D6 Night of the Blood game session

Scene #1: The Hunt

Q: Is the scene stable?
A: Yes, but the next scene question will be unlikely

The thunderstorm is raging, and the party has stopped. Audible between the thunder is the sound of a strangled baying.

Q: Are the horses uneasy?
A: Yes, they will require an easy Animal Handling or Riding skill to keep in check.
Evie tries to keep a hold of her horse.
Evie: Riding: 2/2: Success.
Gustav tries to calm down the mule.
Gustav: Animal handling (-1D): 2/2: Success.

Since I know the party will be surrounded by the beastmen anytime, I have to ask if the characters have the common sense to move on before it’s too late.
It’s going to be a Moderate Perception roll for each of them. If any of the characters succeeds, he may or may not have to convince the rest to continue the journey.
Bianka: (Savvy +1D) Perception: 2/3: Fail.
Evie: 3/3: Success.
Gustav: 3+/3: Success.
Rudiger: 3/3: Success.
Wow, seems the uneasy horses and the baying sound tipped them off that something’s not right. Only Bianka thinks of staying, but I don’t suppose it will be hard to convince her otherwise.

“We need to press on. Something’s not right!” Evie says as she pulls the horses reins forward to make her move.
“I’m glad you said so m’lady” Gustav adds. “The rain is hard but these woods scare me.”
“Of course you’re scared you weakling!” Rudiger’s bass voice rumbles. “You should be. Who knows who hides in the shadows. Press on!”
“Where are you going you fools?” Bianka shouts from the rear. “We will be swept aside by the torrents that will form in the rain.”
“We’re moving on. If you chose to stay, you’re on your own.” Evie snaps at her. She never liked her dirty appearance anyway.

Evie: Persuasion: 2/2: Success. Complication! Evie’s relationship with Bianka is damaged, and she will automatically fail any further persuasion attempts in the rest of the adventure.

“Right… thanks” Bianka mumbles as she falls in and follows the group forward.

Q: Does the party manage to avoid the beastmen? (Likely)
A: Yes, And they avoid them altogether.

Scene #2:Moving On

Q: Is the scene stable? (Unlikely)
A: No
I will roll 1d8 on TWENE: 8! Remove major element
I draw a portent, and I get, Inflict Pain. Wow.
I don’t want to remove the bad weather as major element, or the waterlogged road. Instead, to align with the portent, I want to remove the horses, without giving a chance to roll on riding or animal handling. For fairness I will ask the Oracle.
Q: Are the horses (1-3) or the weather removed?
A: Horses

As the party moves slowly, a huge torrent cracks from a ravine to the side of the road, carrying along trees and debris. The horse and the mule do not budge, and the party barely moves aside as they are swept away.
“My horse!” Evie cries out trying to reach her.
Rudiger stops her. “You can’t save her my lady!”
Bianka is filled with a weird feeling of accomplishment, being proven correct about her fear of moving on.

Scene #3:The Hooded Man

Q: Is the scene stable?
A: No, and
I will roll 1d10 on TWENE: 7: Add major element
I draw a portent, and I get, Discuss Time, another card, Distant. Doesn’t make any sense. I will ask decktet. Nothing here either. I will ask the Oracle then.
Q: Did the beastmen arrive at the Hooded Man?
A: No
I draw another portent from GMA. I get Detect Tool. I decide that in addition to the Ferry entrance, the main gate key, has been lost in the rain, and is in the mud in front of the gate. A Moderate Search roll will reveal it.

As the party arrives at the hooded man, the start banging at the doors, but noone opens, and the doors won’t budge.
Bianka starts to search for a way in.

Bianka: Search: 4+/3: Success!

Looking around in the heavy rain, Bianka locates a big bronze key. She puts it in the main gate and unlocks it. But the door doesn’t budge as it seems barred from the inside.
The rain keeps pouring down on them and they want to find shelter desperately.

