The Wardens of Gahyrst. Ep08.

The session continues from the encounter I had rolled last time. The Terrain and Oddity rolls are a bit contrasting, so I try to combine them. I decide that it will be a cave with rocks cutting the battlefield in half, leaving only a few openings available. I try to make do with rocks (real ones, not DIY) and a vinyl playmat.


Cave Set Up

Turn 1:
Agility: 113344555

Evie: Shoots Smuggler: 5+1: Hit: 2: No wound
RW: Shoots Smuggler: 4+1: Hit: 1: No wound
Ardus: Dashes closer to Smugglers

Smugglers: Dash closer to Wardens
Evie: (Will): Shoots Smuggler: 1+1: Miss: Doesn’t run out of ammo due to Large Quiver

Evie and the Roving Wanderer shoot at the group of Smugglers closest to them, but the arrows miss, ricochetting off the rocks. As Evie shoots, for a moment she thinks she’s out of arrows. But the quiver is large, and she grabs another for the next shot.
The melee combatants close in, and the Wardens notice more Smugglers coming in from behind the rocky face.

Closing In

Turn 2:
Agility: 1122344566

Evie: Shoots Smuggler: 2+1: Hit: 4: Casualty


Rudiger: Attack Smuggler: 4+1/5: Draw:-
Wigmar: Attack Smuggler: 3/4: Defender Exchange, 6/2: Telling Blow: Exchange, 3/43: Draw:-
Ardus: Attack Smuggler: 4/3: Hit: 2+1: Wounded, Stunned, 5/32: Hit: 5+1: Casualty

Smuggler: Attack Ardus: 3/5: Hit: 4: Harm: 2: Stunned, 32/3: Hit: 1: Armor Save: 5/5: Draw:-
Smuggler: Attack Wigmar: 3/5: Hit: 2: Knock Back, Stunned, 62+2/5: Hit: 3: Harm: 3: Stunned, 53+2/4: Exchange:-

RW: Shoots Smuggler: 4: Miss
Evie: (Will): Shoots Smuggler: 2+1: Hit: 6: Casualty

Morale: 235: 1 Smuggler Flees

Evie aims carefully this time. Her arrow piercing through a Smuggler’s throat. The trio of Wardens charge at the solo Smuggler. He fends off Rudiger, then Wigmar, but Ardus scores a wound. The Warden follows up with a second blow, finishing him off.
The rest of the Smugglers catch up, and one of them charges at Ardus. His first strike stuns the Warden, but his second is blocked, and Ardus falls back a little.
Another Smuggler attacks Wigmar. He strikes with fury, hitting the scale armor, and knocking him back a few yards. He follows up on the stunned Warden, but he is fended off.
The Roving Wanderer shoots at the reinforcements, but he doesn’t manage to hit.
Evie, drawing on her reserves, lets off another arrow. Another kill is scored.
Their numbers diminishing by the minute, a Smuggler runs off for his life.


Turn 3:
Agility: 122334556

RW: Shoots: 2: Miss
Wigmar: Attack Smuggler: 4/1: Hit: 3+1: Casualty

Rudiger Charges

Rudiger: Attack Smuggler: 3+1/1+1: Hit: 3: Wounded, Stunned, 2+1/41+1: Hit: 1: Stunned, 6+1/65+1: Hit: 6: Casualty

Smuggler Lt: Attacks Rudiger: 5+1/3+1: Exchange, 5+1/2+1: Hit: 6: Casualty


The battle is over. The field is held.

The Roving Wanderer keeps shooting, but his shot fails again.
Wigmar attacks the surrounded Smuggler, and with a swift strike, his blade finds the Smuggler’s guts.
Rudiger enters melee against the last two Smugglers. One of them seems to be their leaders. He wears a leather armor and looks more intimidating. Rudiger, being a veteran of many battles, decides to start with the easier opposition. In a series of three strikes, he wounds the Smuggler, stuns him, and finishes him.
As the Smuggler Lieutenant attacks in desperation, his strike is blocked. Rudiger gains the upper hand. He turns the tables, and his fine broadsword is lodged deep in the heart of his enemy.
The Smugglers are dead or fleeing. The Wardens have won this battle.

