The siege of Ostenhofen pt8 – Finale and Thoughts

A Savage Worlds Warhammer Fantasy Battles mashup.

First of all it’s very important to see where the Undead will strike next. I will roll 2d6 on the To The Battlements! engine.
Undead: 5,5: 10 -> Goto 12: Walls.
But this triggers a special event: 2d6: 6: Goto 1: Sabotage! Tools and Weapons are ruined.
Since the party isn’t in the city, I won’t follow up on the event. I will consider that it occurred (by whom? dark cultists maybe?) and the defenders had no way to stop it.

Now I need to see what will the party do.
I will consider their personalities, and backgrounds.


Demeanor: Aggressive
UNE: reputable recluse, Record the public
BOLD: common traitor overcome by personal resources
Corruption: Egotistical, Obsessive, Deceitful
Savage Worlds: Vengeful, Stubborn

Bianka is a young woman who has made a reputation as a rat catcher. She’s quite aggressive against the critters and doesn’t like the company of other people, keeping to herself.
She wants to beat the numbers of rats she catches in comparison to the other rat catchers.
In the last town she was in, a fellow rat catcher stole her bag of rats and sold it off as his own. She used her wits and skill and managed to catch an even larger number of rats, this fulfilling her contract.
Bianka just came upon Evie’s company and by happenstance they go in the same direction.
Bianka survived the night of the blood in the hooded man, but got corrupted by chaos from the demon they fought.
Update: Considering, the corruption of Tzeentch slowly seeping in, and all she has suffered, there’s a high chance that Bianka might go rogue. I think she is becoming obsessed with the rat catcher that betrayed her, and wants to exact vengeance now in a less peaceful manner. She wasn’t aware that giant rats existed. Maybe this can be part of her plan for vengeance.


Demeanor: Traditional
UNE: lazy activist, offend the wealth
BOLD: pleasant deputies overcome by scarce-used ability
Savage Worlds: Vow, Cautious

Evie is the daughter of Baron Vogel. She is traditional and doesn’t want radical changes, and has taken it upon herself to see that the wealthy merchants are taxed heavily and the taxes are given to the nobility. She’d prefer if someone else would help her on this task though.
To that end, she wants to charm the neighboring prince into marriage and she has left the estate with her bodyguard Rudiger and her servant Gustav to go to the castle where she was invited.
On the way they were stopped by some friendly roadwardens who, seeing her wealth, required tolls to be payed. Using her knowledge of the law she reminded them that only the toll collector had the authority to collect tolls and they should be careful lest they be mistaken for brigands preying on hapless travelers.
Evie, despite her status got arrested by the road wardens and brought to Ostenhofen. She had hoped to meet Prince Ingmar, but the orc siege foiled her plans.
Update: Confronted with demons, mutants, orcs and undead may have shaken Evie. I doubt she cares anymore about offending the wealth. Maybe she will have to change motivations (and Vow).


Demeanor: Flamboyant
UNE: obnoxious fortune-hunter, convey opulence
BOLD: lethargic traitor overcome by strong attribute
Savage Worlds: Greedy

Gustav is Evie’s servant. Despite his low status he is flamboyant, and tries to siphon off wealth from Evie to show off. He wears expensive clothing and behaves as someone above his class. Evie likes him so she tolerates it, but others are not so disposed. He passes of to his peers as an obnoxious fortune-hunter, which actually he is.
When the estate cook started gossiping about Gustav, he managed to find him sleeping on more than one occasion and convinced Evie to demote him to stable boy. Gustav was escorting Evie to the castle where she was invited by the prince when the events of the night of blood occurred.
Update: Gustav is out of his comfort zone for far too long. They haven’t had a proper safe, cozy, rest without the hint of danger in weeks now. He wants this crusade of Evie to end, and get back to improving his status (and wealth).


