Solo StarWarsD6 pt13: Crack It

System: Star Wars D6 by West End Games.
Setting: Star Wars Era of the Rebellion.
Character: Royxand Handscul ‘Roy’, Corporate scout
Luca Delste, Smuggler
Kuna Desyk, Hacker
Solo Tools: MUNE, donjon
Books: Star Wars The Roleplaying Game Second Edition (West End Games), Galaxy Guide 8: Scouts, Pirates and Privateers
Homebrew Rules: D6Legends

In this session, I’m using a homebrew rules system to streamline the difficulty rolls. I explain everything in detail in my blog here.
Also I have uploaded all my previous and the current posts in my blog Solo, Pen, Paper and Dice, and will do so with future posts as well.

Roy and Kuna head to the bleeding man. His blast vest has been torn through by the blaster shot. He can barely keep his head straight. Roy grabs him.
“Who are you? How do you know about the data cores?” He asks, as he kicks his blaster pistol away.

Q: Does he have information?
A: Yes
Q: Does He answer?
A: Yes, and he will tell them everything

Intervention: New Entity
I decided that the intervention will occur, right after, the goon will spill his guts, telling them everything.

“We were hired. By Viltro. You can find everything in my datapad.” He coughs some blood, as he tells Roy what he wants to hear.

Roy wanted to stick around and ask more, but footsteps are heard down the hall. They are not alone anymore.
“We should leave.” Kuna pulls Roy’s arm. “Or we may have to explain him” he says pointing at the severely wounded man.
“And leave him here like this?” Roy asks.
“His friends will take care of him.” Kuna explains. “Come, we don’t have time to waste.”

Roy: Search: 3/VE: 2 Successes

Roy grabs the datapad from the wounded man. He looks around in frustration, and follows Kuna, who is fleeing away.

Q: Do they meet up with the new entity? (footsteps)
A: No, but only because they were quick to flee
Q: Do they reach the landing bay safely? (likely)
A: Yes
Q: Has the Red Rancor returned? (likely)
A: No, but it’s landing soon
Q: Does anything happen while they wait?
A: No

Droids, and landing crew have started filling up space barges with Ratau mineral fuel, as per Deng Carrick’s requests. The first space barge has already launched, and as second is being loaded.
In the landing bay next to the barge, miners are on queue to board a transport shuttle that will take them to the Gauntlet of Ulan.
“What is happening here?” Kuna asks.
“All these are going to the pirates.” Roy replies.
“Slavery?” Kuna says.
“No, they are to choose if they want to join the pirate crew.” Roy says.
“That pirate is smart. He has found desperate hardy souls, and a nice haul. He is getting richer and stronger.” Kuna says, watching the whole process carefully.
Roy nods. “Let’s just hope he will keep his word…where is Luca…?”

As if his question was heard through the void of space, the old Ghtroc 720 freighter appears in the distance. After a few careful landing maneuvers, the Red Rancor is in the bay, and Luca disembarks. He calls for the both of them to come closer.

“Glad to see you both. Now, we need restocking.” He says as he boards the freighter. “Then we’re out of here.”
Roy and Kuna follow as Luca closes the door behind them.
“We were attacked. Viltro thugs were after us. They know about the data cores.” Roy hits Luca with the information in three quick sentences.
“We should have seen this coming. We have been delayed a lot.” Luca sighs. “They must have taken apart your old ship and found the missing part… and after our escape, they have my info and the Red Rancor’s transponder codes.”
“They had this on them” Roy pulls out the datapad.
“Give it to me.” Kuna reaches out. “I’ll have it’s secrets split open in no time.”
Roy hands over the datapad and Kuna quickly connects his own datapad to it and begins hacking it.

Kuna: Computer Programming/Repair: 1/E: Failure (One Success, 2 are needed, it’s going to take a while longer).

“The Tooka is out of the bag, Roy. Now that they know about the data cores, we need to double our efforts and get there before they get to us. We need to extract the nav data. If only restocking didn’t take so long.” says Luca.

Q: Does restocking go as expected?
A: Yes, and it finishes faster
In the meantime, Kuna continues on cracking the datapad.
Kuna: Computer Programming/Repair: 2/VE: Success.

“I’ve got it!” Kuna says, and he connects the datapad to the Red Rancor’s screens so that they can all see.
There is a dossier, with a photo of Roy, looking like it was taken from security cameras in Anan. There isn’t much information on him, just that he is an employee of Karflo, and that he has a 2000 credit bounty on his head.
Another dossier has a photo of Luca, from his piloting license, as known associate of Roy, and the Red Rancor transponder information.
Accompanying these dossiers, is a message. “Apprehend the asset alive. He is in possession of data cores. Return the cores intact for a reward of 5000 credits.”

The trio stands in silence for a few moments. Roy feels overwhelmed. He knew that he had started a life of adventure, but he didn’t expect a bounty on his head! He doesn’t want to get caught, and even more he doesn’t want to spend time in prison.
Luca breaks the silence. ” Seems like after our last stunt, Anan belt is out of limits for a while boy.” He turns to Kuna. “Can you find the sender of the message?”

Kuna: Computer Programming/Repair: 3/D: Failure.

Kuna writes some code on his datapad. He shakes his head. “It’s been piggybacked a lot. It originated from Prine station, but I can’t decipher any more info.”
“So Viltro has an agent here who hired those goons.-” Luca says, but he is interrupted by the comms.
“Red Rancor. Restocking is complete.”
“Let’s get out of here.” Says Roy who mans the copilot seat.

From the cockpit window, Roy sees that the second space barge has launched, and a third one is being loaded. The shuttles that carried the miners away return, with only a fraction of the initial number of passengers. A lot of miners chose the pirate life rather than continue to serve under Eilana Dene.

Q: Does everything go as expected?
A: Yes

The Red Rancor submits TransVere, and is granted approval for takeoff. Soon they are back in space.
The only traffic blinking on the sensors are the shuttles returning from the Gauntlet of Ulan.
The eight pirate ships are maintaining their blockade formation around Prine station.

Q: Does Deng Carrick honour the deal? (likely)
A: Yes

The comms flash. “Red Rancor, you held up your part of the deal, it’s time to hold up mine. You are free to go.” The voice of the pirate captain is heard through the comms.

“We shall stay in realspace until Kuna hacks the data.” Luca says from the pilot seat. “No more system hopping until we have a finite destination.”

“Better get to it then.” Kuna says and goes to the mess hall, Roy following him.
He unpacks a large datapad from his backpack and sets it up on the table.
He looks at Roy with his cybernetic eye. “The cores please.” He sais with a tone.
Roy nods and brings the data cores back from the nav console where they had hidden them.
Kuna links them to his datapad, and starts hacking.

Kuna: Computer Programming/Repair: 4/D: Success.

One hour later, the Red Rancor has traveled a large distance away from Prine and the pirate armada. Kuna heads to the cockpit with the data cores in his hands. “They’re unprotected. You may plug them in.” He says to Luca and Roy.

Roy jumps up with excitement and plugs the data cores to the Red Rancor’s nav computer.

Roy: Space Transports Repair: 2/VE: Success.

The green light in the nav computer indicates that the connection was successful and the data are not corrupt. Luca smiles and plots the course through hyperspace.

Luca: Astrogation: 4/M: Success
Base trip duration: 3h 5d.

Session Background: I really enjoyed using my homebrew SWD6/Legends mix. The flow and the resolution of actions was quick, and I could quickly tell how much of an action was complete. My player was almost derailed once more from his tasks, but he managed to stay on track.
Now it’s only a question if those unresolved challenges will catch up to them, since our team keeps running away.