Solo StarWarsD6 pt12: With others on the trail

System: Star Wars D6 by West End Games.
Setting: Star Wars Era of the Rebellion.
Character: Royxand Handscul ‘Roy’, Corporate scout
Luca Delste, Smuggler
Kuna Desyk, Hacker
Solo Tools: MUNE, UNE, BOLD, donjon
Books: Star Wars The Roleplaying Game Second Edition (West End Games), Galaxy Guide 8: Scouts, Pirates and Privateers
Homebrew Rules: MythicD6, Advantages/Disadvantages

Luca and Roy are escorted back to the Red Rancor by two Prine station security officers. As they arrive, they notice two more officers emerging from the light freighter, having finished their search.
The duo, looks around at the landing bay for their hacker ‘friend’ but he is nowhere to be found.
Luca turns to one of the officers, a young fella with blond hair and a thick moustache. “Did the man we send the message to arrive? Is he around?”. The officer looks frustrated. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. All I know is that you need to get back on board that ship and notify the pirates that we’re aligned, before they blast us all into space!”
Roy intervenes. “At least let me go look for him. Both of us aren’t needed. Luca can deliver the message to the pirate admiral alone.”

Roy: Persuasion: 9/8: Success

The guard thinks about it for a moment, before finally receding. “You may go.”

Before Luca vanishes back in the Red Rancor, he turns to Roy. “I’ll come back for you boy. If I’m not, then the pirates didn’t keep their word.”

Roy leaves quickly, heading to Kuna’s workshop. Prine station houses around two thousand souls. With the recent space combat outside it, there is high commotion. People are swarming towards the hangar to try to find berth on a ship that leaves, others are discussing the pirate terms about miners joining the pirate crew, and a select few try to take advantage of the situation and use it for their personal gain. selling common goods at high cost.

Q: Does Roy reach the workshop safely?
A: Yes, but it takes him a bit longer than what it should.

As Roy passes through the craftsmen sector, he notices a brawl erupting in the distance. Some folks are running towards the conflict, while others away from it. As he takes a few steps further, some officers with stun batons and riot gear run past him. He chooses to avoid the main path, even if the deviation will get him to the workshop a quarter of an hour longer.
At last he arrives outside the workshop.

Q: Is everything as expected?
A: Yes, and Kuna Desyk is at the workshop

Roy looks at the now familiar comm device and rings it to notify Kuna he has arrived. The robotic eye extends from the metal door and as soon as Roy is scanned, the door rolls open.

“You took your sweet time.” Kuna says with irony. “Next time try to message me with someone else than Eilana Dene. I’m trying to keep out of her radar is possible.” He is sitting behind his desk like the last time, but this time he is not working on any project. “I’ve packed”. He add, nodding towards a backpack and a blaster rifle at the corner.

Q: Do they return safely to the landing bay?
A: No
Q: Is it a random event?
A: No
Q: Is it someone after Kuna?
A: No
Q: Is it bounty hunters? (likely)
A: No (didn’t see that coming)

Here I would like to note, that I was really tired in my previous session, and even though I answered the question, I did not take it under consideration, and run with a portent. Reading it again, on the next session with a fresh eye, I realized my mistake, and now, with renewed creativity I doubled back on that event, and re-played the rest of the session with a different story, fit to the Oracle answers.

Q: Is it someone after the data cores?
A: Yes, and, they are not the only ones
I don’t know yet, but they could be Viltro, Karflo, or someone else…

Roy and Luca avoid the crowded parts of Prine station, to get to the Red Rancor as fast as possible. On one turn, they reach a less busy part of the station. It is a long corridor, with windows to the outside, and a couple of crates in the distance, where used station spare parts have been stored. Since it’s not a busy area, they have been left out there until someone picks them up.

Homebrew Rule: Advantages/Disadvantages. Due to the crunch involved in searching through the different advantage/disadvantage modifiers in the Star Wars 2nd Edition rulebook, I've decided to implement a simple rule. When there is an advantage, Roll n+1 dice and keep the sum of the n higher individual results. When there is a disadvantage Roll n=1 dice and keep the sum of the n lower individual results. This cannot change a critical success or critical failure.

