (2) Prepares to Cast Magic (Wrack)
Khari (3) Moves to flank Goblin
Goblin (2) attacks Eanfric: 76: Failure

Round 2 Cycle 2

Khari (2) Delay
Eanfric (2) attacks Goblin: 82: Failure
Malgali (1) Casts Wrack on Goblin: (Intensity 8, Range 1): 18: Success: Hit: Chest: Damage: 6: HP: 0: Serious Wound: Endurance: 6: Success
Khari (2) attacks Goblin: 7: Critical Success: Goblin (1) Parries: 92: Failure: SE: Maximize Damage & Choose Location (Chest): Damage: 9: HP: -8: Major Wound: Goblin is down

As the heroes enter the room, they notice a couple of beds. Probably used to be the miners’, but now they have new occupants. A kobold and a goblin get up, pick their weapons and attack.
Eanfric pulls his bowstring while aiming an arrow at the goblin that closes in on him, his shot misses and the goblin hacks at him, but he uses his bow to parry the attack.
Khari brings his battleaxe towards the kobold, only to be blocked by the monster’s club, while Malgali, unopposed speaks some words in an unknown language, and tendrils of dark energy flash towards the kobold’s left arm, bruising him. Khari follows up on his previous attack, this time unopposed as the kobold isn’t fast enough to stop him. His battle axe strikes with such strength that the kobold’s right leg is hacked off. Blood speweing everywhere, the monster is down, soon to be dead.
Eanfric drops his bow and draws his sword and dagger. Hoping to get a hit on the ranger while he’s still distracted, the goblin attempts to attack, but misses. Eanfric’s attack with the sword fails as well.
Malgali starts chanting again in unknown words, as Khari closes in at the goblin. Malgali’s spell hits the goblin right on the chest. The creature screams in pain as black tendrils bounce along his body. Khari gets the opening he needed and in spite of his opponent’s futile attempt to fight him off, he aims and hacks his opponent’s ribcage. The goblin is dead in a gory display.
The heroes search the room and find a long sword and a belt among the rubble.

Okay a side note here. You’re supposed to draw randomly two equipment cards from the dragon quest equipment deck. This is my second play, and I drew exactly the same two cards as in the first play. Weird odds, just wanted to share.

C. Jagged Cavern

Wandering monster: None

Nothing of interest in this narrow cut cavern in the stone. Only the occasional splashing of water driping from the ceiling.

D. Orc Lair

Name Initiative
Eanfric 22
Malgali 19
Khari 11
Orc 15

Round 1 Cycle 1

Eanfric (3) attacks Orc: 62: Success: Orc (2) parries: 62: Failure: SE: Flurry: Hit: Chest: Damage: 0: –
Flurry Eanfric (2) attacks Orc: 3: Critical Success: Orc (1) parries: 41: Success: SE: Bleed: Hit: Chest: Damage: 0: –
Malgali (2) Prepares to Cast Magic (Bypass armor)
Orc (0): No action
Khari (3): attacks Orc: 2: Critical Success: SE: Maximize Damage & Sunder: Hit: Left Arm: Damage: 9: HP: -4: Serious Wound

Round 1 Cycle 2

Eanfric (1) attacks Orc: 89: Failure
Malgali (1) Casts Bypass armor on Khari: 3: Critical Success
Khari (2) attacks Orc: 14: Success: SE: Bleed: Hit: Left Leg: Damage: 9: HP: -3: Serious Wound: Endurance: 19: Fail: Prone

Round 1 Cycle 3

Khari (1) attacks Orc: 47: Success: SE: Choose Location (Left Leg): Hit: Left Leg: Damage: 7: HP: -10: Major Wound: Orc is down

As soon as the heroes enter this small room, the stench of rotten meat fills their nostrils. With their infravision they make out an orc figure as they close in to engage.
Eanfric steps forward and with a flurry of strikes, sword and dagger, he tries to harm the creature, which parries both his attacks. Khari brings his axe to the left arm of his occupied opponent, seriously wounding it. Eanfric tries again to find an oppening, but he can’t.
Malgali casts another spell and this time the magical energies weave themselves around the edge of Khari’s battle axe. Khari attacks again the orc, hacking his left leg, causing severe bleeding to the orc as it falls prone. He follows up with a finishing strike to the leg of his downed opponent, severing it completely, as the creature screams in pain and dies out.
The dwarf notices a loose stone slab on the floor. Pushing it aside he finds a bag of gold, probably spoils belonging to the defeated orc.

