The Wardens of Gahyrst. Ep06.

It’s time now to go The Sunken Temple. This is a Five Leagues Scenario. I realize that there’s a good chance for blog readers to want to play this scenario as well, so I’m not going to reveal any SPOILERS. I hate spoilers; spoilers can get me to stop halfway from reading books, watching a tv show, even a game. Therefore I intend to keep this light on the scenario story and mechanics, and heavy on photos and review part.

So, the party had one wounded party member with a recovery time of ‘2’, which is removable at once if they spend time on the healer, so I deem that the warband is at full strength as the scenario begins.

The Wardens have heard rumors and gotten hold of the map to an old temple in the surrounding region. Considering the chance for spoils, they decide to start a search.

At start the scenario gives you the chance to recruit a specific NPC. Since I’m at full strength, I decide not to go ahead with it.
So, while searching for the temple I rolled an encounter. This is an encounter mainly using the rules of the core Five Leagues game.
I went full on with optional rules in this, since I’m getting better acquainted with the ruleset.

Note: I’ll be displaying dice pool results in parentheses. (344) means 3d6 rolled giving 3,4,4 respectively.

Encounter Set Up

Adventuring: 50: Combat Encounter: 82: Renegades: 60: Encounter While Travelling: (1,3): 5 Renegades (1 Archer): 1: No Leadership Presence: 5: Personality: 14: Sorcerer: Variations: (4,4): Manic, Stumbler

Deploying figures: 10″: 3 groups of 2 enemies
Seize Initiative: 11: Taken by surprise
Encounter terrain: Overgrown ruins
Oddities: 69: In the middle of battle: 3: Raider: (2,4): 5 Raiders (2 Archers): 3: No Leadership Presence: 6: Personality: 13: Sorcerer: Variations: (3,4): Sneaker, Stumbler

So, I rolled two groups of enemies that fight each other, without leaders, but with a Sorcerer at each group! If I’m lucky they’ll only attack each other. But it seems that my Wardens are too close to be left out of the equation.

Deep in the woods, the Wardens, see something reminding of a man-built structure. In the distance, they see several broken down walls and huge stone bricks scattered. Considering that this might be the temple they’re looking for, they come closer.
Then suddenly, an eerie feeling overcomes them. Some sort of dark energy, shoots in front of their sights, from west to the east. They look at each other. Then another, blast, from the other side, as a response.
As the woods clear a bit, they see two groups of men. The group to the west, is well armed, but their colors are not well defined. They look like deserters from an army. “Renegades” Rudiger whispers. They close in to the east towards the structure, only to be met from the other side by soldiers in Yellow and Crimson colors. Probably one of the border kingdoms. “Raiders” Ardus replies. Each of the two groups has a man that differentiates from the rest of the troops. Mumbling in some weird language, and pointing to the other side, these men seem to be the source of the dark energy. “Sorcerers” Evie completes.


Renegades and Raiders

Turn 1:
Renegades Doom: (556)
Raiders Doom: (444)

Turn 2:
Wardens appear
Seize Initiative: All characters move East
Agility: (12444666)
Realized I had placed Sneaker on board. They will appear on next Turn.
1: Evie: Move 2.5E: Shoot Raider Archer: 2: Miss
2: Gustav Move 5SE

Archer Moves 2.5E: Shoots Roving Wanderer: 3: Miss
Swordsman Moves to Wall
Swordsman moves towards Raiders
Sorcerer moves towards Raiders: Doom: (233)
Maniac moves towards Raiders
Stumbler moves towards Raiders

Archer shoots Ardus: 6: Hits: 4: Harm: 5: Casualty
Sorcerer: Doom Gustav: (114): Doom!
Stumbler moves towards Wardens
Archer shoots at Renegade Swordsman: 1: Miss
Swordsman moves towards Renegades

Gustav melee against Stumbler: (11): Draw: End
Roving Wanderer shoots Renegade Archer: 3: Miss
Rudiger moves 5 towards Raiders

Ardus down

The two groups towards each other, but the Northernmost troops have been alerted by the presence of the Wardens who try to flank the Raiders. Evie shoots at a Renegade archer who climbs on top of the hill, but misses. In response, he aims carefully and shoots at the roving wanderer and misses too. The Raiders seem to find their target. A Raider archer shoots at Ardus and brings him down, while their Sorcerer speaks some words in an arcane language. A dark blast leaves his finger and finds Gustav right on the chest. He feels overwhelmed, but grits on and continues.

Turn 3:
Agility: (1223335)
1:Evie moves 2.5E: Shoots Stumbler: 4: Miss
2:Rudiger melee against Archer: (12): Archer Wins: (63): Rudiger Wins: (41): Rudiger Hits: 2: Armor Saved

Archer Shoots Roving Wanderer: 5: Hit: 6: Casualty
Swordsman Climbs Wall and Moves 3 towards Wardens
Swordsman moves towards Raiders
Sorcerer moves towards Raiders: Doom: (266)
Maniac moves towards Raiders
Stumbler moves towards Raiders

Sneaker appears: behind Wardens 8″ away from edge: attacks Rudiger: 11: Draw
Archer shoots Rudiger: 6: Hits: 6: Harm: 2: Not wounded
Sorcerer: Doom Rudiger: (366)
Stumbler attacks Gustav: (32): Wins: 3: Harm: 5: Casualty
Archer shoots at Renegade Maniac: 6: Hit: 4: Harm: 5: Casualty
Swordsman melee against Renegades: (32): Wins: 2: Armor Save