Gustav: Perception: 2-/2: Success

“There is another path going to the side of the inn. Maybe we should follow it.” Gustav announces and the party nods and follows.

Scene#3: The Ferry

As they come upon the ferry house, Bianka enters it first, followed by the rest of the party.
They are all thankful for even a few moments of dryness.

Q: Is the scene stable?
A: Yes, but the likelihood will decrease in the next scene.

Rudiger checks the ferry, but the ropes have been cut, and the raft is on the other side.

As they take a moment to pause in the ferry house, they notice signs of struggle.
Rudiger puts his hand on his sword and covers Evie. “My lady, something happened here. Stay besides me at all times.” Evie stays close and doesn’t say a word.

Bianka: Search: 2/2: Success

Bianka searches through the overturned stuff and finds a bag with 12 shillings and 42 pennies.
She brings it to the party. “There is cash here.”
Rudiger grabs it and gives it back to her. “Then it wasn’t brigands who did this.” He wonders out loudly.
“Look! There’s blood here!” Gustav notices at the door.

Gustav: Perception: 2-/3: Failure
Bianka: Perception: 1-/3: Failure
Noone notices that a body was dragged out.

“We shouldn’t stay here for long. Whoever did this may return. We need to get in the inn. The walls will protect us.” Gustav points out.
It doesn’t take much to convince the rest of the party, and they all head out.

Bianka: Perception: 1/2: Failure.
Gustav: Perception: 3/2: Success

“There mylady! There is another path heading to the inn. It’s good that my eyes are sharp and are well in the rain.” Gustav says and Evie smiles.
Bianka goes in front, while Rudiger with Evie are right behind, with Gustav staying in the rest.

Q: Is the door open, as in the story? (Likely)
A: No
Q: Is it locked?
A: Yes
So here I have a change in the story. I didn’t want to roll for the scene stability just for a door, so I just asked the relevant question.
Now the only way in is by climbing over the walls.

“It’s locked as well! Argh!” Bianca says disappointed. “I will try to climb over and open it from the inside.”
She looks at Rudiger. “Hey, big man, care to give me a lift up?”.

I decide for a Moderate climbing difficulty adjusted by +1 due to the rain and -1 due to Rudiger’s assist.
Bianka: Climbing: 4+/3 Success

Rudiger lifts Bianka on his shoulders and she finds footing on the wall and climbs it quickly.

Once on the other side, she opens the door, and the party finally enters.

The most likely, the party heads for the Inn directly and avoids the stables and the coach house altogether, especially since they lost their horses.

They head to the inn, and try to open the doors to the bar room.

Scene#4: The Bar Room

Q: Is the scene stable? (Unlikely)
A: No, but I will be rolling 1d4 on TWENE.
I get a 2: Decrease simple element.
Q: Is it the sound of merriment and laughter (1-4) or the fire in the fireplace (5-6)?
A: 1, the noise of the inhabitants is not so loud and is covered by the sound of rain and thunder. A Moderate Perception must be performed to hear it.
Gustav: Perception (+1D due to acute hearing): 4+/3: Success

The party reaches the bar room but the door is bolted and the curtains are drawn.
“It’s locked as well. Should we look around for anyone?”. Bianka asks.
“Wait! I think I hear someone inside. Let’s knock!” Gustav intervenes.

Since Bianka has the Savvy characteristic I will give her a chance to be wary.
Bianka: (Savvy +1D) Perception: 4/3: Success

“Stop you fool!” Bianka grabs him as he heads to the door. “Why do they have the curtains drawn and the door locked? Maybe whoever caused the struggle in the Ferry house, is in there.”
“I just want to get my clothes clean, dry and rest. How am I going to appear before the prince in such a terrible visage?” Evie counters.

Bianka: Persuasion vs Evie: 2+/3
Even though Bianka failed, the party is weary nevertheless.

Bianka sighs, as Gustav continues to the door with Evie’s support, and knocks.