E. Trapped Room

Khari: Evade: 19: Success

A small empty room, with a funny smell. Black ash and soot cover the floors and walls. A steel door with an iron handle sits in the middle of the floor.
As the dwarf tries to open the door he hears a clicking noise. He’s fast enough to avoid a jet of greek fire, that lets of to his head. Thanking his quick reflexes he opens the trapdoor, but it was just a trap as behind it is only rock.

F. Gnoll Lair

Name Initiative
Eanfric 13
Malgali 18
Khari 14
Gnoll 14

Round 1 Cycle 1

Malgali (2) Prepares to Cast Magic (Damage Resistance)
Khari (3) attacks Gnoll: 79: Success: Gnoll (2) parries: 64: Failure: SE: Bleed: Hit: Right Leg: Damage: 3(3): HP: 4: Minor Wound
Gnoll (1) attacks Khari: 60: Success: Khari (2) parries: 93: Failure: SE: Bleed: Hit: Head: Damage: 5(0): No damage
Eanfric (3) attacks Gnoll: 8: Critical Success: SE: Impale & Maximize Damage: Hit: Head: Damage: 8(6): HP: 1: Minor Wound

Round 1 Cycle 2

Malgali (1) casts Damage Resistance on shelf
Eanfric (2) tries to pull impaled weapon free: 66: Failure
Khari (1) attacks Gnoll: 85: Failure

Round 1 Cycle 3

Eanfric (1) tries to pull impaled weapon free: 68: Failure

Round 2 Cycle 1

Malgali (2) Dither
Khari (3) attacks Gnoll: 64: Success: Gnoll (2) parries: 67: Failure: SE: Choose location (Head): Damage: 5(5): HP: -4: Endurance: 5: Critical Success
Gnoll (1) attacks Eanfric: 13: Success: Eanfric (3) parries: 44: Success: attack parried
Eanfric (2) tries to pull impaled weapon free: 98: Failure

Round 2 Cycle 2

Malgali (1) Dither
Khari (1) attacks Gnoll: 45: Success: SE: Choose location (Head): Damage: 8(8): HP: -12: Major wound: Gnoll is down

The heroes enter a room and a dozen of small insects buzz past them. Biting flies are everywhere. A large furred gnoll is sharpening his Mangar, and as he sees them attacks.
Malgali starts chanting his magic, in the rear, as Khari enters the fray and strikes the gnoll past his defense, scratching his right leg. The gnoll strikes back, hitting Khari at the head, but the helmet protects him. As the two of them are locked in combat, Eanfric thrusts his sword blade into the head of his opponent, and impales it into the side of his skull. The towering creature is still fighting.
Malgali casts his protective magic, and a vague aura of darkness surrounds him.
Eanfric tries to pull out the blade from this enemy, but it’s stuck, and he fails again and again.
Khari takes a wild swing that misses, but follows up with a hit to his opponents head, as it is an easy target while being locked with Eanfric’s blade. The gnoll whimpers and curses in his language, but withstands the hit. It tries to harm Eanfric, to get him to let go, but he’s too restricted and in pain to be able to do it.
Eanfric still can’t pull out his sword, as Khari puts the creature out of its misery with a decapitating hit on the neck. The gnoll’s head would have flied away if it weren’t still skewered by Eanfric’s blade.
Putting his foot to the head, Eanfric finally frees up the sword.
Searching the creature, they find an invigorating honey-like potion. Malgali recognizes it for a potion of healing. Kur’s Drink. They decide to keep it in case they need it later.

