Miniatures pt47 – The Freakshow

Continuing on some eligible for Five Parsecs, either as crewmen or as enemies, here’s some Ral Partha Mercenaries, “The Freakshow” from their Critical Mass Range.

These were from the first Critical Mass figures I’ve ordered and I reached the wrong conclusion as to their scale. The range is closer to true 15mm rather than 1:100, just some of them are bigger than average and fit well with my Alternative Armies minis. But the Bounty Hunter and the Bug-eyed alien are clearly smaller – and this is the main size of the range.

I didn’t paint the tailed alien as I have decisions to make as to their basing. Either go with a cavalry base, or do some cutting/bending. So here are four out of five of the mercs.

Skullface Cyborg
Squidface McGee
Bug-eyed Bill
Bounty Hunter