Rogue Fists – Ep4

Cyloo and Atrin spent a few days recovering from their injuries. Marie spent this time vetting possible crew hires. They reached an agreement with Aurquan, an Engineer.
Once introductions were finished, they decided together in the mess hall, what to do next. The Rogue Fists decided that, in memory of Dany, they should at least try to follow up on the only lead they had. The journalist friend’s, Carly Marte’s last known location prior to disappearing. Zorga was a small, low-profile community on the frozen north pole of the planet. They took the Hard Bargain and landed nearby. Marie stayed behind to guard the ship while the rest of the crew disembarked to investigate.
The community of Zorga was a mess. Blood trails leading everywhere, with no bodies to be found. The Rogue Fists unholstered their sidearms and held fast to their rifles. Movement was detected in the distance.
As they walked around the small structures carefully, they saw two alien life forms rampaging towards them. Sharp teeth in strong jaws. Claws moving up and down as the beasts charged towards them. Atrin aimed his Blast Rifle carefully. The shot found the xeno dead in the head, and it jumped forward motionless, still moving by inertia.
From the otherside the second monster headed towards Cyloo and Aurquan. Cyloo blasted it with his shotgun as it drew closer. It was ripped to pieces. Blood and gore everywhere. If he had paused for just one second, the beast would have torn him apart.
They looked around, cautiously, but no more creatures where to be found.
Searching through the buildings, they found a datapad that must have belonged to Carly. In between the notes, they found an excerpt stating that Maro had found the so-called hot information in Anith IV. Maybe they should head there to find what it was all about.
Among the structures, they collected whatever could help them in their quest. Some trinkets, things worth a few credits and a damaged handgun and a damaged ripper sword.
As they returned to the station, a message was waiting for them in the commpad. Wayne Nakada had introduced them to a new contact, Officer Rankenn Binson, working for the local government. Maybe it’s going to help having a few more friends, especially in the side of the law.
Marie looked at her private commpad. She notified Cyloo that she needed some personal time, to handle some shit that came up. As was expected, Cyloo agreed, and gave permission. They did survive those vent crawlers on their own without Marie after all… what’s a few more jobs without her? Anith IV would have to wait until Marie’s return though.

Atrin took out the first vent crawler with his blast rifle
Cyloo took out the last vent crawler next to it with his shotgun

Session Summary

The quick fight against the vent crawlers was fast and furious. I was lucky to have spawned on the longer side of my table, with some open distance between my crew and the vent crawlers, so I could make a couple shots count.
I’m getting a better feel of Five Parsecs as time goes by. It gives this Sci-Fi TV show feeling, where the session is a standalone episode. There is reference to previous episodes, and sometimes it can work into the narrative, but not necessarily continuously. Imagine a rival appearing in episode 3, and then again in 5 and 10. Imagine a story spanning in a few episodes, but in each episode the setting and theme are unique.
I think understanding this, will help me better visualize the narrative and the world that expands.