G. Empty Room

Wandering Monster Check: No monster

I decide no to search the pile of dirt in the room.

The heroes go through a rough room like a cave, a small pile of dirt is at one corner of the room. The party moves onward.

H. Broken Room

Khari evade: 11: Success
Eanfric evade: 39: Success
Malgali evade: 8: Success

As the party goes through this large chamber cut from the stone, they notice the walls and ceiling are cracked, and huge chunks of stone have fallen on the floor. Their vibrations cause some more to fall as they pass through, but they avoid it without harm.

I. Narrow Tunnel

Name Initiative
Eanfric 21
Malgali 14
Khari 11
Orc 7

Round 1 Cycle 1

Eanfric (3) readies short bow
Malgali (2) Prepares to Cast Magic (Wrack)
Khari (3) delay & move
Orc (2) attacks khari: 21: Success: Khari (3) parries: 24: Success: attack parried

Round 1 Cycle 2

Eanfric (2) readies short bow
Malgali (1) Casts Magic (Wrack): Hit Location: Right Leg: Damage: 7: HP: -1: Serious wound: Endurance: 91: Failure: Orc Prone
Khari (2) attacks Orc: 14: Success: Orc (1) parries: 77: Failure: SE: Bleed: Left Arm: Damage: 9: HP: -4: Serious Wound: Endurance: 40: Success: Left arm useless

Round 1 Cycle 3

Eanfric (1) shoots Orc: 15: Formidable Success: SE: Impale: Right Leg: Damage: 4(1): HP: -2
Khari (2) attacks prone Orc: 1: Critical Success: SE: Maximize Damage & Bleed: Endurance: 73: Failure: Bleeds: Left Arm: Damage: 10: HP: -14: Major wound: Orc is down

The heroes find another narrow tunnel. They go through in a single file, the dwarf in front, the elf in the middle, and the thief in the rear. Suddenly the door at the end of the hall swings open, and a foul orc, lifts its gleaming black axe and marches towards them.
The heroes in single file, Khari in front, followed by Eanfric who readies his bow with an arrow, and Malgali who starts chanting a wracking spell. The orc and Khari meet, and the dwarf parries his enemy’s blow. The dark magic flies away from Malgali’s hands, and hit the orc in the right leg. The supernatural wound and pain is such, that the monster drops prone to the floor. Khari finds the opportunity to strike, and hits it’s left arm, wounding it severly.
Eanfric finds the opening, and in spite of the fray, his arrow is impaled into the same leg. The orc screams in pain, but not for long. Khari follows up with another axe strike at his downed opponent, hacking off his left arm. The orc passes out due to shock, only to bleed out a while later.
Khari takes the black axe of his opponent. The craftsmanship isn’t orcish, and he intends to put it to good use.

J. The Story Room

I’m not rolling a wandering monsters check since the next room has a major fight.

The heroes enter a large chamber that has been polished smooth. Ancient dwarvish runes are carved into the walls. Khari reads them out aloud. They tell of the story of the digging of the mine and the work that the dwarves did there. Near the end, it mentions that the dwarves found a vein of glowing iron unlike anything they had seen before. They mined this strange ore, which they called eisenmond and found they could make weapons of great magic with it.
As they mined for more eisenmond they discovered some dark and evil secret about the mountain, without saying anything more than that they packed up and left overnight.
The story ends by saying that they left behind a large nugget of eisenmond which glowed brighter than the rest, in the care of someone called the Stone King.
The heroes realize that this is the key to the secret of the mountain, and what Gustovan sent them there to find.

