The Wardens of Gahyrst. Ep12.

Continuing my campaign, trying to clear out Eerfeld.

Campaign Turn

Village Events: Youthful Volunteer. I don’t need any more members, so I won’t take them in. If they had a chance for unusual backgrounds I might reconsider.
Pay Upkeep: I send away on Questing as Agents: Bruno, Alida and Frans.
Healing Up: Ardus -1RT=2RT
Ardus (supported by Evie): Visit the town healer: (6): -2RT=0RT. Healed
Gustav: Tracking: Failure
Roving Wanderer, Rudiger: Visit the Village Priest: Both gain +1 temporary Luck.
Where are we going: Go adventuring
Sell Unwanted Gear: Sell 2 Swords.
Trade: Nothing

Adventuring: Combat Encounter: Border Tension: Skirmishers: Attacked by Enemy: No leadership presence: No Personalities: 5 Skirmishers (1 Archer): 13″ apart: Didn’t Seize Initiative

Theme: Graveyard
Oddities: No oddities

The two sides meet in the graveyard
Evie and the Roving Wanderer take aim at the enemy
The two last skirmishers move forward
Ardus fights a skirmisher in close combat


Unusual Finds: Personal Items
Evie: +1 Toughness
Roving Wanderer: Nothing Gained
Loot: 11 GM
Threat: Border Tension Reduced to 1


I was in the inn, right after giving Bruno, Alida and Frans their tasks to Quest away, that a youth arrived. He must have barely turned 18, his hair free flowing in his face. Wanted to join the Wardens. I was honoured that our name has travelled through the land and people come seeking for us. But this was no time to send a young boy to his death, especially when our roster is full. I sent him back to his folks.

Ardus is healing well, and after another visit to the healing lady, she prepped him up with some herbs, and he got back to his feet. I think he will be able to join us adventuring.

Once this was done, I gathered the remaining Wardens in the inn. Gustav reported that despite his tracking efforts he didn’t manage to find any tracks of the enemy. Rudiger and the Roving Wanderer arrived late, seems they had visited the altar of Adeus for a blessing.

We geared up and went scouting the countryside. Everything was quiet. No outlaws, no dark cultists. Except for the keep, that we intend to clear out. Then suddenly, as we checked the graveyard outside the village for any signs of trouble, an arrow hit next to me. Looking in the distance I saw them. Lightly armed troops, wearing foreign colors. We immediately spread, to hit them on three fronts.

The Roving Wanderer hit the enemy archer with the first arrow shot, and I eliminated another one. Two of the remaining three advanced, while one fled to safety. Most likely he will inform his superiors of our existence. I took another shot and brought another skirmisher down, while Ardus cut the last enemy in half, in just one strike.

Searching through their belongins to find out who they were and what they were after, we found 11 Gold Marks and a trinket, not something of commercial value, most likely something personal. We held on to it for the future and headea back to Eerfeld.

Evie’s Journal, week 12

Session Summary

I made a mistake (which was corrected in the report). The order in which the threats are displayed in the reference sheet is not aligned to the order in which they are displayed in the enemies table of the rulebook. I must have made the same mistake more than once, and that’s why I hadn’t fought any Border Tension so far, and only met Dark Secrets and Outlaws. I realized after playing this battle, which I thought was against Renegades instead of Skirmishers. Thankfully the two entries are identical, mechanics wise, and only the presentation changes. I took note of it for the future.

Still my warband is pretty strong. With 6 members, I eliminated the enemy force of 5 renegades in two turns with no losses. As I said in my last session, I’m looking forward to clearing this village so that I can start working with some expansions (though I intend to clear the Bleak Keep as well before doing so). 1 Threat point left. We’re almost there!