Rogue Fists – Ep0

Having played more than a dozen Five Leagues from the Borderlands sessions, I wanted a change of theme, before continuing.
Extended lockdown has me mentally drained, so going back into my solo RPG is not an option right now.
It’s been a while since I had played with my sci-fi miniatures, and the Five Parsecs from Home (I’ll be calling it 5P for short) pdf had been sitting silently in my hard disk.

I had already decided to give it a shot, when the news hit: Modiphius would be publishing the latest edition of 5P!
New artwork and layout, a hardcopy pre-order with a free pdf and several new shiny changes.
You can find the announcement here.
As you may have already guessed, I went ahead and pre-ordered and I’m so glad I did.

The new layout is just beautiful and the artwork immerses you into the Unified Space world. As for the rule changes I can’t speak, since I hadn’t had a chance to play the previous editions, but from the history log, I really liked the smaller crew size option.
Right now I can’t commit to as many miniatures for sci-fi as I have in fantasy. A 2’x2′-2.5′ board is my standard table, so a smaller crew would fit so much better to my needs.

Several rolls on the random tables later, my starship crew was all set up. I used donjon to generate the necessary names, and with the basic information and flavors from 5P, I have the following.


Cyloo, a Hakshan refugee, growing up in a backwater world, Tian-Mu II. His skills and commitment to find the truth were an important factor in joining the local rangers. Soon he caught caught attention of Obur, the local crime lord and had to run.

Cyloo2403010Machine Pistol
Leader, Special Agent

Marie “Spacer” Tinez, a starship navigator, grew up in Humbaba Prime. She will never forget the countless waves of the Converted. Her planet was in war since before she was born, and they finally lost. Her CO, Captain Jerroy Heson, split off the rest of the fleet in a betrayal that cost them the war as the gap in the line could not be covered. The isolationists in the crew joined with Heson. Tinez and a few others tried to lead a mutiny, but they failed and not all of them managed to escape with their lives.

Marie2403102Auto Rifle
Starship crew

Atrin “Two Sights” Gonzal, grew up in Alkonost. A regressed planet where the Sky Children cult sends the toughest offspring as tribute slaves to pirates. Conscripted into the pirate ranks, Atrin managed to escape and from the hunted, he became the hunter… for a profit. He still wants revenge against Clase Rigers, the leader of the Sky Children. Sources have pinpointed him to the vicinity.

Atrin1504002Hand Cannon
Bounty hunter

Dany “Graver” Youghel, grew up in Moru III. Just a scoundrel, trying to make ends meet in a frontier gang. Life always was hard for him, and many times survival was balanced on the edge of a razor blade.

Dany1514000Infantry Laser, Camo Cloak
Rogue Fists

Together they’re known as the Rogue Fists. They met here and there, and after a few jobs together, they realized they should stick. Felt a lot safer knowing that they had each other’s eyes looking behind their backs. One way or another their defiance for the law, snap-back attitude (and a couple missions for freedom fighter groups) gave them a reputation of hardened rebels.

Their ship, Hard Bargain is a second hand vessel, built from salvaged wrecks. They still owe a hefty sum to pay it off.

So, we’ve got 6 story points, 2 Local Rivals, 1 Local Patron, a debt of 26 credits on the Hard Bargain, and 2 rumours.
In the stash there are 7 credits, 2 Shotguns, 2 Scrap Pistols, 1 Handgun, 1 Stimpack, 1 Stabilizer.

Looking forward to setting up the world and starting my first battle!