K. The Iron Mine

Name Initiative
Eanfric 22
Malgali 19
Khari 19
Goblin 9
Gnoll 8
Kobold 18
Orc 14

Round 1 Cycle 1

Eanfric (3) Ready Sword & Dagger
Malgali (2) Prepare Magic (Dullblade-Orc)
Khari (3) Charge Gnoll: 79: Hard Failure
Kobold (2) move to Khari
Orc (2) move to Malgali
Goblin (2) move to Eanfric
Gnoll (2) attack Khari: 61: Success: Khari (2): Parry: 42: Success: Attack parried

Round 1 Cycle 2

Eanfric (2) attacks Goblin: 40: Success: Goblin (1) parries: 56: Failure: SE: Bleed: Hit Location: Right Arm: Damage: 1: HP: 2: Minor Wound: Endurance: 30: Failure, bleeds
Malgali (1): Casts Magic (Dullblade-Orc): 21: Success
Khari (1) wards location, attacks gnoll: 53: Success: Gnoll (1) parries: 23: Success: Attack parried
Kobold (1) attacks Khari: 31: Success: SE: Choose location (Head): Damage 1(0): No damage
Orc (1) attacks Malgali: 67: Failure

Round 1 Cycle 3

Eanfric (1) attacks Goblin: 31: Success: SE: Bleed: Hit Location: Right Leg: Damage: 8: HP: -4: Major Wound: Goblin is down

Round 2 Cycle 1

Eanfric (3) moves to Kobold
Malgali (2) attacks Orc: 80: Failure
Khari (3) attacks Gnoll: 80: Success: Gnoll (2) parries: 22: Success
Kobold (2) attacks Khari: Khari doesn’t parry: Success: SE: Choose Location (Head): Damage: 2(0): No Damage
Orc (2) attacks Malgali: 3: Critical Success: Malgali (1) parries: 68: Failure: Choose Location & Maximize Damage: Damage: 7(0): No Damage (Damage Resistance)
Gnoll (1) attacks Khari: 3: Critical Success: Khari (2) parries: 83: Success: SE: Bypass armor: Hit Location: Right Leg: Damage: 6: HP: -1: Serious Wound: Endurance: 39: Falls Prone

Round 2 Cycle 2

Eanfric (2) attacks Kobold: 97: Failure
Khari (1) attacks Gnoll: 39: Hard Success: SE: Choose Location (Head): Damage: 9(7): HP: 0: Serious Wound: Endurance: 78: Failure: Gnoll is down
Kobold (1) attacks Khari: 24: Success: SE: Choose Location (Head): Damage: 4(2): HP: 3: Minor Wound
Orc (1) attacks Malgali: 89: Failure

Round 2 Cycle 3

Eanfric (1) attacks Kobold: 78: Failure

Round 3 Cycle 1

Eanfric (3) attacks Kobold: 15: Success: Kobold (2) Parries: 42: Failure: SE: Flurry: Hit Location: Abdomen: Damage: 6: HP: -1: Serious Wound: Endurance: 29: Failure: Kobold is down
Malgali (2) Delay
Khari (3) readies crossbow
Orc (2) attacks Malgali: 1: Critical Success: SE: Maximize Damage & Bypass armor: Hit Location: Left Arm: Damage: 10: HP -6: Major Wound: Luck Point Spend: Serious Wound: HP: -3

Round 3 Cycle 2

Eanfric (2) Moves to Orc
Malgali (1) Delay
Khari (2) loads crossbow
Orc (1) attacks Eanfric: 10: Success: Eanfric (1) parries: Success: Attack parried

Round 3 Cycle 3

Khari (1) loads crossbow

Round 4 Cycle 1

Eanfric (3) attacks Orc: 70: Success: Orc (2) Parries: 94: Failure: SE: Flurry: Hit Location: Head: :Damage: 8(0): No Damage
Flurry: Eanfric (2) attacks Orc: 70: Success: Orc (1) Parries: 46: Success: Attack Parried
Malgali (2) attacks Orc: 81: Failure
Khari (2) shoots crossbow: 76: Hard Failure: Hits Eanfric: Hit Location: Chest: Damage: 7(5): HP: 1: Minor Wound