Demeanor: Hardboiled
UNE: addicted judge, spoil the oppressed
BOLD: deceiving labor overcome by on accident
Corruption: Miserly, Impatient
Savage Worlds: Loyal, Mean, Arrogant

Rudiger is an old soldier who was appointed as a guard to the baron’s estate. As Evie grew, the baron appointed Rudiger to be her personal bodyguard.
Rudiger is a veteran of many battles, and little that he sees shakes him. He has seen orcs, goblins and the occasional bandit. He believes firmly in the order of things and that the poor are supposed to stay poor and support the nobility.
When he was younger, he was once deceived by an agitator to fight for ‘the cause’ and free the peasants from their lords rule. When, by mistake he came upon the peasant leaders divulging in their loot, he killed them all and left. He decided never to assist the traitorous peasants again and took it upon himself to punish them whenever possible. His combat skills and passion for riot control soon were noticed by the baron, who took him under his employment.
After the last peasant revolt he has taken it upon himself to root out any danger that comes from the low classes. On such events, he alone decides the fate of the prisoners.
His harsh life is not without scars though, and he has turned to be a functional alcoholic.
Rudiger is escorting Evie as a bodyguard.
Update: Corrupted by chaos, Rudiger’s faults have increased. He no longer has patience for the beggars and the poor, and may outright attack any street urchin who will try to pickpocket him. Seeing the threats to the Empire and Evie has made him even more likely to stand at her side, as she has proven that she fights for what is right.

“She hasn’t improved at all. The orcs and the undead may be here anytime soon!” Gustav says.
Evie and her companions are sitting by the fire in The Broken Wand, considering what they will do with Bianka.
“My lady. You know that I am loyal. Bianka has stood by us in many fights, but she always went her own way. My loyalty first lies with you. I must agree with Gustav. To keep you safe we must leave now.” Rudiger says his opinion.
“What about the Westenhofeners? We should be able to help them. I do not wish to abandon them.” Evie exclaims.

Rudiger support Gustav with persuasion (d4-2): 1: Failure.
Evie: Persuasion (d10) opposed against Gustav: Persuasion (d6): Fail vs Fail.

“You make a point my lady as always. How about we ask if any Westenhofeners wish to join us?” Gustav asks, wishing to leave this forsaken place no matter the cost.
“And risk being detected by orc scouts? We won’t be noticed if it’s just the three of us.” Rudiger persists.
“But there’s strength in numbers Rudiger. We still need Bianka” Evie proposes.

Rudiger support Gustav with persuasion (d4-2): 2: Failure.
Evie: Persuasion (d10) opposed against Gustav: Persuasion (d6): Success vs Success with Raise.

“Alright. We shall leave. If Bianka at her condition or any of the Westenhofeners wish to come with us. We will take them. And that’s my final say.” Evie says and stands up from the table.

UNE: How does Bianka react to the news?
A: 75: Sociable
Q: Does Bianka wish to risk leaving now at ther state?
A: No, and, she doesn’t want to leave with the party. She feels relieved that they leave.

Evie breaks the news to Bianka, that they wish to leave. She can join them, but they won’t wait any longer for her to recover.
“If you ever are in need for a rat catcher, come find me.” Bianka tells them. “The paths we crossed are perilous. Travel safe.”

The trio now, goes to the guardhouse to find captain Omund.
“Captain! We thank you for your hospitality in this dire hour of our need. I shall not forget what you did for us.” Evie tells him.
“You’re leaving lady? You couldn’t have chosen a better time. The paths are clear. The orcs are dispersing. You will only encounter strugglers.” Omund tells her.
“What about the dead, captain? It’s still dangerous to be here. If any of you wishes, we can leave together. Maybe even make a caravan.” Evie replies.

UNE: Bearing/Focus: Aid Experience.
Q: Do the Westenhofeners wish to leave?
A: Yes

“We could use your experience in battle.” the captain says looking at Rudiger. “Give us some time to prepare and anyone wishing will travel with you.”

Some metagaming questions:
Without any supplies, fortifications ruined, tools and weapons sabotaged, I realize that the Ostenhofeners cannot stay besieged any longer.
Q: Do the Ostenhofeners know about the undead threat?
A: No, and they’re too consumed with their victory over the orcs.
Q: Do the Ostenhofeners leave the city? (If they knew about the undead this would be likely or very likely).
A: No
Q: Do the remaining Westenhofeners go to Ostenhofen?
A: No
Q: Did the Orcs that are in battle with the imperial relief, disperse, now that Baga is dead? (Likely)
A: False Presupposition. The orcs did not disperse at the news of Baga’s death, but they did not continue the battle either. They left in formation back towards the badlands.
I will roll 2d6 on the Weather Hex Flower: 7: Overcast.
The Empire relief will reach Ostenhofen at this week.

