The Wardens of Gahyrst. Ep03.

In the end of the previous session, the Wardens defeated a band of cultists.

Name Evie Gustav Rudiger Ardus Wigmar
Agility 1 1 2 3 2
Speed 5 4 5 5 4
Combat Skill 0 0 0 0 0
Toughness 4 4 3 3 3
Will 1
Luck 2
Skills Library,Medicine,Organization Leadership,Parry
XP 3 3 6 4 0
LVL 0 0 1 1 0
Weapons Long Bow, Dagger Warhammer Bastard Sword Bastard Sword Staff
Armor Light Armor Light Armor Full Armor, Helmet, Shield Partial Armor
Notes Avatar Retainer


Nature Roving Wanderer Stout Yeoman
Skill Foraging
Weapons Self Bow, Dagger War Axe(Warhammer)
Armor Militia Armor Light Armor

Gold Marks 22
Medicinal Herbs 1
Story Points 1

Eerfeld (2,2,3)
Heagrove: (1,1,1)
Cebrook: (3,3,3)

Village Events: Wandering scholar
Pay Upkeep: 7 members, no extra cost
Healing Up: No wounded
Carry Out Activities:
Rudiger: Free study: No skill gain
Evie: Study: Study: No skill gain
Evie: Train: +1 XP: Increase LeveL: Roll: Will +1
Gustav: Train: +1 XP: Increase LeveL: Roll: Combat +1
Outfitting for adventuring:
Buy Helmet: Ardus: -3 Gold
So now, we’re going adventuring!
Adventuring: Roadside AND Combat Encounter
Roadside Encounter: Knight, Polite
Combat Encounter: Outlaw: Slavers
Encounter Type: Located Lair
9 Slavers + 1 Lieutenant + 1 Captain
Terrain Type: Grave Yard
12″ Distance
Enemy 8″ from leader

In the village of Eerfeld, Evie starts to see the results of their recent actions. People are talking about the Wardens again and how they try to bring order to the region. She knows there is still much work to be done. A wandering scholar takes notice of them and scribbles down something in his papers.
She and Gustav spend the week training, trying tactics they have seen against recent enemies, honing their skills.
Ardus goes to the local trader and purchases a helmet, maybe it will save his life in the future.
Once the band is ready, they gather up once more. Evie notices there’s some fellow in the back who fought with them the last time, so they’re at full strength, and head out. They had gathered rumors about a slaver band, kidnapping villagers and selling them off to faraway lands. Evie is set on finding them.
On their way, they come across a knight in full plate armor riding a horse of war, accompanied by a squire. They exchange a few words, Evie wondering if his quest and theirs had anything in common, but the knight was just passing through. He did though tell them, about squatters in the abandoned graveyard, so after thanking him, they ready up their swords and close up on the site.
The slavers have made the place their lair. They laugh and yell. She makes out two leaders of the party in the center of the ruins, surrounded by the core group, while others are spread all around.
She splits the warband in two and attacks from two sides. With a war cry, she leads the attack.
She and the Roving Wanderer shoot off a couple of arrows to them, but miss.
On her side of the battle, Wigmar closes into combat with a slaver, and faulters, falling to his enemy’s blade, but the hanger-on the guy in the rear, charges in and kills the slaver. Seeing his fury, the other slaver next to him runs off into the woods.


On the other side, Ardus kills another slaver, while the hanger-on follows up on the group that approaches and with skill, kills one more.
Two more slavers fall to the Wardens. Seeing the Warden’s skills, a couple more slavers flee in cowardice.
Evie hits the enemy sergeant with her bow, an arrow lodging to his chest, but the slaver persists and comes into close combat with Ardus. The two men fight each other with fury, but in the end stand off. As the sergeant pauses to catch his breath, he notices the arrow wound. The strain of battle has caught up to him and opened up the wound even worse, and he falls to the ground.


One more slaver falls to the warband, and the leader seeing how he is all alone considers his options. He turns tail and runs away.
“Yaaah!” Evie screams out loud, and the rest of the Wardens join in chorus. It was a well deserved victory. They chased down their foes.
She is afraid though that too many men fled, and she might meet them again in the future.

Injuries: Wigmar: Knocked out
Loot: Icon, Large Quiver, Fine Standard Weapon, Spring Vial, Basic Weapon
Threat: Reduction by 1
Experience: All the heroes gain 2 XP, No follower progressed, the Hanger-on became a follower: Wily Rogue

End of third campaign turn

Session Summary

I didn’t take much photos or pause this time, and just recollected the battle afterwards. I really enjoyed it. The flow of the game (especially having run a couple of battles) is so fast that it’s easy to get carried away, while the story just writes itself.
The dice gods were in the favor of the warband this time. I was afraid of this battle going in, but in the end it all turned out to be a walk. Let’s see if we can eliminate the Outlaw threat soon.