Round 4 Cycle 2

Eanfric (1) attacks Orc: 4: Critical Success: SE: Bypass Armor & Maximize Damage: Hit Location: Right Leg: Damage: 8(8): HP: -2: Endurace: 74: Failure: Orc is prone
Malgali (1) attacks Orc: 20: Success: SE: Choose Location: Right Leg: Damage: 7(4): HP: -6: Major Wound: Orc is down

Khari: Kurs Drink: 2d4: 3: Head completely healed, Leg, minor wound
Malgali: Kurs Drink: 2d4: 6: Left arm: minor wound
Eanfric: Kurs Drink: 2d4: 4: Chest: minor wound

The heroes enter a vast chamber that is roughly carved and still being worked. Small veins of iron ore still line the walls. Four monsters work the mine, and as they see the party they howl and attack.
Considering the close quarters, Eanfric drops his bow and draws his sword and dagger, while Malgali aims at the orc and prepares to cast some spell. Khari charges, and tries to hit a gnoll, letting off a war cry, but the momentum is too high, and not having calculated the steps correctly, he misses.
The kobold, orc and goblin each close up to the dwarf, elf and the human respectively, while the gnoll attacks the charging dwarf, his attempt parried.
Eanfric, the ranger slashes at the goblin, who fails to stop his attack. The strike finds the goblin’s right arm, which starts bleeding profusely.
Malgali’s spell goes off and the orc’s axehead edge becomes duller than normal, this doesn’t stop the orc from attacking the sorcerer, but the elf avoids the hit.
Khari, against two foes, locks his shield in place to ward his left side, and attacks the gnoll, who parries his attack. The kobold strikes the dwarf, aiming high, above the shield, and hits the dwarf’s head. But doesn’t do any harm.
Eanfric slashes at the goblin again, hits the leg, and the broadsword hacks off the entire limb. Bleeding out, the goblin falls. Having no opponent, Eanfric moves in to assist the dwarf who is against double odds.
The elf tries to hit the orc with his stuff, and fails. The orc, laughs and attacks the sorcerer, but the dark protective aura, block the strike, and the orc startled, causes no harm.
Khari keeps on fighting against the kobold and the gnoll. His attack against the hyena-man is blocked and the kobold delivers another weak hit to his head. This is enough to get him off his guard, the gnoll attacks him once more with a swift blow. He parries, but his enemy has found the opening he needs, and strikes his leg, in an unarmored joint. The wound is serious, and the dwarf cries out and falls prone.
The ranger frantically tries to help his downed friend, by taking the attention away, and attacks the kobold, but doesn’t score a hit.
The dwarf doesn’t seem to need any help. From his prone state, he lashes out with all his strength, and delivers his black axe to the gnoll’s head. The hit is so strong, that the gnoll, falls down, unconcsious.
The kobold hits again the dwarf, this time, the club, manages to bruise his thick skull a little. Fazed the ranger misses again the little humanoid.
The orc swings his axe again at the sorcerer, but Malgali evades the attack.
Now Eanfric has the kobold’s attention, he thrusts his sword, but the little creature can’t avoid it. He hits it right in the belly, and it drops in pain with a serious wound.
Khari, with his leg wounded, can’t move to help Malgali. Instead he pulls out his crossbow strapped in his back, and begins to load it with a bolt.
The orc attacks the elf, and this time he notices the dark protective aura and avoids it. His axe, hacks at the elf’s left arm, and only by sheer luck, it’s not completely cut off. The elf screams for help, and the ranger is quick to oblige. He attacks the orc, who parries his blow.
He attacks again, and this time he hits the tough steel helmet on the orc’s head. He follows up with another strike from his dagger, but the orc is quick to intercept it. Malgali tries to hit the orc with his staff from the flank, but the whole chaos in melee, makes him dither and he fails to land a hit.
Khari has finally cocked his crossbow, and he shoot. Alas he misses, and as the three combatants are in melee, he hits Eanfric right in the chest. Thankfully the padded armor reduced some of the impact, and Eanfric can keep fighting. He attacks again, the orc unable to defend so quickly, and finds an unarmored spot on his right leg, mangling it. His leg useless, the orc falls to the floor.
His opponent down, Malgali brings his staff with full strength on the same wounded leg, and the orc passes out in pain.
They each take a turn of drinking a sip from the healing potion, and soon they’re back in proper fighting shape. Malgali can use his arm again and Khari can walk. Unfortunately the potion is now empty.
Searching through their opponents belongings, they find a cool silver ring, and a coil of rope. The ranger takes them both.