A minute or so later, they hear the sound of the door unbolting, and they see one of the fattest men they have ever met.

Gustav: Perception: 1-/2: Failure
Bianka: Perception: 1/2: Failure
Evie: Perception: 2/2: Success
Rudiger: Perception: 2/2: Success

Evie and Rudiger share a look as the fat man seems surprised to see them.
“I am la-” Evie begins to say but Rudiger cuts her off. “We are weary travelers in need of shelter from the weather. Our horses got swept in the rain.”
The fat man stays silent for more than a few uncomfortable moments, until he finally says. “Yes. Come in if you must.” He steps aside to make room for the party to enter.
A small fire burns in the fireplace, and a man is sitting next to it.
Evie notices he is wearing a road warden’s uniform, and she feels a bit relieved.
The man stands up. “Otto!” He says out loud to the fat man. “Who are these strangers who just arrived?”
“Just travellers thrown off course sir.” Gustav says as he approaches. “My name is Gustav, this is Evie Vogel, Rudiger and Bianka. How should we address you?” Gustav has already started to show off, putting emphasis on the Vogel name.
“I am Hans. What-” He is interrupted by a loud thump. A man with overly protruding eyes starts mopping something at the end of the room.

Bianka: (Savvy +1D) Perception: 3+/3: Success

Bianka decides to go check what is this man doing. Otto steps in the way.
“The kitchen is open to clients only.” He snaps.
“About that!” Evie intervenes. “We want a room for the night.”
“It is full!” Otto snaps at her.

Evie: Perception: 1/2: Failure

Bianka looks around. “Where are your clients then? The bar is empty.” She asks.
“The coach party has just retired for the night. I have nowhere to put your ‘kind'” he scoffs.
Hans moves forward and interferes as he notices the tension building up. “Where are you coming from?” He asks Evie.
“Ingenfels” she says. “And my father won’t be happy at all to hear of our treatment in this establishment!” She adds in an authoritative manner.
Otto sneers. “I may find some room upstairs. But it won’t be cleaned, the staff has retired for the night.”
As he says that the man with the mop leaves the room.
Bianka wonders about Otto’s contradictions.
Gustav sits on a table. “Bring us something to drink, ale and wine please.”
Otto mutters something and heads to serve the party.
As Rudiger and Evie join Gustav on the table, Bianka, stands alone in the corner. She never liked the company of people anyhow.
Hans peeks at her for a moment and then grabs a chair and sits near the party’s table.

Rudiger then addresses the road warden. “You do a lousy job. The ferry is damaged and the ferry house looks like it was attacked!”
“Yes we were attacked. It was bandits. They did this. That’s why we’re locked for the night.” Hans replies.
Otto brings ale and wine in the dirtiest tankards Evie has seen. There are flies stuck on the side of the wares.
“Why didn’t he say something then?” Rudiger asks as Otto leaves the table.
“The bandits left after the attack, after all how do we know it wasn’t You who attacked the ferry?” Hans counters.

“I suppose you want something to eat as well?” Otto shouts from the bar.
The party agrees in unison and Otto goes into the kitchen.

“I am no bandit!” Evie protests. “I am a lady, the daughter of baron Vogel, and my business is my own sir.”
Hans nods. “I will leave you to it then.” He says and heads to the kitchen.

Gustav: Perception: 4:2: Success

Gustav notices a bloodstain in the back of Hans’ shirt.

As the party is left alone, Bianka goes to see what the man was mopping.

Bianka: Search: 1-/2: Failure

Whatever it was, it was cleaned thoroughly.

Bianka: Perception: 4+/2: Success

Bianka overhears Hans telling about Tzeentch and about the Kurts to Otto.

