Rogue Fists – Ep1

So still skimming through the pdf rulebook, I’ve followed the steps required. First of all I had to generate the World I’m in. Again, donjon to the rescue. I decided to go with generating world traits, silly me, and I rolled up that there is a state of interdiction, and the Rogue Fists are approved to stay for only 1 turn, get a license or get out.

Following the steps is quite easy peasy. The rulebook is well layed out, and having played 5L extensively helps a lot as the concept is similar. Relying on this experience can have several hidden traps though, as I may incorrectly take some things for granted.

New World Generation: Interdiction: Only approved to stay 1 turn.
Pay Upkeep: -1 Credit
Ship Debt: +1 Credit

With only 4 party members, I spread them around the various tasks. Cyloo to find a patron job, Dany to explore, Atrin to trade and Marie to train.

Cyloo: Find a patron: Found 2 Patrons
Dany: Explore: I don't have a gambling problem: Discard 1 Scrap Pistol
Atrin: Trade: Hot Tip: +1 Rumor
Marie: Train: +1 XP
Patron 1 (old): Wealthy Individual (Wayne Nakada): Danger Pay: Max, This Campaign Turn, Benefits (Company Store), Hazards (Veteran Opposition)
Patron 2 (new): Private Organization (The Order of the Temporal Tower): Danger Pay: Max, This Campaign Turn, Hazards (Dangerous Job), Conditions (Demanding)
Quests: Quest Given
Rivals: No fight

So I choose to do the patron mission for Wayne Nakada, the odds seem a lot better.

Patron Job for Wayne Nakada: No deployment condition: Nothing Special: Deliver
5 Enemies (1 Lieutenant, 1 Specialist), No Unique Individuals
Hired Muscle: Roid Gangers (6 enemies total): Weapons: Scrap Pistol+Blade, Specialist: Shotgun

Captain’s Log.
4391 Canum VII. Such a slum. Word has it there are ample opportunities for making a quick credit. That is if you get the license to stay. The starport officials were adamant. You need a form 523C, signed and approved. I hope I’ll be able to acquire it. But there was no time to waste.
We gathered in the mess hall. I announced that I’d go to meet some people for potential job opportunities, and that the rest would be free to do as they pleased.
I met up with my old contact, Wayne Nakada, a wealthy businessman. I never was able to find out what exactly he traded in, but I know not to ask too many questions.
Wayne was too friendly. He wanted a package delivery to the Sleazy Barrel, a cantina in the Reincoor Badlands. He wouldn’t tell what the package is, just that there were others interested that might try to stop us. The pay was good. Too good to be true.
On my way back to the Hard Bargain, a cloaked figure blocked my way. I was about to draw my sidearm, but they made it clear that they meant no harm. The Order of the Temporal Tower they called themselves. They were looking for a crew to undertake a dangerous mission, but I had already shaken hands with Nakada and turned them down.
Back in the Hard Bargain we did a short briefing. I let the Fists know what we would do, and that it would pay well. They filled me in on their downtime. Marie had hit the gym, that girl would never rest. I guess being born in a war-torn hell hole leaves its marks on you. Atrin got a tip from a contact about a possible trail that we might want to follow, but there was no time right now, Nakada gave us a very short time frame. … and Dany, well he was skittish at first, so I talked to him one on one afterwards. He admitted to losing a pistol in a gamble. I didn’t scold him. Team cohesion is more important than a lousy scrap pistol.

I failed to Seize the Initiative, and the battle begins.

Battlefield setup
Marie found something interesting – Frakk Grenades!
Dany scores the first kill
The Roid gangers approach
The grenade hits on target – don’t mind the template, it’s 1″ short
4 birds with one stone
Dany makes the last kill shot

We reached the destination point. At the other side of the community, 6 burly, armed figures were approaching.
“Roid Gangers”, Dany said, in a soft voice.
“Get’em boys!” the leader of the gang screamed, and they charged towards us.
The community looked desolate. What few souls were already barred inside their houses, closed the shutters for that extra feeling of protection.
I signaled for Marie and Dany to take the Eastern side, while me and Atrin took the West. The gangers split at first, but due to the plaza-like opening in front of the cantina, soon, they gathered together.
We were outnumbered. The first shots we exchanged hit the void. Atrin took a shot at the gang leader, but his hand cannon barely hurt him. He fell back a bit and continued. Dany peeked out from the corner behind the cantina and shot a ganger down, burning him with his laser.
Aggressively, they moved on, and took many shots at Atrin, whose cover in the side alley was looking now to be more of a death trap. I got shot too, and got knocked back behind my cover. Suddenly, as I was heads down, I felt the ground shake. A huge boom was heard. Peeking out, I saw four gangers blasted to smitherens, as Dany killed the last one with his laser.
I looked at Marie, standing next to me. “Found some ‘nades boss.” She said and shrugged.

Post battle:
No rivalry
9 Credits
+2 Credits for Battle Event
Battlefield find: Debris worth 2 credits
Loot: Assault blade
Benefit: 1 Quest Rumour
Purchase 1 Blade, Sell 1 Scrap Pistol
Campaign Event: The sector news networks are awash with rumors of war.
Character Event: Dany: You make some local friends.

The battlefield held no more surprises. Several credits worth were found among our enemies belongings. It is highly likely someone had hired them for the job, just as Wayne had hired us. I delivered the package in the cantina. A calm barwoman was waiting for me there. She nodded as she took the briefcase, and slided a small piece of paper towards me. “Information that you might find useful.” She said. “Mr Nakada conveys his thanks”.
We headed back to port, where news were flashing about the war fronts closing in on our world. I can only hope the front moves away.
The crew leaves for some well rewarded R&R, and Dany sleeps off at a …friend. I check our account and Wayne has already transfered the agreed upon amount. Excellent, now we may be able to repay some of the debt on the Hard Bargain.
Maybe 4391 Canum VII isn’t such a bad place to be after all. Maybe it’s worth it to get this license to stay.

Session Summary

Absolutely fun! Went in a fight outnumbered, and things were looking dire. Then, a grenade that *I found on the field due to a random event* goes BOOM! and it all changes in an instant.
The tables and rules framework are much more bare than 5 Leagues, so you can put your story on top with ease. I need to get acquainted with this part a bit, and it seems that some solo RPG skills, generators and oracles would come in handy here.
I’ve spent a bit more time here to set up the narrative than usual, but I think it will pay off in the future. I’m still learning the ropes, and looking forward to following the Quest that appeared.
I did a mistake or two here and there. The rulebook is at a whooping 182 pages, so skimming through the pdf, I lost a note or two here and there.
Looking forward to the next session. See if I can get that license to stay or need to leave the world, just I got on it.