Rogue Fists – Ep5

With Marie out on personal business, the rest of the crew runs various tasks.
The new member, Aurquan, the engineer, proves his usefulness by repairing a damaged ripper sword. Atrin is very happy to equip himself with. His enemies, not so.
He flashes it around, as he goes to find a good trade deal. No wonder, that some shady folks passed a kill warrant to him. The mark is some pirate from the Flamin Suns crew. Aren’t all suns flaming?
Cyloo follows down his leads to find a job that pays well. The ship is still in debt.
He got two offers. One from Officer Binson, another from Taka-Byrn Cybernetics corp. The latter seemed the better choice, so he went back to the Hard Bargain to brief the crew.
The task seemed simple. Escort “Mr. Jones” to the Taka-Byrn’s safebox in Quain Sector. Someone wants him dead but Taka-Byrn wouldn’t say more. In any case it’s quite common for rival corps to hire criminal elements to do their bidding. This was a strict two-people only mission, as decoys would be sent and it’s best to lay low to avoid odds.
As the Rogue Fists approached, they heard the sound of grav bikes. A handful of Flamin Suns pirates disembarked in the opposite side. Their leader pointed to the rogue fists. The four of them were armed with rifles, but one of them was sporting a heavy shell gun.
Mr Jones dashed for the safebox, staying out of enemy LOS, while Cyloo and Atrin headed to the west wall for cover. The pirates moved forward, shooting and only hitting the wall. Cyloo kills the pirate with the shell gun while another one tries to circle around the safebox. Atrin takes whiff of him, and goes back and blasts a hole through hist chest with his hand cannon.
Two pirates down, a third one flees, and the odds now are equal. Mr Jones reaches the safebox, but he punches in the wrong code and needs to wait for a reset.
The pirates advance and shoot at Cyloo but once again, the wall proves to be a lifesaver for the Hakshan. Cyloo blasts down a pirate with his shotgun, while Atrin flanks them and finishes off the last of them. Mr Jones entered the safebox and the crew won the day.
Some trinkets and shiny bits on the battlefield, along with the excellent danger pay by Taka-Byrn, provided an influx of cash. Cyloo was too early to celebrate. During routine maintenance by Aurquan, the gravitational adjuster got knocked out of alignment. The ship is damaged and they need to fix it before going off planet.

Session Summary

Another session where the underdog was the winner.
These small-crew fights play really fast.
I’m considering returning to detailed posts for these, writing it down step by step. I think due to the small number of combatants this is feasible.