Does Bianka know what Kurts is?
Bianka: Intellect: 2/4: Failure
Does Bianka know what Tzeentch is?
Bianka: Intellect: 4++/2: Success!!!
She knows it’s a chaos god.
Bianka attempts to sneak into the kitchen.
Bianka: Sneak: 4+/4: Success

Scene#5: The kitchen

Q: Is the scene stable?
A: Yes, but the next scene will be less likely to be

Bianka manages to slip in, and sees a bucket full of blood and the blood red mop. She hears Hans walk in, and leaves at once. Hans closes the door loudly with an air of finality.

Q: Does Bianka have a chance to tell the group what she heard before Otto appears?
A: No, but she can get a warning.

She sits on the table and says “Something’s wrong here!” mere seconds before Otto joins them with the hot stew.

Since the characters are wary, I will reduce the difficulty of detecting kurts by 1 from VD to D.
Bianka won’t eat. She has seen a lot to worry.
Evie: Perception: 4++/4: Success!
Gustav: Perception: 4/4: Success!
Rudiger: 0-/4: Failure, Complication!
Rudiger falls victim to his alcohol addiction and drinks a lot. The alcohol covers up the Kurts taste and he eats two bowls.

Bianka stands in the corner alone and doesn’t eat a single spoon. Evie and Gustav notice the odd taste and stop eating soon.
Rudiger not only fails to detect the Kurts, but he likes the stew so much that he also eats Bianka’s portion before Evie and Gustav have a chance to stop him.

Bianka: 0 doses
Evie: 1 dose
Gustav: 1 dose
Rudiger: 4 doses
I will ask the Oracle on what the effect of the extra Kurts will be. I will roll once for: faster set period, longer duration and for additional effects.
Q: Is there a faster set period?
A: Yes but, only by a small margin
Q: Is there a longer duration?
A: No, and for some reason the duration may shorten if the person vomits (roll Moderate Strength)
Q: Is there an additional effect?
A: Yes, but it’s only the Fatigued effect in addition.
Does Rudiger vomit?
Rudiger: Vomit: 3/3: Success
Q: Since Rudiger vomited will he be fatigued (1-2) or unconscious (3-6)?
A: Fatigued

Otto arrives as the party has finished eating. “I will show you to your room.”
“All in one room?” Evie exclaims. Otto doesn’t bother to answer, and the party stands up to follow him.
Rudiger clenches his stomach, he feels really uneasy, reaches for the stew bowl and pukes inside.
Otto snorts. “Some men can’t handle their liquor.”

Scene#6: The Common room

Q: Is the scene stable? (Unlikely)
A: No, but I will roll 1d4 on TWENE
1: Increase simple element. The room is dirtier than usual.

They are led to the common room. It’s dirty and the beddings are soiled. A rat scurries away in the corner. There’s no carpet on the floor, and it seems to be dirty wet with mud.
“You expect me to sleep in this hovel?” Evie protests again.
“‘Tis the best I can do.” Otto shrugs and leaves the room. He closes the door and as the party can easily hear, locks it.

Bianka updates them on what she heard about the chaos god.
“I’m thinking we should find a way to leave.” She says.
Rudiger is no condition to walk. He is inebriated and fatigued and falls like a log on the bed.
Evie and Gustav feel so tired.
“I’m sure that what you say is true. Unfortunately we’re in no condition to go anywhere. Maybe once Rudiger gets back on his feet we can try it.”

Evie: 1 hour fatigued effect
Gustav: 9 hours fatigued effect. Strength: 2/3: Failure.
Rudiger: 4 hours fatigued, inebriated effect. Strength: 3/3: Success, reduced by 1 hour to 3 hours.

Gustav: Perception: 1/2: Failure
Bianka: Search: 1-/2: Failure
Nor Gustav or Bianka notice the carpet tacks.

For a long time the party tries to recover. Only Bianka is feeling well. Rudiger is holding his head. Kurts and alcohol does not mix well. In all this period they listen to the uneasy sound of horses in the stable.

Q: Does Bianka see Otto go to the stables?
A: No
Q: Does Bianka see Otto return from the stables?
A: No
Fagor approaches the characters room. Bianka: Perception: 2+/2: Success

Bianka puts her finger to her mouth gesturing for silence as she hears movement outside the room.
A while later they start to hear discordant chanting.

