Rogue Fists – Ep2

Continuing from the previous session, I need to see what happens with the license due to the Interdiction world trait.

Interdiction: we obtained the license
Upkeep: -1 Credit
Ship Debt: Pay 8 credits, Debt increased by +1, for a total of -7 credits

Marie: Train: +1XP, Combat +1.
Cyloo+Atrin: Trade: A personal weapon, Medical Reserves
Dany: Track: Fail

Since I have a Quest (to be revealed) I decided to go ahead with it and not try to find a patron job. Nevertheless I need to check if any of my Rivals got the drop on me.

Check for Rivals: Rivals battle: Isolationists, Deployment Condition: Delayed (Atrin, Dany), Notable Sight: Curious Item: Can be sold for 1 credit, Brought Friends, 6 Enemies: Leader: Handgun+Blade, Handguns, Specialist: Hunting Rifle, Unique Individual: Hulker Brawler: Hand Cannon

Captain’s Log, Entry 2
I did spend an entire evening gathering the paperwork and trying to keep a straight face as the officer eyed me down when I exclaimed that “we don’t look for trouble, unless it comes looking”. Nakada must have put in a good word or two, because after a few calls, everything cleared. Seems he was happy to have us around.
Atrin and I hit the flee market looking to barter. We split as I went looking for weapons. Dany set off to find if trouble was looking for us, and Marie, heck, she hit the gym.
I scored a nice colony rifle, and caught up with Marie when something felt off. The street was awfully quiet. Marie nodded, pulled out her rifle, and affixed her bayonet. The girl means business.
Through her scope she identified some of the figures. It was Heson’s isolationists. Half a dozen with handguns, and some hulking fella with a mean demeanor.

Seized Initiative

2 against 7

We were severely outnumbered and took cover behind a power generator. I took one end while Marie the other. They moved under cover behind the crates but this hulker was in the open, looking ripe for a blast from my shotgun. He took it right in the face.
The rest continued, but I could see them among the crates, I waited for the right moment, and as one of their riflemen tried to flank us from a vantage point, I blasted him down. Scared shitless, one of them fled. Marie kept exchanging fire under cover, suppressing their advance.
Their lieutenant did the same mistake, and headed for the roof of the little control post, and I blasted him down. Marie held the other side, killing another isolationist.
A stray shot ripped apart some ducting, as Atrin and Dany joined us, a bag of hot dogs in their hands. No time to explain. We blasted the last of the enemy. Let’s hope the one that got away will warn them to never come near us again.

Session Summary

I was really afraid going in 2 against 7, but taking cover and being better armed and skilled (and aided by some good dice rolls) not only helped the Rogue Fists win the fight, but at no cost, and we even removed the rival from the list!
What will the next episode pit them against?