As the caravan gathers, Evie takes a good look back at the walls of Ostenhofen. Wishing she had a way to warn them about what is coming.
Rudiger understands her worries. “If we reach any troops coming to Ostenhofen we can tell them, so that they’re ready. Maybe they can warn them.”
Evie just nods, hoping. But deep inside she knows Ostenhofen is doomed if the dead attack.

Q: Are there many people joining the caravan?
A: Yes, and there are guards as well.
5d6 people will join: 20 people, 2 guards.
Q: Do they have mounts?
A: Yes
1d20: 1: Horse
With stealth out of the question, I will ask the Oracle.
Q: Does any group of orcs attack the caravan?
A: No
Q: Do they meet up with the imperial relief?
A: False presupposition. The relief troops are not going to reach Ostenhofen this week after all. They are pursuing the orcs that fled.

Twenty commoners and two guards have joined the caravan. They have only their barest possessions and carry road supplies. They will walk to Mainberstein. They have a draft horse with them that they have loaded with supplies, and they start their march.

Back to Bianka now.
Let’s see if she heals this week.
Vigor (d6-3): She fails 3 times (used all her Bennies).
She remains bedridden.

Bianka can’t recover still. She just hopes that she will manage to get back to her feet before the threat that looms over the entire region sweeps through Westenhofen.
She sleeps at her bed everynight with her hatchet right beside her.

Campaign Summary: This was one of the weirdest solo campaigns I have run so far. I’ll have a breakdown of the tools used and how it all worked out.
Recluse: The Oracle of my choice so far. Combined with MUNE Interventions and TWENE, Recluse False Presuppositions mechanic has won me. It’s fast, easy to use and has a nice amount of chaos.
To The Battlements: my take on Goblin’s Henchman’s Hex Flower Gaming Engines mechanism. I used some weird mechanics (like not moving freely, but snapping to the highest score hex) which seem to be correct. Retrospectively, in addition to the defender’s clock (supplies running out) I should have given the attacker a clock, to give the defender a chance to sit it out and win it, like using the Orc animosity rules. Nevertheless, it all worked out well, and it really pushed the siege to the last straw.
Savage Worlds Deluxe Explorer’s Edition: What I like about this roleplaying system is how easy it is to run. There’s lot of chaos (many fuzzy rolls, and the card initiative) but this has the bonus of making everything surprisingly fast. I really liked how easy it is to set up an NPC on the fly and how easy it was to convert to and from my Warhammer Fantasy Battles game.
Warhammer Fantasy Battles 4th Edition: A long obsolete games that I still have the softcopies of. I played all the battles in theater of the mind, and this caused a lot of headaches. I didn’t use any maneuvers or similar. Turning, switching formation and such were out of the question. I’d still be running the first battle if I did.
I got really tired trying to run so many units at the same time. I doubt I will be doing this again. On the other hand I really liked the combat resolution mechanics. They were so fast. Comparing Weapon Skills, Ballistic Skills and Strength to Toughness in three simple charts and then rolling a bunch of d6’s in a very intuitive way to count successes. This is the part I loved most. I will certainly be having this in mind for future homebreweing.
What made my life difficult was trying to remember every single sub-rule and running the headcount. I certainly made more than a few mistakes, but I can live with it.
Universal NPC Emulator: Getting caught up in writing scenes, I forgot how important tools like UNE are. It takes a lot out of the solo players hands. It gives you inspiration, and the random factor gives a feeling of fairness you don’t get when writing stuff up arbitrarily. This is a reminder to pause and take the time to make some rolls at random generators like UNE. It pays off.
donjon: My favorite online generator. It has almost everything to suit my needs, and also has genre specific and region specific generators.
In general, Savage Worlds as is, isn’t low fantasy gritty. I want to try a system closer to those needs next, so another character conversion will be done.
Overall I enjoyed the experience but maybe I overdid it with the battles and got tired at the end. I confess that I was looking forward for it to end.
I’m a person that prefers to see things to the finish rather than abandon them, even if it’s not always the best option, so now I feel free to plan my next adventure!