“We must get out!” She says. “Something wicked is happening here. I will try to climb out the window.” The party worried, nods.

Bianka: Climbing: 2/2: Success

Evie sees the task and instead of following she orders Rudiger to break down the door.
Rudiger grabs the hatchet and starts hacking at the door.

Rudiger: Strength(Hatchet) vs Toughness: 2/0-: Success. 2 SL are required to break it. I rule that the critical failure means that it breaks without much noise.

Rudiger, inspite of his fatigue and inebriation, brings his massive strength to bear and the hatchet cracks the door open with a single strike. He goes in front, with Evie in the middle and Gustav at the rear.
Rudiger draws his sword and equips his shield. Gustav spends a moment to signal Bianka that they will meet downstairs.
The party joins back together in the kitchen, as Bianka enters through the unlocked door.
They hear the chanting louder and louder, coming from nearby, but unable to pinpoint the exact direction.

Q: Does he ceremony end now?
A: No, but it will end soon.
Q: Is there any screaming audible?
A: Yes, and they all near the screams without the need for a perception check.

“We should check the stables for horses-” Bianka begins to whisper, when they hear a loud scream that sends shivers down everyone’s spine.

Scene#7: The stables

Q: Is the scene stable?
A: No
I will roll 1d8 on TWENE
8: Remove major element.

The party runs to the stables and as soon as they open the doors, they see something macabre. The horses have been slaughtered and their limbs have been cut off and and spread around the stable.
A second scream is heard.
“We should help whoever it is!” Evie says.
“Are you crazy? Didn’t you hear what I said about the chaos god?!” Bianka shouts at her.

Evie: Persuasion vs Bianka: 2/0: Success

“At least let us find what is going on and if we can’t help then we can inform the authorities.” Evie says.
Bianka nods grumbling.

Bianka: Search: 5+/2: Success

They search the Inn and Bianka quickly finds the cellar opening.

Q: Has the ritual ended?
A: Yes


Q: Is the scene stable?
A: No, and
I will roll 1d10 on TWENE.
2: Decrease simple element. There are no bloodstains on the floor.

The chanting has ended as the party enters the cellar. Wines, beers and spirits are in bottles in the cellar. But what draws the party’s attention is the opening in the center of the room, that seemed to be uncovered by a stone slab.

As they descend the stairs they hear the sounds of struggle and screams.


Q: Is the scene stable?
A: No
I will roll 1d8 on TWENE
7: Add major element
I draw a portent from Decktet: The Window. There is a portal to the chaos realm that needs to be closed, and that will happen only if the demon dies. The portal is visual only, you can’t enter it, but it will cause corruption to anyone looking at it, unless they succeed a Moderate mettle/willpower roll.
Q: Has anyone survived from the demon?
A: No

The party comes upon a horrifying visage. There is magical blob of screaming faces and claws in the center of the room. Right below it is an ever changing image of flesh, blood, bones, teeth and an octagon.

Bianka: Mettle: 0/3: Bianka gains 3! Corruption points. Bianka rolls a 2! She succumbs to corruption. She gains Egotistical, Obsessive, Deceitful.
Evie: (Resistance to Magic +1D) Mettle: 4/3: Success
Gustav: Mettle: 3/3: Success
Rudiger: 1/3: Rudiger gains 2! Corruption points! Rudiger rolls a 2! He gains Miserly and Impatient.

Demon: 5
Party: 2

Round 1:

The demon attacks (Roll 1d4): Evie.
He’s at reach 0 vs reach 1 of Evie. The reach difference doesn’t change initiative order.
Evie parries.
Demon: Claws: 1-/0: Hit!: 3/1: Severely Wounded. Also closes to 0 reach.

