A crime at the river – A weird noir fiction D6 adventure S1E00

I have just started a D6 sandbox horror/thriller adventure in weird fiction (not necessarily Cthulhu Mythos) 1920s Arkham.
It’s my first attempt at an investigation/horror solo play, and I have no idea how it will turn out.

I will be using my custom homebrew D6 game system. I’m keeping with the success levels of my Star Wars campaign.
I was about to use the D6 Adventure stats, but I found them imbalanced for my game style, just like the D6 Fantasy and MiniSix ones.
So instead I will be using the Star Wars D6 system, modified for the 1920s era in terms of skills, and equipment (e.g damage).

For certain I’m keeping the ‘clues’ (Oracle questions) per number of success on generic investigation, knowledge or search rolls.

I will be using a homebrew rule for insanity. Whenever there is an event that may toggle insanity, the character has to roll willpower against a TN dependent on the event. If the character fails, they gain an Insanity Point (similar to Dark Side Points) and roll on the respective chart to gain a trait. On six points, the character is lost forever. Regaining sanity is really hard but not impossible. The character would have to undertake a journey in cultures that strengthen the mind and the spirit. A trip that would be an adventure of its own.

I want to see if I can interweave the dark side traits to the horror concept of the game, playing between reality or not. I have some ideas in mind, but I need to put them in writing before testing them.

I will be using GMA, MUNE and donjon as well as other tools on demand.

So, here’s a draft of my protagonist, Stanton Malkowski

Opening scene

Morning April 5th 1921, Arkham, Riverside
Stanton Malkowski was leaning over the dead body in front of him. He was trying to find the cause of death before the crew would bag the corpse and send it to the coroner, but the extensive chewing by the river rats didn’t make his job any easier.
Dying on a houseboat meant that the Rattus Norwegicus would feast on fresh meat within moments of the owner’s demise.
“Stan!” His partner, Wade Norman was growing impatient. “Come on, let’s wrap it up. Let the coroner have at it.”
“2 more minutes Wade. 2 fucking minutes.” Stan replies and lights a cigarette.

Stan: Investigation: Crime Scene: 3 successes.
He gets 3 Oracle answers on clues.
Q: Is there any wound visible apart from the rat bites?
A: No, but, maybe there will be something the coroner will find out.
Q: Is there any sign of struggle?
A: Yes
Q: Is there any weapon in the scene?
A: Yes
The three clues have been answered, but now I need filler on the weapon.
Q: What weapon? (1-2 Firearm, 3-4 Blade, 5-6 Other)
A: Blade, a knife
Q: Is it bloody?
A: Yes

Stan notices, the torn curtains and unhinged cabinets in the small boat kitchen, that is the crime scene. “There was a fight.” He says to Wade as he puffs out smoke.
“Or he had a heart attack, and took them down as he fell.” Wade counters.
“I doubt these give heart attacks.” Stan says, as he picks a bloody knife from the corner, with his handkerchief.
“Smart ass.” Wade scoffs. “Could be his though. He may have hurt his attacker.” He adds.

Stan searches for any blood trails.
Stan: Search: 3+: Success, and he finds something else as well. (Implementing my +/- mechanic).
Q: Is there any blood trail?
A: No, and there are no blood stains either.

Stan looks around for blood, but he doesn’t find anything. Only some weird black goo, that he could have mistaken for oil, if it didn’t have a putrid smell, which leads towards the water.

Stan: Sanity (VE): Willpower: 4/1: Success.

Disgusted, Stan returns back to Wade. “If he hurt his attacker, he didn’t bleed on board. Otherwise this blood’s his.” He pauses. “Alright, tell them to take him. Oh, found out what’s his name?”
“Houseboat belongs to a Latimer Tilton, author by the looks of it. Wrote a book titled “We are our end.” Wade answers.
“Didn’t have you for a bookworm Wade.” Stan teases.
“Piss off. Saw them piled in his bedroom. Doubt they’re worth a read.” Wade says.
“Okay we’re done here. Let’s get back to the precinct to start digging and notify next of kin.” Stan says heading out.