Unusual Find: Evidence: No effect
+2 XP everyone, Rudiger +3 XP
Evie (LVLUP): 09: Agility +1
Rudiger (LVLUP): 06: Agility +1
Wigmar (LVLUP): 22: Agility +1
RW: 6: Nothing Gained
SY: 11: Promotion: 97: +1 Will
WR: 7: Nothing Gained
Loot: 2 rolls
25: Weapons: 95: Crossbow
65: 13 Gold Marks
+1 SP

Looting through the bodies, the Wardens find 13 Gold Marks. A hefty sum. Also they find a Crossbow. A strong, quality weapon. The Wily Rogue arms himself with it.
Evie calls for the Stout Yeoman. “You have fought valiantly many times by our side. Remind me, what is your name?”
“Bruno, my lady”. The Stout Yeoman answers.
“Keep it up Bruno. You are one of us now.” She says, and Bruno fills with pride.

The next turn, I roll up another encounter in the countryside.

Encounter Set Up

81: Roadside AND Combat Encounter
Roadside Encounter: 02: Priest: 07: Unfriendly: Corruption
Combat Encounter: 35: Deserters: 31: Travelling: 45+2: 7 Deserters (1 Archer): 2: No Leader: 1: No Personality: 9+4″ Distance: Seize Initiative: 9: Initiative Seized: Terrain: 11: Meadows and Fields: Oddity: 33: Tough Battle: Lose Seize Initiative, +1 Enemy (Archer)

Further searching, the Wardens come upon a man in black cloak. An eerie feeling overcomes them as he walks by. Occult symbols hanging from his neck. They stop to hail him, but he doesn’t speak. He just mumbles.
“Let’s move on lady.” Gustav says. “Lest he lays a curse on us.”
Evie nods and they move aside.
They come upon some Meadows and Fields. They know they must have lost their way, because that’s nothing like what they look for. Before they have a chance to turn back, from behind some hedgerows, they see movement.
“What we have here? Get them boys!” A man shouts, and 8 armed men, in uniform draw their weapons. Two of them, draw their bowstring as the Wardens take up positions against them.

Another encounter! My dice rolls don’t want the Scenario to advance. Deserters can be tough enemies with their Combat Skill and Armor. Also the Oddity made me lose my Seize Initiative and added an extra enemy! At least there is no leader.


Set Up

Turn 1:
Agility: 122334466

WR: Shoots Deserter Archer: 2: Miss
Evie: Shoots Deserter Archer: 5+1: Hit: 1: Armor Save

First Blood

Evie: (Will): Shoot Deserter Archer: 6+1: Hit: 6: Harm: 4: Casualty

South Flank

Wigmar, Ardus, Rudiger: Move, Dash

Deserter Archer: Shoots Evie: 6: Hit: 2: Harm: 3: No wound

Climbed Hedgerow

Deserters: Climbed Fence, Advanced

RW: Shoots Deserter: 2+1: Miss

North Flank

Bruno, NPC, Gustav: Move, Dash

Morale: 1: 1 Deserter Flees

Evie and the Wily Rogue shoot at the enemy. But the long distance, and cover make their shots miss.
Evie takes another shot, as the Archer takes a peek behind the hedge. The arrowhead lodges in the enemy, bringing him down.
The trio of Wardens flank the Deserters from the south, but the enemy doesn’t fall prey to the Wardens plan, and climb through the hedgerows, stealing the distance.
The Deserter Archer shoots at Evie, but the arrow doesn’t manage to get through her clothing.
The Roving Wanderer shoots at them, but his shot comes short.
From the north, the rest of the Wardens circle around the pond, trying to flank the archers.
The Deserters, aren’t the most steady troops. One of them flees at the sight of his fallen brother.

Turn 2:
Agility: 111223456

RW: Shoots Deserter: 6+1: Hit: 6: Harm: 3: Wounded
WR: Shoots Deserter: 6: Hit: 6+1: Harm: 4: Casualty
Evie: Shoots: 4+1: Hit: 4: Harm: 4: Casualty

Deserter Archer: Shoots Bruno: 2+1: Miss
Deserter: Move
Deserter Wounded: Activation End: 1: Wound Casualty

Deserter: Attacks Ardus: 2+2/3+1: Draw:-
Deserter: Attacks Rudiger: 4+3/6+2: Telling Blow: 3: Knocked Back, 64+3/1+2: Exchange, 4+3/2+2: Hit Deserter: 6: Harm: 2+1: Wounded: Activation End: 1: Casualty

