The Wardens of Gahyrst. Ep07.

So this session begins directly with combat from the previous session. I read the rules more clearly this time and getting stunned is important, as the stunned figure begins the next exchange at disadvantage (take the lowest of two dice). Lots of rules that, re-reading them makes things clear. This is a game with a lot of depth.



Evie orders the Wardens into three groups. The stronger warriors will approach from the opening to the west, while the followers will hold off the mob from the south.
She and the Roving Wanderer will provide covering fire with their bows from behind the fence.
The tower is overseeing the battlefield, but thankfully none of the enemies has ranged weapons. They are broken into three groups as well, one of them to a distance to the north of the tower.

Turn 1:
Seize Initiative: Fail
Agility: (11235556)
Evie: Shoot mob: 3+1: Miss
RW: Shoot mob: 4: Miss
Rudiger moves towards mob

Mob: Dashes towards Wardens

Gustav moves towards mob
Wigmar moves towards mob

Close combat
SY: attacks mob: 6/3: Telling blow: 3: Wounded mob, 4/42: 2: Stunned mob, 1/53: Fumble.-
Frans: attacks mob: 4/1: 1: Stunned mob, 6/52: Telling blow: 1: Stunned mob, 3/56.-
WR: attacks mob: 1/3: Fumble, 1/33: Stunned WR: 5: WR Casualty.-

As the heavily armed Wardens close in from the west, covering fire doesn’t hit any of the enemies.
The mob attacks the followers. Blows are exchanged and the Stout Yeoman wounds his for. The Wily Rogue falls under the enemy.
The mob to the north runs quickly towards the Wardens.

Turn 2:
Agility: (1113356)
Gustav: attacks Cpt: 4+1/6+1: Telling blow, 42+1/4+1: Hit: 2: Armor Save: Knocked back. Stunned, 22+1/5+1: Hit: 4: Harm:4: Wounded Gustav.
Rudiger: attacks Cpt: 3+1/2+1: Hit: 2: Harm: 5: Cpt Casualty.-
Wigmar: attacks mob: 3/1: Hit: 2+1: Wounded, Stunned mob, 6/41: Telling blow, Stunned: 1+1: Stunned mob, 1/1: Fumble.-

Mob: attacks Rudiger: 6+1/1: Telling blow, Stunned mob: 4+1/53: 2: Stunned mob, 5+1/55: 3: Wounded mob. 2 Wounds. End of activation (15): Mob Casualty.
Mob: attacks Rudiger: 4+1/2: Exchange, 1/1: Fumble.-
Mob: attacks SY: 6/5: Telling blow, 1/64: Stunned, 16/1: Stunned. End of activation (1).
Mob: attacks NPC: 2/4: Hit: 2: Stunned NPC, 12/3: Stunned: 5: NPC Casualty.-
Mob: attacks SY: 4/2: Exchange, 4/4: Draw.-
Mob: dashes towards Wardens.
Mob: dashes towards Wardens.

Gang up

RW: Shoot mob: 6: Hit: 2: No effect.-
Evie: Shoot mob: 2+1: Miss
SY: attacks mob: 3/1: 4: Mob Casualty.-

Gustav reaches the mob leader. By sheer luck the enemy finds an opening, and hits Gustav hard. His armor saves him. The enemy strike knocks him back a few yards. The leader hits again, this time passing the armor and wounding Gustav, who disengages.
Seeing the loyal servant wounded, Rudiger joins the fray. With a quick strike of his fine sword, he brings the mobster down.
Wigmar joins his companions, wounding a foe, before being pushed off.
The wounded enemy, charges at Rudiger, but the veteran warrior, blocks the strike, takes the upper hand and wounds him again. The wounds take their toll, and the foe drops.
The mob attacks to the south, bringing down the recruit from the town.
Their reinforcements from the north keep running to join their friends.
Evie and the Roving Wanderer shoot another hail of arrows and miss.
The Stout Yeoman, now stands alone against three, but he’s a strong man. He charges and kills an enemy with his hatchet, in a single blow.

Turn 3:
Agility: (112355)
Rudiger: attacks mob: 1/6: Stunned, telling blow: 53+1/2: Exchange, 1/5: Stunned.-
Gustav: attacks mob: 1+1/4: Stunned, 64+1/1: Stunned, 4+1/46: Hit: 4: Mob Casualty.-

Before the end

The mob flees due to morale. The battle is won. The field is held.

Rudiger and Gustav press on, and a fourth foe, drops dead before their blades. Seeing their leader down and half their men dead, the cowards flee.