L. Tunnel of Death

Khari: Perception: 90: Failure
Khari: Evade: 3: Critical Success
Malgali: Evade: 62: Failure
Eanfric: Evade: 29: Success
Trap: 20: Success: Hit Location: Chest: Damage: 7(5): HP: 2: Minor Wound

The heroes enter a smooth and straight tunnel. The floor is marked with the dark stains of dried blood. As they reach the door to the other side, Khari fails to detect a mechanism, that upon opening the door, releases several rocks to their heads. The dwarf and the human avoid them, but the elf is hit on the shoulders, and is bruised.

M. Mysterious Fountain

In the center of the room is a stone fountain, carved in the image of a large dragon that coils around itself and sprays water out of its mouth. The water lands in a polished stone pool that has been cut into the floor around the statue. The air is sweet with the smell of fresh water. The heroes drink from the water to quench their thirst, and in a magical way, all their wounds and fatigue disappear.
They look around the room and see that there are no more doors, and it appears to be the end of the mine. But knowing that they haven’t found either the Stone Kind or the large lump of eisenmond, they start searching for a secret door.

Wandering Monster check: No monster

Khari: Perception: 62: Failure
Malgali: Perception: 21: Success

They find the secret door.

N. Sloping Passage

The tunnel has been cut downards at a sharp angle. Walking down is very dangerous, but with the rope, the heroes descend it with great care.

O. The Eisenmond Mine

The heroes finally enter a rough stone chamber, with flakes of a mysterious glowing ore flickering in the walls, floor and ceiling, making the dark walls shimmer like a starry night.
In the center, sitting on a small stone pedestal, is a short statue carved from a single granite block. It depicts a dwarf with a pick and other mining gear, missing it’s head which is tossed in the corner. The head sports a rusty crown, fashioned from iron, The statue’s hands are open and held out as if it was holding something.

Okay, so here’s a puzzle concerning players and not characters, but it can be resolved with Int checks, which I will test.

Khari: Insight: 63: Failure
Eanfric: Insight: 21: Success: He finds a secret compartment with two nuggets of eisenmond, that fit perfectly on the eye sockets of the statue’s head.
Malgali: Insight: 76: Failure

Khari: Insight: 82: Failure: Luck Point: 68: Failure
Eanfric: Insight: 28: Failure: Luck Point: 44: Failure
Malgali: Insight: 77: Failure: Luck Point: 4: Critical Success: He considers placing the head back on the statue.

Searching around for secret doors, Eanfric finds a small compartment in the pedestal that contains two nuggets of eisenmond. His keen senses tell him that they fit perfectly to the head, and he proceeds to place them there.
The party looks at the head. Then Malgali decides to re-assemble the statue.
As soon as the statue is assembled, a strange light fills the room. The stone body of the statue glows and the mouth moves slowly. In a voice deep and old as the mountain around, the statue speaks.
It says about how the mine belongs to the dwarves, and how good it is that the heroes have arrived because a great evil has tainted the spirit of the place. The priceless magical stone called the Eisenkern was stolen, and along with it, the power to trap the beast that lives at the heart of the mountain. If the Eisenkern is not returned, that terrible beast will be freed, and a horrible evil will come upon all who dwell in these lands.

Ending the Adventure

The heroes return and report their story to Gustovan, who seems troubled by it. He rewards them and takes thought of the matter.