I decide that it’s going to be an ambush, so Roy is entitled to a Perception opposed roll.
Roy: Perception: 12/2: Success

Roy catches a glimpse of some movement in the distance, near some part of the corridor which is not so well lit. He gestures Kuna to stop and cautiously points in the distance.
In silence, Kuna scans with his cybernetic eye, while at the same time he gives Roy a blaster pistol, running it behind his back. He whips out his blaster rifle and shows to Roy ‘2’ with his fingers.

“Actually it’s 3. Says a man behind them.

As Kuna and the man point their guns at each other, the stranger continues. “Hand over the data cores and we’ll let you live.”
Something in the way the stranger talked, gave Roy the assumption that he was lying out of his teeth. “Like hell we will.” Roy snaps and shoots.

I will make a Knowledge check to see if Roy recognizes anything about them?
Roy: Knowledge: 4/13: Failure

Roy: 10
Thugs: 8

Homebrew Rule: MythicD6 System As discussed with /u/soypunk in another thread, I've decided to try out a 1-1 conversion of the MythicD6 successes/failures system for my Solo play. I will play out the combat with it, to see how it goes.

Round 1:
Q: Distance of thug (#3) that appeared behind them: 1D meters: 3 meters
Roy shoots at Thug3: 3 Successes (need 2): Hit
Damage: 1 Success against 1 Success: Thug3 is stunned.

Kuna shoots at Thug3 twice (-1D)
Kuna shoots at Thug3: 1 Success (need 2): Miss
Kuna shoots at Thug3: 2 Successes (need 2): Hit! and a Complication!
Portent: Steam chance
Kuna’s blaster clip will lose all its ammo after the shot.
Damage: 2 Successes against 0 Success: Thug3 is incapacitated.

Thug1 is at 1Dx10: 10 meters
Thug2 is at 1Dx10: 20 meters
Thug1 shoots at Kuna: 2 Successes (need 2): Hit
Damage: 3 Successes vs 3 Successes: Stunned
Thug2 shoots at Kuna: 2 Successes (need 3): Miss

Shots are fired in the blink of an eye. Roy’s blast hits with the man them. He seems a bit disoriented, but nothing serious. Then Kuna follows up with two shots from his blaster rifle. The first one misses, but the second get the man straight in the torso, knocking him out on the ground. As the second shot is fired, a steam fizzles out of the blaster rifle’s clip. In an instant, the clip has been emptied. “Luckily it didn’t explode” Kuna thinks while looking at it.
The other two thugs who were hiding, shoot back, and a blast hits Kuna on the arm, but he wasn’t seriously hurt.

Round 2:
Roy shoots at Thug1: 0 Success: Miss

Kuna reloads a fresh clip in his blaster rifle

Thug1 stands where he is and shoots at Kuna: 2 Successes (needs 2): Hit
Damage: 3 Successes vs 2 Successes: Wounded
Thug2 shoots again at Kuna: 1 Success (needs 3): Miss

Roy turns to shoot in the other direction, but fails to find his target. Kuna quickly removes the defective blaster clip, and puts a new one in the blaster rifle. The thugs keep shooting at Kuna, with the first one wounding Kuna on the leg.

Round 3:
Q: Is there any cover near Kuna?
A: Yes, but it is 10 meters to the front, near their attackers

Roy shoots at Thug1: 3 Successes (needs 2): Hit
Damage: 3 Successes vs 2 Successes: Wounded

Kuna shoots at Thug2: 2 Successes (needs 1): Hit
Damage: 0 Successes vs 0 Successes: Stunned

Thugs: Willpower check or Flee: 0 Successes: They flee.

Roy makes a shot that connects to the thug closer to them, who is hurt to his weapon arm. Kuna shoots the other one, who is dazed, as the shot scratched him barely. Seeing their leader down, and under suppressing fire, the two thugs look at each other and flee away.

Session Background: So MythicD6 seems to be working fine so far. I may keep this ruleset.
I am wondering to see what will happen next. Will our duo go after their attackers, and engage in a chase, or will they try to get any clues from the downed enemy?