The Wardens of Gahyrst. Ep11.

For this Five Leagues from the Borderlands session I’ll try a new journal style that might be easier to keep up with.
I’ll be writing the campaign turn mechanics and aftermath, as well as posting photos from the battle between them. But the narrative will be altogether in the end.

Since I was finding that my warband walks through encounters unchallenged, I will be trying some new optional rules. They will be posted later on in detail, and I’ll keep you updated. In sort, there will be a limit to how many Adventurers I can field, any excess (called Agents) will be sent of to quest on their own, with their whereabouts unknown until they return. If they stay in the village I’ll have to pay upkeep.

Campaign Turn

Village Events: Offerings of food and Ale. Seems I don’t have to pay upkeep costs. Maybe I’ll keep them in Eerfeld, safe and sound.
Healing Up: Ardus -1RT=5RT
Ardus (supported by Evie): Visit the town healer: (6): -2RT=3RT
Roving Wanderer: Forage for herbs: 1 Medical Herbs
Wigmar: Labor: +2GM
Where are we going: Go adventuring
Sell Unwanted Gear: Nothing sold
Trade: Nothing

Adventuring: Combat Encounter: Dark Secret: Fanatics: Encounter While Travelling: No leadership presence: No Personalities: 7 Fanatics (1 Archer): 13″ apart: Seized Initiative

Theme: Near a farm house
Oddities: Fleeting Encounter

The Roving Wanderer taking aim
Rudiger fighting the last Fanatic


Unusual Finds: Evidence (Dark Secret Camp)
Gustav: +1 Agility
Roving Wanderer: Nothing Gained
Loot: 6 GM, Longbow


This week there was a feast in Eerfeld. Saint Patron’s Adeus. The villagers seem to have found affinity to us, and with the outlaw threat eliminated, they’ve come with offerings of food and ale. I was about to send Bruno, Alida and Frans questing, but the villagers wanted them to stay. Truth is they could use the rest, and the villagers the extra feeling of protection.

I went to the healing lady with Ardus. He barely made it alive from the last battle, so I stayed and helped however I could with my knowledge of herbs. She seems to have taken a liking to my presence and no longer grimaces when I bring more wardens in need of her skills.

The rest of the wardens did some side tasks, foraging and helping with the fields, before we gathered and set off to prove once more to the villagers of Eerfeld that their trust in us is worth it.

It didn’t take long before we heard war cries from near a farm house. We drew our swords and bows. Dusk was falling, so the time was limited before we would lose the enemy in the darkness. Me and Gustav took one side of the farm house while Rudiger, Wigmar and another warden, the roving wanderer the other. The enemy made no effort to stay hidden. Screaming madmen, fanatics, charged furiously at us, but we were ready. Their menace was so great that it took me 3 arrows to bring the first one down. 7 of them alltogether, they were no match for us. I killed two, Rudiger and Gustav killed two more, while another was brought dead by the roving wanderer. What struck me as odd, was that they did not yield or flee, but stood to fight to their last drop of blood. Not that it made any difference, as we managed to clear the farm before nightfall.
We searched their belongings, finding a longbow, 6 gold marks along with a letter, signed from ‘Crerdieu, Host of the Bleak Keep’, and a crude map showing the keep, Eerfeld, and places they were looting. Maybe we should pay Crerdieu a visit.

Evie’s Journal, week 11

Session Summary

My warband is strong enough to defeat enemies coming their way. I really like the reduced numbers, which both give a challenge, and made the game faster. I’ll keep playtesting them. Looking forward to reducing the threast to Eerfeld to 0, and seeing how the game progresses, but I also want to clear the Bleak Keep before I do so.