NPC: Moves
Bruno: Moves

Morale: 123: 2 Deserters Flee

A hail of bolts and arrows is launched from the Wardens and two Deserters die, while a third one is wounded.
The Deserter Archer shoots at Bruno who comes from around the pond, but the stress of battle causes him to miss the shot.
Another Deserter dashes towards the missile troops, but his wound overcomes him, and he drops as he finishes his stride.
To the South, swords clash as the Wardens fight the Deserters. Ardus fends them off, while Rudiger gets the best of them. He wounds his opponent, who, holding his guts, falls down from blood loss.
With so many dead, two more Deserters flee. Oy one Archer remains to fight the Wardens, still hiding behind the hedgerow.

Turn 3:
Agility: 12333556

RW: 4+1: Miss
Evie: 6+1: Hit: 3: Harm: 2: No wound
Wigmar, Ardus, Rudiger: Move, Dash

Deserter Archer: Shoots Bruno: 5+1: Hit: 5: Harm: 1: No Wound

WR: Shoots Deserter Archer: 5: Miss

Gustav melee

Gustav: Attacks Deserter Archer: 6+1/4+1: Telling Blow: 5: Harm: 5: Casualty.


The battle is won. The field is held.

Evie and the Roving Wanderer shoot at the Archer, but their shots find the hedges. The Wardens close in to the enemy. He shoots at them, but misses, and Gustav is upon him.
The Archer is still clutching his bow, when Gustav’s sword cuts it in half, and finds his neck, killing him instantly.
No more Deserters are left to fight. The Wardens shout out in victory.

Unusual Find: 65: Sacks of Valuables: 43: Armor: 66: Full Armor
All gain +2 XP
Gustav: (LVLUP): 80: +1 Luck
NPC: (LVLUP): 06: +1 Agility
RW: 6: Nothing Gained
WR: 7: Nothing Gained
Loot: 2 Rolls
82: Consumables: Bottle of Red Duck
35: Weapons: 01: Quick Light Weapon
+1 SP

Searching through their enemies belongings, the Wardens find a suit of heavy mail armor, a stiletto and a bottle of Red Duck. This is a day to celebrate!

The next turn, I keep my search going, and succeed. I can progress in the scenario.

I decide to pause here.

I’ll be doing some bookkeeping as well here. Below you can find the table of my warband. On purpose to avoid SPOILERS I’ve not included the scenario NPC. I will include him if he’s still alive after the end of the scenario, when there will be already some changes to his stats. Here you can also find the updated pdf of the Warband Roster.


Combat Skill111001
SkillsLibrary,Medicine,OrganizationTeaching,TrackingParryLeadership,ParryThick Headed
WeaponsLongbow, Quick StilettoSwordFine SwordBastard SwordBastard SwordHatchet
ArmorLight ArmorPartial ArmorFull ArmorPartial ArmorPartial ArmorFull Armor
WornLarge QuiverHelmet, ShieldHelmetHelmet


NatureRoving WandererWily Rogue
Combat Skill10
WeaponsSelf Bow, DaggerCrossbow, Dagger
ArmorLight ArmorLight Armor

Gold Marks 19
Medicinal Herbs 1
Story Points 1
Light Armor
2 Damaged Basic Weapon
Damaged Militia Armor
Damaged Warhammer
Damaged NPC Weapon
Bottle of Red Duck
Holy Water
Saddle Bag

Eerfeld (2,2,1)
Heagrove: (1,1,1)
Cebrook: (3,3,3)

Session Summary

Despite my difficulty in progressing through the scenario, I had so much fun!
Right now I’m at a 6 Hero warband, two Followers and the NPC. My Wardens become stronger and stronger with more experience and gear. I believe that when I finish the scenario, I’ll have a force to stand up against most enemies.
As I’m becoming more acquainted with the rule system, I love it. Ranged combat is very carefully balanced against Melee combat. The flow is great. I’ve also found my own way of taking notes in paper which is much faster, and I don’t break much of the game flow while doing it. I am aware that it’s not the easiest mechanics to read (even if you’re familiar with Five Leagues), but the reconstructed narrative can deliver the story. I’m pondering maybe adding a step-by-step sketch of the events, top down, but I’m not sure if it’s worth the trouble.
The dice have spoken their own story, which meansI didn’t have a lot of chance to get a feel for the Scenario yet. I believe the next sessions will be driven by it.