Bianka: must succeed Fear VD test…right. She spends 2CP and gets: 3/5: Failure.
Gustav: Against Fear: Coolheaded (+1D) will also spend a Fate Point: 5/5: Success!
Gustav attacks the demon with his hatchet. He gains +1D due to reach and also doubles due to the Fate point.
Gustav: Attack: 6/2: Success: Damage: 7++/1: Dead! It splits in half!

The demonic creature lashes a claw at Evie, severely wounding her right arm. Bianka gathers her strength but she cannot overcome the unnatural fear she feels, and stands motionless in front of it. Then Gustav, the faithful servant, seeing his lady wounded, gathers whatever sense of courage and determination he has and hacks at it with all his being. His fury is such, that the hatchet comes down at the demon with such strength that it splits in half. Two blue horrors take form from its body.

Round 2:

Initiative again.
Horrors: 3
Party: 2+1 due to reach.
The horrors attack first.
The first horror attacks (1d4): Bianka: 3+/5: Miss
The second horror attacks (1d4): Bianka: 4+/4: Hit: 3+/1: Severely Wounded, Left Arm.

Bianka needs to overcome her fear. The Splits are at a Difficult TN. Bianka: Fear: 2/4: Failure.
Evie moves behind Rudiger and Gustav.
Since Gustav overcame his Fear over the horror and slaughtered it, I will give him an automatic success over the splits Fear.
Gustav attacks the first split: 4/2: Success: Increase Damage: 3/2: Wounded.
Rudiger fries to overcome his Fear. He spends 2CPs: 5+/4: Success
Rudiger attacks with his sword: 6+/2: Hit: Increase Damage: 5/2: Incapacitated.

The split horrors take a claw at Bianka, one attack connects slashing Bianka at her left arm, severely wounding her.
Bianka stands motionless in fear while Evie hides behind her companions.
Gustav and Rudiger slash at the same horror, wounding it and bringing it down, blue and red blood splashing everywhere.

Round 3:

Since the demon is of Tzeentch, chaos god of change, I decide that they may attack anyone at range randomly and change targets each round.
The horror attacks (1d3): Bianka: 1/1: Hit: Torso: Damage: 1/1: Stunned
Bianka retreats in the back.
Gustav attacks: 3/2: Success: Increase Damage: 3+/3: Stunned
Rudiger attacks: 6/2: Increase Damage: 8/2: Dead.

The blue horror slashes again at Bianka but the wound is superficial.
Gustav hacks at it again, but only scratches the thick skin surface.
Then Rudiger thrusts, his sword piercing the demon through to the other side. It leaves out a screech and dies out.
Rudiger then finishes off the downed horror.

The magical portal on the floor disappears as the remains of the demon evaporate into nothingness.

The party looks at each other trying to grasp in their minds what just transpired.

They look around and see a pile of bodies in the room.

“We should bury the dead.” Evie says.
“Burning them would be safer my lady.” Rudiger adds. “But first we must tend to your wounds. Let’s go upstairs and we can do it first thing in the morning.”

Rudiger: Healing Evie: 2++/3: Failure.
Rudiger: Healing Bianka: 2/3: Failure

Scene#10: The Road Wardens

Q: Is the scene stable?
A: No
I will roll 1d8 on TWENE
5: Increase major element
There will be 8 Road Wardens instead of four.

As the first light dawned upon the inn, the party is in the main room of the inn, tending to their wounds.
They hear the sound of horses approaching. Rudiger goes to the window, to find eight Road Wardens in the yard.
They unsaddle and one of them heads to the stables while two others to the inn entrance and knock.

Rudiger invites them inn. At the same time, they see the massacre at the stables and unsheathe their swords.

“Who are you? What happened to the horses?” Their leader asks. Fear and caution in his voice.

Evie explains the events of last night.

Evie: Persuasion: 2/3: Failure

Not even her noble status is enough to convince the Road Wardens. Without any sign of the demon or the mutant, they are suspicious of the party and insist that they accompany them to the nearest city, where an inquisitor will take their statements.