WR: Injury: 79: Knocked Out.
NPC: Injury: 55: Light: 3 Recovery Time: Item Damaged: Weapon.
Desperate Mob has no loot.
Rudiger: +3XP
Evie: +2XP
Gustav: +2XP: LVLUP: 38: +1 Toughness
Wigmar: +2XP
RW: 10: Attribute Increase: +1 Combat Skill
SY: 9: Skill Gain: 92: Thick Headed

The Wardens tend to their wounded and search the field. There’s nothing usable to be found. In addition, the recruit has his weapon broken in two, and he will need to visit the town healer to recover.
Despite these shortcomings, the victory has raised the spirits, and they return to town, with morale high.

Again, reading through the rules I realized I forgot to implement some of them. Items get damaged on 00, 05. So retrospectively I will roll for Gustav’s weapon from the previous session. Also I forgot to take into account Gustav’s wound for this battle. In addition I always forget to account my Luck and Will points during combat, which is a major hindrance. Will certainly do so for next one.
Will in particular allows for extra moves and actions among others. I’d have Evie shoot twice more if I had noticed.

Gustav: Item damaged: Warhammer.

The next turn I return to town


Ardus: 2 Turns RT
NPC: 2 Turns RT
Ardus: Visit Town Healer: MEDICINE: 3: 1 Turns RT
NPC: Visit Town Healer: MEDICINE: 2: 1 Turns RT
Rudiger: Study: (1126): Parry Learned

The next turn I stay to town


Ardus: healed
NPC: healed
NPC: Visit Armorer: Weapon: 5: 5 Gold Marks to repair.
Evie: Study: (1355): No Skill learned.
Labor: 2 Gold Marks gained.
I head off to search again.

The next turn, I roll up another encounter in the countryside.

Encounter Set Up

48: Combat Encounter: 73: Smugglers: 46: Encounter While Travelling: (45): 6 Smugglers: 5: + Lieutenant
Seize Initiative: 3: Failed
Distance: 15″ apart
Encounter Terrain: 99: Cave complex
Oddities: 54: Fenced In

After spending a few days in Eerfeld to recover, the warband heads off again to their search. Looking for a camp site, they fall upon a cave complex, with shady figures transporting boxes. “Smugglers.” Ardus says. He hasn’t managed to speak, before a whistle is heard. They’ve been made. They draw weapons and prepare for battle.

I decide to pause here.

I’ll be doing some bookkeeping as well here. Below you can find the table of my warband. On purpose to avoid SPOILERS I’ve not included the scenario NPC. Here you can also find the pdf of the Warband Roster.


Name Evie Gustav Rudiger Ardus Wigmar
Agility 1 1 2 3 2
Speed 5 4 5 5 4
Combat Skill 1 1 1 0 0
Toughness 4 5 3 3 4
Luck 2 1
Will 2 1
Skills Library,Medicine,Organization Teaching,Tracking ParryLeadership,Parry
XP 3 1 3 0 3
LVL 2 2 3 2 1
Weapons Longbow, Dagger Sword Fine Sword Bastard Sword Bastard Sword
Armor Light Armor Partial Armor Full Armor Partial Armor Partial Armor
Worn Large Quiver Helmet, Shield Helmet Helmet
Notes Avatar Retainer


Nature Roving Wanderer Stout Yeoman Wily Rogue
Agility 1 1 1
Speed 4 4 4
Combat Skill 1 1 0
Toughness 3 3 3
Skill Foraging Thick Headed
Weapons Self Bow, Dagger Hatchet Sword
Armor Light Armor Light Armor Light Armor

Gold Marks 6
Medicinal Herbs 1
Story Points 1
2 Damaged Basic Weapon
Damaged Militia Armor
Damaged Warhammer
Holy Water
Saddle Bag

Eerfeld (2,2,1)
Heagrove: (1,1,1)
Cebrook: (3,3,3)

Session Summary

I loved this combat! Everything move so naturally. Getting Stunned, completely changes the battlefield. On the other hand, implementation of both the Telling Blows and Fumbles rules was a tad bit too much. That’s at least 33% chance at each roll for a Stunned result. And there are usually 6 rolls at each exchange. I will probably keep only the Telling Blows rule for next game.
Five Leagues from the Borderlands is a very deep game. I will slowly be reading carefully each chapter, and after getting acquainted each session with a new part of the game I will delve into the respective rules. Next up: Will and Luck. Maybe positioning as well.