The Wardens of Gahyrst. Ep05.

In the end of the previous session, the Wardens were defeated by a band of Torn Flags. I noticed that I made a mistake. All the members should have received 1 XP, since they didn’t die so I assigned those. Also I noticed that if one member has the Study skill, then whoever goes to the Library can benefit from the 4d6 roll, so I decided to re-assign the Teaching Skill from Evie, to Gustav.

Finally, I found out that it’s best for me to write down the state of the warband at the end of the episode rather than at the start, so I’ll be documenting these there.

Village Events: Good Omens
Rudiger: Visits Healer: Medicine Failure: Recovery reduced to 3 turns
Wigmar: Visits Healer: Medicine Success: Recovery reduced to 0 turns
Stout Yeoman: Visits Healer: Recovery reduced to 0 turns
Wandering Rover: Recovery reduced to 1 turns
Visit Trader: Buy Partial Armor
I decide to spend one more turn in town rather than adventuring, and this cost me… 5 Gold Marks

The Wardens spend a whole week in Eerfeld, trying to take care of the wounded. The Healer shakes his head, but sees that all they need, is some time to rest. Evie supports, with her medicine skills, and soon Wigmar is back on his feet, along with the Stout Yeoman. Seeing the danger of combat, the warband spends some well earned hard cash on medium armor.

Village Events: Ill Reputation
Rudiger: Visits Healer: Medicine Success: Recovery reduced to 0 turns
Gustav: Study Success: Skill Gained: Tracking
Tracking: Success: Located signs of the enemy
Wandering Rover: Recovery reduced to 0 turns
Visit Trader: Buy Partial Armor

The next week, Rudiger gets back on his feet with the assistance of the Healer and Evie, while the Wandering Rover is back, with only some extra rest. She spends another pouch of gold coins to get another set of armor for her troops.

Adventuring: Combat Encounter: Dark Secrets: Cultists: Located Camp: 8 Cultists (1 Archer) + 1 Captain
Initial distance: 13″, and they’re split in groups 8″ from leader.
Seize Initiative: Success!
Terrain: Ruined Tower
Oddity: Fog, Distance reduced to 11″ and max shooting range 9″.

Gustav enters the inn and heads straight to Evie.
He whispers to her ear. “Remember the hunter we had met some time ago on the road? The one that struck you as odd? I’ve seen him at the outskirts of Eerfeld, and followed him. I traced him to a ruined tower half a day’s walk from here, he was meeting with some similar looking fellas. All clad in dark cloaks, occult symbols and talismans all around.”
Evie turns to Ardus. “Gather the warband we head out. No demonic rituals will take place in our Ward.”
At dusk, an eerie fog has covered the land, so the Wardens reach the tower undetected. By the time the cultist guard shouts “At arms!” the Wardens have closed in, and an arrow, shot by Evie has already lodged in his chest, wounding him.
A second shot, finds him right on the neck, killing him instantly. The Roving Wanderer shoots, but misses, both times.
Rudiger and Ardus charge at two Cultists, with Ardus delivering the killing blow.
The other Cultist, tries to get back at Rudiger, but the veteran warrior gets the upper hand, and thrusts his sword at the cloaked man, spilling his guts.
At the other side of the tower, the Cultists attacke Gustav, encircling him. Gustav falls, a casualty to their charge, while another cultist, from the top of the tower aims at Rudiger who has entered his weapon range, missing through the fog. Wet feet overcome one of the cultists and he runs away.
The leader of the cultists, wearing leather armor, gets out of the tower to face the assailants.
Rudiger and Ardus continue assisting each other in combat, and Ardus kills the last cultist of their group.
On the other side, the Stout Yeoman is in a clash with the cultists, and after two exchanges, he kills another one of them. From the top of the tower, the cultist archer shoots at Ardus, wounding him just as the Cultist leader reaches him in melee combat. Despite Ardus’ skill, the enemy captain wins, and cuts a deep slash on Ardus’ arm.
Ardus stands back, and pauses to wear his arm in bandages.
Rudiger and the Cultist leader face off in melee, but noone gets the upper hand.
The Cultist archer shoots again at wounded Ardus, but Ardus’ mail deflects the missile.
Evie and the Roving Wanderer have now the Cultist captain within their reduced bow range, and shoot at him, but don’t manage to strike a wound.
The rest of the Wardens close in on the tower and surround the captain, attacking at the cultist who stood at his side, bringing him down.
Ardus is out of line of sight, so now the cultist archer shoots at Wigmar. His aim is true, and Wigmar falls, clutching his chest as the arrow protrudes.
Another hail of arrows comes from Evie and the Roving Wanderer, and the Roving Wanderer manages to find his target. The Cultist leader is down.
The remaining Wardens close in on the Cultist archer, who, with nowhere to go to, fights to the death, which comes a little while later.

Gustav: Light Wound: 2 Recovery Turns
Wigmar: Dead: I use I don’t think that’s how it went: Serious Wound: I use Medicinal Herbs: Dead: I use the Spring Vial to bring him back from death.
Loot: Prisoner: Friendly Peasant, Saddle Bag, Light Armor+Helmet, Holy Water
Threat: Reduced by 2!

With the Cultists dead or out of the field, the survivors tend to the wounded. Gustav’s wound will take a week or two to heal, but Wigmar has it worse.
He barely survives the arrow wound, and as Evie tries to do some first aid, she pulls the arrow out, and it starts bleeding badly. As he coughs blood, she knows they have no other choice. She pours down Wigmar’s throat the spring vial’s contents.
Soon the bleeding stops, and as if by magic, his wound starts closing.

Searching through the ruined tower, they find a small dungeon cell, a peasant locked inside.
“Thank the gods!” He shouts when set free. “Name’s Aeheald. I’m just a farmer working the land. These fellas knocked me out and locked me in here. I could here them chanting in an unknown language every night a week now. Moon was almost full. I think you showed up right on time! Thank you! Here, take this.” He says and brings out a small bottle. “It’s Holy Water. I was keeping it should things go to worse.”
“How worse?” Rudiger chuckles.
“Don’t mind him.” Evie soothes the peasant. “You can leave now, or take the road back with us in the morning. Safety in numbers, until we bring this place back to its former glory.”
“Be sure to spread the word that the Wardens of Gahyrst defeated the cultists.” Ardus adds.
Among the cultists belongings they find a saddle bag and a set of armor and helmet.

The other day, in the morning they take the road back to Eerfeld.

Combat Skill11000
WeaponsLongbow, DaggerWarhammerFine SwordBastard SwordBastard Sword
ArmorLight ArmorPartial ArmorFull ArmorPartial ArmorPartial Armor
WornLarge QuiverHelmet, ShieldHelmetHelmet


NatureRoving WandererStout YeomanWily Rogue
WeaponsSelf Bow, DaggerHatchetSword
ArmorLight ArmorLight ArmorLight Armor

Gold Marks 4
Medicinal Herbs 0
Story Points 1
2 Damaged Basic Weapon
Damaged Militia Armor
Holy Water
Saddle Bag

Eerfeld (2,2,1)
Heagrove: (1,1,1)
Cebrook: (3,3,3)

Session Summary

Another great fight! I have second thoughts about wasting three different resources to save Wigmar, but it’s done now. Next time I’ll be at one and done.
I think that’s a good point in time to go to the Sunken Temple. The warband will be in proper fighting shape by the next turn.
I’m really enjoying these fast five leagues skirmishes!