Gustav down

Brave Sir Robin

Evie takes a shot at a Raider archer, but misses. Rudiger, flanking the Raiders comes in to close combat with the archer. They exchange a couple of glancing blows, and then Rudiger finds an opening, but unfortunately, the enemy’s breastplate protects them.
The Renegade archer shoots again at the roving wanderer, from the top of the hill, having a clear line of sight, and brings him down with an arrow. The rest of the Renegades close further in to the Wardens and the Raiders, as their Sorcerer shoots another bolt to the Raiders, missing again.
Suddenly, Rudiger realizes a Raider was hiding behind him. “That sneaky bastard!” he thinks as the Raider charges in. Rudiger’s skill is matched by his opponent, and as soon as the Raider loses the element of surprise, he disengages. The archer next to him, finds the opportunity as Rudiger has his back turned, and shoots him. The arrow pierces the armor, but it’s only a flesh wound. Rudiger doesn’t seem to bother, and screams a war cry towards the archer. All this draws the attention of the Sorcerer who now casts his spell to Rudiger, but the blast seems to miss and fizzles away.
Another Raider comes into combat with Gustav. The faithful servant of Evie, now falls beneath the enemy’s strike.
The rest of the Raiders attack the Renegades, one Renegade falling under an arrow.
Evie sees the enemy’s strength. These are not any ill-equipped mooks. She sees that the ruins are those of a tower, and not a temple. She considers the tactical situation, flanked by both sides. She thinks of the three wardens fallen under the enemy. She screams “Flee! Flee bravely!”. And they take their wounded away to fight another day. Let the Renegades fight it out with the Raiders. There’s no point trying to hold this field.

So I decided in using the Brave Sir Robin option from Five Leagues rulebook, to flee. I could have tried to flee to the edge of the battle, but considering the dice rolls, there was a lot of chance I could have lost another Warden, and it’s something I wasn’t willing to risk.

Ardus: 32: Serious: (26): 6 Turns Recovery Time
Roving Wanderer: 96: Knocked Out
Gustav: 90: Knocked Out
Evie: +1XP: 1
Rudiger: +1XP: LVL UP (3): 31: +1 Combat Skill

The Wardens regroup in a safe distance. The Roving Wanderer and Gustav recover, as their wounds are superficial, but Ardus’ wound is deep. The arrow has lodged itself into the bone. “We need to take him to the healer.” Evie says, and they all decide to return to Eerfeld, their morale low.

The next turn I return to town


Ardus: 5 Turns RT
Ardus: Visit Town Healer: MEDICINE: 6: 3 Turns RT
Roving Wanderer: Foraging: (22356): 1 Healing Herbs
Evie: Study: (2533): No skill learned
I decide to recruit the NPC, and head off to search again.

The next turn, I roll up another encounter in the countryside.

Encounter Set Up

Roadside AND Combat Encounter: 29,81: Friendly Pilgrim: 46: Slavers: 95: Located Lair: (56): 11 Slavers + Lt + Cpt: Retreat without engaging

On the road, the group meets up with a cloaked figure in robes. “Greetings travelers.” He says. He has a very kind visage, and they all sit and break bread together. Once the meal is over, they each go on their own way, spirits higher than they used to be.
It’s not long after they have split apart, when the Roving Wanderer comes back with news. He whispers something to Evie, and they go together to scout. Evie sees what seems to be a slaver lair. Their numbers are high, she counts at least 13 heads. She ponders a bit, and then she decides not to engage, and continue the search.

The next turn, I roll up yet another encounter.

Encounter Set Up

Combat Encounter: 61: Desperate Mob: 28: Encounter While Travelling: (33): 7 Desperate Mob: 6: + Captain
Seize Initiative: 5: Failed
Distance: 8″ apart
Encounter Terrain: 90: Ruined Tower
Oddities: 46: Ruined Structure

As the group turns behind a curve in the road, they see a ruined tower. “At them boys!” the Wardens hear a scream, and they see 8 ragged bandits, in a mob coming towards them with clubs and staves.
The Wardens draw their swords, and combat is about to begin.

I decide to pause here

Session Summary

It’s been a tough few past days in RL, and I’m kind of exhausted, so my narrative is a bit short, considering.
The scenario seems to be very interesting, but I have yet to manage to progress, since the dice were not in my favor. I can’t speak much as to the scenario therefore. Most of the time has been spent so far in traditional core Five Leagues from the Borderlands, within the scenario. But I like what I have read so far. On purpose I haven’t read through the entire thing, just in case there’s a spoiler waiting for me. Since this is all aimed at solo play, it would be nice if there would be a note somewhere saying if we’re supposed to read through the entire thing or not before playing, or playing as we go. So far, that’s my only thing to consider.
Now to the core Five Leagues game, I really loved the option to fight two different groups, even though I failed to hold my ground. The oddities and all the random tables seem to give a very unique experience with high replayability.
I need to do some better bookkeeping of my Wardens, maybe create that map of the region, with notes, and maybe add some pictures of the minis I use as Wardens. Also maybe I should spend some time naming the followers and unique NPCs I’ve met along the way. I’m not sure as to which one of all those is worth the trouble putting into, but I’m pretty confident that a map would be the best place to start.