The System

When I played Hârnmaster last session, I made a false statement. That Mythras was less detailed. That was incorrect. Mythras is the most detailed tactical rpg combat system I’ve played.
It includes mechanics to cover almost any possibility, and takes all the factors into account.
There are even more layers to detail in combat which I could not bring myself to monitor and since they were optional I decided not to use, namely the Weapon Reach rules, which are very interesting, but I don’t think it would be possible for me to run in solo party combat.
To manage to run everything I used Roll20, and even so there were times I did mistakes and had to double back to a previous point. I’m certain I made mistakes that I still am not aware of. One major mistake I did was regarding opposed non-differential rolls, where I was under the impression (as is in Hârnmaster) that the lower successful number wins at ties, but in Mythras the opposite is true (which also makes more sense).

Some major points regarding the system:
The Action Points, Round and Cycles mechanic is brilliant. That was very hard for me to bookkeep as a solo player, but I imagine that in group play, that won’t be an issue, especially with the use of tokens and such. I really liked how you have to consider if you’re gonna parry, ward location, delay or anything similar, and how it will affect the flow of the entire battle. For example when the fast ranger, Eanfric, who also had a high initiative, managed to score a hit, his flurry trait really helped to do a follow up attack, forcing his enemy to spend his entire action points pool at the start of the round, and rendering him defenseless to follow up attacks from other party members during the round.
The deadliness of the combat is even higher than in Hârnmaster. If the attacker chooses their special effects carefully, they can overcome any possible defense. I loved how when the orc realized the magical armor of the sorcerer, he could bypass it. Going through the possible special effects was time consuming as a solo player, and it can also be unbalancing (though I did not have that issue), but it’s the most profound trait of Mythras, and one it does best.
Finally the hit locations with hit points. This all can be very hard to keep track of as solo. It’s great, because you get to try to protect your own wounded parts, and aim for the enemy’s wounded parts as well, to end combat faster, but I was finding hard to do even with Roll20.
I found the pyramid skill build option very fast compared to previous chargens I had made where I was slowly choosing skills. Also it helped a lot in fleshing out the characters I had in mind.
Magic is absolutely great. There are Five types of magic in the core rules, and despite not having a High magic equivalent (which is in Classic Fantasy I presume, but in core rules I had to use Sorcery), I really enjoyed it. Just when I was afraid Sorcery is overpowered, with the Damage Resistance spell, I read that Bypass Armor special effects works on magical protection as well. That was great!

Overall I loved Mythras, but unfortunately it’s on the really hard part to do solo. I doubt it would be possible to maintain a solo adventure with multiple party combats, before it becomes tiring. It can be done, but it’s not the best solution. Mythras is aimed to group play where the tactical options are played out like mixing chess with RPGs.

What about the Dungeon Crawl?

The Luck Point meta economy and magical healing options, help the party recover quickly. Also some good tactical options, can help the heroes defeat waves of foes in the closed quarters that is a dungeon.
Ganging up and flanking oppoents is very strong, so the tactical positioning is even more important than in other game systems. Combat with multiple opponents does not entail a bonus or penalty to attack rolls, but instead, the accumulated Actions, can expend the outnumbered combatant’s Action Points quickly, and leave him unable to respond to all the attacks. I found that whenever my heroes had the numbers advantage, the battle ended very quickly, whereas in the last battle which was one to one, it came close to a dangerous end.
Mythras lends itself nicely to dungeon crawling, and I’m curious to try out Classic Fantasy in the future, in another attempt to solo it.


Mythras remains on my list of favorite RPGs, but it’s very hard to solo, due to the immense amount of details included. There are several parts of it that can fit well with Hârnmaster, and I could see myself mixing the two systems in the future.
Combat felt fast, and there were very few occasions where nothing happened, which is important to me, as it keeps things interesting.
Due to the strong and mind taxing amount of details, bookkeeping and rules, I decided to abandon any RPGfication of the adventure, and focused on the tactical board game elements instead.